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The Gundam Beauty Pageant
by Charon the Sabercat

   The Bakunetsumaru family comes together in the way only they could; quickly and painlessly.

Chapter 43 - Chapter 44 - Chapter 45

The Gundam Beauty Pageant
44. Wrap Up

Charon flipped the cell phone on. “Whatcha got, Fenn?”

“Good news!”


Fenn pointed to each mecha as she said their name, grinning ear to ear at the accomplishment. “We've found Zapper, Grappler, Killer, Melady, Gunpanzer, Britainmaru, and Cobramaru's brothers just found him!”

Charon “whew”ed over the airwaves. “How are they all?”

Fenn thought for a moment, trying to think of a good way to summarize. Kichiko poked over her shoulder. “Varying degrees of okay.”

Our Cobramaru was still unconscious, but was being tightly cradled in Cobramaru Blue's arms while the other brothers sat around him nervously. Red patted his brother's cheek, trying to wake him up. “Come on… ganbatte, kudasai!”

“How the hell are we supposed to explain this to Mother?” Green whimpered.

“We're not going to explain this to Mother,” Red snapped, “Because he is not going to die!”

Yellow smirked. “Dibs on his girl if he does.”

“Not now, Yellow!” Red hissed.

Our Cobramaru groaned softly. Red clutched his hands. “He's still alive.”

Green nodded. “We should bring him back to the base.”

“Right.” Red placed his forehead to Cobramaru's. “Thank kami…”

Elsewhere, Zapper and Grappler had gotten into an argument, although a slightly mushier one than normal.

“You jerk!” Grappler shoved his buddy roughly. “Don't you ever do that to me again; I thought you had died!”

“Well, what was I supposed to do?” Zapper shoved back. “I thought I'd died to, lug nut! You think I'm supposed to get struck by lightning, take an arrow to my central processor, and then just pop back up on my feet and say `I'm good'?!”

“Yeah, because you did!”

“Well, I didn't know I was going to!”

The two growled at each other for a second (you could literally see the electricity between them), but then collapsed on each other's shoulder and smacked the other on the back.

“Good to be back,” Zapper admitted.

Grappler nodded. “Good to have you.”

Elsewhere from elsewhere, Gunpanzer and Britainmaru were getting pounded by Melady, but there wasn't too much dialogue involved with that. Just a lot of explosions and Gundams going “OW!”

“We've also got the rest of the SDGundamaniacs back together and we're heading back in.”

“Still no sign of Captain?”

Fenn sighed, the guilt of not finding the Gundam weighing down on her chest. “Nothing. Zapper can barely remember anything before or after the lightning struck him, and Cobramaru's still unconscious.”

“Oh man… well, come on back. We'll dry you off and give you something to eat, and send you back out when the storm's over. And another thing, could you go and check on Baku?”


The lights swam around his head faintly, and the voices echoed in his head. But Bakunetsumaru could see and hear. That was enough to calm him down and let himself recover.


He kept still, trying to hone in on the sound. The voice wouldn't center in his head; he couldn't tell which direction it was coming from. It was straining, whatever it was.

“Enh. Rgh! Baku-san, over here!”

He tried to talk, but nothing came out of his throat but a coarse, dry breath. He couldn't even turn his head.

“It's okay, Baku-san, Zero will be here soon. He'll fix you, don't worry…”

Zero… there's a name he wanted to hear. Baku closed his eyes and relaxed, knowing he'd be much better much sooner than he thought…

In what seemed like the next second, a warm wave passed through his Gunsoul and throughout his body. As it reached his throat, he took a deep, filling breath and opened his eyes.

“Thank Maana.” Zero leaned over Baku's hospital bed, holding the Musha's Gunsoul. Aneko leaned beside him, eyes watering, but smiling wider than Baku had ever seen her before.

“Hi, Aneko.” Baku whispered.

The Gundamess threw herself onto her brother's bed, hugging his neck tightly. “Baku-kun, I was so worried! I cried about it! I cried, Baku-kun, but Zero was there to help, and now you are better, and I was so scared!”

Baku sighed, looking at Zero out of the corner of his eye. “Do you know who was talking to me before?”

Zero jerked his head towards the bed next to him.


Baku stretched out his arm, and Hanako gently took his hand. “It's been a while.”

Aneko grappled Baku's “ears” roughly. “Baku-kun, it's a she!”

“What are you ta-”

Bakunetsumaru's breath caught in his throat. He almost forgot! He turned back to Hanako. “Is it?”

Hanako nodded proudly, a blush coming over her face. “A healthy baby girl. You have a niece now, Baku-san.”

“A niece…” A tear fell from Baku's eye. Zero took Baku's free hand tightly. “Zero, I'm an uncle now!”

“I know…” Zero let go of Bakunetsumaru's hand and sat down on Hanako's bed. “We saw her on the way in.”

He whispered urgently, “She's in a fish tank!”

“It's not a fish tank!” Hanako corrected sternly. “They just call it that to be funny!”

“Do you know what you're gonna name her?” Baku asked. Aneko hugged her brother's shoulders and hunkered down on the bed.

“Oh, please tell us!”

“I don't know.” Hanako blushed again. “We haven't decided yet.”

“Where is Yasuomaru?” Aneko asked.

The tiny Gundamess chuckled. “He's trying to sneak me food from out of the kitchen. The only reason I'm not better yet is they barely feed me.”

“Zero to the rescue once again!” The Winged Knight snapped his fingers.

With a magical puff of smoke, the space between the beds was occupied by a table full of Zero's big ugly rice balls. The Mushas, even Aneko, all gasped in shock, froze for a moment in thought, and then attacked the table voraciously.

Somewhere among the feeding frenzy, Bakunetsumaru's hand touched someone else's; someone he didn't know was here.

The frenzy froze. He and Hoshiko had gone for the same rice ball.

It was deathly quiet for a second. Baku gulped anxiously. Hoshiko nervously bunched herself.

“I thought-”

“I was mad at you,” Hoshiko interrupted. “I'm still angry that you yelled at me… but you were right.” She took two breaths, trying to compose herself. “I… do love Cobramaru.”

“I know.” Baku lowered his eyes. “So…?”

“That doesn't make you entirely right, Baku.” Hoshiko held her head a little higher. “I love him, and I'll do what I want with him. You might disagree with it, but…”

She shivered nervously, her proud façade fading. Baku patted her hand. “But…”

“But…” She took another breath and shook herself straight. “But that is my decision to make.”

Baku nodded solemnly. “How long did that take you to get right?”

“A few hours…” Hoshiko admitted. “I practiced with Zero.”

“You were a lot quieter than I expected you to be,” the Winged Knight admitted.

“But anyway,” Hoshiko interrupted. She didn't continue.

Bakunetsumaru sat up, crossing his legs. “That works for me, Hoshiko.”

“It does- It does?” She sprouted a question mark.

Aneko blinked, confused. “It does?”

Baku sighed. “I overreacted. I was angry…” He turned away. “I was a little jealous, I'll admit… but I'm sorry…” He licked his lips. “And I'm hungry. Can we talk about this after we eat?”

Zero rolled his eyes. “I should have guessed.”

Hoshiko stuffed her mouth full of rice ball, the others following.

Once again, amidst the feeding frenzy, Baku pulled Aneko to his side. “Aneko, did I lose?”

“Yeah…” Aneko cast a glance towards Zero, who responded with a warm smile. “I think you did.”

“Kuso…” He chuckled. “I've got to get a girlfriend and catch up.”


“It was a joke! (chomp)”

Once again, a quick piece. I wanted to get their scenario all wrapped up. They and I both are ready for them to be a family again.

Chapter 43 - Chapter 44 - Chapter 45
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