[InfraPink Updates]

2009.05.09: As you may have noticed, I've got some virus troubles going on... Working with my host to deal with it.
Leechers may want to scan stuff they get here until it's been cleared out.
Sorry 'bout the lack of updates, all of a sudden I just didn't feel like it... I'm thinking of doing some scanning once this virus mess is dealt with.

2009.01.15: Happy New Year, guys, and here's the completed Advance of Z Volume 4 translation by AthrunZERO! C:
PDF of AoZ4 (raw) by itself: here
PDF translation script: here or MegaUpload
PDFs of both!: MegaUpload

As you can see, I'm mostly done with the re-making of the indices. c: I like this more, but I still want to tweak it.

2008.12.29: Hey guys, I finally finished uploading the third part of SD Gundam Matsuri; snag it here!
It's very large (almost 500MB), so I split it into chunks of 75MB (plus one 25MB chunk). The program I used to split it is HJ Split, and I believe you need to use the same to stitch the files back together. It's very simple and has no malware, so don't fear it. ^^
If you absolutely can't stitch it, you can get the unsplit version from my fserv in IRC.

2008.12.27, cont2: Oh wow, did you notice that IP's two-year anniversary was in October? Because I didn't. Crikey. =o
Also, SDGF 27, 28 & 38 (japanese raw LQ) are back up.

2008.12.27, cont: ALSO. Gonna reorganize the 'Current Projects' box, because it kind of... lies. Also giving AoZ its own index file, etc.

I.. I totally forgot that I still had SDGF uploads not on here or MegaUpload! So, um, thanks random guy who poked me in IRC. :D I'm reuploading those episodes now!
So far: 32.

2008.12.01: Prefer your AoZ4 in PDF form? AthrunZERO delivers! (72MB)
His translation chugs along: Chapters 34 through 42 are done now (there's a ton of text so it takes a while).
Alternate links:
ch34-42 translation (MegaUpload)
translation & PDF of Vol.4 (MegaUpload)

2008.10.12: Advance of Z Volume 4, Chapter 48: Part 1 (35MB) - Part 2 (33MB). I split it due to its size (67MB :O!). You don't need a recombining application for these, just unzip them normally.

2008.10.10: Errr oh well. XD; Chapter 47!

2008.10.04: Chapter 45 yessss I am still on schedule

ETA: Chapter 46 -- Here's tomorrow's chapter... today! I may be going out tomorrow, so I figured I'd do it now.

2008.10.03: Chapter 43 and I added the last two volumes of "Tekkon!! Zoids Core Battle" to Books since I forgot to before. =O

Also! Please cast a vote in my poll to help me decide what to finish scanning next. ^^ If you can't vote in the poll itself, you can leave an anonycomment on the entry itself.

ETA: Chapter 44~

2008.10.02: Ah well. Chapter 42
Soon I'll get the new volume of SD Gundam Sangokuden :3

2008.10.01: Chapter 41! I'll try to finish 42 later today.

2008.09.29: Chapter 40!

2008.09.28: Chapter 39! I'm aiming to finish AoZ volume 4 before NaNoWriMo starts. ^^

2008.09.27: ufufufu
Chapter 38!

2008.09.15: Please forgive the ultra-delay :( Gundam Advance of Z:
Chapter 35Chapter 36Chapter 37

Also, Nyanko The Music (85MB), the soundtrack for "Nyanko The Movie" and "Nyanko The Movie 2" -- cute japanese cat movies :3

2008.07.31: AthrunZERO translated ch34 c:
Translation, raw chapter in PDF, or both on MegaUpload~
The site's been very slow lately... sorry 'bout that, don't know what's causing it.

2008.07.18: Phew, after *even more* connection troubles, I present links to:
• AthrunZERO's translation of the SD Gundam Force Encyclopedia/Databook: Translation PDF, raw PDF of the book, or both on RapidShare c:
Advance of Z Volume 4, Chapter 34 RAW C: (I also added slots for Musha Banchou vol4, Sangokuden v1 & v2, yay!)
• I'm not entirely sure what to do about the final 465MB part of the SD Gundam Collection Box. I -could- upload it to MegaUpload, but I remember the days when 230MB took 10+ hours (and then died at the 93% mark).
Maybe I'll make up for it sometime by making a .torrent.

2008.06.25: More SDGundam uploads

2008.06.20: AoZ4 gotten! Next is scanning it... So many pages...
Also, all of the SD Gundam Collection Box has been encoded. :3 Uploading in progress~

2008.05.30: Ordered my copy of AoZ Manga Volume 4 :9

2008.05.28: Uploaded MK-IV and MK-V~ Check it out. Time for some more rip/encoding, which I can do sooner than I anticipated thanks the weather cooling off. :O

2008.05.24: Wow, lost track of time there.. All of MK-III is up at the SDG Collection Box page. Enjoy~

2008.05.10: ugh I have been like one big headache for past two days
SD Gundam's Counterattack - Part 1 - Part 2

2008.05.07: AthrunZERO returns with links to AoZ photonovel and data collections:
volume 0 (at Uploaded.to or Rapidshare);
volumes 1-3 with some extra stuff (at Uploaded.to or Rapidshare);
volumes 4-5 with HGUC Guide Book (at Uploaded.to or Rapidshare)
Know that these were scanned by jpsfmuseum.com, not I ^^;; (I'd make that a link, but it doesn't seem to exist? How odd.)

SDGCB: MK-II episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3. :3

Another thing, just to be clear: I do not plan on releasing rips of the english SDGF season 2 episodes; buy them!
I will leave the LQ japanese episodes up here for the curious. HQ episodes will stay on my IRC fileserver. :3

SD Gundam Collection Box page :3
Up so far are Mk-I episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3.

2008.04.28: AthrunZero strikes back with 25-MB PDF version of SD Gundam Force Gaiden and SDGF Gaiden translation script! Alternatively, you can get them together at uploaded.to or Rapidshare.
I think I will devote next month to true scanlation, putting the text on the page. :3

Remember Gundam Evolve #14? It had super shiny SD Gundams! AthrunZero's translated the script of the episode and included scans of the booklet that came with it too! (two PDFs, 500kb; alternate download sites at Rapidshare and MegaUpload)

AoZ fans, AthrunZero also uploaded the Visual Artbook Vol.0: you can get it at uploaded.to or Rapidshare, whichever you prefer.

Also, zeonic-corps is picking up the AoZ manga, using my raws and AthrunZero's translations, so you may want to stalk them. :3

Crap I still haven't finished the old!SD Gundam encodes. D8 I SUCK.

2008.04.04: AoZ Volume 3 raw PDF (52MB) & AthrunZero's translation of Volume 3 (text-only, PDF) (199kb) :D

2008.04.02: Those of you watching me for SD Gundam stuff, you may want to check the current news at the Mana Archive -- just posted a big linkdump of old-SDG fansubs uploaded by AthrunZero. :3

Here's some new and shiny for y'all -- AthrunZero also did translations for volumes 1 & 2 of AoZ, as well as making the raw volumes into PDFs, which are considerably smaller than my PNGs. :D
Volume 1
- PDF (53MB)
- Translation (text-only) (206KB)

Volume 2
- PDF (44MB)
- Translation (text-only) (206KB)

I'll edit scripts onto the png's... eventually :3;;;

2008.03.06: AoZ volume 3! My beta-checker was devoured by WoW, so... I'm pretty sure there aren't any terrible errors with the packs, but in case there are, please email me about it!
Links here and here. That's all of there is of the manga! :<

I said I was gonna encode Old!SDGundam raws, didn't I? And then I was completely distracted by AoZ!
I'll, uh, work on that now. 8D

2008.02.03: oh hai :D
AoZ Volume 2 links be here, or if you prefer the root directory, over here!

2008.01.21: OH HAI. :D
Since batched updates seem to be more well received I'll wait until AoZ's volume 2 is done before uploading -- don't worry, I'm nearly done rotating the scans, and the cropping is usually pretty quick (despite it being more work, go figure). :3

Chapter 1 plus covers, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapters 6, 7, and Bonus Pages!

If you're not a fan of SDGF I don't really recommend downloading it, since the art's... not so awesome. Go get an episode or two instead! But if you -are- a fan, snag away; even untranslated you can see backstory unmentioned in the anime. c:

Here's to hoping my site doesn't get nuked.^^;

2007.12.30: HELLO
Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11+endpages. That's all of volume 1!

AoZ Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6.

2007.12.22: AoZ chapter 3 raw~

2007.12.20: AoZ chapter 2 raw~

2007.12.18: Advance of Z volume 1 chapter 1+covers RAW, high quality, it's a Gundam manga ;D It's neat~ 43MB.

2007.12.13: AthrunZero mirrored the SDGF OST: Part 1 and Part 2 on Rapidshare;
Part 1 and Part 2 on MegaUpload. :3
Also, I updated the tracklist with tips from AthrunZero; they're listed in this readme if you want to change them :3

2007.12.10: Removed the anonymizer on the video links -- the domain died. Very sad. Meanwhile, SD Gundam Collection Box Overview & scans~

2007.12.04: Here's the SDGF OST. :3

2007.12.03: Upload spree GO
33, 51, 52; SDGF OST later!
ALSO! I preordered the SD Gundam Collection Box months and months ago, just got it a few days ago, and am almost done scanning it; then I'll rip + encode it (and scap it, too). Watch this space for HQ old!SD Gundam raws~

2007.10.18: 49 and 50~

2007.10.15: Added an anonymizer to the video links, don't fret about it. ;3
Also removed the GoogleVideo link to ep44, it got nixed. :( Otherwise, 47 and 48!
Also, if you're a fan of The Last Unicorn movie, you may be interested in its OST, which I recently got and ripped. :3

2007.10.08: 44, 45 and 46~

2007.09.17: 43 (and 42, since I somehow skipped over its mention here), and reuploaded 30 since its BigUpload link died.

2007.08.31: 40 and 41 -- cheers~

2007.08.29: 37 and 39 -- 38's link at Mihd still works. ^.^

2007.08.28: Just 36 tonight -- I watched Akira Kurosawa's "Ran" tonight, it took up my time with its awesome ^.^

2007.08.27: Re-uploading is so much simpler when I'm not hunting for a place that will let me upload! 34 and 35~

2007.08.26: LQ29 and 31 are back up. C: Yay for MegaUpload! It does not fail me. <3

2007.08.12: Booooooooooooks
My connection is too unstable at the moment to upload anything, but there's a link to the raw scans of the SDGF Databook so enjoy those~
In the meantime, think I'll do some scanning and cleaning. :3c

2007.08.09: There were some missing links in the Lyrics Index, so I fixed that. xD (globe's SWEET PAIN and JAM Project's Kurenai NO Kiba)

2007.08.06: Attack of the lyrics! From Fantastic Children, "Mizu no Madoromi" and both versions of "Fuyuu Yume". From Zoids Dash, "Hitomi Sorasazu... Hora"; from Choujyuujin Gravion, "Enkou Gasshin! SOL GRAVION!!" and "Kurenai NO Kiba"; Kikaider the Animation's "Destiny"; and Rockman X6's "I.D.E.A. ~Boku wa Mainichi, Yume o Miru~" (one of my favorite songs <3) and "FRISBEE"
Also! LQ28. You would have had 29, but internets are conspiring against me. Nowhere I try to upload it, will it appear! D<

2007.08.05: Lyrics for SHUFFLE! opening & ending theme singles are up :3 YOU, COLORFUL, innocence and Time has come.

2007.07.26: OMG I AM BACK
27LQ is back up, and I'm re-trying with Mihd.net, since BigUpload seems to have gotten wise to my plans. D;
"pray" from SHUFFLE! now has a translation! :D I dunno how accurate it is, because... I don't know enough Japanese to check my own translation XD; It's my first song-translation~

2007.07.17: I'll be back after Otakon! I mean, for reals. I'll do stuff.
Honest! D:
In the meantime, I moved the IRC channel to SynIRC [ irc.synirc.net ], due to strife amongst the ZiRC network admin. It's all wtf, so I won't get into it here.

2007.06.22: 32 and 33 are back up, and I did lyrics for "cream" from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

2007.06.19: 31's back up, and so is a mirror of 30, because I can't read filenames :D;

2007.06.18: 30's back up

2007.06.08: Er.. okay, that took longer than I meant to ^^; But new links for 28 & 29 are up~
I also uploaded lyrics for Sia's theme, Freedom, from Shuffle! :3

2007.05.22: I live, I'm just... drifty. I cleared out the SDGF page of broken links >.< Kudos to Tenshi-san and RW for pointing them out D:
I'll re-upload soonlike. Don't forget you can also leech them from me on IRC; directions are to the lower-left!

2007.05.04: More lyrics ^.^; All Shuffle for now, but I have a backlog of random others sitting in my IP folder. :3;

2007.04.25: Or.. not.. XD; Darn Google, getting quick on the uptake!

2007.04.24: Guiled-Dragon mirrored ep44 on GoogleVideo, if'n you want to see it there. ^.^

2007.04.22: Taiyou ni Kogarete lyrics (that's the third OP of SDGF)

2007.04.19: 51 and 52 are up! Enjoy!!

2007.04.18: 27 & 28 have working links now. n_n I'll upload 51 & 52 tomorrow/after-sleep.

2007.04.16: Fixed some broken links =O (SDGF29-31, will reupload 27 & 28 later)

2007.04.13: Gomen on the delay... my last cat died.
In other news, Fantastic Children music data, because I am quite fond of that series. There's lyrics for the TV-size themes and the Russian version of "Mizu no Madoromi". :3
...I'll get back to SDGF stuff in a day or two. I think I'll upload the last two eps together.

2007.04.04: LQ50, we're almost done!

strong>2007.03.28: LQ49~ >:3

2007.03.21: LQ48!!
Also, -points to Projectlist- mini-comic scanses! ^-^

2007.03.14: LQ47~

2007.03.06: LQ46~ also me friend op1 mirrored 40-42 on GoogleVideo, so check 'em out if you had trouble downloading them. :3

2007.03.02: LQ45! Also I transcripted lyrics for two of my favorite songs, JAM Project's SKILL and FOREVER & EVER. :3

2007.02.23: LQ44 on BigUpload or zUpload, which un-broke! Yay! Just in time for GoogleVideo to decide it hates me. c.c;

2007.02.20: RAWR! 29 got nuked off GoogleVideo >O
So um, removed the link. Blast. >/
In better news, I finished scanning SDGF Gaiden. Just need to clean up the scans. n.n

2007.02.19: SDGF LQ43 is up on both BigUpload and GoogleVideo~ LQ29 is on GoogleVideo now too n.n
Also, lots of globe lyrics and lyrics for the Zoids Fuzors themes, enemy of life (the opening) and self control 2004 (the ending)~

2007.02.12, cont.: Well.. dang. D: The Sendspace link for 42 dieded. Now we try BigUpload!
Anyway, the aforementioned "more": Lyrics are addictive to do. So, have an index of the ones I've transcripted so far!

2007.02.12: LAG
...I mean, er, right.
SDGF Episode 42LQ!
More after sleep.

2007.02.06: Updated the GARO pages with lyrics n.n Haven't finished cleaning up the album scans, so can't post them yet. XP

2007.01.31: LQ41 is up on Uploading. n.n I zipped it, so hopefully it'll come through allright, for those who're having troubles with it? O.o;;

2007.01.26: LQ28 is on GoogleVideo now! Hopefully it won't get nuked too soon.
Edit, again: LQ38 has a mirror now, on a different filehost, Mihd.net. Lemme know if there are any problems with it, k? :o

2007.01.26: LQ40 is up! I think zUpload is indefinately broken...
Also I've added the GARO Music Page, which so far consists of tracklists and links to their CDJapan pages. I'm not very confident in a fair number of the tracktitle translations. :<;; I found and fixed a few errors as I was making that page... >.<! But ultimately, I'd love to include transcriptions/lations for the song lyrics, the booklet, in addition to album scans and downloads. :3
Right now, it's just lists; links in a bit, I want to sleep soon.
Feedback and pointers are very welcome! You can email or post it somewhere on this forum! I'm a noobie translator, I'll take all the help I can get. :3;;

2007.01.21: Oh hey, I forgot about GoogleVideo. I'll link uploads there, too! (Since I'm cross-posting the eps -- such as 27 -- there for a friend anyway xD)

2007.01.18: LQ39~

2007.01.10: LQ38 is up

2007.01.03: yay 2007~ LQ37 get n.n

2006.12.26: LQ36~

2006.12.22: LQ35~

2006.12.17: LQ34. *stabs headaches*

2006.12.06: LQ33~

2006.12.01: LQ32 is up! I'm trying Uploading.com now, instead of Rapidshare. Feedback welcome. =O

2006.11.22: THERE! 27-52 are available on IRC =D There's Rapidshare links for LQ27-31, too~

2006.11.12: 44 in IRC get~

2006.11.11: 43 in IRC

2006.11.10: 42 in IRC~

2006.11.09: 41 got, in IRC~

2006.11.08: LQ31 on Rapidshare get~ and HQ40 on IRC!
I also altered the layout of the SDGF page a bit, so now it's more aesthetic (to my eyes at least).

2006.11.07: Encoded episodes up to 39. :O

2006.11.04: Encoded episodes are now up to 37~

2006.11.02: I've encoded HQ up to 34~ and there's a Rapidshare link for LQ30, now, too!

2006.10.28: Both HQ and LQ versions of 30 & 31 are available in IRC. :3 Tigeron Starfire's also sharing them on Shareaza!

2006.10.24: Site GET!
Note that any non-AVI-related things are delayed until I register my copy of NJStar, and acquire duplicates of the newer manga...
Edit- HQ ep 30 get (on IRC)~