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Superior Defender World Series
by Cybertoy00

   My first SD Gundam Force fic! Four teams, representing the four nationalities of SD Gundam Force, play baseball against each other! Zako zako!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Superior Defender World Series
2. All-Stars vs Paladins

Red Mic

Blue Mic

Yellow Mic


It was a beautiful day

The place? Neotopia stadium, in the city of Neotopia.

The time? Time for the Superior Defender World Series!

Zako zako! Welcome to Neotopia Stadium! It’s a beautiful day, and there is a 0 chance of rain, so the no chance the game will notbe interrupted by the weather! Now, bring your hands together in a repeated pattern for the All-Stars!

From one entrance to the ball park, out came in this order; Shute, Hyper Mode Captain Gundam, Juli, GunEagle, Kao Lyn, GunPanzer, Leonardo, and Sayla. The crowd cheered for them.

Zako! Half of the team is made up of robots, and the other half is organic!

Of course, zako! That’s to represent the balance between man and machine in Neotopia! Now, be good hosts for the visiting team from Lacroa, the Paladins!

From another entrance on the opposite side of the field, out came Princess Rele, Zero, Noah, Coah, Doah, Talgeese, Deathscythe, and a Pawn Leo. They got some cheers as well.

Oh wow! They’ve got Lord Talgeese with them!

That’s right, zako. Plus, the Lacroix can use magic, which should help with their lack of baseball experience, zako.

The two teams met up at the pitcher’s mound. Shute and Princess Rele walked up to each other.

“I wish you luck, Shute.” Rele said.

“You too, Rele.” Shute replied.

Deathscythe began to stir uncomfortably at the sight of the two acting so friendly to each other.

“Princess…” the sinister knight gundam murmured. Then he noticed Sayla. ‘She looks like her majesty…’ He thought.

GunEagle noticed Deathscythe and nudged Sayla.

“Hey, is he staring at you?” He asked her. Sayla merely shrugged and waved at Deathscythe, unaware of what he was capable of.

It is now time to decide which team will bat first.

Shute flipped a coin into the air. “Call it, heads or tails?” He asked Rele.

“Heads,” Answered the princess. When the coin came back down, Shute fumbled and dropped it. Shute bent down to pick it up and asked, “You said tails, right?”

Rele frowned. “I said heads.” She answered.

And it looks like the Lacroa Paladins are batting first, zako.

Zakozako-First Inning, zako.-zakozako

Zako, pitching for the All-Stars we have Captain Gundam. Catching we have Shute, on First Base is Kao Lyn, Second Base is Juli, third we have Leonardo, and in left and right field we have GunEagle and GunPanzer, zako, zako!

And, as our umpire, is Cybertoy00’s huge(and I mean huge) robot bodyguard!

Trevor, a massive mass of mecha, stomped onto the field, wearing an umpire’s padding and mask.

“PLAY BALL.” The big robot boomed.

Batting first for the Paladins, precious Princess Rele. Let’s see how she handles Captain’s pitching.

Rele walked up to the plate, knocked the bat against her shoes(She didn’t know why, but that’s not important) and took up a batting stance. Up on the pitchng mound, Captain used his targeting scope to analyze Rele’s strike zone(A/N: I think that’s what it’s called). Winding up, Captain threw the first pitch of the SDWS.

Here’s the pitch, zako…

Rele swung her bat as the ball zipped by her.

She missed!

“STRIKE ONE.” Called Trevor. Rele looked annoyed at this, but didn’t say anything Then she smiled. Shute threw the ball back to Captain and noticed Rele’s grin. “What’s up?” He asked her.

“Oh, uh, nothing!” Rele said, catching herself. She then waved her hands a bit and muttered some words under her breath. Captain, meanwhile, was gearing up for another pitch.

Here it comes again, zako zako…

Captain threw the ball, but instead of zipping by like before it seemed to float across the field.


When the ball was near Rele, she swung her bat as hard as she could.


It-it-it-it’s a hit!

The ball flew up into the air and land in left field. GunEagle snatched it up and threw it to Kao Lyn, but Rele had already made it to first.

So Princess Rele gets to first base, zako, but what happened with the ball?

I think I know, zako. You see, all natives of Lacroa can use magic, so Rele cast some sort of spell, see?

But-but-but, is that even legal, zako?

Well, it’s not illegal, per se, zako.


Up till now, magic has never been used in Baseball, so there’s no rule against, zako.


Anyway, up at bat now is Coah, another human from Lacroa, zako.

Coah stepped up to the plate, and took a batting stance. He looked a little nervous, staring Captain down.

Here’s the pitch…






And so Coah fails to hit the ball, zako.

How sad.

Drooping, Coah slumped back to the Paladins’ dugout.

“I can’t believe you struck out!” Cried Doah.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t you worry, heheh…” Talgeese chuckled evilly, standing up. “It’s my turn now.” Looking very confident, the Knight of the Tempest marched up to the plate.

Batting now is the awesome Lord T!

Talgeese didn’t bother to take the bat handed to him. Throwing his hand up into the air, he called out, “Dark mana! Give me the power of evil!”

A red circle of dark magic, similar to the one Zero creates, appeared out of the sky. Talgeese’s sword descended from that circle and landed in his hand.

It seems Lord Talgeese has decided to use his sword instead of a normal bat, zako.

Grasping his sword, Talgeese stared Captain down. “Give me your best shot.” The knight said, confident. Captain didn’t bother to answer. He wound up, and threw the ball. But Talgeese swung his sword and the ball and blade connected with a crack! And the ball went skyward.

A hit, zako! That ball is going up, up, and- hey! It’s not coming down!

While Rele and Talgeese ran(Well, Rele ran, Talgeese flew) around the base line, the ball hovered into the air, surrounded by red energy.

Ooh! Ooh! I know what’s happening, zakoooo!

Tell us, zako!

Lord T is using his magic to prevent the ball from coming back down, so he and the princess will have plenty of time to make it around the bases, zako zako!

Eventually Rele and TAlgeese made it back to Home Plate. When Rele came to home, Trevor said, “SAFE.” But when Talgeese came, Trevor said, “DO IT AGAIN.”

“What!” Cried Talgeese, “Why!”

Hmm, it seems that while flying around the baseline, zako, Lord T forgot to actually touch the bases, so his run doesn’t count!

Muttering under his breath, and trying to ignore Shute’s triumphant laugh, Talgeese flew to first base. But by then it was too late. The spell Talgeese put on the ball had worn off and the ball landed in GunPanzer’s hand. GunPanzer then threw the ball to Kao Lyn, who tagged him out.

Now the Paladins have 1 point and 2 outs. One more out and the All-Stars start batting, zako!

Talgeese, duly humbled, stomped back to the dugout. Zero made a rose appear in Rele’s hand.

“Have no fear, milady, this Knight of Wings shall bring honor to Lacroa.”

Feeling very confident, Zero the Winged Knight floated over to home base.

Batting now for the Paladins, zako, Zero, the Winged Knight!

Zero paused to wave to the cheering crowd, then raised his hand into the air.

“O Mana!” He called out, “Bless me with your power!” A magic circle, the one Zero usually creates, appeared, and from it lowered a baseball bat. Zero grasped the wooden thing and took a batting stance. From the All-Stars’ dugout, Sayla yelled, “Good luck Mr. Zero!” Now, she was just being a good sport, and Zero was so nice to her in Neotopia. Still, for whatever reason, her cute little call was enough to draw the knight’s attention.

Zero turned acknowledge Sayla, and when he did, the ball zipped past and into Shute’s glove.

“STRIKE ONE.” Said Trevor.

Zero Blanched. “What! But I wasn’t ready!”


Grumbling, Zero once again took a batting stance. Captain pitched the ball…

Here’s the pitch, zako…


It’s a hit, zako! A hit!

The ball soured majestically into the air…and landed right into GunPanzer’s glove.

And now it’s an out.

The Paladins face-faulted with a wham!.

With three outs, the Paladins of Lacroa must yield the responsibilities of batting to the All-Stars, and take the field.

Still frustrated at his failure, Zero took the Pitcher’s mound from Captain. While walking to the All-Stars’ dugout, Captain called, “Good Luck.” To Zero over his shoulder. Zero merely shrugged.

“Honestly,” He said to himself, “I’m am much better at pitching, then batting.” Zero felt very confident in his abilities- until he saw the first batter up.

Batting first for the All-Stars, GunPanzer!

GunPanzer gave his bat-which seemed like a toothpick in comparison to his size- a few test swings. “Send it right over the plate!” He challenged.

“Uh, right.” Zero wasn’t worried- not too much, anyway. He wound up-

Here comes the pitch, zako…

-Threw the ball…


And GunPanzer managed to get a single.

“Hmmph. I should’ve gotten a double, at least.” Grumbled GunPanzer.

Batting next for the All-Stars, S.D.G. officer Juli, zako.

Juli stepped up to the plate, took a stance-


-And a purple rose appeared in her hand.

“What the-?” Juli didn’t know what to make of it- until the ball zipped past her into Coah’s glove.

“I am sorry, fair lady,” Zero called out, “But all is fair in love, war, and baseball!”

The next two pitches, Juli got an out.

Next up for the All-Stars, technical chief Kao Lyn, zako.

“Hoo…wah! Y’hoo!” Kao Lyn did some silly flips at home plate. Zero didn’t fully understand. Neither did anyone else.

Regardless, when Zero pitched, Kao Lyn managed to get a walk when he kicked the ball instead of using the bat.

Zako, when the ball touches any part of the batter’s body, that batter gets a free walk, zako zako!


Since a play-by-play would get boring, I’ll just mention the interesting parts, zako.

Zakozako-2nd inning, zako-zakozako

In the second inning, Rele called in Pawn Leo to pinch hit. Captain’s pitch hit Leo, so he got a walk. Unfortunately, because the ball hit Pawn Leo, the little guy reverted back into a die!

Zakozako- 3rd inning, zako-zakozako

In the third inning, Shute got into an argument with Trevor.

“YOU’RE OUT.” Called Trevor.

“No I’m not!” Yelled Shute, angerly, “I was safe!”


“I’m safe!






Shute was about to say, ‘safe’, but thought better of it. He had an idea.

“I’m out!”

Trevor wasn’t stupid, but he wasn’t smart enough to know a Bugs Bunny gag in the works.


“No, I’m out!”



Trevor lifted his left foot, and brought it down, shaking the Earth with an almighty WHAM! “YOU ARE SAFE.” He droned ominously.

Shute shrugged and tried not to look too gleeful. “Whatever you say.” He anwered, walking back to the dugout.

It took Trevor five minutes to process what had happened.

Sooooo, is he out, or safe?

…We don’t know!

Zakozako- 4th inning, zako-zakozako

In the forth inning, the Paladins realized they could still manipulate the ball even from the dugout and bases, and used this to score at least five points.

Zakozako 5th inning, zako-zakozako

In the fifth inning, GunEagle realized that he have to wait for the ball to come down, and flew up to several balls before they could begin their descent!

Zakozako- 6th inning, zako-zakozako

In the sixth inning, nothing interesting happened. Sorry.

Zakozako- 7th inning, zako-zakozako

It’s the seventh inning, zako! So that means…

It’s time for the seventh inning stretch, zako!

Okay, everyone, do some calisthenics!

Zako? That’s not how you do the seventh inning stretch!

It’s not!

You have to sing the baseball song!

Shute whispered to Captain, “At least one of them knows how it works.”


While doing calisthenics!

Everyone in the stadium face-faulted.

Zakozako- 8th inning, zako-zakozako

Since the eighth inning was just as the sixth, we’ll just bypass it.

Zakozako- 9th inning, zako-zakozako

Bottom of the ninth.

All bases loaded.

The score was All-Stars: 17, Paladins: 20.

Captain stepped up to the plate and took his batting stance.

“Captain!” Zero called from the pitcher’s mound. “I regret to inform you, but the victory shall be Lacroa’s!”

“There is an equal chance of either team winning,” Captain answered.

From second base, Shute called out, “Captain! All you have to do is get a home run! You can do it!”

A fire lit up in Captain’s eyes, and his fists glowed a golden glow. “Yes I can!”

Zero threw the ball as hard as he could...the ball flew at Captain at high-speed…

And with a deafening CRACK! Captain hit the ball with all his might, sending it airborn.

“It’s a homerun!” Cried Shute triumphantly.

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Yelled Talgeese. Flying up, the Knight of the Tempest attempted to intercept the fast-moving sphere.


He wasn’t very fortunate to be in the ball’s flight plan, and was sent spinning.

And so, zako, with a homerun, the score becomes 21 to 20, which means, all together now…

The Neotopia All-Stars win the game!

Zakozako- Afterwards, zako- zakozako

Team captains, please congratulate each other for a game well played, zako.

Once again, Shute and the Princess met at the pitcher’s mound and shook hands.

“Congratulations on your win, Shute,” said Rele, smiling(And not just because she was being a good sport.)

“Your team did really well too,” Shute grinned.

If looks were lasers, Deathscythe would’ve vaporized Shute in an instant.

Meanwhile, Talgeese landed on the field with spirals where his eyes normally are. “Make the world stop spinning…” He moaned.

It looks like Lord T is a little dizzy, zako!

Anyway, everyone, for the good of all that is baseball…


Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3
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