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Commercial                         Sat May 01    Global News Network
It's time for yet another commercial.

It's the crack of dawn, with the rising sun shining through a window. A 
particularly beautiful woman can be seen waking up and getting out of bed. 
Wearing a pair of pink bunny slippers the woman makes her way down a flight of 
stairs to the kitchen.

Cue the voice over, "This is Kayla. She loves COFFEE! But we've disabled her 
alarm system and broken into her house, replacing that filth with Coffee King 
Coffee! Let's see if she notices the difference!"

The woman still half asleep reaches for her cup of coffee, she takes a sniff 
of the strong aroma and her eyes suddenly open widely. She takes a giant gulp 
of her coffee, and then stands up looking down at her legs.

The Coffee King himself bursts through a wall, "Oh Yeah! We've replaced your 
COFFEE! With Coffee King Coffee! How do you feel?"

The woman blinks several times, "It's amazing! My legs are still there! Now I 
don't have to go in for expensive cybernetic leg replacements! Plus I just 
want to dance for the rest of the day for no apparent reason!!!" Suddenly the 
woman jumps on her table and a small troupe of dancing hardhats appear beside 
her, they all seem to be dancing manically as Latin music starts to play in 
the background.

The Coffee King approaches the camera, "Yes ladies and gentlemen, this coffee 
will open your eyes and make you dance around for the rest of the day! Plus 
now for the very first time Coffee King Coffee is available in American 
grocery stores!"

Cut to a shot of Coffee King Coffee tin cans. You notice something on the side 
of them. Remember those posters of missing kids on the side of milk cartons? 
Well you can see posters of missing Reploids.

"And as an added bonus, now each tin can comes with a collectable poster of a 
Reploid MIA. Collect the entire set with such Reploids as Flash Rabbit, 
Cryogen Bison, Lament or even Sigma! But that's not all! Look for our chase 
cans featuring Matic and Kain! Collect them all today you won't regret it!"

End commercial with the Coffee King jingle playing.

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'Peace' Rally                      Sat May 01    Global News Network

         <This... is GNN!>

         "Good evening, this is you evening world news!"
         "Yesterday, a peace rally advertised worldwide was held in 
Torontreal. Unfortunately, before the entertainment could fully run its 
course, it was interrupted by several ne'er-do-wells. Robot Masters were 
spotted in the crowd, as were General Vile and Force Commander Bass, though 
the former were peaceable and the latter kept their aggressions to a minimum."
         "After a speech by Doctor Edward Cain, Neo Arcadian activists arrived 
in a helicopter and demanded to be allowed to express their views. This 
evidently brought the situation to the boiling point, because General Vile 
began speaking as well."
         Footage backs this up. There's a few shots of Cain, then of the 
Arcadian helicopter flying in, Milan falling from it before being joined by 
Santiago. The next set shows Vile walking on stage, prompting the camera to 
back up shakily until it focuses again, further back now. Unfortunately, 
there's no sound.
         "After General made an appearance and challenged Vile's views, 
violence erupted. Though our camera crew was... evacuated, eyewitnesses report 
that Vile attacked the Neo Arcadians while they attempted to return to their 
helicopter. Facing heavy fire from not only the Arcadians, but General and 
several other combatants, he proceeded to have free reign of the area until 
the leader of Repliforce shot him down. Calling his armored carrier, Vile 
fought the group to a standstill, eventually leaving due to a threat from 
General to use his powerful weaponry. Though he no longer possesses the 
Apocalypse Cannon, he mustered enough energy to evidentally scare the Maverick 
         "Large fires still rage across the area, an aftermath of the 
fighting, though a spokeswoman announced earlier today that they have been 
successfully contained. They expect to have them out by tonight and begin the 
         "In other news..."

         <This... was GNN!>


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GNN: Public Works                  Sun May 02    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>>

"And in world news for this hour, a spokesman for Neo Arcadia announced, 
during a press conference, a new policy for their governemnt."

The screen changes to a large man standing behind a podium, dressed in an 
olice drab uniform with a military cut to it. He has dull, red eyes and his 
face has a pair of very prominent marks tattooed on his cheeks in a matching 
shade. If the pdium is to scale, he must be well over seven feet tall. Maybe 
over eight. The bar underneath the image lists him as 'Templar Fefnir, Neo 
Arcadian Field Commander.'

And then the big man speaks, "Ladies and gentlemen of the press. Living 
citizens of the world. Patriots of Neo Arcadia. I have come before you today 
with good news for the future. It was deemed best that we announce this to the 
world at large as a demonstration that we are not simply an army of zealots 
with a singe vision." He smiles widely, revealing large, very white teeth that 
contrast against his dark skin. "We have completed the process of organizing 
ourselves as the new head of Neo Arcadia's government and have begun to 
impliment our plan of bettering the lives of every man woman and child who 
calls this great city home."

Several screens light up behind him, revealing concept sketches and other 
media-friendly data pertaining to what seems to be an astonishly large public 
works project.

"The Corps of Engineers will begin work, tomorrow morning, on a project which 
will ultiamtely transform this city, long suffering for the industrial sins of 
the past, into a shining new metropolis. The scientists in our number have 
completed the designs on a series of new air purifiers which will finally 
solve the lingering air pollution woes which have plagued you for over two 
centuries. But this is only the beginning of our plan. In the following months 
additional steps will be taken to restoring life the land. Already we have 
made great strides in eliminating the remainder of contaminents from the city 
water supply. Soon this will spread. We have a shining hope for the future of 
all mankind and a message of new hope for all those who are willing to heed 
our call."

The window shifts back behind the newscaster. "Well, Tom, I don't know what to 
make of that..."

Her cohost replies, "Sorry, Gypsy.. I have nothing to add..."

<<This was GNN>>

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Press Conference                   Mon May 03    Global News Network

<posted to all media outlets with the Maverick Hunter logo>

BREAKING NEWS: The Maverick Hunter Co-Commander Mega Man has organized a press 
conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Tuesday evening for a very special 
announcement. Mega Man invites any and all those interested in the 
announcement, be they either members of the press or members of any faction, 
to come to Minneapolis's Town Square at <date, time>. More details to follow 
after the conference.

OOC: Tuesday, May 4, 2004. Time: 8 pm Eastern. Room: The Midwest room, United 
States (leave New York to New England room, head East). You might just want to 
be there.


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Book Signing in Mexico City        Mon May 03    Global News Network
MEXICO CITY (GNN)--Former Parisian Academic and Resistance Fighter Opens New 
Volume in Racial Relations Dialogue

Appearing at a press conference and book signing in Mexico City today to mark 
the release of his book, "From Darkness Into Light: The Emergence of a New 
Era", Dr. Gerard Cerveau, a theoretical mechanical engineer from the 
University of Paris, spoke to a crowd of about 250 to discuss some of the 
ideas presented in his work. Dr. Cerveau refers to his book as "half 
autobiography, half treatise," as it details the events during his graduate 
studies at the University of Paris which eventually would lead to his becoming 
a high-profile designer for the separatist Neo Arcadian nation.

Dr. Cerveau's experiences at the University of Paris and, later on, in the 
French Resistance as it operated under Maverick occupation, give him a unique 
perspective on the politics coloring the current inflamation of human-reploid 
violence, and an insight into the history behind the decade-long struggle. 
Though a member of the Neo Arcadia group, Dr. Cerveau presents his ideas in a 
clear, concise form that makes it easy for anyone to understand, even those 
not familiar with international relations or robotic science--and in a 
compelling manner that makes it difficult to immediately dismiss his 

"I maintain," Dr. Cerveau said at the conference, "that the war as it stands 
might have been avoided, had we not been so assured of ourselves that we would 
suborn our identity to our creations." But although he places much of the 
blame for the current situation on the policies of the United Nations, Dr. 
Cerveau also added that "this is the time to look for a solution, not to point 
fingers about what was done a decade ago."

What that solution might be exactly, Dr. Cerveau's book does not say. But it 
is not meant to be a manual to solve the world's problems, he maintains. "This 
is my story," he insisted at the close of the book signing. "As humans, we all 
bear the weight of our own decisions. I have explained why I have made 
mine--we all must make our own. The solutions we need can never be engineered 
by one man alone."

Dr. Cerveau's book, "From Darkness Into Light: The Emergence of a New Era", is 
available at all major bookstores and retail outlets. The first printing also 
contains an introductory pocket-sized supplement, "The Rise of AI: How 
Humanity Engineered Its Own Downfall".

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Flock You!                         Mon May 03    Global News Network
         <Part of the morning news seeing that's it around noon in China.>

         ...And in local news. Reports from villagers in western China claim 
that they're being attacked by a large flock of birds. Eyewitnesses state that 
the birds are crows of some sort. Although there has been no confirmation of 
these attacks, there is proof of an increase in activity in the number of 
birds feeding off of farmer crops in the region. Farmers fear that if this 
continues the loss will be devastating to their income and are asking for the 
government to look into these reports. We will have more on this story as it 
develops. Now onto weather. Oh jeez, you mean to tell me that we had nothing 
else to talk about than words? Come on, there must be somebody bleeding out 
there. Huh? What? What do you mean we're still on? *pause* Oh sh...

         <Cuts to commercial.>

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The NeoTokyo Memorial              Tue May 04    Global News Network
--GNN Top Story--

"The world was shocked today to learn that the supposed 'Memorial' that was 
being built on the site of the old Light Labs was in fact a Robot Master ploy. 
The entire former Labs area is now taken over by a monstrous building, which 
was teleported onto the foundations of the old Labs almost instantly. This 
building is, in fact, a fortress constructed by Doctor Wily, and not the 
museum earlier press releases claimed. Officials from the city of NeoTokyo 
state that the land was, in fact, purchased legally, though it's now apparent 
that the 'Light Labs Disaster Memorial Fund' was nothing more than a Robot 
Master scam to cover funding for this operation. City officials have stated 
they are unwilling to evict the Robot Masters from this so-called 'Skull 
Monument,' though they are aware that their prescence in the city makes the 
population very uneasy indeed..."

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MEGA MAN NO MORE!                  Tue May 04    Global News Network

<media outlets around the world are feasting themselves sick over the latest 
news tidbit, headlines screaming, news programs leading off with footage from 
the press conference, and so forth>

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (GNN) -- In a stunning press conference just this evening in 
Minneapolis's Town Square, the world famous hero Mega Man has announced his 
retirement from Maverick Hunting. Answers to any and all questions were met 
with a mere 'no comment', and his future plans have not been disclosed to any 
of our sources. Speculation is rampant at this time as to what will happen to 
the Maverick Hunters, now that their illustrious leader has decided to hang up 
the Buster, seemingly for good.

More on this situation as it develops.


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Village Murder                     Wed May 05    Global News Network

        <Morning news for China.>

        If you remember, two days ago there were reports from farmers in 
Western China of a large number of crows feeding off their crops. Initially, 
that was no cause for alarm due to the fact that crows are known for being 
pests in farmlands. But we have received new information that this murder of 
crows are now in 'control' *news anchor double-takes* ...control, is this 
correct? *a look of disbelief* are now in control of one of these farming 
villages. Although our reporters were unable to get too close the village, we 
do have some footage of this situation. *cuts to a scene of the village with 
hundreds of birds flocked on rooftops, the ground, and whatever else they can 
perch on* The Chinese government could not be reached for an official word. 
More on this story as more information becomes available to us.

        <And onto weather or sports. Can't remember which one.>

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Glass Crater Symphony              Thu May 06    Global News Network

         Random news blurb, stashed in with many of the other composers of the 
day. On SUNDAY, 10 PM EST, May 9 2217, Javelin Whitetail will premiere the 
requiem Glass Crater Symphony, dedicated to those who fell recently in Italy 
and elsewhere; visuals will be provided by Morgaine, lead singer of Avalon. 
The premiere will be in Sicily, presumably neutral grounds, although with a 
notable lack of law enforcement. Naturally, all are invited to come pay their 
respects for the deceased. @mail Jav for details/info/ideas. 


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Chinese Word of the Day            Fri May 07    Global News Network

         <Wee more news. Could be a special news report too if you guys want.>

         And now the official statement released by the Chinese government 
over the situation in the Western province involving the increase in avian 
activity. *cut to the clip of the press release with subtitles in various 
languages depending in which country the broadcast is received in seeing that 
the official is speaking Chinese* "...These reports are no cause for alarm. We 
have the entire situation under control and would ask that no unauthorized 
personal venture within the area. Although there has been no loss of life, 
some villagers have reported a loss of an eye. Again, the situation is under 
control." *back to the news desk* On what the government is planning is 
unknown at the moment but we shall keep you informed as more information is 
made available to us.


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Chinese Hunter                     Sat May 08    Global News Network
         <News. You know the deal.>

         According to our sources in the military, late this morning a 
Maverick Hunter assisted by the Hong Kong vigilante attempted to free the 
village overtaken by the murder of crows. From our reports, it is understood 
that they were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and were forced to retreat. We 
also understand that during the confusion a nearby smaller farm was also 
invaded by another group of the birds. How long will this avian siege go on? 
One can only tell. And onto weather.


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Medical News!                      Sat May 08    Global News Network
<In the Health and Popular Mechanics segment, merged somewhat due to 
prevalence of those wacky robots>
         On a brighter note, a small organization of the unusual reploid 
variant called "bio-roids" has started engaging in activities that /don't/ 
involve blowing things up!
         The group, who call themselves 'the Verdant Mind', has compiled a 
series of reports and technical schematics on relatively common models of 
bioroids and distributed hard copies to hospitals throughout the United 
Nations territories, Japan, and the United States and affiliated territories. 
The purpose, according to their spokeswoman, a Ms. Galatea Coriolis, is to 
ensure that major medical centers will be aware of the unique biological and 
mechanical nature of repairing bioroids.
         The full text of the report, as well as some non-technical discussion 
of bioroid physiology, is available at verdantmind.co.kr. It has been placed 
in the public domain, although a two-zenny donation is requested if a printout 
is made.
         And now, back to celebrity watching.
         <the end>

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News From Minnesota Attack!        Sun May 09    Global News Network

         "Hello, this is Disembodied Voice, And this is my first report as a 
US News Anchor! Hi! Nice to meet you!"

         "Anywho, some details have leaked out about the attack on Light Labs: 
Minnesota several days ago! IT appears that the assault was led by Former, we 
hope, Maverick Hunter Alpha!", a picture of Magical Princess Alpha is shown! 
"Most of the guards were killed, the damage estimate is up around the hundreds 
of millions of zenny, and many civilian workers were also injured or killed. 
Cleanup is still going as we speak!"

         "However, as startling as a Maverick Hunter going Maverick is, what's 
even more startling is that this could have been prevented several times 
before! The information I'm about to present is PUBLIC DOMAIN!"

         An image of Dr. Jeremy Chambers replaces Alpha. He's an old dude. 
Next to him appears Dr. Hogan. He's an older dude. "Alpha was an illegal 
project of the United Nations headed by former R&D Head Chambers and Doctor 
Hogan designed to recreate the Maverick Virus in a reploid. For a time after 
she escaped, there was a one million zenny bounty on her head, but she was 
taken in by the Hunters, which effectively held off any pursuit. Later, with 
the formation of Interpol, the R&D head was fired for his illegal project and 
Dr. Hogan had already died during Alpha's escape. However, instead of also 
reclaiming the lost project and PERHAPS finding a cure for the virus or maybe 
even deactivating her as a danger to society, Director of Interpol Adrian 
Vorlikail claimed she had committed no crime." 

         "Well, perhaps now that the US is no longer part of the UN, Alpha 
deemed it safe to kill our innocents rather than stay in UN territory to do 
so. If only this threat to our society and health was detained, examined, and 
deactivated as a mistake then maybe this attack would never have happened." 

         "Also, why did the Hunters protect her KNOWING she was a Maverick at 
least since the formation of Interpol. The information was there, did they not 
bother to check it? Do the Hunters have any other secrets they are hiding? 
Much like how Zero had decimated Shanghai, it appears the Hunters will 
continue to kill innocent humans with their 'rogues'."

         "This is Disembodied Voice from GNN, demanding action and signing 

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RFer Saves Two NA Soldiers         Sun May 09    Global News Network
Neo Arcadia, May 8 -- Human and reploid alike were shocked yesterday when Jet 
Stingray appeared before Neo Arcadia patrol from the jungles of Mexico. What 
was more astounding was the fact that he called news reporters in to witness a 
unique event... As he handed off two injured Neo Arcadian soldiers peacefully 
and without insistent. From interviews with soldiers and Jet himself, 
apparently a Robot Master known as Ballade fought with an elite Neo Arcadian 
soldier. She was soon defeated, and even an unknown Neo Arcadican that came to 
her aid was taken down as well. From what Jet has said, he not only drove off 
the Robot Master Elite, but rescued the two fallen women, despite the fact 
that he was nearly killed by Neo Arcadians less then a month ago. 

 When asked in what motivated him in such an action, Jet Stingray had this to 
say: "Yeah, they blasted the heck out of me... Claiming that there was no 
reason save who I was and that I was too close to them. I just hope to show 
that to them, and other reploids, that just because people hate unjustly means 
that we have to return the favor. I plan to defend myself should they try and 
kill me again, but I know that hate is never the answer... And just hope that 
in this showing of good faith that Neo Arcadia can begin to learn there are 
good reploids and bad reploids, just like there are good humans and bad ones." 
So far, there has been on response from Neo Arcadia on Jet Stingray or his 

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Crow-d Control                     Tue May 11    Global News Network
         Firefighters working feverishly yesterday to rescue a fish trapped 
under ice succeeded. Unfortunately the fish died from shock soon after. And in 
actual news...

         It's been a week since initial reports of crows attacking farms in 
the Chinese Western province. In such time even though there has been no real 
discernable action by the Chinese government, a Hunter and what locals call 
the Hong Kong vigilante have tried a valiant effort in halthing these 
mechanical avians but could do nothing but anger them. In fact, many villagers 
blame them for the expansion of the crows to yet another farm. From these two 
locations, reports indicate that the robotic ravens are doing 'fly-bys' on 
neighbouring farms mainly focusing on the crops. Tensions are high and it is 
understable for farming is the lifeblood of these citizens. Those who attempt 
to defend their livelyhood suffer the most loss of an eye or fingers from the 
swarm. Since then, the government still maintains no official word on the 
situation beyond that they advise the population to avoid the two villages 
until a solution presents itself.

         And onto sports...

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ROBOT MASTERS INVADE EUROPE        Tue May 11    Global News Network

< Spewed all over GNN's various feeds: >

A massive Robot Master offensive was launched late this evening against 
Maverick Europe, originating in the area of Gibraltar. The offensive pressed 
into the Iberian Peninsula, and encountered heavy Maverick resistance.

After an initial clash, the Maverick forces began to retreat, setting off 
explosives and defoliant charges as part of a `scorched earth' strategy. The 
Robot Masters have apparently countered by /adding/ to the scorched earth 
strategy, causing even *more* damage as they slowly advance north and east 
towards the former French border. While their progress is slow due to their 
extensive infliction of damage on the environment, it appears that the 
Maverick lines are falling back to consolidate their forces in Central Europe.

More news as this situation develops.

< Images: pictures from outer space of the fires in Iberia, particularly the 
beginnings of what appears to be a black line reaching up from southern Spain 
that, over time, will extend towards France. >


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Visit Eurasia!                     Tue May 11    Global News Network
<An advertisement for Eurasia! A sharp-dressed official stands smiling at the 
camera, flanked by two security officers who wield beam sabers... the swords 
don't look ceremonial.>

         We here at Eurasia would like to extend a hand in welcome to the 
hundreds who come to visit our fair station every day, and to the many on 
Earth who have not learned that they truly belong with us among the stars. 
Eurasia is quickly becoming the most popular tourist attraction in the world, 
and many of our museums are now opening with fine works of art, many of them 
formerly seen in the great museums of Europe... before their unfortunate 

         So come to our fair station, see what it's like... and maybe we'll 
convince you to come live with us in the splendour of outer space. We truly 
welcome you.

<Paid for by the Eurasia Tourist Council.>

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Mysterious Findings in Rio         Wed May 12    Global News Network

         "Beachgoers were surprised to find signs of a battle on Rio's 
Beaches. Who the combatants were is hard to tell, but there was a lot of black 
mechfluid, napalm, and energy signiatures on site. "

         "A couple of pits where it appears the sand was pushed away from each 
other was found, and some wiring as well as synthflesh has been found on site, 
but not enough to be conclusive as to whom it belonged to." 

         "For now it is a mystery, but there has been no body, and we can only 
hope that whatever happened has resulted in no casualties. Even so, civilian 
beachgoers are requested to stay away from the area until analysis is 

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Announcement from Light Industries Wed May 12    Global News Network
*This...is GNN* 

'This is Tycoon Raccoon with the latest from the heavily hit LightLabs! Dr. 
Light himself held a brief, closed press confrence, where he announced that he 
would be creating a new robot! That's right, viewers-this Project Axl is /so/ 
mysterious, we don't een know if it's a reploid or an android! He's mentioned 
some recent breakthroughs in technology that sounded dy-no-mite! But, the Good 
Doctor also insisted that this was /not/ a replacement for the recently 
retired Rock, but a brand new champion of justice, to aid the Repliforce and 
Maverick Hunters as he sees fit! That's just wacky! Wacky doodle! Like the 
fact that Dr. Light uncharisticly covered the new technologies in mystery, 
only mentioning certin advances, including a spike-based weapon! Woah! Those 
spikes are scary, I'll tell ya! 

This is Tycoon Raccoon, with a GNN sexclusive! More on this breaking story as 
it comes up! Wacky wacky WACKY!" 

*This...is GNN*

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GNN: Mammoth Park Cave-In!         Fri May 14    Global News Network

         "This is GNN."

         "Tonights first story is the mysterious cave-in in the Mammoth Cave 
National Park area."
         "The Crystal Lake section, one of the more eerily beautiful sections 
of the cave, has been collapsed. The Cave-in occurred under mysterious 
circumstances. Park rangers reported hearing the sounds of battle from within 
the cave but can tell us nothing more."

         "Once again, under mysterious circumstances, the Crystal Lake section 
of the Mammoth Caves has caved in. It is unknown if it will be possible to 
salvage such a wonderful place, but Park Rangers believe the prospect to be 
highly unlikely."
         "So far no group has claimed responsibility for this act, and no 
comment has been issued from the Hunters or the Repliforce at this time."

         "And now, our next story...


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Upcoming Press Conference          Fri May 14    Global News Network
*This... is GNN* 
 Thank you Bob, it looks like the San Angeles Pounders are going to be a good 
pick for the Final Four this year... and this just in. According to a press 
release put out by Light Industries, there will be a major announcement being 
held tomorrow regarding recent technological break thoughts that they intend 
to cover in depth tomorrow. Although this has been a fairly low key 
announcement, like most of the others that Light Industries have made since 
the destruction of their corporate headquarters in Neo Tokyo several months 
ago, I think that we can expect that there will be some major developments 
that will be announced. After the announcement made the other day of the still 
mysterious Project Axl by the Doctor himself, I certainly hope that Thomas 
Light will be unveiling some of his newest accomplishments. As always, GNN 
will bring you up to the minute coverage. 
 (( That's right, press conference tomorrow over Live News, hopefully starting 
tomorrow around 4 pm EST. We hope that everyone will have a chance to listen 
in. @mail Hunter Facheads for details. ))

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GNN: The Line Has Been Drawn       Sat May 15    Global News Network

         "This is GNN."

         "Late last night, the world was stunned by a dramatic display on 
behalf of the Maverick Empire. The infamous Godmachine Binary was first 
reported being seen rising above the 'ankle' of the Iberian Peninsula. While 
the battles between the retreating Coalition Forces and the advancing Robot 
Master armies continue to scorch the earth of the Iberian Peninsula, it was 
unknown at first what the Godmachine was doing."

         "And then this happened."

         Video feed begins. The Godmachine, hovering in the night sky. Black 
and White Energies coalesce around it. The energy it was channeling goes into 
a single black and white disc in front of it. A perfect Yin and Yang. Then a 
roar, "YIN! YANG! BLAST!" ...and the bar of energy that rips out from the 
Godmachine, White and Black in perfect unison, begins at once side of the 
Spanish Coast... and in a sweeping motion... moves all the way across the 
ankle of the Iberian Peninsula! The resulting explosion on the video is 
gigantic... the hovercamera's signal ending in static.

         "The resulting line in the earth stretches all the way across the 
Iberian Peninsula, ending each before the sea. The trench is deep and wide, 
and already cooling as what appears to be Maverick forces begin to set up 
battle emplacements all along it. The line is being heavily fortified, with 
more and more drones and weapons coming in by the hour. It seems the Mavericks 
intend to move no further back, even as the last of their retreating forces 
and the Robot Master advance moves to this new border."

         "The Godmachine withdrew shortly after its display, the reports of 
General Vile at the site however have been confirmed by satellite 
         "While the Death of Sigma only three weeks ago gave the world hope 
that the Maverick Empire would be falling, this act and the message it sends 
is clear. The Empire is still alive, and it seems that there are still great 
dangers alive and well among the 'Coalition of Reploid Freedom'."

         "And in other news, continued speculation about the upcoming Light 
Labs Press Conference...



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MAVERICK VIRUS CURED!              Sat May 15    Global News Network


         Today the world was turned on its ear, as the Light Labs press 
conference turned out to be the revelation of the century, as Professor Gate 
of the UN Research and Development division announced that he has found the 
cure for the Maverick Virus. Prof. Gate demonstrated the effectiveness of the 
cure by presenting several former Reploid Coalition members who had been 
successfully treated and had returned to their former selves. Among them was 
the infamous maverick One, now restored to the Maverick Hunter Alpha.

         The Maverick Virus has been explained by Prof. Gate as being a piece 
of code that is built into every reploid neural net, requiring the consent of 
the reploid to activate, dispelling the rumors of reploids suddenly turning 
Maverick against their will, or infecting others, or human beings. Information 
about the cure and how to apply it is being freely distributed to anyone who 
makes a request for it.

         Doctor Thomas Light expressed his distaste for Sigmund Doppler, whom 
he singled out as "an abusive father" and one who "planned this all from the 

         We will continue to update you on any further developments on this 
situation as they arise.

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Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Affluent Businessman Rushed to Hos Sun May 16    Global News Network

This is a GNN exclusive report.

         "This just in! Today, at approximately 5:00 GMT, businessman Glyde 
Loath of G.L. Enterprises was rushed to a Seoul hospital in critical 
condition. Details on what caused his condition were not released, but doctors 
say his condition has stabilized, and thanks to the excellent quality of his 
cybernetics, he is expected to make a speedy and full recovery in a few days.
         "A representative of G.L. Enterprises declined comment, and 
meanwhile, the security around Mr. Loath has been increased tenfold. We here 
at GNN hope that Mr. Loath will be back on his feet shortly.
         "Elsewhere in the business world, Ashitaka Incorporated has become a 
rising star with its rather surprising hit fad product, Crab Juice..."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Europe At War                      Sun May 16    Global News Network

A variety of GNN stories bubble up between the repeated Maverick Virus cure 
stories about the Robot Master/Maverick conflict, already being called World 
War IV:

Sattelite images show the increasing blackening of the Iberian peninsula, dark 
clouds rising up from the areas formerly consisting of Portugal and Spain. A 
wholesale blackening of the land mass, caused alternately by Maverick scorched 
earth tactics and Robot Master insanity (claimed to be stoked onward by Bass' 
own instability), leaves a striking black scar on the western face of Europe.

Scattered, garbled messages that make it out of Iberia through the Robot 
Master and Maverick jamming attempts indicate that neither side is leaving 
survivors in their wake. There are rumors of a wholesale Reploid pogrom being 
undertaken by the Robot Masters, regardless of affiliation. A few blurry 
surveilliance pictures circulate around the Internet, showing piles of dead 
Reploids, their cores ripped out, being melted down for their component metals 
and plastics -- allegedly to make more Robot Master drones. Any human 
resistance in the Iberia area is mysteriously unaccounted for as well.

The line carved into the Pyrenees mountain chain by Godmachine Binary 
continues to militarize. The environmental destruction caused by this act 
creates a blasted, still burning wasteland between Spain and France. The Robot 
Master army has begun to mass on one side of the No Man's Land left by the 
smoking, glass-coated rubble of the mountains between northern Spain and 
southern France, matching the Maverick forces aligned against them.

All the while, the black smoke of the fires left in the wake of Wily's armies 
begins to slowly drift over Europe, darkening the skies as far east as the 
Urals -- a warning to the Maverick empire that rings just as loudly as Byte's 
pronouncement. As one pithy commentator noted:

"There will be no winners in this war; only the ever-dimming possibility of 


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Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
World Wide Robot Masters News      Sun May 16    Global News Network
Dust Man is sitting on a rather strange looking cross of a Zamboni and a 
Street Sweeper. He looks heavily beat up. Heavily down trodden. The Spinny in 
the corner begins to display. 'News from Pharaoh Man.' 

 Dust Man looks up again. "People of the world.. I must share my secret.." He 
takes a deep breath and looks as serious as possible. As if looking down the 
barrel of a gun and asking for the blast. "Pharaoh can't stop harboring his 
love for Dynamo any longer. The Lord of Egypt wishes to express to the entire 
world his lov-"

 The feed suddenly stops with a staticy click.. and Captain Kangaroo's Death 
Match returns to it's usual programming.

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Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Breaking News: Scandinavia         Mon May 17    Global News Network
<A nice reporter human is at the desk, shuffling her papers before looking at 
the camera> 

          "Thank you all for tuning in tonight. As we have learned, thanks to 
our intrepid reporters, and camera crews, a monumental battle, described as 
the kind seen in the previous World Wars, was fought. The Battle for 
Scandinavia, as it is being called by some of us, was nothing short of the 
Repliforce truly showing it's teeth. The Mavericks wouldn't go without a 
whimper, as they attempted to set charges and burn as much as they could, 
truly showing for their 'Scorched Earth' tactics. 

          An excerpt - a brief, though blurry sighting of Strider Hiryu 
entering the Finland base - with the defenses and other functionality of the 
base completely going offline, visibly so. 

          "We have recieved no comment from Hiryu about it, but he was quoted 
as giving a charge order for the Repliforce Forces in Norway, seeming to be at 
the full assistence of General and the soldiers there. As it now stands, we 
have been notified that much of the civilian populace, including cities, were 
saved from any widespread collateral destruction. The choice of the Maverick 
Cure is being administered to Mavericks who were disabled, but not destroyed, 
by the Repliforce Medical." 

          More cutscenes.. the dreaded Godmachine Binary, in it's fury and 
floodwaters, standing in front of General, during the pitched battle, before a 
voluminous column of energy completely consumes it -- and the Maverick 
Outpost, nearly leveling the Outpost in the same attack. The Godmachine Binary 
is last seen being flung into the Baltic, a red-grey blur chasing after it. It 
really can't be identified. 

          "More on this as it develops, but it certainly seems as the tides 
are indeed changing." 

          More scenes from the battle intersparse, from the explosion of 
another Outpost thanks to Barrage Raptor, to a titanic fight between the 
Raiden and Kraken. Good stuff. 

<This.. was GNN..>

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Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
A Hero, Attacked.                  Mon May 17    Global News Network
                 <This is GNN.>

         "Correspondant Coconut here. I'm on the scene of the United Nations 
building. As you can see, all seems normal, but inside is a different story." 

         The camera angle shifts toward the building; it begins to move in 
toward the building. Fade out for a moment. 

         "Today, a hero to the scientific world was almost killed in some sort 
of assassination attempt. Doctor Gate, the one who discovered the vaccine to 
the evil Maverick Virus was struck down today. He seems to have taken two very 
large wounds by an plasma based weapon of some sort. We looked to speak with 
some of the people involved today, but we gathered much of little response." 

         Camera shots of a fallen Gate, Berkana turning her back, Gareth doing 
the same, and Ebony Fox not being very loose with information. 

         "All that can be assumed is that the attacker of the poor doctor was 
a Maverick assassin, attempting to silence Doctor Gate for his works in the 
reploid medical field. Though, day by day, knowledge of the vaccine spreads 
and spreads throughout the world. Such an attempt to stop it seems somewhat 
feeble. Still, Doctor Gate, you have our sympathy and our hope. This is 
Correspondant Coconut, back to you, Dave."

         <That was GNN.>

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Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
Battle in Italy                    Tue May 18    Global News Network
<This... is GNN> 
 And I am Anchor Ostrich with his late breaking development. According to our 
sources, it appears that the Maverick Hunters have just recently launched an 
all out attack against the Maverick occupied country in Italy. While details 
remain sketch of late, we have confirmed from the Maverick Hunter Commander 
Signas, currently on the scene, that the Maverick forces have been driven back 
into the northern sectors of Italy. Heavy fighting occurred between the well 
known vigilante force, formed by the famous Doctor Light back during the 
opening years in the war, and forces belonging to the Coalition for Reploid 
Freedom. However, unlike the battles which have occurred in both Iberia and 
Scandinavia over the period of the last week, there appears to be no scorched 
earth tactics being employed by the Mavericks as they fall back to their 
defensive positions deeper in their European territories. 
 Eyewitness reports also place several members of the enigmatic strider 
organization at the scene of the fighting, apparently conducting some form of 
covert operations under the cover of the Hunter attack. In addition to this, 
we also have unsubstantiated rumors that the Neo Arcadian Guardian known as 
Templar Fefnir was sighted during the battle along with a contingent of his 
troops, allegedly giving his support to the Hunter attack on the Mavericks. 
While details remain sketchy, it appears that the Mavericks are being pressed 
hard on all fronts by repeated assaults from across the board. It remains to 
be seen if this new version of Fortress Europe can hold out, or if it will 
share the same fate as the ill conceived Nazi Germany in the 20th century. 
          Bringing you details as they happen, this is GNN.

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Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Tragic News                        Tue May 18    Global News Network
<A reploid reporter speaks in front of the UN Plaza in Seoul.> 
         "Greetings from Seoul. Just a few minutes ago the Interpol spokesman, 
Arthur Maxwell, held a press conference in the podium of the UN Plaza instead 
of inside the press room as it is usual, due to security reasons. He gave us a 
tragic message from the RDI Division director, the same person we have never 
seen in public yet and whose identity we still don't know. Let's listen to his 
The scene changes to Arthur Maxwell, standing in the podium with a saddened 
face and with UNED guards at his side. 
         "I'm sure that all of you remember that Professor Gate was attacked 
by a Maverick agent yesterday in our own headquarters. This agent was quickly 
dispatched and the Professor was given inmediate medical assistance. Thanks to 
the work of several people, most of the damage that was dealt to him was 
quickly repaired. Unfortunately, things didn't end there..." 
There is a pause. 
"I am grieved to announce that Professor Gate has passed away." 
Arthur makes another pause, until the reporters gathered in the place stop 
gasping and commenting these last words. 
         "Shortly after he was healed, the Professor decieded to return to his 
laboratory in the headquarters. High security was placed in the laboratories 
area, but he was later found dead in his own working place by some UNED 
guards. As the authopsy later revealed us, Gate's internal systems had 
apparently suffered severe unseen system damage during the attack that was not 
noticed by those who assisted him. Professor Gate apparently didn't notice 
this either, and he continued to work in his projects when he suddenly 
suffered a power failure and a system breakdown caused by both this wound and 
having overworked himself. By the time his body was found, all reanimation 
attempts were futile." 
         "We shall no doubt honour the life and death of this genius who 
accomplished many great deeds inside and outside the field of science; the man 
whose name will pass down in History as the one who found the cure for the 
Maverick virus. And those who commited this grave murder will not remain 
unpunished! We will take inmediate legal actions and bring the murderer to 
justice, even if we have to reach the very heart of Berlin. Just like our 
predecessors did in the 19th Century." 
The scene then changes back to the GNN reporter. 
         "The United Nations hasn't set up a date for Professor Gate's funeral 
yet due to security reasons, but we have been promised that they will announce 
it in a day or two. No news about the public release of the cure for the 
Maverick virus have been released either. Important reactions from all the 
factions in the world are expected to be seen soon." 

"This is GNN."

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Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
Pain Primer Sales Skyrocketing!    Tue May 18    Global News Network
<This....is GNN> 

The literary world was rocked today as sales of the newest novel from 
Coalition writer Raffinato Donnaiolo skyrocketed, selling a hit count of 
900,000 books as of today around the globe. This boost in sales have been the 
result from the death of the author just last night, like his creator of the 
same name, both casualties in recent battles. Like the old Elvis and Dale 
Earnhardt of many years ago, it seems that his product has sold better /after/ 
he passed away. 

On to later news...

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Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
IMPORTANT DARYN NEWS!              Tue May 18    Global News Network

         This is GNN!

"Hardcore Former-Rocker Daryn Luna was viciously mauled by a raccoon today 
which had been hiding out in his mailbox. Hardcore Former-Rocker Daryn Luna 
was discovered to be dead, but nobody's allowed to see his body! Hardcore 
Former-Rocker Daryn Luna will be missed by friends and family. He'll be 
forever remembered in our minds and in our hearts!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
SHOCKING DARYN NEWS!               Tue May 18    Global News Network

         "Approximately three seconds of his alleged death, Daryn spoke up on 
Global Radio! Is it a hoax, or is it the real Daryn!? We at GNN have way too 
much time on our hands and HAVE TO KNOW! Either way, Daryn has set the world's 
speed record of revealing oneself after a fake death! Congratulations, 

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Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Avian Update                       Wed May 19    Global News Network
         In recapping our top story...Doris, I lost your number, we met in the 
skybox last night. Call me. 

         In other news, the raven village situation escalated yesterday when 
the local farmer union against the crow infestation attempted to charge the 
two farms under the corvid control and violence obviously erupted. Even after 
repeated warnings by the Chinese government, these farmers took it upon 
themselves to take back what was theirs after two weeks since this murder 
first invaded. Though experts have deducted no actual reason for the birds to 
be acting this way, it is theorized that being mechanimals, these birds are 
somehow being controlled although there is no proof to back this up. For now, 
villagers have to put up with the occasional raids done on neighbouring fields 
as these crows apparently do what they can to ruin the harvest. As this is not 
threatening China's food supply, the government does not see this as a 
priority although it has released a statement that it would freely allow any 
independants to deal with this situation as they see fit. As long as none of 
the population is adversely affected. Surprisingly enough, no one was fatally 
wounded in the violence yesterday. Reports of loss of fingers, eyes, and 
whatever else the flock could get a hold of were the most serious of 
casualities. We will have more on this story as information becomes available. 

         And onto more important news in the world, a dog gets stuck in a 

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Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
Auction Hunter                     Wed May 19    Global News Network
Late, late at night on one of those shows that no one in their right mind would 
watch unless they were insomniacs or unable to find the remote, a small item 
of interest to some comes on.

"And here we have with us on Auction Hunter a very interesting find. Can you 
tell us what this is, Mr. History?"

"Vell," says a short man with a puffy moustache that he twirls around his 
finger quite often while grinning at the camera. "I vas visiting a shmall 
outdoor market in Mexico lass veek and I come acrosh dish most interestink 
item. I'm unsure of ven dish statue vash made, but clearly this is vorth a 
great deal."

The camera angle changes to show a small statuette made of a white pearlescent 
stone. It's in the form of a nude woman with hair long enough to reach down to 
her knees. It's all carved in intricate detail.

"It ish made of opal, and hash no makerz mark on it anyvere. Ze craftmanship 
ish vonderful zo and it should make an good addishion to any collectshun. I am 
told it vash a statue of ze goddess Venus. Clearly a unique find."

"And there you have it, bidding will begin on this peice, and others, this 
weekend. Please stop by and put in your bids!"

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Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
DEATH OF FORMER R&D HEAD!          Thu May 20    Global News Network

        "This evening, Doctor Jeremy Chambers and Former Director of Research 
and Development for the United Nations was found dead in his London home. Aged 
sixty, the apparent cause of death was a heart attack. Dr. Jeremy Chambers is 
known primarily for his applications to mass and personal blink technology as 
well as speareheading the more controversial Alpha Project which was an 
attempt to create a Maverick from the ground up. It is unknown whether this 
project assisted in the finding of the cure for the Maverick Virus or not but 
the project itself culminated in his release from the United Nations." 

        "Whether he will be praised or scorned for his work, it is ironic that 
the passing of Jeremy Chambers should happen during the impending fall of the 
Coalition he spent the latter part of his life opposing." 

OOC: Questions/ect. go to Gabriel.

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Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Umbrella Corp Cleared For Business Thu May 20    Global News Network

< Blurb in the business news: >

The Umbrella Corporation fulfilled the terms of its bankruptcy restructuring 
agreement early today, satisfying the demands of the United Nations and the 
United States to pay restitution to the families involved in the Raccoon City 
disaster, as well as to the various government agencies involved in the 
clean-up of the incident.

The Umbrella Corporation suffered heavy economic losses after Raccoon City, and 
was embroiled in civic and criminal cases until only very recently. After a 
restructuring of the board of directors, as well as intense probes and 
demilitarization of the corporation, the United Nations has given Umbrella its 
approval to return to normal business practices.

"We believe that the Umbrella Corporation is capable of operating without 
government oversight, and is no longer a threat to world stability," a UN 
spokesperson said in a short press release about the case. "All of the 
individuals involved in criminal activities have been brought to justice, and 
the corporation's biological warfare unit has been neutralized."

The Umbrella Corporation faces an unfavorable economic climate worldwide in 
rebuilding its former position. With the war in Europe, Umbrella's former main 
office in Paris was lost, forcing a relocation of operations into San Angeles. 
The corporation is rumored to be looking to build a new main office elsewhere 
in the world, though corporate spokespersons did not speculate about potential 

The Umbrella Corporation was formerly the largest commercial entity in the 
United States. 9 out of 10 homes contained its products. It remains one of the 
world's leading suppliers of computer technology, medical products, and health 
care. Its role in the production of military technology, biotechnology and 
viral weaponry came to light during the Raccoon City incident. The Umbrella 
Corporation currently maintains offices in San Angeles, Chicago, New York and 
London, England.
(OOC: Questions to Leo.)


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Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Unrest In North America            Thu May 20    Global News Network

< News items primarily circulated in the Americas. >

The tentative government of the United States of America has expressed concern 
about the new nation of Neo Arcadia to its south. While neither nation is 
currently part of the United Nations, both governments are continuing to 
consolidate their strength around their cores; in the United States, 
Washington DC, and in Neo Arcadia, the former Mexico City.

While official comment from either nation was not forthcoming, observers of the 
region have noticed a re-militarization of the southern border of America. The 
US military claims the re-militarization is purely a defensive measure.

"We are concerned about the policies of Neo Arcadia, especially in light of 
their recent activities abroad," a spokesperson for the US Marine Corps said. 
"The United States of America respects the sovereignty of Neo Arcadia, but we 
will not hesitate to defend our own borders against potential Neo Arcadian 

Rumors of "black helicopters" circulating in and around the Rockies were 
officially denied by the US government, despite numerous civilian witnesses 
and amateur video of their operations. The US government had no comment about 
emigration into Neo Arcadia by separatist groups, nor did the US government 
comment about rumors of desertion by ranking military personnel to Neo Arcadia.

Neo Arcadia did not respond to GNN inquiries for this story.

(OOC: Questions to Leo.)


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Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
GNN Entertainment News             Sat May 22    Global News Network

MOSCOW (GNN) -- Call her anything, but *don't* call her a pin-up.

What started as a fundraiser for her pet projects and charity work has become 
something of a phenomenon. Pre-order sales of Kalinka's new calendar, 
'Tribute', have been absolutely phenomenal in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the 
Russian Federation, and sales have been picking up gradually in the Western 
World. The 16-month calendar features the young Russian in a variety of 
fetching poses.

"It's a tribute to the women throughout history who have been bold and unique, 
and not afraid to change the world," Kalinka explains. Some of the poses 
include her dressed up as classic film stars Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn 
Monroe, tennis legend Anna Kournikova, and 21st-century Russian supermodel 

"It is a clean calendar," Kalinka insists. So are there swimsuit poses? 
"Absolutely," she answers with a laugh. "July is a tribute to Farrah Fawcett. 
I mean, what else do you wear to the beach? It is a great project...it is sexy 
with attitude." Advance orders for the calendar are currently available at 
Kalinka's official webside, kalinka.com.


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Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Strange Sightings                  Sat May 22    Global News Network
**A second page story in the 3 section of the news paper** In various, 
relatively remote parts of the world, there have been reports of a strange 
occurance. Locals have reported seeing a low flying green and white fireball 
streaking overhead, then followed by a few seconds of screaming.

No one has gotten any picture of the actual occurance, but when asked all 
witnesses gave similiar testemony.

One local religious leader at one of the villages reporting the sighting said, 
"It's the Devil....He's stirring up the dead ghosts to take them away. If you 
listen, you can hear their tormented screams." Others claim it's the rising of 
Duo, and some less religious types claim it's scouting parties for an alien 

**A list of places with recorded sightings is given, all in geographically 
remote places, and dates roughly 2 or 3 days apart.**

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Missing Persons.. or homicide?     Sun May 23    Global News Network
On some GNN reports throughout the night and coming morning, authorities 
around the United States have had to band together. A collection of 'Missing 
Persons' reports that all had shared similarities are now being compared to a 
new report that followed some of the same patterns--save for the discovery of 
fresh blood at the last known location of the victim. Authorities are unsure 
as to what is going on or even if any of the reports are, indeed, related. 
However, it has been speculated that this mysterious captor has made his final 
mistake in leaving a trace of evidence. Fingerprints of the victim were found 
in a few splatters of blood; as well as pieces of leather and some fine, thin 
wires composed of sharp metals. All of the victims, thus far, have families 
that are doing all that is within their power to uncover the dark heart behind 
these abductions... and authorities say that they will do all that is within 
their power to track down the offender and bring him to justice.

OOC: Questions to Psychogenesis

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Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
GNN: Shocking Business News! (1)   Mon May 24    Global News Network

"This is GNN Business News."

"To the delight of some, to the relief of others; Mikage Yukiato, President of 
the multi-trillion Zenny company of Mikage Int. was revealed to be alive only 
a half an hour ago."

"In a sudden and surprising announcement, representatives of Mister Yukiato 
organized a press conference in the once thought defunct Hokkaido branch of 
Mikage International located in an underground village complex on Hokkaido. 
Mikage Yukiato, dramatically changed from his months recovering from his 
injuries suffered in the destruction of the Light Labs by the Robot Masters, 
made a speech in front of the press stating his recovery and the rumors of his 
death were ill founded."

"Ever since the destruction of Light Labs, and the severe damage to Karasawa 
Tower, it has been believed that Mikage Yukiato was dead. Amano, Mikage Int's 
VP, has been running the show for the months since this dramatic event that 
rocked the business world. Ever since then, Mikage Int's stock has taken a 
slow decline, but with the announcement by the President, the stock has taken 
an immediate upsurge in value."

"Further, Mikage Yukiato, one of Japan's most influential businessmen 
announced that Karasawa Tower is being repaired and rebuilt from the ground up 
in the same location it once stood. When questioned about the nearness of the 
Robot Masters, Mikage had this to say..."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
GNN: Shocking Business News! (2)   Mon May 24    Global News Network

Mikage Yukiato appears on the screen, his features hardened and his true age 
more apparent now. His head is now shaven bald, a dark mustache adorning his 
face, and his dark brown eyes peirce out from the screen, the sheen of the 
small pair of spectacles in front of his eyes giving him a dramatic 

He begins to speak, "The Robot Master presence in our fair city of Neo Tokyo 
is of no cause for concern. Like the Light Labs before it, The Skull Monument 
as Dr. Wily calls it, will bring a large outflow of profit, jobs, and new 
technologies to the great nation and people of Japan. I am not afraid of the 
dangers of such an edifice in out city, nor was I afraid of the dangers of 
having Light Labs. It could be the Light Labs was the lesser of two evils but 
it was still so and the attacks upon it and Neo Tokyo to get at the Maverick 
Hunters over the years brought much grief to the citizens of Japan."

"All we can do is go on as we always have. We are Japan. We are strong. We are 
one of the greatest nations alive on this planet. Dr. Wily has promised the 
government of Japan that he has no intention of conquest, but of merely 
filling the same role Light Labs played for our fair city."

"I welcome this change, for change always bring a promise with it. Be it good 
or ill, it is always change. And without change, our great nation will 
stagnate, and I will not allow Japan to stagnate or fade. We have held our 
cultural identity throughout the millennia, not even China or the UN changed 
that, and certainly not a Mad Scientist and his group Marionette Toys."

"We will keep our identity, our strength, and our purpose. Therefore, Karasawa 
will be rebuilt. We will regain what was lost. We are JAPAN, and we will never 

The signal fades to rousing cheers and applause as Mikage bows to the crowd, 
then withdraws surrounded by bodyguards.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
CRF Space Activity                 Mon May 24    Global News Network

         <This... is GNN!>

         "Good evening. I'm Dirty Hobo, and these are your top stories. An 
unusually large amount of space craft were launched from the heart of the 
Maverick empire. Surveillance information suggests that among the ships were 
drone and personnel carriers, as well as construction equipment. Though there 
is no hard information yet, it is believed that recent events have prompted 
the Coalition to reestablish a lunar presence. In other news..."

         <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
Interpol Press Conference          Tue May 25    Global News Network

         ...and so it appears that the armed conflict is not close to an end. 
In other news, the Interpol spokesman Arthur Maxwell held today a press 
conference in the UN Headquarters in Seoul. The purpose of this conference was 
to clarify some recent happenings that had taken place within Interpol, as 
well as their position as part of the UN government. 
(The screen changes to the UN Press Conference Hall. Arthur stands on the 
podium speaking as magnificently as he always does.) 
         "Just about seven hours ago, our Management personnel had to deal 
with a very unpleasant matter. We are aware of the growing bad reputation 
about Interpol, so after these events we have decieded to clarify our position 
inmediately. Yesterday a person who didn't belong to the Interpol ranks, and 
whose identity we have decieded not to reveal to the public due to the danger 
it could pose for her, was treated by some members from security in a very 
violent and unacceptable way. Said person was categorized as a guest in our 
headquarters, and posed absolutely no threat. Due to the decision from another 
member of our personnel, she was taken by force out of the building right 
after her primary motor systems were violently shut down, and then she was 
abandoned in the city of New York without even having her systems repaired." 
         "We want to publically anounce that those who were involved in this 
inexcusable happening have been already fired and will be legally processed 
for charges such as aggression, obstruction to authority, falsification of an 
official document and attempt of assasination, amongst others. Today's 
Interpol has got nothing to do with its previous incarnations or other former 
UN organizations. We have got very strict rules and won't tolerate this kind 
of behavior, not now and not ever. As an organization that is part of the UN 
government, we strictly follow the laws and principles it is based on and we 
will do our best so such a thing doesn't happen ever again. We also want to 
send our apologies to the victim, whose location we still don't know. Also..." 
(The screen changes back to the GNN central.) 
         "In other news, there have been several riots in the zone of..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Conscription....                   Tue May 25    Global News Network

         "This is Truth Tarantula, reporting for GNN.
         The Evil Maverick Empire certianly seems to be on it's last legs, for 
they've begun an action that is as desperate as anything that they have ever 
done. Throughout what remains of the Empire, agents of the Coalition have been 
moving from town to town -- collecting every able bodied reploid and cyborg, 
be they male, female or a child -- bringing them back to Germany. All reports 
indicate that here, they are being given old and obsolete weaponry and basic 
combat training to be fed to the encroaching Maverick Hunters and Repliforce 
in an effort to stop their inexorable advance.

It's sick, really -- but not as sick I suppose, as just blowing them up. Does 
this indicate a shortage of soldiers? That the Empire is truly about to fall? 
Time will tell -- but for little Jimmy, the Cybernetic 14 year old -- death is 
death. He'll just have his chance to take a shot at a Hunter, first?

Truly, with the attack on Doctor Light and now this -- Sigmund Doppler has 
never sank so low."

OOC: Page Sigma for info.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Vile visits Cairo                  Tue May 25    Global News Network

         <This... is GNN!>

         "Earlier today, general Vile of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom 
entered Cairo aerially. He was spotted entering an establishment called the 
Desert Dragon Dojo with a heavily wounded humanoid form over his shoulder. 
Eyewitnesses informed us that he was in the building for a very short time, 
but could be heard shouting 'You can have him back, but this is mine.' Police 
and paramedics on the scene were refused entry to the dojo, the staff claiming 
that no such event ever occured. Oddly enough, Cairo officials declined to 
make a comment on the incident."

         The only clip shown during the segment is one of Vile stepping out of 
the dojo and disappearing in an afterimage blink system. A particular frame is 
frozen for the headline of the report, one of the general in midstride, 
holding in his right hand a long red scarf.

         <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
GNN: WAR FOR EUROPE                Thu May 27    Global News Network
<<This.. is GNN..>> 

          The newsroom is a flurry of activity as it opens up after a graphic 
splash of --BREAKING NEWS-- .. "Good evening, viewers. I'm Flash Ferret, and 
here, are your news." She files the papers nicely, before continuing. "We were 
asked, at one point, to withhold direct news of movements over Europe, as it 
would compromise the efforts of soldiers there. Now, we can bring you this 

          "As you know, the countries of Scandinavia were freed in an assault 
staged by Repliforce, as well as settlements in Italy launched by the Maverick 
Hunters. This has seemed to culminate over the last few days, as the 
Repliforce struck hard again, in the country of Denmark. While it was hit 
badly by Maverick Scorched Earth tactics.." A picture of the word 'SIGMA' 
burned into the city from overhead.. ".. largely, the Repliforce has won the 
day, completely obliterating the Maverick fortifications, and liberating those 
held under Maverick control."

          "Parades erupted not long after the Repliforce drove the Mavericks 
from this country, but it seems that they were not stopping for fjords very 
long, were they? As we have found out, today, the Maverick Hunters and the 
Repliforce launched a daring assault in Poland, with fierce fighting up until 
the Fortress III was brought to bear, routing Maverick forces all the way to 
Germany. But they didn't stop there.." 

          It's a scene from earlier, Mavericks scuttling into the Black 
Forest, with the Fortress III at their heels, as it were. General jumps down 
from the platform, and after making his brief speech known, he deploys a 
massive cannon from the center of his body, and discharges it into 
Mecha-Schwarzwald, otherwise rendering the Forest completely inert, signs of 
activity becoming dead. It's there, that the camera dissolves into static from 
the backlash of the assault. 

          "We have heard rumors of the new weapon General was outfitted with, 
at the decommissioning of the Apocalypse Cannon, and it's replacement made 
waves today. Immediately after, the Mavericks seemingly went into a frenzy, 
the dreaded Maverick Byte doing battle with General outside as over 300,000 
soldiers poured into Germany from all sides, taking land as they went. It is 
truly a momentous day, for this reporter to see such a sight in my lifetime. 
This is Flash Ferret, and that, was your news." 

<>That.. was GNN..>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
Press Release: Neo Arcadia         Thu May 27    Global News Network

Fresh with morning coffee on GNN And Friends, "And now we're going to go to 
Hal Williams with this morning's headlines..."

"Thank you, Elizabeth. Early this morning, following the new wave of attacks 
on Maverick-held Germany, Neo Arcadia released the following statement to the 

The screen changes to reveal Templar Fefnir in his olive drab military 
uniform, standing before an undersized podium, yet again. They really need to 
get a podium that's actually in scale with the guy one of these days. "I have 
been authorized to give the following statement concerning Neo Arcadia's 
stance on the matter in Europe.." Fefnir begins, his tone very controlled. He 
looks very, very typical military right now. "Neo Arcadia supports and 
approves of this latest effort by the United Nations and their allies to end 
the reign of terror in Europe of Dr. Sigmund Doppler and his rogue creations. 
We wish all those fighting against the oppression of mankind good luck and 
good hunting."

The massive individual nods once to the cameras.

"That is all."

The image then turns back to Hal in the news room. "Not very surprising words 
from the ruling faction of what was once Mexico City. Though this leads to 
additional speculation as to the whereabouts of their head of state, President 
Elpizo. Sources have indicated that the President has been in negotiations 
with the leaders of the other factions which allied with him to bring some 
sembalnce of order back to the city, but we have no word on what these 
negotiations are about at this time. Back to you, Elizabeth."

"Thanks Hal." The news anchor sips her coffee and glances to her co-hosts. 
"Right then, after the break we'll have Hurricane Sturmfogel with today's 
weather forecast..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Press Footage: Neo Arcadia         Thu May 27    Global News Network
And now the Headlines for this hour.

"This afternoon we turn our cameras once again to Neo Arcadia, where there 
seems to be something happening on the outskirts of the newly born city-state. 
Olga Emmerich was there for the event, can you tell us anything about it?"

The camera shifts to the edge of Neo Arcadia, up on the rim which was, once up 
on a time, the boundary that helped to define the lake the city was built on. 
A long-haired woman, somewhere around middle age is holding a microphone, 
standing before what looks like a rather standard-issue climate control 
station, one of several that have been under construction in the area around 
Neo Arcadia for around the past month or so.

"Thank you, Emma!" the woman says, smiling pleasantly for the camera. "As you 
can see behind me, Station 1, the first to be surveyed and last to be 
completed of Neo Arcadia's new weather control system is nearing the final 
stages of completion. Scientists report that this project, once deemed 
unfeasible by the United Nations, will clear the air over what was once Mexico 
City for the first time in over 150 years once it's been activated."

The woman turns back to look at the camera, after having gesticulated to the 
construction behind her.

"But earlier today we were treated to a little show by the field commander of 
the Neo Arcadian home guard himself as he contributed to the completion of the 
station in his own, difficult to replicate manner."

Stock footage comes up of a dozen men and women cheering as something starts 
to come up over the rise. A large hunk of machinery, bobbing slightly, moving 
slowly as it climbs. After a few moments it's revealed that what could only be 
a generator, that must weight in at several tons, is being CARRIED up the road 
to the station by a single person, stripped to the waist and covered over in 
red, intersecting tattoos. Strange lines and whorls. He seems to have come 
quite a distance in the hot, summer sun, because he's sweating from the 
exertion, ponytail swaying and dripping as he walks.

He has a large pair of metal plates strapped to his boots to help displace the 
mass of the generator into the ground as he carries it up the hill and across 
the work yard towards a cradle that seems to be specifically there for that 
purpose. Muscles strain, tendon visibly shift and veins bulge out as the 
Guardian hoists the generator into it's cradle with astonishing dexterity and 
care for a man of his size. He then slowly sinks to one knee as the workers 
start to mill around him cheering, a huge grin on his face.

"I don't know what they've been feeding their men down here in Mexico, Emma. 
But I have to say I haven't seen anything quite like this before..."

The camera cuts back to the news room, and a visibly astonished anchorwoman. 
"Y-yes.. This has been the headlines for this hour.. Next we have Reflex 
Wombat with sports..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
ROBOT MASTERS TAKE FRANCE          Fri May 28    Global News Network

< GNN coverage between the coverage of the Berlin siege: >

As the majority of the world's armies clashed in Germany, the Robot Masters 
laid in wait -- and when the world's attention was fully on Berlin, the Robot 
Masters began their march into France functionally unopposed.

Crossing the `line in the sand' drawn by the Godmachine Binary, Force 
Commander Bass led the Robot Masters into southern France without incident. 
Shortly thereafter, the Robot Masters encountered scorched earth devices, 
which damaged some of the drone forces of the Robot Masters and began fires 
throughout southern France which the Robot Masters have, as of yet, ignored. 
However, very few scorched earth devices have detonated since the early chain 
of explosions in southern France, indicating an intentional effort by the 
Master forces to prevent them.

Scattered reports indicate the Robot Masters have begun looting and pillaging 
any signs of civilization they find in France on a scale not seen since the 
Alpha Masters conquered San Angeles seventeen years ago. Local law enforcement 
and private citizens are said to have made valiant stands against the Robot 
Master advance, but resistance rapidly broke down as the scale of the 
offensive became apparent.

The goal of the Robot Masters appears clear-cut: the wholesale looting of 
France and the destruction of all robotic life in their path. As in their 
Iberia campaign, no Reploid they encounter has been allowed to escape with 
their lives. There are rumors that torture has been employed in these 
executions, though these are unsubstantiated. Also unsubstantiated are rumors 
that the remaining Reploid civilian population, rather than facing the Robot 
Masters, have begun to flee the country in makeshift boats or small personal 
aircraft -- which are being shot at by the Robot Masters for sport. 

The Robot Masters are estimated to reach Paris by early nightfall Friday.

< Images: sattelite flyovers showing the massive columns of Robot Master 
drones, led by Robot Masters and Wilymachines, marching through napalm-blasted 
wastes; blurry stills of Robot Master attacks on cities throughout southern 
France. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
Relief                             Fri May 28    Global News Network

"This is Trish Takinawa, with GNN. Despite the disregard for robotic life 
shown by the Robot Masters in the southern parts of France, it seems that the 
human citizens, though extremely rare as they are, have been left be. But the 
fires still raging in southern France threaten all life while they burn. At 
least, until now."

<Images of a young man with a brown ponytail wearing black and white body 
armor is shown, screaming and pointing, leading a small party of troops 
towards the ruins.>

"Now, one may think these men are part of a rebellion, moving to wipe out the 
Robot Masters. Well, you would be half right."

<The images continue, to show that the man leading the troops, is leading them 
over to the massive fires, where they begin pouring sand and water of the 
raging infernos.>

"The man has been identified as one Eoin Patrick Dullahan, a former member of 
the Irish Republic Army, and tactician for the UN, Maverick Hunters, and 
Repliforce, during the beginnings of the Maverick invasion of the British 
Isles. Now, the man is identified with a Neo-Arcadian insignia on his chest. 
As he was leaving, we were able to stop Mr. Dullahan, and ask him why he was 
with Neo-Arcadia, and why he just risked his life to stop the fires. The man's 

"You've got to be one of the good guys, because there's way too many of the 
bad. Too many people would've died if I let the fires spread."

"This is Trish Takinawa, saying humanity has a new hero in their midsts."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
THE SACK OF PARIS                  Sat May 29    Global News Network

< Hysterical GNN coverage actually manages to shove some of the Berlin news 
aside: >

The Robot Master army poured into Paris early Friday evening, having marched 
through most of the eastern portion of France unopposed. With most of the 
Maverick scorched earth devices deactivated, the Robot Masters were able to 
enter a mostly intact Paris, and faced no real organized resistance.

The Louvre became a battleground according to eyewitness reports, as the Robot 
Masters and the Bonne pirate gang clashed over the rights to the spoils. In 
the end, the Bonne pirates were driven off by the superior forces of the Robot 
Masters, though not without inflicting considerable damage on the surrounding 

The marks of Robot Master occupation began to appear almost as soon as they 
entered the city. The Arc d'Triumph was vandalized with bright red paint, and 
the Eiffel Tower, symbol of France for centuries, was brought down and 
perverted into a horrible eyesore in honor of Dr. Wily.

The looting of Paris was undertaken in a systematic and total fashion, entire 
buildings being gutted, demolished, and then even the ruins hauled away back 
towards Robot Master fortifications. Nothing was spared, and no mercy was 
shown. Any Reploids found in the city were summarily executed according to 
eyewitness accounts, their bodies dragged off to an uncertain fate. Even now, 
the Robot Master sack of Paris continues -- they appear to be prepared to 
break the city down to nothing for the glorification of their cause.

With the major military powers of the world tied up in an increasingly brutal 
standoff in Berlin, the Robot Masters appear poised to become the new masters 
of Europe, capable of launching a decapitation strike on the victors of Berlin 
and spreading across the shattered remainder of Eastern Europe unopposed. We 
can only pray that, somehow, they can be stopped.

< Images: the Arc d'Triumph adorned with red graffiti that reads `WILY!' with 
`-EL TENGU' below it in smaller letters; the Eiffel Tower, falling; the Eiffel 
Tower, reshaped into a gigantic W by Guts Man -- covered in garish, clashing 
multicolored Christmas lights that blink at equally discordant intervals, 
capped at the appropriate height and distance with a neon `DR', the D a 
horrible bright pink, the R a sickly green. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
New Construction                   Sun May 30    Global News Network
*<< This is GNN >>*

A news story comes on about Neo Arcadia again.*

Maybe they're focusing more on Mexico these days in the news because of some 
need to take a break from covering the bloodbath in Europe. News has been slow 
because so many reporters are over across the pond covering the arvance on 
Berlin, inch by painful inch.*

The GNN correspondent for Neo Arcadia is on the scene, covering what looks like 
a large excavation in progress.*

"I'm sure that most people remember the terrible earthquakes that have plagued 
this part of the world over the years, including the disaster that sparked off 
the riots here so many months ago that led to the formation of the Neo 
Arcadian governemnt.." she comments, work continuing behind her. There's quite 
a lot of construction going on, involving classic cranes from the era before 
sentient robots could do the work instead. "Continuing his pattern of public 
works, President Elpizo signed into law last week the funding for this new 

The camera moves and pans in, revealing workers working on a massive process, 
driving ferrocrete pilings and pouring reenfocing materials deep, deep into 
the ground.*

"The city known today as Neo Arcadia was build on landfil before Columbus ever 
arrived in the new world, gradually replacing lake with reclaimed land. 
However as a side effect, the whole city is plagued with terrible earthquakes. 
What you see behind me is the beginning of a new project that will help to 
dampen the effects of earthquakes on the city once it has been completed. 
Elpizo had no comments avialble when asked as to how he intends to offset the 
inflation that this project is certain to bring about."*

"In other news concerning the newly born city-state, the Neo Arcdian Minstry 
of Science has provided us with early warning that they are preparing a public 
announcement concerning a new generation of genetically engineered crops. They 
have not provided us with any details as to what plants they have been working 
on lately, but did state that the nature of what will be growing in Neo 
Arcadia's fields will be revealed at the press conference."*

*<<This was GNN>>*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
Announcement from Light Labs       Sun May 30    Global News Network
"This is Tycoon Raccoon with GNN Financial Hour! Crazy cracy crazy happenings 
at Light Labs! They've been entirely focused on recovering from the Maverick 
destructions of their offices for months now, but Dr. Light has just about to 
announce their first new product! Crazy crazy KAWAZY! 

 Apparently his disappearance from the public eye from the past week was well 
spent-Dr. Light has created a revolutionary new Operating System, and made 
deals with most major computing companies to include it! Though, if the rumors 
are right, they're begging for it! I'll turn you over to Transmission Terrapin 
for the tech side of this multi-billion zenny deal!" 

*And, it's Transmission Terrapin! Think Ben Stien style monotone.* Thankyou 
Tycoon. Dr. Light's Concerto OS is a revolutionary new development in 
computing technology. Light took new mathematics developed during medical work 
with the Maverick hunter fringe group, and applied them to the latest 
holomonitor systems. This allows the Concerto to move at the speed of 
thought-literarily. The best way is for a demonstration.. " Terrapin takes a 
small jewel like object, and attaches it to his temple. He pauses-and the 
monitor zooms to a cooking site. He then displays the typing abilities-he can 
either think text into existence, or type in the old fashioned way. 

 "This allows computer interaction at breakneck speeds, applicable to both 
programmers and the casual user. This is a revolutionary new development in 
computer interaction-and I for one am rabidly excited about the new 
possibilities this implies." 

Thisis GNN.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
Finacial News....                  Sun May 30    Global News Network

And now in financial news....
Financial Ferret appears on the screen, papers clasped within her hands.

"Glyde Loath of G. L. Enterprises has made several shocking public 
announcements in the last few hours. We take you live to his most recent press 

Glyde Loath is shown to be standing behind a podium on the screen. He's 
dressed rather outlandishly in a black leather outfit, complete with orange 
hair and skull earrings upon platinum chains. Furthermore, an actual metallic 
chain is around his waist -- the very picture of a punk. Yet, nobody seems to 
pay it any mind as the Industrialist is known for is odd manners of dress...

"Business Associates and Fellow Councillors of Neo-Tokyo.

        All of us are subject to wake up calls as we conduct our business here 
in Neo-Tokyo and the world beyond. I have had one of those wakeup calls. Due 
to my association with Mikage International, I have been targeted and 
victimized by the individuals known as the 'Striders' -- damaging both my 
personal character and my business. I am guilty of nothing, beyond possessing 
a few shares of the company and existing as an administrative officer.

        Twice now, this has happened. Upon the first, my very own home was 
infiltrated and attacked, along with production of simple, benign hair-care 
products sabotaged. Not content with this, the Striders begin to attack my 
reputation -- sending one of their agents, a Mr. Doji who is known well to me 
to begin to defame me upon the public radio channels and probably within other 
arenas to come."
        He takes a breath, to allow those who are listening to comprehend what 
he is saying.
        "Two things will result. I will find this Mr. Doji, and begin an 
international lawsuit for the defamation of my character. I will also find the 
'Strider' who attacked my home and my company and prosecute him to the full 
extent of the law."
        "Lastly, and most importantly -- I renounce any connection that I had 
with Mikage International. Seven hundred and fifty thousand shares of stock 
have been made available on the open market -- my small eleven percent share. 
I will have nothing to do with this company, or it's leaders any longer. I 
will not be victimized, any longer."
        "With this in view, as well, I would like to announce my funding of 
the Day of Heroes monument, shortly to be unveiled in an undisclosed location 
-- a great spire that will praise the lives that have been given in the 
destruction of the Evil Maverick Empire. We have lost good men and women in 
this war, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I wish to do what I can to honor them.

I will be fielding questions at my tour of G. L. Enterprise' hair care 
facilities tomorrow to show the extent of the damage.

Good Day."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Responce from Mikage Int.          Sun May 30    Global News Network

In further financial news...

Financial Ferret beams, clasping her papers as she speaks.

"Only a few minutes after Glyde Loath's announcement that G.L. Enterprises will 
be withdrawing from their business dealings with Mikage Int, President Mikage 
Yukiato had this to say. This is being broadcast live from Mikage's private 
gardens on Hokkaido Island."

        The scene changes to an idyllic paradise. A tall, heavily built man 
stands on green lawns, on the edge of what appears to be a small artificial 
creek. He is clad in a well made, but simple hakama, dark blue above and black 
below. His head is completely bald, with a thick mustache on his weathered 
face. His eyes are hidden behind a pair of small spectacles that shine with 
the reflected light from the water. Koi swim past even as the man can be seen 
slowly ladling out food from a wooden bucket with a long handled, wooden spoon 
to the beautiful fish. Around him, strangely in bloom for the time of year, 
are cherry trees. The pink petals can be seen blowing in the wind. There is 
also the sound of water filling some wooden container, then a splash, and the 
sound of bamboo hitting rock with a 'tonk'-like sound.

"Good evening, Citizens of Japan, and the world," speaks Mikage Yukiato. "I, 
too, am displeased at this whole affair. The attacks of these so called 
'Striders' and the defamation of character will be dealt with." Mikage flicks 
some more food to the fish, as there is another soft 'tonk'.

"I am more ashamed, however, as the cowardly withdrawal of Glyde Loath from 
its financial ties with my Corporation. Such a man is unworthy to have ties 
with the greatest company of Japan. His cowardly withdrawal over a public 
forum, when other actions could have been taken to deal with this shocking 
attack. Severe dishonor was done to me, my employees, and my corporation. You 
will be assured that we shall not soon forget it."

"But then, it is in the nature of such men who lack the honor to stand to 
their true commitments and duties. G.L. Enterprises will be allowed its 
actions, but Mikage Int. will be watching it carefully in the future."

"Be assured, that this changes nothing. Mikage Int. still holds strong, and 
provides jobs for billions of humans, reploids, bioroids, and others across 
the entire world. We will withdraw our own financial support of G.L. 
Enterprises however, and wish Mister Loath the best of luck."

The Live feed ends.


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