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Lost and Found
by Melady101

   Mel: Hey look *point at story* I got another one ^^ Yay me!

   Raptor: I thought you weren't going to post it yet.

   Mel: I wasn't, but I can't wait any longer. >< I wanna know if it's worth writing.

   Raptor: But you'll keep going regardless >_>

   Mel: I know ^^ Alright people Disclaimer is as followed:

   I don't own SD Gundam, its characters, ect so forth.

   Mel: Also, if you review, I'd like to know how many people actually support the Zapper x Grappler pairing. >< I feel all alone; I don't know if anyone else actually likes the pairing.

Scars of War - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Lost and Found
Chapter 1

As the war in Lacroa draws to a close both sides pull out all their stuff. The final battle is slowly approaching, but as the war gets closer to its end Lacroa suddenly begins to make a comeback. Somehow the knights are discovering the Dark Axis's weak points.

In one battle a new recruit is thrown into the field, screwing up the Knights entire battle plan and reveling to the commander that the enemy knew of their attack plan ahead of time. But how had they gotten that information? Certainly there were no Lacroan Knights among the Dark Axis and the base wasn't bugged.

No, someone among the Dark Axis was a traitor, but nobody could figure out who it was. Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf, recently joined by their new partner, Destroyer Dom, head out onto the field, determined to gain a victory for their side.

Unfortunately Grappler is injured during the battle, but this motivated his other two comrades to fight harder. Eventually they managed to push the knights back, but the victory wouldn't last long. The spy still lurked within their ranks and the rat reported to the Lacroan army that the Dark Axis's forces had been weakened.

With this information, and more still to come, the knights planed their final attack, taking into account the remaining soldiers that could prove to be a problem.


Chapter 1

(Outside Infirmary)

“Is he doin any better?”

“I'm afraid not. His condition neither deteriorates nor improves. He's stable.”

“Dammit! That's no good!”

“But there's nothing we can do man.”

Zapper fumed and Destroyer held him back, trying to keep his comrade from hurting anyone. “What could be so damn wrong that he's still locked up in this place?!” The colonel eyed Gerbera and the professor glared at him.

“Don't look at me like that Zapper Zaku. I'm doing everything I can to help him, but for some reason his body isn't healing.” Gerbera said, looking down at the floor shamefully. “I'm really sorry.”

Tank put a hand on the professor's shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile. “Don worry man. Grappler will come around. I'm sure of it.”

“Better hope he does.” Destroyer said, still restraining Zapper. “If this place gets attacked while he's in that condition we won't be able to move `im out of harms way. He'll be stuck here!”

Zapper instantly calmed down when Destroyer said this and looked up at the taller man. “What do you mean? We couldn't just leave him here!”

The other three shook their heads, and Zapper's eyes widened. “But why?”

“It's onna those lose lose situations my friend.” Tank explained. “If we take him outta here he won't last very long without the medical support and die. Especially since we don't have any other facilities. And if we leave him here…”

“The enemy will just kill him along with everyone else.” Gerbera finished. Destroyer's grip tightened on his comrade's shoulders, but Zapper pushed both of his hands away. “Since when did I say you could touch me?” The colonel growled, turning on Destroyer.

“Uh-well…you seemed like you needed-”

“Shut up.”

Destroyer's eyes widened a little before he looked tearfully down at the colonel. Despite the fact that he was a good three or four inches taller then Zapper, he was still felt threatened. He didn't know if it was the fact that the colonel always yelled at him or if it was just because he was new, but he was still somewhat afraid of Zapper.

“I'm sorry!” the lieutenant colonel cried, wrapping his strong arms around Zapper, catching him off guard.

“GAH!!! Let me go!” the colonel knocked Destroyer's arms away before bringing his fist into the other's chest. The lieutenant colonel gasped in pain and doubled over. Zapper, meanwhile jumped away, only to have Gerbera catch him from behind. “Hey Zapper what's your problem?!”

“Back off! I don't-” But Zapper was cut off when Tank punched him hard in the stomach. The colonel suppressed his yelp of pain as he fell to the ground, holding his midsection. There was a long pause and Gerbera stared around, confusion written all over his face. “Th-thanks.” Zapper muttered in a pained voice, looking up at Tank. “I needed that.”

“Damn right chya did. You sufferin from stress or somethin man?” Zapper struggled to his feet before nodding. “Then it's gettin to all of us. But for now we should forget about it. Don't wanna upset Grappler do we?”

Destroyer and Zapper shook their heads and Gerbera gave the three a stern look. “Alright. I'm going to let you guys see him, but if you start riling him up I will throw you out. And please try not to upset him either. He's depressed enough as it is.” Gerbera then glared at the three again before opening the door into the infirmary and they all entered the dark room.


(Inside Infirmary)

Grappler was lying, alone, tossing and turning in his bed. The meds Gerbera had given him were starting to wear off and he could feel the piercing pain returning. The lieutenant colonel moaned in pain as his leg began to get worse. Then something warm touched Grappler's hand and the lieutenant colonel's eyes shot open.

“Grappler? You okay?” Tank asked her red eyes full of concern. Next to her stood Destroyer's tall form and he too looked concerned. “Bro?” Again Grappler looked into his sister's eyes and smiled weakly. “Hey sis. Sup?”

Tank chuckled and shook her head, taking Grappler's hand in her own. “Not much man. You feelin any better?”

“I'd be lying if I said I was. Almost seems like I'm getting worse.” Grappler responded. Another stab of pain hit his arm and he cringed, moaning loudly. Gerbera suddenly appeared at Grappler's bedside, holding a syringe with his special cocktail. “Meds are starting to ware off.” The professor muttered, holding Grappler's arm still as he injected the medicine.

Slowly, the pain left Grappler's body and he settled down again. The lieutenant colonel looked back up at the other two, a confused look on his face. “Where's Zapper?” he asked quietly. The two blinked before turning and facing the wall opposite of them. Zapper was standing in the shadows, his eyes hazed over as if he were in a trance.

“Zapper?” the colonel jumped at the sound of his name and saw Grappler looking at him. The lieutenant colonel brought his good arm back and struggled to push himself into a sitting position. Tank and Destroyer protested against his movement, but Grappler pushed them away.

Zapper and Grappler glared at each other from the opposite sides of the room and Gerbera could feel the tension in the air. “Zapper, perhaps it would be best if you leave.” Gerbera growled as he stepped up next to the colonel. Zapper turned his glare onto the professor, but Gerbera grabbed his arm forcefully and threw him outside, locking him out.

Grappler's gaze followed the colonel until the door was closed, then he sighed. “You didn't have to do that.”

The professor scoffed, knowing that if he hadn't a fight would've broken out. “All you two do is fight. I don't see why he came anyway.” Gerbera said in an uncaring voice.


Zapper was rubbing his arm where Gerbera had held it.

“We don't always fight!” The colonel heard Grappler say forcefully. There was a long pause before the lieutenant colonel spoke again. “Alright, so we fight a lot. But that doesn't mean we do it 24/7.”

“It sure seems like you do.”

“Yeah man. The only place you guys aren't tryin to kill each other is out on the battlefield. But that's only because you have to kill other people.”

Zapper rolled his eyes. “Thanks for the support guys.” He muttered. The colonel glanced at the door one last time before putting his hands behind his head and walking down the hall, away from the infirmary.

“Hey Tank. Have you seen Gan recently?” the question cause Zapper to stop; he wanted to hear this conversation.

“No…I haven't seen him around.” Tank responded. “I thought he was coming to visit you.”

“He was, but last time he came was yesterday morning.”

“Well shouldn't you be happy man? Isn't Gan annoying?” Destroyer asked.

“Well yeah, but the thing is… he's overprotective and always shows up to check on me. I just think it's odd he hasn't yet.” The lieutenant colonel said idly. “But I'm sure he'll show up eventually.”

“Yeah. You're probably right bro. A lot of us have been getting a lot more work lately so that might be what's keepin `im.”

Zapper shook his head, smirking. He knew exactly where Gan had gone; well, not his exact location, but the colonel knew how to find him. Zapper turned, deciding he'd heard enough. Again he made his way down the hall, but this time he didn't turn back.


Gerbera was fussing over Grappler's arm, but he looked up suddenly, a frown on his face. “Speaking of more work, have any of you seen Sazabi either?”

Destroyer shook his head, but Tank smiled. “Yeah. He's been in to see me these last couple days.” Then she sighed, “But he's really swamped, I think the pressure is starting to get to `im.” Gerbera groaned in disappointment before standing up and walking back over to his medicine cabinet. “Darn. It's been a while since I've seen him. I was hoping I could pay him a visit.”

“You could go see him…if you want to risk losing all the feeling in your body.” Grappler said, chuckling. Destroyer grimaced and he started shaking. “So hot…it burns…”

Tank and Grappler both looked at the lieutenant colonel strangely before Grappler turned his attention back on Gerbera. “Hey professor.” he said innocently. “Can you let Zapper back in?” Gerbera glared at the lieutenant colonel, but quickly turned away, growling.

“Stop making that face!” But when the professor turned back around both Tank and Grappler were giving him the innocent look and he couldn't resist the face. “I don't know how you two can still do that at your age, but you're pretty good at it.” The professor said angrily, going to the door and unlocking it.

“Hey Zapper! You-” But Gerbera stopped when he noticed the hall was empty. “Huh? Zapper?” the professor looked around for any signs of the colonel, but the place was deserted. “Well that's weird.”

“What?” Destroyer asked, appearing at Gerbera's side. The professor shrugged, going back inside.

“He's gone.”

“Gone?” Grappler asked, sitting up again. Gerbera nodded and Destroyer came back in, closing the door behind him. “I guess he didn't want to see you that badly after all.”


(Lab 3: Dimensional Transportation Unit)

Zapper was kneeling in front of the four Dogas in charge of the lab, making sure he'd tied them up properly. “Sorry about this guys, but I know I'd never be allowed to do this otherwise.” The colonel stood up, smiling down at the four. “I don't plan on this mission taking that long though so I'll let you go when I get back.”

All four of the Dogas were struggling against the bindings, but they couldn't call for help because they were gagged. Zapper paid them no mind, however, as he hacked into the lab's mainframe. “I've just gotta find- There!” The colonel singled out a set of coordinates and sent them into the transporter. “Alright boys! Gan did a lame job of covering his trail so I'm already done. You two ready?”

Two zakos, who'd been running around, disappearing behind different machines as they gathered their supplies, ran to the center of the room, saluting. “Yes senpai. We're ready.” They said in unison.

“Good.” The colonel walked out of the main control room and towards the zakos, but the soldiers suddenly started shaking. Zapper gave them a questioning look, but then something hit his back, and the colonel stumbled forward, crying out in pain.

“What the hell!” Zapper turned around and gasped. “Shit!!! Guys run!” The two zakos didn't need to be told twice. They ran for the dimensional transport device, opening the gate and running through. Meanwhile another white hot beam hit Zapper causing him to cringe. “Dammit! If Sazabi's cannons are here then-” Suddenly red lights began to flash throughout the room, the alarm ringing in his ears.

“Damn!” Zapper turned and sprinted for the gate, but had to stop and dodge another beam. “I wish they'd given me more time.”

The colonel was trying to get to the still open gate, but he had to sidetrack to dodge the cannon's attacks. They were aiming for his left shoulder; if he got hit there he'd be temporarily paralyzed and he'd have failed his mission before he'd even started. Zapper looked up and saw he was close to the gate. “Sorry Sazabi, but I gotta do this.” He threw a metal object as hard as he could back at the control room before jumping for the gate.

A split second before Zapper entered the gate, however, one of the beams hit its target and the colonel's body was paralyzed. Unfortunately he was already in the rip and managed to escape. Once the colonel was through the gate closed and the cannons just hovered in midair, not knowing what to do now that their target had disappeared.

After a minute or so the alarms stopped and a group of soldiers flooded into the lab, all holding guns. “Damn! He got away.” One of the Dogas growled, lowering his gun. Behind him the other soldiers freed the professors who ran straight to the computer. “What do you think has gotten into the colonel all of a sudden?” One of them asked.

“I don't know, but all we have to do is find his coordinates and- AHH!” the main frame exploded in the professor's face and smoke filled the room. “Shit! What happened guys?”

One of the professors put out the flames on the computer and quickly examined the wires. Then his eyes widened when he found the problem. “Man. The colonel is good.” The Doga tossed a destroyed metal object at the other three professors. “Whoa! Is this a portable spike?!”

“It is! Damn! Where did Lord Zapper Zaku get his hands on this?”

“I think he built it himself.”

“Hey guys!” The three other Dogas looked up at the other who was now trying to fix the computer. “You do realize that that little device you're fawning over just fried our whole system right?!” The Dogas were all silent, but then they gasped, jumping up and helping the other fix their computer.

Meanwhile the other soldiers were leaving; since Zapper had got away there was no need for them to remain in the lab. As the last one left Sazabi walked into the lab, glaring around the room. The Dogas looked up momentarily at the commander before looking back down at their computer.

Sazabi walked around the lab, asking for a damage assessment. “Everything's fried sir. It's gonna take us a while to get this all back up, but by then the colonel's trail will be cold.” One of the Dogas said, putting his arms up in defense. The commander growled, his cannons returning to their positions around him.

“Why…why would he do this? It's not like him. It's almost like he-”


“What?!” Sazabi spun around, scaring the Doga half to death.

“Uh-well sir. I think I might know why Lord Zapper Zaku did all this.” The soldier reported cautiously. “I think that…I think that he might be the traitor!” The commander's eyes widened in shock when the soldier said this. The Doga shuffled away from Sazabi fearfully as the cannons began to zoom around the commander's body. Sazabi himself was shaking in anger; he was furious.

“How could he?! He'd have no reason....” Sazabi thought, clenching his fists. “Why?” he whispered. Then the commander walked out of the room, leaving the Dogas alone to their work. “I'm going to find out what's going on. But to do that I'll need to find out what the colonel has been up to lately.”

Sazabi turned a corner and spotted Destroyer waving goodbye to Tank as she headed into her lab. When the lieutenant colonel looked up and saw Sazabi walking towards him his eyes widened in fear. But Sazabi smiled reassuringly, waving happily. “Hey Destroyer! Nice to see you.” The commander set a hand on Destroyer's shoulder. “We need to talk.”

   Mel: Ha! First chapter done XP Man I'm tired.

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Chapter 1 - Chapter 2
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