[InfraPink RAWs] SD Gundam Collection Box

Unlike the SDGF project, these will only come in High Quality -- I mean, seriously, some of these episodes are 50% of DVD quality at 25MB. :D

You may also be interested in my review of the SD Gundam Collection Box over at the SDGF subsite. :3

MK-I episode 1 Will Gundam Stand Up?! "Mobile Suit Gundam" (0079) summarized. 95MB Mega.nz
MK-I episode 2 The Menace of Zeon Hotel?
Orders for Destruction of the Gundam Pension!!
The three main pilots -- Amuro, Camille and Judau -- run beachside hotels, but the Zeon Hotel is watching from further inland... 95MB Mega.nz
MK-I episode 3 SD Olympics! The Stadium Filled with Laughs The cast and mobile suits compete in physical challenges! 95MB Mega.nz
MK-II episode 1 The Rolling Colony Affair An eventful night at the space nightclub. 140MB Mega.nz
MK-II episode 2 Original Gundam: Lost Scenes "I am Gundam!" 30MB Mega.nz
MK-II episode 3 Gundam Densetsu In which Gundam becomes a standard RPG. 150MB Mega.nz
Mobile Suit SD Gundam's
Counterattack (part 1)
The Calamitous School Festival Zeon are now the Mean Girls at School. The Feddies are punk kids from the bad part of town. Trouble is coming. 125MB Mega.nz
Mobile Suit SD Gundam's
Counterattack (part 2)
SD Sengokuden: The Violently Final Chapter of the Sky Castle In the name of uniting (or destroying?) the land under one banner, who will succeed in controlling the Sky Castle? 125MB Mega.nz
MK-III episode 1 Mysteries of Space & An Epic Battle See! the mysteries of space! Hear! the sound of butterfly hunting go awry! Feel! the spaceship fall apart around you! Oh, wait... 109MB Mega.nz
MK-III episode 2 SD Sengokuden: Ninja Battle at Zuum City Mushas! Ninjas! No Cobramaru, though. Alas. 109MB Mega.nz
MK-III episode 3 (part 1) SD Sengokuden: The Scroll of Heaven Three and a half minutes of very minimal animation. 's neat though. 34MB .zipped together:
P1&2 - Mega.nz
MK-III episode 3 (part 2) SD Sengokuden: The Scroll of Earth Continued! 34MB
MK-III episode 3 (part 3) SD Sengokuden: The Scroll of Truth Continued! 35MB P3&4 - Mega.nz
MK-III episode 3 (part 4) SD Sengokuden: The Scroll of Reason Concluded! 35MB
MK-IV A Dreamlike Maronsha Trip to Space A bit of tourism goes awry. 154MB Mega.nz
MK-V episode 1 A Miracle of Re-GZ the Shipper The illustrious trucker Re-GZ takes on his most dangerous task yet. 99MB Mega.nz
MK-V episode 2 SD Sengokuden: The Ghostbusting Five-Gundam Team Something's up in the town of Jaburo, and it's up to the team to figure it out. 124MB Mega.nz
MK-V episode 3 (part 1) SD Gundam: Pikirientapooresu A strange planet, a strange adventure.
On the DVD, this plays before ep1.
25MB .zipped together:
MK-V episode 3 (part 2) SD Gundam: Pikirientapooresu On the DVD, this plays before ep2. 25MB
MK-V episode 3 (part 3) SD Gundam: Pikirientapooresu This part finishes Disc 2. 25MB
Gaiden episode 1 Lacroan Hero In which the legendary Gundam appears -- but in two forms, one good and one evil! 295MB Mega.nz
Gaiden episode 2 The Legendary Giant Satan Gundam is done for, but the troubles aren't over yet. 295MB Mega.nz
Gaiden episode 3 The Algus Knights Knight Amuro's walkabout leads to his discovery of the Albus Knights, a group of Gundams... 295MB Mega.nz
Gaiden episode 4 The Knight of Light The true orchestrating evil shows itself. 295MB Mega.nz
- Musha, Knight & Command:
SD Gundam Emergency Sortie
Crossover of doom! Precipitating SD Gundam Force? 135MB Mega.nz
- Dawn of Papal Chapter 103: Suginamu no Hanayome This looks really cool, I wish there was more of it D: A pilot episode for a show that was never picked up. 145MB Mega.nz
Matsuri (part 1) SD Commando Battle Report: Gundam Force Super G-Arms ~ Final Formula VS Norm Gather Commando animated! 109MB Mega.nz
Matsuri (part 2) SD Sengokuden: Halcyon Times of Peace Quiet days in Ark.. But not for the Daishogun, he just doesn't get a break. 109MB Mega.nz
Matsuri (part 3) SD Gundam Gaiden: Saga of the Holy Mecha Army In which Lacroa proves it can take care of itself even without Knight Gundam! :o
The three parts together will fill one CD.
465MB Mega.nz
Bonus Feature SD Gundam H: Past, Present and Future Summary of SD Gundam's history.
...I kind of encoded it on the LQ side, but it should be acceptable.
75MB .zipped together:
Bonus Feature Many Things SD Gundam (part 1) I don't know what this is, but I want to see it subbed. 9MB
Bonus Feature Many Things SD Gundam (part 2) See above! 9MB
Bonus Feature "Mobile Suit SD Gundam Matsuri" Theater Preview Trailer! 5MB