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Lost and Found
by Melady101

   Mel: Lots of gore in this...just warning ya if you have a weak stomach... >< Maybe I should change the rating.

   Raptor: Just post it and argure with yourself later.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Lost and Found
Chapter 2

“-pai! Senpai!”

Zapper was slowly becoming aware of his surroundings and the first thing he heard was someone's voice ringing out from the distance. When he tried to shout a response to the voice, however, Zapper discovered that his mouth wasn't working.

“I think he's coming around. Senpai!” The colonel opened his eyes, but all he could do was appreciate the dark spots dancing in front of his eyes. Again he tried to speak, but his voice failed again. “Hey! Wake up!!!” Zapper's vision suddenly darkened, but only for a second.


“He's talking!”

“Hit him again.”

Again his eyes blacked over, but Zapper felt a something against the side of his face. “Are you okay Senpai?”

“Sazabi…cannons …paralyzed…” the colonel managed to gasp out before his voice left him.

“I thought as much.” Zapper's vision was back to normal now and he could see the two worried faces of his soldiers. One of the zakos was sitting on his chest while the other was kneeling next to him. “Please forgive me sir. I hit you…I'm sorry.”

“No…whatever you…w-were doing…keep d-d-doing it...the feeling is c-coming back faster.”

“O…okay.” The zako on his chest slapped his leader hard across the face, but the colonel didn't feel hardly anything. The zako continued to hit the colonel until finally Zapper yelped. The soldier stopped and stared down at Zapper with an apologetic look in his eyes. “I'm sorry sir!”

“I already told you its okay.” Zapper said, testing his arms and legs. He was still somewhat numb, but he'd regained enough control of his body to sit up. The zako on his chest slid into the colonel's lap before standing up next to his comrade. “Can you walk?”

“I think so.” Zapper responded, shakily rising to his feet. “How long have I been out?”

The two zakos looked at each other before answering, “Bout an hour or so.”

“An hour? Man! Sazabi really didn't want me leaving did he?” Zapper said, shaking his head to rid himself of the sudden dizziness. “But anyway, did you two scout around?”

“Yes and we found Gan…he's meeting someone soon. We'll show you the way.”

“O-kay, but whose Gan meeting up with….and why is he meeting up with them?”

“We dunno. We had to stay hidden so we couldn't determine much about his mission's purpose.” One of the zakos answered as the two led Zapper towards a destroyed town.

The area was one of the many places they'd fought against the people of Lacroa and it had been destroyed and abandoned; like all the others. Surprisingly there were still a lot of buildings standing though, making it look like a ghost town. As the zakos led their leader deeper into the town they began to move in the shadows, but Zapper was having a hard time. Every now and then he would collapse, disturbing the eerie silence.

“Are you sure you're alright senpai?” one of the zakos asked in sign language. Zapper nodded as he pulled himself from the ground, using the wall of a building for support. “Maybe we should stop.” The other zako said, also using his hands. Zapper shook his head before pushing away from the wall and motioning the soldiers to continue on.

Eventually the zakos stopped behind a broken wall, being sure to stay hidden. Not wanting to risk falling over again Zapper crawled up next to his soldiers, sitting on his knees next to them. “This is the place.” One of the zakos said in sign language, the other nodding beside him. They both motioned to the other side of the wall and Zapper glanced around it, only to snap his head back in shock.

“There're knights out there!”

The two zakos suppressed a gasp before looking around the wall themselves. What they saw was shocking.

Gan was standing in the middle of a circle of Lacroan soldiers, all of which had their weapons pointed at him. “Well well, if it isn't the Dark Axis dog come crawling back to his master.” A man, probably the Lacroan army general, said smugly, stepping in front of Gan and motioning his troops to lower their weapons. Gan growled, glaring at the man. “You went back on our deal!”

“How so?” the man asked.

“You hurt my brother! He's now stuck in the infirmary and his condition never changes.” Gan's voice became louder as he continued, “You promised you wouldn't hurt my family! As long as I kept giving you what you wanted you promised my family and I would be spared.”

“And you will be. What happened out there was an accident, nothing more.” The man responded idly.

“But you could've killed him!”

“And yet he still lives now.” Gan couldn't respond to this. Instead he lowered his gaze and the general chuckled. “There you see? We're holding our end of the bargain, now you hold yours.” The other knights raised their weapons again and Gan sighed. Then he reached into his jacket and revealed a small book.

“Here.” He said, handing the book to the general. “It's all there. The commander devised it himself and I copied every detail. I even got his backup plan. It should be an easy win with that information.”

The general chuckled as he looked through the notes and sketches. “You know for scum you sure are smart. Maybe you should come join our army after the Dark Axis is destroyed. We could use someone like you.” The other knights all chuckled as well, but Gan looked away shamefully.

“Just don't kill my family.”

“Oh don't worry. We'll make sure they stay safe. Just leave it to us.”

The soldiers hiding with Zapper quickly pulled themselves closer to their leader, staring up at him with shocked eyes. “I can't believe Gan is the traitor!” One motioned. Zapper wasn't paying attention to the zakos though. Instead he had an angry look on his face as he tried to stand. “I'm going to kill him! I don't care how many knights there are I'm gonna rip that traitor apart!” the colonel thought angrily.

Unfortunately Zapper's legs decided that they weren't going anywhere so the colonel collapsed to the ground once again. All the knights jumped, including the general and everyone fell silent, listening for what had caused the noise. Then they turned on Gan. “I should've known not to trust you scum.” The general growled.

“But I didn't- I didn't bring anybody with me! Nobody could've followed me out here.”

The knights all looked to their leader who, in turn, surveyed the area. He hadn't been able to determine where the noise had come from, but he had heard something. Then, somewhere down the street, a piece of rock fell from its loose hold on a crumbling building, making everyone glare. “Damn buildings.”

The general turned to his men. “Destroy everything. By the time we leave I want no trace of this town left. Got it!”

“Yes sir!” the knights shouted in unison before running off in different directions. Zapper and the two zakos thought for sure they'd be discovered, but, as if by some miracle, they weren't.

Then, there was a long pause and Zapper listened, waiting to see if it was safe to move. “Did the other two leave too?” he thought, daring to glace around the wall. The dirt road was empty; there was no sign of life anywhere. “Huh?”

Having complete control of his body back, Zapper stood up and looked around cautiously. There was no telling where the enemy would show up next and he didn't know if it was safe to move from their hiding place or not. “Stay here.” He whispered to the zakos as he moved to a different hiding place. From there the colonel slowly walked out into the street, standing in the same place Gan had been.

“Where could they have gone?” Zapper muttered, looking around. The colonel could sense a trap though and he quickly turned to warn two zakos to get out of there.

“Don't move.” Zapper gasped when he nearly ran right into the point of a sword. Holding the sword was one of the knights, the other soldiers reappearing all around him. “Looks like our general was right. This place is crawling with rats.” Zapper growled, but was forced to move back out to the center of the street.

“What's your hurry? It's not polite to come uninvited, but then to leave without saying hello? It's downright insulting. But then again what should I expect from Dark Axis scum like you?” the Lacroan soldiers all laughed and the general soon joined them, walking out of the shadows with Gan behind him. The knights all lowered their weapons as the general stepped into the circle. The colonel, however, was glaring at Gan.

“You bastard!” Zapper shouted, advancing towards Gan. “How dare you-” But a knight suddenly jumped forward and slammed his fist hard into Zapper's midsection. The colonel chocked, collapsing to his knees. “You poor poor bastard.” The general said, grabbing the front of Zapper's uniform and pulling him to his feet.

“You must be the famous Zapper Zaku. I'm delighted to finally meet you. Gan has told me so much about you.” The other soldiers all snickered and Gan looked down shamefully. But the general's smug look was suddenly replaced by an angry one and he shoved the tip of his dagger into Zapper's stomach. “Alright you piece of shit! I have one question for you and you better get it right.” Zapper cringed, but continued to glare at the other man.

“Did you come alone or are there others around? And you better answer quickly because I don't have a lot of patience for dirt like you.” The colonel continued to glare at the general before spitting in his face. “Go to hell! You won't get anything out of me. I'm not as weak as that traitor.”

The general screamed in rage, throwing Zapper to the ground and smashing his foot into the colonel's midsection. “You sure do have a sharp tongue! Didn't your father ever teach you any manners?!” then the man moved back and his knights stepped forward, grabbing Zapper's arms and holding him up.

“Or were you grown in a lab like the rest of your kind; nothing but a filthy experiment reject trying to find a purpose.”

“Shut up!!! You don't know anything about-”

“Would someone shut him up.” the general said idly. Three soldiers stepped forward and began to beat on Zapper while the others stood back and laughed. Gan cringed as he watched it all happen, but did nothing to stop it. Eventually the general stopped the soldiers, smirking down at Zapper's bruised form. “Well soldier, do you remember how this started. I'm sure you do.” The man grabbed the colonel's chin and forced Zapper to look at him.

“I'm going to ask you a question and you will answer. Did you come alone or are there others around?”

But Zapper just glared and the general's patients ran out. He kicked the colonel to the ground and took one of his knight's swords. “It doesn't matter. We'll just blow this place to smithereens. If there is any Dark Axis scum here they'll be destroyed in the blast. But you…I'm going to kill you myself.” The general kicked the colonel onto his back and slammed his foot onto the colonel's chest so he couldn't get away. “After all, it's not every day you get to kill a legend. It must be my lucky day. I get to kill you and defeat the Dark Axis. I'll be remembered as the greatest hero who ever- GAH!!!” blood suddenly spurt from the general's shoulder as a shoot rang out in the background. When the knights turned in the direction of the sound they spotted a single zako soldier, holding a smoking handgun and shaking. The general was holding his bleeding shoulder as he stared angrily at the zako. “You little bitch! Kill him! Kill him now!!!”

One of the knights stepped forward and pointed his hand at the zako. Blue electricity sparked around his hand as he gathered energy for his attack. Zapper turned his head and saw the zako just before the blast hit the soldier, burning a hole right through his chest. The colonel gasped and his eyes widened. “No!” Zapper screamed in his head, pushing the general off him and rushing over to the body.

The other soldier ran from his hiding spot and joined the colonel. Zapper was kneeling next to the body, staring down at it with shocked eyes. “No….” the general heard Zapper whisper before he reached forward and closed the zakos eyes. The other zako was fighting to hold back his tears and the general laughed.

“What's the matter rat? Is this the first time you've ever seen your comrades killed or something?” the other knights laughed with their general before he continued. “You're such a fraud. There's no way you can be the same man who killed over ten thousand men, women and children in just one day.”

But Zapper showed no sign of hearing what the general had heard. Instead he took the handgun from the dead soldier's hand and gave in to the other zako. Then he stood and turned toward the knights, keeping his head down and his eyes hidden.

“Heh heh heh. What's wrong? Gonna cry like your friend there?”

Zapper chuckled, smirking as he said, “It's not me who's going to cry. By the time I'm done with you,” the colonel looked up and everyone shrunk back. Zapper's eyes had changed; they gave off an aura of pure evil and gave Zapper the appearance of a merciless killer with a lust for blood. “If you have time to cry, that is.”

The colonel disappeared, reappearing behind the knights. “So who's first?” The Lacroan soldiers all screamed and tried to run, but Zapper caught one in his grasp. “How about you spark boy?” Zapper's hand began to glow; it was the same color as the electricity the knight had used to kill the zako.

“Wait! Please no!!!”

“Good bye!” the colonel shouted, thrusting his hand through the knight's chest. Unfortunately the guy's death wasn't instant and when Zapper pulled his bloodied hand back he was holding something within his fist. “Hmm… guess you had a heart after all.” The colonel said idly, crushing the still beating organ in his hand. Blood flowed from the Lacroan soldier's mouth like a waterfall before he fell to the ground, dead.

Zapper chuckled before breaking into a full maniacal laugh. The other knights and their general all stared fearfully at him and jumped when he turned his demon eyes on them. “It's been so long since I've been able to kill like this.” He reached down and picked up the dead soldier's sword. “No weapons,” Zapper threw the sword aside, skewering two more knights in the process. “Just the feeling of blood over my hands.”

The general gagged as Zapper licked some of the blood off his hand, but quickly ran for cover when the colonel disappeared again. “Where do you think you're going?” the leader was knocked off his feet with Zapper standing over him. He still had that murderous smile on his face. “Since you seem to be so highly respected I suppose I could save you for last.” Zapper said, stomping hard on one of the general's legs, breaking it. “Just hope you can wait.”

The colonel disappeared from the general's line of vision, but he could hear the screams from his men as Zapper slaughtered them all with his bare hands. On the sidelines Gan watched with a look of horror on his face. He'd never seen anyone kill like this, he'd never been so scared in his life. Also left on the sidelines was the last zako soldier who was trembling as he watched his leader tear the knights apart, literally.

Eventually one Lacroan soldier worked up enough courage to raise his weapon in his defense, but it did him no good; he was just run through like the rest of his comrades. “And then there was one.” Zapper muttered after the last body fell. When he looked around where he'd left the general though the colonel discovered that he was gone.

“Standard rule; don't want your prisoner to get away break both of their legs.” Zapper whirled around and saw the general. The man was holding the other zako soldier, the hand gun held at the child's head. “Now, if you want your little friend to live you'll stay where you are. No sudden movements or I'll shoot him!” The zako was stone still, so afraid that his mind had gone numb.

The colonel smirked again before laughing. “You think that's going to save you? You're stupider then you look.” Zapper took a step forward and the general cocked the gun.

“I mean it! I will shoot him!”

“Then go ahead. What's one more death? This is a war after all.” The colonel responded idly.

The general growled. “You dare mock me?! I'll kill all of-” but the general was stopped when a stream of blood erupting from a hole that suddenly appeared in the center of his forehead. Zapper was startled by the attack and was quick to look around for whoever had killed the other man. What he saw was Gan holding a smoking gun, breathing heavily.

Unfortunately the zako had somehow gotten hit too, but his death wasn't immediate. He lay on the ground, chocking on his own blood. Zapper took one look at the child before closing his eyes and collapsing. He was still for a few moments before groaning and pulling himself back to his feet, holding his head.

“What?” Zapper looked around and his eyes widened. “Aw shit!” the colonel cursed when he saw he was covered in blood and surrounded by bodies. Then he heard the dying zako and rushed to the child's aid. But there was nothing he could do. “I'm sorry.” Gan heard the colonel mutter before revealing a long dagger and plunging it through the zako's chest, killing him instantly. “I'm sorry.”

Gan was staring at Zapper, his eyes full of confusion. “Does he have a split personality or something? This doesn't make sense.” He thought, still completely confused.

“Hey Gan.” Zapper called, bringing the other man back to reality. “I hope you realize that you're going to have to die.”

“What?! But I just killed their general! Shouldn't that redeem me or something?”

“No,” the colonel turned, his eyes full of anger, but not the same demon eyes from before. “Because of you we've lost so many soldiers, because of you we're losing the war, because of you my men are now dead and, because of you, Grappler is in the infirmary.” Zapper clenched his fists, his eyes glowing slightly. The last accusation hit Gan hard though and he growled. “That wasn't my fault!” he shouted, shooting at the colonel. Zapper gasped and jumped from the bullets' path.

“You wouldn't understand anyway! You're nothing but a heartless murderer. You don't have any idea what it's like to love, to have a family.” Gan shouted, tears streaming down his face. Zapper's eyes widened when Gan said this and he stood stone still.

Gan shot at Zapper again and the single bullet grazed the colonel's left cheek. “And since you don't know what it's like to love,” he ran at Zapper and hit him, knocking the colonel back into a wall. “You don't know what it's like to lose someone you truly care about.”

The Dark Axis soldier dropped the gun near Zapper and picked up one of the swords the knights had been carrying. The colonel did nothing to defend himself though. His eyes had hazed over; Gan's words hit him hard, but none of them were true.

When he'd been little Zapper had cared for so many people; he and the other reject children of his country had been forced to live outside the village, in the mountains Since he'd been the oldest, he'd cared for all of the children. Zapper had loved every single one of those kids and they'd all loved him. “You don't think I've ever loved,” Then he remembered the many blank, blood stained faces of those he'd loved; they'd all been slaughtered mercilessly by the “holy” people of Kharlan. “And lost?”

Gan kneeled down in front of Zapper and pushed the tip of the sword in through the first few layers of Zapper's bruised skin. “No! I don't.” He answered, digging the sword in a little further. Zapper clenched his fists, but felt something against his right hand.

“And that's why it's not me who's going to die,” Gan pulled the sword out and positioned it over Zapper's chest; over his heart. “You are.”

“Oh I beg to differ.” The colonel responded, looking up at Gan. The soldier saw the demon eyes once again and gasped when he felt a cold metal object pushed against the side of his head. “Die.” Was all Zapper said before he shot Gan. And, as if one coat of the Lacroan knight's light red blood wasn't enough, the colonel was drenched in the other soldier's dark, almost black blood. Mostly the gore covered his face, highlighting his demon eyes even more.

There was a pause and the colonel stared down at the lifeless body, an uncaring look on his face. Then he dropped the gun in his hand and struggled to his feet. All the damage done to his body was beginning to catch up to him, but Zapper was determined to stay awake. “Bastards. You've not only wasted my time, but you've thrashed my body.” The colonel kicked Gan's lifeless form. “Just be lucky you got to die the way you did. If I'd been thinking straight I'd have made you suffer.”

“Well that's not a nice thing to say.” Came a voice hidden somewhere. Then something hit Zapper's back and he cried out, nearly falling over from the surprise attack. But the burning against his skin remained constant and the colonel continued to moan in pain. “What's wrong Zapper? Can't take the heat?”

Zapper screamed as the pain increased and he fell to his knees. Sazabi stepped in front of the colonel while looking around the area. “Is this masterpiece your work?” the commander asked. Zapper suppressed his cries of pain long enough to look up at Sazabi with his demon eyes and answer, “Yeah. You like it? I did it all by hand.”

“Well isn't that just great.” Sazabi growled, increasing the power on his cannons to the highest level. Zapper screamed in agony and the wounds on his body started steaming before he finally passed out. Sazabi looked down at the colonel's unconscious form before sighing and looking around again. “Dammit! How could this have gotten so far out of hand?” The commander muttered angrily, walking over to the zako with the dagger in his chest, pulling the weapon out.

“Alright soldiers! Coast is clear.” Sazabi shouted. In an instant ten or twelve soldier's appeared from behind the buildings and the Komusai hovered into view. “Okay guys, get the bodies of our fallen comrades. Don't fix Zapper's wounds when you get him on board though. And make sure to chain him down!”

“Yes sir!” the soldiers all echoed as they rushed around, picking up the dead bodies of the others and taking them to the Komusai. The last person to be taken on board was Zapper and Sazabi was the one who ended up chaining him down. “So what're we gonna do with him sir?” asked a Doga soldier who'd been standing behind his commander.

“We're going to give him a trial, question him; I want to hear his side of the story.”

“But you know he's just going to deny everything if he really is a traitor.”

“I know, but we'll determine his fate when the time comes. For now we just need to get him back to base.” Sazabi said sternly, turning around and leaving.

The Doga sighed before following his leader as he responded, “Yes sir.”

   Mel: W00T!!! Chapter 2 done! And it only took me three days.

   Raptor: But you forgot all your homework at school >(

   Mel: ^^ I know. I've been doing that a lot lately….

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