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Jet Movie Announced                Wed Feb 02    Global News Network
<In various sections of the Entertainment sector, both online, on TV and 
anything between. This article is given by one of the few Independant 

 While Chest of the GNN was able to get first wind of the newest Jet Stingray 
movie in an somewhat shallow interview with GNN weathergirl Peach, it has been 
revealed by Roland Sterns, the director of the first Jet Stingray movie 'Of 
Stingray and Stardroids', that he is already working on the second movie. 
While he admited delays due to major changes in the script, he said that 
casting would begin and would not deter him from a release date set in July. 
While this might seem rather daunting to most directors, Stern's seems to have 
a special magic when it comes to making and releasing Summer Action 

 Details on the nature of the plot were sketchy at best. From what we can 
gather, it will continue where the last movie left off, having Jet Stingray go 
off after a Stardroid Research Center known as the 'Library of Stars' in movie 
with the rather hokey title 'Of Stardroids and Stingrays 2: Space Sucks'. More 
details will be released when they are available. 

 <OOC: If Anyone is interested in being cast in the movie, please @mail me with 
the kinda role that you would want to be, and I'll make a movie plot that has 
those roles working with the players that I choose. though I'll will likely 
have 3-7 PCs in the cast. It will be within the bounds of an action movie... 
Think Indiana Jones meets ID4. Jet will be playing the male hotshot rookie 
lead, of course. If you want to do something like helping with music score or 
even being the official movie gopher, please @mail me. Considering the nature 
of the Maverick Virus, Mavs will not be allowed in the movie and RMs or other 
'baddies' that want to join in should have a rather convincing disguise 
considering that Jet and Sterns are rather pro Repliforce and in general, 
pro-America. Any questions, feel free to page or @mail Jet.>

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Bara: Making Money For Once        Thu Feb 03    Global News Network
(Found in the Robotic News sections of various newsfeeds and print papers. It 
is given a great deal more weight in Japan, but is noted worldwide.)
        Bara Posts Larger-Than-Expected Profit For First Quarter
                Credits government orders, increased R&D

        The Bara Corporation of Tokyo has reported that its first-quarter 
earnings have been exceptionally high. The company, which has only been in the 
black five quarters since its founding over a decade ago, is believed by 
analysts to have finally rounded the curve.
        Takashi Ota (links - news stories), the CEO of the company, credits 
this on reduction in costs in the bioroid production process, specifically a 
chlorophyll bonding process licensed from an independent researcher.
        'Unlike many companies producing artificial intelligences,' Ota said, 
'we have focused upon high quality rather than high quantity. It's taken us a 
while, but we've got a large team of skilled engineers. With the Gaudile 
process, too, we've been able to reduce the failure rate on the biografts from 
one in three to one in seven.'
        Dr. Emi Shirobara, head of the Bara R&D department, commented, 'It's 
unfortunate our best helper with the biograft problem has so many interests. 
But I suppose it takes a wide perspective to come up with new innovations.'
        The primary purchasers of bioroids have been governments intending to 
use them to spearhead ecological recovery efforts. Bara is reportedly working 
on lower-cost civilian products using the same technology.

(Questions and inquiries to Mesarthim.)

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Ironica Comeback Tour.             Thu Feb 03    Global News Network
<GNN Special Report.>

<Insert Picture Of Alex Nova - Frontman for the Heavy Metal Band 'Ironica'.>

        "And in other news today 'Alex Nova', well known lead guitarist and 
singer for 'Ironica' announced a comeback tour planned for the band in the 
coming months. The claim had been that the band had simply been 'Chilling out, 
and letting some other rockers take the scene' for the duration of silence 
after their last tour. Tickets are on sale now, with a few 'special VIPs' 
apparently recieving tickets in advance." 


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NIGHT OF TERROR                    Fri Feb 04    Global News Network

< Late night coverage turns into all day wall-to-wall coverage ... >

Thousands of civilians are injured, hundreds are believed dead, and tens are 
missing this morning as a result of an worldwide campaign of carnage launched 
by the Robot Masters late in the evening on Thursday. Property damage 
estimates are still being made, but may well top the hundred million zenny.

Surgical strikes were launched in New York City and New Delhi by hypervelocity 
speedsters Quick Man and Top Man, which caused countless vehicle crashes, 
exploded windows and other incidental property damage from sonic booms. Robot 
Master activity also surged through the cyberworld, with false alarms being 
tripped throughout the Midwest that threw many cities into confusion and 
panic, causing additional injuries and lost productivity. Robot Masters were 
even alleged to be seen moving through southern Texas and in other cities 
around the globe, though those reports remain unconfirmed.

The Robot Master Bass, the ringleader of the attacks, was allegedly seen in 
Torontreal undertaking a campaign of personal destruction. A coalition force 
of Repliforce, Interpol and Maverick Hunter units were dispatched to stop 
Bass. It was revealed that `Bass' was actually international criminal and rock 
star Daryn Luna impersonating the Robot Master with a holographic system to 
help to draw away elite forces from other Robot Master strike zones around the 

The cause of the violence was claimed to be taunting directed at Bass by 
mercenaries affiliated with Neo Arcadia, but was alleged later to be an 
elaborate scheme of retaliation devised to counter earlier action directed at 
the Robot Masters as part of a Maverick Hunter/Robot Master `prank war'. 
Initial action in the prank war was believed to be made by Dr. Light by 
changing the appearance of Skull Monument in Neo Tokyo to appear as a giant 
birthday cake.

< Punditry. Oh, is there ever. >

OOC: Questions about the NIGHT OF TERROR can be directed at Leo and other 
involved parties.


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Neo Tokyo Explosion!               Fri Feb 04    Global News Network

< Neo Tokyo News; minor story, dwarfed by the Night of Terror coverage >

A significant underground explosion rocked the Donachi business district last 
night during the Robot Master global offensive, causing localized flooding for 
several blocks around Skull Monument and forcing numerous power and water 
outages throughout the city. Outages are expected to continue throughout the 
weekend, with the most optimistic assessments of restoring full service 
hovering between Monday afternoon to Thursday evening.

Details about the explosion are sketchy, as an investigation by civil 
authorities is ongoing. However, it is believed that the explosion was a part 
of a failed counteroffensive against the Robot Masters, similar to the earlier 
attempt to sink the structure by Blaze Heatnix of the Maverick Hunters. 
However, the explosion brought up a large volume of water to the surface 
instead of lava, which has caused a different set of problems than the 
previous incident.

Skull Monument is currently being stabilized by a cooperative effort between 
the Robot Masters and the Japanese Civil Defense Forces to prevent Donachi 
from being consumed by the massive sinkhole caused by the saturation of the 
soil beneath the district. Water damage to the area is extensive, but so far 
the cleanup effort has been orderly.

< Video: water shooting out of the skull in Skull Monument -- mostly from the 
eye-holes, but also from the nose piece. It comes out like a geyser for a good 
30 seconds, which tears apart everything the water hits in front of it. Other 
video: Joes and JCDF forces working together to try to drain the water from 
the soil and prevent the Monument and other structures from starting to tip. >

< Punditry, etc. >

OOC: A Seismic Earthworm production. Leo approved.


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Overlord In Donachi?               Fri Feb 04    Global News Network
(Neo-Tokyo's Happy Fun Super Newstime Hour's Mega Strange Stuff Oddity Segment 
of Happiness)
*Translated from Japanese.

"<....and in other news concerning the instability caused last night by the 
Maverick Seismic Earthworm, a special visitor from the Maverick Hunters is 
currently standing in the exact center of the Donachi Business District. And 
not just any Hunter, the Overlord Quiet Man and his mysterious panda 
companion. Authorities report he has been sending them hourly reports via text 
data concerning shifts in the district's foundations, apparently listening in 
for the itty bitty movements that could lead to disaster as crews work to 
repair the area. No official statement as to why he's helping, and most 
visitors have reported being chased away by Quiet Man's panda when attempting 
to find out.>

"< Next up, the Super Delux Mega Happy Game Show Hour!>

(Questions? Comments? Proposals of Marriage? Talk to Quiet Man)

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RM World Transmission...           Sun Feb 06    Global News Network

         Call it a hijacked transmission courtesy of Number Man. Or maybe the 
Robot Masters went and legitimately purchased a minute or two of on air time. 
Who knows? The world over displays a sudden image of King's visage. Battered, 
burnt, a very bad cut in side, but still nevertheless operational as he stands 
with his arms crossed over his chest. The area around him seems confined, as 
if he were in the bowels of some armored vehicle. 
         There is a long moment that passes, as King stands there, arms 
crossed, staring off to one side. He then looks back towards the screen, as if 
finally deciding what he was going to say. "What your news reports shall no 
doubt tell you, the people of the world, and the people of Russia about, will 
no doubt be no secret. As was put forward by your own media, our intentions 
upon the Outpost outside of Moscow was made entirely clear. There was no 
deception on this part, as I wished it to be made clear. I wish the people of 
Moscow and Russia to take close note..." 
         The image suddenly flashes to one of Outpost Moscow, the shaking image 
that of a battlefield camera. Explosions, flames and blasterfire can be seen, 
not just outside and around the area of the base, but from -inside- it as 
well. Another image flashes then, to one of the Dreadskull and the Fortress V 
briefly duking it out, before showing the Dreadskull pulling away into the 
roaring winds of a blizzard, trailing smoke but still operational. 
         "Even having taken precautions, the Hunters and Repliforce could not 
prevent us from making our move. There is no perceived 'safety' within their 
ranks. Take note, people of Moscow...our war is not with you. You will note, 
that none of our ordinance was directed at your city, nor your people." 
         King's arms unfold then, and one hand raises, clenching into a fist. 
"But if you decide to throw your lot in with the new Outpost and those that 
would spout their propoganda to your ears...you will just as soon become our 
enemy. Remember this night, for joining our enemies only puts you -in- our 
line of fire. Rather than beside it. It is up to you to decide how many 
enemies you truly wish." 
         King straightens then, lowering his hand, and unclenching his fist, 
before making a sweeping motion to cut off the transmission. 


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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
El Paso Rally Surprise?            Mon Feb 07    Global News Network

This is.... GNN!         
This past Saturday, February 5th 2218, the nation of Aztlan held a rally in 
Texas late in the evening. It was known throughout the world, that three years 
ago, some mysterious Stardroid flew to El Paso, Texas, and detonated in a 
massive explosion killing millions. Now, all that is left of that city are 
ruins. President Elpizo was there to hold a rally, with a good number of 
supporters behind him.          
<An Image of President Elpizo standing behind a podium with his hand motioning 
to the ruins of El Paso in mid-sentance>. There were of course, those who 
opposed the president's sentiments. The infamous Maverick Hunter, Proto Man, 
blinked on to the scene, with some mysterious dog, and began to debate with 
the Aztlan Leader. <A shot of Blues standing on one of the banquet tables, 
with the dog, Rhythm at his side> After a short exchange of words between Mr. 
Elpizo, and Protoman, the mysterious Hunter disappeared in a flash of light, 
and left the rally at peace.    
However, there were still more protests against this rally. <An Image of Bowie 
appears in place of Protoman's picture> The ex-Texas Ranger and current 
Maverick Hunter, Bowie, emerged from the ruins of El Paso, and began to 
protest to the Neo Arcadian rally, because of claims relating to '..disturbing 
the spirits of the dead, for their own ends..'. The President and Bowie 
exchanged a few more words, with Elpizo looking more and more irritated with 
the entire fiasco, and with some gusto, cut all feeds to the rally.     
Some informants tell us, that during this time, Bowie and President Elpizo 
'exchanged' some pleasentries, before the world-known rockstar, Daryn Luna 
reactivated the cameras apparently using his *eye* to give the camera a lense. 
The world was shocked to see, President Elpizo holding Bowie /three-feet/ off 
the ground by his throat! President Elpizo apparently claims that Bowie had 
shot into the crowd, but at this time reports need to be looked in to. After 
that, we lost feed to the rest of the rally.    
The Aztlan Government was not available for comment at this time.        
<OOC: Questions? Send 'em to Elpizo> 


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Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
Internet being spammed with new mo Tue Feb 08    Global News Network
All over the web, at various different websites and the like, there is a new 
video that has been released and (quickly) is becoming watched and watched and 
watched. The video? Some sort of recording from what looks like a large, 
grassy field.. Buffalo, Tigers, and all sorts of different critters seem to be 
around. But the focus of the video seems to be something else:

                               HIEN VS MIDGET!!!                                

The video includes two figures, one most might know as the White Dragon Strider 
Hien... The other? Probably a lesser known, if known at all.. A 
cipher-wielding small person, standing at 2' 10", Freddy Ogden! The entire 
fight is available for viewing.. hilarity ensues.


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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Chinese Ring in Year of the Horse  Wed Feb 09    Global News Network

        A holiday calm fell over normally bustling cities Wednesday as ethnic 
Chinese communities across the world celebrated the start of the lunar Year of 
the Horse. Businesses and government officies throughout Asia were closed so 
that workers could make traditional visits to crowded temples and family 
banquets. The day marks the beginning of the year 4185 and the start of the 
Spring Festival, the most important holiday in traditional Chinese culture. 
Celebrations are scheduled thoughout the next fifteen days in China, while 
most other communities outside the homeland will limit their celebrations to 
the next few days. 
        Chinese astrologers predict that the Year of the Horse will be 
unpredictable but very busy.

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
New Spring Fashion                 Sun Feb 13    Global News Network
<A segment on one of the more popular fashion designer shows, aired both on a 
couple fashion dedicated segments, and even several major evening news shows. 
The big hullabaloo is about the new spring swimsuit fashion trend.> 
        The camera cuts to inside a studio, where the hostess is busy 
explaining why everyone seems to excited over the latest line of products from 
Habernos Fashion Industries. "This new line is known for it's bold new 
designs, comfort, and a sense of high style in every single item." Several 
items are displayed on the screen. The first one is a blue and green swimsuit 
that looks like a rather unusual one-piece, with many line of twisted fabric 
and gaps in the fabric making it almost appear like a bikini. A second garment 
follows, one made out of small thin silvery strips of cloth, making it almost 
look like an outfit composed entirely of vertical silver chains. "Somewhat 
unusual is the fact that the creator of this line of clothing is also the lead 
model for it." A picture is shown of a young Latin woman, wearing the first 
mentioned swimsuit and walking down a viewing platform. NAs should recognize 
her as "Rosa Mendez, who also happens to be, of all things, a soldier in the 
Neo Arcadian military. We're lucky enough to have her in the studio tonight." 
        Rosa appears, seated next to the hostess, dressed in professional 
civilian clothes. Various standard questions are put forth, with Rosa giving 
very politician like answers, generic comments that sound good but rarely 
actually mean anything, and mostly sticking to the assertion that she just 
wants to help make the world a nicer place in every way possible. "And to that 
end," she adds suddenly near the end of the interview, "I'm now working with 
the Neo Arcadian government to create a new, world wide relief and aid 
organization for those traumatized by the war and other crises. It's called 
Helping Hand, and while part of it is payed for by the government of Neo 
Arcadia, I'm also donating 100% of the profit I earn from sales to helping it 
get started." The hostess, somewhat surprised by the nonscripted comment, 
reacts with genuine praise for the selfless act, and the two continue to talk 
amiably about the clothing etc until the end of the segment. 

<Questions? Comments? I doubt it. If you do though, send em to me, Rosa!>

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Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Indonesia Deforestation            Mon Feb 14    Global News Network

        "Whether or not Cut Man will ever play Russian Roulette again remains 
to be seen." 

        Chest turns towards a new camera. Behind him is the Indonesian flag. 
Truly, we are into the crappiest parts of the news. But Chest puts out a 
valiant effort and successfully avoids falling asleep. "Controversy has been 
stirred up on the small island of Kalimantan. The island is one of the many 
thousands within Indonesia. Its government has had a fierce and impressive 
track record of protecting its natural resources and not allowing its forests 
to be destroyed despite the potential profit. Earlier today, however, the 
government finally gave permission for the deforestation to begin. The need to 
increase cash flow was the explanation by the Indonesian government. Local and 
international wildlife preservationists have protested the reversal of the 
laws governing the use of natural resources, but the government stands by 
their decision, noting that, quote, 'their flower-power cannot stand against 
our glower-power'." Chest shrugs, and the news moves onward. 

        OOC: Questions to Storm Eagle or Storm Owl. Though really, c'mon... 
deforestation? Quick, Repliforce! Send in a battalion and nuke the area! 
Anyhow, this island is not the same one that has been having the recent 
nightmare problem, in case you were curious. 


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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Tianna Camp Attacked               Mon Feb 14    Global News Network

Wire reports out of San Angeles confirm that the Reploid Prison, Tianna Camp, 
was attacked and raided by Maverick reploids last night. Reports are still 
sketchy, but judging from analysis of the camp's last transmissions, the 
escape began as a breach of interior security, a breach the Mavericks 
capitalized on, and used to attack the prison and provide airlift for multiple 
escaped prisoners from the island.

Forces of the Maverick Hunters and Interpol arrived on scene during the riot, 
and tried to quell it, rescuing the surviving crew from the prison.

More on this as it develops, as a list of survivors and escapees has not yet 
been provided.

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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Exploding Radios-- Again           Mon Feb 14    Global News Network
***Another if slightly less-urgent GNN report***

"Another six incidents of randomly exploding internal transmitter radios 
occured in downtown New York City today. The explosions all occured in a rapid 
succession, damaging the inner-ear canals of four reploid, and two human 
victims. This marks the first time that a victim has been seriously injured by 
this phenomenon, as victim Stephanie Knox, age 22, has been upgraded to 
critical condition for severe internal bleeding. Other victims are currently 
listed as serious or stable, and are expected to recover."

"The most common manufacturers of inner-ear implants continue to insist that 
internal radio units are perfectly safe, even when installed in human beings, 
and that these incidents are either flukes, or, more likely, the result of 
deliberate sabotage."

"Police on-scene report that at least one suspect was spotted fleeing, though 
he was not identified or detained."

(Questions about this still go to Gemini Man and Techno.)

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Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
Teleporter Brouhaha                Mon Feb 14    Global News Network

"Police in Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City reported a fight today, 
apparently between a robot contractor working for the Neo Tokyo Police 
Department and a sword-wielding man. The fight took place in the teleporter 
facilities, and ended in Neo Tokyo, when the robot was dispatched and the man 
with the sword fled the scene, before other police could arrive."

<OOC: Chet vs. Whistler Rose, teleporter blink magic!>

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Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
Eurasia Ruckus                     Tue Feb 15    Global News Network

 <GNN Symbol! oooo it spins and goes down into the corner> 
         "Today there was a report of an incident that occured in the Castle 
In The Sky, a restaurant that is one of the better ones in Eurasia. Reports are 
slightly sketchy as to exactly what happened, although most eyewitnesses all 
agree that an Interpol member, Empathy Egret, had to be carted out on a 
stretcher by other members of Interpol and a Maverick Hunter named Glaive." 
         "As to exactly why she had to be carted away remains somewhat of a 
mystery, especially in light of the fact that all eyewitnesses say that 
Empathy Egret attacked the Maverick named Solstis(Image here) after he talked 
to her. Sadly, no one knows what was said nor why the Maverick opted to go his 
merry way." 
         "However, one thing is for certain. A member of Interpol attempted to 
conduct aggressive actions against the Maverick and had to be quickly subdued 
by the police on hand to maintain the peace, even as the Maverick completely 
left the area. More information will be available as it is acquired." 
 <OOC: Solstis or Empathy Egret for info. Thanks to Chuichi for making me laugh 
because of the super cops :P >

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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Announcement From "Steel" Massimo  Tue Feb 15    Global News Network
        Earlier today, a press release was made from the legendary police 
officer of the San Angeles Police Department, Sergeant "Steel" Massimo 
Cavallo, in regards to his choice to sign on with the Maverick Hunters 
following the attack on Tianna Camp. The following video is but a portion of 
this, actually the only really interesting part.
        "I've given this a lot of thought when I underwent medical attention 
after Tianna Camp. The world at large is still a very dangerous place, and so 
many people still require a number of good, strong men and women to keep 
people safe. In light of this, I wish to become a Maverick Hunter so that my 
protection extends beyond not only that of San Angeles, but that of the world, 
so that the evils of the world will come that much faster to justice. I am not 
leaving the people I've protected in the last two decades behind. No, now I'm 
putting the whole world under my protection. With the help of the world's 
strongest, smartest, greatest, and overall best with the interests of the 
everyday citizen in mind, we will work together to make sure the tragedies 
that befell not only San Angeles, but those that befell the rest of the world 
will come to a stop. So swears me, Maverick Hunter 'Steel' Massimo Cavallo!"
        The video cuts off here, but at the end you can see him turn offscreen 
and say in a muted tone, 'is that.' This is the source of some speculation on 
some message boards as to who he's addressing and what the full sentence is, 
but the intent is clear.

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Torontreal Tonight                 Wed Feb 16    Global News Network

 <GNN! OH NO!> 
         "For those just tuning in the recent news trickling out of Torontreal 
is that an area within the Harbor was the sight of a fight of some sort 
between a Maverick(Insert image of Solstis fleeing the scene) and many members 
of Interpol as well as Javelin Whitetail." 
         "The main sources of information, many eyewitnesses who were nearby 
working on some minor late night maintenance, all say that another person was 
present(Image of Sylpheed taken by security camera outside of a warehouse), 
and fought briefly with one of the members of Interpol(Guardian Elk image!)." 
         "An ambulance was called upon by Interpol to handle six Humans who had 
been unconcious, tranquilized with some unknown chemical which caused no 
distinct physical ailments, although there were some with lacerations." 
 <OOC: Contact Solstis, Javelin, Skadi, Plant Man, Sylpheed or Elk for info>

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Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Monument Attack Causes Crisis      Wed Feb 16    Global News Network

< Regional news. >

Hundreds are homeless and tens of people are injured tonight after an apparent 
assault on Skull Monument in Neo Tokyo failed. The attack apparently began 
with another attempt to sink the Monument, with the resulting flooding doing 
tremendous damage to Donachi's already weakened sewer system. The integrity of 
many storm sewers failed as the intense pressure in the sanitary sewers forced 
several mains to rupture, resulting in further structural damage to the area. 
Sewage geysers as high as 10 stories were reported in the area, which caused 
minor vehicle crashes and has caused a public health crisis in the area.

As the flooding continued, Karasawa Tower began to show signs of instability, 
but was stabilized by a joint Japanese Civil Defense Force/Robot Master 
operation. Within moments of Karasawa's stabilization, the Happy Home 
apartment complex was attacked by a plasma-based explosive detonated within 
the adjacent sewers. Fortunately, the state of emergency had many individuals 
already in the process of evacuating when the building was attacked.

No group has claimed responsibility for the assault.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Goodville Attacked!                Thu Feb 17    Global News Network

 <News symbol! Oh joy!> 
        "In a strange series of events shortly before the time of closing at 
the Goodville, Oregon bank it was dropped into the ground itself. People 
report that they felt a slight tremor and then the bank itself merely fell. 
Any and all footage that may have been taken inside by security cameras was 
cut off by the loss of power that followed, and aside from eyewitness reports 
of a rodent-based robot and two others fighting Interpol members(William image 
and Ashton image here!) there isn't much else known." 
        "However, the bank manager reports a massive sum of money is no longer 
in the vault, which may or may not cause severe ramifications for the banks 
attempt to reconstruct." 
 <OOC: Just Dalet having fun with Chet and Resh(Yay for them!)>

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Message: 18/70                     Posted        Author
The Internet is Full               Thu Feb 17    Global News Network
The following news report is all over both television and radio news, including 
GNN. It is not available on the internet for obvious reasons.

"That's right viewers, the internet appears to be full. All across the nation, 
starting in midwestern America and explanding out from there, internet servers 
are locking up and all traffic is slowing down. The effect will cover the 
globe in minutes, expert hackers predict."

"The UNCIC accredits this phenomenon to mass amounts of redundant information 
storage, most commonly caused by 'mail bombs'. When hackers flood victim's 
mailboxes or subscribe them to every porn list in the world, huge amounts of 
data are transfered over multiple networks and copied. Tactics like this have 
begun to cascade back on one another, with the popular tactic of sending mails 
that themselves include propogation of subscriptions to adresses connected to 
the victim. At the time of this report, 98% of the internet is used up and 
counting. Could this be the digital apocalypse? Stay tuned for more!"

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Message: 18/71                     Posted        Author
Internet Saved!                    Fri Feb 18    Global News Network
We bring you this follow-up on our most recent report. A coalition of hackers 
assembled this evening to fix the internet flooding problem, and service has 
now been restored to virtually all locations. Computer researches confirmed 
their earlier suspicion that the main bulk of the mass of spam was caused by 
mail bombs and other hacker attacks. The swarm itself exhibited attack 
capabilities similar to infamous hackers both heroic and villainous such as 
Robot Master Number Man, Pirate Princess Tron Bonne, and Interpol Operator 
Ebony Fox. Several nations are now reviewing implementing orThe swarm also 
exhibited the capability to respond violently to attempts at scanning or data 
draining it, an effect that programmers are looking into extensively but 
thusfar the opinion in hacker circles seems to be that too little data remains 
to duplicate it.

Not all of the heroes of this catastrophe chose to list their real names, so 
instead we will use their avatar identifiers: Bass.EXE, BlueOctorok, 
Architect, Magnificent Seven, Masquerade, Guardian, PrismaticSpider.EXE, 
Glitch Maiden, StealthSerpent, ORACLE, Beastzilla.EXE, Cossack.EXE and 
Hydrostatic. But the star player was the popular, previously unknown avatar 
being called 'Matrix Duck'. Matrix Duck fansites are already popping up over 
the internet and he's also the first avatar in over seven months to beat out 
Hydro Kitsune in People.com's Sexiest Avatar Alive poll. Thank you, Matrix 
Duck and all the brave hackers, for saving our internet!

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Message: 18/72                     Posted        Author
Transcript                         Fri Feb 18    Global News Network

        A transcript of the GNN interview of Dr. Sarah Fairchild and Javelin 
Whitetail can be found here: 


        (Yeah, it's Jav's POV. Deal!) 


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Message: 18/73                     Posted        Author
GSTE                               Fri Feb 18    Global News Network
--GNN repeats variations of this throughout the day and then occasionally 
during the upcoming week.--

"The Global Science and Technology Expo has been announced, and will be held on 
February 26th and 27th this year in the Expo center in Torontreal. As before, 
the GSTE is a time when all of the world's men, women, and reploids of science 
get together to exchange and display their ideas. The turnout this year is 
expected to be even higher than in the past, as evidenced by the increasing 
number of early-submissions and requests for display space and floor time."

"For those who have efforts to display, this is one of the most exciting times 
of the year...but there is always the concern that the Expo will be seen as a 
target for terrorist activity. In response, Torontreal declares it will double 
last-year's security--and is no stranger to hiring on outside assisstance for 
this if needed."

(Contact Gemma with questions.)

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Message: 18/74                     Posted        Author
Detroit Assault                    Fri Feb 18    Global News Network
*GNN News*

" Last night, Neo Arcadian forces moved on America, specificly a warehouse 
outside the metropolitan Detroit area. " Pictures are shown of Fairy 
Leviathan, Templar Fefnir, and other Neo Arcadians clashing with Repliforce 
troops near some docks and warehouses. " Even President Elpizo himself was 
present in the battle, giving rise to claims that this is possibly another 
move of invasion, as seen in South America during these past few months...." 
Pictures of Bolero locked in battle with Elpizo are shown. " Unfortunatly, 
things took a turn for the worse as Neo Arcadia felled many of Repliforce's 
officers, prompting the decision to use a devastating weapon held by Dr. 
Shining Firefly, against Elpizo. Combined with explosives planted by the 
Arcadian military, damages are in the estimated millions. There was no 
civilian loss of life, as the facility was Repliforce owned, but Mayor Achmed 
Mohammadan was displeased regardless. We go live to a press conference outside 
city hall...."

*Achmed Mohammadan, a man of arabic descent, approaches a podium crammed full 
of microphones. Flashes go off now and then as cameras take pictures.*

" Citizens, friends, countrymen, and esteemed members of the media. I am highly 
grieved by last night's events. Not just for the loss of life and damages, but 
because of what it represents. When I accepted this office over a year ago, it 
was on the policy that the people of Detroit no longer want this war. They do 
not want the constant fear. The hatred. The violence. I have done my best to 
keep the city as inactive as possible, while keeping it relatively capable of 
defending itself if need be. "

"However, it seems that President Elpizo does not care for the humanity he 
himself claims to champion. The battle he started was reckless, the explosives 
dangerous, and the resulting aftermath teetering far too close to home for my 
comfort or that of the city's. However, he is not the only one to blame. 
Repliforce, as usual, chose to use brute force to remove him. Harbors around 
the area are reporting masses of debris washing up into port, forcing delays 
in shipping schedules as they are safely cleared. Countless citizens were 
injured as they fled in sheer terror, TERROR from the area of the battle. When 
questioned as to why, each and every one was afraid that the conflict would 
escalate, and catch them in the crossfire. " Achmed halts, eyes closed, 
shaking his head.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/75                     Posted        Author
Detroit Assault Cont'd             Fri Feb 18    Global News Network

 " This is simply unacceptable. I will not have my people living in fear, not 
just of the evils of this war. But of these groups who claim, despite repeated 
failure to live up to, the title of 'heroes'. The events in Neo Arcadia apall 
me. To think such groups as the Maverick Hunters would put their own precious 
city in such horrible danger is nigh uncomprehensible. I will NOT have such 
carelessness here in Detroit. "

" Thusly, I would like to re-iterate, and strengthen the resolve of this 
administration's primary goal of making this city a safe place to live for ALL 
races; reploid, cyborg, humans, and even androids. General. Sigma. Doctor 
Wily. Doctor Light. Elpizo. Doctor Sarah Fairchild. You war is NOT welcome 
here. "

" While America is part of the charters which hold Repliforce accountable for 
defense, and INTERPOL jurisdiction, Detroit will only be adhering to the bare 
minimums of these agreements. All Repliforce military facilities beyond 
offices are in the process of having their sanctioning by the city revoked, 
and asked to leave within the next thirty days. INTERPOL, while their law 
enforcement is appreciated, will be required to contact local authorities 
first and gain permission of the Mayor's office to launch any and all 
operations within this city. They are advised to yield to local authorities as 
well in matters of law enforcement. Likewise, beyond offices, they will not be 
allowed any military grade facilities in the city. Heavy ordinances such as 
Ride Armors and Tanks will be met as hostiles, regardless of affiliation. "

" To be fair, of course, any group wishing simple office facilities in the city 
are more than welcome, but will recieve heavy scrutiny. Of course, due 
to...current events, the Maverick Coalition and Neo Arcadia will not be 
extended such good graces. Detroit is not a war zone. Do not treat it as such, 
or I will do what is needed to protect it's citizens. "

" Good day. "

 Achmed turns and leaves, despite bombardments of inquiries by the press.

 *Punditry. Contact Pharaoh Man with Questions*

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Message: 18/76                     Posted        Author
Jet Movie Casting Closed!          Fri Feb 18    Global News Network
More Entertainment stuff in the latest magazines and stuff.... You know, the 
things that you would find nestled between who Peach is rumored to like and an 
interview with Alex Nova. 
 The Jet Stingray movie is continuing on with production as it has just 
finished its casting. Like the last movie, the cast will have mostly new 
talent, though Sterns assures that the action will still be the same par as 
the last movie (Which was average to above average). The only reoccuring star 
other than Jet himself is Barrage Raptor, who may or may not be taking a 
different role, as her character had a slight case of dead at the end of the 
last Jet film. Roles are said to be released in a couple of weeks, as well as 
some plot teasers. 
 (OOC: Annnnnnnnnnd casting is closed. Sorry about the wait for those eager to 
participate or see the fruit of the next Jet film, but I wanted to make sure 
that everyone that wanted to be in it had a chance to sign up. If you still 
want to take part in a less active way, just @mail me and I can see what can be 
done. Thanks and remember to have fun out there. - Jet Stingray)

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Message: 18/77                     Posted        Author
Interpol Press Release             Sun Feb 20    Global News Network

Seoul Times, Sunday Febuary 20th, 2218

Interpol Casualty Report
By: Relations Rutabaga/Staff Reporter
Checkpoint Charlie, Colorado.

"At 10:00 AM on Sunday, Febuary 20th, Corporal Guardian Elk of Interpol 
released Information to the Press concerning rumors concerning the death of 
the famous Interpol officer, Bluecoat Tyrannosaurus. Represenatives of several 
major media conglomorates were present in order to hear his speech. Additional 
questions were not fielded. A full transcription of Corporal Elk's words are 
as follows:"

"Today, it is my sad duty to announce to the world that a Hero of Interpol has 
been lost in the line of duty. On Febuary 10th, Interpol was involved in an 
operation against suspected Yakuza criminals and during this operation, 
Bluecoat Tyrannosaurus was taken as hostage by the enemy. At some point 
between this date and today, it is believed that he was executed by these 
suspected Yakuza. Retrival of the body was carried out in a special operations 
raid on a suspected Yakuza hideout on the evening of Saturday, Febuary 19th.
        The body was recovered in a very poor state, having been intentionally 
mutilated by one or more parties among the enemy. The main structure and 
motive subsystems of a heroic Reploid were crafted into a suit of armor that 
also bore many other cosmetic multilations. This act of first murder and then 
terrorism links the Yakuza -- a known band of criminals -- publically with at 
least one faction of 'Skinner' Terrorists, suggesting a major increase in 
their threat to society.
        It has been percieved from information aquired during last night's raid 
that the ringleader 'Rajura Doji', a suspected Yakuza member is responsible 
for this brutal act of terrorism in an effort to strike a personal blow at 
Director Sarah Fairchild. The public is thusly encouraged to avoid all 
suspected members of the criminal 'Yakuza' organization and to report all of 
their activities when discovered as the safety of oneself and those that one 
knows may depend upon it.
        Funeral services for Officer Bluecoat Tyrannosaurus will be held at 
Checkpoint Charlie on Wendsday, Febuary 23rd. Donations may be made to any 
available charity."


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Message: 18/78                     Posted        Author
Second Battle in Detroit           Sun Feb 20    Global News Network
--GNN Special Report--

"Police are still baffled as to the reasoning behind a spontaneous series of 
murders, and a subsequent Maverick attack, that occured at the Roadside Motel 
Eleven in Detroit late last night. The bodies of three innocents, all human, 
were found at the motel: one the night manager, and two teenage guests that 
were staying there for the night. Police who arrived on the scene discovered 
that a known Maverick was present, though members of Repliforce were also 
arriving on-scene to handle the problem. The violence escalated when Sigma 
himself appeared, fighting off the Repliforce, and escorting fellow Mavericks 
out of the city before they could be arrested for these crimes. Maverick 
Hunters arrived later to clean up and secure the area, as well as care for 
their own."

"Police in Detroit have reason to believe that the Maverick identified as 
'Overclock' has a definite link to a murder that took place last July, in the 
suburbs of the city. Like all Mavericks he is to be considered armed, viral, 
and dangerous; he may return to the scene of this, or his former crime."

"Reports of additional Sigma Virus outbreaks in the city of Detroit have been 
increasing since the attack made by Neo Arcadia earlier this week. Conspiracy 
theorists have many possible rationales for why this may be happening, though 
authorities have said that spontaneous outbreaks are still not uncommon, 
especially in North America. It's now fairly certain that the presence of 
known Mavericks, hiding in the city, may have been the contributing source. 
Police in downtown Detroit have managed to tag and identify several civilian 
reploids identified as 'Sigma-positive,' and are in the process of getting 
assisstance and deconditioning for them. Not good news for a city that has 
done its best to rid itself of further Maverick attacks."

"GNN, reporting."

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Message: 18/79                     Posted        Author
Detroit Response                   Sun Feb 20    Global News Network

" Following up on the recent outbreaks in Detroit. The Mayor's Office has 
ordered the setup of multiple 'Sigma Virus Testing Centers' throughout the 
city, offering free screenings to any and all reploids. Those showing signs of 
infection will also recieve free treatment and counseling for the infection. 
Though reportedly 'grateful' for the aid provided by Repliforce and Maverick 
Hunter personnel in dealing with the individual known as 'Overclock', Mayor 
Achmed Mohammadan continues to frown on continued 'war' occuring in the city. 
The Maverick Hunters are asked as well, based on reports, to do the 

"...If an opponent offers to CEASE a battle, I ask that you agree and do so. 
Fight your personal vendettas outside my city, mister G Glaive..I do not 
appreciate your continued insistance, according to my officers, to create 
conflict. You are not the law, nor do you have ANY jurisdiction to enforce it 
in MY CITY. INTERPOL is the only outside force with any such agreement in 
place. Continue these actions, and I will instruct my officers to arrest 
Maverick Hunters engaging in combat on sight, regardless of their opponents. I 
encourage any citizens in the metropolitan area who feel they may be at risk 
for the virus to take advantage of the screening centers, and wish you all 
good health. Good night. "

" Strong words from a determined man. Now, on to Manny with the weather..."

*Debate. Send Questions to Pharaoh Man*

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Message: 18/80                     Posted        Author
Coalition Sponsored Tournament     Sun Feb 20    Global News Network

"Last night, Emperor Sigma announced the inaguration of the bi-annual Coalition 
Challenge Tournament, a special event in which fighters from around the world 
are invited to take part in a very special kind of contest. It differentiates 
between the common Battle and Chase games in one particular way:

Lack of safety shields.

That is correct, there will be no protective equipment involved whatsoever, 
similar to ancient ultimate fighting championships or pre-modern era 
gladatorial games. Critics of the games, suggesting that the Emperor is simply 
trying to lure fighters to Berlin for infection have been silenced by the 
unusual location of the venues -- two specially constructed arenas located in 
San Angeles and Eurasia. Furthermore, all individuals of any base origins are 
invited to compete be they human, cyborg, Reploid or Android and all are 
relieved to hear that even though the combat is no-holds barred and without 
safety equipment, intentionally killing your opponent once he or she has been 
disabled will be treated as murder and the respective authorities /will/ deal 
with the offender.

There will be five major brackets in the compeition, each tracked seperately. 
They include:

Light Combat -- Those Below Eight Feet in Height
Heavy Combat -- Those Above Eight Feet in Height
Team Combat -- Teams of Four, no restrictions on size
Duelist Combat -- A special event in which each faction sends a single combat 
represenative or 'duelist' to the event. Combat is free-for-all style. Each 
organizational group may send their own represenative, no matter how small 
providing they are on the 'official' list.
Grudge Matches -- Grudge Matches are 'calling out' opponents -- anybody you 
want! Each opponent of any sort defeated in an arena grudge match earns you 
one point. Winner has most points at the end of the Challenge.

Opening day and the Duelist Combat is tenatively scheduled for March 1st on 
Eurasia and will be covered by all major news networks!

OOC: Direct questions to Sigma, see OOC post on public board for more OOC 

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Message: 18/81                     Posted        Author
Coalition Challenge Pt 2           Sun Feb 20    Global News Network

"As well, those who have strong combat capabilities and ability to difuse 
disputes may be interested in serving as event officials. These people exist 
to protect the fallen in the unlikely event that a contestant takes the combat 
too far and attempts to kill them. They are also tasked with mediating any 
disputes that may occur. Interested parties may E-Mail Emperor Sigma directly 
for an interview.

As well, combat will not be the only event during this time. As a central 
running theme of the Coalition Challenge, the members of the fairer sex 
throughout the world -- Human, Reploid, Android and all sorts are invited to 
take part in the 'Empress of Berlin' beauty pagent. Featuring three major 
events, a talent show, the evening dress and swimsuit competition, the most 
beautiful and talented individual of any race in the entire world will be 
selected by Emperor Sigma and crowned Empress for a day."

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Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
JAPAN SIGNS INTERPOL CHARTER       Mon Feb 21    Global News Network
<<G-SPAN feed: Joint session of the Diet in Tokyo. Prime Minister Kaga is 
giving an address, and he does not look very happy.>>
        "You are dogs!
        "Yes, you hear me correctly. We are the chosen leaders of this nation, 
and we have sat and done nothing for nearly twenty years! We create robots to 
fight the Robot Masters, who become fodder for cheap trinkets - and when the 
Robot Masters themselves arrive, driven from their stolen kingdom, what do we 
        "We sit by without complaint as their leader usurps the Imperial Seat!
        "We have handed our honor to criminals and terrorists and for what? It 
is a matter of weeks, perhaps months, before they divide us up as chattel! We 
are not Africa, so desperate for technology and money that we will prostitute 
ourselves to these would-be rulers of the world. We have stood alone for 
centuries -"

<<He holds up a pen with a dramatic flourish, scowling out towards the Diet.>>
        "And we shall stand alone again, even if it shall take us years. If we 
have lost our honor, let us bring those who have retained theirs, even into 
torment and death.
        "It is my duty as the Prime Minister to authorize this legislation - 
from this day forward, the men and women of Interpol are welcome in our 
nation. I personally order that all local and prefectural governments work 
with them, no matter the obstructions that may be presented by the usurper and 
his thugs.
<<He signs the document in front of him, with another dramatic flourish.>>
        "Ladies and gentlemen, I hope to see you all here tomorrow. Even in the 
face of conquest, this is our nation!"

<<The Diet applauds.>>

(Heavy punditry. Expressions of disbelief; predictions of imminent demise. 
Questions to Mesarthim.)

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Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Khan Enterprises Attack!           Tue Feb 22    Global News Network
<GNN's weekly news show 'Headline Economics' airs, featuring a segment on Khan 

"A break-in was reported yesterday at Khan Enterprises' chief production 
facility in Korea, leaving eight security personnel dead and five wounded 
after a single armed mechanoid in a business suit made his way into the 
factory off hours and attempted to plant a bomb in the central generator room. 
Repliforce officer Storm Owl responded to Khan Security's distress call and 
drove off the attacker, before the Repliforcer disarmed the explosive device. 
This comes in the midst of talks between Khan Enterprises and Mikage 
International to sell Mikage's Computer Electronics subsidiary, Mitsumoto 
Corp., to Khan Enterprises as an addition to Khan holdings. No comments have 
been issued by either mega-corp, but talks are reportedly still underway. In 
other news, Chucky Cheese Europe recently announced that it is seeking to 
build the world's largest Chuck E. Cheese entertainment-fun facility on the 
Isle of Man..."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet.>

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Message: 18/84                     Posted        Author
Radical New Laws Introduced To Pro Wed Feb 23    Global News Network
<< This... Is GNN. >>

        "This just in, the governing body of one of Japan's provinces has just 
today passed a variety of strange new laws that the populance apparently have 
to follow in pain of," Offscreen: 'What is this?' "Ahem... 'Rabid Slappings 
From Angry Seabass'."

        Papers are shuffled. "These new laws are as follows:"

        "Law 'Number One' - The new national anthem," Eyeroll. "Of the... 
Province? Is, er, is 'Wily Child', by Jimmy Hendrix. An old classic apparently 
renamed by the governor. The National anthem should apparently be set to all 
programmable alarm clocks, and sung by all on their way to work unless it 
interferes with rule two."

        "Rule two, all citizens will - as a greeting - say 'Sup holmes? Star 
Dude is totally cool.' This rule can, however, be bypassed should rule one be 
in effect."

        "These rules were, of course, only just passed before the court 
adjurned for the day, but the shadowy governor promices that more will follow 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
Explosion at Berlin!               Wed Feb 23    Global News Network


It's a sasquatch. He looks depressed. Yes, that's all. "According to reports 
from within the Coalition itself, the craft puled up just outside Berlin's 
counterattack radius, and fired two shots. One did not seem at all to be a 
standard shell of any kind." Picture in picture here demonstrates a few stills 
of the shell taken by /very good/ cameras. It looks less like a shell and more 
l ike a horribly mutilated body. "It landed in one of Berlin's most famous 
cheese factories, where it exploded with impressive force. The building is 
intact, however a large amount of cheese was lost, irrevocably, causing 
widespread concern among food-using members of the Coalition as to where they 
shall get their cheeses in the meanwhile. Several workers were hurt, but no 
fatalities have been reported.

"Allegedly, the second shell was a standard ballistic shell which, when 
recovered, apparently had the words 'Vile dropped this. - I' inscribed across 
its surface. No one is quite sure what it means. Screaming?"


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
New Reporter...                    Thu Feb 24    Global News Network

 "...no one is certain -where- the monkey has escaped to, but authorities are 
commencing a city-wide search at this time. Casualties are expected to be low. 
And now, a brief report on the upcoming Coalition Challenge by the newest 
member of the GNN reporting staff. Over to you Zero!" 
         Yes, you heard right. The image snaps over to none other than....Zero. 
Standing with the skyline of San Angeles behind him. His hair has been slicked 
back, is still in a ponytail, albeit slicked...and he wears a large earpiece 
with an antennae in his right ear. He's also dressed in a white button-up 
shirt that even includes a navy blue tie. He of course holds a GNN microphone 
in front of him, which he speaks into. He has what looks like a smug smirk on 
his features. 
 "Thank you! This is Zero for GNN reporting live from San Angeles, looking upon 
one of the sites that are undergoing preperation for the upcoming Coalition 
Challenge! It has come into much debate as to the motivations of Sigma in 
putting forward these 'games' similar in nature to Battle and Chase, but more 
brutal in their intent. One thing cannot be denied however, is that public 
interest in this event is steadily growing, and an increasing number of eager 
contestants are signing on every day. Authorities within San Angeles and 
Eurasia are making their preperations while city councillors have been quoted 
as saying that they look forward to the revenue that these games will bring in 
to these cities, particularly to San Angeles in the wake of the recent attack 
upon the city." 
 Zero pauses and adjusts his earpiece. 
 "Invitations for the opening dueling events have gone out to many different 
organizations, including GNN to offer up their best to partake. Not only will 
I be giving you reports about various events in the Coalition Challenge as 
they take place, but as a GNN employee," He winks at the camera. "I will also 
be partaking in the opening event, and possibly later ones as well. I'll do my 
best to bring you on the spot reports and highlights of the matches as they 
unfold. Back to you at the desk!" 


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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Hokkaido Security                  Thu Feb 24    Global News Network
<Anchor Octopus Reporting!>

"... when confronted with these claims, Sewage Shark was unavailable for 
comment, although the ASPCA intends to press charges."

"In international news, a flurry of activity appears to be going on in Japan, 
including a new major security contract in Hokkaido. The contract was awarded 
to low bidder Oppenheimer Securities, a small-scale company run by one Simon 
von Oppenheimer III, who will be working with top level authorities toward 
bolstering local defenses." Picture inset, Oppenheimer himself. Nondescript 
human individual in business suit with ponytail, sharp features, and a large 
square chin. "Our reporters got to speak with Oppenheimer during a recent 
press conference."

Image switch to footage of Oppenheimer speaking at said press conference.
GNN: "Mr. Oppenheimer, just what will your security contract entail?"
Simon: "We're simply increasing security forces with the addition of 
mechanilloid and reploid security forces, as well as a buildup of emergency 
facilities and back-up plans."

POX: "What's your take on the recent increase in vigilante justice going on in 
Hokkaido? At least two costumed vigilantes appear to have set up shop in your 
Simon: "We do not condone the use of reckless and illegal lawkeeping practices, 
and will seek to put a stop to all individuals threatening Japan's security. 
We will deal with these rumors as necessary."

NTokyo-1: "Do you have any comments regarding the recent Interpol decision, or 
any comment regarding your opinion on Dr. Albert Wily?"
Simon: "My company and I maintain no allegiance toward any organization or 
individual short of Japanese defense ministers. I have no comment regarding 
either subject. If you will excuse me, I will close with a comment: My 
company's goal will always be to ensure the safety of people in Hokkaido. 
We're not here to dabble in international politics. Thank you, and good day."

Back to Anchor Octopus. "This announcement comes mere days after rumors have 
begun circulating that crimes have begun being thwarted in Hokkaido by unknown 
vigilantes. Details and certainty are sketchy at this point, more news as it 

"In other news today, the insurance premiums went up again today for any 
customers listening to global broadband..."

(Questions? Sinister Plotting? Page Shade Man)

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Scientists Killed In Japan         Thu Feb 24    Global News Network
<Local News Feeds in Japan>

Police this evening were alerted to the Minasato Apartment Building in the 
Residental area of Neo Tokyo this evening after several people alerted the 
building security to screams in a third floor apartment. Security agents 
discovered the bodies of Doctor Hideaki Naka and Doctor Keiko Marabure, who 
had apparently died of internal injuries. There were no witnesses to the 
murder. A large symbol was painted across the wall, apparently in blood, 
identified as the zodiac symbol for 'Gemini'. Local authorities believe this 
to be the work of the Robot Master Gemini Man. As of this time, no charges are 
being pressed until police are certain of the killer.

Fans of the anime 'Super Robot Girl Bullet' will recognize Doctor Murabare and 
Doctor Naka as part of the creation team that designed former Defense Android 
Bullet, with Doctor Kauzuo Yuji passing on from cancer only a few weeks 

<OOC: Questions and Comments? @mail Bullet>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
UN: "Androids Are People"          Thu Feb 24    Global News Network
<VNN text feed.>

        The United Nations General Assembly clarified the series of resolutions 
and acts that granted Reploids rights and responsibilities equivalent to human 
beings earlier today, granting those rights to all demonstrably-intelligent 
forms of robotic life regardless of programming core structure. Due to an 
oversight based on population dynamics, the language referred specifically to 
        Secretary-General Chord, himself a non-standard artificial intelligence 
(or, colloquially, an "android"), spoke in favor of these measures. While many 
UN nations included androids with reploids, many others did not, leading to 
        The Secretary-General said, 'This is a question of fairness. It was a 
sad oversight, and contrary to our intentions. We hope that this decision will 
bring peace and security to all citizens of the United Nations.'
        Policy analysts have said that fear of providing Robot Masters with a 
pretext for demanding various amenities in terms of capture had been the main 
stumbling block to this revision. The Secretary-General is credited with 
pressing this innovation through, having said that he does not consider 
himself to belong to the United Nations or to the Chinese territories in a 
literal, but rather a spiritual, sense.
        While this revision of the law does not affect non-UN nations, many 
other nations have based their local laws on UN models. The most notable 
hold-out is Japan, whose legal system is in flux and which may well be 
completely suspended in the near future. As recent events have demonstrated, 
androids are still considered to be property.

(Questions, investigations, and assassination plans to Mesarthim.)

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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Major Electronics Buyout           Sat Feb 26    Global News Network
<GNN Moneyline, with George Stoponropolis!>

"Khan Enterprises announced a deal with Mikage International today, with Khan 
agreeing to buy Mikage International's Computer and Electronics subsidiary 
Mitsumoto Corp. to Khan Industries. Mitsumoto Corp. is Mikage International's 
major producer of computer electronics, whether in personal computers, 
mainframes, or toaster ovens. Khan Enterprises' is in the process of 
reorganizing its own General Electronics Division to accomodate the new 
holdings and streamline production. The holdings were bought from an 
undisclosed sum, although analysts estimate the pay would have been 
considerably higher had Khan's Seoul facility been destroyed in the attack on 
it a few days ago."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Attack On Oil Pipeline leaves city Sat Feb 26    Global News Network
<GNN news @ 9 logo>
This... is GNN

Serious Salamander here. Our top story tonight: The Russian city of 
Novorossiysk, the terminal of a major oil pipeline and the country's biggest 
warm-water port, was attacked yesterday by forces apparently belonging to the 
CRF, also known as the Mavericks. The city was attacked by a large number of 
drone forces, led by an indeterminate number of CRF soldiers.

<View switches to aerial footage of a still-burning city, with rescue and fire 
teams working feverishly to put it out>

According to survivor reports, the attack was sudden, and the troops focused on 
destroying all oil transport and processing facilities in the city, with 
several salvos of incindiary cluster bombs being fired into other parts of the 
city. The attack was eventually halted by the legendary Zero, with minor 
assistance from another Maverick Hunter, but not before a vast amount of 
damage was done, coating the sea and city both with burning oil. The resulting 
environmental contamination has the potential to be a disaster of catastrophic 
proportions, if it isn't stopped soon. 

So far, this station has been unable to reach any officials for comment, but 
stay tuned for breaking news on this story. But, on a lighter note, today the 
Neo-Tokyo Zoo has just had a bright new addition. Star, the baby panda was 
born at... 

<For info or questions, comments, etc. contact Crush Hippo.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Rumble in Tokyo                    Sun Feb 27    Global News Network
--One of GNN's weekend news items!--

"Information is sketchy, but, the Business District of Neo-Tokyo was shook up 
early this weekened by what sources claim was a spontaneous Maverick Hunter 
'raid' on the Robot Master facilities there. According to witneses in the 
Business District of town, Hunters emerged FROM the structure of the so-called 
'Skull Monument' after an explosion which destroyed the bottom of one of its 
street-facing towers. No information was available as to how they got inside, 
but the damage to the Robot Master base seems to be fairly significant."

"Despite this, the Robot Masters seem to be continuing with their occupation of 
the Japanese nation, even against the wishes of the ruling body of the 
Japanese government. New homes and Robot-Master-themed 'palaces' are being 
slowly erected throughout the nation as occupation spreads. Citizens of Japan 
are hopeful that Interpol invovlement in the country will prevent the Robot 
Masters from going too far; others, believe they have certainly gone too far 

"In other news... The first night of the Global Science and Technology Expo..."

(Ask Gemma for RM-related questions, and then check out the next post...)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
GSTE: Night One Chaos (1)          Sun Feb 27    Global News Network
--Yet another report. GNN is busy this weekend...--

"The first night of the Global Science and Techology Expo occured yesterday at 
the Torontreal Expo center. As in many previous years...the presentations did 
not, precisely, go off without interruptions."

"The keynote presentation of last night was delivered by Professor Gaudile, who 
gave his talk on the topic of the much-speculated uses of 'Force Metal.' Force 
Metal is, as stated by the professor, the newest and possibly best way to 
effect robotic repairs, allowing hands-off work and instantaneous 'healing' 
that spectators assured is nothing short of miraculous. This presentation was 
disrupted by a heretofore unknown, Dr. Psyche, who, rather than simply 
displaying his reploid-designed armor, used it to attack Gaudile's Force Metal 
Generator, which is contained in a new-model reploid named Cinnamon. After the 
eruption of violence, Maverick Hunters arrived on-scene, to attempt to disrupt 
the attack and drive Psyche away. The armor was eventually destroyed by the 
combined efforts of the Hunters and the scientists still in the room: proving 
the folly of starting an attack in the presence of multiple tested 
superweapons. Witnesses state that both Doctor Light and Doctor Cervaeu of 
Neo-Arcadia were damaged severely, possibly near-death, by the attack from the 
reploid armor, but the Force Metal was actually able to heal and revive them 
with no further medical assisstance. Skeptics of the new technology wonder if 
the presentation was not staged, and demand further proof of this miraculous 
new element's existance."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
GSTE: Night One Chaos (2)          Sun Feb 27    Global News Network

"Other presentations before the violent display included a presentation of 
Prismatic Spider's PHOENIX device, which reportedly has been field-tested to 
revive near-dead and core-damaged reploid minds... Dr. Cervaeu's newest 
demonstration of a fully gravitational-based powerlifter... a demo of the 
SPIRIT mentally-controled drone system... and new technologies for 
food-recycling as developed by Professor Gate. Also displayed was a new method 
for holographic generation developed by HeraCorp, Wire Sponge's drone-operated 
weather control, and LCD display technology championed by Dr. Matthews of the 
Maverick Hunters."

"A presentation sponsored by the Coalition for Reploid Freedom turned a few 
heads, and a few stomachs, as Maverick developer Overclock unvieled a 
super-computer claimed to be cultured from actual human brains. Given that the 
technology was developed without official human-subject approval and in 
violation of multiple international laws, the peer-reviews thusfar have been 
impressed but /very/ unkind."

"Those who want additional information about any of the featured scientists or 
presentations are encouraged to check out the web-site at GSTE-dot-org."

(OOC note: Actually, apparently, in the real world, this is a site about 
Ren-Faire battle reinactors, and not our Tinyplot, but... all the same. Check 
out the log instead.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Ironica's Message.                 Mon Feb 28    Global News Network
<< This... Is GNN. >>

        Alex Nova, frontman of Ironica appears. "Ignore us, will you Doctor 
Psyche?! Dude - we'll see to that!"

        The guitarist holds out a CD case. It's platinum in colour. "We, 
Ironica, offer this PLATINUM diamond encrusted CD and case signed by the band, 
as well as a limited edition signed once in a lifetime 'Ironica' T-Shirt to 
the person who totally /KILLS/ Dr. Psyche."

        He smiles.

        "ROCK ON!"

<< That... Was GNN. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Terrorist Attack in Aztlan!        Mon Feb 28    Global News Network
<GNN News Desk Co-Anchor 'John Candysox'.>

"Earlier today a pair of unidentified individuals smuggled a truck with a 
heat-seeking missile launcher and a tactical plasma missile onto the outskirts 
of Neo Arcadia's Cortez Airport. They used it to shoot down a large sky 
freighter carrying military supplies from a manufacturing facility in Baja 
California, in the process of being moved to the military's storage 
facilities. Neo Arcadian authorities report that the terrorists were engaged 
by military forces, and a third unidentified mechanoid appeared briefly before 
being chased off. Both of the terrorists escaped, and the Neo Arcadian 
government is not commenting at this time."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Yosho Roshi.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
New York Outbreak                  Mon Feb 28    Global News Network

         "Good evening everyone. Earlier today an incident occured within a 
mall in the downtown area of New York City. At first there were a few fights, 
and then a huge string of fights which evolved into a fullscale riot. Multiple 
stores were ransacked, looted and otherwise damaged before Interpol arrived on 
the scene with a highly trained completely Human anti-riot group." 
         "Footage from the scene, as well as radio transmissions that went out 
around the world place a member of the Coalition for Reploid Freedom named 
Solstis at the scene of the incident. Doctor Light, along with Maverick Hunter 
Glaive, Zero and according to some reports Protoman arrived to help deal with 
the riot." 
         "However, it became known that most of the rioting Reploids were 
infected with the Sigma Virus, and as such Doctor Light conducted 
decontamination, even as some Robot Masters arrived to cause some minor 
annoyance for the Maverick Hunters. An incident broke out during the 
disinfection process, which resulted in a leprechaun jumping Doctor Light and 
attempting to harm him. Any more information is currently being withheld or 
handled, and as such we shall update you if something else occurs." 
<GNN Spinny!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Sensational Theft!                 Mon Feb 28    Global News Network
Neo Tokyo:

"It would seem that Billionaire Glyde Loath is no longer as untouchable as he 
has publically toated himself to be. Last night, during his visit to the 
public GTSE to unveil his Company's Man-O-Meter invention, Mr. Loath has 
reported his one-of-a-kind, high-performance vehicle to have been stolen by an 
unknown source.

Designed by world-leading Engineers, it is believed that the 'Glyder' as it is 
called is the only known Variable-Configuration Ride Armour in existance. 
Possessing advanced lamellor ferro-carbide armor that rivals the protection 
level of a battleship in melee-orientated ground mode, it is capable of 
breaching Mach 8 in it's advanced transsonic jet-fighter conguration.

Mr. Loath is reported to be 'incensed' and having gotten so hysterical upon 
learning of the theft that he was forced to retire to Neo-Tokyo Prime Hospital 
under heavy sedation until the moment passed. He is now resting comfortably.

Neo-Tokyo Authorities are very worried that the vehicle may be used in the 
comission of a crime."

OOC: Questions? See Glyde Loath.


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