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The Gundam Beauty Pageant
by Charon the Sabercat

   Let's have a go with Guneagle's, shall we?

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The Gundam Beauty Pageant
38. What Hormones Can Do

Guneagle heard the door slam and Captain breathing heavily from the other room. He rushed from the bedroom to the break room to see Captain sink to the floor, holding his face in a panic. He knelt at Captain's side, touching his arm lightly. “Woah! Captain, what happened, you look like you just saw a ghost!”

“M- mrrh!”

The word was muffled by Captain's hands. Guneagle patted Captain's shoulder to try and calm him down. “Dude, it's okay. Nothing could have spooked you that-”

Captain calmed down enough to pull his hands away, exposing his human face to Guneagle. The teenager pulled back slightly.

“Oh…” Guneagle gulped solemnly. “… that.”

“That?” Captain snapped to attention. “What does `that' mean?”

Guneagle sighed and rested himself, pulling his knees to his chest. “Look, Captain, about that face…”

Captain realized his mistake; he had left his face open. Guneagle had never seen it before! It shut with a violent snap, catching the tip of his finger. He ignored the pain and covered his faceplate again.

“I've been talking with Maxine.”

“Maxine told you about me?” Captain gasped.

Guneagle nodded solemnly. “Yeah, Maxine isn't really good about keeping secrets. She found out about Shute's nickname for you, didn't she?”

He was answered with a whimper and Captain recoiling from him. He reached out and put his hand on Captain's knee. “Look, Captain, I'm really sorry about this. But it's for your own good. No one should try to fool themselves into thinking they're something they're not.”

“Something…” Captain pulled his fingers apart slightly. “What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Guneagle sighed again, clutching his chest in pain. “We've been talking a lot. Certain things about you have come up. Your face is one, but there are a few others that, you know-”

“Know what?” Captain jerked forward, placing his hands on the floor and pushing himself forward.

“Well, like your parts being…” He turned his face away and mumbled to himself, “How can I put this?”

Captain leaned forward intently, trying to catch every word. Guneagle straightened himself up and grunted, “Detachable.”


“Well, you're not one piece, like me and Gundiver,” Guneagle mentioned. “Your arms and legs can come off and be switched around; how many times have you lost one of your arms?”

“Three times,” Captain moaned. “But what-”

“And there are, you know, certain systems that are missing from your programming, that me and Gundiver have that you don't. You had to have facial expressions downloaded after you were activated, didn't you?”

Captain felt the pain coming back to him; the hours of tinkering in his “brain” that Kao Lyn took to install all of his expressions. Captain gulped and folded himself into his body. “Yes.”

“And that face of yours, it's just…” The young Gundam loosened his stance, letting his legs fall on the floor. “It's just… not… Gundam.”

Captain's world fell apart. He could feel the cold, paralyzing terror collapse on his chest. “Not Gundam?” he repeated, his voice quivering pathetically.

Guneagle nodded his head solemnly. “Not a real one.”

“No…” The more he thought about it, the more painful the realization became. He wasn't a Gundam. “But… what am I?”

Guneagle's face sunk once again to the floor. He couldn't bear to look Captain in the eye. “I don't know.”

The Neotopian was lost in his fear. He wasn't a Gundam? But- what was he? Did that make him a normal mobile citizen? Or, even worse, did that make him a Dark Axis mecha? No, not even that; they didn't have human faces! What was he? Some half-human Frankenstein's monster that Kao Lyn had put together?

It clicked on him, and he moaned and rolled into the fetal position. He wasn't a Gundam. He was a freak.

Guneagle reached over and rubbed his back in-between his flight boosters. “I know… I know…”

Captain's shoulders jerked in a barely audible sob; he then collected the strength to look up at Guneagle. “What should I do?”


Captain's body twitched again. “What?”

“Run, before the other Gundams find out,” Guneagle whispered in a low voice. “I was easy on you. You won't be so lucky with them.”

With a start, Captain leapt to his feet and started backing against the door. Guneagle struggled to his knees, trying to push himself back up again. “Hurry, Captain, go! Hide!”

Not taking his eyes off of Guneagle, Captain felt for the door handle and-

BOOM! It flew open, and Captain burst out of the room and disappeared in the hallway. Guneagle called after him, “Hurry! Run!”

Slowly, the footsteps ceased. Guneagle stood in the door, tense. His fists clenched. He didn't dare to breathe.

He was gone.

He had chased Captain out of the room.

Away from him.

Away from Maxine.

Guneagle started to laugh. “I… (ha ha ha) I won. Ha ha ha ha! I won!”

He had done it! He had won! Guneagle threw his head back and laughed. Maxine was his for the taking! He'd weeded out Gundiver. He had chased away Captain! He jumped for joy, landing on one foot and pumping the air in joy. Now there was no one left to get in his way! The power rushed into his veins. He had won!

But it was more than that. He clutched his arms tightly, the very thought overwhelming him. He had beaten Captain. Captain, who was stronger than him; Captain, who was faster than him; Captain, who was bigger, older, more mature, and more popular than him, he had beaten him. With just a few words, he had beaten him. Him and his ugly human face! Guneagle laughed again, a savage mania taking over his body. His face! Like that even mattered! But Guneagle didn't care! He had beaten him! Something the Dark Axis couldn't even do!

He threw his head back again. “YOU HEAR THAT, CAPTAIN! I WON!”

It echoed in the room, coming back to Guneagle several times before it finally faded.

He stood, head thrown back and shoulders heaving, reveling in his scream. He won… he won… he won…

He felt sick all of the sudden. Guneagle held his stomach softly. “Oo… what the-?”


The Gundam jumped at the voice. Maxine stepped through the doorway, placing it gently back on its hinges. “What happened to the door?”

“Captain happened…” Guneagle stepped forward softly, feeling as if he was being pushed. “He left.”

“Oh…” Maxine noticed Guneagle's posture; loose… but inviting. She tossed her hair and approached him. “Why?”

He hesitated, but it was barely noticeable. “He couldn't take it anymore.”

Maxine was now almost nose-to-nose with him. “Take what?”

“His face.” He placed a hand on her waist. “How much he looked like a human.”

“Oh well…” Maxine wrapped her arms around his neck. “He was such a handsome Gundam, too.”

“Yeah…” Guneagle pulled her towards him. “But he's not here right now, is he…”

Her eyes closed. Guneagle leaned in…

   And I have to stop there. Sorry, but I've got to get in a few more subplots before I can continue his. AND BEFORE YOU ASK, YES, he is now being uncharacteristically mean. It goes with the territory, hormones and a sort of Oedipal complex sorta thing. I tried to be as realistic with it as I could. But Maxine, or anyone like Maxine, can make people go crazy. I know, I've had women like her as step-moms before, oy… but anyway, feel free to berate and belittle Guneagle as much as you'd like to. It'll come in handy later.

Chapter 37 - Chapter 38 - Chapter 39
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