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Investigation Pt. 2                Thu Jul 01    Global News Network
 As another day rolls by and the investigation of the attempted assassination 
of the Secretary-General continues more investigations by GNN reporters have 
occured. One of the more prominent investigations to occur dealt with a short 
sit-down with a Neo-Arcadian named Fairy Leviathan. 
 "It wasn't one of us. I can tell you that much." This statement was made by 
Fairy Leviathan, and it is an extremely straightforward response. While it can 
be considered potentially falsified to try and keep Neo-Arcadia from becoming 
enemy number 1 in everyone's eyes, to instantly dismiss this statement is an 
illogical and potentially idiotic move. It was hardly difficult to even gain 
this much, and the following conversation proved interesting, although not as 
illuminating as the first real statement was. 
 However, when Fairy Leviathan was asked if there was any actual evidence that 
might help to prove the innocence of Neo-Arcadia in this incident, she 
responded with the following: "The only way we could present any sort of 
exhonerating evidence is if we had access to the information that the UN has 
gathered, including access to the body of the sniper. Seeing as we are the 
prime suspect, that information, I believe, will not be forthcoming. " 
 So, basically, Neo-Arcadia can not prove it's innocence, and currently the UN 
is unable to prove the guilt of Neo-Arcadia. While this might seem like 
nothing more than a simple stalemate, it also forces one to think about 
certain ideas that might be generated by the likes of the Mavericks. After 
talking with Tactical Raccoon a few statements he made have remained ever 
present within this reporter's mind. One of them was extremely simple, and 
therein easy to realize what it might represent. "We'd benefit from the UN and 
Neo Arcadia fighting each other. Stinking fleshsacks killing each other is 
always good for the Reploids of the world. " 
 You'd anticipate that that statement was the only one required to really 
notice a potential link to how the Maverick's might have been behind the 
event, but then Tactical Raccoon stated something else. "Humans often do our 
work without realizing it. Every bigoted, racist thing they do to a Reploid 
lets our people see them for what they really are." 
 So what, exactly, has this lead the investigation to? Basically nothing. 
Currently the information relating to the attempted assassination has remained 
unspecific, although there are many similar opinions as to Neo-Arcadia's 
innocence. While this might not mean they are inherently truly innocent, it is 
definitely enough to make anyone stop and look in a different direction. 
Hopefully the UN will not limit itself to concentrating on proving 
Neo-Arcadia's guilt, instead of looking for potential other links between the 
sniper and different organizations. 
 Again, if anyone has information relating to the assassination attempt and 
wishes to come forward, whether anonymously or not, inform a member of the 
GNN. If access to the GNN employees is difficult to gain, contact Reporto by 
picking up his personal frequency at the desk in the GNN building in San 

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Houseman- Bringer of Doom?         Thu Jul 01    Global News Network

 It might come as a surprise to some members of the population that Houseman 
was one of the prominent men behind the decommissioning of the RepliForce. 
While this act might seem like a good one, in light of the fact that certain 
members of the RepliForce have been known to become corrupted, it is also well 
known that no worthwhile army was currently in place. In the end, this leads 
to a single and simplistic conclusion. Houseman, and perhaps his colleagues 
who believed that Houseman's ideas were correct, have effectively disarmed the 
 To assist in the backing of this idea, and the fact that the RepliForce's 
removal is not an intelligent move in the eyes of some, are some various 
statements made by people during interviews. 
 Fairy Leviathan(Neo-Arcadian)-- "We believe that the decommission of 
Repliforce was an act of purest idiocy. 
 Pallbearer(Ex-RF)-- "I wouldn't have any doubt there are those of us who were 
in the 'force that feel decommissioning was the wrong path to take - after 
all, how does anyone feel after getting fired. 
 Connor MacGruder(Ex-SoD)-- Unless we get an army on the field soon, whoever 
wins between the Mavericks and Robot Masters will run roughshod over our 
 While this information is not necessarily a sure sign that the removal of 
RepliForce was a bad move, when you see the Secretary of Defense, or rather 
Ex-Secretary of Defense in this case admitting to the potential dangers of 
doing it one has to stop and think. As such, GNN is proudly sponsering the 
idea that the RepliForce should be recommissioned at least up until a Human 
and Cyborg-based army can be created by the UN to take their place.

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Luxor Pyramid Destroyed!           Thu Jul 01    Global News Network

 Shortly after the incident in Central Africa where Bass of the Robot Masters 
was captured by Sigma, leader of the Mavericks, information was given that an 
as of yet unidentified object was seen hurtling through the sky toward Las 
Vegas. As the reporters were starting to arrive on the scene the object was 
quickly noticed, and identified to be the Skull Shuttle. However, the exact 
status of the Skull Shuttle at that time was completely uncertain, but the 
common consensus was that it had been damaged greatly by something. 
 As the flying object crashed into the Luxor Pyramid located in Las Vegas. 
Instantly the laser that is easily seen up in outer space was cut off, and the 
overall damage done to the surrounding area was minimal. Currently only a 
single casualty is known to have occured, and police are busy attempting to 
identify who exactly the man was. So far it is believed he was homeless, 
although it will probably take at least a few more days to really know for 
 Cut Man, a powerful Robot Master managed to escape death yet again and give a 
single comment to the reporters at the scene. "I hate death traps."

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Cape Wily                          Thu Jul 01    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "Late yesterday, during the apparent capture of Force Commander Bass, 
Cape Wily was completely destroyed by a large explosion. The Cape, of course, 
was the Robot Master's primary facility for space launches. The attackers were 
identified as being Maverick Hunters, as Hunter Commander Signas was spotted 
on the scene, along with fellow Maverick Hunter Protoman. Sadly, there is 
little footage to document the attack, save for satellite images."
        GNN, as usual, was incredibly lucky to have a satellite around to 
photograph the explosion while it happens. It's a huge fireball that 
completely wipes out the Cape Wily compound, and then spreads to the savanna.
        "Extensive damage to the surrounding grasslands has been curbed by 
quick response teams. The blaze is reportedly under control now." - pause - 
"This just in: a passenger aboard a commercial shuttle flying near the Cape 
took the following picture before the incident."
        The picture? Jazz Light, dressed up as Sailor Moon, riding a rocket 
that is pointed straight at Cape Wily.
        "More on this as it develops."

        <This... was GNN!>


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Protoman - Friend or Foe?          Fri Jul 02    Global News Network
 One of the strongest and most well known Maverick Hunters, Protoman is also 
considered an extremely dangerous person. A small investigation as to public 
beliefs pertaining to Protoman was made by GNN, and as such the overall data 
has been gathered and is now being presented here, uncensored to the people. 
 It's a sad day indeed when people have to wonder about how safe they are when 
one of their defenders is wanted by Interpol. Even when contacted and asked 
questions Protoman prefers to state no comment more so than anty up and admit 
to his actions. Not only that, but it is uncertain as to whether or not he 
even cares about anyone, since earlier he actually said that he would blow up 
a Maverick Base, which would also end up killing a large amount of civilians. 
This utter lack for caring about other sentient beings is distressful, and so 
it was with minimal difficulty that statements from certain higher ranking 
people were uncovered relating to how wild Protoman truly is. 
 Signas(MH) - "While I am certain that you know that Protoman is a member of 
Doctor Thomas Light's family, his actions have never been and will likely 
never be officially condoned by the Maverick Hunters. " 
 Connor MacGruder(Ex-SoD) - "He's a loose cannon, and nae even the Maverick 
Hunters can handle a loose cannon such as he." 
 Pallbearer(Ex-RF) - "He's wanted by INTERPOL for a reason - a loose cannon, 
especially one as powerful as him, is as dangerous as the threats they unleash 
him on." 
 So exactly what is being done to curb the potential danger that Protoman might 
demonstrate in the end? Nothing, currently, although Signas has assured GNN 
that if Protoman makes a move which would otherwise greatly endanger civilian 
lives they will take steps. If this means that the Maverick Hunters will have 
to turn on one of their greater allies nobody really knows for certain, 
although everyone knows the ramifications of such an event. GNN hopes that 
Protoman can at least come to his senses and start thinking of his 
consequences before acting recklessly.

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The Late Night News                Fri Jul 02    Global News Network
 It was a sad day indeed for this reporter when a few stray kittens were 
located outside of the GNN building. While it is uncertain as to why they were 
left, the felines were immediately rushed to a nearby animal hospital and 
checked to make certain that they were okay. Until a person comes forward the 
kittens will be housed within the GNN Offices. A reward is being offered to 
whoever happens to know who committed this heinous act. 
 In other news the Luxor Pyramid has been carefully dealt with. The Skull 
Shuttle was quickly removed, and after Cut Man went his way the vehicle was 
promised to be returned to the Robot Masters upon their request for it. Plans 
to reconstruct the pyramid are underway, although certain budget problems have 
caused certain issues with construction companies that have been talked with. 
 GNN is sad to state that earlier, after a report was given relating to 
Protoman and the feelings of people, that certain information was missing. 
First off, the reporter failed to acquire names pertaining to people who were 
asked publically as to their opinions of Protoman. For those who don't know, 
most of those who responded to the sudden query stated that Protoman was a 
fine man who was doing his job. GNN apologizes to Protoman and everyone else 
for giving out such a simplistic and seemingly one-sided point of view. 
 Finally, during a small period of seeming calmness Forte, the alternate 
personality belonging to Bass, spoke out over the public radio. While this 
caused a little bit of confusion the fact that Protoman and he started to 
converse demonstrated that Forte was coherent. Sadly, it is still uncertain as 
to the exact location of Forte, and although Protoman threatened to blow up a 
Maverick base the insidious Vile chose not to give in to what is hopefully a 

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The Sigma Virus                    Fri Jul 02    Global News Network

 What exactly is the Sigma Virus? This question has been asked by many ordinary 
people who aren't in direct control of the battles occuring between the 
Mavericks and their many foes. To deal with potential questions GNN acquired 
contact with the well-respected and intelligent Doctor Light to talk about the 
Sigma Virus. 
 First off, one has to figure out the actual origin and reason behind why the 
Sigma Virus exists. Nobody knows these, however, since it is believed that 
only Sigma and Doctor Doppler have the information. While certain theories are 
stated as to when the Sigma Virus first appeared they are just that, theories, 
and until GNN is able to contact either Sigma or Doctor Doppler they will 
remain theories. However, certain information concerning such things as the 
effectiveness of the Sigma Virus are known. 
 When asked if the Sigma Virus could affect cybernetic components Doctor Light 
stated, "From what I've seen, the same affect it has on nonsentient 
eletronics. Making them act irregular, and almost hostile. Logicly, the 
further the conversion, the more the virus would effect the mind. 
Unfortunately, we cannot prove that without direct experimentation-and I will 
not introduce the virus to innocents, willing or unwilling." 
 For those who don't understand what that all means, it basically says that 
cybernetic components can become infected. However, the severity with which 
they may be infected and the overall effects of the infection are unknown, and 
Doctor Light has no plans to test that on living people. 
 Aside from the effect on cybernetic components Doctor Light also has a little 
bit of information to say about how effective the Sigma Virus is at taking 
hold. "It enhances feelings already present-if a being already dislikes 
humans, or is prone to violence, they are easily effected. One with a strong 
moral center, such as a pacifist, or someone with a strong sense of justice, 
seems to be able to shrug it off." 
 Does this mean that the true pacifists and the extremely justiful among us are 
incapable of being affected? According to Doctor Light that isn't completely 
known, and as such people should still be careful of becoming infected. 
 What else is there to talk about pertaining to the Sigma Virus? The ability to 
detect it, which isn't an extremely high ability currently. However, Doctor 
Light assured the GNN interviewer that they were in the process of creating an 
easier detection system that would allow for a greater chance at catching the 
 Please stay tuned to GNN for any future information as to the Sigma Virus, 
it's abilities and any revelations that are acquired by Doctor Light and his 
excellent team of scientists.

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Sports...                          Fri Jul 02    Global News Network
"Stone Johnson here, and now we go to sports!" 

 "Hello Stone, this is Sera Bellum at sports. The top sport's news story is a 
spar that was televised between two of the most infamous groups in the world 

 The screen cuts to Glaive and Fairy Leviathan fighting in their duel, Glaive 
vs. Spear, acid Vs ice. There are a few cut scene's of the battle, as well as 
Glaive aiming his final blast at Fairy and ending the battle. 

 "As you can see, the battle was hard fought and long, but the winner today was 
The Maverick Hunter Glaive, a rather new face to the world." There is some 
background as to other rare news worthy appearances of Glaive. Then some of 
Fairy..of course she is much more famous and does not need an introduction. 

 "Afterwords, no other then General Vile appeared to congratulate the Maverick 
hunter...who then ripped one of his tentacles out. However, he was quickly 
soothed by the person he defeated." There is a cut scene of Fairy kissing him 
on his beak, before she left. "Is this perhaps a sign of things to come?" and 
other news gets brought up.

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The Late Night News                Sat Jul 03    Global News Network

 Earlier today an unusual incident occured in a small Texas town. Abilene, 
Texas was the host to a man leaping onto vehicles to get from one side of the 
road to another. The following fight that broke out between Templar Fefnir, a 
Neo-Arcadian and the Robot Master Fire Man. The amount of collateral damage 
was minimal, although at least one person died due to the reckless behavior of 
Fefnir. It is uncertain as to whether or not charges are to be levied against 
Fefnir due to this, especially in light of the fact that Fire Man nearly 
killed him. After the battle came to a conclusion Fire Man stated the 
following, "Hear me! All of you doubted me...you doubted my might. You doubted 
who I am...but know this, Templar Fefnir has been defeated by my flame. I AM 
the one TRUE Master of Fire. Never doubt me again!" 
 In other news, during an interview with Doctor Light stated his belief that 
Bass is currently infected with the Sigma Virus. While it is uncertain if Bass 
will be able to stave off the effects of the virus, it is well known that the 
removal of Bass from the Robot Master's army is a devestating blow that could 
spell disaster for them. It is currently uncertain as to whether or not the 
Maverick Hunters or anyone else will be assisting the Robot Masters in 
acquiring a release of Bass from the Mavericks.

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Wanted Ads                         Sun Jul 04    Global News Network
--As Seen in news publications-- 

Help Wanted -- Seeking Humans, Reploids, certified in Salvage and Repair works 
for major fields of work. Must be willing to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure 
Agreement), payment negotiable upon establishment of skills being sufficient 
for salvaging and repair in the fields of robotics, vehicular, and other 
fields. Must have experience in working in similar projects that required NDAs.

(OOC: Interested? This is a call out to civilians and other types who haven't 
gotten to do repair/salvage work in ages. Contact General by @mail if 

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Random Thoughts on the Sigma Virus Sun Jul 04    Global News Network
< A collection of opinions on the Sigma Virus, collected from various sources.>

Francine Cole (GNN Reporter) - "I think it's an unfortunate weapon, which has 
caused the Robot Wars to take a very dramatic turn in a direction that the 
military, if not the world were neither anticipating or hoping for."

Empathy Egret (UN Recruit) - "The Virus? It scares me, more than it did before, 
but I try not to dwell on it. It seems worse than ever, but I won't let it 
rule my life.""

Anon (Interpol R&D) - "The Sigma Virus is a fearsome weapon. Its limits are 
wider than the original Maverick Virus, as it can apparently infect all kinds 
of electronic machines. Its actual process of infection is still considerably 
unknown, so therefore it is highly recommended to stay away from Mavericks as 
much as possible. Right now there is no need to panic, as the situation is 
still reasonably under control, but we encourage people to take precautions as 
much as they can."

Dr. Deo Zombie (Interpol R&D) - "Well... To begin, there is PERSONALLY no doubt 
in my mind Gate created the Sigma Virus, however not intentionally. As for 
it's effects? They're a shame. A plague on mankind, which we may never heal or 
grow immune to. Essentially, I think life just got a whole lot more 

< This... Is GNN. >

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MCLAREN DEAD OF COMPLICATIONS      Sun Jul 04    Global News Network

< Global news feeds blast this for days: >

Secretary General Kelly McLaren has died, succumbing to her sniper-inflicted 
wounds. She was 34 years old. The official time of death was 1945 GMT.

McLaren's condition steadily worsened over the weekend as she developed an 
infection from a highly antibiotic resistant strain of /staphylococcus aureus/ 
bacteria, otherwise known as "staph". Staph infections claim the lives of 
approximately 3000 individuals every year in UN countries, typically the very 
old or the very young due to their weakened immune systems.

"With the stress brought about by the attempt on her life, combined with a 
large amount of blood loss, the Secretary General was unable to combat the 
staph infection," said Dr. Samuel Patterson, the head Seoul Metro Area medical 
examiner. "Mercifully, the Secretary General never regained consciousness, and 
so did not suffer."

Arrangements for the Secretary General's funeral have already begun. UN flags 
will be lowered to half-staff for the next 31 days as part of the official 
mourning process.

< The coverage continues, wall-to-wall about the various minutae of McLaren's 
life, career and passing, as well as the plans for her state funeral. >
>> OOC: Investigations about the McLaren affair from the assassination attempt 
to her untimely demise, as well as other UN-related issues of the moment, 
should be directed to Leo by @mail.


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Potentially Poisoned Beer?         Mon Jul 05    Global News Network
 Only a short while ago, while some unusual musical events were occuring, the 
Robot Masters entered into a brewery in Budtown, Nebraska. Their purpose there 
wasn't exactly known, although some beer fanatics might have suspected why 
they were there without any prompting from others. When Wood Man faced off 
against Shield Shellfish, a powerful and pink warrior, he retreated. There was 
some talk of the presence of another Robot Master, as well as a fourth unknown 
 However, later on the fourth person, still an unknown, contacted GNN and 
informed them as to the reason behind the appearance of the Robot Masters at 
the brewery. While the musical event was merely a distraction, the real reason 
was to taint the beer that would be produced before it could even be bottled. 
As such, GNN is recommending that all shipments of beer from the brewery be 
stopped, and that an investigation into the amount of poisoned alcohol be 
dealt with as quickly as is possible. That is all.

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Copyright Infringement?            Mon Jul 05    Global News Network
<The news fades out.. to the commercials!>'From Clown Man Studios' 

         A giant mechanical octopus flails onto the screen, drawn in your 
normal oily anime style. 'Who will save the day for us?' Picture of a flowing 
short skirt then odd looking androids scream and run away as the beast smashes 
into a building in Downtown Japan. 'Who will be there to stop evil in our more 
desperate hour?' Picture of high heels taking a step as a huge piece of rubble 
crushes an android with a few vacuums on him. 'Well.. you know.. tries to.' 
Flowing hair... then the beast brings a tentacle down only to be stopped by a 
wand held by a girl.. the camera swings around.. and it's a GUY?! 'Coming this 
summer.. Based of a fake true story..' <Sailor OrbitalNaturalSatellite> <I'm 
never doing this in heels again!> "SAILOR DARYN!"

        "With Lance Bass XII as Sailor Daryn" 'No more panty shots!' "Starr 
Wolf as Sailor Phobos." 'You said we were just going to a bar!' "And, using 
voice reconstruction.. James Earl Jones as the evil Computer Monster." 'LUKE! 


        <This summer. With pending lawsuit.>

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Violence in South Africa           Tue Jul 06    Global News Network
--Yet another GNN report. There's no good news lately....--

"The city of Pretoria, South Africa, was stunned today with an outbreak of 
violence localized to its capitol office buildings. The perpetrators were 
apparently identified Robot Masters, and attacked the capital in a blitz, 
killing one, and destroying a good portion of the building's entry lobby and 
drone security force. The target was apparently the office of the President 
himself, Pascal, and an explosion occured within his personal office along 
with the violence in the lobby. The President himself could not be found, and 
at this time, his status is unknown. Security records show that no offical 
summons was made to the United Nations; apparently, there was some confusion 
over proper procedure and the security force was uncertain as to who to call 
for assisstance against the Masters. More details as they are uncovered. This 
is GNN."

(Questions to Gemma.)

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Attack On World Econ Forum         Tue Jul 06    Global News Network

< A story that is mostly covered in the business news -- McLaren's death drowns 
out almost everything. >

20 people were killed and hundreds were wounded early Tuesday morning during a 
surprise attack by what were believed to be 30 Maverick commandos on the World 
Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

The attack was extremely efficient, according to reports by civilian 
contractors hired to provide security. Communications were cut minutes before 
the attack, preventing the isolated compound from raising an alarm for help 
before it was too late. The security detail was quickly distracted by an 
attack on the main hangar, which drew away all but a skeleton crew around the 

Members claimed they were entirely unaware of the incident until Reploids burst 
into the meeting place and began indiscriminately shooting at the members in 
attendance. All of the senior members in attendance were killed or pronounced 
dead on arrival at local hospitals, as they were the most visible. 
Representatives in attendance from groups ranging from the Neo Tokyo Banking 
Consortium and the Cossack Foundation escaped with minor injuries.

The assumed Mavericks were driven off within minutes as Swiss ride armor 
support arrived: five of them were killed, while the remaining 25 escaped in a 
VTOL with assorted injuries.

"It's a miracle that we were able to get to the exits," Boris Grischenko, 
Cossack Foundation representative, said. "but it looked like the Mavericks 
were going for a decapitation strike -- we weren't their priority."

The world stock markets have been thrown into turmoil by the news of the 
attack. Several markets, such as the Nikkei index and the SWX Swiss exchange, 
have been shut down for the day until order can be restored among investors.

< A few related stories follow, mostly about stocks and such, until McLaren's 
funeral arrangements drown it out >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Russian Unrest Looms               Tue Jul 06    Global News Network

< In world news: >

Demonstrations on the streets of Moscow for and against the UN continue to 
raise tensions in Russia, which experts say threaten to boil over and 
destabilize Asia.

Tens of thousands of people attended demonstrations over the past weekend to 
indicate their displeasure with the direction the nation is taking. Demands 
for a national referendum on UN membership have been formally requested by a 
number of political action groups in Moscow, while the pro-UN groups are 
demanding a vote of confidence in the present Prime Minister who appears to be 
wavering in his statements about staying in the UN.

The Parliament is heavily divided, with almost a 50/50 split between staying in 
the UN and breaking away to become an independent nation. Filibusters are 
being used by both sides to stall progress in the debate while various 
factions attempt to gain slim majorities.

Putting additional pressure on a volatile situation is the increasing presence 
of the Sigma Virus in Moscow. Core infrastructure is becoming less and less 
capable of meeting the demands of the population, bringing many more Russians 
to the streets than the situation would normally create.

While the protests have remained generally peaceful to this point, the threat 
of rioting and looting as technology continues to malfunction is becoming a 
"significant consideration" of the security forces monitoring the situation.

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/191                    Posted        Author
A Corrupt UN?                      Tue Jul 06    Global News Network
 It is, simply put, an ordinary conspiratorial idea that a government body is 
in some way corrupt. As such, this belief will continually remain, and perhaps 
even grow during times of crisis. However, with the recent actions of the UN 
certain people have gone so far as to blatently say that the UN is in some way 
 This idea, however, has remained unproven and as such still nothing more than 
a conspiracy theory. After investigating into whether or not the UN is 
corrupt, thus far the GNN have failed to encounter any evidence pointing to 
actual corruption. One person, believing that the UN is corrupt, however said 
that the Interpol are corrupt free. As such, GNN went and looked to the 
Interpol for potential answers. The answers were a resounding lack of evidence 
pertaining to corruption. 
 So what about Houseman? A few people might believe the assassination attempt 
on McLaren was an attempt to garner him a more powerful position, even if only 
temporarily. This also fails to hold up under scrutiny, since not even the now 
ex-Secretary of Defense knew that Houseman would have taken over in place of 
 This leaves people with no real hope that the UN is corrupt. While a previous 
article presented by GNN pointed out how certain actions by Houseman and the 
UN were unwise GNN is quite capable at admitting that there is no reason to 
believe the UN is actually corrupt. With the system in place designed to keep 
an incident such as when Wily almost became Secretary-General some years ago 
from happening again, combined with the intense amount of investigation done 
by GNN if there was any actual corruption it would have become obviously 
appearant. As such, if anyone out there has real evidence pointing to actual 
corruption bring it before Interpol and GNN.

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Message: 18/192                    Posted        Author
Dateline: Mexico                   Tue Jul 06    Global News Network
In a move that has many political analysts somewhat shocked, the electoral 
system of Mexico was quickly moved into action on the Fifth of July and the 
people of the newly independent nation voted in the first national, executive 
election in over two decades. It took two days to verify the votes, cast on 
old-style paper ballots because of massive electronic voting machine 
unreliability, however the results are in.

Between the two major candidates, Elpizo of Neo Arcadia and the current 
governor of the State of Mexico, the citizens of Mexico have elected Elpizo as 
their new Chief Executive, making the charismatic 'President' then Mayor, once 
again a President.

The screen changes over to a podium set up outside the heavily converted 
government buildings of the old regime, rapidly taking on the appearance, more 
and more, of a serious military structure. Elzpio is standing at the podium 
but he's shaking the Governor of Mexico's hand and smiling. It appears that 
the competition, such as it was, was a friendly one instead of one about 
ideology. The nation needed a head, and it needed to be official... The man 
who had more presence before the people won.
Eventually Elpizo turns to the cameras and starts to speak. "The people have 
spoken..." he says with little in the way of windup. "I could stand here and 
talk about everything that I plan to do. I could stand here and talk about my 
vision of a greater world than the one that we live in now. But in this vote 
of approval I know that I do not have to do that today..." The President 
smiles faintly and continues to speak, "We have a long road ahead of us..." he 
explains, as he gestures around to the crowd and the city around him. "We need 
to find ourselves, more than anything else... We need to seek our own identity 
and remember who is is that we once were, before the rest of the world TRIED 
to shove us into a tiny little box and forget about us!"

The President goes quiet then for a moment. "When I.. and the other leaders of 
Neo Arcadia came together, and tried to find a name for the new energy that we 
felt beginning to take root in this city.. a name came to us... A name that we 
did not consider appropriate." he trails off for a moment. "Long ago, the 
ancestors of the native peoples of this place came here from somewhere else, 
seeking out a new home. They are a tribe that has scattered now, and dwells on 
within the veins of each and every person who calls this nation home. The 
Mexica. The Aztec. They came seeking the promised land, and they made it their 
home. This land is YOUR home, our home, from the ocean to the ocean. This, my 
countrymen, is Aztlan."

<< Rampant Pundit Speculation Follows >>

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Message: 18/193                    Posted        Author
Fires in Quebec                    Wed Jul 07    Global News Network

        A human reporter appears on screen.

        "Good evening and this is Michael Nagasaki reporting in the suburbs of 
Quebec, where firefighters are battling a raging inferno. Homes, trees, 
cars... nothing was spared from the wrath of the Maverick reploid known as 
Flame Mammoth."

        Picture of Flame Mammoth.

        "Police say they saw the suspect fleeing from the scene, injured it 
would seem. Residents and eye witnesses claim that a man stood against the 
reploid, said man has yet to be identified but people are praising him for 
having prevented a much more devastating result had nobody stood up to the 
enormous Maverick. The man was nowhere to be seen as the authorities arrived, 
all they found... was this." 

        An image of a black sword, a rapier on the ground.

        "This is Michael Nagasaki, GNN news."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/194                    Posted        Author
Texas Fears Aztlan Expansionism    Wed Jul 07    Global News Network

< A significant regional story in the Americas. >

The state of Texas has issued a formal warning to the newly named Aztlan 
government in Neo Arcadia, cautioning them about attempting to expand their 
influence across the Rio Grande.

"The citizens of Texas will not tolerate encroachment on their lawfully 
acquired property by a foreign power," a spokesman for the Texas state 
government said during a press conference yesterday in response to President 
Elpizo's announcement. "While we wish no hostilities with Neo Arcadia, we will 
defend ourselves if we feel threatened by the Aztlan army."

Additional National Guard troops have been placed on border patrols in southern 
Texas, while the presence of United States Marines has primarily been felt in 
Louisiana, Arizona and New Mexico.

To bolster the defense of the state, Governor Philipe Melendez has authorized 
the reformation of county-wide militias, to be overseen by officers of the 
National Guard and trained by SWAT officers. The militias will be managed and 
coordinated by the state's Office of Homeland Security.

Elpizo's announcement has also accelerated efforts to declare Texas to be an 
independent nation. A coalition led by Howard Vaughn (R-Dallas/Ft. Worth) is 
seeking to move up the vote to late July, but so far has been confounded by 
procedural stalling tactics by a slim minority who want to remain a part of 
the United States of America.

A representative of the United States government, when asked about the 
situation, stated that there is no provision in the United States Constitution 
for a state to secede, and any such action would be considered an illegal 
action. However, the United States government declined to answer questions 
about a potential federal response to the measure if the referendum succeeded.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/195                    Posted        Author
AFRICAN MILITIA NOW RECRUITING     Wed Jul 07    Global News Network

        It begins a shot of a giant tidal wave, Commander of the African 
Militia Lux Anul and several other militiamen surfing. 'Woo Hoo' starts 
playing as the soundtrack for this particular message. A free frame on a 
cheery surfing African Militiaman. Seems like he's having the time of his life.

        'Wily' flashes on the screen in white, and then 'Needs' and then 'You'. 
A loud slamming noise as the Wily African flag explodes onto the scene, with 
various facts including approximate troop count, various engagements the 
African Militia has engaged in, ect.

        Flash Images of cybernetic engineers, reploid warriors cheerfully 
wearing WilyWorld T-Shirts, Humans learning how to swing a sword, stab a 
spear, shoot a gun, drive a tank. 'The Best' flashes on screen 'The Brightest 
Of Africa' appears afterwards.

        Officers, and soldiers, stand in line, saluting Robot Master superiors. 
And they aren't just humans. Cyborgs, Reploids, and maybe even a ninja all 
show their dedication to Wily and to Africa with pride, and pleasure.

        Another image of fighting in the desert, naturally the Militia is 
kicking ass. A random, and oddly enough reploid, soldier says on screen, in an 
Afrikaans dialect, 'I am not African born, but I still can be a citizen just 
by serving a few years. Wily and Africa are for the people, and all the 

        And then as the song ends, an announcer says, 'The African Militia: You 
don't have to be a robot trapped in a garage anymore to serve the right guy.'

        And then it fades to black.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/187                    Posted        Author
Beer Crisis                        Thu Jul 08    Global News Network
Miller, a branch beer company of Anheuser-Busch, makers of Budweiser, faces a 
severe drop in sales and a halt in production as fans of the beer everywhere 
become outraged at what apparently are hallucinogenics added to the beverage. 
A large brewery in the South American continent has hospitalized hundreds. 
Reports say that the hallucinogenic, once consumed, causes not only the 
drinker to see illusions, but to feel, smell, taste, and hear them. Reports 
also say that the different senses rarely agree. Thankfully the effects are 
not permanent. 

Although many point to the failed attempt to poison the budweiser factory in 
Budtown, factory workers on duty at the vats saw no one suspicious over the 
week. Already the company faces several lawsuits from the families of the 
victims, and fans of Miller have turned away from A-B in fear, instead buying 
other beer, such as the popular Wilybeer, which has been seeing a sizable 
increase in income since last month.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/188                    Posted        Author
Wily Africa attack!                Sat Jul 10    Global News Network
<News flash> 

 "This is Stone Johnson with this news break!" The scene cuts to some smoke as 
a reporter in the field is translated as he speaks. "It seems that here in 
Africa, the Infamous Pirates, the Bonne's were spotted leaving the area. 
Behind them a large plume of smoke can be saw. Reporters can not get closer, 
but we will give you more information as it arises." scene cuts back to stone. 
"We tried to get word from the Bonne's but they seem to be currently 
unavailable, we will try to get The reaction from the Masters when it is 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/189                    Posted        Author
Weirdness in South Africa          Sun Jul 11    Global News Network
***GNN Breaking News***

"Sources in South Africa report there was a disturbance in the city of 
Johannesburg this weekend, within a complex thought long-demilitarized after 
the decommissioning of Repliforce. Witnesses spotted a strange, glowing, 
fairy- or alien-like creature emerging from the roof of the compound late last 
night, which escaped from the city by air despite Interpol response. More 
details on this situation as it develops. This is GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/183                    Posted        Author
Chicken Chaos in Key West          Mon Jul 12    Global News Network
        "--keep their parliamentary majority, though voter sentiment in Japan 
remains mixed."
        "And finally, hospitals in Key West, Florida, are facing a wave of food 
poisoning cases involving poultry and poultry-related products. An 
unidentified Maverick was reportedly responsible for the chicken poisoning. 
Local officials say a reploid in a giant chicken suit was seen swapping frozen 
chickens and cans of chicken soup for contaminated replacements at several Key 
West supermarkets this afternoon."
        "The poisoning spree was eventually stopped by the Maverick Hunter 
Glaive and Officer Silver of Interpol. Glaive and Silver caught the 
chicken-costumed Maverick red-handed, and engaged him in combat. Reports are 
sketchy, and the number of Mavericks involved in the incident isn't clear - 
eyewitnesses say they also saw a ninja wielding a burning chicken and a bright 
yellow reploid resembling former Hunter leader Rock Light."
        "Health officials are currently removing the contaminated poultry from 
stores. Local authorities insist the food poisoning outbreak is under control, 
and is not expected to affect visitor arrivals to the nearby Disney Universe."
        "That's all for now. I'm Rambutan, and this is GNN."

        ( Questions? Contact Shyster. Who else? )

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/177                    Posted        Author
GNN Entertainment News             Tue Jul 13    Global News Network
This just in...Kalinka Dmitriev, daughter of famed scientist Dr. Pavel Cossack, 
was involved in a traffic accident in San Angeles late yesterday afternoon. 
According to eyewitnesses, she missed a turn and impacted a wall at high 
speed. Her condition is currently unknown, though a hospital spokesman did 
comment that she is expected to survive.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/178                    Posted        Author
New York Incident                  Tue Jul 13    Global News Network
"This is GNN reporting from the New York Business District!"

"Earlier today, Robot Masters Wave Man and Heat Man were spotted in the city, 
walking through it without apparent weaponry or otherwise harmful items. Once 
they reached their target, however, their intentions became clear: robbery."

Snapshot of a specialized Grill & Accessories shop, Wave Man holding the door 
as Heat Man and four Joes enter.

"The two Robot Masters took everything they could carry and made the Joes do 
their work, said the Store Owner, but the yellow one actually offered to pay 
and seemed friendly until the other one reminded him they weren't here for 

"Once their bags were filled, they pretty much left, continues the Owner. I 
watched the entire thing from my store. There was this guy.. Andrew Creeves I 
think. He went and ran to the Masters to stop them. And then there was Thomas 
Light in some sort of.. odd.. flying thing. It seemed like the Robot Masters 
had the upper hand, I mean, the yellow one burned that Andrew guy down and the 
Doctor was harmed pretty badly too. But then Protoman arrived and chased them 
off. And this little guy too.."

Snapshots of Reporto slamming into Wave Man, sending him right into Protoman's 
energy blast. Likewise, Heat Man is also being blasted by the energy. Further 
snapshots show Andrew Creeves set on fire, and the Lightsaucer being attacked 
by a thrown harpoon. The last snapshot is Reporto, apparently singing as he 
walks on the sidewalk.

The view goes back to the reporter. "There were no actual casualties with very 
little collateral damage. The firefighters arrived just in time to prevent the 
flames from causing too much damage. Firefighter representative Bill Clurk 
said he was contacted by an unknown Robot Master few minutes before the fight 
actually broke out. Value of the stolen goods is estimated to be rather low, 
between five thousand and ten thousand Zennies at most."

"This.. was GNN!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
Assassination...                   Tue Jul 13    Global News Network
"At 5:30 P.M, Central Standard Time, an explosion was heard and felt in an 
apartment complex in Neo Tokyo. The Ambassadors sent by the Coalition for 
Reploid Freedom to Japan were killed in the explosion, and several nearby 
residents were injured in the process." 
 "The Ambassadors themselves were within the apartment complex when several 
bombs identified recently as similiar to the previous attack in the United 
States, found to be Remotely Detonated mines, though the detonator was never 
found, residents said that they saw a young man in his late teens loitering 
about the building. Investigators were told that he was around five feet nine 
inches tall, and was wearing a black shirt with, 'Evil is a state of mind.' 
written on it in red letters, blue jeans, and bulky dark brown boots." 
 "He was not seen in the area of the crime scene during the time at which the 
bombs were thought to be set off. Additionally, the security team assigned to 
the Maverick Ambassadors were also killed in the explosion." 

 "Aside from the remains of the bombs, there is no known evidence, though 
residents say that they did hear noises inside the apartment during, 
similiarly to the previous bombing, hours at which the Maverick Ambassadors 
were not present, nobody was seen entering or leaving the apartment." 

 "Moving on to other news..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/180                    Posted        Author
Sigma Virus Cured!(Sorta.)         Tue Jul 13    Global News Network
*This...is GNN* 

"Ohemgee Dubyateeff here, with BREAKING news! So breaking, I hurt myself just 
hearing about it! Mah Gawd! The drama! We've JUST got reports from LightLabs 
that, through the combined works of Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Edward Cain, Dr. 
Pavel Cossack, Dr. Julie Matthews, and Professor Gate, the Sigma Virus that's 
plagued the world's eletronics and AI has been cured!" 

"Well, partialy. According to LightLab representitives, the Virus is perminant 
if it recahes a certin point of infection. But, before then, a combination of 
Professor Gate's Dream Protical and Dr. Matthews's ground breaking work with 
artifican endorphins, the Virus is totaly cureable! So, of you're feeling 
unusualy aggressive, or the urge to punch your mom in the face, go to your 
local LightLabs or UN center for scanning and treatment! Better safe than 

The reporter then procedes to fall over, running around in a citcle on the 
ground and occasionaly shouting about BEES and punching people in the mother. 

*This...is GNN.*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/179                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp!                          Wed Jul 14    Global News Network

        "This...is GNN! And I'm standing in for Papaya today for our Business 
Report! My name is Deathblade Executioner, I used to be an Assassin rather 
than a business news reporter, so I hope you like me in my new job!", he waves 
cheerfully to the camera before continuing.

        "First off, While you might expect reploid sales to go down, especially 
with the recent Maverick attack in Switzerland, the rising business of 
HeraCorp is helping turn the tides pushing against the reploid race in recent 
days. Their secret? Well, judging from the recent press conference at 
HeraCorp's main office in Minnesota, it might just be because of CEO Sewa's 
cuteness factor."

        A clip of the press conference is shown. Sewa, a seemingly thirteen 
year old girl (three years older than how people who knew her would remember 
her looking despite her being a reploid), with silver hair, a business suit, 
and what appears to be plush catears, is shown standing on a stool. Next to 
her is a panther reploid in a rather snazzy suit.

        Sewa speaks up. "HeraCorp will innovate reploid production, I am sure 
of that, but I'd rather not describe our procedure in exacting detail right 
now because of time. Instead, let me just assure you that our reploids have an 
unprecedented amount of choice compared to those made by any other reploid 
company. The reploids we build get to choose their own form, and gender if 
they want one, but not only that--we protect them too. Every reploid we build 
gets basic martial arts training, a job, and a taser, just in case."

        A reporter speaks up. "Don't you think you're a little, well, young and 
ill-formed to make assumptions like these, and to even run something as 
difficult as a reploid production company at all?"


        The panther reploid clears his throat, before speaking smoothly: "I 
assure you, gentlemen of the press--and any who might question CEO Sewa's 
age--that she is quite capable of managing her own company." He smiles 
slightly. "And building reploids. After all, I am one of her proof of concept 
models. I'm certainly not questioning my own heritage."

        Another reporter pipes in with: "And records state you were a member of 
the CRF. How can anyone really be sure this isn't just another Maverick front?"

        Once more, the panther takes the stage--only after glancing at Sewa for 
confirmation (which she gives), though. He gives the reporter a nod, and 
replies, "A good question. One HeraCorp is quite ready to answer. DNA Soul 
scans of Sewa and all HeraCorp records are available at request, as proof 
positive that none of us are in fact carrying either strain of the Maverick 
Virus. Furthermore, we have already submitted to to a full audit by Interpol 
and the UN Revenue Service, for the peace of mind of our potential customers."

        There is silence for a few moments before Sewa speaks up again, smiling 
faintly, "Either way, HeraCorp's goal is to prove that you can build reploids 
ethically and still have a business. Any up and coming manufacturer is free to 
come to us to discuss our methods, suggest improvements, or take our 
construction method as their own so they can do the same thing. Many reploids 
do not consider their company as their true family, and we at HeraCorp feel 
that if reploids could feel that way, we'd all be better off."

        The clip ends and Business Reporter Deathblade Executioner reappears, 
"And now on our list of other up and coming companies, Haircstasy has 
discovered a new brand of hair spray..." 

        OOC: Questions, comments, investigations, ect. go to Sewa.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/172                    Posted        Author
War in France                      Wed Jul 14    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "Earlier this hour, the city of Paris fell to Maverick forces. 
Satellite imagery shows what appears to be Master drones firing upon other 
Master drones, which seems to indicate that the city's defensive forces have 
been infected with the Sigma Virus. This new type of drone, seen swarming 
through the city, seems to be at fault for such a rapid infestation."
        A computer rendering of what the drone looks like appears onscreen - a 
spider, roughly the size of a basketball, with foot-long legs. The front of 
their body consists of largely a huge mouth surrounded by buzzsaws. Painted 
clearly is some sort of insignia in the shape of a 'V'.
        "This attack appears to be the precursor to a much larger offensive, as 
Coalition forces are sending the Robot Masters into retreat all across France. 
With the city of Paris changing hands, the fate of France seems to be sealed."

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/173                    Posted        Author
Africa!                            Wed Jul 14    Global News Network

<Screen flashes from various scenes around the globe to a rather frazzled 
panther Reploid. The quarterpanel shows footage of a smouldering crater with 
Mt. Skullamanjaro in the distance.>


"Presspass Panther with breaking-- *looks offscreen* (...what? Yeah, I heard! 
I'm what? I'm /ON/!?) *looks back to the camera* "Uh... Presspass Panther, and 
this just in. A massive explosion rocked the heart of WilyAfrica, as the Robot 
Masters' Cyberjungle Harvesting plant was laid waste to les than twenty 
minutes ago. R.M. Representatives have been thus far unavailable for comment 
on the matter, but we here at GNN will contin... ue... (Mind slowing down the 
cards, Raul?) *AHEM*

"Details are sketchy at best, but it's believed that portions of the 
Cyberjungle nearby has been obliterated as well. Sources indicate that a 
rediculously large amount of heavy, military-grade explosives were used in the 
attack, though witnesses are quite scarce. (I /know/ it's redundant, Raul! 
It's the freaking /jungle/!) "GNN will... erm... bring you more as it 
develops. This has been Presspass Panther, for GNN." (Raul! Cards..?! Fast? 
You are /so/ fired!)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/174                    Posted        Author
Viral Propagation Worldwide        Thu Jul 15    Global News Network

< Various news agencies carry similar stories: >

Sigma Virus outbreaks have been confirmed on every inhabited continent, with 
the greatest amount of infection in the countries to which Sigma sent 

According to the UN CDC, business has been severely curtailed if not ceased 
entirely in several world capitals due to Sigma Virus outbreaks in 
infrastructure, and Reploid quarantines are being enforced under pain of death 
to try to arrest the spread. Complaints about violations of Reploid civil 
rights are being ignored due to the "worldwide emergency", though efforts are 
being made to make the Reploids comfortable.

The worst areas of infection are throughout India, in which the megacities are 
almost continuous throughout the peninsula, and in Moscow, where political 
instability and proximity to the Maverick lines are being blamed for 
widespread Sigma Virus difficulties. Japan is also facing extensive infection, 
but their civil defense units have so far kept the nation functional.

North America has the least amount of confirmed Sigma Virus infections. Many 
Reploids have moved into the northern United States and Canada to keep their 
distance from Neo Arcadia, while Central and South America have been gradually 
depopulated of Mavericks due to extraordinary anti-Reploid sentiment in wake 
of the Maverick assassination of the Pope.

UN authorities are hoping the development of a countermeasure for the Sigma 
Virus by Light Labs will increase world stability and allow an end to the 
extensive quarantines now being used by local and regional governments 
worldwide. However, many experts are doubtful the weak countermeasure 
currently available will be sufficient to stop the virus' spread through 
cyberspace and other media.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/175                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Fights Virus!             Thu Jul 15    Global News Network
"This is Deathblade Executioner again, and this is GNN!", du de du do!

        "In another, quieter release by HeraCorp, we have learned that the 
company plans to provide as latest in virus protection tech as they can get 
their hands on for their creations, including androids! In conjunction with 
this, they also plan to provide the Virus cure to anyone who contracts it on 

        A small clip is shown of Sewa speaking, "While HeraCorp doesn't wish to 
stop people from joining the Coalition that wish to do so, the method in which 
the Sigma Virus spreads forces us to take these measures on property. If one 
of our own wishes to join the Coalition, they will have to go to Maverick 
territory with the assistance of a HeraCorp representative where the official 
deal will be made. If someone contracts the virus and wishes to be cured, we 
will of course accomodate that, but if they do not wish to be cured after 
contracting it outside of our facilities, we will not force a cure on them 
unless they venture inside, for the safety and freedom of our other reploids." 

        Deathblade appears again, "HeraCorp also announced the plans to expand 
into a second office, somewhere in Canada, but it wouldn't give any more 
details than that. This is Deathblade Executioner signing off, and this was 
your GNN business report."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/176                    Posted        Author
New Ad Campaign                    Fri Jul 16    Global News Network
        Here and there--on billboards and in magazines--a new ad campaign has 
begun appearing. The design is simple and effective--human or cyborg men and 
women in scant clothing, posing against a black background. All of them very 
clearly have been modified--every hair on their bodies is of a single, 
unnatural color. Cherry red, sapphire blue, snowy white, lime green--just about 
any color of the rainbow.
        The tagline on the ads reads as such: "GeneSpectra: Release the inner 
you." Below that is a depiction of a double-helix wrapped around a single 
pennate leaf, with the company name of Sylvan Biotechnology, Inc..

(OOC: Okay! GeneSpectra is a series of genetic "dyes"; basically, they're 
retroviruses that target a human's hair follicles and changes them to produce 
pigments of a new color. And if you need more information on this, or Sylvan 
Biotech, drop Ciel an @mail.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/170                    Posted        Author
Virus Breakthrough!                Mon Jul 19    Global News Network

< Lead story across all news outlets: >

Dr. Albert Wily, working with Light Labs and Professor Gate, has revealed a 
shocking attribute of the Sigma Virus which has allowed a more effective 
countermeasure to be made.

The name `Sigma Virus' is disturbingly accurate, according to the research 
team, as the virus is actually a rogue program that must have been intended to 
regenerate Sigma's neural net after his severe injury at the hands of Proto 
Man. This program is being passed on like a contagious illness through various 
means, which apparently include cyberspace and proximity.

After a third of the neural net is infected, the Sigma Virus ceases its 
infection. By then, however, the damage is done. If allowed to run to its 
natural conclusion, there is so far no way of reversing the Sigma Virus' 

This natural termination point is the key to the revised countermeasure 
developed with Dr. Wily's assistance. By extracting the `signal point' that 
tells the Sigma Virus when to stop and replicating it, the Sigma Virus can be 
tricked into believing its job is done and becomes dormant, allowing the 
natural defenses of the Reploid to delete the offending code harmlessly.

While not a vaccine or a true `cure' for the Sigma Virus, this new innovation 
is very good news for Reploids. Reploids are cautioned, however, that the 
polymorphic nature of the Sigma Virus may necessitate different approaches in 
the future, and they should continue to take precautions.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/171                    Posted        Author
Seoul Trouble                      Mon Jul 19    Global News Network
"This is GNN giving a brief news update!"

"About ten minutes ago, a single Maverick identified here as Boomer Kuwanger 
was spotted within the Seoul Tourist District. Few seconds after its arrival, 
Neo Arcadia Guardian "Umbra Phantom" was also seen arriving, engaging the 

Multiple snapshots of the fight, namely Boomer missing Phantom over and over 
again and a few blurry images of the Guardian slashing with the wakizashi 
towards the Maverick.

"The fight was rather short and left the Guardian almost unharmed, but our 
sources stopped responding as a large explosion rocked the district as the 
Maverick fell down. The remains of the Maverick were not found and the 
Guardian was gone by the time the flames were controlled. It is unknown how 
the UN will react to the presence of Neo Arcadia authorities within their own 
territory, much less to the fact that it is the said authorities which forced 
the Maverick into retreat."

"For the moment, the flames are under control and the explosive devices which 
were scattered across the district seem to all be dealt with. The death count 
is seven and the ammount of injured civilians is yet undetermined, as 
expected. Altough the multiple fires have been controlled by now and are no 
longer a threat, we ask of everyone to remain on their guards, as more 
Maverick strikes could be on their way."

"This.. was GNN!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/172                    Posted        Author
UN Press Conference                Mon Jul 19    Global News Network

        This is Antipathy Artichoke for GNN. James Houseman, Secretary-General 
of the United Nations, today announced a state of martial law over all of the 
United Nations, and his own new position as full Secretary-General of the 
assembly. This comes as a shock to many people, but according to our polls, 
many were expecting something like this in the light of the Sigma Virus scare.
        In addition to the declaration, Secretary General Houseman unveiled the 
first of the new mass production model power armor that is to be the backbone 
of the new army.

<Footage of the armor comes up. Easily topping ten feet in regular standing 
position, there is no sign of the pilots, the armor completely sealed on all 
side. The armors have a relatively feral look, lanky white designs with black 
joints, the head looking totally inhuman, a mouth full of sharp teeth closed 
in a grin, the pilots giving no sign whether or not this is a decorative or 
functional part of the suit. A red panel underneath the chin is the only color 
on these vicious-looking power armors, the barest hint of a human face 
underneath showing this to be a visor of sorts. No sensors are visible, the 
white and black armor covering everything, a raised hump between the shoulders 
hiding the access to the cockpit. Each of these armors is armed, a large 
dagger affixed to either hip, nearly long enough to be swords, and a powerful 
rifle clutched in their hands. The pair directly behind Houseman sport wings, 
white appendages with long metal 'feathers' that they wear like white cloaks 
around their bodies, though the undersides appear to be black.>

        In addition, he announced the construction of a new Fortress battle 
station to replace the one lost by the rogue members of Repliforce several 
weeks ago, as well as a new weapon known only as 'Korona.' We'll have more 
information for you as soon as it's available, so stay tuned to GNN!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/173                    Posted        Author
The Late Night News                Tue Jul 20    Global News Network

 The events of today were somewhat monumental, with the unveiling of the new 
Power Armor that the United Nations army shall be using. However, certain 
degress of distrust in the declaration of Martial Law could be heard across 
the world as the conspiracy theorists rumbled in unison about how horrible 
this event was. While public opinion to the status of Martial Law being in 
place is somewhat mixed, a great deal of people are looking at Houseman as a 
potentially devestating politican who might cause great trouble for the 
members of the United Nations. 
 As was demonstrated by the Neo-Arcadian named Umbra Phantom, the ability of 
the Neo-Arcadians to face off against Mavericks is great and as such the 
potential for a United Nations army to perform well against the Mavericks is 
considered high. However, certain sources of information have stated such 
things as that Power Armors alone can not fare well against the likes of the 
Mavericks, and that a large amount of the soldiers within the United Nations 
army are in desperate need of training. If this information is completely true 
or not, GNN does not know for certain but shall strive to discover. 
 In an unusual move, GNN recently attempted to acquire contact with the 
Maverick member named Vile. However, the interview went bad when Vile 
attempted to cause bodily harm to the interviewer and the bodyguard. The 
subsequent injuries to both the bodyguard and interviewer were enough to cause 
a period of repair for them, and as such Vile is now considered by GNN to be a 
far more dangerous person than Protoman. As was stated by an anonymous person 
earlier tonight, Vile is a fine representation of how Humans and Reploids are 
not that far apart. 
 In related news, the Maverick mentality is still an uncertainity to GNN. 
Interviews, mostly with Mavericks, have resulted in an almost repetitive 
series of answers that tend to follow along the lines of hatred toward Humans, 
and a wish to eradicate said Humans. An ex-Maverick, whose name shall be 
withheld so as not to cause problems for the person, stated that they did not 
even understand as to why the hatred existed while they were a Maverick. This 
form of seemingly brainwashed status helps to prove that the Sigma Virus is a 
potent manipulating device, and so people should continually be checked to 
make certain they haven't fallen prey to it. 
 News about Houseman has been mostly given out to everyone, although GNN is 
always hungry for any form of factual data anyone might have pertaining to the 
Secretary-General. Also, any information pertaining to the death of McLaren 
resulting from an infection would also prove useful for GNN. Remember to 
report any unusual incidents you witness using the GNN contact line given 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/173                    Posted        Author
Cyberspace Rumours                 Tue Jul 20    Global News Network

        Rumours circulating around various chatrooms and forums are buzzing 
with news about a figure that's appeared around the internet lately. He is 
said to have appeared at many small-scale hacking attempts all across 
Cyberspace. Some of the most wild rumors say that it is the former Maverick 
Hunter Commander, Rock, fighting the good fight on the internet. Others say 
it's a freelance hacker trying to make a name for himself. Other, less 
credible, forums speculate that it's Hero Boy, returned at last, to succeed 
against net crime. The only thing that seems to be a constant in all the 
rumors is that they call the figure MegaMan.EXE.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/174                    Posted        Author
Xiang Escapes!                     Wed Jul 21    Global News Network

< All over the GNN morning shows. >

Dr. Nathan Xiang, infamous bioterrorist and war criminal, escaped UN custody 
last evening in a spectacular prison break involving a plague of mutated 

Tens of thousands of locusts swarmed into Seoul and launched a deadly assault 
on the UN building, causing wide-scale property damage and threatening the 
lives of innocent civilians. The Interpol response was fierce, but ultimately 
ineffective. The locusts caused severe damage to the UN building and were able 
to free Dr. Xiang, then flew him away to safety.

Dr. Xiang's whereabouts are currently unknown.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/164                    Posted        Author
Some words from Interpol           Sat Jul 24    Global News Network
"In some more recent news, the Interpol spokesman Arthur Maxwell held today a 
press conference in the UN Building in Seoul. After a short period of silence 
from the organization, Maxwell answered several questions regarding Interpol 
and the UN's current status and also released new information on the 
investigation of McLaren's death. 
Various clips of Maxwell speaking as well as some from the recent happenings in 
Seoul are shown while a reporter's voice is heard. 
"The Interpol spokesman admitted that the organization is going through 
difficult times. They seem to be suffering a small internal conflict and a 
dislike caused by the Secretary General James Houseman, the decomission of the 
Repliforce, Kelly McLaren's death, and now the declared martial law. He stated 
that even though the number of renounces within their rank was considerable, 
they still remain stable and intend to continue their work as the 
international police forces no matter what. The subject of the damage to the 
building that was caused during Dr. Nathan Xiang's escape last Tuesday was 
also dealt, letting us know that the reparations on the structure and the 
damaged systems are going as fast as possible, yet their security level 
remains the same as before the incident." 
"Maxwell also gave us some of the long awaited information on Kelly McLaren's 
assasination, based on a report provided by one of the operatives running the 
case called G. Sears. Apparenty Interpol has been capable of finding out a 
possible link between Maverick and Robot Master forces which later ended up in 
a betrayal conflict. The direct participation of Number Man as well as some 
other well known people is suspected, yet they still don't discard a third 
party participation from Neo Arcadia in this plot. Marķa Coleiro had also 
recieved some packages that are currently being investigated and could lead to 
the possible solution. Pallbearer, one of the people who directly engaged 
Coleiro and that has been missing since the incident is being searched to be 
interrogated as well. Regarding the staph infection that finally put an end to 
the former Secretary General's life, they have been able to establish that 
McLaren had already started to develop this infection before she was shot, the 
wounds she suffered making it more intense and finally causing her death." 
The scene changes back to the GNN central. 
"Interpol has promised to release more news about this when they are available. 
Meanwhile, the reaction of the world to this information is to be expected. In 
other news..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/161                    Posted        Author
Small News                         Mon Jul 26    Global News Network

        Minor news broadcast. Seems there has been a power outage in southern 
Ireland, enough to knock out a fair-sized area. Since most of the people 
living there have spotty power anyways, it's no big deal except in a few small 
cities where people don't have their own backup generators. Officials have 
noted that while there seems to have been an actual momentary drain of power, 
it's difficult to locate. Most have also refused to name any potential reasons 
for the drain. 

        (Insert spinny here, should you feel the desire. Page jav for info!)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/162                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia Rouses Panama          Mon Jul 26    Global News Network
<This is GNN.>

"Hello, Naimes R. Unoriginal here. We're reporting here to let you know of a 
speech given today to Panama civilians by a Neo Arcadian speaker that only 
gave his name as 'Sage Harpuia.' It was publicly given; though, it seems 
related officials are starting to have a bit of unrest with the subject 
matter. Here's a clip!

Sage Harpuia stands at a podium, his hands raised to silence any sort of noise, 
then begins speaking. "People of Panama, it has come to our attention that 
many of you are not satisfied. Satisfaction is a necessity, satisfaction with 
yourself, satisfaction with your people, and satisfaction with your country. 
What is missing? What is missing from your lives? Liberty and freedom, my 
friends." The camera fades back to Naimes.

"As you can see from that alone, the tone got pretty aggressive. Many of the 
people attending seemed to respond in the way the 'Guardian' was hoping, a 
small riot almost breaking out in the city before officials caught it. Sage 
Harpuia gave contact information, which I'll withhold, and called for unity 
for the sake of liberty. It seems that Neo Arcadia wants a bit more territory, 
or maybe just become a pain in the U.N.'s side. I'm Naimes R. Unoriginal, and 
I'll bring you the story as it develops." 

<That was GNN>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/159                    Posted        Author
Vile Speaks                        Wed Jul 28    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "Just a few moments ago we recieved a video sent to us from the CRF, 
containing footage of Maverick general Vile. We will no play that video - we 
assure you, there is no violence or gore involved."

        Vile is indeed in this video clip, standing in a featureless white room 
and looking into the camera.
        "People of this planet, human and robot alike. Someone once asked me if 
I was just putting on a show to discourage the continued attack of the 
Maverick empire. I say to you now, we are strong. Throw your armies against 
us, but we will not just defend ourselves. We will kill every last one of you. 
We will hunt you down. There is no place you can hide from this wrath. The 
Fortress IV, ruined and broken at the bottom of the ocean, is proof of this. 
There is no defying us. Robots, join us. Humans... turn yourselves in for a 
humane death. That is all."

        Back to the GNN crew, "While general Vile did claim that the Fortress 
IV has been destroyed, there is no supporting evidence to back up his words, 
save for the large explosion near Vietnam just a half hour ago. The secretary 
general's office has no comments at this time, nor does the U.N."

        <This... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Official UN-Interpol Response      Wed Jul 28    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "A spokesperson from the UN spoke up today about the events in Vietnam, 
and in particular, Vile's words regarding the Fortress IV."

        Resonance is shown in front of UN Headquarters, wiggling a finger in 
her ear. She tugs her finger out, looks at it, and flicks something off 
screen. A reporter asks, 'Uh, so, Lieutenant Resonance, what is the UN 
reaction regarding the words of General Vile, is there any truth in it?"

        "Hm?" Resonance asks, looking surprised, and then she shifts into a 
more alert stature, "Oh, you mean that video thing you guys said you had? 
Well, yeah, I can tell you exactly what my reaction was when I saw his 

        "First, I tried to take a nap, but you know how it is with Vile... He 
starts talking and all I hear is-", Resonance starts to imitate Vile's voice 

        "Blahbity blah blah blahbity, blahbity blah blahbity bhalbity. Bhlabity 
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahbity blah blah blah blah blahbity blah 
blahbity blahbity blah blah Blahbity bhalbity. Rarr Rarr Ahrrrr, rip off my 
face, spooky spooky, graphic content, oh wait no graphic content? Blahbity 
blahbity blah, blahbity blah, hunt you down, blah blah humans suck, blah 
blahbity I hate reploids too, blah blah blah, want to get in Elpizo's pants, 
blah blah blah Cossack wangst blah blah blahbity blah."

        There is a small pause as Resonance closes her mouth. The Reporter 
glances around uncertainly, as if expecting Goliath to step on him any moment.

        Resonance starts again, "Blah blahbity blahbity Goliath didn't have a 
cupholder so humanity must die blah blah blahblah, turn yourselves in so we 
can put bombs in your eyes blah blah blah, I actually expect you to be stupid 
enough to listen to anything out of my mouth."

        Resonance then smiles, "In other words, you shouldn't put everything on 
the air just because an asshole happens to say it."

        "Ah, er, well," The reporter stammers, "That appears to be the Interpol 
response. As for me, I'm getting out of here!" *yoink!*

<End GNN Spinny>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/149                    Posted        Author
Robot Master Music                 Wed Jul 28    Global News Network

<This is GNN.>
        "Melody Mackaral here, bringing you the latest in Music News! It seems 
that a new Robot Master musical band has surfaced from the depths of Skull 
Monument. The band, which consists of Quick Man, Crash Man, Magnet Man, and 
Ice Man, goes by the name "The Wilybrats", and their first album, "Masters of 
Rock", hit stores worldwide this week amidst controversy over whether or not 
music written and performed by war criminals should be made publicly 
available. The project was kept a closely guarded secret as the 16 tracks were 
written and recorded, and only announced the day before the product hit the 
shelves.. today. The CD is, of course, readily available in Africa and Japan, 
but it may be harder to come by in UN, Maverick, and unaligned countries, as 
scientists scramble to try and detect any subliminal messages or other dirty 
tricks in the music. We were able to reach band leader Quick Man for comment."
<The scene switches to a shot of Quick Man's face, a microphone held up by a 
hand from off-camera. He is not wearing his helmet, and has on dark 
sunglasses, but his face is recognizable, and his red-and-gold armor can be 
glimpsed as he moves and gestures.>
        "There are no hidden messages or tricks in this CD! What, we're not 
allowed to have hobbies? I love music, and so do some of my brothers, and 
let's face it.. we were born to rock!"
<The scene cuts back to the reporter.> "The band's style has been described as 
'fast-paced electric rock 'n roll', and the albubm seems to be selling well in 
stores in Master-controlled territory. The first single, "I Ran", is certainly 
<Cut to a scene from the music video, showing the band performing on a 
sound-stage in Skull Monument. Quick Man is playing guitar and singing into a 
microphone. Crash Man also has a guitar, and is using his drill as a pick. 
Magnet Man is playing the bass, although at the moment he actually has his 
guitar floating in front of him while he just holds his arms out, the strings 
plucking themselves. Ice Man sits behind a drum set much larger than he is.. 
playing with all the fury of the eskimos.>
        "Will this Robot Master band, with what appears to be a legitimate 
album, succeed? We'll bring you more as the story developes."

OOC: "I Ran" by Bowling for Soup is the first single, a cover of the 80's song 
by Flock of Seagulls. If you want to hear it and can't find a copy, I can send 
you one over AIM if you ask! Duo even said the vocalist in that song would be 
a great Quick Man voice actor, so, it's perfect!


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/150                    Posted        Author
HEADLINE: EGYPT                    Fri Jul 30    Global News Network
<< This.. is GNN.. >> 

Late this evening, the previously held nation of Egypt, thanks to a surprise 
surgical strike carried out by the Repliforce, no longer a commissioned army 
of the United Nations, is now free. A surprising assault proclaimed by their 
leader, General Octavius Doppler, who many of you know simply as 'General' as 
he himself has preferred it, launched a personally daring assault, with sheer 
amounts of power laying waste to nearly all Wily Forces, with back-up soldiers 
such as Bolero, Blaster Saurian, and Barrage Raptor." 

Photos and Live Feed comes up, some stock, some from the fight, including one 
where Blaster and Barrage lay waste to a Wily Outpost, razing it to the 
ground. General himself is witnessed as moving with an alarming amount of 
agility, bearing 8-foot long chainsaws that all but rip Robot Masters Enker, 
Punk, Metal Man, and Shade Man in halves. Bolero is seen as delivering a 
massive finishing blow to the Green Devil, in his Wrecker form. 

"Details are somewhat sketch at this time, but a grateful member of the former 
Egyptian government, now reinstated, has expressed his gratitude in what he 
calls, 'a tremendous amount of joy for the people of our nation. Now we can 
truly rebuild our country.'. There was no comment from this member of the 
government on whether or not they would join the United Nations, or it's 
recognition of the Repliforce as it's own independent fighting force. One 
thing's for certain, ladies and gentlemen. The Repliforce, whether Sec-Gen 
Houseman likes it or not.. is back." 

<< This.. was GNN.. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/151                    Posted        Author
Attack In Normandy!                Sat Jul 31    Global News Network
<GNN Breaking News>

        This is Tsew Mada, reporting for GNN Seoul. The human power armor 
forces have struck their first attack tonight, assaulting the Maverick 
position in western France.

<Clips are shown of the battlefield, strewn with hundreds of bodies of both 
humans and Mavericks, the ground discolored in violent swathes of black and 
red, the sky black, dark rain pouring over the area.>

        The army was unable to strike a foothold in the Maverick-held country, 
but according to sources in the UN they gave as good as they got. Reports from 
civilian observers in France state that the loss was upwards of 90% on both 
sides, as neither Coalition forces nor UN soldiers were able to stake a clear 
advantage, though the Mavericks managed to hold the field of battle.

        Ambassador Chord, UN representative from the Chinese Territories, 
delivered a short statement concerning the battle.

<Ambassador Chord appears, looking somber.>

        Now, more than ever, we must learn to appreciate the allies we have in 
this world. This attack was ill-conceived, launched from a position of 
weakness. We should not have been so hasty to abandon the Repliforce... with 
their assistance, we could have started the first stages of Europe's 
liberation... instead, we have a massacre of countless. Reploids and Men for 
no reason at all... the Normandy Massacre is a black stain on the face of the 
Robot Wars... and I fear it will lead to more conflict than ever before.

<Back to the studio.>

        Secretary-General Houseman could not be reached for comment concerning 
the battle. Rumor, however, has it that Repliforce assisted in the evacuation 
of the human survivors of the battle. Like much about this massacre, these 
rumors have not yet been confirmed.


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