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2013.04.09 - And another!

2013.03.29 - Another one!
Also fixed the journal link on the right, although uh I haven't used it in a while.

2013.03.23 - Wild UPDATE appears! Command?
> Look

2010.04.02 - ...I'll just nip this in the bud and exile all further GPX+ links to this page... >.> <.<
I also uploaded two Digimon manuals I scanned: D-Scanner Version 1 and Digivice iC Version 20X. Both are in Chinese and English (well, Singlish), but they're both legit (not bootlegs).

2010.03.11 - More SD Gundam scaps! I've also gotten sucked into GPX+, so here's my current team D;
Dune the Sandshrew Level 3 Loran the Gallade Uzumaki the Omanyte Groudon

2010.03.05 - Looks like my woes are over (for now at least...). SD Gundam scaps for you.

2009.05.21 - Greetz from my new server (same host, just new servers) :O It's speedy! Have some SD Gundam scaps!

2009.05.09 - As you may have noticed, I've got some virus troubles going on... Working with my host to deal with it.
Leechers may want to scan stuff they get here until it's been cleared out.

2009.03.23 - Want some HQ Kotobukiya Shield Liger manual scans? 'Course you do.
...I also changed the journal link on the side menu to Inksome, since I don't use LJ any more. ;o Thought I'd done that a while ago, really...

2009.03.02 - oh hey happy new year ;D
Doing another fanlisting blitz; I reorganized joined.htm, so now there are multiple pages and they are linked here. ^^
Also... actual content?! Whole bunch of old!SD Gundam scaps right here. I was doing them all nice and steady, but then I got kind of super sick for two weeks. Bleh. I'm mostly better now, at least (just a cough left).

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