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The Gundam Beauty Pageant
by Charon the Sabercat

   A musical number. Originally, there were gonna be tons of musical numbers, but they're just so hard to do, I cut them all. Maybe I'll write them later and release them as deleted scenes. Ha!

Chapter 46 - Chapter 47 - Chapter 48

The Gundam Beauty Pageant
47. And NOW everyone has a happy ending!

Captain was in a gray void once again. He'd known this place once. He wasn't entirely sure how he'd gotten there, but he was there. He remembered the first time he was there, he was calm, if confused. He waited for what seemed like hours before he was suddenly thrown out of the void after Shute's voice had called him.

This time, Shute's voice had called him, and he wasn't thrown out. Now, he was afraid.

“Somebody!” Captain called into the void. “Anybody, can you hear me? PLEASE! Let me out!”


“SHUTE!” He ran towards his friend's voice, but felt nothing under his feet and didn't move. “PLEASE, help!”

He fell to his knees (or curled into a ball, or fell onto his back, depending on wherever the ground was supposed to be). “Somebody, help!”

Then, he heard music. Something flute-sounding. Something…

Like clopping hooves. He looked up and saw a faint shadow far away, running past him… or maybe around him. It almost looked like a horse running. “Entengo?”

He stood up again as the shadow kept running around him, turning to follow it slowly. “Entengo? Entengo, is that you?”


Big Loud Voice: Now if you feel that you can't go on-

(Captain nearly jumped out of his shell. The voice came from nowhere, and somehow it was right behind him! He jumped around reaching for his beam rod; not only did he not see the voice, he didn't find his rod either!)

Chorus: (Can't go on)

Big Loud Voice: Because all your hope is gone!

(He spun around violently, but could only see the gray. Even the running shadow had disappeared.
When he turned his head one last time, three mouths appeared out of the void and sang along.)

Mouths: (All your hope is gone)

(The Big Loud Voice generated a mouth as well, and it hovered slightly above the chorus mouths.)

Big Loud Voice: And your life is filled with much confusion,

(Captain was suddenly thrown backward, spinning helplessly over and over again.)

Mouths: (Much confusion)

Big Loud Voice: And happiness is just an illusion,

(After a few seconds of wildly spinning his arms, Captain was steadily… still, not sure if he was upright, downwrong, or any which way. The mouths spontaneously generated over his shoulders.)

Mouths: (Happiness is just an illuion)

Big Loud Voice: And your world around is tumblin' down,

(He suddenly knew where down was. Captain fell onto his feet like he had just jumped off of Neotopia Tower, and the ground around him fell into black nothingness.)

Big Loud Voice: Darling!

Mouths: Reach out….

Big Loud Voice: (Come on, Captain…)

(The Big Loud Mouth hovered in front of Captain, and two clouds stretched out towards him, looking a lot like hands…)

(Big Loud Mouth: Reach out for me!)

Mouths: Reach out…

(Captain could feel the ground beneath him crumbling, threatening to fall into nothing, and him with it.)

(Big Loud Mouth and hands: Reach out for MEE-ee-ee-ee!)

(He knew he would regret it, but Captain grabbed the hands.
(Everything suddenly turned golden! Captain flinched for only a second, but when he opened his eyes-
(The mouth and hands were Shute! He cried out, “You found me!”)
(Shute pulled Captain off of the crumbling ground, and they floated back into the air together.)

Shute: I'll be there to love and comfort you…

(Shute reared back and spun Captain fast, like his father did to him. Captain giggled happily.)

Shute: I'll be there with the love I'll see you through…

(Shute pulled Captain close to him. “Hang on.”
(Then he let go! Captain fell back down into a new void, where everything but the earth directly below him was pitch black.)

Big Loud Voice: Now when you're lost and about to give up

(The mouths appeared in front of him again. This time, there were only two.)

Mouths: (To give up)

Big Loud Voice: 'Cause your best just ain't good enough,

Mouths: (Just ain't good enough…)

Big Loud Voice: And you feel the world has grown cold

(Captain felt the ground slowly sink away from him, and he was floating again. Unsure of whether to be scared or not, he did know one thing; it was now cold that it hurt him. He bunched up as much as he could, shivering in his newfound pain.)

Big Loud Voice: And you're driftin' out all on your own,

Mouths: (Driftin' out all your own…)

(Drifting? His answer was shortly given; a wave broke on Captain's face! He was in water! His arm immediately shot out to grab onto something, but it met only air. He struggled to keep himself above water.)

Big Loud Voice: When you need a hand to hold,

(The two mouths appeared just above Captain, and two thick hands reached out to him.)

Mouths: Reach out…

(Captain reached out with one arm, the other one paddling the waves. The two mouths shook their… uh… mouths?)

Mouths: Reach out…

(Big Loud Voice: Reach out for me!)

(Captain grunted determinedly and shot both of his hands out to them. They grabbed him by the wrist.)
(The black turned into a sky blue, and Captain was pulled up and out of the water. The mouths disappeared and reappeared in a POOF!…
(And they were Zero and Bakunetsumaru!)

Zero and Bakunetsumaru: I'll be there to love and comfort you.

(Captain threw himself in-between them, and the both grabbed a shoulder in a hug.)

Zero and Bakunetsumaru: I'll be there with the love I'll see you through.

(Captain was gently let go and left to drift safely, while Zero, Baku, and Shute all sang to him.)

Gundam Force: I'll be there to love and comfort you.
I'll be there to cherish and care for you.

(Zero and Baku slid sideways out of Captain's vison. Shute held Captain's face in his hands. “Hang on, Captain.”
(He let go of Captain again, and the Gundam drifted slightly downward into nowhere. The void was now mostly white. Captain clenched his fist, Soul Drive pounding. “Hang on… I will, Shute.”)

Big Loud Voice: I can tell you the way I hang your head

Chorus: (hang your head)

(Captain searched for the mouths, but they had disappeared. In fact, the more he looked, he more aware he became of the fact that he was alone. He started to shiver nervously.)

Big Loud Voice: 'Cause you're alone now, now you're afraid.

Chorus: (You're afraid)

Big Loud Voice: And through your tears you look around

(Captain found himself unwillingly shedding a single tear. He wiped it away, grimacing.)

(Chorus: Look around)

Big Loud Voice: But there's no peace of mind to be found.

(Chorus: Peace of mind to be found)

Big Loud Voice: I know what you're thinking
You're alone now, left out on your own,
But, Darling!

(The hands stretched out to Captain from nowhere. He hesitated, suspicious of the lack of mouths.)

Chorus: Reach out…
Reach out…

(Captain nodded. Without one more thought, he grasped each of the hands.
(The disappeared beneath his fingers, but Shute, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru reappeared holding hands around him.)

Gundam Force: I'll be there to love and comfort you.
I'll be there with the Love I'll see you through.

(Captain began tearing up, this time of his own free will. “Thank you… I-”)

Voices: I'll be there to love and comfort you…

(Captain jumped, startled. His friends weren't the ones singing. He looked past Zero's head to see the triplets behind him, hands joined.)

Triplets: I'll be there to always see you through…

(Captain looked up. A crowd started to form around him, and he recognized many of the faces. Guneagle… Britainmaru… Princess Rele… Chief Haro…
(More faces appeared as the crowd sang. He had recognized some before from fanfictions he had guest-starred in; Fleur, Graye, Major Rally, Crimson…
(He saw their authors standing behind them; Cybertoy, TDAT (in a tuxedo, which made him smile), Fenn, SilverbellsAbove, Melady…
(But there were more. As his eyes focused, he saw that millions of people had joined hands around him. Citizens of Neotopia, Gundams from Ark, Villagers of Lacroa, they were all here… (And they were all here for him.)

Crowd: I'll be there to love and comfort you…
I'll be there with the love I'll see you through…

(They softly broke into refrain as Captain, overwhelmed and only now aware of how much he was loved, collapsed onto Shute's shoulders and cried. The boy cuddled his head tightly. “Hang on, Captain, just hang on…”)

And everything slowly faded out…


And then faded back in. Shute was holding his head and moaning in fear, “Hang on, Captain, just hang on…”

He sat up and heard a “clink”. It zapped him with a tiny jolt of electricity, like a static shock, and he clutched his chest. “Ow!”

Charon gasped. “He's awake- HE'S AWAKE!”

Captain finally realized where he was. He sat all the way up and finally faced the throng of Gundams, and even Dark Axis psuedo-Gundams (who liked Captain more than they would admit) nervously stood waiting.

He smiled. “Thank you.”

Zero and Baku jumped their friend and hugged him while the others were happy to just pat his shoulders. He sighed and leaned into his friends, holding their shoulders and feeling happy to be alive… and loved…

“Oh, Captain!”

The room froze, anger boiling in everyone's stomachs. Maxine.

“There you are!” Maxine trotted through the room and skipped past the crowd straight to Captain. “I wasn't sure I'd find you! I didn't want to miss my show-”

SilverBellsAbove's blood boiled. “She didn't visit Captain because she was watching TV?!” she angrily whispered to Melady.

Talec overheard and answered, “What do you expect, it's her!”

“But I'm surprised you've come back alive from that whole ordeal.” She tossed her hair vainly. “That takes a real man… A real Gundam, rather… say, Captain…”

She placed her hand on his face, pushing Shute away from Captain so roughly that he fell on the floor. Charon's face split into a wide grin. “Death wish.”

“Why don't we head to the back room…” Maxine leaned in closer. “For a little `face time'?”

Captain stepped back a few steps, studying her face.

Up went his middle finger. “Fuck you.”

The room roared in triumph. Captain took Shute's hand and left the room while the others cheered for him and Maxine was left dumbfounded…


Charon opened Captain's door, but didn't address Captain right away; in fact, she seemed to be talking to someone behind her. “Look, you stay here, I'll see what I can do, okay?… Calm down, I'll try. Captain, can I come in?”

“Sure.” He motioned Charon into the room, and she tentatively shut the door behind her. “What do you need?”

“A fan want to see you,” Charon stated.

“Is that bad?”

“It's GundamCat.”

“Oh…” Captain hesitated for a moment. “I suppose… I could talk to her for a minute… She's not going to do anything inappropriate, is she?”

Charon nodded. “I wouldn't let her in if she did.”

“Okay then.”

Charon rushed out of the way because then the door flew open and GundamCat jumped into Captain's arms.

“Captain! Oh my GOD, when you flipped off Maxine, I was like, `YES! Go Captain!' but anyway, I am so proud of you, and I wanna say that you don't have to change a thing about yourself because you are perfect just the way you are and I Loooooooooo-“ (She shook him back and forth in her arms, voice fluctuating as she did.) “OooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOve you! You AND your handsome human face! Can I see it please?”

“S-sure.” Captain opened his faceplate. GundamCat swoon/gasped and brushed his nose with her fingers-

She violently kissed him. Captain yelled in surprise, muffled by GundamCat's mouth… then moaned…

When Charon came back in, Captain and GundamCat were happily kissing in the middle of the room. Charon blushed, groaned, and finally hovered a little bit above Captain's shoulders. He looked at her out of the corner of his eyes. “Just remember, Captain, you always have fans that REALLY love you.”

“Mm-HMM!” He went back to kissing GundamCat, and Charon (still bright red) left the room. “Oy…”

   That was PURE fanservice especially for GundamCat, because she's a very good writer, and she just doesn't think she is. I am very sorry, GundamCat. More later.

Chapter 46 - Chapter 47 - Chapter 48
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