[InfraPink RAWs] SD Gundam Force

Japanese-language RAW episodes of the latter half of the series!

'HQ' (High Quality) means 640x480 resolution, 128 kbps CBR audio, and a filesize target of 233 MB.
'LQ' (Low Quality) means 352x272 resolution, 64 kbps CBR audio, and a filesize target of 95 MB.

Both versions are encoded with the XviD video codec, and audio is MP3. If you need it, you can download the XviD codec here, or download the CCCP, which contains the XviD codec among many others commonly used by anime distributers, here.

Encoded episodes are also shared on Shareaza, by Tigeron Starfire! So if you happen to have that program, you can leech them from him. ^^

Now available as a Torrent that includes HQ episodes of the following:

There's also the Collection Box set that came out in 2008, which has bonus features: