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NYE                                Fri Jan 02    News Report

         Hastily-scribbled notes have been tacked up on the ubiquitous boards 
next to the transporters in major cities. White gel-pen on black paper. 
Nothing fancy at all, really. 

         "For those of you with nothing better to do--come celebrate New 
Years' Eve in San Angeles! Meet at McGuire's pub for an all-night bash. 
Musicians bring your gear for open mike. Everyone welcome!" 

         (OOC directions: south and west from transporter. This is an 
unofficial party for those of you with nothing to do ICly tonight. I, 
personally, will probably start between 9-10 EST, but go ahead and show up 
early or late. Feel free to come!) 


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In the Want Ads...                 Sat Jan 03    News Report
<On various global employment boards and services in the field of robotics, 
mechanics, technicians, and the like:>

WANTED: Technicians, mechanics, scientists, roboticists skilled in research, 
production, or manufacture of Reploids. Experience with military-grade 
technology preferable, although not required. Will pay generous salaries.

Apply to the Karasawa Defense Corporation, contracted by the government of 
Japan to produce a new, stronger Self-Defense Force. KDC offers work with some 
of the most skilled in the field, with the best instruments and materials. 
(NOTE: A Japanese company, not subject to the U.N. Background Check Law for 
Robotics Engineering)

<OOC: @mail Rajura Doji any of you scientist/technician folks, interested 
in working in a competitive work environment with questionable morals, a fat 
government contract, and Rajura Doji breathing down your neck. :)>

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Disturbing Footage                 Sun Jan 04    News Report
<A breaking GNN story, from the Neo Tokyo desk.>

"We recently recieved footage shot in the Nogaki sublevels, from a bodyguard 
unit's optic. Footage from cameras in nearby businesses and traffic lights 
confirms its veracity."

<Rain Turtle is shown, the 18 foot Reploid punching the upper portion of a 
local club. The building's foundation shakes.> "After a local citizen of 
Neo-Tokyo, philanthropist and CFO of Mikage International, Japan's leading 
megacorporation and the mastermind of efforts to revive the British insurance 
firm Smythe and Thorpe, we see this happening; this footage was shot from the 
optics of one of Mr. Doji's guards. Mr. Doji is the human in the footage. 
<Now, Rain Turtle is sitting near a dumpster, with Rajura Doji's back visible 
to the camera as he looks up at the Reploid, speaking to him. Suddenly, Rain 
reaches out and picks the human up. The Reploid's mouth is scene moving, 
before he slightly tosses the human back down, at the camera. A mechanical 
grunt is heard from the bodyguard as the camera angle falls backwards along 
with the sound of flesh against metal - a dull thud, accompanied by clanks as 
the source of the camera hits his back. The camera moves around quickly for a 
moment as he moves to stand, looking down at Doji writhing on the ground, his 
left arm looking limp, as if dislocated.>

"What is disturbing about this, you ask? Allegedly, the Reploid pictured here 
is Rain Turtle, a member of the Repliforce. If this is true, there are 
extensive political ramifications for both Japan and the United Nations, since 
the Repliforce has no jurisdiction within Neo-Tokyo, so the Reploid could be 
considered a civilian criminal if Neo-Tokyo PD chose to prosecute. Japanese 
police spokespersons were tightlipped and said they were 'very concerned' and 
that an investigation is ongoing, although they refused to point fingers. When 
contacted, Mr. Doji indicated that he was considering a civil suit, and he was 
dismayed at the way the alleged Repliforcer handled himself, but he added, 
"One cannot judge the whole of a garden by a few weeds." The owner of the club 
pictured declined making any statements. We will bring you more on this story 
as it develops."

<OOC: @Mail Rajura Doji with inquiries, etc. And no, the footage isn't 
tampered with. :)>

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To Air Is Human                    Sun Jan 04    News Report
*GNN report: Hello, we have new news of a Repliforce altercation off of the 
coast of California. We bring you to our on the scene reporter...Quirky 
Behavior. The pink haired, scantilly clad reploid appears on screen grinning 
vapidly* LIKE HELLO! Yeah, like today the meanies in the Coalition decided to 
like try and steal a bunch of like technical stuff and gunk from the UN who 
were transporting it to the Repliforce base in lower Canada. However with the 
actions of King Dragon *stock photo of KD* and an unknown Interpol agent 
*picture of Dr. Wily doing a 'V' sign* The nasty Storm Eagle *image of a bird 
sitting on a wire fence* was stopped! There was unfortunately some loss of 
life... *She frowns* Thats a shame, in any case, the Repliforce are 
undertaking salvage operations as we speak! So chip in and dunk your head in 
some water, or something... This is Quirky Behavior, signing out!

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Strange Attack                     Tue Jan 06    News Report
Earlier tonight, a Robot Master force attacked the Legitimate Science Research 
Facility in Cleveland, Ohio. No less than seven Robot Masters were identified, 
including two elites. A strong Repliforce and Maverick Hunter resistance 
responded, showing, as one researcher said, "impressive tactical 
coordination". Although Repliforce Sergeant Barrage Raptor was responsible for 
a tremendous amount of structural damage to the front of the facility, the 
Happy Fun Technologies corporation which owns the facility has already 
declared it will waive Repliforce of any compensatory obligation. HFT also 
says they will not reconsider their policy of nondisclosure regarding the 
nature of the facility's experiments beyond their previous statement that it 
is a nanotechnology development laboratory, even after this attack.

In an unrelated story, a small number of Repliforce troops were found marooned 
on Indefatigable Isle with no memory of how they got there. The island was 
also occupied by Master battle drones which the Repliforcers valiantly 

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Surprising News from Casablanca!   Wed Jan 07    News Report
<Breaking GNN broadcast!>

"This is Tristan Tokinawa from the GNN global politics desk, reporting on a 
surprising development in Casablanca, the heart of Master-controlled Africa. 
Although previously the Masters had adopted a rather 'hands-off' to 
administration of their subjugated territories in Africa, except in matters of 
the repression of the people caught there, it seems that they've taken a 
radically new direction. The 'National Wily Corporation' has emerged in 
Casablanca, apparently as a large, pan-industry body meant to enrich the lives 
of the people within their territories. This is a surprising move, as world 
governments have rarely dabbled in the field of business - at least as a body 
charging for its services through other means than taxation - since the 
Chinese Revolution and the Third World War made the rest of the world 
extremely leery of concepts related to socialism. National Wily Corp. 
representatives, however, have pointed out that it's not socialism since they 
sell products rather than giving them away - leading many industries operating 
within Master Africa to cry foul at what they view as unfair competition. The 
CEO of the National Wily Corporation, Cobol, had this to say:"

<Image shifts to a blue-skinned humanoid Reploid wearing a white business 
suit, a crewcut sheer white hair on his head, along with all-white optics. He 
stands at a podium in Casablanca at what appears to be a grand opening, an 
onyx tower behind him with the Wily Skull prominently displayed on the 
          "Greetings, people of Casablanca, of Africa, and of the world. When 
the world found itself in turmoil and this region found itself neglected, 
succumbing to lawlessness and disorganization through UN mismanagement, even 
a violent Maverick uprising to our south - the Robot Masters stepped in, first 
in Casablanca, later spreading across Africa to fill the vacuum of power. 
Order, safety, values...All these things have been returned, under Dr. Wily's 
rule. Some of you object to this rule...And we understand this. However, in 
these troubled times, it is a sad reality that while we all, Dr. Wily 
included, love principles of freedom, democracy, liberty...There are more 
pressing problems. While we stand as David against the Goliath of the United 
Nations, as Nur al-Din against the Crusaders trying to destroy us, as we 
struggle to feed our people and provide services to all...Strong direction is 
needed, and freedoms are something which must come later. And, in the spirit 
of providing for the people of the Wily Empire, our leader has commanded the 
creation of the National Wily Corporation, to better the quality of living in 
this territory. We will not be an organization of taxation, but will instead 
provide services at lower prices, without concern for profit, only for the 
welfare of the people. Power, water, transportation, media, food...All these 
things and more we will provide to the people of this nation."
         "We have learned from the example of the failures before us...The 
first United Nations charter, the reformed Soviet Union, China's gambit for 
power, the second United Nations which massacred its /own soldiers/ on 
Repliforce Island, the same United Nations which is responsible for building 
so many troopers that became fodder for the loathsome virus...We will not 
repeat these mistakes! It is time for change, and Dr. Wily will be the 
instrument of such change! I call out to you, the people of Africa, to 
embrace the pride that is our new, strong empire...A Wily Empire, an empire 
which provides for its citizens and crushes its enemies! Together, we, Dr. 
Wily's chosen subjects, shall prove to the world that Wily is not the monster 
that history has painted him to be, but instead a benevolent, stern ruler. It 
is simply a sad reality that, when fighting the tyrannical over-body 
supported by the bureaucratic mish-mash which reduces democracy to a mere 
formality and puts figureheads like Kelly McLaren in power while 
megacorporations and bloodthirsty militants rule behind the scenes, we must 
often sink down to their level. They too have shown their propensity for 
terrorism, with the recent, wanton attack upon Cairo which claimed dozens of 
lives, and wounded hundreds more."
         "To conclude, I will do my best to serve Dr. Wily, and the people 
of Africa, in making this a better place. Stability, values, safety, comfort; 
this is the Wily Dream. Thank you all." <Cameras flash as Cobol turns and 
strolls away from the podium, before the camera shifts back to the desk.>

"A flurry of activity has already arosen on the floor of the United Nations 
assembly, and within various committees, discussing this development, along 
with a rather angry rebuke from South African officials which said that called 
them Maverick was a 'slap in the face'. Regardless, we will see in coming 
months whether this is really a so-called 'new beginning' for the people of 
Africa, and newly dubbed 'Wily Empire', or just another one of Dr. Wily's 
atrocities and oppressions."

<OOC: @Mail Rajura Doji with inquiries; Gimel is the actual one operating 
around Casablanca to keep an eye on things, but he appears to be idle right 
now. Also, Masters, if you want to get involved, by all means, @mail me. I'm 
really trying to foster some cooperation and Yakuza-Master RP, and this is yet 
another great opportunity to be the figurehead of your own whacky business! 

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Balkans War Escalates              Fri Jan 09    News Report
<GNN logo, followed by the flashy War graphic everyone's seen for the past 
several years.>

Our top story this hour is the continuing reign of terror in the Balkans by 
the Mavericks. We are receiving reports of a battle that took place in town of 
Fraija, a farming community 80 kilometers northeast of the city of Valjevo. 
Organized resistance forces staged a counterattack against a division of the 
Maverick infantry, which ended when Maverick aircraft bombed the entire town. 
Unfortunately, due to the remoteness of the area, there is no video footage 
available to us yet. There are unconfirmed reports that the Maverick Hunters 
and Repliforce were assisting the native resistance at the time of the attack, 
and that the Maverick forces were led by General Vile himself. Casualties on 
both sides are reported to be high. We will continue to monitor this story as 
it develops. 

<GNN logo>

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Major Robotics Suppliers Bankrupt! Fri Jan 09    News Report
<GNN Special Report!>

In one of the worst cases of bank-fraud in decades, Habunuchi Instruments and 
Orpheus Systems, both major robotics parts manufacturers recently found nearly 
their entire business accounts emptied due to some sort of treasury fraud that 
was later revealed to be a carefully orchestrated computer theft, with 
hundreds of millions of zenny re-routed to hundreds of masked, off-shore 
accounts and ATMs on the Indian Subcontinent. The only link between both 
companies is that they were major backers for Khan Experimental Labs, a highly 
respected Reploid research facility that was recently broken into a week ago 
by an unidentified prowler. Although its unknown the level of complicity in 
the prowler's involvement with this recent computer attack, it is known that 
he was attempting to steal data."

"While an Interpol and UN Banking Authority investigation is pending into the 
incident, the sudden halt in the business of both companies is known to have 
heavily damaged both, with their capital for expansion and everyday 
maintenance severely depleted, as stock shares take a severe hit. It is not 
known whether either company will recieve some level of compensation, but as a 
temporary measure, both have cut the number of factories and liquidated their 
equipment and much of their inventory at low prices. Although present 
regulations bar us from naming the buyers, our sources do indicate that most 
of them were bought up by a large megacorporation. In other news..."

<OOC: @mail Rajura Doji with inquiries, RP requests, etc. This is a juicy one. 

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Hoax may lead to disappearances    Sat Jan 10    News Report
<Making GNN Headlines>

         "Local Authorities in the Northern part of the US are saying that a 
Scam may be responsible for the disappearance of more than 40 registered 
reploids. Sources say that an anonymous ad for the 'Fenris Travel Agency' was 
responsable for drawing an influx of reploids across the border of the US into 
Canada, offering a free travel vacation to the first 50 arrivals. Canadian 
Officials have claimed that they knew nothing of the offer; nor did they know 
of any sort of Travel Agency registered under that name. And while a wave of 
people have returned across the border, or refused entry into Canada, 
authorities around the US have pieced together at least 40 'Missing Persons 
Cases' related to the scam. More as details are revealed..."


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Ballet Man?                        Sun Jan 11    News Report
<MNN, Maverick News Network. It's got to exist someplace, right?>
         Skull Man appears on screen. Your typical, cheesy ballet music begins 
to play. A pink tutu and ballet shoes appear on Skull Man, as well as a blue 
rose that he clenches between his teeth.

         WHUMP. A hippo falls from the sky, similarly dressed as Skull Man, as 
well as small kawaii mushrooms.

         A dancing routine begins, including a few saucy movements between the 
hippo and Skull Man, with spins, twirls and various other ballet moves. Skull 
Man throws the hippo into the air, and turns to the camera.

         "I feel pretty. Pretty! Oh so pretty! Lalalala! La! Lalala! 
Laaaaaaaa---" the final cry is cancelled by the hippo falling on Skull Man, 
causing him into explode outwardly into bone shards and e-ring. 

         The hippo grins, "La."

         The curtains draw. Fade out!

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Disturbance In Germany             Mon Jan 12    News Report

<This... is GNN!>

          "And in one of our top stories tonight, a Coalition for Reploid 
Freedom storage facility in Salzburg, Germany, was the centerpiece of 
destruction several hours ago. While our reports are, at this stage, slightly 
sketchy, it's believed Proto Man took a major part in the events, as well as 
several Robot Masters, and the Maverick airship 'Osprey'." 

          A blurred and out of focus picture of what appears to be Proto Man, 
Bit and Cleaver Cow by the damaged facility. "CRF forces responded quickly to 
this attack, and in a major show of military strength, used both their 
soldiers and artillery strikes from their airship to fight back Proto Man and 
any other individuals that may have assisted him. They were successful, but 
their storage depot suffered major damage in the process." 

          "But what makes this otherwise run of mill attack interesting is 
that a Robot Master shuttle was reported in the air above, dropping off an 
unknown number of Master forces. The arrival of the interlopers appeared to 
have not been taken lightly by the CRF, who then launched the Osprey from 
where it rested in Berlin to personally deal with the shuttle." 

          Another picture is shown, also blurred and out of focus - the Osprey 
is above, blocking out a great deal of the sky, while what vaguely appears to 
be Byte has an object in each hand, but due to the quality of the pictures, it 
hard to tell what, or who, is being held. Though those with a good eye might 
notice he looks like he's about ready to throw these objects. "The Robot 
Masters were then in turn chased from CRF territory, their shuttle not faring 
well from it's brief encounter with aerial might. We'll bring you more on this 
story as we receive it." 

          "Now, in news we here as GNN have just received, several notable 
charities have received cheques ranging in value from one million to one 
hundred million from an anonymous, and very wealthy, donator. The cheques were 
each accompanied by an identical note from the donator, explaining that he had 
only donated because of a promise he made to himself. Interestingly, this 
promise was that he would only donate upon seeing 'clowns and monkeys fly'. 
And to follow this up, we cross live..." 


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GNN: London (1/2)                  Fri Jan 16    News Report
<This.. is the Global News Network> 

          The classic GNN spinny shifts out of the way, revealing the image of 
your newscaster, Alice Fox, reporting from a desk. "Good evening, world, this 
is the news for London! As many of you have already seen on our local 
affiliate broadcasts, the very public murder of ex-CEO Peter Smith, of the now 
defunct Hale Halo Energy, Inc, who, in his tenure with the company, was 
responsible for many of the financial decisions that led to it's end. It is 
also alleged by many former employees that Mr. Smith had been conducting 
illegal practices, arming up worker-grade Reploids with weaponry in order to 
take out competitors. All that came to a close yesterday, for allegedly in 
self-defense, Hailstorm Eagle ended the life of Mr. Peter Smith after blasting 
him in the face with sub-zero weaponry, which sent him off the side of the 
building to the ground, although she seemed to display almost fanatical 

          "Immediately following this incident, local police from the London 
Police Department, as well as the Repliforce marine unit already in the area. 
The General of the Repliforce, General himself, also came out in an attempt 
to talk down Hailstorm Eagle, as well as Hunter Seismic Earthworm, of the 
Maverick Hunters, who appeared to come out to respond to the potential 
revelation that Hailstorm could be infected with the Maverick Virus after her 
seemingly animalistic behavior. Immediately after Peter Smith's fatal plunge, 
witnesses in the area said that Hailstorm Eagle acted completely different 
from before, eliciting emotions of confusion, echoed by General as he came 
out to talk Hailstorm Eagle down. While General was attempting to bring in 
Hailstorm peacefully, without further violence, the Hunter in the area moved, 
attempting to restrict Hailstorm Eagle, and shortly afterwards, General 
released a short-range Electromagnetic Surge to disable Hailstorm's motor 
functions without killing her. In the seemingly high-risk move, General showed 
it was part of his plan, his trademark hands rocketing out to save both the 
Hunter and Hailstorm Eagle.. it was, unfortunately at this time, Mavericks 
Bit, Wave Puma, Shyster, as well as an unknown Maverick dressed in black and 
reportedly wielding a scythe, also made their presence known in the city." 

          Photos and video footage of Bit appearing suddenly on General's hand 
with Hailstorm inside it, as well as Shyster.. well.. spreading Toilet Paper 
all around the London North Residential area.. and stock-footage of Shyster 
with rubberchickens and gravy.. huh. 

          Alice Fox sortof goggles at the last picture there, but she regains 
composure! For she is the mighty GNN Newscaster.. and doesn't die yet. "Ahem. 
The Mavericks, apparently under the leadership of Bit, were attempting to 
kidnap Hailstorm Eagle, with Bit himself attacking General and trying to pull 
Hailstorm from his custody. Wave Puma and the unidentified Maverick were both 
engaged by Repliforce Officer Bolero, along with the 131st Marine division, 
who was able to keep both Mavericks diverted in attention long enough for 
General to personally secure Hailstorm Eagle in a forcefield pod for escort 
back to a high-security holding at the Repliforce Main HQ.."      <Cont.>

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GNN: London (2/2)                  Fri Jan 16    News Report
<This.. is the Global News Network>  

          "We also bring you this press release provided by General himself, 
on the events and the actions taken after the incident in the North 
Residential sector of London." 

          A video of General appears on the screen small, like a P-in-P, but 
increases to cover the screen. The little tag-line of 'General' is seen at the 
bottom to boot. "Greeting citizens of London and the world over. As you are 
aware of, the incident involving the death of Peter Smith, carried out by 
Hailstorm Eagle, is no concrete indication she is a Maverick. By my own 
personal witness as I arrived on-scene, the intial broadcasts of her behavior 
during the murder, and after the murder, were two complete patterns of 
behavior exhibited by the Reploid known as Hailstorm Eagle. The first, as you 
may have already seen, was fanatical, almost crazed. The second, however, was 
confusion at not only what just transpired, but almost to the point of where 
she was. It was this behavior exhibited, not to mention how she responded, as 
if she were being talked to by someone else, that compelled me to bring one of 
my top investigators into the scene of question. I personally had a belief 
that Hailstorm, by past behaviors, could not be capable of such erratic 
behavior without outside influence, so I had the communications area of London 
checked for anomalous frequencies.." 

          Clearing his throat, he continues; "It was from this that we found 
and collected evidence pointing to at least three individual Mavericks, and 
possibly a fourth, directly attempting to not only communicate with Hailstorm 
Eagle, but to pass off their communications as little more than voices in the 
receptors of Hailstorm Eagle's mind. After the disabling of Hailstorm's motor 
functions as a temporary stopgap, I made to secure this individual to 
investigate this matter fully, as well as the basis by which Peter had come 
across Hailstorm. This theory was fully confirmed with Bit revealing himself 
and attempting to kidnap her, not to mention Wave Puma as well, showing his 
face in the same area. Both Bit and Wave expressed full intentions to take her 
as well." 

          "Once she was secured, we have placed her under protective custody 
until full investigations may be complete by Interpol Investigators with the 
assistence of on-scene Repliforce Officers, including myself. Investigations 
into Peter Smith and Hailstorm Eagle's relationship when she was working for 
Hale Halo Energy reveals that Peter Smith had taken to arming her with weapons 
of bodily harm and mass destruction, and sought to use her, and her 
programming to carry out his criminal intentions against rival companies. She 
had refused this, even with the then CEO of Hale Halo threatened her life. 
Under this duress, the reploid fled the main continents to the Arctic wastes. 
It is theorized that Peter Smith's appearence around Hailstorm could've been 
either a coincidence, or orchestrated by Mavericks in order to place her near 
harm and 'rescue' her from any potential police action, for believing that 
Hailstorm would fear for her life, and capital punishment from the offices." 

          "Hailstorm Eagle is also undergoing intensive scans and diagnostics 
of her Neural Net in order to determine if she has been infected with the 
Maverick Virus in any way, shape, or form. We will be constantly sharing this 
information with Interpol investigation agents, as well as presenting as 
witnesses should charges be brought by either the London District Attorney, or 

          "Thank you, and good night." 


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S&T: Financial Phoenix?            Fri Jan 16    News Report
<On the GNN Financial Segment>

"Since its acquisition at the point of bankruptcy by Mikage International, the 
British insurance firm 'Smythe and Thorpe' has made an unprecedented comeback, 
its stock rising to a point thirteen percent over the share-price before the 
now infamous al-Sadr incident. The recovery of Smythe and Thorpe has lead to a 
small market rally in the London Exchange, echoed in the Nikkei, NYSE, Berlin 
Exchange, Mombasa-Combine, and the CFE. Mikage International has announced 
plans to incorporate Smythe and Thorpe, which it holds a majority share in, 
into its corporate body, speculation of which also causing Mikage 
International's shares to spike in expectation of such a profitable 
acquisition. In other news, crime in Britain is on the rise, with..."

<OOC: Interested? @mail Rajura Doji.>

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Radio Hijacking                    Fri Jan 16    News Report
(Suddenly broadcast over all global channels The voice is recognizable as 
Punk). "At first I was afraid...I was petrified. I kept thinkin I could never 
live without you by my side. And I spent those lonely nights just thinkin how 
you done me wrong, but I grew strong. I learned how to get along!" The music 
suddenly begins to kick...and so do his hips. The sassy attitude in his eyes 
shows that he's directly channeling the late Arithra Franklin, "Now you're 
back, from outer space! I just walked into find you here with that look upon 
your face. i should have changed the ****in locks I would have made you leave 
your key, if I'd had known for one moment you'd be back to bother me! The 
music is at its apex about. "So now go! Walk out the door! Just turn around 
now, you're no welcome anymore. Weren't you the one who tried to break me 
desire? Did you think I'd crumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die? No 
I...I will survive, Yeah! As long as I know how to love I know I'll be alive. 
I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give. I will survive. I 
will survive! YEAYEAH!"

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Mavericks in London                Sat Jan 17    News Report
--Stated as a camera pans over property destruction and cleanup in a large 
book store....--"Maverick activity seems to be on the rise in London recently, 
in light of yet another Maverick incident in Britian last night. This time, 
the victim of the attack was well-known Australian nationalist author Gregory 
Blake, who was appearing in the Waterstone Reading House talking about his 
writings and philosophy. Eye witness reports from the scene all state that the 
assailant was known Maverick Dark Necrobat, who entered the building suddenly 
and, after exchanging a few words with Blake, proceeded to attack him 
directly. Reports indicate a Maverick Hunter was also spotted on the scene, as 
well as at least two Robot Masters. Footage shot at the time of the attack was 
damaged due to interruption by a Timestopper weapon set off in the interior of 
the store. The current whereabouts of Blake, and his condition, are unknown."

(Camera cuts to a mousy-looking woman...caption reads: "Lisa Faulkes, 
Activist." She speaks, seeming shaken:) "I'd say the Mavericks never liked 
what he had to say. They just waited for the right time to capture him. I 
know...yes, I know he isn't dead. So we're asking for your help. If anyone has 
any information about what might have happened... please contact the Blake 
Foundation in Syndey, Australia. Thank you."

(Back to the GNN Desk...) "Other than the missing man--an alleged cyborg--no 
other civilians were severely injured at the time of incident.

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Underworld Rumors in Australia     Sat Jan 17    News Report
<A various murmuring around seedier spots in Australia, along with shady spots 
worldwide where a lot of underworld information passes around; I.E. Tartarus, 
New York, Neo-Tokyo, etc.>

In Australia, a sudden expansion has been seen in the operations of a few 
prominent biker gangs known to have links to organized crime drug operations 
in Southeast Asia and Oceania. They have recently been spotted bearing 
military-grade weaponry in some instances, riding on souped up bikes and using 
illegal civ-Reploid upgrades. An influx of the bosozuku (Japanese speed 
tribes) has also been on the rise, advising biker gangs and launching attacks 
on the various non-aligned ones scattered throughout Australia, from Darwin to 
Hobart. This could be linked to increased smuggling activity from Indonesia, 
New Guinea, and others operating out of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, 
mostly via pirate groups, gunrunners, and arms dealers. Whatever the 
consequence, it is readily apparent someone is making a play for a bigger 
slice of the Australian underworld.

<OOC: @Mail Rajura Doji with inquiries, anyone.>

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Possible New Maverick in San Angel Sat Jan 17    News Report
<San Angeles Area News>
 Police today discovered the body of up and coming musician and composer Isaac 
Young in his apartment today. Cause of death was determined to be multiple 
stab wounds. Certainly crime happens every day in San Angeles, but this young 
man's death has been attributed to what appears to be a reploid gone Maverick.
 Interviews with Isaac's girlfriend Penelope Wainright indicate that Isaac had 
taken in a homeless reploid only a few weeks earlier, and that since that 
time, the reploid had been attempting separate Isaac from his friends and 
relatives. Investigators matched the description of the reploid to one that 
has been sought by the police in connection with the Maverick attack on the 
salvage ship Lucky Seven some months before.
<Sketch of Riptide Trilobite>
 Authorities are still on the lookout for this reploid; citizens are warned to 
approach it with extreme caution, as its status as Maverick has not been 

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Strange Events In Space            Mon Jan 19    News Report

< This ... is GNN. >

At approximately 1600 hours GMT, an unidentified object was spotted entering 
Earth orbit from an unknown terrestrial location. The object, later identified 
as the Force Commander Bass, was seen carrying a humanoid object into orbit, 
where it was then thrown in the direction of the L5 liberation point of space. 
The L5 area is a location in space between the Earth and the Moon that allows 
spacecraft to remain at the same position between them indefinitely.

The velocity at which Bass threw the object, however, would have allowed it to 
break out of L5 orbit and begin a journey into deep space. It was retrieved by 
Eurasian salvage teams after Bass returned to the Earth, apparently somewhere 
on the continent of Africa.

Further updates as we learn more. This is GNN.


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GNN:Rio                            Mon Jan 19    News Report
<This.. is GNN!> 

          "Alice Fox reporting in, from the vicinty of Rio where the Robot 
Masters just tried to attack and loot the town dry! However, the attack was 
picked up ahead of time by the Repliforce, and before the Robot Masters 
apparently arrived, all the civilians were evacuated from the area. Nearly 10 
Masters were reported there at the scene, and the defense was met by General, 
Burn Dinorex, Barrage Raptor, King Dragon, Bolero, and Brush Skunk. Losses 
were minimized, as of this broadcast, the only items lost by this daring raid 
on Rio de Janeiro was a TV, some dresses, for unknwon purposes, as well as 

          "Many business and homeowners were relieved, in spite of the damage 
incurred to the abandoned part of the Rio de Janeiro outskirts, the Repliforce 
apparently brought in their own Medical and Recovery crews to effect a speedy 
repair to the outskirts. Rio, however, incurred minimal damages compared to 
the possbility of the Masters going through unopposed." 

          "Now for the weather.."

<This.. was GNN.>

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Australia Protest Disrupted!       Wed Jan 21    News Report
<GNN headline news!>

"We are just recieving word yesterday of a suspected pro-Maverick protest was 
interrupted by a veritable horde of criminal biker gangs. The group, the 
Reploids for Revolutionary Change, a peaceful but anti-human NGO, had 
organized an anti-Repliforce demonstration in the town of MacGurn. MacGurn, a 
long-known haven of Maverick sympathy with an almost entirely Reploid 
population, lays just a hundred miles southwest of Cairns, was besieged by at 
least fifty or sixty members of organized bikers from Queensland and other 
areas in Australia, armed with military-grade equipment and composed of many 
Reploids with illegal street-model military improvements. We have video 
footage of the attack, as well, taken from a cameraman covering the protest. 
Younger or more sensitive viewers may want to leave the room."

<The camera shows a dusty town in a dry, outback area - from the looks of the 
metal and mortar architecture, once affluent and futuristic but now rusted and 
eroded. Reploids fill the long main street that's a result of a highway 
slashing straight through the middle of town, holding signs like, 'Reploids 
aren't slaves!' and 'Reploid Australia now!'. A sudden shout rises up from 
within the crowd and a camera pans towards the edge of the blocky town. Six 
bikers riding black, souped up hoverbikes with dust trailing behind them 
streak down the street. One of them fires a flamethrower into the crowd as she 
skims above the protestors, while other bikers use plasma swords or chains as 
they slice through the midst of the protestors. It's a gruesome sight. The 
camera pans the other direction, noticing bikers approaching from all 
directions in the town, the sympathizers beginning to flee, but ending up 
rushing about in panic.>

 "The attack is linked to several biker groups, although the chief suspect is 
the Crimson Skulls, one of the largest, most violent organized gangs operating 
in Australia. Mavericks Agile and Dark Necrobat arrived on the scene soon 
after the attack began, and fought the bikers until they apparently retreated. 
There are dozens of serious Reploid injuries reported, although only nine 
protestors suffered processor-failure. Several biker casualties have been 
reported, although the exact number hasn't been released because the incident 
is under investigation. We've also recieved a taped message from the Crimson 
Skulls, suspected to be from their leader Motor Hogg: <"We ain't gonna be 
anyone's slaves, including the Mavericks. And we'll kill anyone that sells us 
out to them!"> Several smaller incidents involving one or two individuals in 
areas across Australia have been reported, all of the victims Reploids 
suspected of having Maverick sympathies. Australian authorities have pledged a 
full investigation and aggressive pursual of the perpetrators."

<OOC: Questions, inquiries, scene requests, etc., related to the post? @Mail 
Rajura Doji.>

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WilyNet Launches in Casablanca!    Thu Jan 22    News Report
<On GNN!>

"Today in Casablanca, Cobol, head of the National Wily Corporation, announced 
the creation of 'WilyNet', a 999 channel high-resolution holo-vision network 
in Master-Africa, running on a complex quantum-data cable network built 
across Africa in the course of several weeks by 'WilyComm'. The network is 
available to any citizen of Africa with an approved flat-pane holo-display 
unit sold in stores across Africa, for the rather low price of three hundred 
zenny a unit. NWC CEO Cobol admitted that only twenty channels have been 
filled at the moment, by WilyNet itself or other media corporations outside 
Africa who have bought channel-space. He also added that channels or 
television shows were public access to any citizen able to pay a minor fee, 
and able to be acquired by any citizen of Master-run Africa. All programming, 
however, is subject to a 'moral value advisory', which is a rather blatant way 
to say censorship. <<That sentence deleted to those viewing WilyNet ;)>> A 
large amount of programming has already been created, including remasters of 
the famous 'WilyShow', various sitcoms set with Master-inspired characters, 
and a gladiatorial gameshow that's raised a few eyebrows elsewhere in the 
world. Also, to our new viewers on WilyNet, welcome to the GNN channel."

<OOC: Questions, inquiries, etc.? @Mail Doji.>

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Incident in Moscow                 Sat Jan 24    News Report
<This...Is GNN!>

"An incident at Vlosky Industrial, a Reploid parts manufacturing factory in 
Moscow that's presently being used as a storage depot, was covered today by 
GNN's Moscow bureau." <Flick to a shot of Bolero with an Interpol badge, his 
mouth moving as he speaks to the camera and brandishes a book and a search 
warrant, speaking to a Reploid Siberian wolf with a heavy coat and a fur hat. 
There is no sound, however.> "There are reports of potential Master or 
Maverick activity on the scene, including a suspected sighting of 'Quick Man' 
exitting the silo. Vlosky Industrial, owned by Mikage International, admits 
that there was a major security break-in and the Masters may have been 
involved, also stating that the break-in resulted in several millions of zenny 
worth of damage. The Interpol officer investigating had Moscow PD search 
transports leaving the site, and one hover-hauler was impounded for 
investigation, full of what is termed as 'odd Reploid components and weapon 
modifications'. Mikage International is threatening a multi-billion zenny 
lawsuit against Interpol and the Moscow Police Department, however, after the 
materials seized disappeared from evidence lock-up. It is suspected that 
they've been sold to the black market, leading Mikage International to cry 
foul at 'UN interference with Japan's legal efforts to research better 
military hardware'. The prospects of the case itself are rather nebulous, as 
Mikage International has refused to explain why it was being stored in Vlosky 
Industrial or what the specific technologies were, but the Japanese megacorp 
certainly has the skilled lawyers and the capital to pursue the case for quite 
some time before a decision would be reached. A tape of an intruder doing 
battle with a suspected Master inside the facility was also sent to GNN, 
although a recent court action has prevented us from showing the footage."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Doji. The debacle with a fairly messy, questionable 
affair, leaving a bit of mud on Mikage International's already questionable 

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Books By A Robot Master?           Sun Jan 25    News Report
As introduced at the GTSE, Number Man has released a series of five books, 
some scholarly, some not, all about computer technology. Under the pen name of 
Erwin N. Wily, he's published them from an African print company with a 
worldwide distribution...

         Code Crisis: A Comprehensive History of Computer Crime From ENIAC to 
ERWIN - Very detailed, with copious footnotes sufficient to let any reader 
gain a basic knowledge of entry-level hacking.

         The Desecration of the Language: A History and Dictionary of Computer 
Slang and its Permanent Impact on the Efficacy of the English Language - A 
rather pointed and very editorial text, outlying the basic problems with 
internet slang. The most entertaining of the books, with informative side 
sections on Ebonics and trade languages.

         Pr0n - A photographic history of Internet pornography, from ASCII to 
holographs. It's not for kids, obviously, but he does veer away from showing 
nasty, nasty stuff. The text, surprisingly, is very dry and academic, but 
shows his intense knowledge of the subject matter.

         Information Overload - A winding, dry text concerning the ready 
availability of permanent storage media from the 20th century onward and the 
glut of information available over the last three centuries, with special 
attention paid to the continual retro craze that works through the world.

         The Tao Of William H. Gates - Self-explanatory.

Each book is reasonably priced and readily available.

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Chaos at the GSTE!                 Mon Jan 26    News Report

"The Science and Technology Expo in Torontreal ended in chaos this weekend, as 
it was invaded by a reploid army under the direction of Epsilon, the so called 
'Irregular' Reploid whose army of rebels commit acts of violence and terrorism 
supposedly independant of the Maverick Virus or the Coalition for Reploid 
Freedom. The convention took a stunning turn as roboticist Scott Wily, the 
CLONED son of Doctor Albert Wily, revealed an alliance with the lead 
Irregular. These...Irregular...Overlords... then trashed the remainder of the 
convention." The newscaster pauses, staring down at the paper he's holding, 
and shaking his head. "I don't make up the news, folks. I just read it." He 
coughs. "Fortunately, Interpol and Torontreal security responded immediately 
to the threat, arresting most of the rebels on scene, and bringing Epsilon 
himself into custody. The arrested Irregulars are being held in a holding cel 
in Torontreal: charges and trial all pending. However, Scott Wily still 
remains at large. ... And now, Maria Conchita Bananafanalopez with 
entertainment news..."

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Irregular Overlords Outbreak!      Wed Jan 28    News Report
This......is GNN. 

 " Good Evening, and welcome to GNN Nightly Nag. I'm your host, Aliks Salt. 
Tonight, our top story-the infamous Irregular Overlord Jail Break. " 

 A picture of a ravaged UN Plaza is shown. Concrete rubble lays everywhere. 
Buildings and vehicles are smashed and battered. A huge hole sits in the UN 
Building itself. 

 " Thought to be small time terrorists, this motley assortment of three known 
organizations-Epsilon's Followers, Scott Wily and his Overlords, and the Bonne 
Family, were thought a minor threat at best. But they proved otherwise when UN 
Security measures were completely bypassed, they escaped, and the Plaza found 
itself a battlezone as Repliforce and Maverick Hunters alike fought to stop 
the fleeing Irregular Overlords. " 

 " And sadly, failed. Even General himself could not stop them, as they 
entered their airship and fled to the skies. Which brings about a very 
important question to /this/ reporter-what happened to those committed to 
defense of the United Nations? The Free World, even? Neither of our esteemed 
heroes were able to stop these miscreants, or inflict casualties, according to 
our reports. What makes the Irregular Overlords so volatile a faction in these 
'Robot Wars'? " 

 " We'll investigate that, and other factors of recent developements in 
tonight's show..."

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Master Delinquency in Seoul.       Thu Jan 29    News Report

<Cut Camera to a scene of the historical district of Seoul>
"The city of Seoul, Korea, has a rich history. A history that should be 
respected and treasured. However, that was far from the minds of the Robot 
Masters when they struck this evening. Several statues, some many years old, 
were horribly defaced. One is of particular note:
<The camera cuts to a large statue, made of bronze. It currently has a frizzy 
orange clown wig on it's head, and a green and yellow woman's dress pulled 
over it's body. Over it's face is pasted what appears to be a blown-up picture 
of.. Scott Wily's face. Burned into the grass in front of it are the words 
 "Witnesses say the Robot Masters put up their own statue, one of Doctor Alber 
Wily, but it was destroyed in the battle that followed, as authorities arrived 
on the scene."
<A shot is seen of a pile of marble rubble.>
 "All in all, it was a light raid for the Masters. But I can think of one Wily 
who will probably not be pleased. And now, in sports.."


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Engravings in the Sahara           Fri Jan 30    News Report

<Camera cuts to a satellite view of northern Africa, showing the Sahara 
 "Today, during a weather report, it was discovered that the words "IO's are 
t3h Suk!!" and a drawing of Dr. Wily giving the thumbs up, were engraved into 
the sands of the Sahara desert earlier today. The culprits can only be assumed 
to be the Robot Masters themselves, as if anyone else had done that over their 
territory, we would have seen the signs of heavy fighting between the Masters 
and the culprits. 
 "This, following the previous incidents in Seoul, have led us here to believe 
that there is a great hatred of the Irregular Overlords coming from the Robot 
Masters. We can only wait to see what action is taken, and hope that not TOO 
much property is destroyed in the process. We will bring the headlines to you, 
as they come up."

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River of Blood!                    Fri Jan 30    News Report
(Update, occasionally on GNN and related outlets for the next few days:) 

There has been an attack by unknown parties on the Maverick-held mech-fluid 
production plant outside of Turin, Italy. While the refinery itself escaped 
significant damage, several of the tanks were detonated, and the resulting 
flood of mechfluid has not only left a large and dramatic streak across the 
landscape, it has caused a red stain in nearby rivers and streams, which 
extends even out to the ocean in orbital images. 

Opinions, of course, are mixed. Tabloids blame it on - well, the usual tabloid 
suspects. Stardroids are a favorite. As are, for some reason, Martians.

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Anonymous Apology to Maverick Euro Sat Jan 31    News Report
-Only- to those in Maverick Europe is the following apology transmitted over 
public airwaves through a particular Airwave Alligator, though the message 
does not come from him.

         The anonymous transmission is merely this: "I apologize to CRF Europe 
citizens who have been harmed or otherwise inconvenienced by the bombing of 
the mechfluid tanks and to the nearby production facilities. You do not need 
to accept it, but it is my duty to apologize. It was intended to be a military 
assault, so this apology is to those not in the military who have been 
negatively effected." 

Of course, maybe the person posting it up isn't a Hunter at all, maybe it's 
all a trick! Or maybe ... it -is- a Hunter. Too bad it's anonymous.

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Pop-up Ad!                         Sat Jan 31    News Report

Browsing through the worldnet, you are likely to come across a new, common 
pop-up ad. It's one of those annoying ads that when you try to close it, 
slingshots you to another site.

You've won!! Click the Irregular Overlord below to claim your prize!

       <A chibi Epsilon runs back and forth across the field below. If you 
actually click on it, you go to the official Irregular Overlord recruitment 

If you try to close the pop-up window, you go to the official Irregular 
Overlord recruitment website. On the site, there's all sorts of transcripts of 
Epsilon's lengthy speeches, essays by various IOs, group pics of the IOs 
having lots of parties, an online shop to buy IO merchandise (the beer cozies 
and model Wilysaucer II are really neat!), a chat service to talk online with 
a REAL LIVE Irregular Overlord, and an anonymously-forwarding email address to 
send comments or questions.


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