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Credits and Sources
Watership Down and Hazel are owned by Richard Adams.
◦ Compass Rose to the left is scanned from my 2nd American Edition copy of Watership Down.
◦ Background is scanned from the same volume.
◦ Hazel image below is an edited screenshot taken from one of the American DVD releases of the movie.
◦ All images edited with Paint Shop Pro 7.02.

• John Hurt, who voiced Hazel in the movie, went on to voice Woundwort in the cartoon series. He's also portrayed Snitter from Plague Dogs (based on another novel by Richard Adams), Professor Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm from Hellboy, Chancellor Sutler from V For Vendetta, and many others; his IMDB page.
• His voice actor in the cartoon is Ian Shaw, but I don't recognize the other things he's done; his IMDB page.
About Hazel

This fanlist is maintained by Talec Arashi.
Watership Down and Hazel are owned by Richard Adams; no copyright infringement is intended.
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