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Message: 14/10                     Posted        Author
GNN: Razed villages in Europe      Tue Feb 03    News Report
It's Anchor Armadillo sitting at his news desk, looking rather grave before he 
begins his report. 

"In Maverick controlled Europe, a village composed of "Rebels" was annihilated 
by a swift surgical strike by the miltary of the Coalition for Reploid 
Freedom. A press release sent out from the executive offices said this about 
it; "The village of Mogyen was a hive of dissent and trechery. We, the lawful 
government of Europe, will not stand for such actions. The population has been 
destroyed as an example to the other rebels. Stand against us and perish."

The anchor continues to look grave as he starts to wrap up this story. "Oddly, 
only the bodies of human adults were found. If there were any children in this 
village, they are all missing. Sadly, all the homes in the area were 
obliterated by missile fire and energy weapons, and therefore evidence is 
inconclusive. In other news, the the World Hockey League suspended star player 
Frozen Merlin...."

(OOC: If you wish to investigate the site, contact Lament)

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Message: 14/10                     Posted        Author
HoloBillboard Incident             Thu Feb 05    News Report
*Blurb on the 11 O'Clock news*
         "Early this morning, an odd incident occurred with every holographic 
ad billboard in Neo Tokyo. No damage was caused, save a few fender-benders. No 
citizens were injured. As for what distracted the good drivers of Neo 
Cut to an image of a giant holographic cartoon-puppy Dr. Wily and 
cartoon-kitty Bass with giant frowny faces and covering their heads with 
chibihands. Their antagonizer is an equally cartoony holographic Alia, 
weilding a rolled up newspaper as a weapon. Above the scene scrolls the text 
'Nuts to you, Robot Masters!'
         "The culprit, believed to be a hacker, has not been found. The 
bulletin boards have since been reset to their old, boring, default 
programming. Now Bob with the weather..."

A board crash wiped out all posts before this point.

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Message: 16/1                      Posted        Author
Irregular Overlord Spam            Wed Feb 11    Binary Man
< This... Is GNN. >

"And today, havoc in Cyberworld. The outlandish group led by Scott Wily and 
the enigmatic Epsilon today have apparently increased their advertising 
campaign expedientially... In the form of these:"

Image cuts to a copy of the Irregular Overlord popup, that opens when you 
close it.

"These popups have been appearing all over Cyberworld- on every page anyone 
should visit, and, although the websites and hosts claim to have no 
affiliation to the group, they do not seem to be able to be removed without 
effort, and then the process simply happens again once the server is brought 
online, causing considerable lag... Although we have yet to see wether this 
effects our GNN reporters who work /inside/ the Internet."

"This is Bob Murphy, signing off."

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Message: 16/2                      Posted        Author
Assassination Attempt!             Wed Feb 11    Epsilon

< This -- is GNN. >

"... an apparent attempt on the Irregular leader Epsilon's life was made 
earlier today during an impromptu speech he was making in Neo Tokyo. The 
peaceful `demonstration' being led by the Irregular was broken up by an 
unknown assailant's use of a dart, which appeared to incapacitate Epsilon. 
Robot Masters arrived shortly afterward to abduct him, but were driven off by 

"Neo-Tokyo officials had no comment on the incident. And in other news..."


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Message: 16/3                      Posted        Author
Maverick Jailbreak                 Thu Feb 12    Bit
*GNN Spinny* *Generic Reporter*

Yesterday there was a daring Maverick raid in Queensland, Australia. Under the 
cover of an assult of the Osprey *File photo of the ship, blowing something 
up* on a local Repliforce sensor outpost, a large group of Mavericks attacked 
the Provincal Jail. The leader of this attack was the Maverick Field Commander 
Bit *Pictuce of Bit, kicking jail guard ass* There they freeded 14 suspected 
mavericks, reploids held on charges of violent crimes. While Repliforce did 
respond, and managed to strike the Osprey multiple times, they were unable to 
keep the agressors from fleeing. The Maverick Bit has released a statement 
admiting his involvement, saying, "We will fight to protect any reploid in 

In other news... *This, is GNN*

  #########                             Captain Bit                             
  #########                  Only cowards truly die. The brave                  
  #########              shall live forever in the minds of others.             

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Message: 16/4                      Posted        Author
Casino attack                      Sat Feb 14    Global News Network
--GNN newsbreak...--

"Police are still cleaning up the disaster zone in a Las Vegas hotel and 
casino, one of thousands on the Vegas strip, which was chosen as a random 
target for Robot Master agression the other night. Repliforce was on the 
scene, and witnesses say the interior property damage was caused by both 
parties involved. This time, the valiant efforts of the Repliforce were not 
enough to stop the Robot Masters. Twenty are dead, with more injured and 
hospitalized from this assault. The most disturbing damage occured on the 
second floor of the hotel, where honeymooning couples were stabbed, 
unawares, and 'Happy Valentines' messages were written with their remains. 
The other dead and injured were casino employees, who took stands to try and 
defend the casino's main safe. Their efforts were futile, as the Robot 
Masters blew up part of the building and escaped with the safe, holding a 
prize of approximately 50 million zenny. Police believe it is likely the 
motive for this highly random assault was for the Robot Masters just to show 
they were 'still on top' in light of increased Irregular Overlord 

(OOC: Late post for this one, but better late than never.)

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Message: 16/5                      Posted        Author
Theft and Attack at AppleSoft!     Mon Feb 16    Global News Network
                Irregular Overlords Strike Again in Neo-Tokyo!

In an attack that is sure to end up costing the Neo-Tokyo based electronics 
giant, AppleSoft, damages in the billions of zenny, a group of Irregular 
Overlord breached security and made off with high-tech hardware. Witnesses at 
the scene reported an assault tank that was reminiscent of one of the Maverick 
Hunter's favorite vehicles, as well as several other Overlords including one 
in a Ride Armor. (Images of the Inferno, now repainted and dubbed Assault Tank 
<Priscilla>, Sclera in his Phalanx armor, Quiet Man, and Hero Man scroll 
past) Instead of the expected response from the Maverick Hunters and 
Repliforce, there was not just the one Hunter Ride Armor at the scene but the 
Maverick Vile's armor the Goliath as well. Also, the infamous Robot Master, 
Guts Man, also engaged in apparently defending the area.

While it is unclear who won in this attack, it ended with the Irregular 
Overlords escaping with the hardware and the others involved leaving as well.


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Message: 16/6                      Posted        Author
The view from the Moon             Tue Feb 17    Global News Network
After rumors of a confrontation between Irregular Overlord Forces and the 
Mavericks on the lunar surface, we have yet more reports coming in from 
Eurasia of strange happenings on our lone satellite. We've all lived under the 
shadow of the letters WIL for some time, but the letters, and in fact the 
entire light side of the moon has become covered in a thick cloud of cosmic 
dust so thick that we are unable to penetrate it. We will have more on this 
story as it breaks.

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Message: 16/7                      Posted        Author
ALien Abduction?                   Tue Feb 17    Global News Network
The Pepto-Dismal company has made an open call for help to the forces of good 
in the world yesterday evening. Reports of flying saucers making off with over 
16 tanker trucks of the pink ant-acid yesterday afternoon have been coming in 
from truckers working for the company. This is over half the supply for the 
Northern Hemisphere and Corporate Execs are seriously concerned for their 2nd 
quarter profits.

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Message: 16/8                      Posted        Author
Terror in Central Park!            Wed Feb 18    Global News Network
<< THIS......is GNN. >>

Cut to a shot of a bee-type reploid in front of a bunch of bruning trees, 
police and firemen mill about in the background. "This is Hornblower Hornet 
reporting live from Central Park in New York City. As you can see, damage to 
the lower sections of the park is extensive. The whole mess started 
appearently as a verbal arguement between a Hunter and some Repliforcers with 
an Irregular Overlord. Eyewitnesses claim that he called himself 'Buster Rod 
G', and that he is appearently the first and greatest of Scott Wily's 
Omnidroids. Thanks to quick action in evacuating the park by the Repliforce, no 
civilian fatalities occured, although several animals on the lower levels of 
the zoo above died of smoke inhalation from the fire. It is unclear at this 
time who was involved in the fighting, but one thing is frightening." The 
camera shot changes to a far away shot of a very big crater in the ground. 
"There are unconfirmed reports of a massive energy discharge at the end of the 
fight and evacuees heard what they thought was, quote, 'An amazin', blazin', 
rootin', tootin' ruckus be'fer the big blarst." Police Officer on the scene 
desribed the sound as, quote, 'A screaming monkey with an iron lunge and a 
dire need of a laxative.' This is Hornblower Hornet, live from Central Park.

<< THAT...was a newsclip >>

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Message: 16/9                      Posted        Author
A Crushing Blow for the Balkans!   Fri Feb 20    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN!>
        "This is Wise Wisely the third reporting. Today we received word that 
the Repliforce yesterday tried to relieve the growing pressure that Human 
rebels have been feeling in the Balklands. As it can be expected, our troops 
met some respect from the 'Repliforce Freedom Fighters'."

        Insert pictures of Hymn, Chi blurry of Gabriel and Bowie. Along with 
your token Repliforce grumbles, whom flick across quickly.

        "The resistance came in the realms of a task force, accompanied with 
Magna Centipede, Wraith Panther and Fantasia - with possible interference from 
the General Vile."

        Wisely clears his throat, "The initial sweep was taken, with some 
Maverick and friendly casualties however our Repliforce troops fought bravely, 
until being picked off."

        Insert images of Fantasia shooting Hymn, a missile hitting Gabriel and 
a joint attack from Magna and Fant hitting Chi, as well as a shootout going on 
between Bowie and Wraith.

        "From there our reports get a little fuzzy, however it can only be 
assumed Repliforce pulled out with as many Balklands rebels as possible. We can 
only hope the tyranny in that area is dealt with in the near future swiftly, 
and brutally in respects to the Mavericks."
        "I am Wise Wisely and this... Is GNN!"

OOC: It's blurry at the end because I wasn't there to completely finish the 
scene, and nobody else seemed to want to post a message. @Mail me with 

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Message: 16/10                     Posted        Author
Not A Top Story                    Sat Feb 21    Global News Network
This... Is GNN.

        "And in other news tonight, a Robot Master showing in Ann Arbor, 
Michigan, went with surprisingly lots of fanfare to little destruction. A 
pleasant deviation from the norm.."

        Footage of a Home Emporium, looking surprisingly undamaged. "Robot 
Masters Bomb, Crystal--" Pictures in the corner of each. "--Gravity, and Elec, 
were reported as having dropped in, only to be driven away by the arrival of 
Repliforce defenders and the famed Mega Man himself. Damage is almost nil - 
that hole in the roof you can see at this angle is the worst of it, and 
thankfully, no one was hurt."

        "And now for the weather.."

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Message: 16/11                     Posted        Author
Mavericks in Seoul?                Sat Feb 21    Global News Network

<< This... is GNN. >>

        "There was chaos in Korea today as Mavericks made a daring assault on 
Seoul. Most surprisingly of all, the two Mavericks were identified as the 
Maverick Emperor Sigma and his second in command, general Vile. They came 
without support."

        True enough, an overhead view of the streets of Seoul fills the 
screen. The crowds have dispersed by now, leaving what is undoubtedly Vile 
starting down several people. Harmony, Ongaku Tsukai, and Denise Marmalade can 
be identified, if one looks hard enough. An exchange of power occurs, Ongaku 
being downed by Vile's cannon. Harmony, Denise, and Vile scuffle for a moment, 
until a large ride armor descends and takes Vile by surprise. No sooner than 
that happens, a spectre arrives from the mists. Wielding a scythe and exuding 
a cold aura even over the camera, his identity is revealed only when he casts 
away his cloak and appears as a Neo-armored Sigma. Denise is knocked flat by a 
huge blast from Vile's shouldercannon, and Sigma continues to duel with his 
foe. A swarm of minimissiles are the thing that finally take out the camera, 
dissolve the sequence into static. It is replaced by a ground crew's camera, 
surveying the wreakage. Buildings rent asunder, fires burning everywhere; the 
place looks like a veritable warzone.
        The Camera pivots to show Sigma continuing to duel with the Gustav, 
splitting the torso of the Ride Armor open with a swing of his scythe. He 
appears to be taunting the pilot within when Denise's power armour grabs Sigma 
around the waist -- and just like that Sigma switches back to his Reaper form. 
He hovers, semi-transparent in midair for a moment and then seems to exude a 
tremendous cloud of frigid black energy. This evelopes the camera, and the 
feed goes to static.

        "Seoul riot officers responding to the scene were listed as 
casualties. The carnage clearly shows that the Mavericks are a continued 
threat. City officials and U.N. spokespeople were unavailable for comment. 
Damage is estimated in the millions of zennies. More at 10:00."


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Message: 16/12                     Posted        Author
PANDASCAPADES!                     Sun Feb 22    Global News Network
*This...is GNN!*
*And this...is a Panda! A still image of Shaun the Panda, called Shaunybear 
by the children, appears on the screen*

"Earlier today in the unveiling of the Great Panda of Neo-Tokyo after a 
long-term abscence due to indigestion, Shaun the Panda was Pandanapped by 
various Irregular Overlords! *images are shown of iLuz, Hyper Storm H, Buster 
Rod G (in a monkey costume), Quiet Man, and Demolition Man.*

"Surprisingly the main forces that attempted to stop them were Robot Masters! 
Still, despite aid from even the Elite Ballade, the Speedsters Quick Man and 
Turbo Man, and the Explosive Bomb Man, the Irregular Overlords were able to 
escape with the panda."

        "Also on sight was popular radio jockey, DJ Fusion, who admirably 
tried to protect Shaun at risk of her own life. Though who it is has yet to 
be confirmed by our news sources, there was a mysterious ninja of some sort."

"A spokesperson for the Zoo had this to say..."

*image of zoo personell* "While we lament the loss of Shaunybear, we are 
sure we will find a way to get him back from these fiends. As it is, we have 
already called for a temporary visit while he is on 'Vacation'. Libra the 
Panda will be our main attraction until the Panda is returned to us. We feel 
he'll direct the crowds' attention just as well as Shaun, though we'll have 
to teach him the old famous tricks of Shaunybear. We just hope for our 
panda's safe return so that Shaun's greatness can be enjoyed by children 

"Also, zoo guards Dan..uh...and Lavi were injured, but they are expected to 
make a full recovery. How weird, no last names listed."This is GNN...Hoping 
you are safe, Shaunybear. Good night."


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Message: 16/13                     Posted        Author
Special Report                     Sun Feb 22    Global News Network

*As seen on the morning news. A recording of a press conference with the UN 
Secretary General, Kelly McLaren.*

The Secretary General stands behind her podium, eyeing the camera somewhat 
hesitantly as she holds up several small military style medals, she clears her 
throat and says, very briefly, and very to the point, "With a large amount of 
hesitation, I would like to present Epsilon and Scott Wily with these medals 
for examplary service to the people of Earth. While it is true they have 
caused some disturbances for the citizens of the United Nations, they have 
successfully lead assaults on two known and important hostile installations 
believed to be operated by the Coalition for Reploid Freedom and the Robot 
Masters. Since they have not been able to be reached, I am issuing an 
invitation to them both to come to Seoul to receive them, as well as a 
personal thanks from the Senate for assisting us in the neutralization of 
these world threatening terrorist forces."

Kelly then steps off of the stage, despite the blitz of questions from the 
reporters in the room.

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Message: 16/14                     Posted        Author
New Releases                       Tue Feb 24    Global News Network

                           You thought it was over..

                               When in truth..

                           It had only truly begun..

                        THE LAND BEFORE TIME XXXVIII...
                               The Final Sojourn

                      [Now Playing at a Theater Near You!]

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Message: 16/15                     Posted        Author
Wily's on the Moon                 Thu Feb 26    Global News Network
A gruff elderly man has been recounting the news through a thick russian 
accent for the past hour or so. "Ja, annt then he purportedly sed 'Missus 
MuhckLaren ees a two ruple whore. " A hand can be seen pushing a piece of 
paper on to the desk and the man blinks as he scans it quickly, "Yus, Ivan 
Starkanovapinskivalipopskalitemkin reporting this breakeeng news, We now go 
live to our Eurasian korrespondant Sally Forth." Sally Forth appears on screen 
for a moment, "Presently Eurasia is basking in a full lunar day cycle, and we 
have been bringing you reports on Irregular Overlord Activity on the Lunar 
Surface. " The camera swivels focusing on the brilliant and gigantic silver 
disc, the normally textured image is obscured by what looks like dust and 
debris rising up in a huge cloud. "Just moments ago observors have verified 
that there has been a several thousand megatonne explosion on the Lunar 
surface, The cloud of dust wich ha sbeen kicked up is obscuring even our best 
cameras, but we will keep you posted on this breaking news."

 We cut back to Sally Forth who looks mildly irritated and generally 
unimpressed. "The smoke has cleared and as you can see the moon now reads 'S 
period W I L Y' instead of simply W I L. " And the camera gives us a 
breathtaking shot of the dust clearing, and the moon does in fact read "S. 
WILY" in huge letters right across the Light Side. "You have to give those 
Irregular Overlord boys some credit I suppose. At least they have a good 
follow through. " and with a shrug you are retuned to your favorite 

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Message: 16/16                     Posted        Author
Massive Korea Battle               Sat Feb 28    Global News Network

< OOC: Should have been up Friday morning. >
< This -- is GNN. >

Hundreds of Reploids are dead and tens of millions of zenny of property 
require extensive cleanup today after a massive battle between the Irregular 
Overlords and the Mavericks occurred in northern Korea. The battle, apparently 
an ambush on the part of the Mavericks, fortunately occurred in a lightly 
inhabited area. According to the UN, the Mavericks sustained heavy losses, as 
did the Irregular Overlords.

The convoy of Irregular Overlords was heading for Seoul as part of a parade, 
at the end of which their leaders were to be rewarded for their previous 
actions against the Robot Masters and Mavericks. Only a portion of the convoy 
was able to continue to Seoul, but shortly after their arrival found 
themselves tested again by a well-orchestrated UN ambush to bring the 
Irregular Overlords into custody. The Irregular Overlords took additional 
losses, but escaped with their medals intact.

Official sources at the UN had no comment, and Epsilon of the Irregular 
Overlords was unavailable for comment.

< This -- is GNN. >


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Message: 16/17                     Posted        Author
Looking Down On Us All             Sun Feb 29    Global News Network
Following reports today of Bomb Man being launched at the moon from Cape Wily, 
while apparently both the Repliforce and Dr. Cossack send missiles to erase 
the Robot Master / Irregular Overlord graffiti on the lunar surface at the 
same time without being aware of each other's plans...

[All available cameras are pointed at the moon, on all channels, as news of 
the crisis spreads] "We're still waiting, very tensely I might add, to see the 
results of what can only be called a frightening coincidence. Two missiles, 
and Bomb Man, all headed for the graffitti on the moon.. our estimates say 
they should impact-" [The reporter is interrupted by a BRILLIANT flash from 
the moon.. followed by two more in quick succession. There's no sound at this 
distance, but huge clouds of roiling dust can be seen spreading across the 
surface, obscuring the whole "S. Wily" that had formerly occupied the space.] 
"There it is! Our scientists say the dust should settle in a few minutes... 
[A few minutes later] "Well, it's clearing up folks.. it looks like there are 
still letters there! The blast must have thrown the dust around in such a way 
as to spell out.. oh... oh my lord. It says.." [The reporter falls silent, as 
the camera focuses closely on the moon.. which now reads, in huge, 
unmistakable letters... QUINT]

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