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This Day In History...             Sat Jan 01    Global News Network

        "...Storm Eagle was later quoted as saying that the next time someone 
accidentally calls him Storm Eagle, he'd go on 'a hellish rampage, unleashing 
a plague o' death o'er all the lands'." Chest pauses and glances down at his 
notes, squinting. "Er, I mean, Storm /Owl/ was quoted as saying that... the 
next time... someone calls... him... ah crap." 

        Chest quickly turns to face another camera, becoming serious. "Moving 
right along, then." Javelin Whitetail composed theme music plays as a graphic 
appears on the screen. Old footage is shown, taking you back nearly a decade 
into the past. There's a shot of Repliforce officers, not quite as old as they 
are today, at a random gathering. Their mood seems jovial. "On this day in 
history - January 1st, 2210, exactly eight years ago, the world was enjoying a 
peace that we've not seen since. Colonel had defeated the last of the Robot 
Masters ten years ago, and the huge first war between Repliforce and all the 
members of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom had been placed in stasis three 
years previous. Despite the Coalition's shocking ability to recruit troopers 
from their enemies, Repliforce had emerged victorious." 

        Here's a shot of Vava, Colonel and General, looking as proud as ever. 
The footage is replaced with a shot of then Secretary-General Kurt Bannister 
of the United Nations standing at a podium. Chest continues to narrate, "With 
the Masters and Mavericks defeated, the world was prepared to enter a new age 
of peace and prosperity. Secretary-General Bannister, known for his peaceful 
intentions and policies that made the quality of life better for both humans 
and robots around the globe, put forth an ambitious decision: to thank 
Repliforce for their wartime heroics, all members were given full citizenship, 
allowing them to fully integrate into society. This would later be expanded to 
include all Reploids." 

        There's now old footage of Vava and only Vava. "This would have many 
ramifications on the world. With robots being given citizenship and rights, 
the question of what makes up a soul and sentience fell became all too 
important. This is a philosophical dilemma that's yet to be agreed upon. The 
second is that these incredible steps forward for robotic rights didn't 
satisfy everyone." That image of Vava is held just a bit longer. 
"Approximately eight months later, the Coalition of Reploid Freedom would find 
itself reborn, and along with the return of the Robot Masters, would plunge 
the world into the war which we've been unable to escape since." 

        That, however, appears to be a story for another day. Chest begins to 
finish up, "Citizenship for robots has since been a hot issue, with beliefs 
ranging from the common Neo-Arcadian view that mechs are not deserving of 
rights as they have no sentience, to the Maverick viewpoint that believes it's 
a sham to lull Reploids into thinking they are accepted by humans." 

        "What other initiatives might have been led by Secretary-General 
Bannister is unknown, as he would be killed in the April Fool's Day Massacre a 
year and a half later. Regardless, the push for and against equality for 
Reploids and other robots is an ongoing battle, and we can only wait and see 
what lays ahead." 

        Theme music, and we move onward. 


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Robot Factory Totaled!             Sat Jan 01    Global News Network

<<This... is GNN.>>

        Maverick Hunter and local salvage efforts continue days after the 
'Handsome Robot', a robot factory in Brazil, was destroyed by a Neo Arcadian 
strike team earlier in the week.

<<Footage of the Itz dropping troops near the factory, and subsequently being 
fired upon by Glaive and Alpha.>>

        The building was nearly totaled by heavy explosives placed at two key 
support points, long looked at by most building safety inspectors as a 
weakness in the building's construction. Santiago Ramirez Lopez, the owner of 
the totaled factory, had this to say.

"We fully intend to rebuild; military action by foreign powers is no reason to 
stop doing what we do for a living. We thank the Maverick Hunters for their 
tremendous kindness and assistance in this tough period, and are glad that at 
least some of the production capsules were salvageable."

        At this time, there is no word from the government of Aztlan on this 



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Incident In New York!              Sun Jan 02    Global News Network
<A short segment taken from the GNN.> 

         The television shows a scene in New York, specifically a large book 
store - the main thing noticeable about this area is the amount of damage 
around the area. It is also strangely wet as though a raincloud had just been 
over that area, and only that area. The broken bodies of many drones lay 
scattered around. "Earlier this evening, a large group of drones, and two 
Robot Masters identifiable as Cloud Man and Blizzard Man were seen outside of 
Books-R-We with no clear intent. Nonetheless, a soldier showed up and 
dispatched them along with Cloud Man, causing moderate damage to the city 
block. And now here are the words of witnesses that saw it." 

         The screen cuts to some random teenage girl behind a desk. "So, like, 
I was like, just, you know, hanging around, and then, like, this big round 
robot with, like, a Canadian accent knocked, like, a whole bunch of things 
over and like, bought a book and left. And, like, that was sooooooo weird, you 

         Then it cuts to a reploid that appears to be a very fat blue cat 
wearing a red backwards cat, a golden medallion that says 'Jamma-Camma', and 
red overalls. He looks to the left, then the right, and says, ".. I like 
beans!" Finally it cuts to Sewage Shark, who looks confused. "Okay, I was 
lookin' around at some books and stuff, the usual, and then BOOM! I heard a 
whole bunch of noise and then I saw this wolf dude beating up on some guys and 
he had these grenades, and then he totally killed the cloud guy. Uh, that's 
all, I guess ... yeah." 

         The scene cuts back to the reporter who shuffles some papers. "And 
now, sources say that in a suburb in Oregon, deaths caused by pickle jars has 
risen to an alarming 12%.." 

         <And that's all.>

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Australia: UN & Interpol, Not RF   Sun Jan 02    Global News Network

< In the news. >

The Australian government signed an accord on Monday showing their continued 
support of the UN, despite a strong minority sentiment in the nation to break 
ties with the floundering international body. Groups such as the Blake 
Foundation showed their disapproval of the decision by protesting throughout 
Sydney. The protests so far have remained peaceful, though police presence 
remains high.

"This decision was not made easily," the Australian Prime Minister said during 
an address to Parliament. "However, to maintain the safety of our nation in an 
ever more dangerous world, we must stand together with the international 
community, and with our brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom and Canada."

However, Australia did not sign into the Repliforce alliance, though in a 
seperate ceremony the Australian government signed on to the Interpol treaty. 
This move appears to be a concession to groups opposed to Reploid involvement 
in Australia such as the Blake Foundation, while allowing them some assistance 
against "sporadic and generally non-threatening" attacks from terrorist 
organizations such as the Mavericks and the Robot Masters.

The addition of Australia gives the UN a key player in the Pacific, widening 
their sphere of influence throughout the south-central Pacific. Australia is 
also said to be pressuring the island nations surrounding it to sign on with 
the United Nations to allow for a continuous area of influence from the Asian 
continent all the way to New Zealand, which has remained with the UN 
throughout its turbulent reformation.

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Russian Civil War Continues        Sun Jan 02    Global News Network

< Minor news item: almost goes without saying. >

Conflict across Russia has gradually resumed after the brief holiday 
cease-fire, with UN negotiators unable to reach consensus between the major 
warring factions to extend the cease-fire for further talks. International 
observers have noted that the brief de-escalation of hostilities have given 
the more powerful factions time to consolidate arms and attend to their 
wounded, allowing them to gain field position against weaker organizations.

Fortunately, efforts from humanitarian groups have not ceased. Most of Russia 
has "adequate but not sufficient" levels of basic necessities, which are 
tested regularly by periods of bad weather and encroaching military operations 
from not only internal groups, but Maverick insurgents as well.

Highly-placed insiders within Russia have mentioned a pervasive rumor: elements 
of various factions have begun to seek out a unifying figure to bring the 
country together under their banner. Popular support has so far not 
consolidated behind any one combatant group, but with the people behind one or 
two groups, it may be possible to bring this bloody civil war to a swift end. 
Various names have circulated, from the improbable to the impossible, but no 
one has yet answered the call -- if such a call has been made.

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


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GLE Press Conference               Sun Jan 02    Global News Network

        "Earlier today, G. L. Enterprises hosted a press conference in their 
Seoul offices, where an unnamed spokesman issued a statement regarding the 
corporation's recent humanitarian efforts."

        While he is supposedly unnamed, those who know him or have seen him 
before will recognize the spokesman as Feste the Fool, in a business suit. 
Isn't that special! He's giving a speech, and seriously too:
        "The nation of Finland has been the victim of two attacks in as many 
months - or perhaps I should say what's left of the nation of Finland. In the 
wake of these attacks, the Finns received little more than criticism for their 
government. What most people fail to realize is that the government of Finland 
is made up of whoever can make it to Helsinki that day.
        "What the nation needs is not /criticism/, but aid. And it is far from 
the only case. From its nearest eastern neighbor, Russia, to Spain in the 
south, the entirety of Old Europe is ravaged and broken. G. L. Enterprises has 
taken it upon its shoulders to provide the Finns with the support they need. 
Next we will find another nation that needs help to get back up on its feet.
        "We implore you as individuals, families, organizations, and companies 
not to forget Europe. The process of reconstruction has begun, but it is a 
vulnerable and tenuous thing. If free Europe is ever to regain its past 
glories, we must all help. Take whatever cliche you prefer, but the point 
remains the same. Please, do not forget."

        "G.L. Enterprises has been providing financial aid and other material 
support to communities all over Finland. Representatives of the Finnish 
government have not yet released a response and could not be contacted for 

<OOC: Direct questions/stabbing to Feste.>

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Get Your Psychiatric Profile Today Mon Jan 03    Global News Network
<Local News Broadcast Ad>        
Have you visited a psychologist, lately? Do you feel as if you have no one to 
talk to about your inner most desires?          
Do we have the thing for you!    
This month, a one time offer is being distributed by Wire Sponge, world 
renowned pscyhologist! He can give you one *FREE* psychological profile 
session. No time limit to it! Wire Sponge has been known for many different 
advances in the psychologist community!         
WIre appears on the screen, "I am really, someone who just wants to benefit 
the world in the most simplest of ways. Just try out this free offer, there 
is nothing you can regret from it. Heck, you may even find out you want even 
MORE sessions with me!"      
OOC: Questions to Wire Sponge. 


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This Day In History...             Mon Jan 03    Global News Network

        "And that's when Bass reportedly told him to bring out the gimp." 

        Chest turns towards another camera as the history theme music and logo 
plays. You see, all sorts of relatively recent history happened in January and 
February. December? Not a damn thing we care about. 

        There's now old footage of robots and men. Dr. Light is standing next 
to several of his Alphas - Cut Man, Bomb Man, and Fire Man. They look rather 
well adjusted, and Dr. Light is smiling. Chest narrates. "On this day in 
history - January 3rd, 2200, disaster struck that would eventually set off a 
chain reaction that would result in our world being plunged into the Robot 
Wars. Seven robots created by Dr. Thomas Xavier Light, plus a prototype for an 
eighth named the Zero Omega Project, went missing. An associate of Light and a 
current member of the Hunters, Dr. Edward S Cain, was incapacitated due to 
foul play. The first suspect, eventually proved later, was the infamous mad 
Dr. Albert W Wily. Dr. Light has never been comfortable discussing what 
transpired on that day." 

        There's now another shot of the rest of the Alphas, doing whatever it 
is they did back then. "Despite desperate warnings by Dr. Light to the United 
States government, it was assumed that seven robots were simply not a serious 
threat, and the investigation eventually stalled. The theft by Dr. Wily would 
eventually result in the beginning of the Robot Masters, the invasion on San 
Angeles, the creation of Megaman, the development of the Reploid and of 
Repliforce, and, indirectly, the creation of the Maverick Virus and the 
Coalition of Reploid Freedom. This one act by an apparently disgruntled 
assistant scientist would become the pivotal moment of the next two decades." 


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A Russian Light                    Tue Jan 04    Global News Network
Thisis GNN 

After heavy Coalition opposition, the Maverick Hunters managed to get a large 
truck shaped like the famous Fliptop past the Poland roads, and into the area 
surrounding Saint Petersburg. The single truck full of aid seemed a 
disappointment at first, until Dr. Light himself revealed the true nature of 
his work. The truck contained a pod which, when completed, will provide a full 
medical station for the city, as well as a greenhouse and food and fuel 
processors, to bulwark against the worst months of winter. Dr. Light was noted 
as saying that he intends to bring these pods to several other major refugee 
areas, and the only rule of using them is that factional conflicts end inside 
their doors. 


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Corporate Sabotage Halts Product L Tue Jan 04    Global News Network
<The following is a small newspaper article that has been syndicated through a 
few popular news papers around the world.>

Corporate Sabotage Halts Japanese Firm's Newest Launch Plans

Associated Press
Jeffery Peters

        Fukimori Incorporated of Japan announced earlier today that they would 
be canceling the launch of their newest product scheduled to be released in 
the third quarter of this year. This project, bearing the development name 
"Sensilise", was to be a new type of sensory VR system that would supposedly 
revolutionize the VR industry.
        "While we regret being unable to move ahead with the Sensilise project 
we feel it is the only responsible thing to do given the circumstances," says 
Fukimori spokesman Sanjo Muimoto. "A leak in security and documents was 
discovered recently, and until we investigate the full extent of this we 
cannot go ahead with a project which may have found it's way into unscrupulous 
        An investigation both by the company and local authorities has thus far 
turned up no useful information. The only evidence found that this might be 
sabotage is the recent discovery of the absence of a variety of documents 
pulled from different systems in the company, seemingly at random, and all 
unknown dates.
        "Whoever did this had intimate knowledge of the company and how their 
data storage is structured. They most likely posed as a worker at the company 
for over a year or worked with a disgruntled former employee," commented one 
        The reason behind the thefts and how the various files connect together 
is currently a mystery. The long-lasting effect on the company remains to be 
seen, but the immediate effects are obvious, with Fukimori Inc. stock 
plummeting overnight and showing now signs of rising anytime soon.


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Minor Riot in Donachi              Wed Jan 05    Global News Network
<From the Asian desk of the GNN...>

"A small riot broke out today infront of Skull Monument, with the Robot Master 
'Yamato Man' engaging in a duel with a so-called 'Ninjon', with citizens of 
Neo-Tokyo gathering to watch the spectacle. The identity of the ninja was 
unknown, although he reported was human, and sustained massive damage without 
falling to the ground . The rioters, at one point, reported began 
shouting, 'Down with the Masters!', although after the so-called ninja 
retreated, the chants became decidedly pro-Master. Six people were arrested 
when Neo-Tokyo police arrived and pacified the riot, although a hundred and 
thirty thousand zenny in damages has been reported. In other news..."

<OOC: The riot was actually started by instigators hired by Yosho Roshi.>

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Dinner Yet Again                   Wed Jan 05    Global News Network

        On the evening's entertainment/celebrity news. You know, the one people 
watch even though it's been proven to cause the loss of brain cells and 
decreased neural-net activity. 

        "...and whether or not this insurance for Acts of Whitetail will 
actually be offered to the general public, is still up for debate. This news 
station is, however, hopeful." 

        "In other and also related news, the four-star restaurant 'Il Palazzo' 
in San Angeles was thrown into chaos earlier today, when an unexpected visit 
was made. The Robot Master known as Skull Man, while acting nonviolently, 
managed to cause a significant amount of terror among the patrons of this 
reservation-only restaurant. Seen with him - the infamous classical composer 
Javelin Whitetail, who evidently found an unexpected fan in one of Dr. Wily's 
creations. Since no faults could be found with Skull Man's actions - other 
than placing an order of raw venison - diners were forced to endure him for 
the better part of an hour before business was concluded between the two." 

        "Neither Skull Man nor miss Whitetail were available for comment." 


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Scandalous Calendar Released       Thu Jan 06    Global News Network
Released over the weekend was a brand-new calendar that's only now beginning to 
pop up at shops around the world. Easily available in Tartarus and Neo-Tokyo, 
it was a bit slower to hit the stands than some...

--- E.N.M.W. Productions Presents ---

The Ladies of the Robot Wars 2218 Calendar

Inside, a simple, page-per-month calendar with a different high-quality, glossy 
photo of a different woman of the Robot Wars for each month of the year. All 
of them are scantily or scandalously clad, but none of them are actually 
indecent. What's more, all of the pictures seem to be real. Rigorous scans 
will show no elements of photoshopping or any digital picture alteration at 

  January: Fairy Leviathan (Wet T-Shirt, New York City)
 February: Tori (Showering In The Robot Master Base)
    March: Dr. Matthews (Wet T-Shirt, WilyWorld)
    April: Harmony (Bra & Panties Match)
      May: Cassilda Coriolis (While Flashing The Audience At Battle & Chase)
     June: Jazz (Nearly Naked Virtual Avatar Striking A Pose)
     July: Mai Atsuki (Getting Dressed In Skull Fortress)
   August: Synth (Sleeping In The Robot Master Server Room)
September: Dr. Camille Lafayette (Post-Operational Pics From Some Archive)
  October: Alia (Bra & Panties Match)
 November: Liese Schreiner (Suggestive Pics From A Magazine Spread)
 December: Cappella (In A Pillow Fight... In The Robot Master Base)

Priced reasonably, the calendar appears to be a big hit among the war buff and 
pervert crowds!

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Missing: Dragon. Answers to Fluffy Thu Jan 06    Global News Network

<Everyone's favorite Japanese reporter, Konnichiwa Chibio, appears on the 
screen, using 5 booster seats to be seen and smiling cutely with eyes taking 
up most of his head. As always, he has no thumbs, blue hair, extremely shiny, 
and his mouth become ridiculously huge once opened. Still adorable.>

"-...And then the Yakuza beat the tar right out of him! Oh ho ho ho! Silly 
American! You're getting beaten! Ah ha ha! You are so stupid!"

<The reporter whips to face the new camera, a stern expression of untold 

"In other news, one of the most prized possessions of Japan has been /stolen/. 
The large Jade Dragon, possibly the only fully intact Jade Dragon from ages 
long past. We're still absolutely baffled as to how it was stolen. The cameras 
went out, and yet were restored to power minutes later, focusing on a missing 
dragon. All of the security measures appeared to have been disarmed, then 
/rearmed/. Most peculiar. But even more peculiar..." The Chibi narrows his 
eyes at the camera. "Is why haven't the Masters done anything about this? In 
other news, Pan Pan is fat! Ah ha ha, he's a good bear!"

<OOC: Masters, those interested in stopping Shadaro from stealing any more 
priceless relics and making Wily look bad, send me a @mail or page while I'm 

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Tetsuo's Bar & Grill...            Fri Jan 07    Global News Network

         After an extensive cleanup and reconstruction effort in Neo Tokyo, 
initially begun by Robot Master engineers, then handed over to civilian 
companies, most of the mess from the incident involving Maverick Hunters 
several weeks ago has been taken care of. Of particular note? The impossible 
has been achieved....yet again. 
         Tetsuo's Hibachi Bar & Grill is once more, open for business! 


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Press Release: Jav                 Fri Jan 07    Global News Network

        Chest turns to face a new camera. Over his shoulder is a stock photo of 
a certain Reploid deer, looking far happier and well off than she probably 
does right now. Chest, on the other hand, looks a tad bewildered. "In other 
news, entertainer, singer, accused Maverick sympathizer, and all-around 
trouble-maker Javelin Whitetail was once again in the spotlight. GNN sources 
have learned that the Coalition has officially revoked the controversial 
Reploid's Maverick citizenship. Our information indicates that the decision 
came from high in the Coalition for Reploid Freedom's command structure." 

        "GNN was able to contact the Coalition's Public Relations agent 
Relations Radish, speaking on behalf of Emperor Sigma, who was unavailable." 
There's now a shot of said Reploid. There's a bunch of reporters huddled 
around him shoving microphones into his face. One of the microphones has GNN's 
'Capcom' logo on it. Radish is answering questions from all of them. "Ms. 
Javelin Whitetail is no longer a citizen because she has chosen to pursue 
other ventures in which we wish her well, providing she does not make a 
nuisance of herself." A question comes from one of the reporters, "What 
exactly happened?" "She was attacked and tortured by the Robot Master known as 
Skull Man. Emperor Sigma, always ready to defend innocent Reploids in need, 
successfully rescued Ms. Whitetail and reduced her attacker to spare parts. 
She has been handed over to the care of Director Fairchild and Interpol -- 
where she belongs." The radish replies. At that last comment regarding 
Interpol, there's a slight silence from the reporters before another question 
comes. "Well what is the Coalition going to do with her the next time?" The 
radish sighs and says "The Coalition will be handling dealings with her as 
though she were a member of Interpol. If she stays out of Coalition affairs we 
have no reason to bother her." The PR man says with an air of finality. 

        We return now to the studio, where Chest says, "Ms. Whitetail was 
unavailable for comment due to her injuries, but an Interpol spokeswoman said 
she was receiving the medical care she requires. Interpol is expected to make 
a statement regarding this whole ordeal." Expected by whom, you ask? Expected 
by Chest, damnit! 


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AppleSoft Break-in!                Sat Jan 08    Global News Network
<Breaking news on GNN, early in the morning at 7 AM, then replayed throughout 
the day.>

"At two-thirty AM, the AppleSoft Experimental Designs 7 Building was broken 
into in Downtown New York City, the entire security staff found dead and the 
building security systems found deactivated, as well as more than half the 
building's security drones found destroyed - primarily through cutting. 
Several different types of blood were found spattered throughout the basement, 
the Vault-room, and the stairway from the basement up to the fifth floor. The 
identities of the assailants were unknown, as the security equipment was 
deactivated and the security officers manning the building were shot to death, 
but it is known that there appears to have been a massive struggle. The 
prototype for the hypra-laser computer core, a new AppleSoft innovation which 
promised to speed up the rate of Reploid neural net programming by a factor 
0.46, was taken from the vault - no bodies were found, although police 
estimate at least one, if not more individuals lost enough blood to die, if 
they were normal humans and not cyborgs. AppleSoft's stock dropped two points 
today, and the software giant has promised 'bloody retribution against the 
perpetrators'. In other news, a puppy in a basket was found in Central Park..."

<OOC: Page Sheena or Yosho Roshi if you want information.>

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Psychogenesis: Epilogue            Sat Jan 08    Global News Network

        There is a press conference held by Repliforce, and carried out by the 
Commander of the Fortress V Battleplatform. It is aired very late at night in 
the little hours of the morning, and, sadly, it probably will not be repeated 
too many times as it's so small in the grand scheme of things. Storm Owl is at 
a podium with numerous microphones sticking up. He looks tired, and the 
atmosphere of the press conference is grim. There are only several journalists 
here dotting the sea of folding chairs. 

        "As some are aware, there has been an incident in Lawton County, 
Oklahoma. A motel by the name of the Starry Night Inn was the target for a 
member of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom's sadistic mechanisms." Storm Owl 
pauses here, "The Maverick Hunter Bowie and I arrived on the scene at 1:43am 
on a tip from Psychogenesis, the Maverick in question. Three individuals were 
found dead and mutilated in the main office. One had cybernetic implants 
installed - we will learn more once the autopsy is conducted. The entire motel 
had been modified to serve as a prison, torture chamber, and laboratory for 
the Maverick's behavioral experiments." 

        "As well, the scene had been converted to serve as a maze... or a 
puzzle for Bowie and myself to solve. Interconnected traps physically linked 
each victim to each other in separate rooms. Opening a door would result in 
certain parts of the torture and execution devices being activated. Two 
individuals were killed during the dismantling of the prison. Four were 
successfully extracted. Their names are being withheld until their next of kin 
can be contacted." 

        A half-hearted question from one of the few in the gallery, sounding 
quiet without the aid of a microphone, asks, "Is there any truth to the 
speculation that the victims belonged to the Children of Eve?" Storm Owl 
shakes his head, "I cannot comment until the investigation has concluded." 
Another question from a tired journalist, "Were other Mavericks involved in 
this plot?" Storm Owl replies in his monotone voice, "At this time we believe 
he was working alone." 

        As depressing as it is, no other journalists seem to have any other 
questions about this deed. Perhaps it's just too early in the morning. "Thank 
you for your time." Storm Owl says, and the press conference ends. The press 
barely mentions that Bowie had 'no comment' for the press, and this entire 
scene is promptly forgotten about by everyone except the survivors, the 
families of those killed, Bowie, Storm Owl, and Psychogenesis. 


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Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Attack, New York                   Sun Jan 09    Global News Network
--A GNN news update, with some lovely footage taken by Reporto...of Violen 
fighting Dr. Matthews and her power armor, Sonata, Blizzard Buffalo, and a few 
unidentified reploids that may be civilian, one of whom shoots Sewa in the 
face with an acid gun before being beaten down by SWAT.--

"An attack at New York Harbor has left one dockworker dead, and a shipment 
guard injured, tonight, for yet-unknown causes. The reploids who started the 
attack were trying to either destroy or secure what they mistakenly identified 
as a weapons shipment. Holding the shipment hostage, they held several 
employees at bay with heavy weaponry until local SWAT, guided by Interpol, and 
the Maverick Hunters, arrived on-scene."

"The docking company has confirmed that the cargo on board the ship they seized 
was not a weapon's cache, but post-holiday retail surplus being shipped up to 
Canada. There is some suspicion that the reploids arrived, stowed away on a 
similar ship from the north, though their origins have not been confirmed. 
Known Mavericks were also sited at the scene of the crime, and did a good deal 
of property damage, knocking down one warehouse, though it was also empty in 
wait for the shipment. Whether they had any affiliation with the other 
attackers is unknown, but unlikely. The reploid attackers were arrested by New 
York police, and currently await viral scans and questioning. The known 
Mavericks at the scene are still at large."

"GNN, reporting."

(OOC: Post by Gemma. Ask with questions!)

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Starry Night Explosion             Mon Jan 10    Global News Network
<We interrupt your cartoons to bring you a special news report...>

        Remember the Starry Night Inn? It seems there's been an update. The 
scene is of the Inn...or, rather, the ruins of the inn. The picture is taken 
from at least a mile away, thus, it's hard to pick out details; but there's an 
unnatural tint to the air and HazMat teams can be seen. 
        "During investigation of the Starry Night Inn, an unfortunate mistake 
triggered a bomb that was presumably planted by the Maverick responsible for 
the recently-discovered mutilations - Psychogenesis. Further attempts to 
disarm the bomb merely resulted in shortening the time given for those in the 
area to evacuate."
        The reporter tilts her head, as if gathering her thoughts. "After the 
explosion, which has all but irradicated all remaining evidence, it was found 
that it was triggered by the release and combination of a number of chemicals 
- chemicals which not only produced a explosive reaction, but also created 
toxic gases. Emergency teams are purging the area as we speak, but until then, 
the area is under quarantine. 
        "This is Chronicle Coati of GNN."


<<Questions can be directed to Psychogenesis, and/or Yosho Roshi & Vav. Stupid 
Striders setting off the bomb.>>

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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Doctor Kidnapped                   Tue Jan 11    Global News Network
--GNN reporting...--

"News out of Japan today states that a high-profile brain surgeon, Dr. 
Matayoshi Tanaka, was kidnapped in the middle of his work at Namura General 
Hosptial in Neo-Tokyo. Reports are inconclusive, but witnesses at the hospital 
claim that the building was gassed, and invaded by multiple Mavericks. The 
Maverick in charge of the assault seemed to have this specific target in mind, 
entering the building and doing the kidnapping in full view of other surgeons 
and patients. Members of the Maverick Hunters were also spotted on-scene. 
Likely due to their interference, no major injuries were sustained during the 
incident, though damage was done to the hospital exterior and interior, and a 
few patients have been admitted to the hospital for mild poisoning related to 
a non-lethal tear-gas discharged in front of the building. Dr. Matayoshi's 
patient is said to be in recovery and will survive the interrupted surgery, 
but the doctor's whereabouts are unknown."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
SLA Push Toward Moscow!            Thu Jan 13    Global News Network

< Regional news. >

Reinforced with what is said to be "a significant amount" of fresh munitions 
and other supplies, the Socialist Liberation Army has begun a push from 
central Russia toward Moscow. As of yet, the SLA has not encountered 
significant resistance due to their newfound tactical advantage, though public 
support for the splinter group has not increased.

Beyond the main push of an SLA division toward Moscow led by the charismatic 
Fyodor "Red Bolt" Petrov, more advanced weaponry has been trickling into SLA 
hands in Moscow proper by unknown means. Some local observers have theorized 
that the weaponry is a product of an alliance between one of the warring 
factions, though it is ultimately unclear who is supplying the SLA with 
top-tier military hardware.

What the newfound strength of the SLA means for long-term relief efforts in the 
region is unclear. As of yet, the SLA has not flexed its new military muscle 
in earnest against its enemies, though it is only a matter of time before 
tensions reach dangerous levels.

< Punditry. >

>> OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Patagonia                          Sat Jan 15    Global News Network

 <GNN thingy!> 
 "Earlier tonight there was an event occuring in Patagonia, an area located in 
South America where some of the more poverty stricken members of society have 
congregated. Reportings from eyewitnesses all place Crash Man, Bright Man and 
Cloud Man at the scene of the commotion. Most eyewitnesses say that three 
people fell victim to brutal lightning bolts that came down from a rainless 
dark cloud overhanging their homes." 
 "However, support came to them in the way of three as of yet unidentified 
people. One was said to slightly resemble a gorilla, although not fully. 
Others say there was a person wielding a briefcase and wearing a cloak that 
was beating on Crash Man, and the third was supposedly Dust Man himself, 
although it appeared that he was actually a person merely disguised as him..." 
 "In other news, prices of ground beans is up..." 
 <OOC: Query Cloud Man or others mentioned for info, thanks to all who showed 
up for the fun>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
News item: New York                Sat Jan 15    Global News Network
--Not a top story, but a sideline story on GNN that will be of interest to a 
few for a number of reasons.--

"The city of New York has in custody, a group of three vigilante Maverick 
reploids they now feel may be responsible for the grisly murders in a 
Torontreal clinic on December 22nd. The three reploids were captured by 
Maverick Hunters and NYPD after an attempted shipment hijacking at the NYC 
Port. All three reploids were found infected with the Sigma Virus, but were 
reportedly recieving NO Coalition support during the committing of either 

"The gang 'leader,' a young reploid woman named Hi-lite, claims innocence to 
the murders. She believes she was coerced to the crimes by both the infection 
of the virus, and the coaxing of an alleged fourth member of the gang. She 
describes the former ringleader as a male humanoid, and belives he was 
currently en route to Moscow after being disenfranchised from the rest of the 
reploid group. Authorities believe they may be able to isolate the young 
female's recent infection, but the other two members of the Virus-impaired 
group, one of whom was near-fatally wounded by the New York SWAT during the 
hijacking, are, quote, 'too far gone,' and may be kept in custody awaiting 

"Weather in San Angeles today..."

(Bug Gemma or Gemini Man for info.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Russian Terror!                    Sat Jan 15    Global News Network

< Local news in Russia, a small regional story otherwise. >

A sudden Maverick attack in a Socialist Liberation Army-held area caused 
numerous casualties and severe property damage, with the injured and dead 
still being counted by the Red Crescent/Red Cross.

The unprovoked Maverick attack tore through the outskirts of Russia, and was 
joined by several other Mavericks as the death toll mounted. Maverick Hunter 
and Repliforce response was swift, but no Mavericks were reported to be 
retired today.

Additionally, Mavericks are believed to be responsible for a series of 
explosions that crippled the subway network and a small teleporter nexus 5 
kilometers north of the combat zone, leaving 10 dead and dozens injured.

The SLA had no comment on the incident, nor did megacorp forces also reported 
to be in the area loyal to Russian oligarchs.

>> OOC: Maverick attack! Questions to Zealot.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Drug Shipment Siezed               Sat Jan 15    Global News Network
News sources from in and around Taiwan inform GNN reporter Glen Fidditch that a 
huge barge owned by the Kiritsu Holdings Co. was seized, the Petty Booka 
contained 100 metric tonnes of Meth Amphetamine, clinical grade. Interpol was 
tight with information but the Kiritsu Holdings Co. is suspected of being a 
front company for the Yakuza, and this bust was a major dent in the 
distribution of drugs globally as it is believed this was the main load out of 
Japan where it would have been redistributed throughout Asia, possibly going 
so far as europe.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Stolen sword!                      Sun Jan 16    Global News Network
<Once again, the miniature Japanese reporter, Konnichiwa Chibio, appears on the 
screen. Optics taking up most of his head and his mouth taking up nearly 
nothing (Until opened) the little guy turns to the camera, standing in front 
of a 2 story museum at the harbor district.>

"Hello again! It seems that there's been another robbery here in our peaceful 
Neo Tokyo, this time coming from this quaint museum near our famed harbor! 
Last night, someone snuck in and snatched away an ancient samurai sword! Oh 
no! This blade dates back to the 14th century, and the museum is devastated! 
However, there seems to have been a quarrel, as evidenced by the blood on the 
rooftop, and that some workers report that they saw a buncha smoke coming from 
the roof. One worker even said he thought he saw a Shadow Hunter! Museums 
everywhere are starting to tighten security. Let's hope it works! I'm running 
out of old shiny stuff to gawk at!"

<OOC: Questions/comments to Shadaro.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Tela Attack                        Sun Jan 16    Global News Network

 <GNN Logo! DOOM!> 
        "Earlier today an attack was launched against a small rundown school in 
the city of Tela, which is located to the south of Moscow. Tear gas was used 
by an unknown alleged Maverick on the school interior, and then after 
attempting to kidnap two children the alleged Maverick was stopped by as of 
yet unidentified persons." 

        "Aside from that there was also a report of a fight between Chi, a well 
known Repliforce member, and another alleged Maverick nearby Tela. Also, 
Protoman was reported to have appeared and destroyed an ancient truck, 
although no reason was given. Many people sustained damage from some form of 
energy beam, the two children were killed by an unknown but powerful means and 
two other children are reported missing." 

        "In other news, Moscow Cheddar Chips have started to sell well..." 

<OOC: Pester Solstis for info if you really need it.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Light Labs Announcement!           Mon Jan 17    Global News Network
*This...is GNN* 

"In an announcement earlier this morning. Dr. Light said he will reveal a new 
innovation for helping the civil war in Russia tommorow, Tuesday the 17th, at 
8 pm, Eastern Standard Time. When asked why he used an American time zone for 
a Russian event, Dr. Light told our reporter to look behind her, there is 
totaly a bear right there. Ursine presence has not been confirmed, but Julie 
was unharmed." 

(Time and place is like I said there, Tuesday at 8. All are welcome. -Light.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Break-in: NYC                      Mon Jan 17    Global News Network
--Yet another odd GNN story.--

"A break-in occured tonight at a criminal reploid holding facility in New York 
City, though no injuries and only minimal damage has been reported. The two 
escaped reploids apparently took advantage of a freak power failure at the 
facility, that caused a gap in standard security, and made a failed break-out 
attempt. Neither escapee was infected with the Sigma Virus, according to 
authorities, and both were located, rounded up, and returned to a 
higher-security state after the failed escape. Authorities currently state the 
connected power failure was a coincidence, despite both reploids having been 
previously involved in violent crime."

"This is GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Outpost Moscow      Wed Jan 19    Global News Network

        Another of Chest's editorials, as indicated by the pretty music and 
flashy logo. There can be no doubt about all the news reports concerning Dr. 
Light's speech. Summed up, the news reports are essentially along the lines 
of: Pep rally turns into penis waving contest as Elpizo, Mavericks, and others 
pop out of crowd like magic so they can see who can shout loudest. 

        Chest is at his desk, leaning on his elbows in a slightly hunched over 
position. A cup of coffee is to his right, and several hand written notes to 
his left. He's smiling, but it's the smile of someone who's simply utterly 
amazed at what insanities he's witnessed and has no choice but to laugh at it 
or go nuts. "Where do I begin..." Chest starts off. The GNN boss doesn't 
rehearse these. 

        He finally shrugs, "Dr. Light is planning to put in a military outpost 
in Moscow to 1. Help out the civilians with food and supplies. 2. Ensure that 
the population doesn't fall under the influence of the Mavericks, 
Neo-Arcadians, etc. 3. Enslave the population to the Hunters, Relpliforce, and 
Interpol's iron will. Take any of those three you like, depending on your 
political leanings. Now I'll be honest with you all. The pep rally wasn't all 
that impressive. A lot of rhetoric, a lot of 'we're the best because I have a 
microphone', and 'join us just because'." 

        "Will 'Outpost Moscow' work? I don't know. Do the Russians /want/ 
Outpost Moscow? I don't know - they haven't been asked, but then with the 
government non-existent, there's not much you can do to find out other than an 
attempt at polling, which'll probably be skewed due to persuasion by other 
interests. Will this prevent the Mavericks and Masters from gaining control? 
Again, I don't know. I /hope/ so, but we'll see." 

        Chest leans back in his chair, "Lets recap: We have a bad pep rally. 
Fine. There are worse crimes than an annoying speech. We have a military 
outpost going into Russia to stabilize things, unasked. Fine. Maybe it'll even 
work. I haven't heard any better ideas thus far, and there's nobody official 
to ask. We'll find out soon enough what the population thinks of it, I'm sure. 
So that's the end of that... right?" 

        <Continued... which would probably indicate a 'no'> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Outpost Moscow II   Wed Jan 19    Global News Network

        Chest smirks, answering his own rhetorical question. "No. That would 
have made /sense/. Just when you'd think everything was over with, *President 
Elpizo* himself, evidently hiding in the crowd like a lost little child, gets 
up and begins shouting with Light. Press conferences, it would seem, is not 
the Neo-Arcadian way. Rather, arguing like a spoiled brat is." Chest scowls, 
shaking his head. "It didn't take long for the lunacy to spread. Before long, 
we had a Maverick spring out of the woodwork. One 'Solstis', I believe it 
was." Chest smirks here, "Nobody's falling for the 'Mavericks are peaceloving 
hippies' scheme, son. In fact... I have it on good account that you were 
punished by the Maverick Command for not killing when ordered. High time you 
woke up and smelt reality." 

        "So we have President Elpizo interrupting the speech in what I'm sure 
he thought was a grand fashion, Mavericks defending their peaceful ways and 
denouncing their 'lust for killing', as he put it, and we have Prof. Gate 
telling everyone to shut the hell up." Chest added the hell as his own 
emphasis. "Thankfully, before a riot could start, the intruders were removed 
under armed escort." 

        "Never did I think I'd see the day where the Robot Masters are the 
least immature at a gathering." Chest says in between a sip of his coffee. 
Putting down his mug with the Capcom logo on it, the GNN boss jabs an accusing 
finger at the camera, "President Elpizo, your involvement in this was by far 
the worst. "You set yourself up in the crowd, interrupted a simple speech for 
an idiotic argument. You endangered the safety of yourself, the Hunters, the 
crowd, and even Alouette. Where you could have simply set up a press 
conference or speech of your own, like a *real* president would, you opted to 
sabotage your rival and risk a battle in a civilian area. I'm shocked that you 
would resort to this when other methods were readily available. You should be 
ashamed of yourself, Mr. President." 

        Chest turns to face another camera, "Whether you agree with Outpost 
Moscow or not, I'm just saying that you should make your disagreements known 
in a sane way. I would point out, however, the food and supply convoys that 
the Maverick Hunters have been bringing into Russia. There can be no doubt 
that the Hunters are /trying/ to help - even in the face of Maverick 'weapon 
inspection teams'." Chest winks. That's become a running gag on GNN. "Next 
time, I hope that everyone - particularly Neo-Arcadia, will consider other 
avenues of giving a rebuttal. One that doesn't involve grandstanding, creating 
chaos, and risking violence." 
        And we fade out. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Interpol makes Seoul Arrest!       Wed Jan 19    Global News Network

<<A GNN Special Report>>

"Today, in Seoul, Korea, Interpol swarmed in and surrounded this local Reploid 
Conversion Lab," Pictures of an Office Complex in Seoul are shown, with 
enforceres all over the place, "where a doctor whose name has not, yet, been 
released, has been apprehended on official charges not yet known."

The camera zooms in on the front of the office complex, showing a few Interpol 
Officers intercepting the Maverick Hunter Glaive as he rushed out, dragging a 
human man behind him--who is quickly put in cuffs and seperated from the 
Hunter. "Along with this Maverick Hunter, we are also being told that there 
was a Maverick inside who was actually attempting to /assassinate/ the doctor 
being placed under arrest. Details are sketchy on how the scene really 
unfolded, but rumors here are pointing to shady dealings of the "doctor" in 
connection with Neo Arcadia--such as the selling of reploid design schematics 
and blueprints that showed weaknesses and defects that were purposely built in 
by the Doctor during Conversions."

The camera zooms out to reveal the reporter, "GNN will continue to press 
Interpol for a Statement regarding the arrested man, the Maverick Hunter, and 
the alleged Maverick. Stay tuned to GNN for continuous coverage..."

(For details, @mail/page Onyx Reptilia, Glaive, or Chuichi Zenigata!)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Outpost Moscow to be attacked!     Thu Jan 20    Global News Network

        "...which, if true, means death for us all." 

        Chest chuckles and turns towards another camera, becoming serious. "And 
our top story tonight: The Global News Network has uncovered information from 
a solid source indicating that the Robot Master army is currently deploying 
itself for a massive strike against Outpost Moscow. Outpost Moscow is the new 
military installation planned by the Maverick Hunters to return order to the 
Russian capital. The move has sparked criticism from... well, just about 
everyone that the Maverick Hunters usually beat down." Chest smirks and 

        "The Global News Network has determined that the planned Master assault 
will be spearheaded by their airship cruiser, the SS Dreadskull." There's a 
stock image of the Dreadskull over Chest's shoulder. "The craft has been 
spotted over Moscow at times and at recent battles, but has not participated 
itself as of yet." 

        Chest turns towards another camera, "Whether or not this will impact 
the recruiting of Russian citizens by the Maverick Hunters is yet to be 
determined. As well, whether or not the Robot Masters will carry through with 
their plans, or alter them, due to it now being public knowledge is yet to be 

        And now we go to weather. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Experimental Prison Announced      Fri Jan 21    Global News Network
--An announcment made on GNN today...--

"The US Department of Justice, in cooperation with the San Angeles Police 
Department, has made an official announcement today regarding a special 
project that has been underway since the start of the new year. Officials 
state that, in response to increasing crowding, risk of viral infection, and 
failing security in prisons around the USA, a joint-funded, high-security 
prison camp for reploids will be constructed off the United States shoreline. 
The prison will be set up to house dangerous, violent, and virally-infected 
prisoners. While at the camp, infected criminal reploids would be incarcerated 
for the long-term, until such time as a cure for the Sigma Virus is found."

A sound-byte from a San Angeles cop: "A lot of the jails in the US are still 
really bad- equipped to handle criminal Reploids, especially compared to what 
we have, and they can't fight the Virus. That problem's still getting worse, 
and we have to respond to the outbreaks, and the breakouts, the only way we 
know how. And that's by locking them up and shutting them down, top-security. 
Nobody out here wants to have to see these reploids killed; it's about 
rehabilitation, and getting them that second chance on down the road."

Back to the GNN newsroom: "The number of violent and random reploid-related 
incidents has increased in North America since the advent of the Sigma Virus, 
and for many reploid-holding institutions in the States, this is extremely 
welcome news. For security reasons, the institutions involved will not release 
the exact location of the experimental prison complex, but state that an area 
off the United States coast has been chosen specifically, and that the initial 
foundations and underwater portion of the Camp are already nearly completed. 
Staffing matters for this highly dangerous area are still being discussed and 
debated, with early reports believing that a few of San Angeles' finest may 
decide to take up the challenge of guarding such a facility."

"The first round of prisoners may be transferred to the newly dubbed Tianna 
Camp in as soon as two or three weeks, provided that sufficient staff can be 
hired. For the crowded reploid prisons of the mainland United States, it can't 
be soon enough."

"GNN Reporting."

(Questions? Gemma.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Update on Indonesia                Sat Jan 22    Global News Network
Ok... Here is a log of the autopsies that were conducted in Indonesia tonight:


This would have IC'ly been broadcasted on GNN in some parts of the world, so 
you may have actually IC'ly seen this "footage" either life or on a rerun 
later. This should provide information for others who want to investigate the 
nightmares as well as set up a basis for interfactional cooperation. If you 
want more info about this log, contact me (Shining Firefly/Violen). If you 
want more info about this plot, contact Psychogenesis. Enjoy.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
San Angeles Memorial Week          Wed Jan 26    Global News Network

        "...I was then later quoted as saying 'POX is totally a candyass news 
station', to which the official POX reply was 'As if, you psycho'. There has 
been speculation that GNN's reply will be along the lines of 'takes one to 
know one', although this has not been confirmed." 

        Chest turns to face a new camera, shuffling his papers around even 
though he doesn't really need them. "In other news, today is the eve of the 
18th anniversary of the initial Alpha squadron attack on San Angeles. This was 
the first strike by the original Robot Master forces, and demonstrated the 
danger that Albert Wily posed to the world." Chest doesn't bother going into 
it too much just yet, as he's saving that for later. 

        "The Global News Network is recognizing the event by declaring a 
Memorial Week to remember those who fell during the initial Robot Master 
invasion. We'll have interviews of those there at the scene of the battle, of 
Alphas battling for Wily, of San Angeles Mayor Edgar Friendly, and much much 
more. We'll see exactly how this changed the city, and the world as a whole. 
Stay tuned with GNN for all the coverage." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
PAID ADVERTISEMENT                 Wed Jan 26    Global News Network

              Late-night TV paid announcement by Mendoza Robotics

     It is common knowledge, that damage and injuries happen when combat
     ensues in the Pits of Tartarus. Many of these injuries aren't the
     type that one wishes to explain to their commanders or medical crew
     regardless of how understanding those teams may be. This is where
     we come in. With a crack staff of roboticists and medics on call,
     Mendoza Robotics and Medical can tend to those needs without shaky
     alibis or questions that many would be uncomfortable answering.

     So when you've injured yourself and know not where to turn for help,
     Just call on us. Mendoze Robotics and Medical. No job is too big,
     or too messy for us. We are your hope, we are your last chance.
     Our work is well worth our prices.

     (Paid for by Mendoza Robotics. *flashes contact frequency* Contact
     Diego OOCly for questions)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Interpol & Japan Agreement?        Thu Jan 27    Global News Network

        "...GNN will be following the story until you're damn well sick and 
tired of it." 

        Chest turns to face a new camera. Behind him is an image of the 
Interpol logo - whatever it may look like. "And our top story for tonight: 
Interpol has released a statement indicating that they are on the verge of 
signing an agreement with Japan giving them authority to police the country as 
dictated in the Interpol Charter. If passed, Japan will be no longer be on the 
short list of nations not currently employing the international police agency. 
Japanese Prime Minister Takeshi Kaga said this event is the first step in 
eliminating the crime infesting Japan." 

        Chest smiles slightly, "Of course, Japan is a special case due to the 
recent rise of Dr. Albert Wily to the position of Emperor - The investigation 
into which still continues. When asked how Interpol will deal with the Robot 
Masters, Director Fairchild declared they would respect Japan's laws 
concerning the Masters' immunity while on Japanese soil." We get a soundbite 
of Fairchild, speaking on what would happen if a Master was successfully 
arrested: "I'd need to talk to Japan's government once the Charter passes 
before we could talk about arrest and extradition. We'll deal with it where we 
arrest them, usually. If the government wants extradition and trial on their 
own soil, we'll talk about it - that's part of why Interpol was formed, to 
make matters like that easier. Given their international criminal status, 
though, it's not impossible that we'll have to arrange for an international 

        "Prime Minister Kaga also added that he fully supports Interpol's 
involvement, and plans to campaign on their behalf to get this agreement 
signed. One of Interpol's main goals in Japan, according to Director 
Fairchild, would be to root out organized crime - of note, the infamous 
Yakuza. This agreement would give Interpol their first major weapon they can 
use against the crime syndicate. Whether or not the Yakuza would be able to 
remain slippery when confronted with the law remains to be seen. On behalf of 
the Global News Network, we'd like to wish the Japanese people, and Interpol, 
good luck in ridding their country of the Yakuza disease." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
New Product                        Thu Jan 27    Global News Network
A commercial!

"NEW! From Wilyco!" A picture of a confused girl at a computer pops up and a 
narration. "Are you sick of confusing promptsfrom your computer? Having 
trouble finding the 'Any Key'? Well, no longer! With the new "Simple Minded 
Keyboard" from Wilyco, you'll never hunt for keys again!"

The image switches to the girl, now happy, with a big, shiny new keyboard. 
"Thats right! With the Simple Minded Keyboard, the keys you need to press 
actually LIGHT UP for you. And, if you still can't find them, our patented 
attention grabber technology will make sure you notice!" The girl hunts for a 
key and can't find it. THen, a hand reaches out from the keyboard, grabs her 
by the back of the head and forces her face down till he nose touches the 
correct button. "Also, our keyboard now includes the patented ANY KEY! Thats 
right!" And there it is, right next to the ALT button. A little key labelled 
"Any Key."

"The Simple MInded Keyboard, from Wilyco! Visit your nearest 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Related Deaths?                    Thu Jan 27    Global News Network

        <Airing primarily in Japan but can be seen elsewhere in the world is a 
brief news insert, periodically occurring throughout the day.>

        "... and in other news, police discovered the bodies of four reploids 
early this morning in the Nogaki district of Neo-Tokyo. It is still not clear 
if these murders are related but officials speculate that it is quite 
possible," Surge Lizard says, shuffling through his papers. "The bodies were 
found within two hundred yards of each other, one at a bus stop, two in an 
office building, and another outside a liqour store. All four had recieved a 
single gunshot wound to their cores."

        "Police have not released any other information at this time but do 
warn citizens to be wary of any suspicious individuals and to report them to 
the nearest police station should one be encountered. Officials do request 
that anyone with information related to these crimes please call them 
immediately." The lizard smiled devilishly as his eyes twitched and spasmed 
from an apparent overdose of crack. Or something.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Tianna Transfer News               Fri Jan 28    Global News Network
--Another GNN Story about that new prison system...--

"Sources here in San Angeles report that Tianna Camp, the new reploid 
island-prison project developed by the United States Justice Department, in 
joint with the San Angeles Police Department, has made excellent progress in 
construction and staffing this past week. The first transfer of prisoners to 
the new colony will reportedly be taking place some time next week, though 
obviously the location and exact time of the transfer could not be released."

"Some controversy still exists surrounding the camp, with reploid rights groups 
in the US complaining that incarcerating reploids in seperate facilities from 
human prisoners is a violation of basic rights. However, citing the drastic 
and sometimes difficult measures needed to keep infected reploids under lock 
and key, the San Angeles PD responds that these concerns are irrelevant to the 
safety of humans and reploids alike that do not want to risk viral exposure."

"Perhaps a bigger source of controversy still is the matter of the head warden 
of the new jail, who is a confirmed /former/ member of the Coalition for 
Reploid Freedom. Tianna-7, an established member of the Coalition since 2213, 
submitted for voluntary disinfection almost immediately after the cure became 
public. When contacted by GNN, she was too busy for a full interview, but 
assured the world that she was 'dedicated to containing those driven insane by 
the Virus until a cure is developed', and that she believed firmly in Tianna 
Camp's security."

There's a brief voice clip of Tianna-7. "The world we live in is inherently 
dangerous to Reploids. The threat of the Sigma Virus is global - any Reploid 
could be infected due to no fault of their own, causing mental breakdown. We 
do not kill humans who are driven insane by factors beyond their control; why 
Reploids? I believe that we are closer to a cure than ever, and that when the 
breakthrough occurs, these Reploids will be able to live a full, normal life."

Back to the studio: "...Memorial celebrations this weekend..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
HeraCorp Press Conference          Fri Jan 28    Global News Network
--Another GNN story about the latest information tossed out by HeraCorp! Sewa 
once again to speak up on behalf of the company.

        "It has been a while since I've made a statement regarding the growth 
of the company and I apologize for it. I have been holding off making any 
concrete announcements until the completion of the facility. What facility?" 
Sewa grins, "HeraCorp: Canada will be active by the end of the week. This 
facility, unlike our main office, is geared entirely towards the construction 
of reploids. The reason it is not active now is because I am still considering 
who to put in charge of that facility, and I guess I'm a little picky."

        There is some general laughter among the press before one pipes up, 
'What are your feelings on the Tianna Camp as a fellow former member of the 

        Sewa blinks, "Well, this isn't supposed to be related, but... I guess I 
should trust in the leader of the camp. I hope she doesn't get infected 
herself by running a camp full of infected reploids, that would be very sad 
and dangerous due to the break-out that would occur. I hope for the program's 
success, however, so that Coalition prisoners can be treated more humanely 
than before. I would prefer them being kept in the same prison but the nature 
of the virus makes that rather impossible. She does, however, have a good 
point that humans are not killed when they go mad and even though the 
Coalition is a military threat, this is something to think about."

        "Any other questions?"

        'Aren't you worried they will be violating their rights where we can't 
see them?'

        "Yes, but if you have an alternative I am not the one to suggest it 
to.", she pauses, "If they -do- violate their fundamental rights, it will 
probably come back to haunt them. Just like every other time the world has 
done it, it will come back. I warn Tianna Camp to keep this in mind." 

        <some more questions, but not nearly as interesting and they have to do 
with math.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Maverick Protest at GNN Central    Fri Jan 28    Global News Network

        "Dozens of people were gunned down yesterday, but thankfully none of 
them were important." 

        Chest turns towards a new camera. Behind him is an image of GNN Central 
with the Maverick insignia in the upper right hand corner. "In other news, GNN 
Central here in San Angeles was the location of a peaceful protest by the 
Coalition for Reploid Freedom." There's a shot of the Maverick crowd waving 
signs and chanting slogans. San Angeles super-police are watching and making 
sure everything is kept nice-like. 

        Back to Chest. "The Coalition's rally was in response to the 
acquisition of a number of cybernetic children by Interpol forces from 
Berlin." Chest figured 'acquisition' is about as neutral as you can possibly 
get on this subject. There's a close-up of Dr. Doppler. Behind him you can see 
a sign being held by Wire Sponge which reads 'GIVE US BACK OUR KIDS! THEY 
AREN'T UP FOR BID!'. Doppler: "We've come to protest the actions of Interpol, 
namely the abduction of five of our citizens against their will, and the 
violent means they employed in doing so. We want our children returned, 

        "There has been a storm of controversy concerning the children ever 
since Maverick forces attacked a Russian hospital, kidnapping five children. A 
sixth was saved by Maverick Hunters. The children were reportedly treated well 
once in Maverick custody, as confirmed by a meeting with three of them, as 
well as a GNN source deep within the Coalition." Too deep. 

        Chest continues, "Accusations flew over the intent behind the 
Coalition's actions - for the children, or merely to gain support and power." 
Shot of Fairchild, giving a brief statement to a reporter: "Interpol feels 
that our actions were justified in all ways, and will not renege on our 
responsibilities to these children now that we have retrieved them from 

        Back to Chest. "The Maverick rally ended once they had their say, and 
the protest was entirely peaceful." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Warrants                           Sun Jan 30    Global News Network
Assorted news sources begin commentary on the extreme flood of warrants for 
arrest that have been issued in a majority of the world; namely almost all 
INTERPOL Charter Nations, most UN Member Nations, and a handful of others for 
the arrest of a single man. A japanese businessman by the name of 'Rajura 
Doji'. Rumor has it the law enforcement agency INTERPOL is behind the sudden 
outburst of documentation for apprehension, though the exact reasons are 
currently witheld from the public.

(Contact Ebony Fox for details)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Massive Robot Master Assault (1\2) Sun Jan 30    Global News Network

< Hysterical GNN coverage. >

Thousands are believed to be dead and tens of thousands more are injured after 
the Robot Masters launched what is believed to be their celebration of the 
18th anniversary of their initial attack against San Angeles.

The Robot Masters arrived in force using their aerial weapons platform 
colloquially known as the Quint Blimp. Powerful Robot Master units such as 
Bass and Enker were involved in leading the assault, which spread rapidly 
across the city, outpacing the ability of the San Angeles defense forces to 
contain. Outside assistance from the Maverick Hunters and Repliforce was 
required to ultimately drive the Robot Masters back. Rumors of Neo Arcadian 
activity in San Angeles have not been confirmed.

However, in a display of inhuman horror, the Robot Masters were able to erect 
eighteen columns, constructed with the bodies of civilian Reploids driven 
through a central spike. The heights of the columns vary from a small number 
of bodies to monolithic displays of horror and death visible for blocks. Some 
of the Reploids still clung to life after being impaled and attempted futilely 
to escape, only to be pinned in place by the weight of their comrades and the 
extent of their injuries, which were worsened by the igniting of the pillars 
by the Robot Master Fire Man.

< Coverage continues >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Massive Robot Master Assault (2\2) Sun Jan 30    Global News Network

Another extraordinary display of carnage and terror took place in the wharf 
district of San Angeles, with a joint assault by the Robot Master Force 
Commander Bass and Maverick General Vile piloting the Goliath ride armor. The 
two robots were able to cut a swath of horror from the shore to the main San 
Angeles police staging area, where they caused some of the worst casualties of 
the fighting and a great deal of property damage.

Members of the Strider mercenary group were in the area attempting to stop the 
rampage, but appeared only to provoke Bass to greater heights of violence. His 
final outburst before his departure under his own power was reported to have 
wounded several hundred and killed tens, as well as causing tens of millions 
of zenny in property damage to the surrounding four blocks. Numerous San 
Angeles police vehicles were also destroyed in the rampage, as well as 
infrastructure supporting the power plant and the main hospital. Rolling 
brownouts are expected over the next few days as repairs are made.

The Robot Masters, due to the heroism of many, were driven out of San Angeles 
before they could cause harm similar to that brought about during their 
original offensive, in which they reshaped the city into bizarre forms to suit 
the preinclinations of the Robot Master "Alphas", otherwise known as the 
original six Robot Masters Dr. Wily stole from Dr. Light.

A permanent ban of Robot Masters from San Angeles is expected to be put before 
the San Angeles City Council on Monday morning. It is expected to pass 

< Punditry. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Fortress V Relocation              Mon Jan 31    Global News Network

        "...and remember, GNN is broadcast to you live via Hypno-Vision. 
~oBsErVe OnLy ThE gLoBaL nEwS nEtWoRk, MoRtAlS~!" 

        Chest shuffles his notes and turns to face another camera, having 
secured his financial success for another decade or so. "And our late-breaking 
news update: Our very own GNN News Chopper has confirmed that the Repliforce 
warship known as the Fortress V has departed its previous berth in the African 
Rainforest. Repliforce itself issued a press release stating that the air 
vessel was 'enroute to Moscow, where it plans to take up a position to aid in 
restoring law and order to the capital and the major cities of Russia'. The 
statement went on to say that in this matter, 'Repliforce stands alongside the 
Maverick Hunters in the defence of the Russian people'. The ship is expected 
to arrive tomorrow by 1:00pm EST." 

        Chest turns to another camera, getting a glossy look in his eyes. "I, 
personally, have absolutely no opinion on this matter whatsoever, though my 
fellow GNN journalists might." Alt interaction prevented, Chest goes into 
detail about what's publicly known about the ship and its exploits. 

        OOC: The FV's moving to Moscow. Anyone capable of using such high tech 
gadgets like 'binoculars' or 'looking out a window' can confirm this. It's 
taking up a position about thirty stories above Outpost Moscow. ICly Fairchild 
and Light have been privately informed. Any questions go to Storm Owl. 


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