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New England

     The oldest of all the regions in the United States, New England is perhaps the area that is the greatest mixture of old and new. Bristling with the most MegaCities of any region in North America, New England MegaCities are an odd combination of advanced superstructures and ancient, carefully preserved historic buildings and monuments. Long standing traditions, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and an entire section of historic Boston, all remain as they have for centuries. Much of what was once suburban land, however, has been absorbed into the MegaCities and developed into what is now the large super-structures and modern buildings. A few wildlife parks are scattered between the vast cities, but most of the landscape has been absorbed into the cities. To the east, the fierce Atlantic Ocean extends out beyond the horizon.
     Of particular note is the remains of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fully half the city has been wiped from the map, a still-hot cauldron of ruined buildings and rubble, the crater and surrounding ruin having destroyed fully half the city, the rest of it shaken with the major earthquake the impact caused. Once a famous city, it is rapidly becoming little more than a ghost town as emergency workers struggle to reduce the impact of the asteroid on the area. In the hills outside the city, another crater from the second half of the asteroid rests, tended to just as feverishly.

 Kenichi Kurasuma [Y]
 Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro [Coat] [Y]

 G11 Mechanized Labor Convention
 The Boardwalk
 New York City

 Submerge <D>
:             Underneath Northern Atlantic
 East <E>:                 Northwestern Atlantic Ocean
 South <S>:                Eastern Seaboard
 West <W>:                 Midwest
 North <N>:                Quebec
 Up <U>:                   Sky Above Eastern United States

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Maiko Kamiya arrives from the Jersey Suburbs.
Maiko Kamiya has arrived.
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Thrash MacKenzie arrives from the Jersey Suburbs.
Thrash MacKenzie has arrived.
Thrash MacKenzie changes into her Thrasher armor.
Valkyrie arrives from the Midwest.
Valkyrie has arrived.
Ryujin has arrived.
Kenichi Kurasuma drops Ryujin.
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "My lucky charm."
Ryujin is no longer listening.

Boston! ...well, it certinly is a city! Takeshi Shinchiro stands on a rooftop, leering down at the bank across the street, while his arms peer over the area. "We seem to be secure. Ayin, how are those alarms going? I want no interfierence!" This is a big lie-Takeshi Shinchiro loves interfierence. Especialy when its a bank job. Still, he's senior staff, and tries to look like he knows what he's doing. "Are our Founding Fathers's masks ready?"

Unfortunately for Takeshi, a young student has seen the villain out of the corner of his eye. Fortunately for Takeshi, while she can dial 1-800-PIGS, she is likely too intoxicated to make a quick, efficent report to Interpol.

"Just about done.." The new Shadow Hunter hacker eyes the alarm's controls for a moment, and his eyes widen as he notices something he didn't see before. Ayin quickly disables the backup routine and checks it all twice again before finally pulling back. "There! It's out!"

        Ken can be seen standing in an alleyway near the bank, as he tries to remain unseen. Next too him is his chimera sidekick Ryujin the 1/2 dragon 1/2 wolf android. The two seems to make an inseparatable pair, though this mission would require Ken to move stealthily. Ryujin remains in the alley as Ken begins walking out towards the targeted bank.
        Though one wouldn't be able to see him as he slowly becomes invisible like those things from predator. He intends to get inside the building without being notice. Yet how would he accomplish this? Who knows, but his got something planned even if it isn't the most original of all tricks of stealth, but atleast it'll get him within the bank to perform whatever Tako would need him to do. Until he get's in he'll be thinking long and hard bout while standing across from the bank. While avoiding the passing pedestians as they go on their merrily way not knowing what is about to go down.

Kenichi Kurasuma activates his stealth mode.

        Back in the Bat Cave... er.... Checkpoint Charlie. Maiko is finishing up instructing one of her classes when the operators patch the drunken student's call about the Yakuza. She mentally runs through the schedule and finds that it is indeed her turn to respond. As such, she rushes towards the vehicle bay where the Rifle awaits.
        However, if there is one thing Maiko has learned from her last venture out, it is to always bring backup. It is the reason she is alive today and it gives her an excuse to call upon one of the newer and very active recruits, Thrash. She sends a quick radio transmission saying, "Laura MacKenzie? This is Maiko Kamiya. There were Yakuze spotted near Boston. I am requesting that you come as backup." She then enters the Rifle and heads towards the teleporters to get to Boston. She does not wait for a response though. She will get one when she gets one.

"Yakuza? Roger, Cap'n!" The Thrasher emerges from a teleportation pod alongside the Rifle, stomping out. She broadcasts over her vox, "This is Interpol! Make way, we've got a crime to stop!" The Thrasher jogs out of the teleporters as its heavy feet pound the duracrete, running down the streets in the direction of the bank. She broadcasts a siren sound effect, causing pedestrians to clear out to either side of the sidewalk ahead of her.

Valkyrie had just been content to glide around the city's skyline, taking in sights from up high. It's the sound of sirens that gets her attention, causing her to take up a circular pattern well above the Interpol armored pair, following above like an eye in the sky. She's not entirely sure where they're going, who they are, or what's going on, but it sure will be interesting to find out, so she's tailing them for now.

Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro smiles at the new Shadow Hunter Yakuza. He already likes him better than his predicessor. "Excelent. You get a ram chip." Tossing the robot a "cookie", Shinchiro adjusts his Ben Franklin mask into place, smileing as his vicious robotic arms move into position. "I'll make us an opening, yes?"

Shinchiro leaps into the air, his stained-red labcoat billowing as he, yes, twirls, spinning all six arms into some kind of crazy mad scientist top. He tears through the door, slamming into several security drones, and incapacitateing the Reploid guard in one fell swoop. "You know what they say about fools and their money? Consider yourselves fools, gentlewhatevers! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA-that means DROP YOUR VALUABLES, sassafrass! Seriously. Some people."

        Ken frowns at the good doctors, plan he thought they were gonna be doing stealth type stuff. Well he guess wrong, as he deactivates his stealth field he don's his George Washington Mask. He whistles and out of the ally runs his faithful companion. Ken leaps into the air and as he comes down he lands on Ryujin with perfect timing. Ken's coat tail is flying in the air as they move at decent speeds. As the two enter the building Ken flips off the chimera as it pounces on another guard. Ken land's on his feet and precedes to Kung-fu a few drones of his own. He even lifts the damaged bodies and project energy into them and hurl them at others like explosives. "Oh Yeah! This is pretty fun" shouts the ninja as he continues on with the robbery.

Kenichi Kurasuma deactivates his stealth mode.

Ayin blinks, hehs, catches the object tossed to him, and after peering at it for a second, tucks it away in subspace. He then watches Shinchiro bust into the place with all the finesse of a charging elephant, shrugs half-amusedly and pulls out an Alexander Hamilton mask. Why Hamilton? Well, why not? Donning the mask and retrieving his gun, he too dashes across the street and enters the building quickly.

[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro says, "Alexander Hamilton for the win."

As the Yakuza make their way into the bank, the Interpol officers are not too far behind. Maiko pursues in the Rifle, which is a more slender and smaller PA. She transmits on the interpersonal comm devices that the PA corps has, "Alright. We do not know the situation, as such, we will be careful in our actions until the Yakuza forces are fully understood." She slows down the Rifle as it approaches the door and tries to assess the situation as best as she can from the outside.

Careful in their actions? Bah, going out with command is such a drag. "Affirmative," Thrash's voice replies over the comm-unit. She skids to a halt infront of the bank, the Thrasher's hands balling into fists. It looks forward at the bank, range-finding the civilians inside as well as what she assumes are the targets.

Valkyrie doesn't seem to be getting interrupted, so she continues to fly over the Interpol pair, and sees where they stop. A bank. Hmm. Bank, plus they're in heavy weaponry, and sirens going...crime in progress? She pulls her spear off her back, and begins to descend towards them. " this what I think it is?", she asks the pair of them. Sounds rather playful, and is actually smiling despite the situation. Her descent is slow enough to not look like some sort of divebomb attempt, though. Not trying to look threatening.

Shinchiro seems, largely, to be letting people go after he's satisfied with their dropping of vaulables, stuffing wallets, jewlery, and signed baseball cards into an extra large pillowcase, then shoving said loot into his coat, rinseing and repeating. He makes a motion to the other Yakuza-cops are on the way, but dosen't turn around, continueing to collect while his partners figure around the vault. Why? Who knows. He is crazy. "I suguest you overfed SLUGS hurry with releaving yourselves of yon worldy posessions....I may not feel as, haha, charitable in a few moments."

Ayin walks a slow patrol around the room, keeping near the walls and eyeing the doors. Other than poking hesitant bank-goers (and even a few tellers) toward Shinchiro, he lets the man handle the general heisting.

You intercept a transmission to Zero: Valkyrie says, "I'm thinking of going there soon, you know."
You intercept a transmission to Valkyrie: Zero says, "For what?"
You intercept a transmission to Zero: Valkyrie says, "Helping, of course!"

        Ken doesn't spots the Interpollers as well as his robotic companion. They must have been too deep in the fighting, plus they seem to be walking over to the vault. They both walk over to the vault, while Ryu watches Ken's back. Slowly places his hands on the vault, he begins to hum as he feels around it. Then red light begins to form on the location his hands are touching. And in 4 quick blasts a hole can be seen within the vault. Allowing the others to get in and grab some bags. Though not after Ken's got his share, cause he owe O-Dog some money. Which he lost in a poker game a few nights back, but that irrelevant.

[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "Shinchiro, Kurasuma, I believe there is a Maverick Hunter nearby."
[Radio: (A) Main] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro transmits, "Onetwothree not it!"
[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "I think her name is Valkyrie.. I intercepted communications between her and Zero, -- *pauses at Shinchiro* -- seemed close by."
[Radio: (A) Main] Kenichi Kurasuma transmits, "Heh, nothing we can't handle right? I mean one lousy Maverick Hunter."
[Radio: (A) Main] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro transmits, "Oh, phew. One of the new ones. Concider this your bloodying, Ayin. I shall back you up, if your more subtle talents are needed for the vault. I also see two Interpol power armors walking towards us, because robot arms are awesome. Get ready."
[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "Well, I don't think you should assume that there is /only/ one. -- Allright."
[Radio: (A) Main] Kenichi Kurasuma sighs. "More interference."

Having taken a moment to look inside, Maiko turns her attention to Thrash and the new arrival. She is perplexed at this new person since she has not met her yet. She does answer the question calmly, "Yes, and there appears to be four individuals in there that are in charge of this. Who are you?" The Rifle's head then motions for Thrash to enter while Maiko deals with the newcomer.

The Thrasher nods, stomping through the high door (specially built for Reploids) into the bank. "Alright, punk," Laura says, as she points one of the Thrasher's fingers at Takeshi. "You freeze. Civilians, get the hell out of here, pronto. I'm with /Interpol/!" she exclaims, as heavy metal music begins pumping out of her power armor.

Valkyrie's answer is a rather warm one. "A friend of justice, of course!" And as Maiko and Thrash take their armored forms into the bank, she rides in behind them, spear held ready as she looks over the crowds and tries to find out who's doing what. Who's being robbed, who's fighting, who's robbing, all the important stuff. And after the Interpol call for surrender goes out, she points her spear at the distant Takeshi, "Ya hear what they're sayin'? They're helping you with your crossword puzzle. Six letter word for 'do not move'!" Very playful tone.

Takeshi raises his "normal" hands, turning around slowly. The John Adams mask keeps his goggles hidden, letting the doctor get a quick look over the agents involved. Darn. No Fairchild, no Blaksely. Well, murder could still work. Takeshi's grin twists, and the tiny edges of it actualy make it out from under said mask. "I'd like to, officers. I say I say I'd love to, officers..."

"But, well, I do not believe in lieing." Laughing like a laughing guy, Takeshi whips forward, leveling his right arm at Maiko's power armor. This wouldn't do much, except that Maiko's boss sort of chopped off Takeshi's arm, and he replaced it Vader-style. Which can make these things work a little better, in Shinchiro's experence.
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro strikes Maiko Kamiya with his Generic Melee attack.

Ayin was expecting them to come in any moment now.. Hoorah for intercepting conversations. He looks between the first power armor -- his ears twitch at the music -- and the female he guesses is the Hunter Valkyrie -- human? cyborg? robot? he can't remember at the moment -- briefly pondering who had the cheesier entrance. But as Shinchiro attacks the Armor, Ayin takes this as his cue and turns to Valkyrie. Wondering if he should be making some kind of snide comment first (hey, it's his first real battle!), he pulls up his Compressed-Energy Shield Gun.
You strike Valkyrie with a glancing hit from your Cesg Primary Fire attack.

        Ken was busy in the back grabbing some bags, that is before he heard some shots and Ryu's howl. He rushes back out with the bags and looks at the ineveitable battle thats taking place. He sighs as he draws his Parrying sword. While eying the opposition, "Hrm, three on three interesting." He assumes a firm combat stance as he whistles and soon enough Ryu begins rushing towards Thrash. Though it isn't a straight forward rush he leaps on the counter, then onto the left wall as he pounces towards the Armored Interpoller. Just as his companion leaps, he too goes running towards Thrash.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Thrash MacKenzie with his Ryujin Pounce attack.

The Thrasher gets lept upon by an angry...Dog robot dragon thing. Her armor is scratched, but the dense plating holds up. "Augh, get this thing off of me!" She grabs at Ryujin and attempts to throw it back at its master with a fling of a mighty arm. Civilians begin fleeing the bank as the fight breaks out, streaming past the power armors and Yakuza goons.
Kenichi Kurasuma deflects Battery from Thrash MacKenzie.

Valkyrie comes under fire, and apparently isn't all that swift while her pegasus isn't flying. The shot strikes cleanly against her chest armor, though it seems to hold up okay. "Ow!" Not a crippling blow, but hey, it did hurt. Not that she dwells on this long, laughing. "If you wanted to play fetch, you could just ask!" As others close in to fight the Interpol agents, Valkyrie's steed gallops past them, towards the one that shot her. Pointing her spear forward as she charges, a miniature tornado forms on its tip and fires horizontally at Ayin, intending to use incredible air pressure to make a few dents as she closes in.
Valkyrie strikes you with a glancing hit from her Mini-tornado attack for 4 units of damage.

As the Rifle is the last to enter, it finds itself assaulted by an arm from the Yakuza doctor. Given the short amount of time between the entrance and the attack, Maiko finds that she does not have time to really react before she finds herself pushed out again. She sighs, once again, disliking this machine that she is in, but then being reminded of Riot's lecture on how she should practice more with it. She hates it when other people are right on things like that.
One nice thing about the Rifle though, is that even though it is pushed outside, it has nice ranged weapons, or the gauss rifle which can be used in situations like this. She quickly unslings it and inserts a special cryo-round that is set to burst with liquid nitrogen on impact. Quick aim is taken but no words are spoken as the shot is fired.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Freeze Wave attack.

The wave impacts, covering Takeshi in a wave of deadly frost...which seems to, cuts and scrapes aside, not cause all that much pain to the yakuza loonie. "Brrr...they said you were the ice woman of your division, Ms. Kamiya, but I had no idea it was so...literal. What are you doing after the fight?"

Takeshi slinks forward-literarly, sliding and moving with his arms in the matter of the monstrocity Fairchild seemed fit to nickname him after. "You know what'd warm you up, chickita?" Three of the arms swing forward, in a vague "pummleing" motion. "Blunt trauma! Worked for Nana Shinchiro, works for me! Consider it an important first step in our relationship."
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro strikes Maiko Kamiya with his Armed Strike attack.

        Ken catches Ryu as he comes hurling towards him, the chimera can be hurl howling in midair. An hushes as his master catches him, the mouth of the George Washington Mask forms into a smile. Indicating the Yak's enjoyment of the battle, he drops Ryu and percedes to run towards Thrash once more. You'll think he was trying to ram the Interpoller that is until he comes to a halt and begins sliding. Though his free hand is position across his face diagonal as he was preparing to through something. As he comes to a complete halt his hand releases towards Thrash as he streams out loudly, "I hope you love a little game of Card." As the card goes flying towards Thrash he looks to Ryu, "Pal, look for a strategic location for our next maneuver." The android chimera complies as he leaps ontop of the desk watching the battles unfold.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Thrash MacKenzie with his Fabricated Card Toss attack.

Ayin blinks. He's pretty sure people who have just been shot don't normally laugh.. unless your attack was really rather weak. (Or they're insane, but he's pretty sure it's the former.) He was about to sigh at that thought when Valkyrie charges at him spear-first. He tries to duck aside -- he's gotten the impression that it's really not fun to be hit by blades -- but the miniature tornado surrounding the spear's edge has a wider reach than he anticipated, and is knocked to the ground... And, yes, gains a dent.

The cards stick into the armor of the Thrasher, sparks shooting forth from one of the cards as a capacitator is struck. Despite the minor power flux, the Thrasher is still very much operational. "Let's take this outside," Thrash suggests as her power armor sweeps out with a large hand, attempting to grab Kenichi and fling him outside in one smooth, scoop-and-toss motion.

Of course, she's throwing him straight at a wall.
Thrash MacKenzie strikes Kenichi Kurasuma with her Rust In Peace attack.

[OOC] Ayin is down for a moment that is long enough for Valkyrie to pose or make a speech or attack. ;)
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "That's not a stun, though. Don't you get a turn, Ayin?"
[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro says, "He could +generate, if he wants."

As the Rifle gets pummeled a bit, the gauss rifle is knocked out of its hands. However, that is not her main concern right now. Right now, she is trying to keep a level head and ignore what the Yakuza is saying. Despite the fact that it makes her sick to her stomach as well as makes her wonder why she seems to attract Yakuza or ex-Yakuza guys... she supresses these and inbetween blows the Rifle grabs one of the tantos from its hips and charges foward to try and slash an arm, a torso, a leg, whatever the blade can get a hold of. As she does this however, Maiko actually speaks in combat. He utters a single word with a cold edge to her voice, "No." If the blade does strike, the Doctor Tako will find the blade, like the bullets is cooled to a subzero temperature.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Tanto Slash attack.

[OOC] Ayin nods. I think he'd be knocked down long enough for Valkyrie to do something... doesn't even need to be an attack if you don't feel like it. :)

You forfeit a turn to charge WE.

Valkyrie continues to charge in, even as Ayin goes down. Apparently not the 'sporting' type, she presses the attack. Now that's she's in close enough to strike at him, she does so. Bringing her lance back, she then thrusts it down at Ayin while he's on the ground, trying to stab him through the chest and then her mount settles into a slow, trotting circle pattern, content to stay close to the fight for now and let its rider do battle up close. "Nice masks," she asks even as she makes her thrust, "Where'd you get them?"
Valkyrie strikes you with a minor hit from her Spear Strike attack for 10 units of damage.

"Iyeee!" Takeshi yipes, as the tanto cuts a long, frosty slash down his leg. His lower arms grip the ground, letting the doctor reposition himself, chuckleing. "D-did it! HA! I WIN THE POOL!" Shinchiro pumps his arms, John Adams's mask-face leering mockingly at Maiko. "So, what's my prize?"

Takeshi lunges forward, sending two arms directly at, he figures, would likely be a somewhat vulnerable spot, even if this isn't a cyborg he's fighting. "I'd make some lewed point but, well, really, homegrown Asian girls aren't my type. No hips, y'know? I've got alotta love, baby, and I don't want to break anything!" Shinchiro pauses, hrming over the subject, and shakes his head. "Nah."
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro strikes Maiko Kamiya with his Double Pummel attack.

        Ryu flinches as his pal, is slung right through a wall, ken can be heard screaming in pain. Just as he was gonna react he hears Ken yelling stand back. He just watches the battles to see how thing unfold. Ken on the other hand manages to break free from the wall and in doing so he sheaths the parrying sword and draws his Ornate beauty the Morph Murasame. "Your strong, very strong. I'll still prefer we settle this over a poker hand, but hey." he shrugs as he rushes towards the massive armor. His long katana flares a dark shade of red as he leaps in the air FF Dragoon style. The energy blade stabilizes and shifts forms to that of a lance as he tries to impale Thrashes armor.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Thrash MacKenzie with his Murasame Lance Stab attack.

Ayin, having never been hit by an air-based attack, was disoriented longer than anyone with more experience would have been.. And in spite an attempt to scramble back to his feet, his inexperience rewards him with a spear to the chest before he can manage it! Near his shoulder, at least, but his gun drops to the ground and the Hunter is still circling. He hisses both at the pain -- blades really /do/ suck -- and her question. He starts on a retort, but then decides it's not really worth the effort.. And besides, he has an idea of what to throw at her. He calls up a sound-effect from his memory, and transmits it to Valkyrie's radio at a loud volume, hoping that she doesn't happen to have it turned off..
You strike Valkyrie with a glancing hit from your Radio- Nails On Chalkboard attack.
Valkyrie is temporarily disoriented by Ayin's Radio- Nails On Chalkboard attack.

Maiko is mortified at the blunt statements that this Yakuza doctor is making, and this allows the doctor to land its attacks on the Rifle's left knee. While it does not hurt Maiko inside the PA, it does a lot to screw up the mobility. As the warning lights start to flash Maiko calms herself. She knows what the doctor is trying to do and she will not let him do it any more. "I don't know what betting pool you think you have won," she says as she flips the tanto around. She then makes an effort to thrust it into Tako's stomack saying, "But I am afraid that you have had enough fun for one day."
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Tanto Hilt Bash attack.
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro is temporarily disoriented by Maiko Kamiya's Tanto Hilt Bash attack.

Takeshi grins a little more, talking sassy-style into the radio.

Which is a mistake, as he's tanto'd in the gut. Takeshi doubles over, frozen for a few crucial seconds. "K-kuso..." his terrible arms flail, unsure of what to do without the central brain's commands. Oooooow.

The lance impales the side of the Thrasher, giving Laura as close call as it narrowly misses the pilot's body. "How about we settle this over a hand of SMASH YOUR FACE?" Thrash yells over her armor's vox, as the Thrasher runs forward, attempting to barrel into Kenichi and catch him between the power armor and the wall. The wall's building materials aren't the sturdiest, so she crashes right through the wall, regardless of whether or not Kenichi is successfully piledriven into it.
Thrash MacKenzie strikes Kenichi Kurasuma with her The Killing Road attack.

Valkyrie draws her spear out of Ayin, ready to draw it back for another strike. And as her hand pulls back to get ready for this... ....She gets to hear what may well be one of the most annoying sounds in the world. Her free hand immediately clenches to one of her ears, even though that's not going to help. What is going to help is her radio starting to work on setting up a quick filter to get that racket out of her brain. But it was so sudden and so sharp that it should provide a second that she's wide open. Anyone who wants to take advantage will need to move fast, but the chance is definitely there.

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[OOC] Ayin says, "Okay, back. :D"

        Yeah Ken's pinned against the wall and he really can't do much, but whince in pain. He manages to let out a whistle and Ryujin comes a running to his masters aid. Kinda odd considering that he didn't want help a minute ago. But hey Ken doesnt plan on spending anytime in jail either. The nearly average human size robot leaps off the table and towards Thrashers backside. An with a powerful leap his body manages to roll into a ball as he tries to dent Thrashers armor or more while attempting to free his master. He does all this while coming towards the left of the interpoller.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Thrash MacKenzie with his Ryujin Flying Cannonball attack.

Ayin takes the opportunity to grab his gun with his undamaged left arm and back away swiftly, taking aim even as she recovers and firing another shot. For now, he's intent on getting out of melee range, and /stay/ out of range of that spear.
You strike Valkyrie with a glancing hit from your Cesg Primary Fire attack.

Maiko does not react as her blow strikes home. She does not feel excited or pleased. She is simply remaining calm. While she can do this outside of combat, inside of combat is different. She needs to focuse more and seeing how she is still this close to the disgusting man, the Rifle grabs a couple of the arms and throws him out of the bank.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Throw attack.

Shinchiro slams into the ground, groaning. The villainous doctor leaps to his feet, searching for some kind of weapon. Working on buying time, Takeshi skips the banter and whips an arm at Maiko-an arm that, after a few sputters, spits a small glut of flame at the Interpol Enforcer, giving Takeshi a few moments to regain his footing. Maiko Kamiya deflects Kitchen Fire from Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro.

Valkyrie was open, and it was taken advantage of. Another shot to her, though she recovers in time to take it in the 'ribs', hissing from the hit. "Hey, hey. Don't tell me you're going to start making inquiries now that you've shot!" Her pegasus moves to chase Ayin down, and seems to be quite up to the task as she draws her spear back, twirls it sideways, and swings it so that the end of the handle and the tip's flat end bash Ayin in the back of the head.
Valkyrie strikes you with a glancing hit from her Handle Bash attack for 6 units of damage.

As Ryujin scrapes the back of the Thrasher's armor, yellow lights pop up on Laura's HUD, warning her of damage on a 3D, rotating representation of her armor and it's systems. Having smashed straight through the bank and now standing on the sidewalk, a hole in the wall behind her, she reaches out to grasp Kenichi by the side of his head. If she gets a grip, she lifts him up and abruptly swings around, swinging him like a rag-doll into the side of the hole she knocked into the wall.
Thrash MacKenzie strikes Kenichi Kurasuma with her Harvester Of Sorrow attack.

[OOC] Thrash MacKenzie says, "I'm sorry, but I need to bow out. I just remembered I've got an appointment early tomorrow. :("
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[OOC] Ayin says, "Aww, seeya!"
[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro waves. Later!

Inside the cockpit of the Rifle, Maiko's eyes widen slightly as the flames spew forth towards her. If there is one thing she does not like it is fire. Of course, Tako probably knows that from the fact that she favors ice. Fortunately though, she is prepared. Her nerves are calm so with a broad sweeping of the tanto she disperses most of the flame. The Rifle's other hand pulls out a small side arm that was strapped to the PA's back. Maiko aims for the arm that just spewed fire. She remains silent though. There is nothing to talk about in her opinion.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Regulation Plasma Sidearm attack.

Ow ow ow lasers! Takeshi grimaces, obviously having not taken enough time to recover. "Quite a side arm you have there..." Shinchiro mutters, before snapping upwards, fireing a succession of shotgun-like balls of goop.

Its best not to think of why Takeshi has sticky, chemical-style goop on hand at all times.

The balls of vicious stunning gunk fly at the Rifle, as Shinchiro continues to wear a John Adams mask. In case anyone forgot!

Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro strikes Maiko Kamiya with his Goop To The Head attack.
Maiko Kamiya is temporarily disoriented by Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro's Goop To The Head attack.

"Wha, inquir--" Ayin starts in confusion, but he cuts himself off when he sees the pegasus charge for him. Swearing, he abandons caution, turns right around and tries to run and dodge to the side.. and fails, getting solidly thwacked on the head. He stumbles forward and nearly falls, but for a sudden idea -- he leans to the side and back in an attempt to catch one of the steed's legs. From there, the idea reasoned, it wouldn't be too hard to get a point-blank shot. While a niggling voice in his head was insisting this was /really/ a stupid idea, the nasty nasty pain made him more inclined to act first and think later.

Whether he succeeded in his first goal or not, he should still be able to shoot in the direction he's facing and hit.. something.
You strike Valkyrie with a minor hit from your Cesg Secondary Fire attack.

[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "OW."

Thrash MacKenzie has disconnected.

Valkyrie is learning about the downside of fighting in up close. Namely, there's lots of hits on both sides, and very few misses. Kicking the pegasus causes it to stumble back, regaining its balance right as a shot passes over its head and slams into Valkyrie, whose body whips back from the impact...but she stays mounted, and gets back upright in her saddle. That did hurt, though. "I know what's wrong!"

Valkyrie sounds like she's come across the cure for cancer, or something else equally brilliant. "I know it! You forgot your John Trumbull mask! You got everyone except John Trumbull!" And with this statement, she twirls the spear overhead as lightning arcs along it, then thrusts it at Ayin's midsection.
Valkyrie misses you with her Lightning Slasher attack.

Maiko recognises the balls of goop. They were used when the Yakuza stole Shinji. She managed to avoid being hit then, but it appears that she is not so lucky this time. This is a problem as the side arm and the shoulder of the arm with the blade and the good knee all get hit. This provides some trouble as the Rifle's weapons and mobility are at least temorarily disabled.

Which Shinchiro takes ruthless advantage of, landing hard behind Maiko. Which was a bad idea. "Argh! My knee!" Takeshi swears again, massaging the newly-artifical knee for a second, and sending a comparitivly low-rent assault of horrible robot arms at the Rifle, trying to dismaltle, or at least dent, the ever-coming Power Armor.

Mental Note, Takeshi notes. Power Armors suck.
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro strikes Maiko Kamiya with his Armed Assault attack.

The Yakuza doctor does remove some of the panels which produces some worry in Maiko. If he manages to break all the way through... She tries not to think of that. Fortunately though, the doctor is a little too eager and accidentally tips over the Rifle, thus freeing it from its bonds. There are a lot of flashing lights warning Maiko that things are not going very well. And she knows that for herself. She has the Rifle get up as quickly as it can before starting a rapid rotation with not one, but both tantos extended in hopes of slashing up Tako a bit.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Dual Tanto Spinning Rampage attack.

Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro gaks, as he's stabbed in the torso. The ise may not do as much as Maiko hopes, but darn if two large holes in your body don't cause some dismay. Shinchiro shudders, weakening, and his eyes narrow.

All six robot arms hear the command, and change. Each one emits a collection of terrible tearing, cutting, sawing, and sliceing mechanisms, from the best las-saws, to cheap, pizza-cutter esque buzz-saws. "Nrrgh...not over yet, ha ha!" Shinchiro's grin widens, impossible, as he finds the best places-hopefuly, this isn't his specialty-to hit. And all six arms charge forward, seeking to preform a little field surgery.

Hawkeye Pierce he's not.
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro misses Maiko Kamiya with his Exploratory Surgery attack.

Wow... all six of the robotic arms are being used against little old Maiko, and it is times like this where she hopes that the Rifle can respond like she wants it to. Well, no... no it cannot. The knee is busted and the back is screwed up, but it do a couple simple sidesteps. Not as fancy as Maiko would have liked, but still effective. She then has the Rifle charge forward as quickly as it can in its current state to jab the tanto once more into Tako's stomach. Hey, if it is hurt, hurt it more.
Maiko Kamiya strikes Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro with her Tanto Quick Stab attack.

Ayin is utterly confused by Valkyrie's reference (having totally forgotten about what was /on/ the mask on his face) for about one second before the niggling rational thought from before overthrows the stupid idea, and he rolls away from the pegasus before it can stomp on him or something. And, though unintential, has the bonus of getting him away from impending electrical-spear doom.

Getting up several feet away (and wincing at his shoulder), he hesitates, uncertain of what to do -- nothing he does seems to have much effect, while he feels like she's definately whittling him down. The 'stupid idea' line of thought resurfaces, and since the last one worked so well... He attempts to tackle the Hunter off her steed! The reasoning now is if he gets /close/ enough, she won't be able to use that spear any better than if he was far away. Assuming he can get that close in the first place.
You strike Valkyrie with a glancing hit from your Throw attack.

[OOC] Ayin uses Throw because it's the closest thing he has code-wise.

That turns out to be an okay idea. Valkyrie brings her spear up as a barrier between her and Ayin, but he manages to drive her down anyway...though while she's on the ground, the pegasus turns out to be able to help out. While Valkyrie's trying to get up, the drone-steed turns to face Ayin and rear its legs back, then try and bring them down upon him. Yeah, it's just a drone, but it understands the need to provide some cover for its rider while she's recovering.
Valkyrie strikes you with a solid hit from her Pegasus Trample attack for 13 units of damage.

You are below your courage-endurance point.

Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro isn't confused by said reference. "I WILL DESTROY JOHN TRUMBUL-gurk." Another tanto slash, and Takeshi's looking less like an evil ex-president, and more like an evil butcher's shop. Coughing, Takeshi sends the "run away!" symbol, and gives Maiko a sallute. "I belief I owe you one, madame. But, for now, the better part of valor."

Four of Takeshi's arms hop, shooting the Yakuza into the air, where another arm reaches to grab a skylight, pulling the man out of danger. Well, unless he's really slow. Which he sort of us. "Nutbunnies..."
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Valkyrie and Maiko Kamiya.

[OOC] Valkyrie says, "If you honestly did understand the John Trumbull reference, consider me impressed."
[OOC] Maiko Kamiya lets you guys retreat
[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro says, "Well, call me crazy, but he's one of the founders, right?"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Ah! now I have to rewrite."
[OOC] Ayin thought that too, but he's not on Wikipedia's list, so.. 9.9
[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro shrug. The name's familiar-I'll probably remember tomorrow. Anyway, cookie!
[OOC] Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro needs to pass out like woah. Good fight-I'll do the report in the morning. @mail me the last poses, please? Night!
Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro has disconnected.

And the idea is a success! Until, that is, the steed-drone stomps Ayin down. It may be just a drone, but it's either a really /heavy/ drone or it's got some killer hooves. He hears Shinchiro take off, and vaguely wonders how /he's/ going to get out of this mess... Oh, wait, Kurasuma! Hopefully he will come by, because it doesn't look like this shadow-hunter's going to be retreating at a speed anywhere near swift.

[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin gehs.
[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "Kura..suma?"
[Radio: (A) Main] Kenichi Kurasuma transmits, "Eh? I gotcha."
[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin sounds relieved, "Thanks."
[Radio: (A) Main] Ayin transmits, "And watch out for that horse.. and spear."

Maiko Kamiya would attempt to take the Yakuza out... except that all of her ranged weapons have either been misplaced or damaged as such. She simply gathers up her stuff, makes sure that the police have everything in order and goes back to base to check on Thrash.

        Kenichi and Ryu are both badly hurt which is apparent from their bodies. Though Ken seems to be in a worser shape than his strange companion. As the duo watches as Dr. Take makes his exit they do as well. For they don't plan on getting beat up today, and going to jail. So they just run like the wind with no witty remarks or anything to say really. Though the look in Ken's eyes really says alot like how he plans to get these blasted interlopers. The look is very dreadful and not natural for the usual cheery guy. Guess it's true that it's hard to judge some people or something of the sort. As the two are running by they notice Ayin's predicament and decides to be heroic for today. With his blade shifts all Ken can do is use what he knows second to his sword if not better his fist. He eyes Maikyo, to examine her noticing she's leaving he continues onward towards Val. With Ryujin's help he spring into the air and as he nears Val he unleashes a flurry of his patent martial arts attack all in one swift move.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Valkyrie with his Shadow Dragon Finishing Touch attack.

[OOC] Maiko Kamiya heads out for the night
[OOC] Ayin says, "'night Maiko!"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Nite Maiko."
Maiko Kamiya has disconnected.
[OOC] Ayin says, "Also: Yay, heroics! ^^;"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma dances and embraces for pain. :P

Valkyrie gets up just in time to find...that another pair is bearing down upon her. From above, this ninja-dressed man's springing off his own companion and descending just as she's clearing her head. Strike after strike drives her back, and finally she hops back to clear some distance. Not looking so good anymore, between various shot-burns to her chest armor, and all these falls and blows adding up. But she's still trying, and begins an elaborate spear-twirl as she brings the weapon up high, then swings it horizontally at the man that just struck her. In the meantime, her pegasus returns to her side, ready to let her get back on when she's able to.
Valkyrie misses Kenichi Kurasuma with her Lightning Lancer attack.

        Although wounded his reflexes were effected to a decent degree yet not to the point were he was totally unable to dodge an attack. With timing he manage to predict her movements and dodge it yet barely. His arms slowly moves as he draws his trusted blade once more. The sword isn't like it was previously it's form nearly 3 times as large as before. The energy radiating off the blade be felt as a smile cross Ken's face. Ryujing moves over to help Ayin as his master deals with the other. Blood can be seen in the corner of Ken's mouth, though his bent of getting his comrade out of here. Even if it costs him a arm, since he already gave them up for the uber cool ones. He slides back as he prepares for his final assault or so he hopes. Before dashing forward in a blaze of glory, "FELL THE WRATH OF THE MORPH MURASAME IN IT'S PRIME!" he quickly spins while whincing in pain as the spin comes to a final he leaps once more. Vertically bringing his blade down with ferocity as he tries to cut down the mounted Hunter.
Kenichi Kurasuma strikes Valkyrie with his Morph Murasame attack.

[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "God your tough."
[OOC] Ayin says, "'tis so!"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma dubbs Val Rayknight.

Ayin aughs quietly as the steed-drone moves away, and works to get himself up. Not very easy for the not-technically-for-combat hacker, but he does it while trying to keep track of Kurasuma vs Valkyrie. He starts looking for his gun once he's up -- it had been knocked away from him /again/ -- and quickly locates it. Eyeing it, he thinks that he really should back up Kurasuma, but.. He's still feeling a bit out of it from that thwack, and doesn't quite trust that his aim will be good enough to hit the Hunter and not his ally.

Valkyrie is left wide open after such a large, evaded spear-slice. This is taken advantage of with the now larger blade, as it slices into her. Only shifting aside somewhat right before impact prevents it from being outright bisection. As it is, her chest armor splits and falls away, and there's a nasty gash in her tunic, sparks flying out as she cries in pain, going down to her knees and using the spear as a support.

"Ow...that's a neat trick..." Valkyrie gasps out, hurt but still trying to keep a positive attitude. She makes a quick slash to feint at Kenichi, though it's just cover for her re-mounting her pegasus, which takes off towards the ceiling. Valkyrie's posture in the saddle is very poor, she's hurting and it shows, but she's still trying. A tiny tornado forms around her spear's head, then pegasus and rider divebomb in towards Kenichi, the weapon held out to try and drive it through him by virtue of speed alone. Not good odds, seems one of the Interpol agents is down and the other isn't really helping much any longer due to damage...this could be some two on one. Not good.
Kenichi Kurasuma deflects Tornado Jousting from Valkyrie.

        Kenchi aka Full Metal isn't as new to fighting since he was trained from the age of 5 to be a warrior. He watches Valkyrie remount and makes a dive towards him. He holds his ground and waits for.....he continues waiting and at that perfect moment. He pushes his sword forward towards Val's eyes though not trying to hit her. His blade then connects with hers as he swings sword to the left, easily stopping her attack. anyone who was paying close attention would have easily missed his right hand which obtained a small glow to it. Ken's right eye glows a violent red as does his third eye, just as his right hand swings forward. He brings out his previous trick the materialized energy card. Though this one appears to be quite bright. He shouts out heavily to Ryujin and Ayin, "CLOSE YOUR EYES!" if the attack connects it'll explode into a brillant light that'll blind Val for a moment or two. His weaken state is noticable as he coughs up a bit more blood. Yeah he really needs some medical help.
Kenichi Kurasuma misses Valkyrie with his Flash Card Burst attack.

Ayin shuts and covers his eyes swiftly at Kurasuma's warning, and indeed he even loweres his e-senses' abilities, since he doesn't really know what is about to happen. But he does take the moment to speak to Kurasuma via radio.

Funny thing about warnings. While Valkyrie and her mount loop backwards to get some distance from Kenichi after he knocks the thrust aside, they hear the same caution that Ayin does. So guess who knows something's coming up? The card flies at her, and the duo glide off to the side to let it pass, then fly at Kenichi again to get the card behind them. No blinding effect there. The tornado has since dissipated from her spear though, leaving it as just a plain blade as she holds it out for another run at stabbing it into Kenichi, this time aiming lower for his stomach area.
Valkyrie misses Kenichi Kurasuma with her Gliding Cut attack.

[Radio] Tightbeam transmission to Kenichi Kurasuma: You say, "I think we should leave as soon as we can.. If she chases us, we'll defend then, but if she doesn't then.. she doesn't, and we get away okay."
[Radio] Tightbeam transmission: Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Aye, I got you i'll watch your back while we make a run for it."

        Ken rolls to the left quickly dodging the attack, but in doing so he wounds himself further as he grabs his ribs. His very tired and weaken, he whistles for Ryujin who was observing his masters foolish heroics. Ken manages to pull himself ontop the beasts back as they make a run for listening to Ayin's advice.
Kenichi Kurasuma retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Valkyrie and Ayin.

[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Valkyrie transmits, "I...I think I need an adult! ...Or a medic. Either one's good!"
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Cinnamon transmits, "You got it."
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Cinnamon transmits, "Where to?"
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Valkyrie transmits, "No, no, I'm coming back in a few minutes...let me finish chasing them down."

Cinnamon arrives from the Eastern Seaboard.
Cinnamon has arrived.
[OOC] Ayin says, "A Cinnamon!"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Hi guys. I'm here to crunch you."
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Hi Cinny."
[OOC] Ayin nooooes ;_;

[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Cinnamon transmits, "I'm in the area. I'll give you backup."
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Valkyrie transmits, "Then I'll fly back. I'm still mobile."
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Cinnamon transmits, "Can you beat the bad guys?"
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Valkyrie transmits, "I was doing really good at it before..."
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Cinnamon transmits, "I'll help you do that, then."
[Radio: (E) Cracked-HunterChat] Valkyrie transmits, "And I thought I was doing bad at it just now, but now they're all running away? Guess I'm doing fine!"

Ayin follows Kurasuma. He's actually feeling better now -- his pain sensors must have numbed in favor of letting him escape effectively -- and he takes full advantage of this. On the way out, he snerks at something, on the radio most likely.

Ayin retreats from the area swiftly, leaving him open to pursuit or parting shots from Valkyrie.

[OOC] Cinnamon says, "I'm looking for a round of poses, then I'll enter."
[OOC] Ayin says, "...and we just +retreated. Sorry. :D;"
[OOC] Cinnamon says, "Boo!"

Valkyrie's mount loops around again after this missed 'jousting run', and...the rider sees that these enemies, whoever they heck they are, are running away. "You forgot your John Trumbull mask!", Valkyrie cries as she chases after them, sparks emitting from that deep cut she took earlier. She's really in no condition to be hounding after two enemies at once, but she sure will try.

And so as they flee out the bank, Valkyrie gives chase, flying after them...Kenichi in particular. Sparks spew out again as she brings her spear up, perhaps that cut hit an articulation point. But it's still functional, and she makes a horizontal swing at his torso as she catches up, another tornado forming around the spear-head as she does. ...And then even more sparks fly out of her, and the pegasus loops away, falling back on an AI directive to not let Valkyrie take too many risks while she's this hurt; what started as pursuit turns into a mutual retreat not long after that.
Valkyrie strikes Kenichi Kurasuma with her Storm Slash attack.

Cinnamon's blue and white Ride Chaser, her much used and highly oved vehiclular mode of getting to the scene in a hurry, thunders in from the direction of the teleporters, which she used to get here from Washington. She was in Washington looking for President Seers, you know. But rescuing Hunters takes a priority over that.

She comes upon Valkyrie as she retreats, and flags the Hunter down- she hasn't met her before. Attempting to get her to dismount, she waddles over when she does. "Are you doing OK?" she asks. "Where does it hurt?"

        Kenichi was aware of Val's approach and neither was Ryujin. they were just focused on getting away and doing that and only that. Ken is surprised when he feels a sharp pain across his back, and he looks back. To see that he was truck in the back by the unhonourable hunter, funny to say since his honour isnt as good as any others. Blood can be seen seeping through his coat as he substains the hit, as well as a light yelp of pain. He ignores it and continues escaping that is all he must warrior about, he can deal with the hunter when his completely well. He spots the incoming ride chaser though it's of little importance now, he just closes his eyes as ryujin continues to carry him away.

Valkyrie is actually holding the field, it turns out. Well, the bank. ...The somewhat torn up bank that probably has Interpol officers filtering in to secure it. She's about to fly back into the bank, when Cinnamon's amazingly timely arrival in Boston gets her attention. Hmm. Turn around again, circle a few times...Valkyrie's looking Cinnamon over, and then lands nearby. "The 'plus' means better!", she quips for no obvious reason, putting her spear on her back and getting off. "Pretty much all over, but....well..." Her non-damaged side reaches off towards a saddle compartment, opening it up. "I've got two different bags of supplies here. One of them is for post-repair, the You can probably use them better than me."

As far as damage goes, Valkyrie's a little unsteady on her feet, but staying up. There's a deep downward slash from her 'collarbone' area, down to nearly her hip. Several small dents exist as well, and her chest armor is gone, leaving just the tunic attire beneath it. Could be worse. ...Just...not by much.

Masquerade arrives from the Jersey Suburbs.
Masquerade has arrived.

"The plus does," Cinnamon replies cheerfully, smiling to Valkyrie. She loks at the tools. "Oh, I don't know how to use those." Doesn't know? Then how does she...

Rather than dispense any tools or items, Cinnamon closes her eyes a little, and then, her chestplate swings open on a hatch. Inside is seen a mass of equipment too complicated to think about with a red comedy flashing light in the middle- but there's nothing comedy about it, as swirling energy billows from Cinnamon's body, in the form of swirling ribbons of golden and green numeric code.

The power of the force metal generator surrounds and sinks into Valkyrie's body bringing with it a feeling of peace and content. As it does so, the injuries and wounds to her body simply begin to heal, fixing herself back up to perfect spec in moments, not a mark or scratch remaining. Good as new, but no better.
Cinnamon partially restores Valkyrie's systems with her Aid ability.

"...Huh?" Valkyrie was...not expecting this. And started to step away from the energy, too. That didn't look like something she wanted to be touched by. ...Too late. It hits, and she quickly learns it's not harmful at all. Exact opposite in fact, as she finds some of the dents popping out, and that big cut is just...gone. "......" Valkyrie stares, prodding around at areas she got hit. "...Wow!"

'Wow' is the sound of Valkyrie being delighted and impressed. "That's really something! You know, I can do magic like that as well, just...not as well. Want to see?"

Cinnamon conccentrates on doing the best she can to repair Valkyrie, dipping into the ever-present well of energy the force metal generator typically carries with it and transferring it to her, trading a little short-term discomfort for Valkyrie's health. She opens her eyes and looks over her- she's OK. Not back up to full health, but OK.

Her systems quietly chatter away, and a big happy spot in the back of her mind marks Valkyrie as a good and trustworthy friend. "You can do magic too?" she asks, with all the awe of the small child she is. "I'd love to see!"

"Not quite as good as that, but yep. Sure can." Valkyrie certainly does look, and sound, a lot better than she was earlier. Facing two foes like that does take a lot out of you. But she's reaching into the compartment, and she gets a small, white paper bag out of it, handing it over to Cinnamon. "I can make ceremonial post-recovery thank-you cookies. They're in there. For you."

        Finally, somebody announces hid presence.

        "hat... Was interesting," He admits, behind his theatre mask.

        Atop the nearest building/tree/whatever is Masquerade-- wily sneaky nosey bastid of the Maverick Hnters.

Much like a slightly more advanced version of Ditz Pinkmouse's AI, Valkyrie has now been bumped up to 'friend for life' in Cinnamon's mind. She's also very happy to drop the serious hero part of her personality she's had to maintain since the news of Vile Palace reached her for a while. Hence. "Yay!" she squeals, sparkly-eyed and hands clasped together. "Cookie cookie cookie!"

Valkyrie, gift given, re-mounts. "You want a ride b...wait." She sees that Cinnamon has her own transportation. And then there's Masquerade, who gets a light wave before she takes to the skies. Normally she has no problem with just using teleporters, but tonight she'll be flying back to the Tower, taking the longer route. It'll be a few hours before she's back.

[OOC] Valkyrie really needs to go, else I'd normally be up for more post-fight stuff. Sorry.
Valkyrie has disconnected.

(This was some conversation while Cinnamon healed up Valkyrie.)
[OOC] Ayin says, "What /is/ the John Trumbull reference, referencing anyway? :D"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "I must learn of this reference. :)"
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "John Trumbull wasn't one of the "Founding Fathers", but rather..."
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "He assisted the Revolution in various ways, such as acting as a forward scout on one occasion."
Masquerade arrives from the Jersey Suburbs.
Masquerade has arrived.
[OOC] Masquerade burps.
[OOC] Ayin gnaws on Masq.
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Hi masq"
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "Basically just contributed lots of little help here and there."
[OOC] Ayin says, "Ooh, cool."
[OOC] Masquerade says, "S'going on?"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Ah, i've never heard of him :P"
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "We were robbing a bank here, but its over now. It's just Cin speaking to Val about the wounds she got."
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "No surprise. The history books make no real mention of him."
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "He deserves credit for his little contributions."
[OOC] Ayin says, "I've probably heard of him, I just forgot. (My mom wrote up a history thing for me to read, as I was homeschooled and normal history textbooks are horribly boring. And she likes 'background'ish people like him.)"
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "Some independent sources do cite him, yes."
[OOC] Valkyrie says, "He wasn't quite a 'bit player', but not a huge contributor like Washington, Nathan Green (sp?), etc."
[OOC] Kenichi Kurasuma says, "Ah."

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