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Lost and Found
by Melady101

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   Mel: Cause I had to put these lemon scenes in here. >.< So think of this as just and extra.

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   Mel: All yaoi stuff ^^ The major scene has a warning around it, but nothing else does so keep your eyes peeled if you don't want to read them >.> Course I don't see why someone would read this if they don't like yaoi.

   Raptor: *shrugs* I don't either.

   Yin-Yang: This chapter also seems to be longer. But that's okay ^^ Disclaimer is the same as its always been.

Chapter 7 - Chapter 8

Lost and Found
Chapter 8

Just as everyone had predicted, the Dark Axis defeated Lacroa, ending the war. Right after the giant Bagu-Bagu was released everyone retreated back to the Magna-Musai. The final ship to return, however, was the Komusai and its return signaled they'd won.

By the time Grappler and Destroyer stepped off the ship the party had already started. Everyone was cheering, overjoyed by the victory as they celebrated. The two lieutenant colonels allowed themselves to be pulled into the crowd, as did the zakos and Dogas who'd been on the Komusai.

Sazabi and Madnug avoided the crowd though, moving to the upper deck with the still unconscious Zapper. “Such a wonderful thing. Isn't it Sazabi?” Madnug said as he set Zapper down by the wall. The commander was staring down at his soldiers from the overhang. Madnug stared up at him, cocking his head curiously. “What's wrong hunny?”

Sazabi growled, glaring back at the white haired man. “The only one who's aloud to call me that is Gerbera.” But then the commander sighed, leaning against the railing as he stared sorrowfully down at his troops. Among the crowd he spotted Grappler who looked much happier then usual. “Sazabi?”

The commander turned and saw Gerbera standing behind him, looking extremely worried. “What's wrong? Madnug said you're depressed. Did someone else die?”

“No!….no…” Sazabi looked down at his feet, groaning. “It's just that…they're so happy right now. I don't think I could bring myself to break the news to them.” Gerbera wrapped his arms around the commander, pulling his closer. “What news? What's happened?”

“Well…” But Sazabi trailed off when Zapper moaned loudly behind them and began to move. Gerbera left the commander's side and helped the colonel to his feet, guiding him to the railing. Zapper leaned heavily against it, still somewhat dazed. Then his memories returned and he glared at Sazabi. “Why did you do that to me?! It's bad enough that I become that sadistic demon naturally, but then you have to go and-”

“Don't worry Zapper. We're not going to be doing that again. Not without your permission at least.” Sazabi muttered, never looking up at the colonel. Zapper opened his mouth to argue further, but a stab of pain kept him quiet. When he was homicidal he didn't feel much, but once he was back to normal the pain was immense.

Gerbera was standing by Sazabi again, but said nothing, knowing he'd just be ignored anyway. Zapper then looked down at the celebrating army and sighed. “Well I'm glad the fighting is finally over.” The colonel muttered, running a hand through his long hair. Then he froze, his eyes widening. Slowly Zapper pulled his hand back to examine it, finding it was covered in blood. The professor would've freaked out had the blood not been bright red, but Zapper tightened his grip on the metal railing. “I'm gonna go take a shower.”

And with that Zapper left, leaving Sazabi and Gerbera alone. Again the commander groaned, cradling his head in his arms. “What am I gonna do Gerbera. How can I tell them?”

“Tell them what?” the professor asked for the second time. Sazabi didn't answer though, watching his soldiers instead. He'd spotted Grappler again, but now Destroyer was behind him. Although he couldn't hear what they were saying the commander knew their intentions as the two pushed their way through the crowd. Then they disappeared, probably heading to Grappler's room.

The professor had watched them leave too and sighed. “Can you tell me what's bothering you now?”

Sazabi turned and stared at Gerbera sternly. “Yeah. You'd have found out anyway from the general. Come with me.” And with that Sazabi dragged Gerbera off to some unknown place, disappearing for the rest of the day.

Back with Grappler and Destroyer, the two had, in fact, gone into Grappler's room, locking the door behind them.

“What made you change your mind?” Dom asked, his arms wrapped around Grappler's waist. The other lieutenant colonel sighed and turned around, staring up into Destroyer's eyes. “I still owe you. Remember?”

Destroyer blinked in confusion before a huge smile spread across his face, “Oh yeah! But…” the lieutenant colonel trailed off and Grappler wrapped his arms around Dom's neck, staring at him curiously. “Whatever happened to you and Zapper?”

“It's obvious it's going to be a while before I get him in bed. So I might as well rid myself of my virginity now so I'll have a few tricks to keep him entertained.” Grappler said idly before trying to kiss Destroyer. The other lieutenant colonel put his arm between them though, staring wide eyed at Grappler. “Y-you're VIRGIN!!!” Destroyer shouted, shocked. Grappler blushed slightly, smiling sheepishly. “Well, yeah.”

“Then we've got a lot of work to do.” Destroyer said seductively, pushing Grappler back towards the bedroom. “Call me master my young pupil and I shall teach you everything.”

(A/N: Guess what?...... Between the bold is a Lemon Scene! YAY!!! *crickets chirp* v__v Okay, I know my lemon scenes are no good, but at least I'm trying. If you don't want to read a graphical scene with Grappler and Destroyer going at it, however, don't read between the bold. ^^ Have a nice day.)

“Wh-what?! Teach me?” Grappler's blush deepened as they entered his room.

“Exactly.” Dom responded, kissing Grappler quickly. After the first kiss the two really started going, attacking each other's mouths before falling back onto the bed. “I'll make sure you're first time is blissful. You'll love it.”

“Just hurry.” Grappler begged, pulling Dom down into another kiss. Destroyer smirked, parting Grappler's lips and pushing his tongue into the other's mouth. Grappler's tongue wrapped around Dom's and they both moaned. Then they broke momentarily for air before going right back together. Destroyer entered the other lieutenant colonel's mouth again, exploring as much as Grappler allowed.

After a few more breaks though Grappler began to grow impatient and stared running his hands over Dom's chest. Destroyer smirked again before he began to strip away the many layers of clothing covering Grappler's body. As he took off the other lieutenant colonel's shirt, however, Destroyer stopped and stared. This gave Grappler an opportunity to strip Dom down to just his pants, but as he was unbuttoning them Destroyer pinned his hands above his head. “Ah ah ah Grappler. Not until I see your body first.” Destroyer tugged lightly at the rim of Grappler's pants. “And I mean all of it.”

“Well….go ahead then. I'm yours to teach…Master.” Now it was Destroyer who blushed; he hadn't been expecting Grappler to actually call him master. So he gently kissed the other again as his hands teased the two hard nipples, causing Grappler to moaned loudly. Everything Dom did was a new feeling to him, but was taking mental notes for when he did Zapper.

Suddenly Grappler yelped when Dom licked his ear, tightening his grip on the sheets. Destroyer smirked, “So your ears are your sensitive spot.” He continued to tease Grappler, nipping at his ears as he ground his hips down hard. Again Grappler moaned, panting slightly. “Nn…Destroyer…please hurry.”

“But there's no fun in that.” Dom said before kissing and nipping down Grappler's neck. He paused placing his lips in the nook between Grappler's neck and shoulder. He sucked and biting the skin lightly at first, increasing the pressure as he went. Grappler suppressed his moan the best he could, encouraging Dom to suck harder.

Once Destroyer had finished with the mark that would remain for a week at the least he trailed butterfly kisses down Grappler's chest. He stopped occasionally, taking time to suck and nip at Grappler's sensitive, virgin skin. This time Grappler cried out and Destroyer quickly moved lower.

When he reached the rim of Grappler's pants Dom paused. Then he slipped the last of the clothing off of his comrade's body, memorizing every detail. Grappler blushed, his legs falling open in embarrassment. “Not bad Grappler. Not bad at all.” Dom muttered, stroking the other lieutenant colonel's length in a teasing fashion. Grappler moaned, trying to push into Destroyer's hands, but Dom just let go.

“Not yet. First I need to know if you have any lubricate around here.”

“Side table… in the drawer.” Grappler panted. Destroyer quickly reached over and opened the side table drawer, reaching in and pulling out a bottle of lubricate. “Now why would you have this in here?” Dom asked, smirking. But Grappler said nothing and Destroyer set the bottle beside him.

“Let us move on.” Destroyer removed the rest of his clothes as well and attacked Grappler's mouth again, pressing their bodies together. Grappler arched into the other's body, wrapping his legs around Dom's waist. Now it was Destroyer who moaned, allowing his hands to stroke Grappler's length again. Due to his inexperience, Grappler hardened quickly and Destroyer decided to speed up a little.

He picked the lube up and squeezed a good portion out onto his hand, coating his fingers. Destroyer then situated himself between Grappler's legs, holding them open so he could work. The lieutenant colonel chuckled, sliding one finger inside of Grappler's tight entrance. "Ah! Destroyer it-ooooooh." Grappler moaned loudly as Dom pushed a second finger inside, pushing them in as far as they'd go. He then moved the digits in practiced rhythm and Grappler couldn't help, but push back against them. When a third finger was added Grappler hissed in pain, but continued to pant for more.

Destroyer spread his fingers, causing Grappler to cry out. Dom smirked, knowing Grappler was ready. So Destroyer pulled his fingers out, but Grappler continued to moan. “It hurts…it hurts bad.”

“Don't worry Grappler. It will feel good. I promise.” Dom cooed, leaning over and nipping at Grappler's ear as he covered his length in the lubricate and placed it at the prepared entrance. Grappler cried out, gripping Destroyer's shoulders and digging his nails into his skin as the other lieutenant colonel pushed inside of him.

In and out, in and out, the pace was fast and hard and Grappler couldn't tell if it hurt or not. He hadn't known Destroyer was so big; if he'd known he might've been a little more hesitant. Both lieutenant colonels where moaning and panting heavily and when Destroyer grabbed the other's ignored erection and started pumping it Grappler screamed. He came quickly, due to inexperience, drawing blood as he dug his nails into Destroyer's broad back. But Dom continued to pound into Grappler's body, the cavern tightening around his own erection.

Finally Destroyer came as well, crying out as his seed traveled deep into Grappler's body. Then Grappler felt Dom pull out and lie down next to him. He turned Grappler's head and kissed him. "That….was wonderful." Grappler muttered, curling up against Dom's chest.

“It feels even better when you go inside someone.” Destroyer said quietly, pulling the other lieutenant colonel closer. “But I have to admit that had to be the best time I've ever had.”

“Same here.”

(A/N: Alright. Lemon scene over. Happy now? Good! Now finish the story.)

The two were quiet, panting slightly as they shifted to get comfortable. Grappler was the first to nod off, lying against Dom's chest. Destroyer smiled warmly and pet Grappler's hair, sighing happily. “If only you loved me; it would have been so much better. But I know I can't convince you otherwise.”

The lieutenant colonel continued to smile, however, as he situated himself into a comfortable position, with Grappler still in his arms, and slipped into a deep sleep.


(Magna-Musai: Showers)

Zapper had been standing under the hot water for what seemed like hours, trying to wash all the blood from his hair and hands. He'd used three different kinds of shampoo at least twice each yet he still couldn't wash the smell of blood and death from the long, red strands. The steam and hot water had done a good job at relaxing his muscles though and he was struggling to stay standing.

“Damn Sazabi. I wish they'd get a fucking clue.” The colonel growled fiercely. “I hate it when I become that thing. It my be no skin off their backs, but it does plenty to me.” Zapper had his arms wrapped around himself, feeling the two long, deep scars running over his shoulder blades. “Dammit. If they knew though…if they knew.”

Suddenly the scars began to disappear and Zapper cringed. The stitching on his right shoulder had broken at some point and was now bleeding again, causing Zapper to groan in frustration. “Great. That's just what I need.” The colonel growled, turning the water off and stepping back into the locker room.

The air was colder and Zapper shivered before picking up his towel and wrapping it around his waist. He then towel dried his hair the best he could before opening his locker and pulling out his clothes. They were covered in blood; there was now way he was putting them back on.

So he set them aside and retrieved his extra pair of boxers and sweatpants. Once half dressed the colonel checked his back using the large mirror on one side of the room. Both of the scars had completely disappeared and he sighed in relief. “Though maybe it'd be better if I wore a shirt. With the celebration going on there's no telling what those soldiers will do.”

But Zapper quickly concluded that, despite his weakened state, nobody would be able to touch him. So he folded his other clothes, the two towels and picked up his boots, throwing them all down a chute by the exit as he left. Outside it was warmer then he'd expected, but the metal was still cold beneath his bare feet. It was better then having to smell blood all the way back to his room though so the colonel just ignored the cold as he walked swiftly down the hall.

As he passed through a crowd of soldiers they all stared hungrily, but knew their place and moved out of the way, keeping their hands to themselves. Zapper kept his eyes forward, glaring at the empty space in front of him. Once he was around another corner and away from the crowd he sighed, allowing his shoulders to sag and his eyes to close half way.

Finally Zapper made it back to his room, unlocking the door and pushing it open. The first thing he did once the door was closed was go into his bedroom and grab his favorite pillow. From the hall closet he pulled a thick, black blanket and walked to his futon. He then fell onto it, burying his head in his pillow and wrapping the blanket around himself.

Zapper could faintly hear the soldiers still partying, but as he slipped further into unconsciousness the noise disappeared. Right as he was about to fall asleep, however, something hit his injured shoulder and jerked him awake. When his eyes adjusted Zapper saw seven scared faces staring up at him with pleading eyes. “Wha…how'd you get in here?” the colonel asked, looking over at his door. He noticed it was open and remembered he'd forgotten to lock it.

“Please sir. We can't get back to our rooms. And everyone is acting really scary. Can we stay here for the night?” one zako begged.

“Lord Grappler Gouf's room is locked and Lord Destroyer Dom isn't even in his room. You're the only other person we can ask.” Another soldier piped up, his eyes growing bigger still. Zapper growled in frustration before standing up, walking to his door and locking it.

He then led the seven into his bedroom, “You can all sleep in my bed. It's definitely big enough for all of you.” The zakos all thanked Zapper as they took off their helmets and boots. “Now, I'm really tired so I'd appreciate it if you didn't disturb me.” The colonel added as the soldiers took off their shirts and pants, leaving their underclothes. They then climbed into Zapper's bed and looked up at the colonel.

Zapper just grunted, turning off the light and closing the door before going back into his living room and flopping back down onto his futon. He was dead tired and wanted nothing more then to sleep, but his night was going to be all but peaceful.

For an hour or so the zakos were all fighting over who was sleeping where, and then they just talked for two or three hours after. The colonel was resisting the urge to go and kick the soldiers out, but then they finally quieted down. Zapper sighed in relief, curling up beneath his blanket and closing his eyes.

Just as he was about to drift off, however, another jolt of pain caused him to yelp and sit up quickly. In the dark Zapper could see a single tired looking zako. “Senpai, can you get me some water?” the child asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily. Zapper was about to tell the zako to get it himself, but remembered that the child was too short to reach anything.

“Fine.” The colonel growled, getting up and going into his small kitchen. From a cupboard he pulled out a clear plastic cup and filled it with cold water from his sink. “Hey.” The cup was handed to the zako who accepted it gratefully. “Thank you Senpai.”

“Now go to bed. And don't disturb me until morning unless it's an emergency.”

“Yes sir.” And the zako disappeared back into the colonel's room, cup still in hand. Zapper waited till the door was shut before he collapsed back onto his futon. Again he lay there for an hour or so before he began to doze off and again something touched his right shoulder, waking him up for the third time that night. “What?!” Zapper whispered crossly. Another was staring up at him, on the verge of tears it seemed.

“Is someone in there dying?” Zapper asked, pointing at his bedroom door. The zako shook his head. “Then it's not important!”

“But Senpai.” The zako whined. “I…I had a bed dream…Please, can I sleep with you?”

Zapper was silent for a moment, his expression showing no emotion as he stared down at the child. Then he sighed, “Alright. But don't make any noise. If you do I'll throw you out.” Zapper stood up and unfolded the futon so it was a bed and the zako jumped up onto it.

The colonel lay down next to the soldier, pulling the blanket over them both and moving over a little so they could share his large pillow. In seconds the child was asleep, feeling much safer now that he was next to his idol. Zapper, too, drifted off with ease and nobody else disturbed him for the rest of the night.


Grappler sat up and watched the figure squirm beneath his and he smirked triumphantly. He then leaned down and met the waiting lips with a passionate kiss. The embrace was long and when it broke both parties were panting. Grappler then moved to the other's neck, nibbling and licking down it slowly. When he reached the base he went back up, nipping at the earlobe.

The figure beneath him moaned and Grappler kissed him again, pushing his tongue inside the other's mouth. He wrapped his tongue around the other's, pulling it back into his mouth, sucking on it greedily. When Grappler sat up he smirked again. “Are we enjoying ourselves?” Grappler asked cockily.

Zapper glared at the figure pinning him to the bed, still panting. “Well?” Grappler asked, gripping Zapper through his pants. The colonel moaned loudly, “Y-yes!”

“Good…good.” Grappler was removing Zapper's shirt, trailing butterfly kisses down his chest as more skin was exposed. Zapper's hands entangled in Grappler's hair, pushing his head down as the lieutenant colonel sucked and teased his skin. Grappler reached up and ran his hands over the colonel's chest, pinching both of the hard nipples when he came upon them.

Zapper covered his cry with a growl, and Grappler chuckled, still exploring the colonel's body. Suddenly Zapper's pants was getting in his way and the lieutenant colonel growled. Disregarding Zapper's protests Grappler removed the clothing, staring wide eyed. “You ass.” Grappler growled, gripping the other's length tightly. “You're bigger then me.”

He then gave the erection a long, slow pump and Zapper cried out, arching his back. Grappler repeated the motion twice more, getting the same reaction each time. When he stopped Zapper withered, trying to get the hand to move again. But Grappler just let got, smirking once again.

He then spread Zapper's legs, testing the colonel's flexibility before continuing his work. He ran his tongue first up the shaft then back down. Zapper held in his cries as the tongue traveled over his inner thighs, but then it forced its way into his entrance. The feeling was too new, too abrupt, and the colonel screamed.

“Sensitive I see.” Grappler muttered, replacing his tongue with a finger so he could silence Zapper with another kiss. He soon had three fingers inside of Zapper and was moving them around, muffling the colonel's cries and moans by prolonging their embrace.

Then he pulled the fingers out, nuzzling Zapper's cheek as he readied himself for the next stage. “Just keep making those noises. That way I'll know what you like.” Zapper just cringed, gripping the other's shoulders tightly and wrapping his legs around Grappler's waist. “Just do it.”

“As you wish.”


Zapper gasped and sat up quickly, sweating and panting heavily. Around him were the seven worried faces of the zakos, and the colonel quickly made sure the blanket was covering his midsection and down. “Senpai! Are you alright?!” a zako exclaimed.

“You were moaning and screaming so loudly we thought you were going to die. Was your dream bad?”

Zapper continued to pant, staring at the soldiers around him. His pants were almost too tight, but he didn't get how that could happen. “What the hell?! I'm straight dammit! Straight!!!” Zapper mentally screamed at himself. “Guys are not supposed to turn me on. Especially not Grappler!!!” But even thinking the other's name only increased the intensity of his urge and Zapper jumped out of bed, running to the bathroom.

He hoped none of the zakos saw him as he'd gotten up and was quick to slam the bathroom door shut, locking it. The first thing Zapper did was turn on the sink, holding his head under the steady flow of cold water. Then he rubbed his face with the ice cold liquid, trying to wake himself up.

But the reality was, he was awake, and the dream had had a great impact on him. “Fuck! Not a single sexual urge, EVER, but then some dream practically brings me to an orgasm. And a guy…Grappler.” Zapper leaned back against the wall, sliding down to the floor, moaning. “It'll pass. It has to.” The tightness of his pants only got worse though and Zapper was panting again.

“Dammit! This is not happening. It's-”

Suddenly there was a knock at the bathroom door and another soldier called through. “Sir. If you could let me in please; I'm sure I can help you.”

“Like hell I'm gonna let you in here!!!” Zapper shouted in response. The colonel knew what he could do to rid himself of the painful urge, but didn't want to do it. He was moaning loudly as the urge became worse still, but it wouldn't go away. “Like I said before I know how to help you.” Zapper jumped. When he opened his eyes and saw the tallest of the zakos kneeling before him, examining the bulge in the other's pants.

“Hey?! What the hell do you think you're doing?! Get out!!!” Zapper shouted. How the zako had gotten in he didn't know, but the last thing Zapper needed was a bunch of kids seeing what was happening to him. The zako huffed and reached into his pocket, pulling out a badge. “I'm Gerbera's top apprentice so I know what I'm doing. I sent the others out of the room so they wouldn't have to see this.”

“Fuck you! Get out of my room!!!”

But the zako wasn't listening; he quickly gripped the colonel through the thin layer of clothing, causing Zapper to cry out. “What…the hell….do you think you're doin?” Zapper panted.

“Look colonel, would you rather do this?” The zako slid the colonel's pants off enough so he freed Zapper's throbbing erection. “I'm a doctor sir. This doesn't really count.”

“Wha…what's your…name?”

“Evan.” The zako replied. He gripped the erection again, pumping it hard and fast. The colonel screamed, closing his eyes tightly. He didn't want to watch as a zako brought him to completion; his pride was permanently damaged by having to have a young child satisfy his need.

Once it was over Evan stood up and washed his hand off in the sink. Zapper pulled his pants back up, still panting as he rose shakily. “I know you're probably mad, but I knew you weren't going to masturbate so I had no other choice.” The zako stated dryly, shaking his hand dry. “I've been doing this for so long though that it doesn't faze me. As our younger recruits become of age they don't have a clue what's happening and I'm the one who explains it to them. I usually have to help them through their first time or two, but after that they either find a partner or pleasure themselves.”

Zapper's face was almost as red as his hair as he listened to Evan talk. The child didn't seem to mind the subject at all, but Evan noticed Zapper's discomfort and stopped talking. “I'd suggest you take a long shower to calm your nerves before leaving your room. And, if possible, avoid whatever made you…well just avoid whoever you were dreaming about if they're on the ship.”

Evan was about to walk out, but turned at fixed Zapper with a stern look. “And, as far as I'm concerned, this never happened. I'll never mention it to anyone. Promise.” Then he left, walking out the front door and closing it behind him.

At first Zapper stayed where he was, going over what had happened. He'd had a dream about having sex with Grappler. Why, he didn't know because, for one, he was straight, and two, he hated Grappler's guts. “But you don't dream about being in bed with someone you hate. Not when you're willingly submitting to them at least.” The colonel muttered, resting his head back against the wall. “And then the kid, Evan, had to actually do that to me…Damn. I'm so pathetic.”

The colonel quickly pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind, however, convincing himself that the strange happenings were a result of lack of sleep, side effects of the potion Madnug had given him the day before, and the joy of winning the war against Lacroa. How the events all tied together to cause what had happen Zapper didn't know, but he didn't really care.

An excuse was an excuse and at that point he couldn't really come up with any other convincing ones.


(Magna-Musai- Grappler's Room)

Both lieutenant colonels were up at an earlier hour, taking a shower together before getting dressed and heading out. Someone had dropped by earlier with a summoning from Sazabi. “What would the commander what with us? And right after the war ended.” Destroyer asked his comrade. Grappler shrugged as they headed for Zapper's room, having been told that all three were to attend the meeting.

When Grappler tried to open the door he discovered it was locked and growled. Luckily he had a key to the other's room on him and unlocked the door. “Hey Zapper! We've gotta…” but Grappler trailed off when he saw Zapper lying on the futon. The colonel was sleeping soundly with only a towel wrapped around his waist, his hair damp from a shower he'd probably taken not too long ago.

Grappler and Destroyer stared, practically drooling as they studied the colonel's body. “Man…he's so hot. Can't we just-” But Grappler silenced Destroyer before walking over to where Zapper lay. He tried desperately to keep his eyes on the colonel's face, but they automatically went lower. “Shit. This is bad.” Grappler thought as his body started to move on its own.

“Zapper! Wake up!!!” the lieutenant colonel shouted in desperation, hoping to wake Zapper before he did something he'd regret. Slowly the colonel's eyes opened, but when they saw Grappler's face so close to his own he gasped, his face reddening. “G-Grappler! What are doing?!”

The lieutenant colonel's face was just as red when he realized he was kneeling over Zapper and quickly jumped off. “I- You weren't waking up! I had to get you up somehow.” Grappler shouted in response, turning away so Zapper couldn't see his blush.

“What were you planning on doing in that position?!” Zapper asked angrily, his face a deep red as he answered his own question with mental images. The colonel shook his head, blocking the thoughts out before looking up at the two. “What are you doing in here anyway?”

Destroyer stepped forward at this point, knowing Grappler couldn't answer if he tried. “The commander requested our presence at a meeting. He said it was mandatory.”

“Well doesn't that just sound like fun.” Zapper growled, standing up and retreating into his room. Once the door was closed Destroyer glanced at Grappler who was shaking. “You were really close there Grappler. You should be a little more careful.” Destroyer said as if he were disciplining a child.

“I know, but my body was moving on its own. No matter how much I fought I couldn't stop myself.” Grappler hissed, hoping Zapper couldn't hear them.

Before the two could finish their conversation the Zapper emerged from his room, dressed in a pair of light pants and a black button-up shirt that he left open, exposing his chest and abdomen. Grappler stood up quickly and left the room, the other two following.

“So what does Sazabi want?” Zapper asked idly.

“Hell if I know.” Grappler responded coldly.

“Well I figured he'd at least tell you.” Zapper said, his tone exaggerated.

“And what makes you say that?” Grappler asked, glaring back at Zapper. The colonel just glared back and Destroyer gulped; he knew what was coming. “Last I checked, Zapper, you had connections through Madnug. Or are you just his meat puppet.”

That did it. Zapper tried to tackle Grappler, but Destroyer held him back. “You bastard Grappler! You're lucky Destroyer is here or you'd be dead.”

“You couldn't hurt me if you tried.”

“Then why don't we get started?!”



And the two were off, shouting insult after insult at each other with Destroyer between them. He was doing his best at keeping them separated because he knew, if they got a hold on each other, they'd be making a trip to the infirmary instead of Sazabi's office.

“What's going on over here?” Zapper and Grappler stopped shouting at each other momentarily, turning to see Gerbera walking towards them. The professor was glaring at the two, daring them to continue. “Now I know you two weren't fighting again. Not when you're supposed to be working at least.”

Instantly the two backed away from each other, daring to give the other one last glare as if to say, “We'll finish this later.” Gerbera saw this and grabbed Zapper's arm roughly. “And what do you think you're doing? Rough housing like that with your injuries. I should just put you in solitary right now.”

“What?! But-but I didn't do anything!” Zapper stammered, trying to pull away. He was praying that Gerbera didn't see he'd broken the stitching on his shoulder.

“All the same you were going to.” The professor pushed the colonel into Destroyer, walking past the three as he headed for Sazabi's office. “Consider it a warning you two. If I catch you again you'll regret it.” Zapper and Grappler gulped, all thoughts of fighting disappearing from their minds.

Destroyer mentally thanked Gerbera for his impeccable timing before following him, practically dragging the other two along as well.

Once they reached the commander's office the four saw that Zeong was present as well and stood at attention, saluting to show their respect. The general bowed his head, acknowledging their presence. Sazabi was staring out the window behind his desk, showing no signs of hearing the four come in.

He then turned after a few moments and sighed. “My soldiers… I know that we have just completed our war; conquered Lacroa and I'm very grateful for how loyal you've been, but…I must ask for you to continue to serve under the Dark Axis.” Sazabi paused, glancing at Zeong. “You see…we've found another land, one on the same planet as Lacroa. We've seen the country and, unfortunately, we've already engaged in combat already. They've declared war against us and we don't plan on backing out.”

“So, basically, we're asking that you fight for us again…in our new war against the samurai country of Ark.”

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