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Updates Archive: 2007
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   2007.11.30: Guess what I got~ guess what I got~
   This :D Now I will go scan and enjoy it~~~
   Also, Fanlist updated! ^^
   Also: here's a fun page: How to Build a Hyper Captain Gundam model kit, presented by Kaeru via Flickr. Nice photos! :3

   2007.11.12: OH SNAP. Nothing major though, adding some links I forgot to do before :<
   RW's SDG Gaia Guild and AntiGundam Force Board :3

   2007.11.09: Woah, long time...
   You get a random update of official art:
   Griffin - Gunbike - Gundiver 01 - Shute & Zero Custom.
   Some kits mentioned in Models that I missed before. :D; (Also removed a couple HLJ links that are no longer available. Sadness!)
   And a review/photodump! The Daishogun from Gundam Evolve 14! He's super-cool (and uber-shiny) and I definitely recommend him to anyone who thinks they want to give him a shot. :3

   2007.09.20: Fanlist is updated~ I had a spot of trouble with my webmail -- don't think I lost any emails (although if someone submitted and it's not there now, I didn't get the email), but I couldn't access for a week or so. Fortunately, Globat fixed it! :D
   Also, there's a cleaned-up version of the Tallgeese official art from the Taiwanese DVD liner notes. C:

   2007.08.27, cont.: Dead-link stripping time. D: Sunrise and Koishikute are out of print at CDJapan, and Love & Peace is out of print at YesAsia. :<

   2007.08.27: Beh, I lost the bid for Someone else got it... but two other people besides me were bidding on, so maybe it wasn't the pr0n site. =O Now it seems... to have been grabbed by a domain-parker. Ugh. I'll wait and see if anything else appears, so I'll just change the psa until something happens.

   I hit up the Japanese version of CDJapan's page for the SD Gundam Collection Box to see what it had to say:
   • Mobile Suit SD Gundam Part 1
   • Mobile Suit SD Gundam Part 2
   • Mobile Suit SD Gundam - SD Gundam Gaiden
   • Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival Plus
   • a reprint of something I can't translate (^^;;)
   • Cardass (vending-machine trading cards) reprint/s
   • Packaged in a "toy box" (that's what it says, quotation marks and all :o)
   • And an interview or two, I couldn't make out that sentence very well.

   SD Gundam in general has an official site! Imagine that. xD; It's all old!SDG, but the Links section points to SDGF (yay~) and Musha Maruden (one of the manga series).

   SD Gundam Sangokuden: Promo Video at Gundam Expo 2007! Should I make a Sangokuden sub-site, too? XD

   Random: Look who else showed up in Gundam Expo 2007~ C:

   Last three links swiped from HellCat at this thread at AllSpark forums C:

   While wandering Ebay, I stumbled across Laserdiscs! Le olde technology, indeed. SD Gundam Sengokuden (don't know much of it), Gaiden 1-2 and Gaiden 3-4. If I didn't know that those'll be DVD-ized, I'd snap them up right away. As it is... I might get them anyway. XD;; I don't know though.

   Finally (holy update length, Batman! :O), a random SDG video. The first part of the title says "Shin SD Sengokuden - Mobile Musha Taisen" - I'm not sure how to translate or romanize the rest of the title XD; But it's pretty cool! C:
   That person has other SD videos, too~ A prologue to the first one, and I guess a sequel (Birth of Victory Daishogun). Also a couple of toy commercials :>

   2007.08.16: oh hey =O the pr0n site let its hold on expire! So I'm going to try to snipebid it with SnapNames :3c
   Wish me luck! XD

   2007.08.04: and another little update
   Scaps of all eyecatches are up. :3

   2007.07.31: AND ANOTHER WOAH
   There's a box-set of nearly every (possibly even every one, there's always time for the list to change, it's not coming out for months yet) 80's-90's SD Gundam short/OAV, and it's up for pre-order on right here! :3 It's muy expensive (US$200), but I've already got one preordered for myself. XD High-quality raws for everlasting win!
   There's more information about it here in the SD Gundam thread on AllSpark. :3 That's where I found out about it!

   2007.07.28: OH MY GORD UPDATES?!
   It's true! I updated all of my fanlist codes to conform with a new rule of TAFL's (here if you're curious, or you wanted to donate codes), and added some more of Subitayo's donations! :3
   I also updated the list itself. :3

   2007.07.17: Fanlist updated! Three more people, yay~
   I have to update the codes to adhere to a new rule over at TAFL, so I'll try to do that before Otakon, but... I may end up doing it after. XD My brain is consumed by Otakon, which is why there have been like.. no updates lately. That'll change once I get back~

   2007.06.14: Added the PSA bit to the top frame. ^^; And two new codes for the fanlist! Both were made & donated by Subitayo. :3

   2007.06.06: Uploaded a photo from Hyper Captain's toy page, because I somehow missed it when I made that update. :3; sorry~

   2007.05.27: Page o' scans for Baku's kit and Rekka Musha Gundam's~ also removed dead links from the Models page :<

   2007.05.26: ...And then I forgot to upload the index.htm, because I am SMRT!
   Anyway, there are kit photos of Grappler Gouf now. :3
   There's a new SD series or two coming out -- possibly even into English! :D Start here and just keep clicking next until you run out of pictures. X3

   2007.05.10: -nibbles on the fanlist- No new entries in almost two months. :< sadness.
   A'yway, just noting this because.. I'm supposed to. ;3 If no updates in two months, then I make a note of it.
   I'll get some real updates for y'all soon, I swear. :<

   2007.05.05: I added a little bit to the DVDs page; not a lot, just an update to the bootleg section, and this paragraph to the Taiwanese section:
   A random observation: These DVDs lack the first OP, with "SUNRISE." Very strange; I wonder if they couldn't get the rights to use the song? In its place, they use the second OP, "LOVE & PEACE."
   It struck me as odd.

   Edit: Oh yeah, I also updated a little bit on episode 7's review, adding what eyecatch it used (Bakunetsumaru) and that the Zakos in that ep tend to say Zaku instead of Zako, too.. like they did in the english version.. o_O;

   2007.05.01: I'm alive, honest. :3;; I'm just.. easily distracted. ^.^;;
   For you all, I have episode 30 scaps, so enjoy~ ^^

   2007.04.23: Episode Titles updated thanks to Ryujin! :3

   2007.04.22: In, er, more pleasant news, I just realized I have Taiyou ni Kogarete's full lyrics, in my piano book. XP So that's up now! :3

   2007.04.21: Don't go to unless you happen to like hardcore porn sites. You'd think Sunrise would keep a tighter grasp on its domains. >_>;; This PSA brought to you by Core Xion!
   (The site has viruses, too. Even if you happen to like porn, I still don't recommend going. ;p)

   2007.04.19: LQ51 and 52!!

   2007.04.12: My last cat died. ;_;
   But I has stuff for y'all:
   • z-tempcleaned: Daishogun and Cobramaru. :3
   • Unlinked elsewhere ^^; (at some point I'll make a BBSenshi list under Other Dimensions): a review/gallery thingy of BBSenshi #094, the Fourth Gundam Daishogun

   2007.04.04: LQ50 is up for download!

   2007.04.02: Guneagle's and Grappler's modelkit pages exist with scans. :3

   2007.03.29: Fanlist updated! ^__^

   2007.03.28: LQ49!
   • Thanks be to Ryujin; now that I'm sure what the Princess' dub name is (Relejimana Miya du Lacroa), I changed names accordingly. ^^;
   • Models: Removed two dead links D: (Guneagle & BBSenshi Baku). I did do Gundiver's kit review, however. :3
   • Manga, Other is updated like I said it would be... er, last week. ^_^;

   2007.03.21: LQ48 is up!!
   I also have the minicomic & data that came with the Gundiver modelkit translated! It's linked here, and I'll add links to the relevant MA pages after-sleep. :3

   2007.03.14: Attack of the random~
   • LQ47!
   • Fanlist updated~!
   • AMVs: Thar be new ones, by Ravon255 and May-VeggieGirl1. :D
   • Links: Added a link to MVG1's SDTD Comics! :D

   2007.03.06, cont.: LQ46!

   2007.03.06: Oh, forgot to mention these before!
   • Videos: Added to a link to another Whiteberry/Shinjiru Chikara music video I found on youtube. ^^
   • Other Dimensions: Is made! Behold its incompletion.
   • Links: Added a link to the homepage of the author/artists of the SDGF manga. ^^
   New things:
   • Toys: Added pages for Guneagle and Pawn Leos, and a few new photos. Hyper Captain has a bunch of photos, but not enough. -sagenods-
   • CCG: Two new card scans, courtesy of FFD! ^^ Sazabi and Entengo, and that fills out all the holes in the list! :D
   Finally, SDGF Episode 45 on BigUpload. If you mirror it, please pass a link to me so I can add it to the list! :3

   2007.03.02: Bitty update. I'll take another shot at uploading episode 45 later, zupload keeps timing out on me. D:
   Toy pages for Vayeate, Zakos and Zero exist -- though not substantially -- and I added a photo to Tallgeese's page. I also cleaned up a pic of Captain's Gunner Form from the PS2 game. I swiped it from the japanese site :3
   I got a whole bunch of model kits from HLJ, so there will be model updates soon~
   I'm off to the theater now. ^__^ Later!

   2007.02.23: LQ44 is up; you have a choice of BigUpload or zUpload. GoogleVideo does not like me anymore. n.n;

   2007.02.22: Zah~ |D A spurt of boredom combined with a vague desire to do something repetitive has resulted in all of Charon's "The Gundam Beauty Pageant" being up. So check it out, in case you haven't yet. :3
   Oh, yeah! I nearly forgot! I uploaded a clip of Hyper Captain's first appearance to youtube n.n I'll upload the AVI here...sometime. But prolly not 'til after/if the clip gets baleeted from youtube. ^^; Anyway, I linked it in Videos.

   2007.02.20: I.. well, I hesitate to say 'finished', but I added all the photos and scans I have to the Zero Custom and Zapper Zaku toy pages, and made Kibao's. :3
   And! I uploaded a little something my mom made last Christmas. XD

   2007.02.18: One more FFD Scan! [SD-59] Commander Sazabi
   The Fanlist has been updated as well. n.n

   2007.02.17: Three new card scans, from FeatherDragon! ^^
   • [SD-117] Vayeate
   • [SD-128] Zero Custom
   • [SD-133] Commander Sazabi

   2007.02.16: Alrighty! The Sendspace link died, so now I try BigUpload for 42 and 43; if that doesn't work for you, I mirrored 'em on GoogleVideo! 42 and 43~
   DVDs: Added a link to Skyfire's review of the DVD promotional kit box thingy that's appeared on ebay a few times. n_n
   Also, the fanlist has been updated! \o/

   2007.02.12: And this is me, continuing my true-to-form lateness! LQ42 is up! Hopefully this server won't hate on people. Hopefully D:

   2007.02.10: Figures that I don't get to update on the one-year anniversary, right? Oh well. Internet dieded for a short time, so I got stuff done:
   • All the pages have been converted to the new template. n.n
   • I made a little blurb-y-helo-thar thing at the top of the page... I'm not so good at writing those, so it's still incomplete. ^^;;
   • Added a couple paragraphs to the Bootleg section of DVDs
   • I uploaded all the pages that were sitting around incomplete, rather than let them continue to rot on my harddrive alone =O These are the Dark Axis profile, the GBA game, Captain's profile (was that up before? bugger, don't remember), General Zeong's profile (with a very nice article by Cybertoy00), and the Voice Actor page. Also, AMVs page exists! :D

   2007.02.08: I spent today (well, yesterday and today) tweaking the layout and files. Very little of it will be outwardly noticeable -- unless you're using IE, in which case it will look nicer. (I didn't realize it looked so wtf. D: -fails, but not as hard as IE, because she at least can parse table code-).
   So, uh. Use Firefox, y'all, it looks much nicer and, memory issues aside, is win. And it can parse table code correctly.
   Certain pages should load a little faster now; not all yet, because I have a friggin' ton of pages and copypasting the content into the new template takes time. I did some code optimization now that I know more than I did a year ago.
   A year! Tomorrow -- the 9th -- will be the Mana Archive's one-year anniversary of its first appearance on the Internet! :3
   Also-- AMV page link! ...not that I've /made/ the page just yet! ^^;
   Oh, one more thing-- if you have any bookmarks to specific fic pages, you'll need to re-add them. I moved them all to a sub-folder, so the main folder wouldn't be so full when I'm checking stuff. XD;

   • Fanlist updated! :D
   • Boxscans for Bakushinmaru's kit and a review for the Bom Bom-promo Captain kit are up n.n
   I just noticed Bakushinmaru didn't have a mini-comic, unlike the first two kits I did... Hn.. (Neither did Puchi-Captain, but that's not surprising. XP)

   2007.02.02: Reviewthingy for Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam up, and his minicomic added to the Other Manga page. XP
   Added Rere Katare's AMVs to the Videos page! I need to make a separate AMV page! =O But I'll have to edit every page I've made to accomodate the indexing change.. <//3 Ehh, can CSS do tables like I'm using them? D:
   Also uploaded some newly cleaned-up official arts: Guneagle, the Gundiver Squadron, and a nice big pic of Bakunetsumaru from the USA DVDs. :3
   Trimmed the index, too, haha.

   2007.02.01: Woo, February!
   • I finished my CCG scans and they are now up! Whee, I'm only missing five cards in the EV set. ^^
   • Added a bit on Gundam Markers to the Models page; also removed Bakushinmaru's HLJ link since he's out of stock now. :<
   • Added TDAT-CrystalDragon to the fanlist n.n That makes 11!

   2007.01.31: LQ41 is up~ Zipped this time.

   2007.01.30: Huzzah! The fanlist is up! GO JOIN! :D
   It /would/ have been up on the 27th, but my host's webmail died. Doh!
   On the plus side, it let me finish the codes. :3

   2007.01.26: LQ40!
   Um um. I really need to make a list of what to do. But most pressingly is that I got the A-OK from TAFL to start up an SDGF fanlisting! So I am working on that!!

   2007.01.18: LQ39 annnnd look a forum you can talk SDGF in! |D -braindead and still sick-
   I think there's new-like cleaned arts up too -rummages-
   ah, soko da. Shute, Entengo and Heavy Weapon Captain.

   2007.01.10: LQ38 get, and some cleaned-up official art in z-tempcleaned. Added since my last note about those updates are, iirc, Ashuramaru, Captain's armaments, Bakunetsumaru, Zero, an SDG Ball, an SDG GM, the Triplets of Lacroa, and Sayla.
   Also, I'm sick. Lovely. =_=

   2007.01.03: 2007 get, and also LQ37. My sick kitty who's been with me for the past 16 years is going to be put to sleep on Friday, so I'll probably avoid most sitework for awhile.
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