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SIGMA LIVES                        Tue Jun 01    Global News Network

The words `SIGMA LIVES' are seen on screaming headlines around the world in 
newspapers, holovid shows and on Internet sites in traditional eighty-five 
point block font. Blurry pictures of the Viral Sigma armor are already in 
circulation, with precious little hard information about its real 

Repliforce has officially suppressed most of the information about the battle, 
allegedly to avoid a massive panic. The rumor mill is already grinding away 
based on radio intercepts and outright speculation. Some rumors claim that 
some sort of new super-Maverick Virus has been released that is passed by 
things ranging from eye contact to receiving a tightbeam radio message; 
others, that the Fortress III was almost shot down over Berlin; that both Axl 
and Zero were killed at the battle; that nuclear armageddon was narrowly 
averted by Repliforce from the "Spire" at the center of Berlin.

What is clear is that Repliforce, formerly on the cusp of victory, has been 
observed pulling back from Berlin ... and that the Robot Master army is 
continuing to advance toward Germany, led by the Force Commander Bass. Whether 
this march is to victory or to their certain death is difficult to say.


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Epic Battle In Berlin              Wed Jun 02    Global News Network

< All over the GNN news feeds. >

The Robot Masters launched an unsuccessful offensive against Berlin this 
evening, being completely destroyed single-handedly by Sigma.

The Robot Masters, led by the merged form of Magna Bass, fought Sigma in mass 
combat outside of Berlin. Though they caused extensive damage to Sigma, he was 
able to recover through the use of an energy-draining attack involving his 
tentacles, destroy all of the regular Robot Masters, and ultimately bring 
about the apparent destruction of Magna Bass.

The Robot Master army remains on the western border of Germany, consolidating 
their forces for an anticipated counteroffensive by the Mavericks.

Neither the Robot Master organization nor the Mavericks had any official 
comment about the battle, which was carried live over worldwide television 
through Robot Master video hijacking.
< Images: stills from the battle, including shots from distant locations which 
show points of light that are Magna Bass and Viral Sigma charging up various 
world-shattering attacks. >


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Press Conference: Tomorrow         Wed Jun 02    Global News Network
Tomorrow at 2000, according to a press release from Neo Arcadia's Ministry of 
Information, President Elpizo will make a personal appearance at Weather 
Station 1's dedication ceremony to present a speech concerning the events of 
the past week. At the end of this ceremony he will also, personally activate 
the weather stations, which will begin the process of clearing the air over 
Neo Arcadia.

This is only part of the overarching process which will lead to a cleaner, 
brighter future for the people of what was once called Mexico City.

Don't forget, later this week we will be treated to a press conference from 
Neo Arcadian scientists with an announcement regarding advances in botanical 
genetic engineering.

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Breaking News From The UN!         Wed Jun 02    Global News Network
<Beltway Barnacle appears, reporting for GNN live from Seoul, South Korea.>

        Tonight, the UN senate is abuzz with debate and furor over the defeat 
of Repliforce at the Maverick-held city of Berlin on Monday night. Chinese 
Ambassador Chord held the floor for several hours, taking the side of the 
Reploid army, recently rocked by accusations of Maverick Virus infection among 
its soldiers.

<An android that looks something a desk lamp with spindly arms and hovers is 
shown on the floor of the Senate.>

        "We must not be too quick to blame Repliforce wholly for the loss. We 
all fell victim to the belief that victory was assured. We could not predict 
the return of Sigma, nor could we predict this new iteration of the Maverick 

<To be continued...>

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Breaking News, Continued           Wed Jun 02    Global News Network

        However, several members of the Senate were less forgiving. Senator 
Houseman, chairman of the UN Defense Committee, had this to say.

<A middle-aged British man appears.>

        "The disaster of Berlin was brought about by a sadly predictable 
pattern of events. So long as the creator of the Reploid neural net is at the 
head of the so-called Coalition for Reploid Freedom, it is not only risky 
using Reploids to fight them, it's a liability. A properly armed force of 
humans using Ride Armor and the new Power Armor technology would not have been 
susceptible to the virus, and would have won where the Repliforce failed."

        Opinion in the Senate was split on this decision, and it remains to be 
seen what will come of this. Other Senators, whose statements are available at 
our Cyberspace home, had differing opinions, some blaming the presence and 
leadership of the rogue Maverick Hunter and Neo Arcadian factions for the 
failure, others speaking of more sinister possibilities about collusion 
between the Mavericks and Repliforce.
        More on this as it develops.

<This... is GNN.>

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Popular video link on the web      Thu Jun 03    Global News Network
Spreading throughout the internet is some small backwoods website. On this 
site is a link. An interesting link, a clickable link. On this link is a 
video. A fuzzy video, an amateur video. On this video is a man. A backwoods 
man, a frightened man. The man on the video on the link on the site is as 

The video feed starts. It's dark out, looking to be late at night, at the edge 
of some forested area. The man starts to talk, "It's been passing by here a 
lot. That...comet..thing. We've been trying to get it on camera for a few days 
now. Maybe it will be here tonight..."

The camera appears to be turned for some period of time, judging from the 
split second of static in the video. Then....

"There...there it is! Look, it's coming...."

The camera spins around, and off in the distance, one start glows more 
brightly than the rest. It seems to be growing bigger. And at a tremendous 
rate, too. The camera tries to keep up, as the fireball rockets overhead, 
white with a green core. It's silent, travelling way beyond the speed of 
sound. There's a whump as the air rush hits the ground, and all the grass in 
the field bends back. And then there's the sound.....

It's horrible. It sounds like some poor soul, tormented to the very edge of 
their life by some ungodly means

The camera watches the sky a moment, then goes back to the man, visibly 
shaken, "What the hell is it?" He goes to continue on, but the video quits.

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Japan: under seige? (1)            Thu Jun 03    Global News Network
                        =======A GNN Special Report======

Dateline: Japan, Camera Kirin reporting.
"While the eye of the world turns to Europe, with the ground forces of the 
Robot Masters pouring into France, and the Mavericks taking a strong hold of 
Germany, there is another danger, or, a possible blessing, within the nation 
of Japan. The City of Neo-Tokyo has issued a formal statement declaring the 
presence of the Robot Masters in the city to be a hundred-percent legal, a 
move that has shocked Japanese traditionalists and citizens. The move has 
caused many to wonder: has Doctor Wily somehow orchestrated a silent takeover 
of the Japanese government? GNN went to Neo-Tokyo city hall for the answers, 
and recieved some surprising and candid information."

City planner Gendo Takahari, translated from Japanese:
"Given a choice between having Mavericks or Robot Masters in our nation, which 
does appear to be the choice that the world is offering us: we're right now 
happy to allow the Robot Masters to stay. Given their record of protecting 
their own civilians in Africa, it seems that it's just as well to have them 
set up residence here as it would be to allow a group like the Repliforce. 
Perhaps, more so."

Camera Kirin:
"Other officials believe that, since, to all accounts, the Robot Masters do 
seem to be continually immune to exposure to the Maverick Virus, they may be 
the right kind of standing militia to keep the city protected."

Neo-Toyko mayor Takiko Yamura, translated from Japanese:
"I cannot say I am completely happy with having Wily's robots within our 
borders, in light of their criminal records. However... this is fundamental, 
that they do not kill our people, and so far they are always well-behaved in 
their own nations, once they settle in. It may be a good thing to keep them 
around. What we believe is that they are stalwart; they don't go Maverick. 
That's reliable."

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Japan: under seige? (2)            Thu Jun 03    Global News Network
                        =======A GNN Special Report======

Camera Kirin reporting:
"The civilians in the city, however, raise definite concerns about Wily's 
criminal organization:"

A Japanese civilian man, translated:
"Everyone knows, but no one will say, that the Robot Masters go hand-in-hand 
with the Yakuza. No honest businessman wants to fear that the Yakuza are the 
only people protecting this nation from harm."

Another, younger civilian:
"What I notice now is that there are many more non-Japanese. They come into 
the city because they are connected to the armies from Africa. The world is 
more... color-blind" (This word, in English), "than it used to be, but this is 
Japan. We don't like seeing the races that come to the city to see the 
Monument, because they represent an army which is not ours. It's a change in 
our country that people are not noticing. Someone has to speak out against the 
Robot Masters, but people are too afraid, and, now, they are setting up home."

Camera Kirin:
"Though opinions in all levels of government differ, it seems that Japan is 
making a decision, by inaction, to ally itself with the Wily nations rather 
than take a stand against their Imperialist encroachment. Whether they will be 
evicted after the Maverick scare passes...remains to be seen."
"This has been a GNN Special Report."

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Assassination Attempt              Thu Jun 03    Global News Network

<<This... is GNN.>>

        "This is your Neo Arcadian reporter, Jack Inman, reporting live from 
the new environmental facility where, not minutes ago, an attempt was made 
upon the life of the Neo Arcadian leader, Elpizo."

        "The facility itself is part of an extensive cleanup project taken on 
by the Neo Arcadian government to clean up the pollution that, up until now, 
has plagued the Mexican part of the North American land mass. As it was 
brought online, however, a shot rang out. The shooter was reported to have 
used a sort of morphic weapon, and to have shot from some distance away from 
the crowd. Most witnesses say that the man was dead, possibly by suicide, by 
the time he was picked up by Neo Arcadian forces and delivered to the podium. 
Some witnesses say that they saw him wearing dog tags, and some particularly 
close to the stage give a wide variety of stories- everything from United 
Nations to black ops. The truth, at this time, has not been formally 

"Elpizo is reported to be in nearly perfect condition, despite the wound. The 
crowd, universally, remembers the last thing he said: 'Such as this will not 
break me.'"

"This is Jack Inman, reporting to you live from Neo Arcadia."

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Charity Boxing Match Announcement! Fri Jun 04    Global News Network

                            SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!                             

This Sunday, The Boxing World is going to be stood on its head!

In what promises to be a dramatic matchup, two men, reknown across the world, 
will lock together in MORTAL COMBAT!

                                Mikage Yukiato!                                 
                            Dr. Thomas Xavier Light!                            

It what promises to be a match of a millennia, the Aikido Master, Mikage 
Yukiato and the Boxing Legend, Thomas 'The Minnesota Slugger' Light will go 
round for round and pound for pound in the BOXING RING!

*Stock Footage is run: Mikage Yukiato, bringing his arm around and SHATTERING 
almost twelve blocks of concrete.
Mikage Yukiato, Martial Artist Champion of a dozen Aikido Championships in 
Japan, will be strapping on the gloves and showing the world that Dead Men can 

*Stock Footage is run: Thomas Light is seen, a powerful man and youthful. 
Obviously in his twenties, his hair not white. His body in boxing outfit, 
boxing gloves on his hands. A powerful arm, bulky and strong, is brought 
around and CLOCKS some poor slob. Dr. Light, bleeding from impact tears, gets 
his hand raised over the fallen man, a Champion Belt put over his shoulder. 
...And a young, beautiful woman rushes into his arms, kissing his already 
bearded face and the pair of them look to the camera and smile triumphantly as 
Light continues to raise his gloved fist.
Dr. Thomas Xavier Light, former US Champion will be returning triumphantly to 
the ring for his final bout to show this young upstart why he was called the 
Minnesota Slugger!

                            SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!                             

Held in the lavish Party Drome in New York City! These two titans will clash 
head to head for Glory and for their respective Charities!

                           Available on PAY-PER-VIEW!                           

                                   BE THERE!                                    


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Bombing In Seoul                   Sun Jun 06    Global News Network
Bombing In Maverick Conversion Center in Seoul Claims 5, Injures Dozens

        At approximately 7 seven o clock in Seoul, just outside the UN Plaza, 
the newly opened Maverick Converstion Center was bombed from the inside by 
what Interpol investigators believe were five Maverick defectors loaded with 
shrapnel bombs. The building was completely wrecked, and several citizens up 
to a block away were wounded by stray ball bearings.

        Suffering the full brunt of the attack were UN R&D Captain Professor 
Gate, and his assistant, Ongaku Tsukai, who were recovered by joint Maverick 
Hunter, Repliforce and Interpol rescue efforts.

        Professor Gate and Ongaku Tsukai are listed as being in critical but 
stable condition in an undisclosed location.

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Sports News - Dr. Light Victorious Mon Jun 07    Global News Network

              It was the fight of a Lifetime!               

In a glorious event, Dr. Thomas 'The Minnesota Slugger' Light, and the Black 
Dragon Mikage Yukiato squared off in the Squared Circle!

The entrance of the Light Entourage leaving their vehicle, with Auto and Sonata 
in Light Gear, Mega Man's appearance, and Pavel Cossack springing up and down 
on the back of a limousine right by the ring, firing up the crowd. Then, Dr. 
Light himself stepping out in his Boxing Gear.

*More footage:
Mikage Yukiato coming out, surrounded by a ring of guards and trainers, and 
taking the ring. Red and white robes, and later, red and white trunks with the 
flag of Japan on them. When the robes are removed, they show off Mikage's 
powerful physique, and the fact that tattoos cover back, chest, upper arms, 
shoulders. Nearly every inch of his torso and arms are covered with them. A 
black dragon curling up under a blooming sakura tree on the back. A rearing, 
many headed Orochi Demon on the front.

*More footage:
Dr. Light and Mikage squaring off. Dr. Light revealing that it isn't a Santa 
Paunch he hides under that labcoat, but bulky muscle. The pair of them trading 

The conclusion between these two was spectacular, as the pair revealed their 
ultimate techniques to the stunned crowd!

Mikage slamming right after right after right at Dr. Light, snapping it like a 
snake. Then dropping down almost to one knee and SLAMMING his fist through his 
guard and into his chest like the striking head of the Orochi on Mikage's 
chest. Then, Mikage reeling back, bloody, stopping to speak to Dr. Light in 
words only they can understand. Then Mikage launches at Dr. Light and unleash, 
with a shouted roar, 'SHUN GOKU SATSU!'

The screen turns red.

When it fades in, Dr. Light is on his knees. Mikage stands back, telling him to 
stay down. But Dr. Light... gets up. Dr. Light then proceeds to beat the tar 
out of Mikage. Finishing with his trademarked strike, a popeye-like wind up, 

Mikage goes down. He doesn't get back up.

THAT, Fight Fans, was a heck of a match! The Black Dragon downed by the 
Minnesota Slugger! A rematch is certainly on the calander for the future. The 
proceeds of the match all go to Dr. Light and his chosen charity.

Untill next time, Fight Fans!


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Guadalahara                        Tue Jun 08    Global News Network
*A brief piece in the 'humor' block of the prime time news*

The scene unveils on a session of the Mexican national parliament in 
Guadalahara, a law is coming up for vote, according to the byline funding on a 
revamped environmental cleanup process for the country. The votes start to 
come in and apparently it's overturned by a strict party-line vote headed by 
the majority UN-allied political party.

And then all hell breaks loose.

"After President Elpizo's demonstration last week it seems that other folks 
are trying to horn in on his acrobatics routine.. but something tells me they 
just don't quite cut it."

Cue canned laughter as a senator springs over the podium trying to get at the 
majority speaker and is restrained by guards. Following the footage is the 
standard statisitics for the end of the brawl, including a listing of which 
senators had to be rushed to the hospital.

"It seems that down in Mexico some people just feel compelled to solve their 
problems in a more direct fashion."

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Maverick Attack!                   Wed Jun 09    Global News Network
Hello, my name is Stone Johnson, and today we have a full report from the Rio 
area. It seems that the Maverick Split Mushroom was painting the town red, but 
not with paint...but with human blood. A local blood bank appears to be have 
broken into, as well. However, this is only a small sample of the horror. 
 <A Picture of a few corpses...all of them children, and the picture of a few 
being taken away by ambulances.> 
 It seems that the only fatalities and injuries were children that got into 
the way of Split, and their blood was added to the blood that was painted 
along the city. Reports also say of a Maverick dressed as a old woman 
attacking a Doctor from the UN. <Pictures of Sarah and a old woman attacking 
her.> The two children that survived are in critical condition.

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More Advance Calendar Sales        Wed Jun 09    Global News Network
(GNN Entertainment - Up to the minute celebrity gossip!)

In a continuing trend of personalty calendars, 2218 will be offering Texans as 
well as Russians.

Bowie, retired Texas Ranger, Maverick Hunter, and long-time boyfriend of 
Kalinka Dmitriev, will be debuting a 12 month calendar just in time for the 
end of year sales. The calendar, which he admits began as a dare, will feature 
life in the American Southwest.

"It's as much about the scenery as me," Bowie insists with a chuckle. He also 
says that June will be a tribute to the legendary Codetalkers, the Navajo 
Indians who served the US Armed forces with their language in World War Two. 
All proceeds from calendar sales will be donated to the International Red 
Cross and the El Paso-Brussels Foundation, a charity that relocates families 
who have lost their homes due to war. Advance orders for the calendar are 
currently available at kalinka.com, and store sales will begin in September.

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Advertisement                      Thu Jun 10    Global News Network
A commercial comes on during one of the many commercial breaks that occurs in 
the middle of the European coverage. The segment is often late at night, with 
little to no preamble.

        Black Screen.

        A surprisingly courteous male voice begins to speak, "Are you troubled?"

        "Do you have problems you cannot handle on your own?"

        "Are you an underdog?"

        "Do you ever wish it would all just... go away?"

        "We can help."


Silent Dragon Inc.

"We make your problems go away."

Contact Information: (Provided is a Toll-Free Radiophone Number, that connects 
you to a courteous female operator who will take your information, asks your 
problem, and notified you that you'll be contacted within 1 or 2 working days 
on the subject. @mail or Page Hiryu for further information)

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Assassination Attempt! Again!      Thu Jun 10    Global News Network
*This...is GNN* 

"Breaking coverage with Ohemgee Dubyateeff, Canadian correspondent! The local 
abandoned warehouse in Southern Torontreal was explodinated last night in what 
seems to have been a firefight between the innnnfamousw General Vile and 
Protoman! Our EXTRODINARY sources say that Dr. Light was meeting Quiet Man of 
the former Irregular Overlords. Gasp! Vile apeperently was attempting to 
assassinate the Father of AI, when Quiet Man took a full on Vile Cannon to the 
face, in order to save Dr. Light! El Oh El that had to hurt! Quiet Man's 
condition is unknown, but Vile retreated soon after Proto Man showed up with 
his awfully large gun!" 

"this is Ohemgee Dubyateeff, signing off!"

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Eurasian Security Update           Thu Jun 10    Global News Network
<Not a major news item, but available from most information outlets.>

        Eurasia Security has placed a detain-on-sight order for the following 
individual: Hiryu (insert file photo of the Strider).

        The accused has been charged with verbal assault and threatened murder 
on a member of Eurasia Security, and is to be apprehened upon arrival at the 

<End notice.>

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POPE ASSASSINATED BY MAVERICKS     Fri Jun 11    Global News Network

< Hysterical GNN coverage, wall-to-wall for /days/. >

Pope Alexander XII, one of the most moderate leaders of the Catholic Church in 
the history of the institution, was violently murdered on worldwide television 
by the Maverick General Vile.

The Vatican was besieged by a Maverick strike force that, after systematically 
disabling the defenses of Vatican City, quickly occupied St. Peter's Basilica 
and savagely assaulted the Pope. The Steel Angel Guard, outflanked and 
outgunned, were unable to repel the fierce Maverick opposition. The 
casualties, Reploid and human, are still being assessed.

A valiant effort by the Steel Angel Psalm was made to defeat the Maverick 
General in single combat, but Vile's superior firepower was able to overcome 
him. Shortly thereafter, Vile impaled Alexander on an artifact alleged to be 
the Spear of Longinus, killing him instantly. Once Alexander was slain, the 
Mavericks withdrew under a withering assault from Vatican defense forces and 
the Repliforce.

Damage to Vatican City itself is extensive. Great works of art were destroyed 
or seriously damaged by the fighting, while others are believed to have been 
stolen. Charges containing incendiary payloads including napalm were also 
planted throughout Vatican City by Maverick forces. Almost half of the 
charges were defused, but the remainder were detonated once the Mavericks 
reached a safe distance.

Enormous fires continue to rage in the city, doing incalculable damage to the 
cultural artifacts stored within the buildings, and bringing about additional 
loss of life. UN forces have been fully mobilized to extinguish the fires, 
but initial damage assessments are grim.

The Catholic world is reeling from the loss of their spiritual leader. 
Wide-scale unrest has already been noted in South and Central America, with 
calls for calm by Catholic priests and bishops falling on deaf ears. Riots 
have begun in the major cities, with Reploids being singled out in racially 
motivated mob violence. It is uncertain what impact this incident may have on 
the Neo Arcadia movement in Mexico.

< Punditry follows. >


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Reactions in the Senate            Fri Jun 11    Global News Network

        "Hello, this is Samuel Vimes from Seoul. We've gotten to see some 
really strong reactions to the murder of Pope Alexander XII by the Maverick 
General Vile from the members of the UN Senate this morning. As you'll be able 
to see, the world-wide atmosphere is right now really tense." 
The camera changes to the General Assembly Hall in the UN Building. Senators 
from various countries are discussing, almost shouting, and the faces of some 
are red from anger. 
        "Is THIS what the Repliforce is worth of?? Is it?? First it was the 
risk of having their members join the Maverick ranks, but now they are proving 
to be less than useful!" 
        "The local defences and the Steel Angel guards couldn't stop them. HOW 
could have Repliforce been able to prevent that from happening? Stop this 
        "Oh, yes? Maybe they simply didn't put much effort into it. Maybe they 
didn't want to fight their FELLOW reploids. Don't you even remember what 
happened just a couple of weeks ago in Berlin???" 
        "Interpol is even more useless! All this just shows what an awful 
decission it was to reform our military ranks!!" 
        "Our former army wouldn't have stood a month against this oppostion!" 
        "That's what YOU think!!" 
The camera switches back to the reporter. 
        "As you could see, the Senate is currently confused and divided. 
Things will have to calm down a bit before any actual decissions can be made, 
as it seems that its members are incapable of holding a proper votation right 
now. This is GNN."

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Dateline: Neo Arcadia              Fri Jun 11    Global News Network
<<A part of the FRANTIC BABBLING that has been going all over the 24 hour news 
channels for the past day since the assassination of the Pope.>>

"This is Robert McDahlnald with GNN, reporting the headlines for this hour..."

An image of Elpizo appears on the screem, expression one of righteous fury as 
he speaks to the camera, though no sound is availble for it.

"President Elpizo of Neo Arcadia made an empassioned, if somewhat 
inflammatory, speech to the rioters protesting the assassination of Pope 
Alexander from the Metropolitan Cathedral in Neo Arcadia, one of the oldest 
Catholic churches in the Western Hemisphere and the oldest Cathedral in 
Central America."

Additional stills appear, including one of the Cardinal of Mexico.

"With the Cardinal in attendance, Elpizo spoke to the rioters, telling them to 
allow him to lead them 'into a new era.'"

A soundbite comes up next.

"The world is no longer capable of containing us. We are a chick that has 
outgrown its shell. It is time to crack your shell and enter a world larger 
than you could have possibly imagined before..."

<<This was GNN.>>

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Give Me Some Of That New Religion  Sat Jun 12    Global News Network

<This ... is GNN.>


<Quirky, the effervescent, blonde haired blue eyed perfect newscaster, pops up 
on screen in a perfect pink business suit and launches off into her report in 
a chipper soprano which on anyone else would shatter Tupperware>

Hi there! Quirky Walkerton here live on location in front of Esch-sur-Alzette's 
City Hall, where a strange new religion called 'The Path Of Light' seems to be 
taking hold here among the war-torn countries of Europe. Behind me you may be 
able to see some of the members of this new religion, calling themselves 
'Walkers', preparing to go on a multi-country mission to recruit further 
Walkers to their cause. Analysts claim that in the wake of the Pope's death at 
the hands of the Maverick General Vile, new religions seeking to fill the 
temporary upsetting of power is only natural.

<the camera pans behind Quirky to look at about fifty or so people dressed in 
dark blue and light blue clothing - eerily reminiscent of a certain Reploid's 
most popular armor colours. The people assembled range in age, race, and are 
of both sexes; apparently this is a very accepting religion. Back to Quirky 
now, who's walking along a pretty garden and generally doing the 'serious 
newscaster' thing, looking at the camera seriously>

Followers of The Path of Light claim that their mission is to enact justice 
through peace and good works. They eschew weapons even in self-defense, and 
unlike many religions which go on 'crusades' to coerce those they meet into 
their theocracies, the Walkers affirm that all they offer is a point of view 
on the entire conflict by following the belief system of their Messiah. Their 
Messiah, however, likely has little to no idea of their existence.



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Give ... That New Religion (cont)  Sat Jun 12    Global News Network

<a video capture of Rock Light, a.k.a. Mega Man spending time in what appears 
to be an orphanage playing with young children is inserted at this point, 
Quirky still talking> It seems the Walkers are touting Mega Man himself as 
their Messiah! While the former Maverick Hunter's dedication to peace and 
justice has never truly come into question, this sudden propulsion in status 
might come as a shock - if he knew about it.

<camera pans to one of the members of The Path Of Light, a quiet looking 
brown-haired man dressed in two-tone blue. Quirky's voice is inserted over> 
This is Antoine Lavalle, one of the founders of the Path of Light. <the man 
talks now into a microphone - he is very quiet but earnest as he speaks, 
gesturing slightly>

"Mega Man's continued efforts to bring peace in such a trying time have always 
inspired hope into those that wish an end to the conflicts. He has always been 
the epitome of 'actions speak louder than words' and his selflessness is 
legendary. Why indeed, the Stardroids, supremely powered otherworldly beings, 
came to this Earth and proclaimed Mega Man their Messiah, their messenger of 
Order. Not only did they kill him for his struggles to bring Order to the 
world, they saw the error of their ways and brought him back to life so he may 
continue on his mission!"

<back to Quirky now, who is standing out front of City Hall again, this time 
with a two-tone blue scarf around her neck> This passionate belief in peace 
through actions seems to be catching on. Although only founded a week ago, 
The Path Of Light boasts over a hundred members and forecasts that by the end 
of their mission, that number will have swelled to well over a thousand. They 
also are working towards a pilgrimage to the old site of Light Labs 
Minnesota, where they can pay their respects at the birthplace of their 

Back to you in the studio, Plum.

<This ... was GNN.>


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Now For Sale..                     Sun Jun 13    Global News Network
<-Seen on GNN Commercials..-> 

         "YOU THERE!" 

         It's a voice! It's vibrant! While much of the screen is dark, it fades 
out, to your generic spokesperson. 

         "Saddened by the death of the good pope? Wish you had something to 
remember him by? Well, here at a generous non-profit organization, we're here 
to GIVE you something to remember the general Pope Alexander! With our fine 
line of products.." He yanks back the dropcloth covering a table. There's an 
assortment of products. With that vibrant, almost fake announcer voice, he 
picks out a strange, white looking thing, like a cord. "How many of you need 
to be REALLY clean? YOU CAN! Complete with benediction, we offer you 'Pope 
Soap-On-A-Rope', guaranteed to wipe the smell of the infidels right on out! 
Commemorate the passing of the Pope, with this life-like replica of the Pope 
on YOUR soap!" 

         Next, he sets down the Pope Soap, picking up a morbid-looking thing 
that faintly resembles the Spear of Longinus, with the Pope impaled on it, 
thanks to a mini-Vile. It's about the size of an average wall-hung Crucifix. 
"And of course, what home isn't complete without a replica of the final 
moments.. we present to you, the Pope-on-a-Stick! Or whatever, you know, you 
want to call it, it's yours for a low low price! And of course, we have many 
products we're selling, and all proceeds go /directly/ to the Catholic Church! 
Contribute today!"

<-Fade to Black..->

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/151                    Posted        Author
Auction!                           Sun Jun 13    Global News Network
<The screen fades in, and what appears to be a rather hansom man walking 
around a few pieces of artwork, jewelry, and other assorted things.> 

 My dear friends, my auction house has recently been charged with the duty of 
selling the wonderful gifts that were 'rescued' when the Mavericks attacked 
the holy city. 

 Now, what does this mean for you? It means, that I will be auctioning these 
items off, and the proceeds will go to a worthy cause! Come one and come all, 
for these are rare items from a time long long ago. 

 We expect to see you all there on Friday, the 18th, to help us sell these 
wonderful items! 

 <Fade out, classical music in the background.> 

 ((Contact Split for details!))

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/151                    Posted        Author
Environment: Neo Arcadia           Tue Jun 15    Global News Network
<<This, is GNN>>

Not every news agency can come up with new permutations of the recent events 
in Italy forever.. and the riots that resulted fm them are starting to calm 
down, now. And in this, other things can start to gradually drift back into 
the news. One of these things is the following report.

"We're here with one of the project managers of the Neo Arcadian army corps of 
engineers..." says a reporter with GNN, he introduces a woman in an olive drab 
labcoat, clothing of a military cut beneat that, beret with the appropriate 
insignia's for the Neo Arcadian military and data goggles propped up on her 
forehead. The name below reads 'Lt. Sierra Alvarez, PhD' but that's not a 
particularly important name in the grand scheme of things and most likely 
she'll be entirely forgotten later.

"Could you tell us a little bit about what you've been working on here?" the 
reporter asks.

"Well.." the woman begins as she walks the camera and reporter along through 
what looks like a somewhat devistated park, withered grass underfoot and 
rather poor-looking trees here and there that people planted in the hopes of 
them surviving. "One of the biggest hurdles that we've been trying to overcome 
is a way of handling the centuries of industrial waste and pollution in the 
city.." she admits as she kneels down and scoops up a handful of bare soil, 
revealing that there's not a lot healthy about it. It's gummy, mostly sand and 
in general not very likely to support life. "The pollution problem is mostly 
because of how the city is constructed. There's not a lot we can do to change 
that. But we can try to counteract it."

The doctor motions for the reporters to follow. "One of the things that Neo 
Arcadia has a lot of, mainly because of my friend and mentor Dr. Ciel, are 
people who understand how to work with genetic engineering processes. We 
spent a lot of time coming up with this..."

The camera falls on a strange scene. The plantlife in the area is strange, 
rather alien, with strange colors. Mostly it's a lichen or a moss that's 
growing low to the ground, but it's growing. Somehow. "This is the first 
stage in our cleanup program. It's a plant that we developed specifically to 
extract industrial contaminants from the soil..." she explains as she reaches 
through the growth and pulls up a handful of clean sand. "After this has died 
off, we take it, process the wastes out, and then mix it into the soil as a 
fertilizer. Then we can recycle the wastes through modern means."

The reporter asks afterwards, "So what's your goal in all this?"

"The President challenged us to create a way that would make the wastelands 
bloom... So we decided to take him up on his offer," comes the reply with a 
trace of humor.

<<This, was GNN...>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/152                    Posted        Author
Political Breakdown                Tue Jun 15    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>

Earlier this morning, sources tell us, President Elpizo of Neo Arcadia was 
seen greeting representatives from several surrounding cities from Mexican 
cities surrounding Neo Arcadia, rumors include that the delegation may have 
even included the former governor of the area that Neo Arcadia was once the 
capital of, as well as being the national capital.

When contacted for a statement, the governor's office replied that the 
governor Angelica Torres was unavailable for comment.

As some may recall from the preceeding week, a fight broke out in the Mexican 
national assembly after the failure of a bill that would have povided funding 
for environmental cleanup efforts in the industrially polluted nation.

<<This was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/153                    Posted        Author
Late Night, Jet Style              Tue Jun 15    Global News Network
<As seen on various TV stations.> 

 "Coming Soon... You've seen him in battle. You've seen him on the watery race 
track. You've seen him in a summer blockbuster... Now see him as you never 
have before..." 

 Pan to a set similar to Late Night with David Letterman, but the back seems 
to be a massive window that looks out to the beaches Rio at night. "...The 
Jet Stingray Show. Featuring hot bands, rocking interviews, and wacky hijinks 
that promise to send you out of your chair laughing. The Jet Stingray Show. 
Kicking all the other late night shows... Right in the aft." 

 (OOC: Want to be a part of the Jet Stingray Show? Have a skit you'd want to 
have be a part of it or like to be a regular on the show? The only requirement 
is that you have to be a Hunter, Repliforce, or a Interpol agent. If you want 
to be a guest, the only requirement is you have to be cool, likely famous in 
some way, and Jet would want to actually talk to you. Any questions or 
details, feel free to @mail or page the Stingray to learn more.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/154                    Posted        Author
Announcement from Skull Monument   Thu Jun 17    Global News Network

"This is GNN, and I'm Kurved Slitely."

"In political news, the Robot Masters have finally made an official response to 
the retirement of Mega Man weeks ago. Mega Man was well known to be the long 
standing top enemy of the Robot Masters. We are now told that the Robot 
Masters have held an election to determine the Empire's new top enemy, and 
although it was a close race, the final winner was Dust Man. Yes, Dust Man is 
now the Number 1 Enemy of the Robot Masters. Analysts inside the election 
noted an expectedly low voter turnout, which they attribute to the spontaneity 
of the process, although all Robot Masters were permitted to vote. We are told 
that Signas was the runner up but Robot Master sources have no comment at this 
time on what, if anything, that means for the Hunter commander."

"On the Maverick Imperial front..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/155                    Posted        Author
Seoul News                         Fri Jun 18    Global News Network
<From the AP Wire...>

        SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Senator James Houseman (England) has put out a 
call in the Senate for a hearing and vote concerning Repliforce next week. 
This comes at the tail end of several weeks of rather heated debate in Seoul 
concerning Repliforce's role in the fiasco that ended in the revelation of 
Sigma's return.
        "What we are doing here," Houseman said to reporters, "is not only 
debating the very future of our existence under the renewed threat of 
Coalition aggressors, but a matter of internal security from the renewed 
threat of the Maverick Virus. Despite the work of Doctor Gate, we have no 
reason to believe that the Mavericks will not simply continue to make changes 
and improvements to the Virus, rendering his contributions obsolete. I believe 
that methods other than open war, pitting Reploid against Reploid, will be 
more effective in winning this struggle."
        Houseman went on to say that he did not mean to insult Repliforce or 
claim that their past efforts were anything less than heroic, and did not 
specify what methods he feels would be more effective. Opposition, led by 
Ambassador Chord (Chinese Territories), are quick to point out that 
Houseman's motions have been highly reactionary, and that cooler heads should 
        "We must not let," Chord said this morning, "our paths be clouded by 
the threat of a new Virus. We must give our scientists the support they need 
that this infringement on Reploid free will is stopped before it can spread 
once more. And though I would prefer there be no war at all, we cannot turn 
our backs on the Repliforce now."
        Opinion in the United Nations remains highly mixed as this debate 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/154                    Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Corpse Messages          Fri Jun 18    Global News Network
Authorities find the body of an unidentified man is found abandoned and 
strapped to a radio tower in the middle of Neo Tokyo. Covered in severe third 
degree burns, the one intact patch of flesh has a strange message carved into 

 A stylized W with an Eye of Ra in the center rests above a bloodily made 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/155                    Posted        Author
Coming soon...                     Fri Jun 18    Global News Network
<In between all the news casts, a new commercial has been floating around.> 

         This Friday, Friday, Friday: The battle to end all battles will begin! 

                 From former Mexico City, the Ice Queen Fairy Leviathan has 
declared her hatred for all that is Robotic! With her spear and her enhanced 
human abilities she has been pitted against... 

                 Glaive, the Maverick Hunter whose name has been both cursed 
and praised by the world. Him and his weapon will take on Fairy Leviathan in... 

 The Dome of Aqua! 

 What is the Dome of Aqua? It is a new field created for these two, a entire 
dome sealed off, visible in most of a 360 degree angle, filled with water. 
Inside is an environment similar to that of the bottom of an ocean... 

 This new field, and these two will put their bodies to the test! 

         Remember people, this Friday, at 10 o'clock (EST) the grudge match of 
all time will start...who will be the victor? 

 The fight will be held at the Party Drome, arena square: Be there...or be dry!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/156                    Posted        Author
Military Manuvers?                 Sat Jun 19    Global News Network
<<GNN Sidestory>>

Rumors have surfaced from the Mexican countryside of Pantheon troops frm Neo 
Arcadia surfacing in a series of recent defensive operations. Repeated 
appearances by the Robot Masters, offered little or no resistance by local 
authorities, have been repelled instead by Neo Arcadian military assets.

The regional governor was unavailble for comment.

The mayor of El Blanco Nino, Mexico had the following to say: "The national 
government and United Nations has done nothing for us for years. When the 
earthquakes struck they effected us as much as they did Mexico City.. now Neo 
Arcadia. And nothing was done to help us. When the Robot Masters march across 
our land as if they own it. The governnment has done nothing. But this man, 
Elpizo, he does something. You ask him for help and he helps. Who, then, is 
better? He and his 'bigots' or the government who has left us to rot?"

Sounds like things are getting a little restless down Mexico way...

<<This Was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/157                    Posted        Author
Cairo Corpse                       Sun Jun 20    Global News Network

*Screen fades from Day 13 of Expert analysis on the War in Europe to Anchorcat 
Presspass Panther.

        Presspass here, bringing you the latest from news outside of European 
territory. Just moments ago, Cairo police discovered what, and I quote, 
'...seemed to be a recently deceased murder victim." Early reports indicate 
that the victim is a Asian male in his early thirties, and was beaten and 
lacerated to death with unknown weapons. Cairo Police identified marks on the 
victim's uniform as a variation on the Renowned 'Desert Dragon' Dojo's logo. 
(Hee, that rhymed)

        *AHEM* Yes... well... The corpse was transported to Cairo's Morgue for 
autopsy (Man... this is depressing) and We will have more as it develops (Can 
we go back to Analyst Anteater now?). OH! This is Presspass Panther. (What..? 
OH! right!) For, um, Global News Network. (Can I /please/ use the bathroom 

Clips of the crime scene appear over Presspass' shoulder of the body being 
hauled off, a single shot of authorities looking over a strange 'L'-hilt 
blade... the Falchion Cipher.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/158                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Mexico                   Sun Jun 20    Global News Network
<< This is GNN >>

James R. Reporterguy appears on the screen, "Minor incidents of civil unrest 
are being reported all over Mexico, but in particular around the city of Neo 
Arcadia. After church services were concluded for the day, many of which 
included sermons that commented on the recent Robot Master activity in Mexico, 
some people took to the streets in protest of the situation. The violence has 
been light, and most ofthe protests have been bpeaceful and short-lived."

The governor of the region was avilable for comment: "The people are 
understandibly upset. In the past week we have had two Robot Master-related 
incidents in the region and we have had no response from the Mexican National 
Guard to assist. I have no legal authority to mobilize them, and by the time 
the Guard response has arrived in the scene the conflict is over."

The mayor of El Blanco Nino was at one of the protests himself, leading the 
demonstration: "We are demonstrating in protest of our national government 
having taken away our right to safety in our own homes!"

"The upside of all of this is that there haven't been any major riots or angry 
mobs today. But it's pretty clear that the people are mad as heck and they 
don't apparently want to take it anymore."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/159                    Posted        Author
ROBOT MASTERS DEAD                 Sun Jun 20    Global News Network

        <GNN> This just in! Fresh from WilyAfrica, we have some unexpected 
news. The Robot Masters are dead! Yes, all of them! We have here some 
horrifying and detailed pictures.."
<Pictures begin flashing up on screen, the anchor describing them as they appear>
"Dust Man was found sucked inside his own duct. Elec Man, floating facedown in 
the river. Shadow Man appears to have fallen down a flight of stairs in the 
dark. Quick Man, hit by a speeding car! Enker died when he least expected it. 
Quint was stabbed to death by Sakugarne over a matter of eight dollars. Hard 
Man drowned in a vat of gravey. Pharaoh Man, after extensive tests, was shown 
to have already been dead for the past five years. Any impressions otherwise 
were post-mortem twitches. Cut Man tripped over a four-leaf clover and broke 
his head open on a horseshoe. Frost Man melted in the sun and all that 
remained was a top hat and some buttons. Sword Man was cut in half. Number Man 
was killed by pop-ups while surfing the internet. Slash Man finally caught his 
tail. Aqua Man appears to have smothered in his own feather boa. Gemini Man 
beat himself to death. Gravity Man lost control outside in an open field and 
was never seen again. Toad Man was subjected to a washing, only to find there 
was nothing left at the end. Skull Man, convinced he was Death, touched 
himself and promptly died. Bass.. was killed by a giant paper mache' Mega Man 
head during a parade.
"This is only an incomplete list, but trust us.. ALL the Robot Masters are dead 
forever. These pictures are indisputable proof. More on this as it developes."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/160                    Posted        Author
Death toll high.                   Sun Jun 20    Global News Network
There's a teary African reporter. "More Robot Masters were found already.. I'm 
afraid.. there's more photos."

*Photos ensue, depicting the horrible news.

Metal Man blundered into a kindergarden and was killed by jagged pieces of 
construction paper.Wood Man disappeared in a swarm of Mets. Guts got a pebble 
jammed in his knee and kicked himself in the face to death. Punk tried to 
scratch his face and got sucked in. Turbo Man was killed on impact when he 
drove himself into Quick Man. Ice Man went for a walk, ironically forgetting 
his parka, and froze to death in a freak blizzard. Junk Man was accidentally 
taken out with the morning trash. Bubble Man was defeated by Toilet Duck in a 
25-hour long epic battle. Plant Man perished of grief following news of Aqua 
Man's demise. Serenade was killed by Sakugarne as a witness to Quint's murder. 
Magnet Man DDRed himself to death. Top Man spun so fast that he attained 
escape velocity. Ballade finally snapped after finding that he his Ballade 
crackers had been replaced with Normal Crackers, the ensuing rampage claimed 
Cloud Man, Flame Man, Tomahawk Man and only came to an end after his cannons 
became clogged with saltines causing an antimatter explosion. Blizzard Man got 
stuck in the fridge looking for a bottle of snocone syrup. Shade Man tried a 
tanning bed to prepare on a raid on Hawaii and thusly died. Bomb Man 
spontaneously imploded. Knight Man splashed mud on his helmet and had to kill 
himself for his own honor. Flash Man and Centaur Man tried to see what would 
happen if they timestopped each other simultaneously and the universe smote 
them for fooling around. Spark Man tried to scratch his eye and impaled his 

The reporter dabs her eyes. "More about the arrangements later..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/161                    Posted        Author
Funeral Announcement               Sun Jun 20    Global News Network
"This is GNN, and I'm Kurved Slitely, senior expert on Robot Masters."

"The world was shocked today to learn of the deaths of the Robot Masters. 
Initial suspicions that this was a 'stupid prank' were quickly allayed by the 
serious of greusome photopgraphs and video shorts we've been showing you all 
day. We've now recieved word from officials in Africa that a funeral for the 
Robot Masters will be held today in Casablanca, at the Hassan II Mosque. 
Services will begin at 8:30 eastern time, weather permitting. The city has 
been declared neutral ground for the day to allow safe passage to all 

"Dr. Wily himself, although not counted among the dead, is not expected to 
attend the funeral - a spokesman for the African ruler said that he is 
'burying his grief in his work' and that 'his wrath will be swift and 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/162                    Posted        Author
Word from the Imperial Throne...   Mon Jun 21    Global News Network

"This is News Newt at the political offices of GNN. We have just recieved word 
from the Imperial Throne of Sigma, and have been ordered to display the 
following message. We, at GNN, in the interests of preventing conflict are 
complying. We take no responsabilitiy for the content of the message within."

The screen dissapears, and shows a second of static before the shape of Viral 
Sigma appears -- mismatched optics staring out at the screen -- one fist 
upraised, tendrils of blue electric arcs passing along the fingers and to the 

"Leaders of the World -- Reploid and Human alike. I have little time for 
tomfoolery this day, and so this message will be short and blunt. I apologize 
in advance if this is somewhat less cordial than what you are used to."

He pauses, lightning crackling along the ruined shape of his face. "We have 
developed a new weapon -- a weapon unlike anything that has been seen upon 
Earth to date. Bigger than the Enigma, Bigger than the Osprey or the Fortress 
III. A weapon has been developed -- purely by accident I might add -- that 
will bring to the knees any country that it is targeted upon. The United 
States -- the States of Wily -- it does not matter to me. So terrible is this 
weapon that even *I* am loathe to use it."

The hand lowers, then lifts into a crossed arm posture.

"I will only make this generous offer once. I am not interested in war, for the 
moment with anyone beyond the evil Repliforce and the Sons of Wily. I wish to 
make peace with all others. I have a simple demand -- accept a pair of my 
ambassadors to your country, store them under guard or whatever -- I do not 
care -- so that peace might be negotiated, and you will be spared the wrath of 
the superweapon.

Hear my words carefully. I expect formal invitations from you to send my 
diplomats by this hour tomorrow.

As to the rest of you -- To Repliforce and the Robot Masters in particular -- 
vengeance is upon the horizon."

The entire thing blinks out then, and News Newt appears on the screen once 

"We've been running this since early this morning, and already, we have notice 
that countries from all over the world have extended invitations to Maverick 
Diplomats in order to attempt to keep the peace. Afterall, what harm can two 
people do to an entire country?

This is News Newt, hoping that Sigma doesn't kill us all....

Have a good day."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/163                    Posted        Author
Robot Master Response              Mon Jun 21    Global News Network

< A video news release that makes the rounds of GNN and other news outlets. >
< Robot Master sigil. >

Bass appears without his helmet on; his lustrous black hair, so dark as to 
almost appear violet, slicked back with gel against his scalp in a small 
ponytail that stops just below the nape of his neck. In his right hand is an 
opened straight razor, which he is sharpening with a whetstone held in his 
other hand.

Bass stares into the camera, eyes slightly glazed, as he sharpens the razor. 
Intermittently, too fast for the human eye to track, his pupils discolor from 
red to brown to blue then back to red.

"The Robot Masters," Bass says, "have no fear of the threats made by the 
*Kaiser* of Old Germany, Sigma. The citizens of Robot Master lands need not 
fear Maverick aggression, for we have seen their weakness and smelled their 
rancid blood. Like a carcass upwind, the death of the Maverick Empire is known 
to all the animals around them. Most of all, us."

Bass finishes sharpening the straight razor, wiping it against the side of his 
arm to clear the dust from it. "Death threats? So very human, Kaiser. Death 
threats followed by suing for peace ... well, that's not merely human, it is 
sub-human, non-humane. No. If this weapon were so terrible, *Kaiser*, you 
would have used it already on *us*."

Bass lifts the straight razor to the top of his forehead and, steadily, begins 
to cut around his hairline. Black mechfluid begins to trail down over his 
eyebrows, running down his face in an increasingly thick torrent. Bass doesn't 
even blink, continuing to talk as if nothing were wrong. "I am unimpressed. 
Very ... unimpressed, Kaiser. You would have thought you would have learned 
your lesson with the Enigma. Leave the Cobra Commander stuff to the 
professionals and go back to being Spartacus. Charleton Heston is much more 
you anyway."

Bass makes an incision down the left side of his face, then begins hooking the 
razor along the underside of his chin. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 
father's day present to deliver."

With Bass' face peeling down from the left corner of his scalp, the 
transmission ends. Needless to say, the pundits have a field day.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/164                    Posted        Author
Re: Robot Master Response          Mon Jun 21    Global News Network
        In other news, shock and awe best describes the response to the 
apperance and statements of Force Commander Bass, following the previous 
announcement of the deaths of every single Robot Master. While some observers 
have stated this is simply proof that the pictures were forged and the entire 
thing was a hoax, many others have stated this is simply proof that Dr. Wily 
is indeed capable of reanimating the dead, and a few - mostly members of the 
Cult of Bass - have stated this proves that he is more powerful than God, and 
are planning to write a three act opera based on one interpretation of Bass', 
and I quote, 'brutal sackbeating of God' and his subsequent 'owning of every 
being in heaven, purgatory and hell on his way out'. They have also stated 
that he has a Buster copy of God's primary, and that everyone should watch 
out. Other critics are skeptical.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/164                    Posted        Author
Machine Glitches Worldwide         Tue Jun 22    Global News Network

< Various news feeds carry this story in their headlines. >

An epidemic of unusual machine malfunctions has effected all major cities 
worldwide and appears to be slowly spreading outward to outlying areas. The 
freakish behavior appears to impact any ordinary electronic device 
manufactured in the past 50 years, though there are reports of even older 
technologies being disrupted by the unusual behavior.

Though no official explanation for the glitchy behavior has been given by UN 
authorities yet, the bizarre behavior is being blamed on a hitherto unknown 
firmware virus which is probably spread through standard Internet connections.

Citizens are encouraged to remain calm and be patient while these technical 
problems are addressed by technicians. Further, citizens have been advised to 
disconnect their machines from the Internet until the cause of the disturbance 
is found.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/165                    Posted        Author
Mikage Intel CEO Murdered!         Tue Jun 22    Global News Network
Mikage Yukiato, the 41-year-old C.E.O. of Japan based megacorporation Mikage 
Intel, was found murdered in his private gardens this evening along with four 
of his personal bodyguards. All five victims were fatally stabbed or gashed 
with a katana, and the murder weapon was left at the scene in Mikage's torso. 
Police so far have turned up no leads towards identifying a suspect, although 
many believe this is the long-awaited retribution for Mikage's parting with 
his family's tradition of mob ties, the most infamous Yakuza head in recent 
history. Others suspect that this may be an extremely elaborate ruse.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/164                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Mexico                   Wed Jun 23    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>>

Protestors were on the march today in Guadalahara, demanding a reexamination 
of the proposed environmental decontamination bill that failed earlier this 
month in the Parliament by a close margin. The police made several arrests but 
no outright violence erupted.

In a related note, President Elpizo of Neo Arcadia appeared before cameras, 
appearing to be suffering from the aftereffects of combat injuries, giving 
credence to rumors that he was involved in a small skirmish in Europe which 
may have had the self-declared Maverick Emperor, Sigma, in attendance. At the 
press conference, Elpizo urged the people of Mexico to behave reasonably and 
rationally in these troubled times.

A soundbite follows...

"The world is devolving towards madness. But this is the time for strong 
hearts to rise to the occation, not sink into despair.."

<<This was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/165                    Posted        Author
Talent Show                        Wed Jun 23    Global News Network
        "Shorty Small here at the Fujiwa Art District in Japan. It seems today 
that there was an impromptu talent show held by the Robot Masters, or rather, 
one Robot Master. I'm here with him now," he says turning toward a large red 
and white figure with large fuel tanks for shoulders. Each is severely burned 
and has numerous metal plates bolted onto it in patchwork fashion. "So tell 
us, Mr. Burner, what was your intention?"

        "Well, Shorty, my intentions were simple. I wanted to throw a show to 
let people know that even in the recent adversity, we can still enjoy 
ourselves. Life goes on and whatnot," the Master stated while grinning 

        "I understand many people thought there were ulterior motives behind 
this event but as we can see now that it is over, there was no such thing, was 
there?" He asked still smiling like an idiot.

        "No, Shorty, there were no such motives here. We were putting on a 
simple talent show for those individuals that wished to be distracted from the 
spreading disasters," Burner Man said smiling back with the same idiotic grin.

        Shorty snorted out a laugh and slapped the Master whose smile quickly 
turned to an intimidating stare. "Uh, um yes, and what a show it was! There 
were several /fantastic/ performances," he coughed out as clips began to 

        There's a short clip of what appears to be a giant bubble dancing 
fiercely across a stage as rainbow lights began to stream out of its body.

        Next was a quick bit of a beast creature jumping wildly, often too fast 
for the camera to capture, as a log seems to float in the center of the stage 
being rapidly carved into an awkward figure which appears to be Dr. Wily.

        Then a woman stepped up onto the stage and made her way to a large tank 
of water which, after a moment of speaking and tapping on it, managed to fire 
it clear into the sky, the camera trailing after it as it fell toward the 
Imperial Palace.

        Finally there was the same red and white Master though in much more 
pristine condition. He burst into flame and performed a convincing river dance 
along with several lackeys then followed through with a grand finally of 
exploding into a fiery blast.

        The camera returns to Shorty Small who is now standing by himself with 
a rather large black eye. "Well, as you can see it was a spectacular 
performance by all involved. Hopefully everyone can follow Burner's example so 
that we may make our way through these troubling times. Shorty Small here 
signing off!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/166                    Posted        Author
News Clips                         Thu Jun 24    Global News Network

< Various small news stories circulating between the Big Stories of Europe, 
the worldwide machine difficulties and increasing UN unrest: >

* A special meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been called this week 
in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF consists of representatives from all the 
megacorps, as well as "think tanks" and non-governmental organizations. The 
meeting is said to be to discuss `emergency actions' to be taken to stabilize 
the world economy in light of recent events. The status of Reploid production 
is rumored to be on the table. Security is extraordinarily high during this 
event -- the press are given only small video news releases, and more often 
than not skip over discussing the meeting in Davos in favor of discussing 
Europe in greater depth.

* Rumors of "black helicopters" in the North American Southwest have become so 
prevalent that they manage to make mainstream regional news -- one blurry 
sighting of a black VTOL flying over Dallas makes the front page of regional 
news feeds for a whole day before "server problems" cause the image to be lost 
from all but a few old cache servers.

* The Catholic Church has officially moved its headquarters to Rio "until such 
time as the difficulties in Europe pass". The remaining property in Vatican 
City has been evacuated to safety through unknown means, though some rumors 
indicate mercenary organizations such as the French Foreign Legion may have 
been involved. Construction of a temporary administrative campus has hastily 
begun in the city, and the surviving Cardinals are beginning to meet to 
discuss the future of the Church.

* The Russian Parliament has been locked in a tense debate over the future of 
the nation in light of the recent activities in Europe, as well as the unrest 
in Seoul. Concerns over the security of the nation in light of a growing 
Maverick threat, as well as the stability of the UN in general, has prompted 
extensive debate. Pro and anti-UN demonstrations have taken place on the 
streets of Moscow for weeks, and have only become more intense with the 
assassination of the Pope.

>> Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/167                    Posted        Author
Repliforce No More?                Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
<This... is GNN!>

        This is Spin Sloth, reporting live from the steps of the United 
Nations, where Senator James Houseman has managed to put a bill through the 
Senate authorizing the decommission and retirement of the Repliforce. The 
Senator was not available for comment, but his aides have said that they are 
doing this not only for the humans of the UN, but for the sake of the Reploids 
who are now in danger of being infected by the newest strain of the Maverick 
        Ambassador Chord had this to say. "We can only hope that this mistake 
does not doom us all. We have lost a powerful ally in the Repliforce, and I 
can only hope that they will remember to do the right thing... to not lose 
faith in this darkest hour, and that they will always have support in Seoul."

        UN officials have said that any Reploids who voluntarily step down will 
be assisted in finding civilian work, and that crews are gearing up now to 
begin converting Repliforce garrisons to house new human soldiers.

<He goes on about this for a while, talking about how many of the other nations 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/168                    Posted        Author
Be All That You Can Be!            Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
<These advertisements begin to play within hours after the decisive vote in 
the Senate. Senator Houseman appears, smiling congenially in the ad.>

        The UN Armed Forces needs you. Humans of the world, it is time to rise 
up and take back what is rightfully ours. The Repliforce's time has come, and 
for now, gone, the threat of Sigma's new virus making the battlefields a place 
too dangerous for them. But now is your time.

        Technology has improved. With our new power armor forces, a single 
human can stand against Maverick soldiers and win. Our minds and technology 
are our strength, and will lead us where our Reploid brothers cannot go.

        I ask of you, on behalf of a government that needs you help, to 
contact your local recruitment center. Ask what you can do to help win this 
war. Become part of the United Nations Armed Forces. Help us show the world 
that we can be strong once more!

<Contact information is displayed.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/169                    Posted        Author
From the Evening Standard          Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
        From the Londing Evening Standard, Local News section, fourth page: 

The semi-infamous Repliforce outpost/farmhouse 'Damn Stubborn', a little show 
by the plucky robot blokes and birds to prove they've got the stiff upper lip, 
was found abandoned not an hour after the United Nations gave the order to 
stand down. While King and Country voiced their displeasure over the vote, it 
was a bit of a surprise to find the small building in that condition - 
stripped clean and empty. What was even more of a surprise is that a note was 
left behind on the front door. It read, it it's entirety, 'Out To Lunch'.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/169                    Posted        Author
Diplomat Assassination..           Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
On the early-morning news of Friday, June 25th, 2217: 

 Shortly after the decommission and retiring of the Repliforce, explosions 
erupted from an apartment complex in the United States, in the general area of 
Washington (The capitol). Upon further investigation it was found that the two 
Diplomats sent to the United States by the Coalition for Reploid Freedom had 
been living in the apartment that explosives had been detonated in. Both 
Diplomats were within the apartment at the time of the explosion, and both 
were killed. 

 The types of explosives that were used are still being investigated, however, 
a high-powered mine of sorts is suspected. Residents were questioned, and none 
of them saw anyone moving in and out of the building during the hours 
preceeding the explosion, although movement was heard by other people in the 
building during hours at which the diplomats were supposedly not present, 
nobody went to investigate.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/170                    Posted        Author
Mexican Unrest                     Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>>

A reporter appears on the screen, near a group of very angry protestors, 
Guadalahara is apparnetly her location, considering the byline under her 
image, "This morning dawns revealing civil unrest in the nation of Mexico. In 
light of last night's senate vote, the people of Mexico seem to have had a 
rather unexpected reaction to the news that Reploids alone will no longer 
fight the goood fight against the Maverick Empire."

Soundbites include:

        "So the crazy old men in Seoul have decided that they want US to die 
for a while?!"

        "You want to place human life on the line in unproven walking coffins?"

        "The United Nations just wanted to play war with NEW toys..."

"The Mexican populace has taken to the streets in several major cities. Public 
transportation and other services have ground to halt. The streets of downtown 
Guadalahara are clogged with protestors, all of whom are angry. The police are 
only showing a token of effort to try and stop them all.. there are simply too 
many and tehre is a growing sentiment of..."

The reporter's voice is drowned out as the protestors start to come closer, and 
chanting is caught by the microphones and subtitles pop up on the bottom of 
the screen: Throw them out! Throw them all out!

"The people of Guadalahara are demanding the resignation of the entire Mexican 
Senate.. Oh God, its.. its starting all over again..."

The camera wobbles slightly.

"We're moving to a safer location.. back to you, Jim."

<<This was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/169                    Posted        Author
Pardon Our Dust                    Fri Jun 25    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>>

"This is Newsbreaker Newt for GNN Late Night News... The plane frmo Guadalahara 
touched down a few minutes ago and all of the Senators who were escorted from 
the temporary Parliament building in Guadalahara have arrived safely without 

"In related news, the State-level governors of Mexico have announced that the 
nation of Mexico is undergoing political restructuring and additional 
information will be released after the emergency sessions expected to carry on 
all weekend. The entire Mexican Parliment has been ousted by the people of 
Mexico itself and, all members of it who could be found, have been shipped off 
to Seoul."

"President Elpizo of Neo Arcadia, who was at the head of the crowd and spoke 
for it declared that 'The whole world would hear and understand his message 

"I'm not sure I want to know what that means."

"The Neo Arcadian governemnt was unavailble for additional comment, saying that 
President Elpizo has withdrawn to his private quarters to recouperate from the 
day's events and injuries sustained while he and one of his bodyguards duelled 
with Sigma."

<<This was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/170                    Posted        Author
Vile in Cairo (Again)              Sat Jun 26    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "Earlier, well-known war criminal Vile appeared in Cairo to throw two 
unconscious bodies into an establishment called the Desert Dragon Dojo for the 
/second/ time. The pair are most likely a woman called Sheena and a man who 
referred to himself as Benediction, as their battle with Vile and Force 
Commander Bass was televised earlier in Tartarus. GNN was denied entrance to 
the dojo, and Cairo authorities did not respond. A spokeswoman later stated 
that the occurance did not warrant attention."

        Playing during this is a clip of Vile descending from the skies, a 
mangled body on each shoulder. He then throws both through the walls of a 
building that must be the dojo, and flies off.

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/171                    Posted        Author
Paid Advertisement                 Sat Jun 26    Global News Network
<On... GNN? How bizarre.>

        Do you problems? Difficulty with others? Do you need a strong assistant 
to get what's rightfully yours?

        Contact Dynamic Consulting, Eurasia's premier private investigation 
firm. At Dynamic, we're able to help out in private and public investigation, 
collection, fugitive retrieval, and other civilian and private military 
contract work.

        Don't trust your security to armed vigilantes or rogue militaries. Our 
work is quiet, professional, and we do not renege on our contracts.

        Contact comm frequency 134.13 for more information, or contact Duelist 
Cavalier or Blade Marionette at Thunderclap, Eurasia.

<More commercials.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/172                    Posted        Author
Tidal Dam Tragedy                  Sat Jun 26    Global News Network

<GNN Special Report!>
        "Muckraker Moth here, with the final story on the shocking and tragic 
events that we covered live this evening. The story goes something like this:"
<As the reporter speaks, photos of the Fortress III, leaking fire and listing 
heavily, flash on the screen.. followed by more of it approaching the Tidal 
Dam, and finally the impact and huge resulting fireball>
        "Our sources report that the Mavericks used their own giant flying 
battleship, the Osprey, to ram the Fortress III as it was returning from 
Europe. The decomissioned Repliforce reportedly was gathering it's troops from 
the area, and was leaving to return to whatever hidden base it's leaders have 
established when the attack came. From the information we have gathered, it 
seems the Mavericks borded the Fortress, seized control, and set it on a 
collision course with the Dam. We have evidence that many escape pods were 
launched and recovered, but casualties from the Fortress are unknown. A 
mile-wide breach was created in the massive Tidal Dam by the impact, and the 
Fortress III sunk beneath the waves soon after. But that is not the worst of 
<More photos come up, this time of the massive tidal wave that followed the 
        "The breach in the Dam unleashed millions of cubic tons of water. The 
resulting tidal wave completely swamped coastal Africa and Europe, although 
the African side was hit harder due to the location of the breach. The death 
toll is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Beyond that, all of Africa is 
suffering severe power outages. Although representatives of WilyAfrica are 
remaining silent about the exact number of casualties, we know the number must 
be staggering. We'll keep you updated on this as we gather more concerete 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/172                    Posted        Author
Interpol Speaks                    Sun Jun 27    Global News Network
        "Good morning, this is Jules Maigret reporting live from Seoul. Until 
just a couple of minutes ago Arthur Maxwell, the Interpol spokesman, held a 
public press release in the Press Room of the United Nations Building in 
Seoul. The recent decomission of the Repliforce and the current situation of 
the UN were, of course, the main topics he talked about." 
The screen changes to the UN Press Room. Arthur stands behind the podium, 
surrounded by microphones. He looks rather tired and hesitant, but he still 
manages to speak as well as he always does. 
        "We /can/ understand the negative reactions to Repliforce's 
decomission. This is not something suprising, as it has caused a huge 
conmotion even amongst us. However, we work as part of the United Nations and 
still believe in what it represents to the world. The Senate has done but what 
it considers best for the world." 
        "Mr. Maxwell, even so, the decission has caused a bitter reaction 
amongst both the reploid and human population of the world. First the loss of 
their possition and jobs and now the fall of the Fortress III. Are you really 
sure that Interpol can occupy their now vacant place?" 
        "I shall repeat it again. Interpol means no harm to the Repliforce or 
intends to replace it. The Senate decieded that this role would be filled by 
the new UN Army, and Interpol's function remains the same as before: to assure 
global security, not to act as an armed military force. We respect the 
Repliforce for all these years of dedication and service, you can have no 
doubt about it!" 
        "Many Interpol employees have already presented their resignation and a 
decent part of the population thinks that the UN will fall apart shortly. What 
is your opinion about this, Mr. Maxwell?" 
        "Our employees are in their full right to leave our organization if 
that is their desire. As I have already explained, it is completely normal to 
find negative reactions to this, and we accept them as civilizated people. I 
believe that even with the present opposition the United Nations and its 
ideals will not be destroyed. They have survived centuries and an uncountable 
number of conflicts, and they cannot simply be disipated in a matter of 
The screen returns to the robust reporter, with the UN Plaza behind him. 
        "Maxwell said that, no matter what the Neo Arcadia, the Coalition, the 
Robot Masters or any other group says, Interpol will continue its work to 
ensure law and order within the United Nations. Even under all the current 
pressure the faction is suffering from all sides, he stated that they won't 
allow this to affect them. This is GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/173                    Posted        Author
Mexican Senator Dead               Sun Jun 27    Global News Network

Former Mexican Senator Marco Arteaga was found dead in his hotel room just 
outside of Seoul by janitorial staff this morning. There was no apparent signs 
of break-in or struggle; local investigators attribute cause of death to 
cardiac arrest due to extreme stress.

"The stress of the past few days probably got to him. He was in pretty good 
shape for his age," states Investigator Revolver Radish. "There doesn't seem 
to be any foul play involved - no poisons, no sign of physical harm. It's as 
if something just revved his heart up until it stopped."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/174                    Posted        Author
Advertisement                      Mon Jun 28    Global News Network
<This ad is found mostly on the internet as well as a number of TV networks, 
but not GNN. White words appear in series on black backgrounds over an easy 
techno background.>

World War IV is upon us. New technologies created by the CRF and the UN have 
catalyzed the slaughter. Your business, your allies, and your family are not 
safe. Your future is in jeopardy.

Even if you can keep up with the arms race, you need an extra advantage to win.

<A group silhouette of white on black - about eight or nine reploids, most 
filling a narrow height range from 6 to 8 feet, with one smaller on the right 
end and one larger at the middle-left. All or most appear to be aniforms. More 
words appear above the silhouette.>

Introducing, your advantage.

Our elite team includes specialists in many areas, able to handle more diverse 
circumstances than any individual. We are independant contractors without 
political affiliation, accepting offers from all parties.

Quick and thorough results, guaranteed. Visit us online at Hex Zone : U.S. 
Central Internet.

                                 [Red Alert]

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/175                    Posted        Author
SECRETARY GENERAL SHOT!            Tue Jun 29    Global News Network

< Across all global news feeds: >

An attempt on the Secretary General's life was made today, apparently by a 
deranged individual who may have Neo Arcadian ties.

The Secretary General remains in critical condition, and has not regained 
consciousness since the emergency surgery to remove the bullets from her body. 
She sustained a blow to the neck, which penetrated her spinal column, and a 
direct hit to her heart. This was apparently accomplished by the use of a 
single bullet with a multiple warhead payload, which had been made illegal by 
the ratified Geneva Convention of 2185.

Kelly McLaren was shot during a rare outdoor speech in front of the United 
Nations building in Seoul. The speech was in regards to the current Maverick 
crisis, and her plans to deal with the threat.

Investigation of the incident is ongoing. An emergency session of the UN Senate 
has been called to authorize an acting Secretary General...

< And so it goes, over and over again, for days. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/176                    Posted        Author
McLaren Shooting Coverage          Tue Jun 29    Global News Network

< As the day continues, coverage of the McLaren shooting expands. >

Military police took the body of Maria Coleiro into custody after a brief 
stand-off in a Seoul apartment building. Coleiro, 31, a civilian contractor in 
the French Foreign Legion, owned the apartment the shot was fired from.

While her apartment was partially damaged in a low-yield explosion, evidence 
was found there that indicated she was affiliated with the Neo Arcadian army, 
including enlistment papers, propaganda, a uniform and illegal munitions 
including the rifle the bullet originated from.

Coleiro engaged building security with lethal force shortly after the shooting 
in an attempt to escape. 4 security personnel were pronounced dead on the 
scene, and 10 civilians sustained injuries ranging from non-life threatening 
bullet wounds to bumps and bruises.

The Maverick Hunter "Proto Man" killed Coleiro with an instantaneous 
plasma-based wound to the brain stem, while Pallbearer of Scotland Yard 
disarmed a large explosive device Coleiro was threatening to detonate. "Proto 
Man" is wanted for questioning by military police, but UN officials, speaking 
off the record, doubted he would be available for comment. No additional 
charges have been filed against "Proto Man" at this time.

Neo Arcadian officials denied involvement in the incident. However, our GNN 
Public Opinion Poll of UN countries indicates 68% of 1000 registered voters 
believe Neo Arcadia was at least partially responsible for the shooting.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/177                    Posted        Author
Texans Push For Independence       Tue Jun 29    Global News Network

< Mostly covered in the Americas, but is a minor item in the world news. >

The state government of Texas is engaged in intense debate about whether or not 
to remain in the reforming United States of America in light of pressures from 
Neo Arcadia that some say are being ignored by Washington.

"The government of the United States of America won't stand up to protect its 
own citizens!" claims Howard Vaughn, one of the representatives of the 
Dallas-Fort Worth megacity. "Washington is more worried about making piece 
with Mexico than standing up for the sovereignty of the people in the 
southwest! Our only option is to stand up for ourselves against Neo Arcadian 

The United States government has cautioned Texas against any attempt at 
secession, saying it could plunge the fledgling sovereign government of the 
United States into a bloody civil war.

A state-wide referendum on the topic is tentatively scheduled for early August.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/178                    Posted        Author
Decomissioning response            Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
*** A by-line primarily in Australian newspapers, and easily missed enough, 
though international newspapers do carry the article.. ***

The response to the decommissioning of Repliforce has been mixed, throughout 
the world. Surprisingly, that holds true in Australia, as well, where 
civilians remain divided on the issue of the loss of the United Nation's most 
stalwart defenders.

The loudest voices in Sydney seem to be those of the Blake Foundation, the 
slightly controversial, but non-profit, anti-Reploid group which was founded 
by former reploid designer Lisa Faulkes. Though the Foundation has remained 
out of the public eye for some time, since the disappearance and assumed death 
of its cofounder, Gregory Blake, the remaining founder spoke to press to voice 
her support for the decommissioning and the Repliforce's removal from 
Australia. She is quoted:

"I feel as if this is a great step toward peace in our nation and across the 
world. How many more reploids have to be built, and thrown into armies, forced 
to fight one another, before people see that the approach of throwing more and 
more innocent lives at the Mavericks is wrong? The United Nations wants humans 
to fight their own battles now, and I can say that I have to agree. The 
Repliforce is better off now, able to lead their own lives and make the 
decisions that are best for them. Australia is better off now, because it can 
no longer be seen as a military target to the terror groups of the world. Our 
work isn't done until reploid construction itself ceases, but this is a great 

Asked whether or not her group has any aspirations of joining up with Neo 
Arcadia, Miss Faulkes had this to say:

"Considering that there are reploids that support the Foundation, that is a no. 
If their platform was a bit more moderate, perhaps, but we have always been 
calling only for the construction of reploids, particularly the combat models, 
to cease for now, and we mean no harm to those reploids still alive and 
working. We would absolutely never side with a group that supports 
assassination, so if it turns out that nation is solely responsible for the 
attempt on Senator McLaren, they won't be seeing any support from us."

(Questions go to Gemini Man.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
Investigation pt. 1                Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
        It is no surprise that there is a certain degree of uncertainity about 
the recent assassination attempt on McLaren. While it is quite certain to be 
an important event, certain conspiracy theories will most probably quickly 
crop up and result in an unusual amount of trouble. This investigation by the 
GNN is an attempt at uncovering the truth as quickly and efficiently as 
        After a cursory amount of investigation, leading from Interpol to the 
Robot Masters themselves, a certain amount of information has thus far been 
acquired. The basic information given out to the public is well known, with 
the acquirement of a now deceased alleged Neo-Arcadian being the primary 
suspect behind the assassination attempt on McLaren. However, upon looking 
further in it takes little understanding of politics to see how much of a 
problem this would pose for the Neo-Arcadians. If a conflict between the UN 
and the Neo-Arcadians was to occur neither side of Humanity would therein win. 
        This would therein mean that, by using a false Neo-Arcadian, a certain 
organization might be able to cause enough friction between the Neo-Arcadians 
and the rest of the world that would end up harming Humans more so than 
helping them. This lack of unity, in the face of a potentially devestating 
organization could prove cataclysmic. It is not just this reporters opinion 
that this type of event might have occured, as Gyro Man of the Robot Masters 
specifically stated "...Neo Arcadia has acquired a number of opponents; said 
opponents could find that damaging their reputation to be worthwhile. " 
        What else could there be then, but a simplistic and perhaps even 
malevolent plan behind this assassination attempt? All of this, however, is 
pure speculation due to the fact that no ties between the assassin and any 
other organization have been found. This does not mean that an investigation 
into those matters might, or might not, be currently in the works. When asked 
about investigations as to this type of information Interpol merely said they 
were primarily concerned with McLaren's health for the time being. This isn't 
surprising, since McLaren is a well respected and important figure, and as 
such should be worried about. However, shortly before the reporter's departure 
a single man approached and stated: "More like wondering how the UN can be so 
quick to pin Neo Arcadia..." 
        One can be rest assured, however, that the GNN will still continue to 
try and reach the truth on these matters, no matter whose toes need to be 
stepped on or who needs to be interviewed. If you have any information 
relating to what has happened contact an employee of GNN. Your right to 
anonymity will be maintained if you wish it to be.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
Acting SecGen Announced! 1/3       Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
<Dateline: Seoul, new GNN bioroid reporter Byline Watercress announcing.>

        In a bold move today, the UN Senate has announced a decision concerning 
the leadership of the governing body. With Secretary General Kelly McLaren 
still comatose from the attempt on her life, there was a unanimous decision 
among the senators that a leader was needed to take the United Nations through 
this time.

        Debate on the floor was heated, as several senators proposed electing 
android ambassador Chord, represenative of the unincoporated Chinese 
territories, to the position, but the motion was struck down by the South 
African senator, who pointed out that only full senators can be elected to the 
position pro tempore.

        In a split vote, senator James Houseman of England was elected by a 
74% vote, narrowly beating out Ortiz San Miguel, senator from Argentina. 
Houseman addressed GNN reporters following the vote.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/180                    Posted        Author
Acting SecGen Announced! 2/3       Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
<Senator Houseman appears on the steps of the United Nations, surrounded by 
reporters... and two guards in power armor.>

        People of the United Nations, I have accepted this positon of Secretary 
General pro tempore out of a love for my world, and all the peoples in it. It 
is a wonder that such freedom can be had, yes, even in a time of war, but it 
saddens my soul that war is the reason I am speaking to you today.

        Kelly McLaren... Secretary General Kelly McLaren, was struck down by a 
cowardly act from some person or persons who do not wish to see the peace she 
strove so valiantly for. We have all seen her bravery in heading up this 
Senate during our darkest hours... and now she lies at death's door, from one 
who fears what the future might bring. I will see her hopes and dreams 
realized, yes, even now when thing seem bleakest. I will give her a United 
Nations that she can be proud of... one the world can be proud of. When such 
time comes as Secretary General McLaren has recovered, I will fain cast off 
this mantle of leadership. But this is her office... and I will not let it lie 
fallow while we await her return.

        I urge every man and woman capable of bearing arms to join us as we 
prepare to wipe the Maverick scourge from this world forever. When all of us 
are working together, none shall be able to stop us... we alone can 
successfully shrug off the virus that has made our bold Repliforce stand aside 
for a new order... we alone can fight back the swell of genocidal madness... 
we alone can stand up and defend ourselves... defend our countries... defend 
our future... defend our very existence!

        We shall stand... and we shall fight... and we shall prevail. Madam 
McLaren wanted peace... and we shall deliver it. We will not stand and 
surrender our lives... we will succeed. I bid you all a good day.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/181                    Posted        Author
Acting SecGen Announced! 3/3       Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
<Byline Watercress again.>

        In the wake of Secretary General Houseman's election, there have been 
several other changes in the highest ranks of the UN. Secretary of Defense 
Connor MacGruder stepped down minutes after the decision, stating that he was 
not willing to serve under a Secretary General who would cast away their best 
defense against the Mavericks. Secretary of Internal Affairs Arkady Bogdanov 
was then promoted to the new acting Secretary of Defense, while Yong Park from 
Korea was moved up to acting SecInt.

        From Seoul, this is Byline Watercress reporting.

<Back to the studio...>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/182                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Neo Arcadia              Wed Jun 30    Global News Network
<<This is GNN>>

Crowds gathered outside of the old Parliament building in Neo Arcadia this 
morning, where the governors and mayors of Mexico's major cities and states 
have been in conference since the removal of the old Mexican Parliament late 
last week. In a shocking announcement, Michael Cortez, governor of the State 
of Mexico had an astonishing announcement to make.

"The core of our problem is in the separation of our people from one another. 
We have forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters of this land.." says 
the governor. "We have stood divided too long."

The man turns to regard someone who is just off camera for a moment and several 
cameras shift to reveal Elpizo of Neo Arcadia stepping onto the stage, smiling 
faintly and shaking the hand of Governor Cortez.

"My colleagues and friends, who bear the people's will, have requested the 
assistance of President Elpizo of Neo Arcadia to help guide our nation. His 
ideas and his vision have made Mexico City into a shining example of what all 
of Mexico could be one day. Clean. Growing. Vibrant. New national elections 
will yet come, but for now.. we need a strong man with strong ideas to help 
heal our nation."

Elpizo smiles and nods to the governor and then takes his place at the podium 
as the UN flag comes down behind him.

"People of Mexico.." Elpizo declares, his voice kind and comforting. The voice 
of a father speaking to his beloved, grown children who are going through 
trials has has already faced.. that's certainly the feel that his voice's tone 
seems to conjure. "It was not my choice to separate this city from her 
brothers and sisters. Here. At the heart of the nation of Mexico since long 
before Europe came here... Mexico's heart has always been her heart. And it 
will remain so."

Behind Elpizo, the old national flag of Mexico rises to replace the UN one, 
Bandera Nacional soon rises above Elpizo's head to display green, white and 
red again for the first time in years, as well as the eagle with a snake 
clutched in its beak, perched on a cactus: the symbol of the Aztecs' journey 
from their ancient homeland to their new home where Neo Arcadia now stands.

"However, as my first act as the acting President of the nation of Mexico is 
the formal declaration of separation from the United Nations and all 
associations thereof. In this time we must re-learn what it means to be 
ourselves, only in this way may we move on towards the future."

He nods once to the cameras as flashes go off and he leaves the stage before 
questions can be asked. As Elpizo walks off the stage the cheers of the crowd 
pick up and drown out sound from the microphones before it cuts back to the 
studio again...

<<This was GNN>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/183                    Posted        Author
Re: Re: Re: Sigma Virus??          Wed Jun 30    Global News Network

        Over chatrooms, bulletin boards, instant messages, and other such forms 
of cybercommunication, so fast that many would begin to bank in its validity, 
shocking information is spreading.

        The word is that Sigma's rumored 'superweapon,' the Sigma Virus, is the 
cause of all of the bizarre technological glitches that have been occuring 
worldwide! Anything with even a basic AI can be infected by this virus, from 
old computers to autocabs to entire security systems. Luckily, it seems that 
this virus takes a while to fully infect something, and certain sentient 
robots are even able to fight it off with willpower.
        And the worst part is that the virus is contagious. There's no real 
word around the web of how contagious it is - some say that you have to have 
open wound contact like some human virii, others say just being around a 
Maverick makes you catch it - but the fact that it's contagious is pretty much 
agreed upon.
        Most frightening of all, rumors abound that the virus is primarily 
being spread by the Coalition Ambassadors.


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