All current ideas are here. (That's why it's so freaking long. XD)

IC Information

Tenative Theme

By 'tenative,' I mean that I haven't kept up with the Jazz Jackrabbit fanfiction sub-community for 3+ years, and I haven't yet gotten in contact with the people whose posts I took material from to make this. Some of these events and information could just up and poof, if someone doesn't let me use their plot devices. More details and events will be added when I learn of them and think of ways to implement them -- I mean to post a thread on the Jazz Community Forums asking for ideas for history and future plots.

Ancient History

A spacefaring race for two thousand years, the Galactic Rabbit Empire spread throughout the galaxy like... well, rabbits. In the process, they amassed a sizable territory, as well making a few enemies... Most notably, the Turtles.

1,500 years ago, the Turtles gathered their conflicted world together enough to start a space-exploration program, which launched their first colony ships within a few years.

In the present day, they prefer to swipe other races' advancements and then retrofit it to their own technology; why reinvent the wheel when you can just steal it?

In the 2500's, the War Tavern is built as a bar and storytelling place. It quickly gains a reputation for attracting legends, and becomes one of the most popular locations on Carrotus with warriors, vagabonds, and rabbits of questionable repute.


In late April, an apparently military coup either kills or exiles the entire ruling class of Carrotus, and a new order is set up. Just what they intended to accomplish by the coup is not clear for several months, and business goes on as normally as can be expected.

But by October, the crime rate is noticably higher, and several investigations take place. While most turn up nothing solid, one somehow gets ahold of papers showing monetary transactions between the higher-ups and known Turtle accounts. That investigation is swiftly silenced, which of course only confirms suspicions among those who know about the find.


June: The Great Battle of Carrotus

(Quoted from the opening to the original War Tavern: Noogy Dodrill, a rumored legend, founded this large Clan in order to restore the galaxy to it's former order, after untold amounts of chaos had rained upon Carrotus for 20 years, including the great battle between Jackrabbit warriors and Turtle theives. Even after this great battle however, much in the land remained chaotic.)


The Clan of Dodrill is founded by the legend Noogy Dodrill to restore peace in the galaxy in the wake of the Great Battle of Carrotus.


Noogy disappears, and the clan disperses shortly thereafter.


A sudden attack destroys the Rabbit Central Protection Agency. While Turtle involvement is suspected, it's not confirmed until the previously unheard-of Devan Shell claims responsibility for the attack.

Carrotus and the more important Rabbit bases go on alert, but nothing more happens. The agency R.A.B.T. is built upon the ashes of the R.C.P.A. within two months, and business continues as usual.

The R.A.B.T. is considerably less-formally run than the older system, often hiring bounty hunters who have a clean enough background; one of the Agency's favorites for smaller missions is a hare by the name of Jazz Jackrabbit.


For the next few years, Devan Shell launches a few more attacks, seeming random, and many raids, both for supplies and for money.


The next step in Devan Shell's nefarious plan is kidnapping Eva Earlong, the Rabbit princess. It goes off without a hitch, and before they know it, the R.A.B.T. has a ransom note stuck to its front door.

This is disconcerting in more ways than one.

The R.A.B.T.-contracted bounty hunters were notified immediately, and Jazz is the first to take the job.

After chasing Turtle soldiers and agents across many different star systems, he finally catches up with Devan on his Twin Mega Battleships. Rather than fight Jazz himself, Devan sends out a giant grey superclone rabbit, which Jazz defeats. Eva is rescued, but Devan manages to escape.


After a year of staying out of sight, Devan resurfaces, stealing Eva's 12-carrot diamond with the intention of using it to complete his time machine. Queen Earlong imprisons Jazz for letting such a transgression of security occur, but Eva and Spaz, Jazz's younger brother, spring him free. Jazz and Spaz together search the galaxy for Devan, finally finding him on a hidden Turtle base-planet and defeating him. The time machine irreperably damaged and Devan seemingly buried in rocks, Jazz returns the diamond to Eva, they get (re)married, and all is well.

For a time.

Many heroes, villains, and inbetweens have arisen since those events. The galaxy is still a chaotic place, despite the best efforts of the Clan of Dodrill.

Current Date: My olde file suggested that 2788 = 1998, the date when I guessed the JJ2 board at Epic was created. 2788 = 2008 is fine too!


An eagle/turkey hybrid bred by turtles as a food supply. :O (They also inexplicably have a gun on their beak.)
Large, often stupid, and hungry, they offer themselves as mercenaries to anyone who'll have them. Their primary concern is filling their stomachs.
Another race that's into the mercenary business, they're cunning, good at negotiating a price, and the leaders can be quite charismatic.
("One was a Lizard by the same name, just pronounced differently, and the other was a black Rat. We couldn't even pronounce his name, being as Rat names usually consist of chattering, so we called him Rat." -- Bluez's story)
[Etc. Probably just tell people they can app whatever species they want as long as they can provide good enough justification. n.n;]


Letni (E2W1)
Technoir (E2W2)
Orbitus (E2W3)
Fanolint (E3W1)
Scraparap (E3W2)
Turtemple (E4W1)
Nippius (E4W2)
Jungrock (E4W3)
Marbelara (E5W1)
Sluggion (E5W2)
Dreempipes (E5W3)
Pezrock (E6W1)
Crysilis (E6W2)
Space City Carrotopolis
A good-sized space station somewhat like Babylon 5, except that it's more for trading then diplomacy.
It rotates to generate a false gravity (is it one of the oldest stations, then? They surely have gravity control by now), which means that the wall as seen from the outside is the floor inside. There are large scenic botanical gardens scattered throughout the station.
Icebox System
The third planet ('Icebox 3') in this system is a Turtle outpost.
Chelonia System
Chelonia IV is the planet that Dark Shell's fortress is in. A Damn-type (as in, the tileset from JJ2) world. [Wonder if the JJ2 planet is the same one. :O]
Taleus 7 Star Base
(From Buster's story; in the story, it's the Carrotus Alliance of Hunters' HQ. Hijacked by an evil rabbit named Malevolent, his plan backfired and he and the station were blasted off into the depths of space.)
(From Buster's story; a mage world. Made by Admael.)
(From Buster's story; Snowbunny homeworld.)
(From Buster's story; place where Buster's father fled to. The planet was captured by Devan. Likely Buster's name for the Holiday Hare planet.)
Station Z-Alpha
(From Buster's story; an intergalactic library space station.)
>Battle Server
The Battle Server is an always-up Arena, hosted by the mysterious The Server. [OOC: It'll be started once activity in the MUSH is underway. It needs preprogrammed anomalies. :>]
• A rare, randomized attack, perhaps phrased: "Out of nowhere, a bolt is fired at <name>!" and then there's a hitcheck. Or something. XD
>Chemical Warfare
A prototype Arena that was the location for the refinement of the HoloArenas' method of faking damage. [OOC: The Chemical Warfare server was originally a betatesting CTF server that hosted the Chemical Warfare level.]

Profiles / possible +finger design

/[center(%bJazz Jackrabbit%b,77,=)]\\

/=================================== Jazz ===================================\
   Race: Rabbit                        Character type: FC
   Gender: Male
   Association: Rabbit Empire
 Profile: A classic case of rags to riches, Jazz Jackrabbit was once a 
regular bounty hunter, the kind you could find in any bar. But there was one 
thing that set him apart from the regulars, and that was his devotion to doing 
the right thing, and it was this that made him take the job offered 

/==================================== Spaz ==================================\
   Race: Rabbit                        Character type: FC
   Gender: Male
   Association: Rabbit Empire


/================================ Eva Earlong ===============================\
   Race: Rabbit                        Character type: FC
   Gender: Female
   Association: Rabbit Empire



General Margsly
  In charge of R.A.B.T.; has quite a bit of experience in working with Jazz in 
  the past.

Zoe Cottontail
  Possibly a closet weapons specialist? Maybe was Jazz's girlfriend for a 
  time. (before Eva, natch. :P)
  She at least tries to be no-nonsense. Dunno how well she succeeds.

Professor Lapin
  So far sounds a lot like Prismatic Spider on M3 -- makes cool stuff and has 
  a dry sense of humor.

Devan Shell
  It seems that trying to conquer large pieces of the galaxy is an 'in' thing 
  for turtles to do once they get out of college. 

Dark Shell
  Devan's dad's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
  "Dark Shell lives on! MWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!"

-- Clan of Dodrill // The Legends // Unappable by normal means --

Noogy DethMan Merlin Alex of the Seven Seas Evil Bill Little is known about Evil Bill, even for a member of the Clan of Dodrill. Onag PaG Koopa /==================================== Jeh ===================================\ Race: Unknown Character type: TPC Gender: Male Association: Jeh Empire Quote: Profile: A myth to many, and the subject of many Illuminati-type conspiracies. Who can say what the truth behind the one known as "JEH" really is...? \============================================================================/ /================================ The Server ================================\ Race: Rabbit Character type: FC Gender: Male Association: Unknown Quote: Profile: \============================================================================/ <Template> /==================================== Spaz ==================================\ Race: Rabbit Character type: FC Gender: Male Association: Rabbit Empire Quote: Profile: \============================================================================/

Other Info

Carrotus Alliance of Hunters
A semi-organized group of bounty hunters. Occassionally employed by the R.A.B.T. Many freelance hunters and some clans look down on it for varying reasons.
Note that Jazz *isn't* a member.
R.C.P.A. / Rabbit Central Protection Agency
R.A.B.T. / Rabbit Agency of Better Technology
Originally, they were a network of R&D labs that occasionally hired mercs with clean backgrounds to do artifact-hunting for them; after the destruction of the R.C.P.A., the government [of where?] 'promoted' them into the R.C.P.A.'s role. General Margsly was sent over to keep an eye on things and make sure things were running smoothly.
The R.A.B.T. is not based on Carrotus (but does have several stations there), which was a contributing reason to make them the new Protection Agency.

OOC Information

coding base: PennMUSH

who layout

|  Name <Alias>            | Fac | Idle | Con | Location                     |
|  Jazz Jackrabbit <Jazz>    RE    1m     1h    Carrotus Castle - Entrance   |
|~~Spaz <>                   RE    15m    55m   Aviary                       |
|~~Devan Shell <Dev>         T     2m     10m   Hidden Turtle Base - Headqua |
| @poll                                                                      |
|--------- Players on:   3--- Total Ever:      3 ---Record On:  3 -----------|
| Date/time                       ///\\\                              Uptime |

clan info

Clans are organizations of varying cohesiveness, most often comprised of freelance warriors and bounty hunters. Not all are; some are groups of hackers, mages, technology developers, you name it, there's a clan for it, practically.

clan commands

These four commands are locked to the clanleader/s. They're also pretty much
+addmember <clan>=<character's name>

+delmember <clan>=<character's name>

+addleader <clan>=<character's name>

+delleader <clan>=<character's name>

These are open for anyone to use.
+clan <clanname/ID>
	Shows a list of everyone in the clan, whether they're online or not, 
	and rank. (If rank is used.)

	Shows a list of all the clans, divided into groups of 20 when there 
	gets to be more than that. (ie, +clanlist1, +clanlist2)
	Name of Clan	1 Leader of Clan	# of members	HA Rank

	'+clanlist A' would show you all clans whose names start with A. And 
	so on.

misc character info

Character Types
- OC: Original Characters. Player-created chars.
- FC: Feature Character. Characters from the games.
- TC: Theme Characters. OCs, both old and new, who fill thematic roles and aren't normally appable.

misc other info!

• Concept/Goal: A group -- community, I hope -- of people interested in this version of the Jazz Jackrabbit universe.

• Joining: A visitor may join as a Guest to check things out; that would be fairly normal as MUSHes go.
Someone who already knows they want to join can pcreate at the connect screen! There they may choose their @name, @sex, @desc and @shortdesc. Also in the create room is a reminder to read the policy/rules.
Now, once someone's created through the connect screen, they only have access to the OOC grid. In order to go IC, they need to send in an application, but in the meantime they can hang out OOCside and get a feel for the MUSH.
Hopefully, between the guest-accounts and this OOCside socialization, will allow people to decide on their characters more easily.
For those not familiar with apps, it means the MUSH provides a list of questions that a prospective player has to fill out and email to a specified address. There it will be reviewed by an admin and either accepted (whereupon a reply will be sent back with a password) or sent back with a reason/s why it wasn't immediately accepted and how to adjust the app so it will be.
The primary goal for the application process is to keep things from getting /too/ crazy/random (since, unlike in the JCF's War Tavern forum, this is just one universe) and to keep out trolls more easily. (Also gives the admin a better idea of who's running around the IC grid -- could make setting up plots easier.)

• Early Year/s: Have a quasi-IC beta stage, for people to come check out and to offer ideas (especially for building, I'm really lacking there)?

• Another idea: If a number of players have an idea for an alternate Jazz-universe, but don't want to set up their own MUSH (even if I gave them all of JazzMUSH's code and they had the know-how to install it, they'd still need a place to host it), a separate area could be created with a simplified grid, and people could take their characters there and/or on the main grid. It wouldn't be something done lightly, but if done well it could be quite a bit of fun. (And buildup for 'interdimensional' plots? Maybe.)

Plot Ideas

Multiple Combo Event-equivalent

MCEs are too cool of a thing in JJ2 to not include, so.. hmm.

Judgement Day

The original Judgement Day was a Players vs Programmers tournament/free-for-all that (I think) never occurred. But here, it can be a yearly Battle & Chase (@M3)-esque tourney.

Jeh Empire

Starting only as an Illuminati-type conspiracy that's been around as long as the MUSH.
DDay: Embed stuff like grafitti in the room descriptions, and mentions by the mobs... but no need to actually do anything with it unless someone wants the appropriate TP. >=) Mystery is fun.

The Dimensional Ripper
>>Object: D.Rip Gun

Starts with rumors of an immensely powerful gun being seen occasionally. While the earliest rumors speak only of amazing firepower, as the sightings increase, the rumors change to describe its strange warping capabilities.

Eventually, a PC -- could be anyone OOCly trusted not to abuse it -- ends up with the gun. I'm not sure what would happen after that. :D;


If we're gonna have the D.Rip gun, gotta have Warped in there somehow too. Going to have to find a way to make it so everyone can participate, though. (As opposed to just Dethman and Merlin, as in the original story.) Maybe have several large portals appear throughout the galaxy?

Clone Wars

Can't decide whether it should be a plot or a part of the theme... Plot would have a lot of clones. Mmhmm. Needs people good at posing for NPCs. The Grey Rabbit from JJ1 could return as a character. :o [Inspired by the Clone Wars thread on the JMMB.]

Progress Info

ZOMG, there's something in here now!
Simple list of what we've got so far
* A MUSH that works and has almost nothing in it. :) (PennMUSH v1.8.0 patchlevel 8)
** Bunches of newsfiles and +helpfiles -- most aren't HTML-ized yet. Still needs Consensual RP rules entries. I'm really pleased with the layout, though.
** Some random commands -- +finger/+ofinger, +time, +ooc (for talking), +who.
** Gathering notes for making a combat system.
** The War Tavern exists ;O