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Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
Korea Hovercar Chase               Wed Nov 03    Global News Network
Dateline: November 3rd 2217 - Iri, Korea
        Late last night, the unnamed prime suspect linked to the kidnapping of 
reputable scientist Dr. Julie Matthews was spotted working as a bellhop in the 
city of Iri, where he was first identified as a hacker who took advantage of a 
net cafe in the area several nights before. The suspect, a middle-aged man of 
Native American descent with hearing aides and, curiously, a filthy pillow, 
managed to elude arrest by the squad sent to subdue him for questioning.
        (Shots of said man escaping Denise Marmalade's grasp up front, followed 
later by him jumping out of a second story window where Denise follows after 
him. Her gun is seen discharging, although it didn't appear as though the man 
was shot. He appeared wounded to the point that some may wonder how he held 
the strength to literally throw himself into a hoverbike and take off with it 
from there.)
        There were reports of several injuries on the behalf of the officers, 
hotel employees, and one of the visiotrs whose identity the police have 
requested be withheld. None were reported as life-threatening, though one had 
to be hospitalized. It is reported that the pillow likely did not cause the 
injury that sent the victim there.
        (Overhead view of a hovercar zipping through off-road terrain, with 
numerous police cars giving chase.)
        The suspect eventually fled off the coast southwest of Iri. The chase 
continued for several hours on sea until the suspect, assumed fatigued from 
injury and exhaustion, crashed his vehicle into an unseen barrier in what was 
once considered Chinese waters during times of war. Before officials could 
take him, he was rescued by what was reported as an armed band of militant 
Chinese folks who then refused to give up the suspect on claims that he was 
suspect of criminal activity on their 'turf.' Last we heard, they reported him 
as being hospitalized for his own injuries from the collision, but they failed 
to give his current location. We have been told that this is under heavy 
        (Picture of the man in question. This is Gus Midland, although at the 
very least he's done a good job of keeping his name secret.)
        If you see this man, you are urged to report to InterPol immediately. 
In other news... (blah blah blah blah)

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Petty Crime Rate falls!            Wed Nov 03    Global News Network
The New York City streets have become much safer at night. A mysterious, energy 
slinging caped man has been reported taking out muggers and other petty 
criminals in the bad areas of the city. He's always very quick about his 
rescues, and so a good description is not with us. He is described as tall, 
with longer hair and the telltale body shape of a Reploid. The police would 
like to question this man, as they consider him a vigilante and therefore 
possibly dangerous. The citizens who have seen him in action call him a 
guardian angel. 

(OOC: See Foucalt for info)

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Message: 18/62                     Posted        Author
Further Superhero Antics!          Wed Nov 03    Global News Network
A broad-shouldered man has been spotted in New York City, stopping crimes of 
every sort! A good description of this new superhero is not available, but 
those whom have seen him protecting the innocenting and foiling evildoers have 
described him as a man wearing a yellow body suit with the letter 'G' on his 
mask, right on the forehead. As far as anyone can tell, he seems human, but 
those who have seen him in action give him praising words! The Police, 
however, want to question this man. 

OOC: Questions to CapG

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Message from Light Labs            Wed Nov 03    Global News Network
<Hey! A few minutes of bought time!> "I'm Dr. Light, and I approved this 

The lights turn on to reveal a rap/breakdancing studio, like something fresh 
out of the 1980s. A large man dressed in a sports jersey of some kind, baggy 
jeans, and a cap is standing backwards behind a table. More spotlights turn 
on, and a beat begins playing. Suddenly, the figure turns around-revealing a 
digital clock around his neck, sunglasses twice as large as they need to be, 
that the jersey is from the UCLA Bruins and a familiar white beard. 


Out of the background comes...Jazz, dressed somewhat indecently in the 
traditional Fly Girl garb, Roll, dressed much more conservative in another 
UCLA Bruins jersey and jeans, nodding to Light's singing/Djing, and Mac.

Doing the worm. 


This continues for a short while, and the four Lights nod, and the ad ends.

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Headlines                          Fri Nov 05    Global News Network
You browse the headlines of today's news (i.e. events that happened yesterday) 

Javelin Whitetail kidnapped by Robot Masters! Sold at auction to Interpol for 

Hovercars Tag Gains Popularity In Hong Kong. Victims: Squirrels, Monkeys.

Killdozer gets stuck in Burger King Drivethrough, declared Act of Milan.

Robot Masters steal Killdozer, Neo Arcadians.

Canada appologies.

Robot Masters Trade Neo Arcadians for Realistic Livedoll.

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Message: 18/57                     Posted        Author
Wily Investigation... or lack of   Sat Nov 06    Global News Network

        GNN has stopped reporting on the Interpol investigation into Wily's 
surprise rise to be the Emperor of Japan. Any inquiries to NPCs at GNN Central 
will be given the run-around. Hmmmmm.


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Message: 18/58                     Posted        Author
HeraCorp Donation!                 Sat Nov 06    Global News Network

<a minor news story>

        HeraCorp has donated $10,000.02 zenny to the Charity for Robot Orphans 
(CRO). CRO takes care of reploids and androids whom have lost creators that 
they were very attached to, teaching them how to live on their own. A HeraCorp 
representative stated that the purpose of the donation was due to a mysterious 
gift from the Robot Masters of two cents to HeraCorp. According to a HeraCorp 
official, the two cents were treated as a bribe since there was no notice of 
where the two cents were to be placed.

        'All the same,' the HeraCorp Official is quoted to say, 'We'd like to 
thank the Robot Masters for their interests in HeraCorp and have sent our 
brocheurs to Skull Monument's Mailbox.' 

        'We were planning on donating 10,000 zenny to the organization already, 
and decided to add the Robot Masters' gift to the tally. Thank you for your 

<end message>

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Message: 18/53                     Posted        Author
This Day In History...             Tue Nov 09    Global News Network

        "Once again, GNN would like to apologize to Repliforce for mistaking 
Ms. Shellfish for a blimp." 

        Chest pauses to shuffle the notes he probably doesn't need on the desk 
that's probably way neater than his real one. Suddenly, new theme music can be 
heard, indicating a new segment while a flashy graphic appears on the screen. 
It's an extremely catchy little ten-second tune that somehow takes elements of 
music from all over the world. Those who read the credits of the news will be 
able to see that one Javelin Whitetail was the composer. 

        Finally Chest looks up at a new camera and says, "We here at GNN will 
be running a new segment entitled 'This Day In History...'. It's important in 
this day and age that we don't forget what roads we took to get here. 
Otherwise we're likely to travel down the same paths we might otherwise wish 
to avoid." 

        Suddenly, there's old footage being shown, taking you back 18 years... 
"This day in history - November 9th, 2199, the Global Science and Technology 
Expo in Brussels was held. One exhibit in particular, presented by Dr. Thomas 
Xavier Light, Dr. Edward S. Cain, and Dr. Albert W. Wily was unveiled: Blues, 
the robot that paved the way for every artificial being on this planet." 

        More old footage is shown of the expo. Did Wily have hair up top back 
then? Is that Cossack in the background with a crappy volcano? Now you know 
for sure. Somber music can be heard, "This breakthrough in technology would 
change the world forever, resulting in an entire sentient race of Reploids and 
androids being created, as well as sparking a war with which we're still 
plagued. Truly, the most important day on Earth within the last one hundred 

        As a change of pace, modern day stock footage of Repliforce and the 
Maverick Hunters in action is now shown. "Also on this day in history - 
November 9th, 2210, The Maverick Hunters and Repliforce struck a mutually 
beneficial deal with one another. The Hunters were given the right to draft 
soldiers from Repliforce into their own ranks. In return, the Hunters would 
carry out the more shady operations that Repliforce could not touch. The 
relationship between the Hunters and Repliforce has had both its rough and 
smooth spots." A black and white still image of The Siege Of Repliforce Island 
is shown, followed by a colour shot of Megaman and General hanging out. "The 
cooperation between these two organizations has again and again been a pivotal 
point in this war." 

        The catchy theme music is heard again, and the news moves onward. 


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Message: 18/54                     Posted        Author
Africa Chaos continues             Wed Nov 10    Global News Network

 This...is GNN. 
         In what was believed to be a tactical strike of sorts, it appears that 
Robot Masters have been seen in Africa targeting various nations that have 
already or still seek to break off from their rule in the wake of the current 
contested state of the continent. One attack in particular has been described 
as 'precise' in that it targeted various equipment and weaponry that the 
citizens of these splinter nations would have used to defend themselves in the 
relative chaos to follow. Whether these attacks will continue and step up in 
frequency is unknown as of yet... 
 Blah blah. 


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Message: 18/49                     Posted        Author
Interpol Charter Signed - 1        Thu Nov 11    Global News Network

        "The survey concluded that while Wily is, in fact, far cooler, Light is 
most probably better in the sack." 

        Chest turns towards another camera. And as it's at the top of the hour, 
we can go from the dregs of the news to the headlines. "And now for our top 
story tonight: Interpol, the global police organization of the United Nations, 
completed its separation from the organization that gave it birth." There's 
old footage of Interpol officials at various press conferences and such. 
There's also dandy of a shot involving Fairchild winning silver in the Battle 
& Chase sharp shooting event. "Director Fairchild officially signed the 
charter to Interpol, thus granting them new and independent powers." 

        More random Interpol footage. For some reason, a shot of Bluecoat T-Rex 
trying in vain to catch a mini-Flame Hyenard is included. "As Interpol is no 
longer part of the United Nations, their funding will be coming from a large 
list of nations that wish to participate. The most notable exceptions being 
territories controlled by the Mavericks, the Robot Masters - Africa 
included... for now - and the Neo-Arcadians. As well, San Angeles and Eurasia 
will only be involved in dire emergencies. Lastly, Russia, currently in 
anarchy, was in no position to sign onto the program." 

        Chest continues onward. "Director Fairchild was quoted as saying that 
'the new charter would be another step toward less corruption in the police 
force and in the governments of the world, and that with Interpol now entirely 
independent, the stigma of its past was finally behind it - so that they can 
now focus on what's truly important.'" There's a shot of the Rocky Mountains. 
"The United States has even donated a former military base here in the Rockies 
to serve as Interpol's headquarters."



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Message: 18/50                     Posted        Author
Interpol Charter Signed - 2        Thu Nov 11    Global News Network

        With the facts out of the way, Chest goes off on a bit of a tangent. 
"I'd just like to point out, for any of you keeping score at home, that this 
is another huge organization that's successfully jumped the sinking United 
Nations ship. So I have to ask you, the people, this question: Are the days of 
the United Nations done for? Sure, they were the ones that instigated 
Repliforce's departure (a move we can all agree was 'craptacular'), but with 
the power armour army being, sadly, defeated by the Mavericks several months 
ago, and now with Interpol forming an independent organization, this leaves 
the United Nations with no 'real' power." Chest, of course, understated the 
fate of the power armour army by a whole lot, but this is out of respect for 
those who died fighting to the last for what they believed in. At the mention 
of 'real power', Chest clenches his fist, demonstrating what exactly he means. 

        "Also note that other countries seem just fine with dealing with the 
various protection agencies directly. Just about everyone has signed on with 
Interpol. Repliforce is now in a similar situation." Chest asides here real 
quick, "Speaking of which, General, if you're out there, I'm still waiting for 
that interview." he winks at the camera, and then finishes off by saying, "I 
can't say what the eventual fate of the United Nations is, and whether or not 
it is quickly becoming obsolete in the face of countries dealing directly with 
focused international agencies, but it's certainly a large step forward for 


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Message: 18/51                     Posted        Author
Strange Dissapearences             Fri Nov 12    Global News Network
"....isn't that chimp just adorable? And in other news, authorities have begun 
to find a disturbing trend in recent dissapearences. Leading geneticists and 
researchers of similar fields have begun dissapearing over the last week, 
without so much as a trace, and suspect foul play. Rumors abound that one of 
the factions in the Robot Wars may be seeking to use them against the others, 
making Neo Arcadia a prime suspect, with the numerous speculations as to their 
Super Soldiers being highly geneticly enhanced. "

" Now, let's go to Tim for the weather..." 

(OOC: @mail Pharaoh Man for more info)

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Message: 18/52                     Posted        Author
This Day In History...             Sat Nov 13    Global News Network

        "Thank you for that three hour report on why the Robot Masters are the 
rightful heroes here on Earth, fired- I mean, Fred." 

        Chest coughs to cover up that little slip of the tongue. Meanwhile, 
that catchy tune composed by Javelin Whitetail can be heard in the background 
while a flashy graphic flies by. 

        Footage takes you back 12 years into the past. "This day in history - 
November 13th, 2205, was the disastrous day that began another arc of the war 
with which we are still trapped." There's sudden footage that almost each and 
everyone one of you will instantly recognize: The traitor Sigma, with his 
terrifying strike team behind him, addressing the world and announcing the 
creation of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. 

        The image pauses on the insignia of Sigma's team, which then became 
known as the dreaded Maverick symbol. Chest continues to speak, "Sigma's 
transmission interrupted a statement from the Secretary-General as he declared 
his new intentions. It was then that the first explosions began in Sydney 
Australia, signaling the beginning of a new war." 

        Three days later, a Repliforce task force desperately suffering from 
severe cases of soldiers going AWOL, met up against the Coalition's forces for 
the first time. It was here that we all realized just how deep the threat the 
Mavericks were, and how seemingly good Reploids could suddenly join their 
ranks." There's a quick barrage of still-shots: An explosion in Australia; the 
Repliforce armada; images of Repliforcers with newly donned Maverick 
insignias; several shots of the bloody battle; and finally the tattered 
remains of a destroyed Reploid who's allegiance is not shown. 

        "The cause of the Coalition's formation remains a mystery as many 
questions are unanswered. What created the Maverick Virus?" Shot of Zero in 
his Maverick days. "Was it Iris' kidnapping months before that caused Sigma to 
start the Coalition?" A particular shot of Iris. "Who /did/ kidnap Iris all 
those years ago, and how did she end up in the Mavericks' Headquarters nearly 
a year later?" 

        The shot lingers on Iris. It's not a typical flattering picture of her, 
but rather one with just a hint of hidden terror. "The only answer we have to 
these questions is what resulted of it all. The Coalition for Reploid Freedom 
- the Mavericks - have been a dangerous presence for the past dozen years, and 
have changed both robotic and human life on this planet forever. If you will, 
take a moment of silence today to remember those who have fallen on all sides 
of the conflict." 

        Leading by example, there's a full minute of silence before finally 
fading out into a commercial. 


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Message: 18/53                     Posted        Author
American Elections Successful      Sat Nov 13    Global News Network

< A minor international or a major regional story. >

In spite of logistical delays and some controversy, the remaining 47 states of 
the United States of America completed their ballot count early Saturday 
morning for local, state and federal offices. A variety of local and state 
issues were also on the ballot, primarily focused on increasing national 
defense and restoring powers formerly held by the UN to the states.

The Republican party dominated the elections, winning a narrow majority in both 
Houses of Congress. President-Elect Dion Seers and Vice President-elect George 
Chevalier overturned the former Democratic administration with a decisive 64 
percent popular vote victory. The Seers ticket won an even larger electoral 
vote margin of 325 votes to 231, attributed to their conservative base 
throughout the Midwest: an area that has gained increasing political power 
since the departure of San Angeles, Disney Universe and now Texas.

State-wide ballot measures have passed in Alaska and Hawaii for representatives 
to introduce proposals to the Congress to devolve both states back to 
territories. This unprecedented proposal has caused a firestorm of debate 
among Constitutional scholars, and the bills are expected to be contentious 
throughout both Houses of Congress.

UN observers, having normally been seen in US elections since their acquisition 
of executive power over the nation, were not seen in this election. Instead, 
Interpol representatives were present to ensure that no problems occured at 
the polls. Official comments have indicated that the election ran smoothly.

< Punditry. >


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Message: 18/54                     Posted        Author
Maverick Hunters Strike Neo Arcadi Sat Nov 13    Global News Network
<A news blurb in GNN>    
Early last evening, reports came in that the elite group of warriors called the 
Maverick Hunters opened up a planned assault on four different Neo Arcadian 
recruit training camps.         
<Pictures of Glaive, Shield, Bolt Kraken, Zero, Alpha, and a few other Hunters 
attacking weak structured camps.>       
Within a few minutes the Aztlan forces, led by President Elpizo, responded to 
the attack. Images of Templar Fefnir, Umbra Phantom, and an unknown child 
dropping on to the scene.       
<Image of High Velocity Battle Tank Fefnir>      
All in all, the Maverick Hunters destroyed all four of the Neo Arcadian recruit 
camps. Reports of President Elpizo fighting the infamous Zero, and in fact 
LOSING to the great Maverick Hunter. There has been nothing released on the 
condition of the President, but from all reports he appears to be in critical 
This is... GNN. 


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Message: 18/55                     Posted        Author
Maverick Assault on Neo Tokyo      Sat Nov 13    Global News Network
<It's an Asian Man, the HUD display says his name is Hiro Tanaki, and there is 
no gimmickry in this newscast.> He stands amonsgt clean up and construction 
crews which appear to be almost finished restoring the damages caused by the 
Maverick assault a few days ago although from the beautiful panaramic view 
behind him you can tell there are a few holes in the skyline which might not 
be filled for some time. > 
 "This is Hiro Tanaki reporting from the business districts in Neo Tokyo. As 
you are all aware several mavericks attacked this area recently, causing 
millions of zenny in damages, but only one casualty. The Japanese Military, 
assisted by the Emperor's Personal Guardsmen were able to quickly disarm the 
situation but there has been query as to whether or not this flagrant assault 
on our homeland was simply some sort of diversionary tactic. The Military is 
working together with private research firms such as Takanawa INC. and Mikage 
International to investigate the nature of this maverick threat and to being 
work on a plan to protect us from such random incursions in the future. "

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Message: 18/55                     Posted        Author
Saharan RM Outpost Attacked!       Mon Nov 15    Global News Network

        "This is Nauseating Newscaster, bringing you the story of the battle of 
the century, which took place yesterday in the Sahara, in the middle of the 
Mirror Desert Power Station."
<The screen behind the newscaster shifts to a large picture.. of Hi-Max 
battling a giant, 8-foot tall Met>
        "That's right! It appears Hi-Max, the Repliforce Supersolider, took on 
a highly dangerous gigantic Metool! The fighting was feirce, the opponents 
seemingly closely matched! But in the end, the Repliforcer won out!"
<The picture shift to show the two tusseling, the Met charging Hi-Max again and 
again, until Hi-Max flips it over and impales it with a big metal pole>
        "Wow! What action! Oh yeah.. also, apparently, The Robot Master Sphere 
base in the area was destroyed, thousands dead, Fortress Five severely damaged 
in the battle, a good chunk of Africa without power. But seriously folks. Look 
at that Met! It's huge! Hi-Max, you are an inspiration to us all!"


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Message: 18/56                     Posted        Author
Children's Hospital Attacked       Mon Nov 15    Global News Network
--Dateline: Moscow

Moscow is still reeling tonight from a brazen attack by the Mavericks on the 
local children's hospital yesterday (14th November).

< Grainy footage of the Swordfish lurching into the sky from a rooftop. > 
Details remain sketchy at this time, but it has been confirmed that five 
children have been abducted from their Intensive Care Ward. A sixth shild was 
rescued by the Maverick Hunters before the Mavericks escaped. The names of the 
children have not been released pending notification of their families. 

Doctors from the hospital are pleading for the children's return, saying that 
they are critically ill and are in need of round-the-clock care.

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Message: 18/57                     Posted        Author
ARG Stabilization                  Tue Nov 16    Global News Network

< Regional news. >

The African Regional Government has been declared to be a "stable" governmental 
body, according to international observers, which is an important milestone in 
gaining international credibility. The ARG currently consists of much of 
northern and central Africa -- the areas secured by Repliforce -- and wishes 
to expand its confederation to the southern half of the continent.

The progress of the ARG is being slowed by the general tumult in Africa, but an 
official statement published by the organization insists that they "will not 
rest until every single African can stand together and speak to the world as 
one voice".

Financial forecasters have improved the African investment outlook as the ARG 
has begun to take steps to reassert law and order in the northern areas of 
Africa. Several megacorporations are rumored to be in negotiations for the ARG 
for various reconstruction projects, and the World Bank has begun negotiations 
with the ARG to reorganize the banking systems of member nations.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/58                     Posted        Author
Russia In "Humanitarian Emergency" Tue Nov 16    Global News Network

< Yet another Russia story ... coverage of the civil war there has become a 
daily staple of news programs, almost to the point where it becomes background 
noise. >

International observers from the Red Crescent and Red Cross have declared 
Russia to be in a "humanitarian emergency" in their quarterly report about the 
Asian continent. The civil war that rages in the nation between rogue military 
units, terrorist organizations, criminal gangs and religious fundamentalists 
have damaged the nation's infrastructure to dangerous levels, causing 
international investment to flee.

New refugee communities have formed in neighboring nations, increasing tensions 
in an already volitile situation. Large numbers of European refugees, unable 
to find asylum in other nations, have already been present in refugee cities, 
struggling to rebuild stable communities with limited humanitarian aid. With 
the addition of large numbers of Russians, these fragile communities are being 
severely tested trying to keep them housed and fed.

With a hard winter expected to strike the Eurasian continent, UN estimates of 
casualties of the civil war are becoming increasingly pessimistic, with 
potential deaths from starvation, exposure or disease estimated to be in the 
hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

< Punditry. It fills time. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/59                     Posted        Author
India and China Commit to UN       Tue Nov 16    Global News Network

< More news. >

India and China, two of the largest nations in the world, made seperate 
announcements on Monday reaffirming their commitment to the United Nations. 
The news, apparently timed to assist floundering regional economies regain 
their footing, had an immediate positive effect on the world markets and 
caused both nations bond ratings to be upgraded to their former levels.

Both nations are believed to be positioned to become cornerstones of the 
reforming United Nations, with rumors of a formal alliance circulating through 
the international community to counter the influence of the ascendant power of 
Aztlan, commonly known as "Neo Arcadia".

Australia has refrained from making a commitment to the United Nations until 
the completion of its annual elections on November 27th, since UN membership 
has become a major issue in their federal campaign. However, Australia is 
being strongly lobbied by the UN to retain its membership, with promises of 
additional influence in what appears to be becoming primarily an 
Asiatic-Pacific political alliance rather than a global body.

< Various punditry. You love it. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
Vatican Announces Pope Search      Tue Nov 16    Global News Network

< Front page news in Catholic nations. >

The Vatican, in an uncharacteristically terse public announcement, formally 
announced it has begun the process of electing a new Pope.

The unusual length of time between the death of the Pope and the initiation of 
this process is unprecedented in the history of Mother Church, but 
"international factors have caused this unfortunate delay", according to the 
public statement.

The whereabouts of the Cardinal Electors involved in this process is unknown, 
with a focus on secrecy being at a level not seen since Pope Paul VI's 
institution of the /Romano Pontifico Eligendo/ in 1975.

The Vatican has said they hope to select a new Pope before the busy Christmas 
season, but gave no definite timetable for news of the new Pope, nor what 
method they would use to announce his new appointment.

Despite the secrecy, the news has galvanized the world Catholic community. 
Church attendance, which had slumped slightly over the past months, has 
increased to record enrollments, and speculation runs rampant as to who will 
become the new Holy Father.

< Ridiculous levels of punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
Update: Kidnapped Children         Tue Nov 16    Global News Network

        "Well, this reporter was... possibly a little hasty earlier and would 
like to... reaffirm his allegiance to this planet. May not be perfect, but 
it's still the best government we have. For now." Chest quickly crumples up 
the 'HAIL STARDROIDS' poster behind him and tosses it out. 

        "In other news, GNN has acquired additional information involving the 
fate of five children kidnapped by Mavericks on the 14th of November in 
Moscow, Russia. This information comes straight from Dr. Doppler himself, who 
was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. For those who didn't catch 
the news yesterday..." And shame on you for not watching GNN!! "...Maverick 
forces attacked a children's' hospital, taking with them five terminally ill 
patients. The Maverick Hunters were successful in saving a sixth. I'm happy to 
report that the children are apparently safe, although still in ill health. 
The Mavericks plan to give them cyborg bodies in order to save them from their 
diseases. The hospital confirmed that saving them in this method may be 
possible, and that the Russian authorities, such as they are, would have been 
unable to save them given the current state of the government." 

        "Dr. Doppler confirmed that the children will become Coalition citizens 
in an attempt to show that cyborgs are fully accepted in Maverick society." 
Chest glowers at the screen ever so briefly. "The Doctor promised to consider 
a request to allow GNN a chance to visit the children directly. An official 
response is still pending. Doppler also promised that should Maverick 
technology fail to save any of the children, full disclosure would be given on 
the cause of death." The report ends on an ominous note, "Dr. Doppler declined 
answering whether this would be a lone incident, or if further assaults on 
hospitals should be expected." 


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Message: 18/54                     Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia Announces Benefits     Thu Nov 18    Global News Network
<This is..... GNN>       
Today, President Elpizo of the nation of Neo Arcadia has signed a bill for all 
potential citizens of Neo Arcadia. Starting next Monday, all citizens of Neo 
Arcadia have free medical treatment from most medical illnesses, the terms to 
this benefit is a migration to Neo Arcadia and that you become a full-fledged 
citizen of the nation. This is quoted from the President himself:       
"The citizens of Neo Arcadia.. are a very loving and caring people. We reach 
our hands out to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We seek to 
encompass all of the human race into our welcoming embrace.... ...and to show 
them that we are the best that humanity has to offer. We offer incentives to 
those who similary welcome our cause."          
President Elpizo made no further comments this day. In other news.. in the city 
of Aztlan, there have been reports of workers constructing a farily large 
statue. We here at GNN currently, do not know what the statue is portraying, 
but from all reports the citizens say it is to honor those that have died for 
the cause of humankind. In fact, there is a ceremony in the Downtown District 
of Aztlan on Saturday November 27th 2217 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.    
 <OOC: Questions to Elpizo>

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Message: 18/55                     Posted        Author
Dateline Australia                 Thu Nov 18    Global News Network
(GNN News Report, not a top story, just sort of there.)

"Though reports of Sigma Virus outbreaks have lessened significantly across 
international lines, security experts warn that reploids, androids, and even 
certain types of non-AI electronics are still vulnerable to infection. A study 
was released recently outlining the outbreak pattern from developing nations 
all over the globe. A startlingly low outbreak figure is reported in the 
nation of Australia, which has had very few confirmed 'Maverick' reploids 
recently despite the gestation of this new viral plauge. Researchers in this 
country base these results on a few key factors. First of all, their isolated 
island location provides some protection from traveling viral contagion. 
Secondly, the lack of solid Maverick targets, especially since the 
decommissioning of the Repliforce base once nicknamed 'Oz', located elsewhere 
on the continent. The nation also has a recently-passed sanction on reploid 
population growth, which prevents companies from building more reploids than 
they can feasibly employ in the nation."

"The report about the Virus provides a paradoxical situation for Australian 
immigration, who have had to deal recently with increasing requests by 
reploids to enter the country, where they feel they'll be safer from viral 

"Meanwhile, Australia is still divided on the matter of Repliforce itself, and 
has an equally mixed opinion of the United Nations, which is persuing their 
support. Polls show many Australians missing both Repliforce support, and the 
possible security and international community provided by the UN. However, 
there's a significant and vocal percent of the Australian population that 
would rather keep Repliforce out of the country, if not reploids altogether. 
The heaviest protests come from the privately sponsored Blake Foundation, a 
reploid-population-control support group that began underground a year ago, 
and is named for its now-deceased founder. The group is currently headed by 
Lisa Faulkes, a political moderate. There are some concerns that the group 
supports the more radical methods of the North American faction, Neo Arcadia, 
but so far, no actual reploid killings or riots have been attributed or 
connected to the Foundation or their founders, who prefer peaceful means to 
make their point."

"GNN reporting."

(Hit up Gemma with any questions.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/56                     Posted        Author
World Economy Improving            Fri Nov 19    Global News Network

< Financial news. >

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released a report today indicating a 
generalized state of improvement in the world economy since the turbulent 
summer months. Difficulties still remain, but revised projections indicate a 
gradual return to a pre-2215 rate of growth.

"The decentralization of the world economy, combined with vigorous 
reconstruction projects throughout Africa and Asia, is providing much-needed 
employment to the world population," according to the executive summary of the 
hundred page report. "Further, growth of the defense industry in the Americas 
has had a positive impact on that region's economy, which will have a ripple 
effect throughout the New World."

The encouraging report from the IMF gave a small boost to the world markets. 
The NYSE closed up 50 points at 25,654, with American Defense Systems 
(NYSE:ADS) leading the way. ADS is up 15% on rumors of an extremely strong 
fourth quarter report based on multi-billion purchases from the United States 
government. Additional back-channel rumors of large sales to Texas have not 
been officially confirmed or denied by ADS.

This positive gain counters the flat trend in the American economy due to fears 
over a continental war between the US government and Aztlan. With the fourth 
quarter rapidly coming to a close, defense stocks -- which had been 
undervalued due to that general unease among investors -- are starting to 
drive what many analysts believe will be six to eight month long bull market.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/57                     Posted        Author
Colonel Interview: Reruns          Fri Nov 19    Global News Network

        On one of GNN's subchannels there's reruns of last night's live 
interview of Colonel, which centered mostly on the campaign in Africa and 
other Robot Master related things. It can also be downloaded from the GNN 
website with or without the Global Frequency's commentary. 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/58                     Posted        Author
Hearing Called                     Fri Nov 19    Global News Network
"...and in international news, the Neo Tokyo Government in cooperation with 
INTERPOL has called for an official investigatory hearing today conerning Dr. 
Albert Wily's ascension to the throne of Emperor. While sources have no word 
on whether or not INTERPOL has evidence capable of deposing Emperor Wily, it 
has become rather obvious all of our sources are tight lipped. In fact, GNN 
has the exclusive coverage rights, and no one beyonds INTERPOL Personnel, Neo 
Tokyo Officials, witnesses, and Robot Master Representatives are to be allowed 
inside the court room during the precedings. "

" Now, to Jennifer, in our new 'Strip Weather Report' segment..."

(OOC: The hearing will be this Monday at 7 PM CST, which is 6 PM MUSH TIME-EST. 
INTERPOL, GNN, and Robot Master characters are the only ones ICly allowed in 
during the hearing. It will hopefully be broadcast on Live News.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/59                     Posted        Author
New York: Bizarre RM Situation     Sat Nov 20    Global News Network
Dateline: November 20th 2217 - New York City, New York
        "There was a brief panic within the slums of New York City early this 
morning when Robot Master Blizzard Man was sighted travelling about the 
        (Insert picture of him here)
        "Witnesses have stated that he had been asking numerous people about 
what he called the 'scent of death.' Then, around 10:00 AM EST when some 
stores were setting up shop, he was reported as vandalizing an insurance 
company's front window. Police responded several minutes later, but by that 
time he had left the scene without any further incident. No injuries have been 
reported. Curiously enough, the incident gave rise to several... 
interesting... theories concerning the Robot Masters."
        (Live footage of some kind of nutjob describing one of these theories. 
It's a 30-year old male with curly red hair and a hispanic complexion. He's 
making all sorts of weird gestures as he speaks. Notice that there's a framed 
picture of William Fetcher in the background.)
        "Like, OK, see, me and my crew found these ANCIENT Flash movies. Flash 
is, like, what we have now, but OLDER! We were all just looking for Flash 
because there's, uh, you see, a REALLY big tax break for donating to the 
museums! Then we, like, found these things. These were flash movies of the 
ROBOT MASTERS! Robot Masters, man! Two hundred years before they first 
APPEARED! And, uh, see for yourself, man."
        (The news plays footage of one of Andrew Dickman's cartoons which 
spoofs a Nestea commercial. Skull Man goes to the fridge, gets something to 
drink, and frosts up into a giant snowball - Blizzard Man! He then tells Ice 
Man off.)
        "Coincidence after he was all, 'do you smell the stench of death, eh'? 
I think not!"
        (Back to the newscaster)
        "Officials were also conducting an investigation on these cartoons to 
determine their historical validity. We'll keep you updated the moment any new 
information comes in."
        "And now, here's today's sports summary with Cherry..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
News Update                        Sun Nov 21    Global News Network
<Explication Echinoderm appears.>

        Reports of ancient Robot Master Flash movies have been shown to be 
incontrivertantly false. All evidence points to a pair of hackers in Highland, 
Texas, who were promptly flamed off the Internet mere hours ago.

<Back to more of the G Block...>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/57                     Posted        Author
Arcadians Clean Up Country... More Wed Nov 24    Global News Network

        << This is GNN! >>

        Since the coup of the Mexican government by Elpizo and his followers, 
Mexico City's long standing problem with pollution has virtually ceased. 
However, much damage was already wrought on the Mexican landscape. It had 
fallen prey to desertification, the expansion of unfarmable desert land via 
erosion and decay.
        However, a recent Neo Arcadian press release says that their worries 
are soon to be over. Using unspecified technology that is apparently reverse 
engineered from Maverick machines that created the now-destroyed Mecha 
Schwarzwald, a team of Arcadian scientists are putting in motion a plan to 
restore the Mexican nation. President Elpizo had this to say:

        Cut to a brief tape of Elpizo speaking from a podium, Aztlan's flag 
behind him. "The Science Division of Aztlan has worked for many months for 
ways in which to ressurrect the Mexican ecosystem. With the combination of 
human ingenuity, and technology, the land that is Aztlan will live in 
splendor.. much akin to the Garden of Eden."

        The team responsible has refused to release their findings and methods 
to the scientific community, though the team leader, Dr. Camille Lafayette 
answered a few questions.

        Cut once more, this time to the aforementioned doctor, who seems to be 
enjoying her first TV appearance that /isn't/ her getting hit with a broom by 
Dust Man or modelling clothing. "No, the process is currently too 
energy-intensive to be put into practical use across the globe. It has 
succeeded testing in small, controlled environments, but today will be its 
first major trial, using Aztlan as a proving grounds. Over the next few weeks, 
a mixture of biological and mechanical technologies will transform the climate 
of Mexico to something more hospitable. And, yes, the reprecussions of 
changing an entire environment have been minimized as much as possible. Thank 

        << This was GNN! >>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/58                     Posted        Author
London Streets Terrorized!         Fri Nov 26    Global News Network
<It is Tom the anchor man!>

        Straightening his tie Tom the anchorman for GNN's hot daytime news show 
breaks into your normal TV viewing. He states, "This just in! The scene in 
down town London in the early hours of this morning have ended. It is feared 
that a number of people have been hurt as a fight erupted in the streets. 
Let's go there live."

        Break to Sandra, a GNN correspondant who wears high heals and power 
suits. She clears her throat and coughs, "This was the scene earlier as a news 
helicopter of a the local London affiliate caught a brief Glimpse of the Robot 
Master 'PUNK' randomly attacking traffic." Cut to that footage. From the 
bird's eye view it is apparent that Punk is spelling something with the 
many...many cars. R-E-P-L-I-F. "It is assumed that the Robot Master had been 
wanting the attention of the media to give a message to the Repliforce who 
once called London their home. From reports of eyewitnesses in the surrounding 
buildings, one Repliforcer(Forge Badger) and two Maverick Hunters(Glaive and 
Psalm) showed to force the Robot Master into retreat. But a small reploid as 
yet unidentified(Dalet) assisted in the Master's defense. We can only 
speculate as to why. Eyewitnesses report that the battle was a grueling one. A 
Hunter was forced out of consciousness by Punk's defender. From what our 
sources say, Punk then threatened the Repliforcer with the words, 
'Repli...bleep. Take this message back to all those ...bleeps on Fortess V. 
It's on,' and left. Some witnesses speculated from the context of these words 
that perhaps there is something brewing between the Robot Masters and the 
Repliforce. They express concerns that none of us are safe from this spilling 
out onto our streets."

        Cut to the Anchor Tom again, "Well that is awful. When will anyone be 
able to stop these terrorists?" He shakes his head and huffs. Suddenly smiling 
he changes the subject, "And in sports a team of little leaguers makes their 
debut in a big league stadium! More on their horrific ordeal of parents living 
vicariously through them and creepy coaches when we return."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/58                     Posted        Author
St. Ivan Obliterated!              Sat Nov 27    Global News Network
<A News Story on Today's News..>         
Last night, a seemingly random Maverick raid led by this individual.. <Picture 
of Wire Sponge appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen> was 
changing the weather and causing random destruction. Some Maverick Hunters, 
and the Pirate King Teisel Bonne appeared on the scene.         
We do not have that much information about what exactly happened at the battle, 
currently. All we know, is that the Mavericks were driven off... not before 
almost virtually levelling the small town with a very large hurricane. Our 
thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of St. Ivan, in Russia.     
This is.... GNN!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/59                     Posted        Author
Interpol Crackdown in Jizad        Sat Nov 27    Global News Network
November 26th, 2217- 

Jizad, Saudi Arabia: Last night, Interpol agents stopped an underground weapons 
deal between notorious Middle Eastern outlaws and what was reported as the 
Robot Master Flame Man. Most notable of those criminals present was Fahad bin 
Kadar, also known as the 'Desert Lynx', leader of the 'Black Scorpion', a band 
of raiders who frequently attacked and pillaged desert convoys. Agents swarmed 
the building and brought down many of the outlaws, although two reportedly 
killed themselves to avoid capture. Several were arrested and brought to local 
law enforcement to be put on trial. 

Flame Man and Fahad made their escape through the rooftops, attacking gunners 
on the way, with Flame Man attempting to run with a large amount of money in a 
briefcase, which was taken in the engagement by Interpol. The total amount was 
16 million zenny. Fahad was injured when he fell off a building, and was 
hospitalized before he will go on trial. Many speculate Fahad will face a life 
sentence or even death for his crimes, ranging from thievery to large amounts 
of murder.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/60                     Posted        Author
Progress In Russia                 Sat Nov 27    Global News Network

< GNN Top Stories >

Donations have sharply increased to the humanitarian organizations assisting 
Russian refugees, led by generous funds donated by the Light Labs Foundation. 
The funds, said to be profits from the "domination" of the snack food market 
by Light, are attributed to saving hundreds, if not thousands of lives this 
week during several days of intense cold.

Over the weekend, several main roads through Russia and most of the 
Trans-Siberian Railroad were secured by a coalition of Russian 
megacorporations. The series of strikes, formally called an anti-trespassing 
measure to avoid United Nations sanctions against megacorp armies, has 
increased the mobility of doctors, aid workers and supplies to and from 
teleporter hubs.

UN forecasters anticipate a hard winter this year due to the extensive 
environmental damage over the past several years. "Continuing humanitarian aid 
will be essential," said a spokesman for the Cossack Foundation, the largest 
native charitable organization in Russia. "With this unrest and the hard 
weather, we will be in a constant struggle to stay ahead of demand."

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/61                     Posted        Author
Shopping Season "Strong"           Sat Nov 27    Global News Network

< Financial News >

The holiday shopping season started strongly worldwide on Friday, with record 
sales on all continents as well as the Eurasia space colony. Vast numbers of 
humans and Reploids were observed shopping in malls and on the Internet, with 
billions of Zenny changing hands. Sales were especially strong in the 
Americas, with consumer confidence measures soaring in the United States and 

Firearms were among the leading products sold in the reformed United States of 
America on Friday, especially in the southern states. Rumors of smuggling 
higher end weaponry in and around San Angeles are circulating through the 
southwest region, encouraging especially paranoid individuals to travel great 
distances to purchase illegally exported SAPD anti-Reploid weaponry. San 
Angeles officials have denied all reports of these weapons crossing the border.

In Asia, the stuffed Mega Man has once again started its climb toward being the 
season's top seller, challenged only by the recently revealed Fortissimo 
Collection -- garments which, according to the Church of Bass, were personally 
designed by Robot Master Force Commander Bass.

< Various errata and punditry. >

< There is something in common with all of the various stock footage collected 
from around the world which intelligence spidering programs, operated by every 
faction, may notice: Irregulars are in the background, purchasing large 
quantities of various items. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/62                     Posted        Author
Mavericks Shoot Food               Mon Nov 29    Global News Network

< In world news: >

Several people are dead and dozens are wounded today in the aftermath of a 
Maverick attack in the production district of Moscow. The attack was led by 
the Maverick General Vile, who engaged Maverick Hunter forces protecting the 
depo. The Maverick Hunter Signas led his forces bravely in the face of 
Maverick opposition, but were overcome by the Maverick forces and forced to 

The Mavericks succeeded in destroying a shipment of food destined for the other 
end of the city. Additionally, a central grain elevator for the district was 
destroyed by targeted electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, one silo was 
destroyed by what appeared to be an artillery attack, and two other silos 
remain on fire after being sabotaged with incendiary rounds and a 
petroleum-based accelerant believed to be kerosene.

"This was a deplorable tactic employed by the Coalition, whose only apparent 
attempt was to cause suffering to as many civilians of a war-torn state as 
possible," said Maverick Hunter Commander Signas. "The Hunters promise to only 
double their efforts, to prevent another hate crime against Humanity."

< Punditry. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/63                     Posted        Author
Strange weather...                 Mon Nov 29    Global News Network

        A small snippet of information about the weather appeared during the 
evening weather forecast. A wonderful bit of footage of a snow-covered plain 
was shown, along with dark slightly greenish clouds and of course a continual 
amount of light snow fall. 

        "As you can see, the Mirror Desert has had a strange amount of weather 
today," the weatherman was saying, as he pointed to the screen with a spiffy 
looking stick. "Obviously, this is not considered natural, and experts are 
saying that due to winds buffeting the clouds from multiple directions, and 
the amount of clouds themselves means that the Mirror Desert will be suffering 
from this for five whole days." 

        "In other news," an anchorwoman was saying with a slightly gentle 
voice, "information is coming in that some people are suffering significant 
energy loss in Africa. More news on this as it becomes available." 

<Pester Cloud Man if you want more info(Though there isn't much more?)>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/63                     Posted        Author
Build-A-Friend                     Tue Nov 30    Global News Network

        During the routine, daily television schedule, a strange and never 
before seen commercial begins to air. It opens with a blank screen followed by 
five golden rings that appear from off screen, spiralling slowly towards each 
other to eventually form a star of sorts. This ring star shifts to the lower 
corner of the screen as an image finally fades into view.

        The image is that of an enormous warehouse-like building with various 
stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling as well as other decorations and a 
few signs that seem to separate the room into sections. Lining the floor, 
roughly three to four feet high, are hundreds of different aisles that seem to 
portray thousands of different stuffed animals, perhaps every kind known to 
living-kind. Standing in the center of the camera's view is an odd looking 
fellow that many, perhaps all, recognize as the greedy and wealthy Ring Man, a 
broad and warm smile upon his face.

        "Good day to you, citizens of the world! My name is Ring Man, many of 
you may have heard of me through the global radio. I have spent my time and 
love to create this magnificent structure you see before you! It is none other 
than a genuine stuffed animal factory! The Build-A-Friend Workshop! My 
friends, within this building you will be able to create the best friend of 
your dreams! We have every creature known to man and robotkind, hundreds of 
different outfits that you can mix and match, and very adorable sound modules 
to give your little furry friend that extra touch of love!"

        As he talks, he produces a stuffed animal from behind his back. It's a 
large dolpin wearing a Hawaiin t-shirt and sunglasses. He hugs it briefly 
while smiling wider followed by a wink towards the camera.

        "As you can see, even I have my own little friend. His name is 
Splashes. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?! So why don't you come 
on over and get your own furry friend just like mine? We're located in the 
commercial district of Neo-Tokyo, you won't miss us with all the celebration 
we'll be having for our grand opening! Hurry on down, these guys are gonna 
practically fly off the shelves!"

        He continues to hold his broad smile, one arm clutching the stuffed 
dolphin tightly while he waves at the camera with the other. The screen slowly 
fades out, listing the exact address of the building as well as contact 
information. There is also a cyber address listed at the bottom of the screen 
for an online version of the store.


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