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Superior Defender World Series
by Cybertoy00

   My first SD Gundam Force fic! Four teams, representing the four nationalities of SD Gundam Force, play baseball against each other! Zako zako!

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Superior Defender World Series
8. Devils vs AllStars

Devils vs Yamatos

The Dark Axis Diamond was not exactly a ‘baseball field’ in the conventional sense. For one thing, it was not built in a sunny field, nor was it built in any stadium. It was basically a large room in the Dark Axisfortress with a painted baseline(lead paint, no less), and hubcaps placed where the bases were. ‘Home plate’ was actually a mish-mash of duct tape, and the ‘pitcher’s mound’ was in all sense half of an oil drum placed in the middle. It should be noted that the only redeeming feature of this area was the seating, the only thing that did not look hastily thrown together Calling it a dive would have barely scratched the surface.

Hello, sportsbots, and welcome to the, all together now-

Superior Defender World Series finals!

The audience of Zako Soldiers and Doga Bombers cheered. THIS was the game they were waiting for!

Zako zako!

Now show your support for those bionic Babe Ruths, the Dark Axis Devils!

Crowd went wild as the all one-eye team(Madnug threw on his Gerbera armor for the occasion) entered the field from the east-most doorway. The team waved. Destroyer waved a little too much, and hit Zapper by accident.

And now, here come the Neotopia All-Stars.

The response for the All-Stars was even louder than for the Devils…as every Dark Axis drone with speaking capabilities booed the Neotopians.

Now, please welcome our guest-umpire, Charon the Sabercat!(Not owned by me)

The Anthro feline bounced into Diamond, already decked out in umpire garb. Not too surprisingly, she got just about as much as support as the All-Stars. For some reason, the Sabercat had fallen out of the Dark Axis’ favor.

And now the team captains will shake hands, zako.

Shute and Gerbera walked up to each other and, like the cannon-fodder said, shook hands. Shute’s face contorted in pain as the Dark Axis Science Officer squeezed extra hard.


Charon decided to get things started before a riot broke out. “Okay,” she said, “time for the coin-toss. Heads, it’s Neotopia, Tails, it’s the Dark Axis. Anyone gotta coin?”

Gerbera held out his hand. “Here, use this.”

Charon took the coin from the robot Professor and examined it. It was roughly the size of a poker-chip, but a little thicker. “It LOOKS normal enough…” She then flipped it into the air. Just as it hit the ground and showed heads, Gerbera pushed a button on a remote he hid behind his back. The coin flipped over to reveal tails.

“What the-!” Charon took off her mask and rubbed her eyes. She bent down and picked up the coin to get a closer look. “That’s freaky…”

The sentient being of feline descent snapped off a piece of the chip, and revealed exposed circuitry. The All-Stars and Charon turned and glared at Gerbera.

“You can’t blame us for trying,” Commented the disguised gundam, in an attempt to smooth things over. “Can you?”

Charon whacked him with a knitting needle.

Zakzako first inning zakozako

After the coin toss(with no interference) the All-Stars were up at bat first.

First up batting, zako, is Kao Lyn, zako!

While other units may have been unsettled by Kao Lyn’s tai chi antics, Gerbera was made of much tougher stuff than that. Besides, in the future, Kao Lyn hadn’t changed all too much, so it was like watching a vaguely younger version of his ‘father’. He wound up, pitched-


It’s a hit, zako-o-o-o!

As the SDG technical officer made his way around the baseline, the ball soared up into Grey Doga…who fumbled and dropped it near Zako soldier. By that time, Kao Lyn had made it to second. Not too surprisingly, the audience booed.

“I hate these away games,” Lamented Leonardo from the ‘dugout’, if such a word could be used, “The crowd, it is always against you.”

Next up, zako, is Shute, zako zako!

Problem was, Shute’s hand still hurt from the unfriendly handshake he received from Gerbera. This cost him some, and so….

“Yer out!” called Charon, throwing her arm back in the classic manner. Shute slumped his way back to the ‘dugout’ rubbing his sore hand.

Next up is GunEagle, zako.

The aerial specialist of the Gundam Force stepped up to the plate, and readied himself.


“Strike one!”


“Strike two!”


It’s a hit!

GunEagle took that as his cue and rocketed across the baseline, taking care to touch the bases themselves. Kao Lyn himself proved to be quite fast on his feet, and the two of them scored two runs.

And so Kao Lyn and GunEagle score two points for the All-Stars, zako.

You probably would have guessed this by now, but the crowd did not take this lightly.

“Boo! Boo!” The DA drones screamed, throwing various debries, “Kill the umpire!”

“Whoa! Hey!” Charon yelped, as she ducked and dodged the projectiles, “Leave me outta this!”

Eventually, the crowd calmed down enough for the game to proceed unhibited.

“Yeesh…” Charon grumbled, rubbing her furry head where something rubber had connected. “Huh?” She bent down and picked up a blue microphone. “Did anyone lose a mic?” She called out.

Uh, that’s mine, zako! Be right down!


During the Devils’ half of the inning, Zapper and Charon had a not-so-dramatic run-in.

“Yer out!” Yelled Charon.

“Out! Are you nuts, you filthy organic?” Zapper snarled, “I’m safe!”

“No, you’re out!” Reiterated the Saber-ump(a conglomeration of Sabercat and Umpire)

“I’m safe!”

“You’re out!”




“You’re safe!” Charon said quickly.

“No, I’m out!” Zapper answered, too caught up in the moment.

“You’re safe!”

“I’m out!”

“You’re safe!”

“Listen you,” Zapper cocked one of his machine guns in Charon’s direction, “If I say I’m out, I’m out!”

“Okay, okay,” Charon said, doing her best to keep a straight face, “You’re out.”

“Darn right!” Zapper walked back to his team ‘dugout’, feeling rather pleased with himself- until he realized what had happened.


Up in the seats, a group of Zako Soldiers prepared to show their support.

“Ready?” asked one Zako to five others.

“Ready!” The others declared. Then, as one, each Zako held up a large card with a letter written on it, plain as the mouthpiece on their faces. Together, these letters spelled D-E-V-I-I-S.

The leader felt something was wrong and looked at the cards, or rather, one card in particular. “Hey!” he said, “You got the wrong card! You’re supposed to be the ‘L’!”

The offending Zako glanced at his card, and ‘blushed’ at his mistake. “Whoopsie!”

“This is what happens when you don’t show up for rehearsal.” Said the Zako holding the ‘S’.


Now up batting is Lord Destroyer Dom, zako!

Destroyer stepped up to the plate, causing a ‘thud’ with each step. On the pitcher’s mound, Captain’s targeting scope slid down and calculated Dom’s strike zone. He wound up, pitched…


And…it’s a hit!

The ball flew far upwards, and just when it seemed like it would be a homerun…


…The ball ricocheted off the ceiling, and back downwards. It was heading back towards Destroyer Dom, who, in the nature of self-defense, knocked it away, sending it flying away…


…and flying off the wall it hit. It wasn’t too long before the kinetic energy had the darn thing flying this way and that. It was eventually stopped when, after nearly coming into contact with Charon’s noggin(Her cat-like reflexes allowed her to hit the floor just in time) it became lodged in Shute’s glove- with all the force of a cannon ball. While the rest of the All-Stars rushed to see if the boy was hurt, Charon picked herself off the ground.

“’Be the ump’, he said,” Grumbled the Sabercat, “’It’ll be fun,’ he said. Phooey!”

Zakozako third inning zakozako

It was the third inning, and Shute felt nature calling. Not knowing what else to do, he went up to a Zako soldier.

“’Scuse me, where’s the bathroom?” He asked.

The Zako seemed thoroughly confused. “What room?”

“Bathroom.” Shute repeated, vaguely aware of the alarms going off in the back of his mind where no one can hear.

“What room?”


“What room?” The Zako just wasn’t getting it.

“Never mind!” Shute yowled, losing his cool.

Luckily, Shute found a place to reveal himself, but since it has no bearing on this game, you’ll just have to use your twisted imaginations(Yes, I’m talking to YOU!).


Up in the seats, those zako soldiers were once again going to show their support.

“Ready?” the leader asked.

“Ready!” The others answered. The zakos held up their cards, spelling, D-E-L-S-I-V. The zako in charge instantly noticed the flub.

“Zako! You got the cards mixed up!”

Zakozako fifth inning zakozako

Next up batting for the All-Stars, zako, is GunPanzer, zako zako!

As GunPanzer trundled up to the plate, underneath the Gerbera mask, Madnug’s targeting scope slid down. Although the ‘old-timer’ had the widest strike zone, if he got the ball once…

‘Can’t take any chances,’ Thought Gerbera, ‘Only one thing to do…’ He wound up…


“Ball one!” Called Charon.


“Ball two!”


“Ball three!”


“Ball four! Walk!”

AS GunPanzer went up the baseline to first, Gerbera told himself that it could have been worse. GunPanzer could have gotten a hit!


Up in the stands…

“Ready, zako?”

Yup, that bunch was at it AGAIN.

Ready, zako!”

The Zakos each held up a card, spelling A-L-L-S-T-A-R-S.

“Zako!” the head zako of this group yelped, “How did THAT happen?”


While making his way from third to home plate, Grappler Gouf had the ‘brilliant’ idea of sliding. This proved to be a mistake as, unlike regular baseball diamonds, there was no sand to provide the friction needed to slow to a stop. As a result, Gouf went skidding right PAST home plate, as well as a mystified Charon, and eventually became one with the wall with a mighty CRASH.

Dazed and unsettled, Grappler could just barely make out the card Charon was holding up, reading 9.5.

“You would have gotten a ten,” The makeshift ump’ quipped, “But your toes were curled!”

Zakozako ninth inning zakozako

Bottom of the ninth, zako. Professor Gerbera at bat, with Commander Sazabi at second base, zako zako. The score’s 29-30, All-Stars’ favor. If Gerbera can get a homerun, we win!

On the ‘pitcher’s mound’, Captain’s targeting scope slid down. He analyzed the strike zone. He wound up…pitched…


Gerbera hit the ball HARD, but instead of it going up, the ball smacked into Captain!


Going upward, the sailed into the aired…before coming directly down.

As Gerbera and Sazabi made their way around the bases, Shute, looking transfixed, walked out onto the ‘field’ eyes directly on the ball. Oblivious to the world around him, the boy held out his gloved hand…

And the ball landed gently in with a soft thump….just as Sazabi had his foot over home plate.

Silence. All eyes were on Shute. Charon returned to reality, yelling, “Yer OUT!”

Pretty soon, animation swept back into the room, as the audience made their disapproval heard. In spite of this, the All-Stars swarmed around Shute, congratulation him. Madnug threw his Gerbera mask to the ground, stomping it into a mash of metal.

Grappler sighed, “Oh well, there goes the trading card deal.”

“This isn’t fair!” Snarled Zapper a little too loudly, “We didn’t cheat this far to lose!”

“You were CHEATING?”

All members of the Devils found themselves under the judgemental eye of Charon the Sabercat.

“W-well, we weren’t cheating TODAY,” Zapper stuttered, “It was just during the Yamatos game, and well-”

I don’t believe this! What a turnabout! What an upset!

Speaking of upset, look at that crowd!

Zako, they look hungry for blood, Zako!

Shute was the first to notice the cocked guns in their direction, amidst the hugs. “Uh, guys?” he began, “I’ve got a great idea, why don’t we celebrate SOMEWHERE ELSE.”

The rest of the All-Stars quickly got his drift as the noticed the unforgiving eyes of the Dark Axis on them.

“RUN!” Hollered GunPanzer, and the All-Stars abruptly vacated the premises.

Ohhhhh…anyway everyone, for the future of baseball…


Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9
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