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Superior Defender World Series
by Cybertoy00

   My first SD Gundam Force fic! Four teams, representing the four nationalities of SD Gundam Force, play baseball against each other! Zako zako!

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Superior Defender World Series
6. Paladins vs Yamatos

Lacroix fields wasn’t always a baseball field. In the past, it was used mostly for jousting matches, but for the occasion, and with some prodding from his daughter, King Lacroa had it made into a baseball diamond. Most of the citizens were forced to watch the game while standing from the sidelines, but a special box had been built for the King and any guests of royalty- like Captain Gundam, Shute, and his family.

Zako zako! Hello everyone, and welcome to the, all together now-

Paladins and Yamatos baseball game!

This game will decide which team deserves the third place ranking, zako!

Zako, coming onto the field now are the Lacroa Paladins, zako.

The citizenry of Lacroa cheered loudly as the Paladins walked on-field. Hey, their princess was part of that team, you know!

In the royal box(a special seat for the king and any friends of royalty) Shute waved to the Princess Lacroa. He, Captain Gundam, and his family had received permission to view the game with the king. On the field, Rele waved back. Deed and Zero both glared at the boy who was getting so much attention from their fair lady.

And now, zako, all the way from the coutry of Ark, the Yamatos!

The all-musha gundam team marched onto the field, greeted by some polite applause.(Doncha just hate the away games? The crowd’s always against you!)

And now, the team captains will shake hands, zako.

Kibaomaru and Princess Lacroa walked up to each other and did so, the Musha Gundam being careful not to crush the Lacroix royal.

“I wish you luck,” Rele said.

“And I, you,” Said Kibaomaru.

With the Paladins, Deed fumed. It seemed like everyone elsewas getting close to the princess….

Please rise for our honorable umpire for the day, Crazee Dayzee!

My Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall intern skipped onto the field, laughing merrily. “Hi, everybody!” She cried, waving to everyone she caught sight of. The little flowery girl put on a catcher’s mask. “Play ball!”

Zako? That’s the umpire?

Look at her, zako. She’s so small, so cute, so…so…



Crazee giggled. “Okay, let’s flip a coin to see who bats first.” She tossed a coin into the air. “Someone call it!”

The air was filled with multiple voices.





“I already called tails!”

The coin landed on the ground…

“And it’s…” Crazee began.

…and a cute little mobile gopher popped out and took the coin into its hole before anyone could get a good look.

“Gone!” finished Crazee. Everyone else facefaulted.

“I gotta idea!” Crazee yelled, suddenly, “Can anyone guess what number I’m thinking of? It’s between one and ten!”


And so, after much confusion, which mostly consisted of yelling, arguing and comparisons to a breed of canine, it was eventually decided that the Yamatos would bat first.

zakozakoPlay ballzakozako

Batting up first for the Yamatos, zako, is Cobramaru!

Cobramaru, stepped up to the plate, his purple cobra hood missing. On the pitcher’s mound, Zero regarded him.

In the dugout, Rele let her attention wander from the game to the audience. She saw Shute, and his family, along with Captain and her father in the royal box, and recalled the conversation she had with the Neotopian by earlier…


“Shute, for what purpose did you bring that glove?” Asked Rele to the boy, “Your team isn’t playing.”

“I know,” Shute said, “But I wanna be able to catch a fly ball if I can.”


The Princess smiled. She just thought up a good idea.

Here’s the pitch…


It’s a hit, it’s going, going- Huh!

The look on everyone’s faces was a look of astonishment as the baseball froze in mid-air, and started moving toward the royal box. It then stopped over Shute’s head, and then fell out of the air and into his glove. Shute didn’t know what to say. No one else did, except for Crazee Dayzee.


Wham! Everyone facefaulted!


The game proved to be the strangest in the history of the gundam franchise, and for good reason. Not only did the Paladins’ magic offset the play-by-play by a huge margin, but the Yamatos used their respective skills for some rather unique runs.

One example was when Genkimaru, instead of getting his usual walk, chose to hit the ball- it didn’t go very far- and create portals to each base, in one and out the other. This tactic earned him a triple. And since the little Musha wasn’t technically breaking any rules, Crazee chose to let it slide.

‘That’s not fair,’ thought Rele.

Zero, meanwhile, chose to use his magic to effect the direction of the ball when thrown, if only slightly. This led to some arguments with Bakunetsumaru, but hey, what game is complete without some bickering.

“What do mean a strike?” Hollered BAkunetsumaru, “That pitch was MILES out of the strike zone!”

“That pitch was perfect!” Countered Zero, before Crazee could say something, “If you can’t the ball, you have no one to blame but yourself!”

“I COULD have hit the ball” Snarled Bakunetsumaru, “If you hadn’t moved it away at the last minute!”

“Well, of course it was going to move,” Zero defended, “It was a curve ball.”

“That’s not how a curve ball works!”

Not so surprisingly, these sort of squabbles popped up at least once per inning, but luckily, Crazee Dayzee had a good way to calm everyone down.

First she would sing, putting everyone to sleep.

Then, after waiting five minutes for everyone to wake up, would blow an air horn through a mega phone, thus ensuring a rather abrupt departure from slumber land. While this stopped many arguments from escalating out of control, it also stopped the game for at least 10 minutes as it took another five minutes for everyone’s heart rate to return to a reasonable level.


After the fifth inning, Crazee Dayzee called for a time-out.

“Why?” Asked Genkimaru.

“I thought we could take a break,” Said Crazee. “Everyone’s starting to look weird.”

Rele looked at the players for both teams. All of them looked a little ragged, mostly from Crazee’s ‘unique’ wake-up calls. “You’re right,” She said, and looked at Kibaomaru. “Do you agree?”

Kibaomaru was silent, then said, “Very well.”

Zako? It looks like there is going to be a short break.

Princess Lacroa looked at the torn-up field. “Now if there was something we could do about the field…”

Deed’s eyes light up. “I have a suggestion, your majesty.” The knight gundam snapped his fingers, and bunch of Dark Pawn Leo poofed out of nowhere. They immediately begin to clean up the field.

Rele smiled, “How clever.”

Deed did his best not to preen. Preening wasn’t knightly. “Anything for you-“ Deed stopped short when he noticed Rele walking away. “Where are you going!”

“TO see Shute,” the Princess answered as if it was obvious, “I never had a chance to see him this morning.”

Because her majesty had her back turned, she never got to see the knight facefault. She DID hear Bakunetsumaru, Genkimaru and the Triplets go into hysterics, but paid it no mind.


After about 30 minutes, the game was back in full swing. At the moment, it was Paladins’ turn at bat, which meant Bakunetsumaru was pitching. Genkimaru, the catcher(for those of you who weren’t paying attention), signaled for a fastball.

Bakunetsumaru thought about. The batter was Talgeese. Head on wasn’t a good approach. He shook his head, meaning no.

Genkimaru signaled for a slowball. Bakunetsumaru shook his head.

Curveball. Shaken head.

Spitball. Shaken head.

Genkimaru was beginning to get annoyed. It was the ONE time Bakunetsumaru didn’t jump into a decision. So he flashed Bakunetsu a different series of hand signals.

Bakunetsumaru’s eyes widened, and then narrowed. “Oh, very mature, Genki’!”


After a game that by all means should have gone much quicker but didn’t, we come down to the final sprint.

Zako, it’s the bottom of the ninth inning, zako, the score’s 38-38, bases loaded.

Batting for the Paladins is Zero, the Winged Knight. If he manages to get a hit, we could see the end of the game, zako zako.

And if he doesn’t, we’ll be going into extra innings, zako-o-o-o!

Bakunetsumaru, on the pitcher’s mound, stared down his rival.

Zero, at home plate, stared back.

Tensions were running high.

You could cut it with a knife. And not with one of those cheap plastic ones, you’d need a good ginsu knife, you would.

A hush had fallen over the crowd.

Dark clouds gathered.

And then it began to ran.

And when it rains in Lacroa, it don’t kid around.

Zako! It’s raining!

Did anyone bring an umbrella?

You know what, I think we should end the game now.

Huh? What for?

Do you think anyone would want to play in this torrent?

Good point.

Anyway, everyone, the next game’s for first place, so until next time-

Zako Soldiers fight! Yeah!

Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7
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