JazzMUSH doesn't actually exist yet; it's a project started by myself, Talec, and so far DDay Leximancer and I are the only ones working on it. (That I know of, at least... >_> <_<) The theme is based on Jazz Jackrabbit, but most of it is borrowed liberally from past exploits of the Jazz community.

For now, this page will link to any information on the MUSH.


Any new threads will definately be linked.

Progress notes:

2008.06.12: o hai <3 My enforced vacation from the internet resulted in many things being made, like news and +help and finishing some code and adding some stuff. Right now I'm pondering combat code. Pretty much nothing has been added to this batch of pages though. D;

2005.12.08: Minor changes as I prepare stuff for printing to show while at Philcon..

2005.09.28: Hey, I know how to set up a MUSH now! So I updated some stuff here.

2005.01.16: Rawr. I have not forgotten about this. >:D Go read the InfoDoc.

2004.10.03: Random stuff, which currently consists of a design for the 'who' list, and a color example of the same test.

2004.09.26: Made a design for the newsfiles, and started writing a couple of them. ( link ) W00t.

2004.09.24 Progress: Conceptual. Working on the theme and the details of the IC universe, as well as the coded nature of the Holo-Arenas and non-arena fighting.

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