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Superior Defender World Series
by Cybertoy00

   My first SD Gundam Force fic! Four teams, representing the four nationalities of SD Gundam Force, play baseball against each other! Zako zako!

Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

Superior Defender World Series
4. Yamatos vs Devils

Yamato Stadium was a recent construction in the country of Ark. It was like any other baseball stadium, but with an asian theme to it. And right now, the audience stands were filled with Musha Gundams and nobusshi, with a few minor exceptions.

Shute, his family, and Captain made their way to their seats, Keiko being careful not to drop Nana.

Zako zako! Welcome, one and all, to the second game of the Superior Defender World Series. Today’s game features-

The Ark Yamatos against the Dark Axis Devils!

The crowd cheered.

“Yeah!” crowed Shute from his seat.

Coming out onto the field, the Yamatos! Zako zako!

From one entrance to the field, the Bakunetsumaru, Cobramaru, Genkimaru, Kibaomaru, Brtainmaru, Ashuramaru, a Nobusshi, and the Perfect-Virtue Dai Shogun.

The amount of applause and cheers from the mostly all Musha Gundam/Nobusshi audience, was nearly deafening.

And now, zako, getting into the game, let’s have another round for the Devils!



The entire stadium became deathly quiet as Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, Destroyer Dom, Doga Grey, Zako Red, Commander Sazabi, and Madnug moved onto the field.

Grappler muttered sarcastically, “Thanks for the lovely round of indifference.”

The staggering silence was broken by one lone voice. “Boo!”

Wow…the Devils sure are unpopular, huh zako?

Kibaomaru and Madnug marched up to each other, glaring. Semi-visable bolts of lightning crackled between their eyes as they stiffly shook hands.

Coming onto the field, the umpire of the day, straight from a long engagement-

But a very short marriage!

Cybertoy00’s assistant, Lakitu!

Lakitu, a large turtle floated in on his ever-smiling cloud. He looked incredibly bored, as he fitted a catcher’s mask over his glasses.

“Play ball!” he called out.

It is now time to decide which team will bat first.

Lakitu calmly flipped a coin. “Heads, the DA guys…tails, the mushas…” he muttered, catching the coin. He glanced at it and said, “Yamatos, you’re up.”

And so, batting first are the Ark Yamatos.

Taking the field, it’s Madnug pitching, Zako Red catching, Lord Zapper Zaku on first base, Lord Grappler Gouf on second base, and Lord Destroyer Dom on third base. In left field it’s Doga Grey, and right field it’s one of us Zako soldiers!

Zakozako-1st inning-zakozako

Batting first for the Yamatos, it’s Genkimaru!

The kid Musha Gundam grabbed a bat and zipped up to home plate. On the pitcher’s mound, the targeting scope slid down over Madnug’s eye. He scanned the Genkimaru’s strike zone.

‘Wait a minute,’ the future-flung Gundam thought, ‘The strike zone is too small!’ When he called this to attention, Lakitu shrugged, and replied, “That’s your problem.”

Grumbling, Madnug wound up…


“Ball one!”


“Ball two!”


“Ball three!”


“Ball four!”

And so, due to his small size, and equally small strike zone, Genkimaru gets a walk!

Laughing triumphantly, Genkimaru ran to first base, taking a moment to stick his tongue at Madnug. The black Gundam’s eyes narrowed.

Up in the stands, Captain noticed that Shute was wearing a baseball glove.

“Shute, why-“ Captain began to ask, but Shute hushed him.

“Not now.” He said.

“I was just wondering-”

“Sshh!” Shute said, not taking his eyes off the game. Captain decided to try his luck with Mark.

“Do you know why Shute brought his glove?” He asked the musician. Shute’s dad grinned.

“He probably wants to catch a foul ball, right son?” Mark turned to Shute, who replied with a short “Yeah.”

Back in the game, it was Ashuramaru’s turn. Using his extra arms, Ashuramaru gripped three bats at once!


Is that even legal, zako?

Madnug’s scope slid down as he scanned for possibilities. Extra arms or not, Ashuramaru had a larger strike zone than Genkimaru, so it was possible to get him out. Madnug pitched, and, true to form, Ashuramaru hit the ball with a CRACK! The ball soared into the air, and it would’ve been a home run, except Doga Grey flew up and caught the ball. Even so, the multi-armed Musha Gundam managed to get a double.

I wonder what the call will be on that play!

Lakitu thought for a moment. “Ashura’, stay where you are, but the Yamatos get an out.”

Zako? The Yamatos get an out-

But-but-but, Ashuramaru gets to keep his double!

Next up was Kibaomaru. As the Musha Gundam Warlord stepped up to the plate, he focused his formidable gaze at Madnug. The two former allies glared at each other from across the field. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. And not a cheap plastic knife, it would take a one of those ginsu knives. Madnug wound up for the pitch…delivered…and when the ball came close, Kibaomaru swung the bat-


And it’s a homerun for Lord Kibaomaru!

Madnug watched where the ball went, not bothering to acknowledge the three Musha Gundams running around the baseline.

‘This calls for a change in strategy…’ the black gundam thought.


From that point on, the Yamatos-Devils game started to get more and more extreme. This was first noted when, after Britainmaru surprised everyone by hitting a ball high in the sky…

Destroyer Dom pulled out one of his bazookas, directed his gaze at the fly ball.

“Target acquired!”

The dull-headed, weapons-loving DA goon opened fire on the baseball-


-Blowing the unknowing piece of sporting equipment into teeny-tiny bits.

“What?” Asked Destroyer, in answer to the glares he was receiving from both teammates and opposition.

Oh, that Lord Dom! He just HAS to bring one of his beloved weapons along!

Finally, after striking out both Cobramaru and Nobusshi, it was the Devils’ turn.

Chuckling a grim chuckle, Zapper Zaku stepped up to the plate. He knocked the bat against his heel, got into a stance-


“Strike One!” Yelled Lakitu.

“I wasn’t ready!” Zapper yelled. Grumbling, he once again took a stance. And once again, the ball zipped past him.

“Strike two!” Called Lakitu. It took a few minutes for Genkimaru to toss the ball back; the force of Bakunetsumaru’s pitch knocked him back a bit.

Looking mad enough for some justified homicide, Zapper once again took his batting stance. THIS time he wouldn’t miss! THIS time he would hit the ball! THIS time-

“Strike three, you’re out!”

Lakitu’s call snapped the DA officer out of his revere. During his thoughts Bakunetsumaru pitched the ball. Slumping, Zapper trudged back to the dugnout.

“Nice going, Zipper.” Grappler Gouf sneered.

“I’d like to see you do better,” Growled Zapper.

“As a matter of fact, I will.” Grappler took Zapper’s bat and marched up to home plate.

Now up at bat is Lord Grappler Gouf, zako.

The ball came, Grappler swung the bat…


It’s a hit!

Sure enough, the ball was flying way above the musha gundams’ heads.

It’s going…going….zako…

Perfect-Virtue Dai Shogun didn’t blink.

“Tenchi Gaeshi!”

Suddenly, reality warped itself, and the ball was no longer flying out, but zooming back in!

Grappler was momentarily stunned by this turn of events. “What the-!”

Luckily for him, he had made it as far as second base.

Madnug, however, was less than satisfied.

“That can’t be fair!” He roared.

Lakitu merely shrugged. “No rule against warping the structure of reality in order to stop a home run. Sorry.”

Furious, Madnug gave Sazabi a secret signal, who transmitted new orders to Zako Red. While no one was looking, Zako Red switched the baseball with another one…


From the first inning and into the second and third innings, something unusual was happening. Every time a Yamato was at bat, the ball would speed up, and curve slightly, just enough so the batter would miss and strike out. But when a Devil was at bat, they would always get a hit, and get a double.


Up in the stands, Shute and Captain were perplexed. Well, Captain was perplexed for an entirely different reason.

“I don’t get,” Shute muttered, “What’s going on?” The boy then noticed Captain’s scope was down. “What is it, Captain?”

“Strange,” Captain said, “The ball now appears to be emitting a radio signal of some kind.”

“A radio signal?” Shute should’ve known something was up. “Can you figure out where it’s going?”

“Yes,” The Neotopian Gundam answered. Shute got his mother’s attention.

“Mom, me and Captain are gonna, um, get some cotton candy, we’ll be right back.” The human/gundam pair quickly took off, just barely hearing Keiko’s warning not to take too long.

With Captain’s sensors, the two easily found what they were looking for. A lone Zako soldier was hiding behind a cotton candy stall, fiddling around with a hand-held radio control device.

“Zako!” the DA drone squeaked, seeing the famous duo.

“Whatcha doin’?” Shute asked pleasantly. The Zako calmed down.

“I was just using this device to control the baseball-Zako!” The minute the Zako noticed his slip, he took off, dropping the controller. Shute picked it up and showed it to Captain.

“Mission accomplished,” the boy smiled, “So how do we turn it off?”


Back on the field, something weird was happening. The ball was now acting like it had a life and mind of its own. It kept zipping back and forth, zig-zagging around the field like a chicken with its head cut off.

Why is the baseball acting this way, zako?

Maybe its haunted, zakooooo!

Come on, haunted? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation here.

Like what?

It’s, uh, haunted?


Bakunetsumaru swung his bat wildly in a vain attempt to hit the ball. “Grrr… Hold still, you!”

Lakitu seemed to be the only one who wasn’t concerned that the ball now apparently had a mind and life of its own. In fact, he was absentmindedly counting Bakunetsu’s attempts to hit the out of control sphere as swings!

“Strike one, strike two, strike three, you’re out.” Laktiu said, not really paying attention.


Shute had the control device in hand, randomly pushing buttons in a vain attempt to turn it off. “Darn it!” He yelled irritable, “Why won’t this thing shut down!”

Captain held out his hand. “May I try, Shute?” He asked. Shute gave Captain the device. Captain placed the device on the ground. Then, in one smooth motion, smashed it with his foot(the device, not the ground).


Shute stared at the mashed remains of what had been a remote control. “I coulda thought of that.”


By the time Shute and Captain made it back to their seats, the 9th inning was in full swing. Oh yes, it seems that Lakitu counted everyone’s attempts to hit the, at the time, wayward baseball as a swing, not really caring what was going on(The sooner the game was over, the better for him!).

Now at the plate is Bakunetsumaru. It’s the bottom of the ninth, the score is Yamatos 28, Devils 29. If he manages to get a homerun, we’ll be going into overtime!

Overtime! But this chapter’s been dragged out as it is, zako!

(A/N: Gotta love how those Zakos break down the 4th wall, huh, zako?)

On the pitcher’s mound, Madnug weighed his options. If he struck Bakunetsumaru out, the game would end and the Devils would move up to the finals. If Bakumanaged to get a hit, there still was a chance…

Shaking himself back to reality, Madnug wound his throwing arm.

Here’s the pitch, zako…


It’s hit!

As the ball soared into the outfield, Bakunetsumaru ran around the baseline as fast as he could. Meanwhile, the landed in the left side of the outfield, which was picked by Doga Grey. Grey flung the baseball to Grappler Gouf, just after Bakunetsumaru charged past third. Grappler threw the ball to Madnug, but instead of throwing the ball to Zako Red on home plate, he activated his flight boosters and blasted himself forward.

Up in his seat, Shute yelled out, “C’mon, Baku’!”

Amazingly, both Madnug and Bakunetsumaru made it to home plate at the same, their collision kicking up a massive dust cloud.

Wow, whatta finish, zako!

Yeah! But who got there first?

I know, let’s ask our umpire, Lakitu!

Coughing, Lakitu dusted his glasses off.

“Are you kidding?” he gagged, “I was too busy diving for cover to see anything!”

WHAM! Everyone facefaulted.

Now what’ll we do!

Secretly, Madnug sent out a signal to…somewhere.

Wait a minute, I’ve just been handed a bulletin. According to this tape-

The big screen lit up, showing a frame-by-frame of the play.

Madnug made it to home plate .0034 seconds before Bakunestumaru!

“WHAT!” Baku’ hollered, not believing his ears.

Hmm, so that means…

With a score of 28 to 29, the Dark Axis Devils beat the Ark Yamatos, and move on to the finals!

All right! Let’s have some adoration!

A bit of the crowd(the ones that worked for Kibaomaru) applauded half-heartedly, if only to be polite.

And now the team captains will congratulate each other for a well-played game, zako.

Telling himself over and over in his head that there was no honor in being a sore loser, Kibaomaru forced himself to shake hands with Madnug. But the smug look on the black gundam’s face tested the limits of his self-control!

Next time, join us in Lacroa for the game to decide which team will take third place! Anyway, everyone, for the future of the story-

Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!

Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5
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