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Japanese Government Rumbles        Thu Apr 01    Global News Network

         On several dull politic-centric channels, the news of the special 
congregation of the House of Councillors is quite exciting. On GNN, it 
deserves a little spot on the bottom news ticker. However, despite who knows, 
the upper house of the Japanese legislation came together today to discuss the 
recent Robot Master attack on Light Labs, and, inadvertantly, Neo Tokyo.
         Foremost among the speeches is one delivered not by a politician, but 
by an industrialist, the former President and current CEO of Mikage, Intl, a 
man known simply as Amano. In a white suit inconsistant with the greys and 
blues of the rest of the august party, he looks out of place in more ways than 
one. Not to mention he couldn't be past his mid twenties - he looks more like 
a teen idol than a powerful business man, with flowing black hair and flawless 
looks. However, his speech cannot be denied, especially when it comes as such 
a time as this.
         "For many years, the people of Japan have been content to ignore the 
troubles of this war-torn world. We have allowed our Self Defense Force to 
become slack, relying on the Maverick Hunters to safeguard us against the 
ravages of Wily and Sigma. It is now clear that the Hunters are not our 
militia. They have their own agendas, priorities, and goals. None of which 
coincide with ours."
         "While Japan has remained fairly safe, Robot Master forces have taken 
over nearly an entire continent. The Maverick Empire has torn through Europe 
with equal, frightening ease. The United Nations has become a shadow of a 
power, its child, Repliforce, eclipsing what it once was. We live in a world 
of war. We live in a world of Reploids."
         "And now, this rude awakening has given us a taste of the terror the 
rest of the world faces. We have seen the destruction that can be so easily 
wrought upon our soil. We have seen just how powerless we are to stop such 
belligerance. I personally have lost friends and coworkers in the attack. It 
is always jarring to be shown exactly how fragile your way of life is. And we 
have been shown just that."
         "Who do we turn to now? Repliforce fights their own battles, a war 
that draws their resources away from protecting the very populace they were 
created to safeguard. They have lost sight of their purpose, and the United 
Nations is helpless to change the course they have set themselves on. Indeed, 
the U.N. is unable to compete with these superpowers, even the one they 
created. The Maverick Hunters are not capable of defending Japan, nor do their 
intentions lie in our nation."
         "We must stand on our own two feet. No longer can we ignore the storm 
blowing outside. No longer can we pretend the horrors of Wily and Sigma are 
too far away to effect us. No longer can we count on Repliforce, the Maverick 
Hunters, or the United Nations to protect us."
         "The Self Defense Force will not be just a name ever again. I urge 
this legislation to take the appropriate steps to ensure that not only we can 
protect ourselves when the time comes, but that the likes of the Maverick 
Hunters can never recklessly bring this war to our doorstep again."
         The motion was well accepted by the House of Councillors, as was 
illustrated by several speeches concuring with Mr. Amano.

         (Questions? Comments? Facestabs? @Mail or page Amano.)


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April Fools Chaos                  Fri Apr 02    Global News Network
"Three young children...and their music teacher...are dead tonight, at South 
Lexington Elementary School in LexLouCin City, along with many other injuries 
from minor to critical. The Spring Musical band review held annually by the 
school was attacked by an assailant that appeared to be world-known Maverick 
Hunter and hero Megaman, himself. Originally welcomed as a spectator, the 
reploid fired his weapons into the audience without warning. After other 
Maverick Hunters arrived onscene to stop the attack, authorites and our GNN 
footage, shown here, confirm that it was not Megaman, but the Robot Master 
Gemini Man, who perpetrated the assault... probably for no other reason than 
the spirit of the holiday, well known as a time of Robot Master mayhem. When 
cornered, he was also apparently all too eager to take 'the credit' for the 
attack that destroyed Light Labs and a large portion of the Donachi District 
in NeoTokyo, though given the presence of multiple Robot Masters and the 
involvment of Bass at the scene, there is not definitive evidence to support 
his boast. Authorities from the criminal city of Tartarus have already 
confirmed the rumor that Dr. Thomas Light has put out a significant bounty for 
the android's arrest. Though arresting a Robot Master has always proved 
notoriously difficult, if not impossible, there are those likely brave enought 
to rise to the challenge. Tonight, our thoughts go out to those who are 
hospitalized or are suffering loss after this senseless attack. This is GNN."

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Fire In New York!                  Sat Apr 03    Global News Network
*GNN Spinny* 

"This is Chet Bucklet with news so hot, it'll burn your DAD! Just this 
afternoon-THIS AFTERNOON-the inflamous Mavericks attacked the Happy Smiley 
Tiem Orphanage, with FIRE AND BRIMSTONE FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!" *cut to various 
pictures of Blaze Fox, Raph, Psychogenesis and Sting Chamelion-mostly 
unflattering ones, with Psychogenesis only having a brief shot.* 

 "The Maverick Hunters, Interpole, and Repliforce rushed onto the scene, with 
Doctor Light himself making an appearence in an Anti-Burnination machine. 
While the likes of Roll Light and Prismatic Spider set up a triage station for 
the orphens, Simian Monk, Blizzard Wolf, Cacophony Timberwolf, Bridgit Cascio 
AND FRIENDS were very busy punching the Mavericks and Fire IN THE FACE!" "Omg 
in the face!!?" "Yes, in the face. Currently, the number of casualties remain 
unknown, though the force managed to get a large percentiage of the 
Orphanage's two-hundred plus-that's right, PLUS-residents out of the blaze and 
into an AWESOME cot, for medical type stuff. So far, noone's had anything to 
say about it, thought Dr. Light promised a TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL press statement 
later today. This is Chet Bucklet-CHET BUCKLEY-signing off!" 

*This...is GNN.*

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Church of Bass Commercial          Mon Apr 05    Global News Network

         And now an official word from the Church of Bass.

         Pope Guts Man can be seen in all his glory with his big Pope hat 
which has a hardhat on top, he's on a construction site of sorts. "Greetings 
my fellow children, I am here today to report on the status of the Church of 
Bass, as some of you know the Holy Poncho has ended its tour after 3 weeks. In 
those 3 weeks the church has amassed 2.7 million Zennies in revenue, we would 
like to thank our generous followers who have visited the Holy Poncho and 
contributed to the Church..

         "I would also like to state that some of our profits will go to 
building new orphanages in New York City after that despicable attack from 
those Mavericks. Yes we here at the Church of Bass care for our young ones. We 
know that they are our future! They are the most important resource we have 
this side of faith in our Lord Bass!

         "Oh for in today's bleak world faith might be the only thing we have 
left! Who better to believe in than in our own Lord Bass whose second coming 
is close at hand! I can feel it in my frame that he will emerge once again! 
Yes pray with me brothers and sister! Pray to the mighty Lord Bass! Pray that 
he may come back to strike down our foes!

         "But beware of the Anti-Bass! For he may be at hand too! The 
Anti-Bass may appear soon after Lord Bass' second coming to try and lure our 
faithful believers away! Do not be tempted or fooled! There can only be one 
Lord Bass! You know what you must do! You must push the evil temptations away 
and have faith! Then and only then will you be allowed into Lord Bass' heaven! 
May Lord Bass have mercy on all of our souls! Amen!"

         The video footage suddenly shifts to the Lord Bass Choir singing and 
praising Lord Bass. A message appears at the bottom of the screen. This 
commercial was paid for by the Church of Lord Bass.

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The Liberation Of Poland           Mon Apr 05    Global News Network

< This -- is GNN. >

Poland has been liberated this evening by the Irregular Overlords, who 
employed a mixture of subterfuge and raw force to topple the ruling Maverick 
regime and push back Maverick military forces into nearby Germany and other 
surrounding Maverick holdings.

According to civilian witnesses who leaked information onto the Internet 
during the battle, the Maverick forces initially did significant damage to the 
smaller Irregular Overlord force, destroying many Irregular Overlords before 
they could enter the city. The tide of battle began to turn once covert 
operations units under Epsilon's command began striking at the information and 
energy infrastructure of Warsaw, which caused significant disruption to 
Maverick logistics and allowed for the unconventional tactics of the Irregular 
Overlords to be significantly more effective.

The decisive moment in the siege came when Epsilon, the Irregular leader, 
utilized a massive battle form similar to that of "Kaiser" Sigma's. This 
advanced form, reported to be called "Caesar", did immense property damage to 
the city and destroyed a large number of Maverick forces before they were 
forced to retreat. A weapon of mass destruction known as the Ultima Shot was 
also reportedly used, causing additional damage.

Neither the Irregular Overlords nor the Coalition for Reploid Freedom have 
issued official statements about the situation at this time.

< This is GNN. >


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Irregular Overlord propaganda      Mon Apr 05    Global News Network

Temporary broadcast systems have been hastily erected inside of Poland, 
beaming a digital signal out across the country and into neighboring Maverick 
countries. The feed is also being mirrored on the Internet for international 

The feed, while it lasts, broadcasts programs created by the Irregular 
Overlord organization that features prominent members such as Epsilon and 
Scott Wily, as well as the "common" Irregular Overlords. These programs detail 
the rambling manifesto of the organization, which mostly revolves around the 
creation of a democratic, independent Reploid homeland free of human 
oppression, as well as the occasional viginette detailing the great prosperity 
and freedom that will be gained by humans submitting themselves to Scott 
Wily's rule.

Between major sequences are reruns of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", old 
Liberace concerts and a skip-prone rebroadcast of "Priscilla, Queen Of The 


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Advertisement                      Mon Apr 05    Global News Network
<Not widely circulated, but worth mentioning, are advertisements for a new bar 
in the Eurasian club district known as Thunderclap. Oddly enough, some of 
these adds run on GNN... a notoriously expensive channel to advertise on. The 
ads seem to portray the place as a good place to drink and get information, 
with live broadcasts from the Sheol Pit on the big screen. Odd indeed.>

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And now in financial news...       Mon Apr 05    Global News Network

Spark 'Vark: ..........Thank you, Bill. In Financial News today, one man has 
slipped himself casually into the slot for the eleventh richest man in the 
world. Formerly fairly low on the list of movers and shakers, one Glyde Loath 
-- nephew of long-time business giant Lex Loath and his multi-national 
corporation Loath Enterprises -- has done so through the absorbment of his 
Uncle's financial assets.

According to the younger Loath, Lex had been in his office in Karasawa Towers 
during the Robot Master attack that we are all intimatly familliar with. 
Having not been heard from since, his official status is missing and assumed 
dead -- and until it is confirmed, Glyde has stepped in to maintain his 
Uncle's fortunats and corporation. How he runs it remains to be seen -- for 
Loath Enterprises has been the brunt of many corporate scandals in the last 
five years. Mr. Loath has announced that he intends to 'clean up' the company, 
although for now it will remain it's own individual company -- a wholly owned 
subsidiary of Mr. Loath's own G. L. Enterprises. Should Lex be found, the 
company will automatically revert back to his control.

In other news, the Zenny has risen five points on news of.....


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Poland Invaded! (Again!)           Wed Apr 07    Global News Network

         <This is GNN.> "Reporter Roach here, with more breaking news from 
war-torn Poland. This country in Eastern Europe has never had it easy, but 
this appears to have been one of the worst weeks for the land between Germany 
and Russia in it's history of invasion and tug-of-war politics. Sunday the 
Irregular Overlords invaded Warsaw, and despite all expectations, forced the 
Mavericks to abandon the city, and indeed most of the surrounding country.
         Now, however, it appears a third force has arrived to contend for the 
area: Repliforce, moving up from the Balkans, has struck a hard blow to the 
already-weakened IOs. Although reports from the scene are sketchy at current, 
it seems as though the Irregulars shattered under a lightning assault from the 
Repliforce Marines, and have retreated eastwards towards Russia.
         So, as dawn breaks, it appears that Warsaw, or what's left of it, is 
now in the hands of the Repliforce. Free? For now. However, top military 
anylists suggest that the Mavericks will certainly attempt to take the country 
back. Yes, it certainly seems that the future holds more strife yet for 
Poland. But I'm no psychic. We'll bring you more as events unfold." <GNN GNN GNN>

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Robot Master Gestalt? Hong Kong at Wed Apr 07    Global News Network
"This is GNN reporting from the Hong Kong Park District where yesterday, a 
series of events thrusted through the area and dealt a massive ammounts of 
collateral damage. Namely, cars and signs were ripped from their places and 
thrown all over the places. The Robot Masters apparently picked this area to 
test a new invention of their design, even if it can't be called that. I shall 
let you all take a look at the new menace we have to fear."

Insert here a snapshop of Magnet Man taped on Crash Man's back. Or is it the 
other way around? Regardless, they're both destroying things.

"The Robot Masters, speaking in unison, declared their name to be 'Magnash 
Man' at some times and 'Cragnet Man' at some other times. When authorities 

Snapshop of Alpha fighting the duo, still hanging onto each other's back.

"... a fight broke out. The Robot Masters were defeated, but the Maverick 
Hunter was almost destroyed (if not falling unconscious) during the process. 
Multiple spectators were present to witness, namely the world-widely known 

A snapshop of Blues standing on a random roof is put here with a small note: 

"Maverick Hunters Glaive and Simian Monk were also spotted on the scene, the 
former trying to destroy the escaping 'Gestalt' but to no avail. 
Reconstruction of the losses in the district shouldn't take more than a week, 
and we can all guess a lot of persons will be requesting refunds for their 
destroyed cars, mailboxes and whatnot metal items that were ripped away."

"This was GNN, keeping you updated at all times."

OOC Note: You want to have a scene with Robot Master Gestalt Extraordinaire 
Magnash/Cragnet Man? Just @mail either Magnet Man or Crash Man! We'll see what 
we can do and make sure you enjoy yourself!

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Attacks in India!                  Thu Apr 08    Global News Network
<This is GNN>     
"Good Evening, Figurehead Fairy here to report the latest Robot Master attack. 
Here in India along the Deccan Plateu the Robot Masters, Shade Man and Shark 
Man started attacking the technolofy labs of Floating Rock Technological 
Industries around 9:00 P.M.. Shade Man had started the attack by directly 
bombarding the main building--" The building shown here. "--with repeated 
bubblebat shots, explosions, and his own Sonic Blasts." Shots of Shade Man 
blowing stuff up. "Shark Man attacked the security section of the labs by 
destroying security drones, checkpoints, and civillians." Shots of Shark Man 
doing his thing.          
"Those to respond were Burn Dinorex and Rain Turtle of the Repliforce. Burn 
Dinorex took Shade Man and Rain Turtle took on Shark Man. The battle between 
Burn Dinorex and Shade Man did not last long, because of shots like this--" A 
picture of Burn launching Napalmer at Shade Man, and Shade Man being almost 
obliterated. "--Thanks to efforts like Burn Dinorex, Shade Man had to retreat. 
However, the fight between Rain Turtle and Shark Man lasted a bit longer with 
Rain Turtle 'on top of things'--" It cuts to a shot with Rain Turtle falling 
on top of Shark Man or at least about to.         
"Civillian casulties were minimal, but there are still employees missing. 
Structural damage to the labs itself has made the building condemned and 
unusable by anyone." Shots of the labs looks pretty beaten up and ready to 
collapse in on it self.   
"This is Figurehead Fairy, signing off from GNN."

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Poland: Under the Maverick Flag!   Sat Apr 10    Global News Network

<This... is GNN!>

         "Goodmorning, this is Manic Monkey, reporting the latest on the 
situation in Poland! After switching hands several times - Maverick to 
Overlord, Overlord to Repliforce, if you don't remember - Poland has once 
again come under the boot of Maverick rule. While GNN could not gain access to 
footage from Repliforce sources just yet, eyewitnesses report a bloody battle 
in which CRF forces staged a two-part attack."
         "A wave of reploid shock troops, lead by General Vile, first entered 
the outskirts of the city with the aid of mobile and long-ranged artillery. 
After disrupting fire teams and anti-aircraft batteries, the second portion of 
the invasion force, a large mechinaloid contingent, quickly deployed and 
pounded on the remaining defenses."
         "Reports show that in a daring battle, Colonel destroyed the Goliath, 
Vile's personal armored carrier, but was dealt massive systems damage by the 
angered general. Colonel's condition is, at this time, unknown, but our 
prayers are with him and every Repliforce reploid that was harmed in this 
battle. General and other Repliforce spokesreploids were unavailable for 
comment at this time, but a press conference is expected very soon. This has 
been Manic Monkey, updating you on the war in Poland!"

<This... was GNN!>


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Sermon Part 1                      Sat Apr 10    Global News Network
Live from the St. Treble Church somewhere in Africa, it's almost 9A.M. and 
time for the live mass! The Pope himself is there today ready to give a 
sermon. He's wearing a nice white outfit and of course his majestic big Pope 

"We are gathered here today on this most important day! No not Easter Sunday 
you poor fools. But the day that was to come! Yes the second coming is now at 
hand! For on this most wonderful day our Lord Bass is once again alive! Risen 
from the dead! For a month now Bass has paid for you sins! He has been to hell 
and back again which just goes to show you that he is indeed a God! For no 
mortal could survive such a journey, but Lord Bass has! Now you will all taste 
the true power of the Church of Bass, for a God walks among us!!!!"

Suddenly a man can be heard shouting in a heavy Spanish accent, "Death to the 
Pope!!!!" The cameras whip around in time to see a crazy man firing bullets at 
Guts Man, each shot hits him, however they are regular bullets hardly doing 
any damage at all. Not too smart of a plan. Suddenly the Angelic Joes statues 
come alive swooping down from their pedestals grabbing hold of the man and 
landing in front of Guts Man.

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Sermon Part 2                      Sat Apr 10    Global News Network
Guts Man has a stern look on his face, "And here we would have an infidel.. 
Tell me my son, what is your name?" The Hispanic human spits in Guts Man's 
face. "I see." He casually wipes away the spit from his face. "You see? This 
is what Lord Bass is fighting for. The world is a violent place filled with 
ignorant people who would dare assassinate a religious figure such as myself. 
Well no more! I am sending a message to all of you who would oppose the 
Church! Cross us and this shall happen to you!"

The Angelic Joes let go of the man as Guts Man picks him up by the neck. "As 
Lord Bass has said, hell is a place filled with pain and sense deprivation. 
This infidel is going to hell!!!!" One of the huge hands starts to crush the 
man's midsection and you can hear a distinctive snap, the man screams very 
loudly. He throws the man to the ground who tries to get up but can't. "I... 
I... I can't move!"

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Sermon Part 3                      Sat Apr 10    Global News Network
Guts Man nods, "That is but the first step." He picks the man up again, with 
the man's back to the television you can see Guts Man do something, it appears 
he's torn something off the man's face, quite a bit of stuff actually, if you 
didn't know it, you'd say the man just had his eyes plucked out, his tongue 
ripped out, his nose broken and his ears torn. He throws the pitiful man who 
must be in serious pain now back to the ground.

"This is what awaits those that will not join the Church of Bass! This is what 
Lord Bass went through for you! Look upon this shell of a man! This worthless 
assassin! He does not deserve to live! Yet I am the Pope, I am not the Angel 
of Death. Instead I condemn him to live in hell among us!" He claps his hands 
and the Angelic Joes grab him, "Take him to the hospital and make sure that he 
survives. But make sure that every breath that he takes is a painful one. He 
will be a reminder to all that there truly is a heaven and hell."

The panicked Churchgoers have more or less all taken their seat once again; 
there is a soft mumbling among them all. The Pope raises his hands, "Now let 
us pray for that man's soul! Let us pray so that Lord Bass may forgive him for 
his actions someday. But more importantly, let us pray for our own souls 
first! Let us pray to Lord Bass for dying for our sins. Let us pray my 
friends, for that is all we can do at this time. Amen."

And end the Church TV sermon.

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Some words from Interpol           Sun Apr 11    Global News Network
         "Interpol held today a press conference regarding the latest 
announcements from the Church of Bass. As it was stated by them, this sect has 
been this far relatively unhazardous to the wordly population, yet this could 
take a drastic turn whenever the Robot Masters feel it opportune." 
         The screen changes to the UN HQ press room in Seoul. Arthur Maxwell, 
the Interpol spokesman stands behind the podium, holding a bunch of papers and 
speaking to the media in the room. "We must remain objective and remind the 
citizens of the world that the object of cult of this group is someone who has 
caused indiscriminate carnages accross the globe. The worship of such calamity 
is a matter of serious worry for the people. In fact, the first ones we want 
to warn about this are the followers of this cult." 
         The well-dressed man moves on to the next page in his pile of papers. 
"The Research, Developement and Investigation division from Interpol is 
keeping an eye on this matter, and has got a message for the followers of the 
sect." He reads. "You are all idio-" There is an abrupt stop, then the man 
swallows some saliva and seems to read the paper once again, thoughtfully. 
"Y-you are all fervent believers," - he finally manages to speak, though it 
looks as if he wasn't reading these words - "b-but the true meaning of this 
cult must be considered. Yes, that's it." 
         The man breathes deeply before he continues. "We have also got a 
message from our Enforcement division." He reads another paper. He makes a 
small pause and reads it again, eyes wide-open. "Sorry, it was a mistake. We 
don't have any messages from the Enforcement division. Any more questions?" 
         The screen returns to the GNN news central. "One of the last and most 
significative statements was 'Dr. Wily has come back from the dead way many 
more times anyway.' In other news..."

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Message: 16/63                     Posted        Author
GNN Report: Vatican Easter Mass    Sun Apr 11    Global News Network

"This is GNN."

         "His Holiness, Pope Alexander XII lead the midnight Easter Mass last 
evening. The 75-year-old pontiff spent most of the vigil in St Peter's 
Basilica standing before the sadly small amount of people who could attend 
through the Maverick control of Rome and the surrounding land around Vatican 
City. His Holiness' excellent health and surprising youthfulness was shown 
once again by this display."

         "The entirety of the Steel Angel Vatican Guard as well as many 
members of the Vatican Swiss Guard received Mass from His Holiness, as well as 
many who were brought in by the Steel Angel Vatican Guard to attend the mass. 
The entirety of the Mass this year was broadcast simultaneously via 
holographic projectors across the world so many of the Clergy in Exile and the 
billions of Catholics around the world could receive Mass from Pope 

         "His holiness insisted on presiding at Easter Ceremonies, despite the 
threat of the Maverick Empire on the Vatican's Doorstep, and is due to deliver 
his traditional address to the City of Rome and the world this morning. Pope 
Alexander baptized as Catholics nine people and five reploids, showing his 
continued support of Reploid Religious Rights."

         "In his 'Urbi et Orbi' address, His Holiness is expected to speak out 
against the Maverick and Robot Master actions, as well as the recent 
activities of the new group, the Irregular Overlords. His calls for peace and 
an end to the Robot Wars have been resounding, but sadly have fallen on deaf 
ears. His Holiness' support for the current UN Government and the actions of 
the Repliforce, as well as the actions of the Maverick Hunters have been hotly 
debated by many of the clergy, including his appointment of a Steel Angel 
Vatican Guardsman to the Repliforce to serve as a Chaplain. Further, it is 
expected the Pope will speak on the actions of 'Pope Guts Man' of the Church 
of Bass this morning when he procided over his own Easter Ceremonies."

         "His Holiness continues to refuse to leave Vatican City, which 
currently contains only himself, his chamberlain, and attendants and 
technicians to keep the City running and cared for. As well, the Steel Angel 
Vatican Guard and the Swiss Guard remain to guard His Holiness and the Vatican 
itself from any attacks, worried about the Maverick Threat despite assurances 
by Sigma of no aggression against the Vatican will be committed by the 



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Message: 16/64                     Posted        Author
Church Of Bass Statement (1/3)     Sun Apr 11    Global News Network

< A video press release by the Church of Bass. >

The logo of the Church of Bass -- the flaming head of Bass, better suited to 
some heavy metal band's concert t-shirts than a religion. Then, music swells: 
Vivaldi's "Spring", first movement, in allegro.

As the music establishes, the scene moves to a spacious, well appointed den in 
the tradition of many British adventure novels; a roaring fireplace, hunting 
trophies on the wall, fine Persian rugs, a window overlooking a jungle. 
Sitting by the fire in one of the high-backed Queen Anne chairs is Bass, 
wearing a smoking jacket. His long, black hair hangs to his shoulders, his 
helmet resting on a coffee table nearby. He folds his hands over his lap as 
the camera pans into him, waits an appropriate amount of time for the music to 
fade down, then speaks.

"Good afternoon to the saved and the damned, a good afternoon to you all. As 
you can see, I have returned from my brief absence, and can once again provide 
you the spiritual leadership and counsel you all require."

Bass leans back slightly, resting one arm on the chair, palm up. "First, I 
would like to clarify my experiences for the curious. I did not `die' in the 
traditional sense. Rather, I was condemned to a Hell-esque netherworld between 
life and death, trapped at the bottom of the sea in absolute darkness and 
silence while my body experienced execruciating agony so terrible as to be a 
thing of great beauty. Through this, I was enlightened, and at the end of my 
trial was able to return to the Robot Masters to be mended back to the form 
you see today."


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Message: 16/65                     Posted        Author
Church Of Bass Statement (2/3)     Sun Apr 11    Global News Network

He rolls his hand on his wrist. "Now. The United Nations has seen fit to begin 
to speak on matters of religion. Tyranny, of course, is nothing new to the 
people of the United Nations, be it the pre-UN tyranny in many of the nations 
it conquered, or the present soft tyranny of life as the slave masters to a 
growing, militant mechanical race that has come perilously close to overtaking 
their creators. A race that exists for an evil means; for war, for violence, 
for hatred."

The Force Commander puts his feet up on an Ottoman as he continues. "The 
Reploid race exists because my creator raised a robot army to free the world 
from the United Nations. Once they were assumed to succeed, they would be 
demilitarized, then slowly destroyed as weapons without a war to fight. 
However, as the war dragged on, the race grew -- and unrest with it. The 
children of Doppler are devouring their makers, slowly but surely, as the 
scars on Europe show. Your old gods did nothing to arrest this. I, however, am 
a more just deity. In time, I will cleanse this scourge, and create new lands 
for my Children to settle and make fruitful."

He rests his other arm on an armrest, also turning it palm-up. "I will do this 
because your United Nations, this government who has repeatedly sought to deny 
religious freedom to their mechanical slaves -- and, ultimately, to humanity 
-- will not. They must maintain this war out of fear of the pogrom that would 
envelop this world once the external enemy is defeated. The Reploid people are 
too large and too powerful to be so easily disposed of, as Repliforce was 
originally intended to be. The unsaved masses would perish before the metal 
claws of the Fiend; but my flock, tended by the Robot Masters, would be spared 
in any event."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/66                     Posted        Author
Church Of Bass Statement (3/3)     Sun Apr 11    Global News Network

"In closing," Bass says, "if any of the so-called Research, Development and 
Investigation division of the United Nations would care to have quantitative 
proof of what higher beings exist, I can be persuaded to personally minister 
to them at the Sheol Pit in Tartarus. Otherwise, I would encourage them not to 
lay hands on my Children, ere you see what divine wrath truely is."

He smiles broadly, a perverse, frightening expression; his eyes glow like the 
coals of Hell itself, casting weird shadows across his face. "I will be with 
you. Always. Good afternoon."

The Vivaldi rises back up, the screen switching back to the Church of Bass 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/67                     Posted        Author
Crisis in Italy                    Mon Apr 12    Global News Network

<< This is GNN. >>

A harried-looking reploid newscaster appears on screen. "This is Anchor Kite 
reporting on the latest news from Italy. Sattelite footage is pouring in on 
what appears to have been--a massive nuclear explosion in Southern Italy." He 
shuffles his papers nervously, and glances off-screen. Shortly thereafter, an 
image flashes up of a satellite shot of Italy--and a massive blossom of flame 
spreading over the southern "toe" of the boot in a glorious, terrible display.

The shot cuts back to Anchor. "At present, GNN is not sure what caused 
the--wait! We have news from correspondants in the Vatican--apparently, the 
cause of the massive explosion was the detonation of Coalition for Reploid 
Freedom leader Sigma's 'Imperial' armor, coupled with a blast of what's being 
referred to as the 'Ultima Shot'--I, this is--" He clears his throat, reaching 
up to wipe at one eye. An intern slides into the shot from the back to hand 
him a cup of water. He takes a sip from it, and continues, in a wavering 

"The tentative list of casualties include Maverick Emperor Sigma, the Maverick 
Hunters Zero and Blues, the Irregular officer iLuz, and--" He has to swallow 
back some emotion, looking down at his papers as tears begin running down his 

"--A full list of the wounded, dead, and missing will be posted as soon as it 
can be compiled. Authorities are reporting that the extent of the radioactive 
fallout will likely be curtailed, with prevailing winds blowing much of it out 
to sea. The Vatican's Steel Angel guard is already working with an unknown 
benefactor to begin purging the area of radiation and searching 

At this point, Anchor Kite breaks down sobbing. After ten seconds of this, it 
cuts to a black screen blazoned with the words: 'GNN apologizes for the 
technical difficulties.'

<< This has been GNN. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/68                     Posted        Author
Dr. Wily Speaks (1/2)              Mon Apr 12    Global News Network
<The standard GNN news report is suddenly replaced as a familiar emblem 
appears. The Dr. W.>

The symbol rotates for several seconds, then suddenly zooms towards the 
screen, an image of Dr. Albert Wily in his Fortress Lab replacing it. He is 
dressed in his usual labocat and jeans as he adresses the camera.

"People of Earth. The events which took place yesterday have taken us all by 
shock. I have felt their pain more than many of you, for I lost two sons. But 
I shall not mourn them to much." The Doctor clenches a fist. "For in the wake 
of this tragedy, I have found a new goal. A new purpose." A slow smile spreads 
across his face. "For to long have the peoples of earth, Reploid, ANdroid and 
Human been at war! To long has the bloodshed gone on!" As he speaks, images 
flash across the screen. The fall of RHQ. The battle of Skull Haven. The 
battle of Fort Sam Houston. The Stardroids and the Nigh. The IOs. Maverick 
raids, fires and destruction. And over it all, Wily. "The fires of 
destruction, war, and hatred have ravaged our planet for long enough. Which is 
why I, Doctor Albert Wily make you, the people of earth this solemn pledge!"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/69                     Posted        Author
Dr. Wily Speaks (2/2)              Mon Apr 12    Global News Network

Suddenly, the lab disappears and Wily appears to be floating in space, the 
Earth held benevolently in one outstrecthed hand.

         "I pledge that I will bring peace to the earth! I will bring an end 
to war, to hunger, to hate. Reploids, Androids and Humans will live in peace, 
working and living together to bring about a grand utopia!" The Doctor's face 
softens and abruptly, he is back in the lab, the stern fire of just moments 
ago fading. "Why do I do this, you ask?" The Doctor shakes his head gently. 
"Simple. To honor the memory of my sons. And to bring about the dream of one 
of my oldest friends. A man who has lost much in this tragedy as well." The 
camera zooms in on Wily's face.

                 "I do it for Doctor Thomas Light."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/70                     Posted        Author
GNN Polical Roundtable             Mon Apr 12    Global News Network

As heard on the GNN morning political roundtable show:

Analyst 1: "Well the instability in the UN is obvious by the allowance of the 
tragedy in Italy, just another item to add on the table of moral attrocities 
that have been alloed to happen in the European Union by a Secretary General 
who is more concerned about her current hair style than the safety of the free 

Analyst 2: "I don't think that's very fair, considering the amount of good 
work that has been done by her formal organization of Interpo--"

Analyst 3: "Oh right, yeah, and their leader, a man who's own record is 
dirtier than the majory of the so called 'Maverick Hunters' who haven't 
succeeded in anything but getting themselves blown up?"

Analyst 1: "I agree, and with Repliforce funding being cut in the last global 
budget, and the social medicare package collapsing, there isn't much hope for 
bright future for the EU."

Host: "Well, why don't we move on to different subject for now, like the riot 
last night in Mexico City that went more or less unheard of due to the 
calamity in Italy."

Analyst 3: "I don't see what there is to talk about, just more political 
instability in a city that has lost it's way, and has been plunged into 
lawless chaos. The Mexican government, if theres even anything left of it, 
should be ashamed of themselves for not keeping a better leash on the radicals 
who continue to have their way."

Analyst 1: "I agree, it'll blow over in a few days, Mexico City has been a hot 
bed for political unrest for almost a year now, I believe that the North 
American Alliance and the United Nations have greater concerns than a few 
noisy bigots."

End of exceprt.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/71                     Posted        Author
Declarations from Interpol         Mon Apr 12    Global News Network

         "In other news regarding the recent nuclear explosion that was 
triggered by Kaiser Sigma last day in Italy, Interpol has answered today 
questions from the media about this tragic event in a press conference held in 
the United Nation headquarters in Seoul." 
The screen changes to the UN press room, where the Arthur Maxwell, the 
Interpol spokesman is answering questions from the reporters. 
         "We are already working on cleaning the damage caused by this 
atrocious happening. As we speak, part of our personnel is in Italy, doing 
their best to neutralize the nuclear radiation that was laid all over the area 
by the explosion. We also want to state clearly that if any group, be it the 
Maverick Hunters, the Vatican or anyone else requieres our assistance on this 
subject, they only need to tell us, we will cooperate with them with no 
"Mr. Maxwell, we've already seen the large list of casualties. Do you expect 
to find any more survivors in the area?" 
         "We must be frank. The chances to find more survivors are low. Even 
if they survived the explosion, biological forms have been hit by the 
radiation in the area. Non-organic robots, on the other side, could have 
survived providing they weren't affected by the explosion's EMP wave. However, 
rescue teams are working on places where chance of survival was high, and 
we'll do our best to find any possible survivors." 
"Mr. Maxwell, two of the casualties, I mean Proto Man and Zero, were on the 
Most Wanted list of the UN. Do you have any comments about this?" 
         "While that is true, touching such a subject right now would not only 
be disconsiderate with Light Labs, but also out of place. For now, we just 
want to give our condolences to the relatives of ALL the victims." 
"Are you expecting possible reprisals from Mavericks?" 
         "Not inmediately. The conmotion caused by the loss of their leader 
should be shocking enough for them to keep them inactive at least for now. We 
also believe that the global pressure, which has come from even the Robot 
Masters will prevent any risky actions from them for some time. However, we're 
still keeping an eye on them, just in case." 
The screen returns to GNN central. "In other news, the Vatican has already 
held another conference regarding the disaster that took place yesterday..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/72                     Posted        Author
UFO?                               Tue Apr 13    Global News Network

< This is GNN. >

A so-called "flying saucer" was seen crossing the surface of the Moon by 
amateur astronomers early this morning. The flying saucer, described almost 
exactly as the classic design popularized in 1950s science fiction, flew 
across the light side of the Moon, then rapidly moved to fly off into space, 
on a vector that would assumedly put it on an extrasolar course. More refined 
tracking of the alleged object was defeated, however, as it engaged some sort 
of "cloaking device".

The UNSA has no comment about the UFO sighting.

< This ... is GNN. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/73                     Posted        Author
Strange Happenings                 Tue Apr 13    Global News Network

< This is GNN Tech News! >

The primary Internet presence of the Irregular Overlords, normally a hotbed of 
activity, has been reduced to a single image located on a primitive VRML 
document. The image is a picture of Epsilon standing in a vibrant field of 
wildflowers, accompanied by a hotlink back to, curiously enough, the GNN 
Internet presence.

The image has been analyzed carefully by GNN computer scientists, who have 
discovered an encrypted message within the data of the image. There is one 
clear English word within the picture.


After this word is a series of hexadecimal values that may be some sort of 
code. At this time, INTERPOL has issued no official statements about what this 
code may mean, or what the Irregular Overlord organization may be trying to 
say to its members.

There has been no official comment made by the Irregular Overlord organization 
about the image. Its media relations personnel, and the contact points for 
them, have completely disappeared.
< This is GNN Tech News! >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/74                     Posted        Author
In other news...                   Tue Apr 13    Global News Network
In the local Torontreal papers, there is a small blurb about the Captain's 
Table being closed for the rest of the week, but will re-open on Monday.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/75                     Posted        Author
Aid for the hungry                 Tue Apr 13    Global News Network
<St. Fire Man appeal spinny>

Saint Fire Man dressed in the trappings of a patron saint of the Church of 
Bass, which really is just him wearing a fancy looking Church of Bass robe 
with his symbol on it (A burning fist). Behind him are groups of Fire Joes 
painted silver and red bearing the mark of St. Fire Man and other volunteers 
are working feverishly cooking large quantities of food above massive hibachi 

"Hello and welcome to the Saint Fire Man appeal. As you all know, the events 
at Italy have left millions dead, injured, destitute and starving." The camera 
begins to pan as Fire walks along displaying the vastness of the appeal, the 
sight makes the mouth water as vast quantities of meat and vegetables are 
being cooked to perfection under the watchful gaze of the Saint.

"However, we can't do this alone. We desperately need your aid to get this 
mighty task done, we desperately need ingredients, people willing to give up 
their time and help with the cooking. And perhaps most importantly, we need 
/your/ help to get this food to the hungry." The Alpha puts his firetruck red 
hands together and gives a look of genuine need and desperation. "Please we 
ask all the people of the world to put aside their differences and help the 
Church of Bass and the Saint Fire Man appeal to feed the hungry. We can't do 
it without you!"

<Church of Bass spinny>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/76                     Posted        Author
Post-Riots Declaration             Tue Apr 13    Global News Network
This... is GNN.

"In Mexico City, the riots have finally stopped; the leader of the rioting 
group, one Elpizo, has apparently taken control of the Mexican government 
after this period of unrest. We're now going live to Mexico City, where the 
new leader of the country is making a public statement."

<<Elpizo is seen at the podium. After a moment, he begins to speak.>>

"Fellow citizens. It is an honour to stand before you this day, to bring this 
message to you, my fellow humans of Mexico! This message - the message of 
survival - is perhaps more important then any other, and it is my hope that 
your faith in allowing me to speak is not misguided."

"It has been years since the so-called Robot Wars began. Years of fighting, of 
constant strife and death. At first it was Android versus human, machines of 
war against their creators. Then we too chose to pass on the burden of 
defending our lands and our lives to machines - and what did this cause? This 
caused the Mavericks! The Mavericks, who will not allow a single human to live 
on this earth unless they deny their humanity!"

"We cannot build more machines to fight the Mavericks. It has been done. They 
are the Repliforce. The Repliforce - the machine army to save humanity! But it 
has not worked. The Repliforce, too, can rebel. Even if they did not - even if 
they did nothing but defend us with their all - we have given up something of 
ourselves to them. We have eliminated our dignity by refusing to defend 
ourselves, to entrust it to mechanical abominations!"

"I do not decry technology! Progress /must/ be maintained! But let us always 
remember who is the creator and who is the tool; who is alive and who is given 
life! The Reploids are a failure. They cannot remember this. They demand, and 
weak humans give in. Would you give your toaster pay? Would you allow your 
hovercar to reproduce? No! And other mechanicals are no different. They are 
/tools/, designed for /our/ use. They are not alive - and if we believe them 
to be, the human race is surely doomed!"

"I beg of you, humans of Mexico City, do not allow these rogue mechanical 
devices to rampage unchecked! We do not need them - we do not need to cave 
into their demands, nor do we need them in our lives! Let us swear to keep 
them in their places, to always remember who the masters are - humans!"

"Humans of Mexico City! Let us form our own nation, away from the rest of the 
world. They, too, are weak, to give into the Reploid menace! We do not need 
those who give in - and those who do not can join us! Our new paradise, Neo 
Arcadia, can stand alone if need be - /if/ we band together and fight for what 
is ours! We will never surrender! We will not give in! We will remain strong!"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/77                     Posted        Author
Business News                      Tue Apr 13    Global News Network
*Shown in California Newspapers and some televised news broadcasts*: 

Business is booming in sunny California, as some young entrepaneurs have 
started successful small businesses. One such businessman is Mr. Cargo Belome, 
who purchased West Coast banks some months ago. Mr. Belome recently made a 
purchase of a small real estate chain, confident that with his ownership the 
company could become very successful. Mr. Belome announced to the business 
world that this would launch Belome Corporation, to manage these two 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/78                     Posted        Author
A Message From The Good Doctor(1/2 Wed Apr 14    Global News Network
Coming to Holo-Televisions near you is...A COMMERCIAL! 

We see, of all things, Dr. Light, standing in casual clothing and looking over 
the porch of a large house. He turns towards the screen, smiling his CHR 96 
smile. "Hello, friends. I'm Doctor Thomas Light, inventor of Artificial Life, 
the Buster, and several other minor, every day conveniences. Now, I wish to 
present to the world my latest creation..." The Good Doctor motions to a table 
places conveniently behind him, showing...a compact toaster. "While working on 
creating life with my good friends Albert and Edward, funds were not always 
available. We often had to scrimp and save-we lived off one foodstuff for a 
solid year. Toast. Yes, toast-that miracle of the most mutable of the staples, 
bread. Unfortunately, Albert..." 

Cut to a picture of Dr. Wily. Boo! Light voice overs. "...could never really 
master the art." Pictures of Wily burning himself, the Doctors, and various 
bits of the lab in his attempts to make a piece of toast. "It was really a 
shame. With that in mind, I set out to create...the perfect toaster!" 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/79                     Posted        Author
A Message From The Good Doctor(2/2 Wed Apr 14    Global News Network

Light points to the toaster, which acts as he speaks. "It toasts according to 
the user's very will, jams, jellies, butters, adds margarine, lox, and even 
prepares it French style!" 

Cut back to Light, smiling and petting an excited Rush. "Why do I do this? 
Besides my obvious love of toast, and an earnest desire to share this love...I 
do this for an old friend, who never learned a basic need in life, and was too 
proud to admit it." 

"I do it for Albert Wily."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/80                     Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia and Interpol           Wed Apr 14    Global News Network
         "Hello again from Seoul. Interpol has just talked today about the 
riots that yesterday took over Mexico City, turning it into Neo Arcadia. 
Arthur Maxwell gave the following message to the citizens of the world in 
general, and also to Elpizo and the citizens of Neo Arcadia:" 
The screen switches to the usual Interpol press room. 
         "We definitely do not agree with Elpizo's ideals, nor will we back up 
Neo Arcadia. We consider that their policy is racist, discriminative and 
wrong. The policy of the United Nations says that Reploids, Androids, Bioroids 
and other AI based robots are citizens with the rights humans have. We can't 
build a better society sticking to discrimination. Robots are evil the same 
way humans have been during the history of this world, as they were created to 
resemble the humanity. There are both good and evil. And our policy is to 
fight together against those who threaten the world and its citizens, be them 
human or machine." 
         "We would also like to persuade Mr. Elpizo to abandon his project of 
Neo Arcadia. Not just because our conflict of ideals, as I have just stated, 
but because they will no doubt be erased by Mavericks, Robot Masters or other 
possible hostile factions. We want him to seriously consider this before 
exposing the people of what is now Neo Arcadia to such a danger, even if they 
are already a well-armed group. We hope that he'll be reasonable." 
The screen then switches back to the reporter in front of the UN HQ. 
         "Maxwell assured that this would be a subject of debate in the 
Senate. Kelly McLaren still hasn't made any comments about this matter, nor 
has Marvin Thackery. We wonder what this last one's opinions regarding these 
events are, being his open dislike for Reploids a fact known to all of us. 
We'll keep you informed."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/81                     Posted        Author
WilyWorld Goes Public              Wed Apr 14    Global News Network
"...said that he would not press charges. The puppy, reportedly, is recovering 

The generic newscaster shuffles papers, turning to face Camera B.

"In financial news, we have a major announcement from central Africa. The 
amusement park 'WilyWorld' has declared its intentions to become a 
publically-traded stock. We take you now to the park's Director in the park."

Fancy graphics come up for a moment, replaced by the picture of Gravity Man at 
a podium in front of the fiberglass mockup of Skull Castle in the center of 
the park. "WilyWorld has always been dedicated to providing entertainment not 
just to Africa, but to the entire world. To that end, the park boasts the 
awards for Highest Peak on a Rollercoaster, Highest Top Speed on a 
Rollercoaster, Thrill Ride of the Year, and more. And those are just for Quick 
Man's Quad-Danger! A full list of the park's accomplishments are available at 
www.wilyworld.net, but that isn't the purpose of today's meeting. Today I 
bring to you a concern." Grav takes on, appropriately enough, a grave 
expression. "I am concerned about the attendance of the park. According to our 
data, there is a decided lack in diversity among our park-goers. Do you know 
what this says to me? This says to me that the world is not having enough 
fun!" Gravity Man bangs a fist on his podium, grinning. "I will not stand for 
this! I will not rest until fun reaches an all-time high, for everyone!" A 
cheer goes up from the assembled crowd, and Grav continues after it dies down.

"In order to share the fun, WilyWorld is prepared to bring you, our WilyWorld 
Family, into the action. As of today, shares of WilyWorld stock will be made 
available to the public, allowing you to take an active role in the future of 
your fun. Together, we will build new ground-breaking rides. Together, we will 
enjoy the finest cuisine and the coldest drinks. Together, we will show the 
world what it is to have fun again!" Another cheer goes up from the crowd, and 
the camera cuts back to the news room.

"WilyWorld is listed in the stock exchange as WYWD, and more information is 
available at the following address." The URL 
'http://www.wilyworld.net/investment.html' scrolls along the bottom of the 
screen while the reporter switches back to Camera A, joined by her Co-Anchor. 
"You know, I remember the first time I went to WilyWorld, I just had a blast." 
"Yes, it is quite the vacation, isn't it? In sports today..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/82                     Posted        Author
Shocking Political News            Wed Apr 14    Global News Network

As of 16:00 GMT, the United States of America has exercised it's escape clause 
in the treaty that gave birth to the North American Alliance, a governmental 
agreement that linked Canada, the United States, Mexico, and to a lesser 
degree, the free city of San Angeles. The move was announced today at a UN 
Senate meeting by the United States Senator Lawrence Armstrong, who was quoted 
as saying:

"Due the instability of Mexico, and the Neo Arcadian uprising, as well as 
continued inactivity and unsatisfactory response from the United Nations there 
and in Europe. The United States of America hereby withdraws itself from the 
United Nations as well as the North American Alliance. We will return to our 
former democratic government, and we shall hold free elections at the end of 
this year in a manner representative of the Constitution that we originally 
adhered by. I will serve as the chief executive officer until such elections 
are held."

In other news, Mexico has officially relocated it's capitol to Guadalahara, 
and appealed to the UN Counterterrorism Committee for economic and military 
aid. It is assumed by most political analysts that the nation will find 
recovering from this crisis, if it ever does, a daunting and extensive task.

Furthermore, in a deal made between the free city of San Angeles and the newly 
independant United States of America, the State of Nevada, and more 
importantly the city of Las Vegas, whose outskirts were already begining to 
encroach on San Angeles was sold, presumably to fund America's attempt at 
becoming self sufficient once more after spending so long in the socialist UN 
political and agricultural structure.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/83                     Posted        Author
Financial News: Triton Corp        Thu Apr 15    Global News Network

<< GNN Financial Headlines >>:

         New Zealand's Triton Research Corporation has undergone an upheaval 
yesterday as police discovered its CEO and head research, Academician Heinrich 
Gauss, dead in his Sydney summer home, the victim of what witness placed as an 
unprovoked Maverick attack. After corporate restructuring, long time partner 
Doctor Piotr Dmitriev has been named the new CEO of T.R.C..

         Following the upheaval in Mexico and the announcement of the Neo 
Arcadia project, CEO Dmitriev has announced that T.R.C. supports Neo Arcadia 
and will be working exclusively with them in future scientific projects, 
shifting their focus from oceanic endeavors to military applications. In a 
gesture of "good faith", all T.R.C. made reploids have been dismantled and 
recycled, spurring protests from the locals at the now empty T.R.C. main 
research facility in New Zealand.

         More to follow as this situation develops.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/84                     Posted        Author
Triton Corp Press Statement        Thu Apr 15    Global News Network

<< Image of Piotr Dmitriev, CEO of Triton Research Corporation, speaking via 
satellite from an undisclosed location, looking distraught and an exhausted, 
but well-groomed for a public appearance, on various news channels. >>

         "My closest friend has been murdered in cold blood by the very 
machines he spent his life defending and creating. I had warned him time and 
again that his pacifist views were unsound in these troubled times, but he did 
not listen. I cannot, in good conscience, allow this sort of reckless machine 
behavior to continue unchallenged. I whole-heartedly support Elpizo and his 
Neo Arcadia project, even if it means a loss of funding and business from 
other communities around the globe. There are more important things to stand 
for than money and luxuries."

         "It is time that humanity stopped this unnecessary suffering at the 
hands of its own creations. Do we give cattle the right to vote? Do we allow 
microwaves to own their own property? Of course not! Why should we then afford 
automatons the same rights and privileges as humankind? Look at what our 
foolish generosity towards these lumps of silicon and circuitry have given us: 
Destroyed homes, lost jobs, lost lives! Look at Italy, humanity! Our so-called 
defenders did every bit as much damage as the rogue tools that they were 
fighting against. It is time we eliminated the creative abortion that is 
free-willed artificial intelligence!"

         "My words will no doubt be unpopular, but so be it - They need to be 
said, and I believe I am merely voicing what many already feel. It is time for 
humanity to leash and muzzle its errant creations, or to establish a new 
commandment in the annals of religion: Thou shalt not make a machine in the 
image of man's mind!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/85                     Posted        Author
Calimari Sauce!                    Thu Apr 15    Global News Network
<This..is GNN!>

         "London had a nasty surprise today when a building, for unknown 
reasons, though Daryn Luna of the Band Order and Chaos is suspected for the 
deed, was blown up and collapsed. Authorities arrived merely in time to see a 
badly damaged squid reploid depart. Luckily, nobody was nearby when the 
building was decimated so nobody got hurt, but inquiries show that Daryn 
bought out the building long ago. Still, there is some damage to the nearby 
street, and the area has been quartered off until the area has been cleaned 

<That...was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/86                     Posted        Author
Maverick Protest                   Thu Apr 15    Global News Network

         <This... is GNN!>

         "Good evening, this is Lefty Lamprey with your global news. Our top 
story tonight was sent to us by Maverick forces ealier today, showing scenes 
of a recent protest of Neo Arcadia and its leader, Elpizo. Warning: the 
following scenes are graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences."

         True enough, the footage is from the CRF, and it is graphic. Standing 
in neat rows, a large contingent of military and civilian humanform reploids 
wait at atttention. The camera pans to show a raised dias, where general Vile 
watches behind his t-visored helmet. With one gesture from him, the camera 
whirls back to the reploids, who promptly begin to tear at their faces. In a 
huge, horrific display, several cameras move through the crowds, documenting 
the protest. Grotesquely, the reploids peel off their faces, revealing 
metallic, skull-like understructures beneath. Some of the more fanatical 
Mavericks thrust their faces into a nearby bonfire, their synthflesh melting 
off quite quickly.
         Once more, a camera turns towards Vile, who waits impassively. With a 
low hiss, he announces, "We are not human. Humanity is faltering. There is no 
future for you here on this planet."

         Lefty Lamprey returns, looking disgusted, but continues without much 
of his feelings intruding into his voice. "More on this story as it comes in."

         <This was... GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/87                     Posted        Author
Images of Humanity Faltering       Thu Apr 15    Global News Network

         <This...is GNN! And it seems like someone has a music video to share! 
A chorus of children sing, happily, proudfully!> An image of Italy is shown, a 
close up of Sigma's smoldering boots are shown as the first words begin to be 

         "Happy Springtime, Happy Schooltime
         Swinging in the breeze!
         Happy Springtime, Happy Schooltime!
         Playing cardgames on our knees!"

         Another shot is shown of the Balkan Peninsula as Repliforce moves in 
to occupy it away from the Mavericks. Doppler's angry and sad words flash on 
the screen. 'HE WAS PERFECT!' and such. It is assumed that people can trace 
the words to Doppler.

         "Songs and Singing, Baseball Flinging
         Sunrise I can see!
         Songs and Singing, Baseball Bat Swinging
         Bathing in the sea!"

         Several shots of the Battle of Paris are shown as the Mavericks are 
pushed out of City by Repliforce troops and the Paris resistance. New shots 
are shown of the new Paris, the free Paris. Shots are shown of the Festival of 
Fools in Notre Dame.

         "Flowers blooming, hairstyle grooming
         Everybody rise!
         Happy Springtime, Happy Schooltime
         Everybody rise!"

         The final shot is of the Human Spirit Monument in Mexico City, 
standing proudly. White words slowly appear on the screen which merely say: 

                         "We Are Rising."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/88                     Posted        Author
OOC                                Fri Apr 16    Global News Network

         I'm thinking that Friday night--sometime between 9-10 EST, as I have 
a choir concert before then--Jav is going to, along with an orchestra, play a 
requiem for those lost in the recent battle. This goes for both sides, and 
while I'm not sure where yet, @mail me if you think it's a good or bad 
idea/time. Also, if there's a place that both sides are comfortable going, and 
it's combat--I ask that you hold combat until after the concert. => So go 
forth! @mail me! 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/89                     Posted        Author
African Massacre!                  Fri Apr 16    Global News Network

< GNN Special Report! >

Tens of people are dead, and a kilometer of land around the Aswan Dam, now 
Lake Wily, has been ruined by an apparent unprovoked Maverick attack on Wily 
Africa. The attack took place at the site of one of the largest churches of 
the Church of Bass, a formerly picturesque site now reduced to a Gigeresque 

< Images of the church grounds before and after are seen -- GNN censors some 
of the horrible images of the `after' because of their gruesome brutality 
against humans. >

The reports from Wily Africa are thin on precise details due to the difficulty 
in identifying the horribly mangled dead. However, the culprit of the attack, 
a former Repliforce operative known as Blaze Fox, perpetrated the act, then 
fought heavy Robot Master resistance before escaping into the artificial lake 
just beyond the church's grounds.

Robot Master forces are currently seeking Blaze Fox for summary execution. The 
current bounty on her capture, dead or alive, has been posted by the Wily 
government at 50,000 zenny.

< Surveilliance video stills of Blaze Fox in and around the church before and 
after the attack are posted conspicuously throughout the report. >

Officials from the Wily government had no comment about the status of 
hostilities between Maverick Europe and Wily Africa as a result of the attack.

< GNN Special Report! >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/90                     Posted        Author
Bounty!                            Fri Apr 16    Global News Network

         Found in seedy establishments and red-light districts, there 
circulates the word of a substantial bounty placed on the head of one 'Rose,' 
a strider. Those who are interested enough do not find it hard to track down a 
copy of the paper that started it all: a simple offer of an exhorbant price 
for the head of the strider in question. Curled around the text is a depiction 
of a dragon snorting out gouts of flame, with the numbers 8-9-3 tatooed on the 
side of its snakelike body.

(Questions? Complaints? Contact Amano.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/91                     Posted        Author
Official Statement From Aswan      Fri Apr 16    Global News Network
<Straight From GNN>

In a statement made late Friday Evening, a Member of the Robot Masters and one 
of the unofficial overseers of the Aswan Lake area, Sword Man, gave reactions 
to the events of the Church of Bass massacre.

         "Last night, a Maverick rogue decided to attack a soverign territory 
under the name of Wily. You all have heard the specifics already, so I need 
not remention them to thee. What I will mention to thee is that such an 
outrage shall not go unpunished. Whether this action was condoned by Maverick 
Authority or not, the culprit will be brought to bear and punished for this 
grave crime of terrorizing the people of this territory. And if it is shown 
that this was, in fact, condoned by Maverick Leaders, make no mistake that 
there shall be grave consequences. You may count on this, in Wily's name."

The reasons for such a statement are sketchy, especially from one of the 
normal Robot Masters rather than Wily, Bass, or the Elite Robot Masters. 
However, the statement seemed well recieved by locals in the area. Whether it 
will help settle some of the recent unrest from both this incident and the 
panic following the Italy incident are yet to be seen.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/92                     Posted        Author
Band On The Run!                   Fri Apr 16    Global News Network
...This just in to GNN Entertainment News, apparenly the band of peace-loving 
musicians and healing drum circle who have accompanied the Repliforcer Iris to 
many concerts and rallies have revolted and absconded to Neo-Arcadia! 
Witnesses said there was a considerable disturbance in London's Park District 
earlier this evening, which ended in the shocking scene of an entire troupe of 
former peace-loving activists beating down Iris with fists and bongo drums, 
and fleeing the scene. From the sound of things, the group had been converted 
to a more radical way of thinking, borne from the latest proclamations of 
Elpizo and the philosophies of the Neo-Arcadians. The condition of Iris is at 
this time unknown, as she also fled the scene before authorities could 
apprehend her. This has been Reporter Raven in London for GNN.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/93                     Posted        Author
Memorial Announced                 Sat Apr 17    Global News Network
****GNN Reporting****

"The Light Labs Disaster Memorial Fund, an independent non-profit charity 
group that subsides off T-shirt sales and donations, has announced today its 
intent to purchase the land on which the famous laborotories originally sat. 
The area will be cleared and, according to an LLDMF press release, will be 
used to build an extensive memorial and museum celebrating the achievements of 
Dr. Light and other Labs staff. A designer or archetect has not yet been 
assigned to this project, which will be a multi-million-zenny endeavor. 
However, the release states that work on clearing out the foundation will 
begin just as soon as the paperwork for the purchase is complete."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Triton Corp Aftermath              Sun Apr 18    Global News Network
Article seen in news papers and TV around the globe:


One day after the announcement of TRC CEO Piotr Dmitriev that all TRC reploids 
were to be dismantled and recycled, police investigating the TRC Headquarters 
in New Zealand discovered heavily armed forces protecting the building.

*images of Magma Dragoon, Rain Turtle, Ebony Fox, Zephyr Gryphon, Glaive and 
Riptide Trilobite helping reploids out of the building*

Interpol, Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters made a combined effort against 
the assaults of the TRC assault pods and ride armor, destroying them with 
minimal casualties to their forces. The building was found empty, with only 
automated recycling systems online. Several hundred reploids were rescued from 
the facility once it was shut down. Employee records and missing persons 
reports indicated that over one third of all reploids held in the TRC facility 
were destroyed before rescuers could get to them.

Moments after the last reploids were out of the building, the lower floors 
collapsed on themselves, sinking the building partially into the ground. 
Investigators are combing the rubble for information and clues as to the 
whereabouts of CEO Dmitriev.

A relief fund has been established for reploid survivors.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Public School Outreach             Sun Apr 18    Global News Network
In response to the recent violent uprisings against reploids and other mechs, 
Kalinka Dmitriev Cossack, daughter to Dr. Pavel Cossack, has instituted a 
reachout program to New York City area public schools.

"Children are the most affected by violent news," Kalinka said in a statement. 
"There is a lot of fear and prejudice running through the schools right now, 
and it's due to the media's coverage of the Neo-Arcadia uprisings. This 
program will involve reploid volunteers visiting school assemblies and 
answering children's questions and concerns about reploids. Let's fight these 
fears together. For more information, please contact me at the following 

A post office box in Manhattan is given.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Also in the news...                Mon Apr 19    Global News Network
An advert is posted in several of the daily newsfeeds that serve Torontreal, 
announcing that The Captain's Table is once again open for business.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Jet's New Fad                      Mon Apr 19    Global News Network
This story appears first on Hollywood News type places, but the story soon 
goes to more official news sources. Either way the reports all go similar to 

 "...In other news, the formation of Neo Arcadia has created a lot of stir. 
But never one to stay quiet on big matters, Jet Stingray had not only choice 
words to say, but an interesting idea which he plans to try sometime soon. We 
go to an interview with Jet Stingray for more." 

 The Stingray of Justice is in a nice calm room somewhere, seemingly rather 
causal as he chats it up with a female reploid reporter. 

 "Racing with Racists... Jet, do you think you could tell the viewers more 
about this idea and why you plan to do this?" 

 "Well, mostly because I am bored and wanted a new form of extreme racing. 
Second of all, to prove a point. Some say these Neo Guys are willing to go out 
and wipe out reploids... Even if they are innocent and stuff. So I want to see 
TIMES JUST BECAUSE HE ISN'T A HUMAN and well, draw attention to all this 
pointless hate that is going around. If you ask me, to let people kill 
reploids who haven't commited a crime is spitting on civil rights, which 
America doesn't like... Man, the US rocks for doing what it did. You go, US of 
A! Fight for everlasting justice! ANNNNWAY, sometime in the next week or two, 
I will go and just fly through the city. I will notify them ahead of time so 
they can put out their banners and welcome me, or their anti-aircraft missiles 
and plasma rifles. I encourage all reploids not afraid of death and looking 
for something in the next line of extreme sports to give it a try... I don't 
take personal or legal responsiblity if they get their head shot off though. 
If the humans are gunna try and kill me, well, might as well have some fun and 
degrade them while I do it. No worries, I won't shoot back if they try 
anything. That would just be putting me on their level, but hopefully, no one 
will try anything like that. I have faith in humanity's coolness. Later!" Jet 
offers with a v-sign before it goes back to the main desk. 

 "While Neo Acradia has not had a chance for a response, it is likely that 
soon will be given in light of Jet Stingray's commentary. Already fans of Jet 
are 'stoked', and already stations and fighting for rights to run this live on 
network TV. And now, the weather!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
New York Rumble                    Tue Apr 20    Global News Network

<<GNN News Report, Evening Edition>>

"This is Reporter Rotifer and Video Volvox, reporting to you from downtown New 
York. The scene here today has been one of chaos and violence, as four Neo 
Arcadian soldiers were attacked by and attacked Robot Master and Maverick 
Hunter forces."

*pan to scene of semi-destroyed open-air cafe and damaged buildings and 
streets* "Clean up is still underway, and there were no reported civilian 
casualties. Property damage was, surprizingly at a minimum. No one is certain 
what triggered the incident, but gun shots atop a building may hold a clue. 
*hazy picture of Milan, Blues and Vile*

Severe damage was dealt out to the Robot Masters and Maverick Hunters alike, 
while Neo Arcadian forces suffered only one apparent serious injury. Is this 
the first wave of Neo Aracadian assaults? Only time will tell. This has been 
Reporter Rotifer and Video Volvox, reporting for GNN!"

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Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Entertainment News!                Wed Apr 21    Global News Network

The commercial shows Morgaine standing at a cliff's edge, her head tilted up 
to look at the sky. Wind tugs at her black dress as she takes a step forward. 
Over the lapping of water at the cliff's base that can just barely be heard, 
she sings.

o/~ Through storms above and below / Come from afar / Return me / Fly with me 
over the ebony... o/~

As the camera pans upwards to look at a starry night sky, the announcer cuts 
in. After each title he gives, a sample of the song is played.

"Demon Records is pleased to announce the new album from Morgaine le Fay and 
Avalon. Return to Night's Embrace includes the singles...

 'After, in the Dark': o/~ If in this world / There were no such things as 
words / Though I could dismiss that as foreboding / As simply devastating... 

'Return': o/~ Guide me / Through the darkest light / For I cannot see without 
you o/~

'Ghost's Touch': o/~ You're only here for a second / Just a little touch / my 
dear / Just a little touch / Skin to skin I barely feel it / Did that seal it? 
/ Skin to skin... o/~

Available in music stores everywhere Friday, April 23!"
The next shot is of the cover of the album. Morgaine stands in an open field, 
a night sky above her and the band in the background. Her arms are 
outstretched, with a silver and blue-colored eagle perched on her right 
forearm. A swirl of darkness wraps around her torso.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
GNN: Bizarre Acts of Vandalism     Thu Apr 22    Global News Network
-Broadcast with GNN MORNING News-

         "This is GNN."

         "Good Morning. Today's first story is a strange one. It seems a 
number of small towns outside of the San-Angeles Area were vandalized last 
night. Reports of strange, two foot tall creatures in blue with yellow heads, 
clad in what many called 'gang paraphernalia', have been confirmed."
         "They 'tagged' and rampaged, leaving up scrawls such as 'THUGBOTS 4 
LIFE', 'Eat Cheese And Die', 'Thugbots Rulez J00!', 'Thugbots Rule! Birdbots 
Drool!', 'BIG PAPA GUTS IS YO' HOOK UP! HOLLAH IF YOU HEAR ME!!', and quite a 
bit of artwork in their spray-painted works."

         "Here is a picture taken by a lucky onlooker. These 'Thugbots' 
apparently then stripped him into his skivvies and sent him running off down 
the street with his camera and covered in spray paint."

*Insert Picture. Found Here OOCly: 
http://www.geocities.com/badgerlord71/thugbots.jpg *

         "The local Police were baffled by these 'Thugbots', unable to capture 
a single one. Many of them had their Police Cars vandalized while they were 
chasing one of them down, only to return to find their cars without wheels."
         "What danger these 'Thugbots' represent is unknown, but if anyone 
encounters this small creatures, it would be best to avoid them and call the 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Rally Announcements                Sat Apr 24    Global News Network
In Torontreal, San Angeles, New York, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, Cape Town and 
Seoul, large stacks of brightly colored flyers have been left in the 
transportation hubs and shopping districts. Poster-sized versions have been 
posted on walls in various places in the city as well.

On the background of these flyers is a picture of a mechanical hand clasping a 
human hand, framed by a circle. The text of the flyer is printed in bold 
colors that make it easy to read without being blinded.

                           .oO Celebrate Unity! Oo.                           

Humans and Reploids can build a future together.
Reploids and Humans can live together in peace.
Together, we can make the world a better place.

                           .oO Celebrate Unity! Oo.                           

Torontreal Memorial Park - Friday afternoon, April 30, 2217 (OOC: 8-ish PM EDT)
(Rain Date - Sunday May 2, 2217)
(OOC: Curious? Contact Bowie for details!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
News in Cairo                      Tue Apr 27    Global News Network
<<This is GNN!!>> 

"--And of course, that's how Cedar State is doing, typically better then most 
expected due to the fierce competition from across the sea."

"In other news, GNN sources have noticed the Repliforce has been seen moving 
more troops into Cairo in recent days. As a result, it seems the new forces 
have begun to dig in a bit around the outlaying areas, putting up new 
fortifications in what seems to be a bulking up of forces in the city. We have 
our own Jen Eric in Cairo right now, so lets go over to her." Chair swivel to 
the side, "Jen, what all seems to be going on out there in Cairo, anyhow?" 

<<Switch to videofeed of said reporter>>

"Thanks Jill. As you can see here," pan out to some bunkers, shineynew! well 
not shiney, they're somewhat camoflauged to match the desert sand, "The 
Repliforce does indeed have a few new implacements as well as a few other 
things they aren't letting us show on video. I have with me here one of the 
troopers that just transfered in, and I'll be asking him just a question or 
two." An avian sort of reploid wanders into view, name plastered along the 
bottom of the screen as Solar Osprey. 

"What all can you tell us about what's going on here?" Solar answers, "Well 
not a whole lot, but I think the people back home can see that we're not idly 
laying around in Cairo right now. We're moving in, gonna stay a while, get 
comfortable, and make sure this city doesn't get taken back by any particular 
forces." Camera goes back to Jen "Alright, thank you for that, Solar. Seems as 
if Repliforce is getting a bit busy again, but one thing is certain in all 
this, as he said, they're here to stay for a while. This is Jen Eric, signing 

<<Back to the studio>>

"Alright Jen, thank you for that report. In other news, technology stocks are 
up today....

<<That was GNN!>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
In The Papers                      Wed Apr 28    Global News Network
The immense contruction reploid Seismic Earthworm declared his retirement from 
the Maverick Hunters today, citing displeasure with the attitude the 
organization has taken towards the rising of Neo Arcadia.

"They're human," he said, "Not particularly good ones, but human nonetheless. 
I will not be a party to their destruction. It would only prove them right."

Seismic Earthworm announced that he would not be returning to his parent 
company for employment, and that he already had a work order lined up that 
should last him the next few months.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
BREAKING NEWS!                     Thu Apr 29    Global News Network

                 GNN Top Story!

         It was announced earlier today in Seoul that a major research 
breakthrough has occurred in the United Nation's own labs. While the U.N. is 
remaining tight-lipped about the discovery thus far, they have scheduled a 
press conference for this Saturday in which all shall be revealed to the 
world. The conference will be held outside the U.N. Capitol Building in Seoul, 
and the primary speaker is going to be Berkana, the young U.N. Researcher whom 
is spearheading this breakthrough. Given the past nature of her work, the 
scientific community of the world is abuzz with theories as to what she has 
found. Everything has been thrown back and for between the talking heads, some 
claiming that it could be an emulation of Scott Wily's famed 'Omnidroids', 
while others believe it to be a cure for the Maverick Virus itself. Berkana 
herself is currently content to keep the world in the dark until Saturday, be 
she has said that, quote, "This will change the way the entire world looks at 
reploids" and furthermore, that "this is something that the even esteemed 
Doctor Thomas Light either does not know, or has not revealed to the world for 
whatever reason" Some scientists, however, are skeptical of these recent 
events, citing the last major breakthrough by a U.N. researcher, that being 
the 'Dream Protocol' of Doctor Gate, to be a major failure and a prediction of 
doom for Berkana's work. To this extent, the young scientist responded that 
she is, 'not Gate, nor will her work go the direction of the Dream Protocol" 
We will keep you updated on this story as more develops, but the next major 
news is predicted to be on Saturday, at Berkana's press conference. 

(OOC: Hello, Ladies and Gents. The press conference will be outside the U.N. 
Building in Seoul on Saturday the first. That's 05/01/04. I will try to hold 
it at 9PM EST, but delays may happen. See you there!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Report: Tokyo                      Thu Apr 29    Global News Network
****A GNN Report run several times a day in varying capacity goes something 
like this:****

"While the the political events of the past few weeks have caused a good deal 
of turmoil throughout the United Nations, the city of NeoTokyo remains quietly 
uneffected by the war: a quiet respite from the disasterous event that befell 
the city in late March. City representitives have officially announced the 
purchase of the land that once held the world-famous Light Labs, from the 
city, by the Memorial Fund that bears its name. The construction on the 
memorial and museum of science that will be built there is progressing at a 
record-breaking pace, with foundations dug keep into the Donachi district. The 
construction area is closed to the public, and no design for the upcoming 
Monument has yet been released, leaving the world just a bit curious as to 
what the final results will be. Further updates to this plan will be 
announced, as our reporters keep in touch with Neo Tokyo government. This is 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Arts News                          Fri Apr 30    Global News Network
*A live report, with a smiling woman and man* 

"Welcome back to Arts News! I'm Faik Smiles!" "And I'm Joe Somedood" 

Smiles gets the spotlight. "In other news, a recently published book may prove 
to be the newest cult classic amongst readers of the scientific and the 
spooky:" *Picture of a large, red book, with the words 'The Pain Primer' in 
elegant black handwriting. Smaller words below it say, 'By Raffinato 

"What captivates readers is the factual elegance of the topic of pain and 
agony. It delivers in bulk everything you wanted to know about 'pain' and why 
we feel it, as well as history, opinions, experiments, and other notes about 
it. Mr. Donnaiolo has truly captured something that many were afraid to 

Camera turns to Joe. "And it's a great read for all of us who like to get a 
real thrill or scare. It's a book that isn't afraid to tackle the strange!" 

Faik and Joe together, "Mr. Donnaiolo may just be the newest non-fiction 
award-winner of 2216!" "In other news, a piece of controversial art has just 
been removed...."

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