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Scars of War
by Melady101

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   Sazabi: Well we got five reviews. Therefore she has to get chapter 2 typed and up.

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Scars of War
Chapter 2

(A month after Grappler's recovery)

Grappler dove into the nearest bomb shelter, narrowly dodging a blast of fire that had been aimed at him. Two zakos that had been there before the lieutenant colonel helped him up and Grappler covered the spot on his arm where he'd been burned. “That got really close to your tattoo zako.” One of the soldiers exclaimed. “I little higher and you'd be paralyzed at the least.”

“Yeah, well then I guess I'm lucky those bastards have such bad aim.” Grappler said, cringing as the other zako treated the burn. “Hurry up man! I need to get back out there.”

“Then hold still senpai! I'm almost done.”

Suddenly another soldier slid into the shelter and a large explosion shook the ground. As soon as the action died down a bit Grappler looked up at the newcomer. It was a Doga soldier.

“Sir!” the Doga shouted over the noise. His uniform was dripping wet and he had a cut on his left leg, but he was determined to deliver his message. “The knights have put up a shield, but it only covers attacks from the front. We could advance on their left or right flanks and they'd be wide open. We could take out the whole damn group!”

“Cool.” Grappler said, nodding. “Tell everyone in the front lines to retreat back to our safe zone. I'll take care of the knights.”

“But sir,” interrupted one of the zakos, “If everyone retreats what makes you think the knights will keep their shield up and their guard down. They could advance!”

“Lord Zapper Zaku is keeping them at bay, but to do so he's completely exposed himself. As soon as he runs out of ammo he's a goner so I suggest we hurry.” The Doga responded.

“Is he close to a shelter?” Grappler asked, checking that his missile arm was ready.

“Well, no, but if he runs like hell he could make it to one.”

“Good. All of you warn the fleet. Everyone needs to take cover. I'm gonna show those pansies what a real weapon of war is.” The other three soldiers smirked, knowing exactly what their leader intended to do.

Concealed within his claw extension Grappler carried a special missile; build by the head technician herself. Tank had spent weeks developing the explosive concoction, but after numerous tries, and nearly destroying the main base (five or six times), she produced something truly powerful. It was kind of like a nuclear warhead without the nuclear pollution after the explosion and the initial blast zone was somewhat smaller. Everything within range that didn't take cover, however, would be vaporized on the spot, leaving no trace of it ever existing.

“Aren't there rumors about the people who are near where the missile actually hits, they're vaporized so fast that their shadow still remain even after they're destroyed?”

“Yeah. This baby's powerful and I don't use it lightly. Tank can only make so many at a time and, until she finds somewhere else to make them, she risks killing us all every time she does.”

The other three soldiers all stared at Grappler before remembering what they were supposed to be doing. Quickly the four climbed from the shelter and headed off in different directions.

Grappler had to find one of the canals leading further into the battlefield. He had to get into position without being seen by the enemy and he didn't know any other way to do so, other then use the canals. Suddenly, a sorcerer attacked the lieutenant colonel, sending a fire based attack at him. Grappler jumped back to avoid the blast, but he ended up falling into one of the deep ditches.

There was water about shin deep at the bottom of the ditch and Grappler was soaked to the bone by the time he stood back up. “Dammit.” He muttered angrily as he ran through the canal, eager to finish this battle.

Above, Zapper was doing his best to hold the knights back, allowing the rest of his team to escape. Of course, by ordering his squad to retreat, Zapper had sealed his fate. Once he ran out of ammunition the knights would take to the offensive and, since he was so far out in the open, there was no chance of him getting away.

Back in the ditch Grappler skid to a stop and jumped up to see above the rocky wall. He grabbed the edge and pulled himself up far enough so only his head was exposed. The lieutenant colonel looked around and could tell this was the perfect spot. Unless the knights suddenly decided to look in his direction they wouldn't see his attack coming.

So, Grappler crawled out of the ditch and readied himself for the attack. As he prepared the lieutenant colonel stared out at Zapper, wishing he could catch the colonel's attention. “Come on Zapper. Look this way. Don't make me shoot this and end up taking you out too.” But then Grappler gasped and shook his head. “What am I saying? Who cares if that bastard dies? Besides, one life isn't a huge price to pay for destroying all those knights.” The lieutenant colonel thought sternly as he aimed the missile.

At the angle of his projection there was no way Zapper could miss it; he'd see it for sure. But Grappler was still having his doubts and held his breath when he fired the missile.

There was a moment when time seemed to slow down. For a second Zapper looked right at the approaching missile before he turned his head and locked eyes with Grappler. They stared at each other, for what seemed like forever, when in reality is wasn't even five seconds. Then what happened next shocked the lieutenant colonel.

Zapper had turned and a panicked look appeared on his face as he stared into the blast zone.

Grappler had become panicked as well as he mentally screamed, “Run you fool! Run!!!”

But, as the lieutenant colonel had feared, Zapper didn't try to get to safety. Instead the colonel threw down his guns and spirited farther into the blast zone. “Zapper NO!!!” Grappler shouted, jumping up.

“Get down!” a zako soldier tackled Grappler, knocking both of them back into the canal. At that very moment the missile hit its target, instantly vaporizing all that were near it. And, if someone wasn't destroyed by the initial blast, the shock wave and ball of flames that followed would get the job done.

Grappler pushed the small soldier as close to the wall as he could without crushing him, acting as a shield for the child. They both covered their ears and unclenched their teeth as the shock wave came through, but all the thoughts that ran through Grappler's mind were focused on Zapper.

As soon as the ground stopped shaking and Grappler could no longer feel the heat from the fire on his skin he threw the zako out of the canal before climbing out himself. But once he was out the lieutenant colonel was on his feet and running towards the blast zone. As he ran Grappler mentally screamed at Zapper. “You bastard! What were you thinking?!”

But then Grappler's rage disappeared and he began to panic. “What if he didn't see the missile coming?” There was a pause and his anger flared again “No! He saw it! He looked right at it!” Suddenly, Grappler slowed his pace before coming to a complete stop. He was standing around the area where he'd seen Zapper, but now there was no sign of the colonel. Grappler panted slightly as he surveyed the area.

The ground had been somewhat smooth and easy to walk on, but now it was torn apart; large chunks of rock and other debris piled up everywhere, making it nearly impossible to walk. The lieutenant colonel also saw stains of blood here and there and perhaps a bit of human flesh or organ.

Grappler shook his head and looked towards the area where the missile had hit. The no-survivors zone was just a huge crater in the ground and the rock was polished smoother then glass. The lieutenant colonel hoped that Zapper had broken his leg or something before he'd reached the area the crater now covered.

Then, slowly, Grappler made his way through the debris field, examining the dry patches of blood as he went. The lieutenant colonel didn't know if it was a good or bad thing that each blood stain he found was a light red, no where near the color of Zapper's. After a while he began finding liquid poolings of the gore; it hadn't been baked onto the rocks by the ball of fire from the explosion.

“Maybe…maybe that means he managed to escape the explosion.” Grappler whispered with false hope. “And maybe you'll sprout wings and fly like a holy child.” Said a nagging voice in the back of Grappler's head.

“Shut up!” the lieutenant colonel growled, pushing the voice from his mind.

But, even after the voice was gone, the feeling of hopelessness still tore at Grappler's heart. In the distance, a group of zakos were stumbling towards him, there cheerful voices cutting through the silence. “Senpai! You did sir you did it. The knights have been wiped out zako. We've won this battle.”

The lieutenant colonel turned his attention on the zakos, wondering how he was going to tell them what had happened. “Yes….we've won.” Grappler dropped his gaze in shame. “But at what cost?”

“Sir? What's wrong zako?”

“Yes zako. We didn't suffer any causalities. Lord Zapper Zaku made sure everyone got out of the blast zone. It's one of the many things he's famous for zako. He's never left a man behind.”

Grappler clenched his fists, the guilt still building. “But why do I feel guilty?!” Grappler thought, wishing someone would answer. “It was his choice to run at the missile not mine. It's not my fault he's…dead.”

“Tell me soldiers.” The zakos all looked up at their leader, their faces still shining with happiness. “Did…did you see the colonel escape? Did you see him get out?”

There was a pause as the zakos thought about the question. “Well… he was…and then….um…” but the soldiers couldn't answer. Suddenly there was a loud THUMP and everyone jumped. Grappler looked up at one of the piles of rocks as some of the pebbles rolled from their place, falling to the ground.

“What's that?” one of the zakos asked as more rocks began to fall away. Then, from deep within the gravel pile, the form of Zapper Zaku emerged. Everyone gasped when they saw the colonel, and the condition he was in, but Zapper didn't seem to notice the others.

“It's okay.” Grappler heard the colonel mutter. “Just don't open your eyes yet. We're almost out okay.” Zapper bent down, taking something into his arms. Then, slowly, the colonel made his way to the ground, carrying a shaking zako soldier in his arms.

Grappler was staring, wide eyed at Zapper. There were a lot of tears in the colonel's uniform and he was soaked in his own blood. The worst injury, however, seemed to be on his head. Gore stuck to his face, staining Zapper's red hair with blotches of black. The lieutenant colonel was shocked that Zapper was conscious, let alone walking while carrying a zako soldier.

Meanwhile the other soldiers had rushed to the colonel's aid, but Zapper still didn't seem to notice them. As soon as he'd reached the ground the colonel kneeled down, allowing the zako out of his arms. “It's okay. We're out. You're safe.”

The zako opened his eyes and looked up at his leader. The young one was still shaking, but he reached back and hugged Zapper. The colonel smiled down at the soldier, wrapping his arms around the zako, who was now crying. “Shhh. It's okay. You're fine. See?”

“B-but senpai!” the zako buried his head in Zapper's chest. “What about you? It's my fault you're hurt. I'm sorry!”

The colonel continued to try and comfort the soldier. “Don't worry about it. This kinda stuff happens all the time. I'll be fine.” But the other zakos knew otherwise and they pulled their friend away from Zapper.

It was then that Grappler remembered something that had happened a little while ago.

After he'd recovered he and Zapper were paired together, thus making them a team. So, since Grappler had been stuck in the infirmary for so long, the two had scheduled a training session to restore his strength.

As the session rolled on Zapper began getting frustrated and, eventually, he lost it. He went right for the main opponent, firing his machine guns at random. It was an extremely reckless move, but the colonel ended up breaking the machine zako.

After the session was over the colonel had rushed off to find Gerbera, wanting to know if the machine zako could be saved. At the time Grappler had thought the action was a sign of weakness, but now he wished he could be like Zapper. The colonel seemed to have a gentle heart when it came to the safety of the other soldiers, especially the younger ones. And he handled them so well.

But that's also why Zapper hadn't run to safety. The colonel had seen the zako in danger and had rushed in to save him. “He must really care about the other soldiers. It almost makes me jealous that he cares that much about them.....”

Suddenly Zapper looked up and caught Grappler's eyes. The two stared at each other, but Grappler was starting to feel strange. He felt hot, but there's no way it was that warm out there.

The colonel stood to his full height and Grappler's eyes widened in shock. “How-how can he…still be standing?” Grappler thought, still in shock.

“Hey.” Zapper said, his voice chocked by pain. “I hope you're happy….you…” but the colonel's strength left him and the effects from the blast had finally caught up with him. Zapper fell to the ground, losing consciousness on impact. The zakos all tried to lift his body back up, but he was too heavy for just four of them to carry.

So the lieutenant colonel stepped forward and lifted Zapper's damaged body from the gravel, shivering slightly when the colonel's blood soaked through his clothes. The zakos had crowded around Grappler's feet, but the lieutenant colonel didn't notice them. Instead he turned, beginning the long trek back to the Magna-Musai.

As Grappler walked more soldiers began to gather around him and soon they began to talk. “So Lord Zapper Zaku got hurt in the blast?” Grappler nodded. The zakos all looked up at the lieutenant colonel before they fell back into their own little group.

“So he's okay?” one of the soldiers whispered.

“He's sustained some very large injuries zako.” Another zako replied.

“Well, from what I saw zako, Lord Grappler Gouf is going to owe Lord Zapper Zaku a pretty big apology.” All the zakos nodded, agreeing to this statement.

“Yes. A huge apology indeed, zako zako.”

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   Sazabi: *sighs* Fine.

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