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Scars of War
by Melady101

   Mel: I LIVE!!! Check it out people. I've been working for a while and I'm happy to report that I now have two fictions waiting to be posted. This first one is about how Zapper and Grappler met and, perhaps, the story behind why they fight with such a passion. ^^ The first chapter isn't my best work, but I've been working so late in the night to do it.

   Raptor: And, in this series, all the characters are portrayed as humans. As in, they were born human. If you have any questions about appearance or somethin then just ask in a review.

   Yin-Yang: We'll be happy to answer any and all questions, unless it gives something away further on in the story.

   Mel: And everyone who I've been sending the chapters of the sequel to this, I ask that you don't give anything away. No sharing info with anyone else k?

   Raptor: Disclaimer is we don't own SD Gundam. If we did Melady would give you all a boxed set of season 2 for free just for being such loyal fans.

   Mel: Yes. And now let us begin. Enjoy everyone.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Scars of War
Chapter 1

The war between Lacroa and the Dark Axis wears on. At the beginning the Dark Axis army was made up of very few soldiers, but, after the war had begun, a lot of people began showing up from many different lands. Since the soldiers were needed out on the field, however, they weren't put through any major training; they were taught the basics of combat, some of the code they would need to communicate and then they were just thrown out into the field. Not many of the first wave survived, but out of those who did was a soldier named Grappler Gouf and sister Tank.

After their first successful battle the two quickly rose through the ranks. Tank became head technician, earning a rank equal to that of a major general (two star general) while Grappler decided that his skills were needed on the field.

So, after he reported yet another successful mission to the commander Grappler was promoted to lieutenant colonel. Then, on that very same day, the soldier was presented with another mission. The general himself asked the lieutenant colonel to lead a group of new recruits on a scouting mission; show them the ropes and how to operate out on the battlefield. The assignment seemed simple enough so Grappler accepted with confidence.

Unfortunately, since the soldiers had never been out on the field, they hadn't known about the numerous traps that the Lacroan soldiers had set up to alert them of an approaching attack. The party was found and pinned down, forced to take cover in a deep ditch to stay hidden. Grappler did his best to keep the knights from getting too close, but he hadn't been properly prepared to engage the enemy in battle. The little amount of ammo they'd been given was quickly running out and the lieutenant colonel figured that it was up to his second lieutenant to get their radio working to call for backup.


Chapter 1

All the zakos were huddled close together, protecting their single communicator from flying debris as the second lieutenant tried desperately to find a signal. All he'd been getting, however, was static and the rest of the soldiers were all shaking as they listened to the action above. Then, suddenly, the communicator stopped emitting static and began to ring.

“I did it! I got a signal!” the second lieutenant shouted in triumph. A bright light suddenly lit up the sky and their leader was thrown back into the ditch. He landed hard on his back and cried out upon impact. Most of the other soldiers jumped forward to his aid, but the lieutenant colonel pushed them all away, reaching for his artillery bag. “Damn knights. They just keep coming. And I'm almost out of ammo.”

The lieutenant colonel struggled to stand, but stumbled and remained sitting. In the action his blue hair and fallen loose from his headband, falling over his left eye. He growled, pushing the strands away, but they just fell right back. His red eyes glowed a little brighter and his soldiers backed away fearfully.

“Senpai! I got a signal.” The second lieutenant reported happily. Grappler looked up at the soldier just as the communicator stopped ringing and a voice came through. “Operator.” Said a stern female voice.

“Tank?!” Grappler shouted, taking the communicator from the lieutenant.

“Grappler? Man it sure is good to hear your voice. Everyone on this end had been convinced that those pansies had gotten ya.”

“Oh well thanks for the support.” Grappler said as he continued to rummage threw his bag. “But this is no time for jokes sis. If we don't get some help out here fast we're not gonna be coming back tonight.” The lieutenant colonel shouted, pulling out an old fashion grenade. He handed it to one of the soldiers and, using a special sign language, instructed him on what to do with the weapon. The soldier nodded confidently and, with some help from his friends, climbed out of the ditch.

“Don't worry bro, I sent someone to meet those knights that are attacking you a while ago. They should be there momentarily.” Tank responded.

“And just who'd ya send?” Grappler asked, covering his head as a loud explosion went off above. Rocks from the wall fell on the soldiers before the zako that had left jumped back down next to his friends, shaken, but okay.

“Some new guy. I haven't looked up his bio yet, but I heard he was picked up in Kharlan, which is probably why he was brought in as a colonel.”

“A colonel?!” Grappler shouted, once again going through his bag.

“Yeah. I think he was part of that rebel army; I guess working under that legendary worrier everyone's talking about really has its perks.”

“Seems like it.” The lieutenant colonel growled, finding he only had one weapon left. He threw it to his team and they took it eagerly, wanting to destroy the knights who were getting too close.

“Tell me Tank, could you pull his bio up now and tell me the guy's name?”

“Name? Grappler, I can get you his blood type, height, birthday, family history, yet all you want is his name?” There was a pause then a sigh. “Fine. Comin right up.” The lieutenant colonel heard his sister typing, but then it was quiet.

Grappler's body tensed up, not liking the sudden silence. “Sis? Is something wrong?”

There was no response. “Tank! Are you still there? TANK!” But suddenly there was a huge explosion from above and the lieutenant colonel dropped the communicator in surprise. There were multiple other explosions following the first and Grappler's team fell from above, all landing on top of him. the lieutenant colonel yelped in pain, his bruised chest getting most of the impact.

Then dirt and rocks rained in from above and the group covered their heads.

“Second wave ready!” Grappler heard someone shout. The sound of running and the clicking of guns being reloaded also rang loudly in his ears. Then he heard the voice again. It was deep and commanding, almost like their lieutenant general's.

“FIRE!!!” Another barrage of missiles whistled over the ditch, hitting the knights head on. With their front line gone the Lacroan soldiers were beginning to panic, but the sorcerers quickly grouped together and launched a counter attack at their hidden enemy. Most Lacroa descendents had the gift of magic; the ability to manipulate the elements or “Mana” as they called it.

Grappler pulled himself from the ground, flinching as something on his back stung. Then he turned towards his group, motioning for them to draw their blades. Each zako had a concealed dagger, used mostly for hand to hand combat and right now they were all the weapons they had left. “After the next wave our side will advance, that's when we'll strike.” Grappler explained.

“How do you know?” one of the zakos asked.

“Instinct.” The lieutenant colonel responded, listening intently for movement. He could hear the sound of magazines clicking into place and light steps over the hard, rocky ground.

Outside the tall grass, the knights held their ground, listening for where they should attack next.

Grappler and his party quietly climbed out of the ditch, one by one. Soon Grappler was the only one left and he had to jump to get out. Before he did, however, he picked up his bag and communicator, not wanting to leave anything behind that could lead the knights to them.

As soon as Grappler was out of the ditch he swiftly joined the rest of the fleet. When he'd gone back far enough he caught one of the other soldier's attention and asked, using sign language, “Where's the colonel?”

The Doga responded, “He's up preparing the front lines.” Then, before Grappler could leave he added, “The first lieutenant is looking for you sir. I believe he has something of yours.” The lieutenant colonel nodded before disappearing as he moved back through the fleet.

Eventually he came upon a Doga with his claw enhancement weighing down one of his arms and carrying his sword. When the first lieutenant saw the lieutenant colonel he bowed his head respectfully as Grappler took his equipment. The muscles in Grappler's arm tensed up, waiting for the painful jolt when the mechanical claws connected to his nerves.

As soon as he had his equipment, Grappler dismissed the Doga and slowly picked his way back towards the front line. As he went a wave of missiles were blasted towards the Lacroan army and Grappler broke into a sprint. As he ran he tested his arm, making sure nothing was out of place.

The lieutenant colonel jumped from the long grass and, almost immediately, he was charged by two knights. It was obvious that they were inexperienced because they attacked with blind rage. Grappler, on the other hand, was well trained and his movements were so smooth and quick that it took the two soldiers a second to realize he'd killed them.

A couple other knights noticed their comrades' deaths and the sorcerers of the group summoned up elemental attacks. Grappler saw first a wind attack, followed close behind by tower of water. He didn't have time to dodge both so he would have to take one or the other; he chose the wind. The attack knocked him back a good ten feet, but the lieutenant colonel remanded standing. The sorcerers attacked again, but this time Grappler was ready. He easily dodged the attacks before slicing through the line of soldiers. They barely had time to scream before he caught them with his claws and finished them off with his sword.

“How unexpected.” Grappler jumped, whirling around and holding his claws out defensively in the direction of the voice. “Who could've predicted that a fine swordsman such as yourself would ever sell your talents to a lowly group like the Dark Axis. It's sickening really.” The knight said, holding his weapon out in front of him. Grappler noted the royal shield and, instead of a sword, the knight held a large, blood-stained crucifix.

“You're lucky urchin. You shall fall by the hand of one of Lacroa's most skillful fighters.”

“Well that's good. I thought I was gonna have to kill you, but a more experienced fighter would be much more interesting. Mind pointin the guy out for me?” Grappler responded, smirking at the knight's reaction.

“Grrrrrr!!!! You rat!!! You dare insult me, a royal knight?!” The soldier shouted as he charged, holding his weapon at ready to deliver a fatal strike. Grappler quickly studied the knight's movements, predicting his pattern.

Then, at the last possible second, Grappler dodged the blade (think of the Matrix here). The knight was furious that he'd missed, but then his features went blank, the color disappearing from his face. Grappler was surprised at first, but then something cut across his left cheek and the pain that followed hit him like a ton of bricks.

Grappler's strength was quickly sucked away and he fell to the ground. The last thing he remembered before blacking out completely was a dark shadow looming over him and a distant voice echoing through the darkness. But then the lieutenant colonel closed his eyes, and everything became black and silent.



The next thing Grappler knew he was staring up at the white ceiling of the infirmary. He blinked a couple times before realizing only one of his eyes was working. The whole left side of his face hurt, but when he reached up to touch it he found it was wrapped in bandages.

Then the curtains surrounding the lieutenant colonel's bed were thrown open, allowing light to flood in. Grappler covered his good eye and quickly pulled himself under the bed covers, groaning is displeasure.

“Well that's not the most polite greeting, but I've gotten worse.” The intruder joked, yanking the covers away from Grappler. The man was tall and in his early thirties it seemed. His black, dreadlock hair was a little longer then shoulder length and his eyes were a deep red.

Grappler groaned, turning over so he was on his stomach, burying his head in his pillow. “Alright Gerbera what's the damage?”

The professor grabbed the soldier and turned him around, forcing him to sit up so he could examine Grappler's face. “You cut the left side up pretty badly. Your chest also had some bruising and your back had a few cuts here and there. Of course, since I'm the most skilled surgeon of my time, you'll be good as new when you recover. Even your eye will be back to 100 percent.”

Grappler's bored expression was all Gerbera got as an answer before he laid back down, once again blocking his good eye from the harsh light. “Well Grappler,” Gerbera started. “Your attitude hasn't changed in the least so you must not be suffering too much. But I need to change your bandages and maybe put some more medicine on your eye.”

The professor took a large plastic bottle and a new roll of bandages from the side table, motioning for Grappler to sit back up. “I'll do your chest and back first okay?” The lieutenant colonel just growled, wishing Gerbera would just do it so he could lie back down and, perhaps, get some more sleep. It didn't take long for the professor to reach Grappler's face, but when the wrapping fell away Gerbera grimaced. “I wanna see.” Grappler said sternly. The professor frowned, not thinking it was a good idea, but got up and retrieved a mirror anyway.

“Oh….oh my God!” Grappler's hands flew up to touch his face, but Gerbera caught his wrists and holding them away from the wound.

“No!!! You mustn't touch it. You could not only break the stitching, but you could infect the wound.” Gerbera said sternly, tightening his grip as Grappler struggled to pull his hands away. But the lieutenant colonel knew he had no chance against Gerbera. The man was not only a four star general, but the trainer of about a third of the Dark Axis fleet and he'd been medical support for a good eight months now.

Grappler quickly calmed down and the professor released him. “I just need to get some medicine on it and we'll be done. Just hold still for a few seconds while I apply it.” Gerbera said, tipping the lieutenant colonel's head back. As he smeared a cold gel over the wound Grappler shivered, but when the medicine began to sink in the left side of his face started to sting.

Gerbera took no notice to Grappler's discomfort as he rewrapped the wound.

“Tank came by earlier.” Gerbera started, trying to strike up a conversation. “You were still out so I gave her your equipment and told her to try back later.” The professor paused. “I hope that was alright.”

“Huh? Oh! Yeah…it's fine.” Grappler responded, not really listening. Gerbera sighed and shook his head; he was used to being ignored.

Suddenly the two jumped when voices echoed in from the hall and one of them sounded somewhat familiar to Grappler. Then the infirmary door was opened and someone the lieutenant colonel had never seen before walked in. He stood perhaps a good inch shorter then Grappler, his long hair and eyes were blood (our blood color not theirs) red and he wore a mechanical patch over his right eye.

In his hands he held a tray, balancing a plate of rice with what looked like curry covering it. “Glad to see you're awake.” The man said, walking up next to Grappler's bed. He set the tray of food on the side table before smiling at Gerbera. “You did a pretty good job on `im if he's up already.”

“I supposed, but I wish you'd have stayed longer. Your arm wasn't in the best condition.”

The man chuckled before rolling up his sleeve, revealing that his arm was wrapped from just above his wrist to his shoulder. “I took care of it.”

Grappler was suddenly feeling ignored as the two began a conversation, but it gave him a chance to study the newcomer. The first feeling he got after giving the man a once over was that he didn't like him. He seemed harmless, but Grappler could tell the man was hiding something. He didn't trust the guy one bit.

“Grappler,” Gerbera said suddenly, pulling the lieutenant colonel back to reality. “Sorry for ignoring you there, but I don't think you know the colonel here.” There was a pause and Gerbera smiled. “Well, he's the one who brought you in after you were injured.”

The man held out his hand to Grappler. “Name's Zapper Zaku.”

Grappler's eyes widened when he heard the soldier's name and he was reminded of the many stories he'd been hearing the last couple of weeks. Zapper Zaku was not unknown among the Dark Axis. The name itself was admired by most of the soldiers and the person it belonged to was practically worshipped. Of course nobody had known what the worrier looked like because to meet the man himself was a fantasy of its own.

“Zapper Zaku?! You're Zapper of Kharlan?!?!” Grappler exclaimed, staring at the other man. Zapper gave a nervous laugh, putting his hands behind his head. “Heh. I guess my reputation has spread my name further then I'd realized. And you make it sound like I'm important or something.”

The lieutenant colonel was about to respond, but Gerbera suddenly interrupted. “I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this visit short boys.” The professor said, glaring at his patient as if he were disciplining a child. “And perhaps you should eat that food Zapper brought, before it gets cold. The more you eat the faster you'll get better.”

Grappler glared daggers at the professor, but Gerbera wasn't paying any attention as he hurried Zapper out the door.

“Oh, Lieutenant Colonel!” Grappler looked up instinctively when he was called by his rank. “That knight you were fighting. I thought he was the only one there so I was pretty surprised when I saw that I'd shot you too. If I'd known you were there I'd probably have tried to-” but Zapper was cut off when he had to duck, dodging a knife that had nearly gone through his head.

Grappler was standing up now, two more blades held tightly in his fists. He glared at Zapper as he shouted, “You shot me?! You're the reason I have this injury?!” Grappler threw his second knife.

Both Gerbera and Zapper had to dodge the blade and the colonel was quick to shout a response. “I was trying to kill that knight. It's not my fault you were in the way. And maybe if you would've finished him off faster!”

“I was doing just fine until you showed up.” Grappler shouted, throwing the last blade with dead on accuracy. Zapper almost couldn't avoid being impaled, but the knife still caught his arm, creating a new gaping wound. The knife kept going, however, and ended up stuck in the wall like the other two.

Zapper cringed, grabbing his right shoulder before glaring up at the lieutenant colonel. “I saved your life! Not only did I keep you from bleeding to death, but if I hadn't come as back up in the first place you would've died out there.”

Before Grappler could respond to this, Gerbera appeared behind Zapper and tried to pull the colonel's hand away from the new wound. The colonel's black blood was seeping through his fingers, but Zapper just pushed Gerbera away angrily. “I don't need your help.” Zapper muttered fiercely. Then a group of zakos appeared at the door, looking for the colonel.

Zapper was quick to leave and Gerbera sighed, closing the door once the colonel was gone.

Outside, the zakos and Zapper walked a little ways away from the infirmary before the soldiers turned on the colonel. “We apologize in advance for our disrespect sir.” One of the zakos said fearfully, saluting. “But we overheard your conversation and we think that you should apologize to Lord Grappler Gouf zako.”

There was a pause as Zapper sat down on the floor as he allowed the sudden comment to sink in. Then he growled, scaring all of the zakos half to death. “Me apologize? Why should I?! You don't tell someone you're sorry for something that happens when you're at war. Besides, he got even.” Zapper tried to move his right arm, but that just caused his wound to rip open wider and he cringed. The zakos jumped when more blood seeped from the wound and they all began to panic.

“You should've let Lord Gerbera look at that! Lord Gouf could have put anything on those blades zako.”

“I know that!” Zapper growled, standing up. “But I've had things covered in poison and how knows what else go all the way through my body before, so I think I can live through a little cut like this. It's an easy wound to tend.”

“Then I suggest you get a move on.” Zapper turned is head in the direction of the new voice, only to see a girl walking towards them. She had blue hair that was a little longer the shoulder length and wore a black headband to keep it back. Her eyes were a piercing red and she was about as tall as Zapper.

“That cut won't fix itself and, if there's poison, I suggest you tend it before the venom can get too deep.” The girl didn't stop as she said this; she just kept walking. As she got further down the hallway she called back to the colonel. “We wouldn't want you dieing after just one day of action. People would start to think we're weak.”

Zapper was going to shout something back at the girl, but the throbbing in his shoulder silenced him. “Damn girl. She's as cocky as that lieutenant colonel.”

“Tank! Wait for me!!!” shouted someone from down the hall. Again, Zapper watched as another soldier came down the hall, but this one's hair was a very light blue with one forelock hanging down over his face. Also, the guy's clothes seemed different then that of a Dark Axis member's.

As the man ran past Zapper the two's eyes met. For some reason Zapper suddenly felt very cold as he stared into the man's wide, confused eyes. “Hey! You're bleeding man!” the soldier skid to a stop and the zakos all saluted to him. “I'm on my way to infirmary; you want me to help you there?”

Zapper glared up at the man, suppressing a growl in his throat. “I've already been there. No need for me to go back.”

The man blinked, but jumped when the other girl called for him. “Gan!!! If you wanna come with me then get up here. I'm not gonna wait if you dillydally.”

“GAH!!! I'm coming! Don't leave me.” And with that the man, Gan, as he'd been called, disappeared down the hall along with the girl.

Zapper turned to watch them go, but a stab of pain caught him off guard and he yelped. The zakos all jumped and a couple even ran, probably to get help. But the colonel wasn't to keen on waiting for someone to come and take him back to the infirmary.

So, despite the protest from the zakos now hanging off his legs, Zapper made his way back to his room. As he went he thought about the three people he'd just met. Grappler, Gan, and he believed the girl had been called Tank.

“What kind of name is that though? And what's with that Gan person. He didn't look like a soldier of ours.” The colonel growled, shaking one of the zakos off his good arm. “Forget it!!! I'm not going back.” Zapper shouted. All the zakos jumped away before running as fast as they could in the opposite direction, scared out of their minds for their lives.

“Dammit!” Zapper pushed the door to his room open, before turning and slamming it shut. Again his arm throbbed and the colonel cringed. “Idiots! I've already been here one day and already they've managed to trash my arm.” Zapper said in frustration. But the colonel knew there was no point in him complaining about it now; the damage was done and he couldn't change it.

So, with a sigh, Zapper walked into his kitchen and proceeded to try and patch up his bleeding shoulder.



“I hope you realize, Grappler, that if the colonel reports you you'll be discharged.” Gerbera said, prying the knives out of the wall. “And you know how mad Tank will be if she finds out about this.”

Grappler froze. He'd forgotten all about Tank. If she knew he'd been so disrespectful to a superior officer, and even injured him, she'd mince him.

“Uh- well… we just won't let her find out. What Tank doesn't know won't hurt her…or me.”

“What is it that I don't know?” Gerbera jumped and moved to one side to make way for the visitor. The girl was glaring at the lieutenant colonel who cringed fearfully. Her black combat boots clicked on the tile floor as she walked up next to Grappler's bed.

Tank's eyes dug deep into Grappler's and the lieutenant colonel was forced to look away. “Um…well-I uh…”

“Grappler!” rang a voice from the door, ruining the tense moment. Gan flew towards Grappler at an alarming speed, but Tank caught the neck of his jacket, keeping him from tackling the lieutenant colonel. A vein was throbbing on the girl's forehead as she growled. “Gan! Can't you see your younger brother is injured? And try to act a little more your age for goodness sake.”

Gan was dropped to the floor, and he sat on his knees, staring at Grappler with a sorrowful look. “I'm sorry. But ever since you two joined the army I've been so worried about you getting hurt and well,” Gan sobbed, “My worst nightmare has finally come true!”

“Shut up!!! Grappler was just about to tell me something before you interrupted brother.” Tank shouted, hitting Gan over the head.

“He injured a superior officer.” Gerbera said dully, showing Tank the blood stained knife he'd pried from the wall. “He threw this at a colonel, opening a wound on his shoulder. We'll be lucky if your brother here doesn't get discharged.”

Tank cocked an eyebrow, remembering the soldier she'd passed in the hall. “It was him right? That guy with the red hair?” Gan blinked in confusion before he too remembered the man. “Oh yeah. His eyes were red too. Or at least I know one of them was. He had this weird patch over his other one.”

Grappler gasped, jumping up. “You saw him?!” Both of the siblings nodded and Tank gave her brother a weird look. “You realize who that was Tank? He was-”

“Zapper Zaku of Kharlan. Age twenty, blood type O, height 5'7,” Tank paused; smirking at Grappler's shocked expression. “Anything else you wanna know?” Grappler blinked before shaking his head. “Look, that guy's dangerous. I mean, how stupid can you get.” If Grappler wasn't hurt Tank probably would've hit him. “Chucking knives at a colonel?! You know he can-”

“He shot me Tank!” Grappler shouted suddenly before he could stop himself. “Because of him I'm stuck in the infirmary with this!” the lieutenant colonel pointed at the bandaged side of his face.

“Aww come on.” Gan interrupted, getting really close to his younger brother's face. “Don't you think you're over reacting a little? Are you suffering from mood swings again? I remember when you were little and-” but Tank hit Gan over the head again, silencing him. Then she turned her attention back on Grappler and sighed.

“Man bro. You sure do know how to pick `em.” she looked up into Grappler's eyes again. “Or rather you don't.” There was a long pause and Tank turned to leave, dragging her older brother along by his jacket collar. Then, the girl stopped next to Gerbera and faced Grappler again.

“I suggest you drop this bro. That man is dangerous. He and he alone charged Kharlan's castle and ended the war, winning it for his side; he single handedly destroyed not only every castle guard and sorcerer, but he also finished off the royal family. He didn't even spare women and children! That's why he was brought in as a colonel. He's a military genius, a war hero, but most of all he's merciless.”

“And with his help we could finally claim victory in this war.” Gerbera added. Grappler looked back and forth between Tank and the professor; they were tag-teaming him and he didn't stand a chance. So the lieutenant colonel sighed and fell back down onto his bed. “Whatever.”

Although Grappler would never admit it, the two were right. What he'd done ranked as one of the stupidest things he'd done in a while, but the fact that it had been him who had hurt the colonel still felt very satisfying.

The lieutenant colonel didn't care what anyone said about Zapper either. Hero or not the man was human and no human was perfect or invincible. Grappler was now determined to surpass Zapper and pay him back for what he'd done, perhaps knock him down a few notches in the process. After all, Grappler would have a permanent reminder of what the colonel had done in the form of a long scar over his left eye.

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