2013.04.09 - And another!

2013.03.29 - Another one!
Also fixed the journal link on the right, although uh I haven't used it in a while.

2013.03.23 - Wild UPDATE appears! Command?
> Look

2010.04.02 - ...I'll just nip this in the bud and exile all further GPX+ links to this page... >.> <.<
I also uploaded two Digimon manuals I scanned: D-Scanner Version 1 and Digivice iC Version 20X. Both are in Chinese and English (well, Singlish), but they're both legit (not bootlegs).

2010.03.11 - More SD Gundam scaps! I've also gotten sucked into GPX+, so here's my current team D;
Dune the Sandshrew Level 3 Loran the Gallade Uzumaki the Omanyte Groudon

2010.03.05 - Looks like my woes are over (for now at least...). SD Gundam scaps for you.

2009.05.21 - Greetz from my new server (same host, just new servers) :O It's speedy! Have some SD Gundam scaps!

2009.05.09 - As you may have noticed, I've got some virus troubles going on... Working with my host to deal with it.
Leechers may want to scan stuff they get here until it's been cleared out.

2009.03.23 - Want some HQ Kotobukiya Shield Liger manual scans? 'Course you do.
...I also changed the journal link on the side menu to Inksome, since I don't use LJ any more. ;o Thought I'd done that a while ago, really...

2009.03.02 - oh hey happy new year ;D
Doing another fanlisting blitz; I reorganized joined.htm, so now there are multiple pages and they are linked here. ^^
Also... actual content?! Whole bunch of old!SD Gundam scaps right here. I was doing them all nice and steady, but then I got kind of super sick for two weeks. Bleh. I'm mostly better now, at least (just a cough left).

2008.11.20 - Fanlistings!! Sarah adopted Hazel and Fiver from Watership Down to me <3 <3 <3
And I'm doing another joining blitz, joined fanlists are linked to the right or right here. ^.^
Also yes! AoZ 4 is all done. :D

2008.10.06 - Hey, almost done with Advance of Z volume 4 over at [infrapink]~
Also going on another fanlist streak ! All non-SDGF Fanlist stuff is going here! (an index file will be made later tonight, for now it's just what used to be "fanlist.htm") It's time to play with code I've never used before! X3;

2008.07.05 - Moved some old stuff from my DevArt gallery to my other art index. Nothing special, really...

2008.07.02 - There we go. Fanlists~

2008.07.01 - I'm totally avoiding things people want me to do by cleaning up, updating links and moving my fanlist doohickeys over to its own page, instead of lagging up the Links :3;

2008.04.26 - SDGF episode 11 scaps. Lots of Lacroa~ (also, SDGF10 scaps since I never linked that from here for some reason.)

2008.04.16 - Jazz Jackrabbit 2 10th Anniversary Bash screenshots~ granted, most aren't all that exciting, but hey, it's primarily for friends. :3

2008.03.31 - Geno Saurer Kotobukiya version!
More photos (including comparison with Tomy Saurer) later.

2008.03.09 - Uchuu no Rendezvous~RAMA~ Soundtrack in PSF form! :D Link to plugins through the link too.

SDGF's sub-intro scaps

SDGF 09 scaps~

2008.01.30 - Oh hai. :O
SDGF 08 scaps
One-year anniversary of the SD Gundam Force Fanlist c:

2007.08.04 3:37 am - Scaps of all SDGF eyecatches are up~
...in case, y'know, you happen to be interested in them. XP But they're spiffy! At least take a look ;3

2007.05.01 3:30 am - oshi-- update! SDGF30 scaps.

2007.04.13 2:51 am - RAMA screenshots /o/ -disappears from the front page for the next couple months. XP-

2007.02.20 3:36 am - Hmm, been a while since my last front-page update. :o
I've transcripted a whole bunch of j-lyrics, check them out here if you're into that sorta thing n.n
I joined Collectica on a lark (I do that a lot, don't I?) and, well, BEHOLD! SDGF! xD
The Mana Archive hit its one-year anniversary back on the 9th, and updates still cometh. n.n

2007.01.31 4:47 am - Kotobukiya Shield Liger review DONE!! Enjoy. :3

2007.01.30 3:57 am - SDGF Fanlist DONE!! Woo! \o/

2007.01.23 9:12 pm - zomg, 2007! I've just been so updateful lately, ne? Well, it's been a rough month, although it's finally letting up. Also, SNOW IRL! WOO!
Oh yeah, I blitzed more fanlistings. wheeee
Proper update later (maybe).

2006.12.21 8:26 am - More lists in Links :3;; Also, SNOW!! Man I wish it would snow here IRL.

2006.12.20 2:35 am - Lists of fanlistings are addictive to wander... So, random updates in Links. XP

2006.12.08 3:55 am - Finally, Bite Griffon photos. Not that they're particularly good; why is the pretty fuzor camera-shy? ;-;

2006.12.01 1:44 am - December GET! Also, Hurricane Hawk photos and stats at the bottom of my good old Zoids List. ^^

2006.11.12 12:41 am - Gah! I accidentally uploaded a version of portal.htm that wasn't supposed to go up yet. >___>; So I fixed up the page that was gonna be there so there are no broken links... Now! Go! Download Shivers music!
...also, irregular broken-link-fixing here and there. o.o;;

2006.11.02 12:23 am - *falls over* SDGF29 scaps get! I dedicate all those Musha scaps to Kichiko and Hellcat.
You may also notice a couple new thingies in the menu, but first... *goes to get some sustenance*

2006.10.29 3:10 am - Some photos relating to the Bite Griffon -- since it's a gattai, its component Zoids are packaged separately in the box... kinda funky. (Yeah, this is the first fuzor I've bought. 6.6)
There'll be more photos as I assemble the other two Zoids. /o/
Also! SDGF ending #3 scaps get! And Genkimaru's eyecatch, too. ^^ I've got episode 29 all scapped, just need to pick and choose and then format...

2006.10.17 3:22 am - Bio Kentro photos :D It's a really neat kit!

2006.10.01 3:49 am - October GET! And various hit milestones, too. :D DArea.net's surpassed 3,000 unique visitors, 5,000 visits, and 100,000 hits (it's way bloated because of the scaps section XD) since it appeared in January 2005! Thanks for the interest! :D

In return y'all get a little PSP doodle. ;D

2006.09.16 1:36 am - so I noticed that the stats thingy my host has records what links/pages produce 404 errors. :< Hopefully there are far fewer 404s in the visitor's future (except in /SDGF/ because placeholder-and-otherwise-empty htms irritate me for some reason).

2006.09.06 1:25 am - fufufu, I have TOYS! FEAR ME! And check out the folder I'm uploading scans and photos to!

2006.09.04 1:47 am - zomg! Updates in the SDGF scaps! Episode 7 and first ending, and moved the eyecatches to their own page, since there are ones in the Japanese version that weren't used in the USA version. (shock!) Anyway, I haven't scapped them /yet/, but I will. e.e'

2006.08.23 8:27 pm - Holy crap I actually finished something. 2006.06 Flood photolog thing. Beware, it's h00g (1.28MB of thumbnails).
And I trimmed the updates, too. woo.

2006.08.19 7:32 pm - I noticed that the index page gets a heck of a lot more hits than anywhere else on the site (the SDGF sub-site is second! woo! :D), so I moved a few links here and adjusted stuff so it looks okay. ^^ (Yeah, I just saw "An Inconvenient Truth". Go seeee, if you haven't already. Or do something ecological, that works too. ;D)

Ooh, and Dimensionalarea.net's almost to 5,000 visits. :D It's currently at 4,741. It passed 100,000 /hits/ last month, due to the scaps and stuff. I'm not sure I ever expected I'd reach these numbers this fast! :D The stats have been recording since January 2005.

2006.07.19 11:44 pm - It's almost Otakon time. :D :D :D :D oh yes, and updates to the SDGF section too. ^__^

2006.07.15 7:44 pm - and it's been even longer since I updated the M3 BBoard Archive. But I'm working on it today/tonight, and also logging the Global Science & Technology Expo. :D

2006.06.27 3:40 am - ...woah, it's been awhile since my last front-page edit. SDGF Episode 6 scaps exist. I went a little scap-happy, there's a lot...

2006.06.03 11:40 pm - I assembled my Hound Soldier, added its stats to the list, no photos (yet). It's not exactly a new or unknown kit. n.n But it is cool! Get one~

2006.05.24 3:56 am - I got my HobbyLinkJapan box! \o/ Three issues of Dengeki Hobby Magazine and three (four, really) Zoids; Bio Raptor Gui, Hound Soldier (Genesis version) and the Raptojaguar Starter Box. :D The Starter Box comes with two Zoids, and I assembled both of them today, so have photos and stuff!
The Zoids_list was updated, too. Why can't I find the Raptojaguar's type? And why does the Spear Wing have no stats, only a type? O.o;

2006.05.22 6:24 pm - SDGF Episode 5 scaps. o/

2006.05.20 7:18 am - I assembled a Gravity Ptera a couple days ago, the zoids_list now has its stats. :3 It's a relatively little-known Zoid, so I dropped some photos here.

2006.05.18 11:06 pm - added menu links to the Stardroid and SDGF fansites finally. XP And updated Art.

2006.05.15 11:01 pm - Added a bunch of fanlistings, in the Links page (not to mention adjusting the page's layout, plus a random link or two); fixed Big O's link. The Shaman King one seems to be down. =(
And look! The title image is back from a site-version or two ago.

2006.05.10 1:20 am - Stuff occurs.. really! It does! SDGF ep4 scaps, for one, and random stuff in the SDGF fan-subsite, too. I've also got Fantastic Children vol1, so I'll scap it sometime. :>

2006.03.18 5:35 am - SDGF episodes 2 and 3 scaps~

2006.03.01 3:14 pm - More stuff! This time it's just sitestats notes that I want to write down somewhere. ;)
Total hits from January 2005 to January 2006 is 14,214... Total hits in February 2006 is 18,146. XD
And I've also /finally/ broken 1GB of total bandwidth. ;) It only took a year and a month!

2006.02.10 4:30 am - Heeeey. Stuff occurs!
SDGF episode 1 scaps
Art, secondary archive to my DevArt gallery.
Fantastic Children DVD volume 1 is up for preorder on Amazon. Normal edition - Special edition (comes with the OST, which is supposed to also include the timeline thing the japanese-version OST has. woo!) </favored show pimping>

2005.12.30 5:14 am - Gil Dragon for the win!

2005.12.28 4:46 am - Updated my Zoids list...

2005.12.24 8:48 pm - Suddenly realized I never added the CDAccess.com link to the RAMA page; that's fixed now!

2005.12.17 11:41 pm - Arr. Updated the M3 BBoard archive after ages. e.e also altered formatting a bit on the string theory paper in Myfiles and updated my Zoids List.
...Oh wow, after taking random look at my site's stats, it's up to 10,428 hits this year! :O (What'd I do in August, my hits doubled that month.. *tries to remember*) Also, it's at 1,282 visits and 777 unique visitors since January '05, which is when I got this domain. :D

I'll toss up some other random stats from this month: 1,008 hits were from Windows users, 30 from Macintosh, 23 from Linux, and 22 "unknown" (at least three of which had quasi-IDs as bots).

530 hits (48.9%) were from Mozilla (which includes Firefox); 499 from IE, 18 from more "unknown", 11 Opera, 9 Safari, 8 Netscape, 7 Konqueror, and 1 from a PDA/Phone browser called WebCollage.

At some point, I'm going to upload a list of searchphrases that somehow got my site, it's really funny. (To me at least. XP)

2005.12.12 5:33 pm - Back from PhilCon~
Also, cropped off update notes on here that were older than three months. This page is starting to get a bit long for my liking. :P

2005.12.08 12:36 am - (wow, it's only been three days since my last update? Time is slowing down.. >.> <.<)
Small changes to JazzMUSH infodoc and newsfiles.
Leaving for Philcon in nine hours~

2005.12.05 4:20 am - Legacy page altered a bit, tossed up a song I ripped from it.. Finished playing Legacy, too. ^_^
Also finished watching an anime by the name of Fantastic Children, as well. I'm plotting a fanpage for it here.. I even have a nifty idea for a layout, which would be easier to accomplish than the nifty layout idea I have for the SDGF page. >.>;

2005.11.28 2:38 am - Zoids Legacy page updated~! I've been playing a lot of it, I think I'm nearing the end! /o/

2005.11.17 12:35 am - SDGF 21 ("Awakening! Feather Dragon") scaps! Hope you like the Lacroan cast.. ^^;;
Also got screenshots from a couple levels of Unreal Tournament 2004, and modified some stuff on the main scaps page.

2005.11.12 6:19 am - SDGF 20 ("Fenn's Disaster") scaps. Yay Tallgeese! \o/

2005.11.09 1:06 am - updated Portal index. 6.6 Pondering SDGF page's layout. Woo~
Was sick yesterday, and now I'm 10k behind on NaNo. Go me! ^___^;

2005.11.06 6:36 am - Fanlistings ahoy!
Also, I will indulge my fangirlishness and link these:
SD Gundam Force USA Opening theme, and the ending theme.
Downloaded a couple programs just so I could rip those songs. X) I'm making a fansite for it, too, it'll be up bits and pieces at a time...

2005.11.04 6:40 am - minor updates to Myfiles index, added a NaNoWriMo Index Page, with some art and a link to an empty page that will someday have my novel in it. XP

2005.10.29 7:13 pm - Here's what I've been up to~:
Scaps, screenshots from shows and stuff. So far, it has SD Gundam Force 19.
M3 BBoard Archive
I'm going to be in NaNoWriMo this November, so... stuff.. yesh! I might put up my novel here. Maybe. Perhaps.

2005.10.04 6:41 pm - ZOMG front page update! I put the RAMA mp3s up for separate downloads in addition to the zipfile, as some people have already found out. (Wow that was fast) X3 Also a bunch of updates to the M3 page, and to the JazzMUSH pages. (Yes, plural!)

2005.04.25 5:20 pm - I added a bunch of links to the links page. (No, I'm not telling what, go look for yourself. :D)

2005.03.30 12:56 am - RAMA music for the win!

2005.03.29 10:08 pm - Fixed some broken links in Zoids, updated the update notice on the JazzMUSH page, updated the Portal page in general. O_o
Pretty useless updates, in other words. ^^;

2005.03.03 8:46 pm - Nearly everything (only missing Quotes, I think, but I don't feel in a rush to put those back up) I had on the previous site that I wanted here /is/ here now. Yay!
Edit: Haha. It helps if one types their LJ link correctly~ *flee*

2005.01.16 4:53 am - I'm messing with the site design... I hope to do something cool, but I lack the technical knowledge to do anything. ;_; It's kind of depressing. Perhaps I'll just draw a design I like and find someone who can make it. ._o (You'll also notice the sidebar is full of broken links. That'll get fixed.)
In other news, M3 and the JazzMUSH information is up.

2005.01.10 5:07 pm - Well, new site, first paid host. Time to start porting stuff in. :o

Oh snap it's the placeholder page of doom!

2005.01.06 3:22am.
I am going to have fun with this, oh yes.

First need to settle in. First thing to go in will almost certainly be a wiki.

Temp links:
Cruithne (previous incarnation)
stardroidjupiter@gmail.com (email)