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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Japanese Political Broadcast.      Tue Mar 01    Global News Network
<Star Man Spinny.>

        Star Man appears, all grinning and stuff.

        "Greetings, earthlings and dudettes alike! It's your friendly, 
neighbourhood Prefect Star Dude here to /personally/ roll out another decree."

        Video of Glaive, in space, with his arms and tentacles missing and with 
'NO' painted on his chest in mechfluid.

        "My Province - though I have TOTALLY forgotten what it's called - has 
declared itself 'Glaive Free'. If the Maverick Hunter Glaive," Mugshot appears 
in top left corner of screen. "Appears he is to be considered Public Enemy 
number one thousand eight hundred and six, because he sucks, but perfectly 
fine to shoot and kill anyway! In fact, I encourage it." He winks.

<Star Man Sinny.>

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Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Another Japanese Political Broadca Tue Mar 01    Global News Network
<Hard Man Spinny> 

        Hard Man appears on screen, in the middle of a wrestling ring. He has a 
smile on his face, and is in one of his many wrestling costumes. 

        "Yo, this is Prefect Hard Man, speaking to the citizens of 
WrestleVania. Yeah, that means you people in my prefecture. I got some new 
things to let you know. First, I have a cabinet, composed of various members 
of my family, to help me make decisions concerning things and stuff." 

        He cracks his knuckles, then his neck. "Also, the new sport of choice 
here is now wrestling, both old and new. Everyone will now receive, as part of 
their standard viewing channels, a network devoted only to wrestling." 

        "I will keep the citizens of WrestleVania posted as new changes come 
up. Hard Man, out." 

<Hard Man Spinny>

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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
RM Raid In Rio!                    Fri Mar 04    Global News Network
Footage of a dog reploid standing in front of a now wrecked, half built 

"This is Daily Beagle reporting for GNN, live and on scene. Earlier today, the 
Robot Masters launched a daring daylight raid on the future office 
headquarters of Lucent CompuCorp. Led by the Elite Enker, their appearent 
target was not the site, but the construction materials themselves." Cut to 
shots of Pharoah Man conguring storms, and lots of metools disembling the 
superstructure. "They were driven off by an odd combination of Repliforce 
troopers and Mavericks..." Shots of Tornado Onion and Top Man spinning at each 
other, a dramatic shot of Sylpheed firing indiscriminately into the half built 
tower. "...which promptly broke apart after the Robot Masters were soon driven 
off. Having no reason to stay, the Mavericks soon departed without further 
incident. Back to you, Peach."

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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
COPS: Hong Kong!                   Fri Mar 04    Global News Network
<A new episode of COPS: Hong Kong!>

7:43 PM, Hong Kong. "My name is Officer Justice Raptor, and my partner here is 
Chet Jones, with Mikage International Securities, working with us to improve 
our police force in terms of training and fieldwork." The camera moves between 
Justice Raptor's face and a blurred face of a mechanoid sitting in the 
passenger's seat, as the car rushes above Hong Kong traffic and screams 
towards the park. "We just got a report of a shooting in the Hong Kong park, 
one suspect." The car lands in the park and skids to a halt, as both car doors 
open and the office steps out. Chris Mainards can be seen standing on the body 
of a dead Reploid, dropping a gun, as the narrator takes over.

"Officer Raptor demands the suspect drop his weapon, and he does...But he has 
another on the ready, unfortunately for the officer." Chris pulls another 
pistol from his hip and shoots, a scream heard before Chet leans over to the 
radio and calls in backup. He steps out of the car as the camera drone comes 
out of the car, hovering over the scene.

Officer Jones opens fire on the suspect, before the suspect closes in and the 
two exchange blows." Chet is shown shooting at Chris, before holstering his 
gun as the two move towards each other, Chet almost casual. Chet is struck in 
the head by the staff, before Chet kicks and punches Chris in a quick Judo 
combo. Chris grabs Chet by the throat and Chet attempts to stab him with a 
knife, before Chris withdraws a gun and nearly blows Chet's shoulder off in 
close range.

"Things get ugly quickly, as Officer Jones is unable to subdue the criminal." 
Chet fires at Chris before being shot through the throat and deactivated, 
falling to the ground. Mainards can be seen cutting his arm off and leaving, 
before Cyber Peacock appears, as Hong Kong PD's sirens are heard in the 
background. Cyber Peacock can be seen dragging Chet Jones off, before the 
camera's image distorts, slows, and disappears entirely.

"No report has been made of the location of the suspect, or Officer Jones, 
after being abducted by Cyber Peacock. This is just another exciting day in 
the shoes of modern law enforcement. From COPS Hong Kong, this is Liu 'Dragon' 
Fei, signing off."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet.

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Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Smithsonian Institute SACKED!      Fri Mar 04    Global News Network

"Yes, it's true friends. Tonight at roughly 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, the 
Smithsonian Institution came under attack from an incredibly well executed 
assault Robot Masters, Suspected Yakuza and other misfits. According to 
security logs, Hard Man and Star Man along with the notable Dr. Psyche began 
the assault at the museum doors as the stolen variable-configuration Ride 
Armour Glyder entered via an unknown method."

Cut to an image of the Glyder, looking like nothing Glyde would ever pilot -- 
painted jet black and covered with Japenese Gang Signs.

"Also Spotted was the noted Dr. Takeshi Shinchiro. Damage to the facility was 
extreme, including gaping holes in the roof, walls and at least twenty five 
deaths among private security forces with at least that many injured. Many 
precious relics have been stolen, including the famously cursed Hope Diamond, 
the Wright Flyer, the American Constitution and all of the Institution's 
professional wrestling paraphernalia, including Hulk Hogan's WWF Championship 
Belt and Jockstrap. Authorities are currently at a loss."

OOC: For Information on recovering various artefacts, see these people: 
Diamond: Glyde, Wright Flyer: Dr. Psyche, American Constitution: Dr. Takeshi 
Shinchiro, Hulk Hogan's Belt and Jockstrap (Among other things): Hard Man


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Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Woe For Rio                        Fri Mar 04    Global News Network

 <POX Spinny!> 
        "This is Annoying Ant reporting from Rio where we just found out that a 
situation which had occured has finally come to an end. Earlier tonight a 
small group of three people entered into a warehouse where a pro-android 
rights rally was being held to not only celebrate the increase in rights for 
Androids, but to also promote this type of legislation to keep coming out." 
        "However, the joy ceased when the three people who belonged in an 
organization which they claimed to be Humans First lined the warehouse with 
explosives and threatened to execute a robot every so often until the rights 
for robots were removed from the country." 

        "On the scene was one Maverick Hunter Bowie, who stated no comment to 
us when we asked him about his opinion on what had occured. Almost every 
person perished due to the bumbling insanity of a Maverick called Blizzard 
Buffalo, who chose to blatantly ignore the fact that explosives were lining 
the warehouse entrances and instead triggered them all." 

        "Everyone is considering this a horrible tragedy, and the fact that all 
three members of Humans First managed to escape only generates a need to pause 
and wonder what else may befall our peaceful town." 

<OOC: Alexander Wulf, Elpizo, Catastrophe, Bowie, BB and Chris Mainards know 
what happened. Kudos to all!>

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Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Wily Time                          Sat Mar 05    Global News Network
<This ad runs in the normal hour slot the Masters have on GNN. Yes, thats 
right, the free GNN hour they get every week. Simple text, black background.>

Dr. ALbert Wily, commander of the Robot Master armies offers ten million zenny 
to the one that can bring to the Masters the reploid known as Glaive. The 
reward is only collectable if the subject is dead. An extra ten thousand zenny 
bonus will be paid for each severd limb and/or body part. Contact Skull 
Monument for delivery instructions.

<End ad, back to sports!>

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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Interviewing Gate: Rerun           Sat Mar 05    Global News Network

        On various GNN substations there's reruns of last night's Gate 
interview, where the secret of Red Alert is revealed. The GNN spin seems to be 
relatively calm, pointing out that they aren't Mavericks as we know it. The 
interview can be found at: 



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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Riot in Neo-Tokyo                  Mon Mar 07    Global News Network
<This... is GNN>

"Late last night, an anti-Robot-Master riot was incited in Neo Tokyo, with 
hundreds of people forming an unruly mob. Organized by a small group of Neo 
Arcadians, the mob quickly started attacking and looting. Japanese police 
responded but were unable to establish a perimeter until they were assisted by 
Interpol forces lead by Officer Ashton Noir, while Maverick Hunters fought off 
the Neo Arcadian instigators. The Robot Masters have publically stated that 
they'll be compensating all damages from the incident, over 85% of which they 
estimate to be caused by the Hunter and Interpol response, more than twice the 
amount estimated by the Neo-Tokyo Civic Authority. We go now to the streets to 
see what the citizens of Japan think about this incident."

        "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, we're very grateful for 
the help of the Maverick Hunters and Interpol. It's nice to know that someone 
is looking out for us."
        "Would you really call that a riot? I watched the whole thing from my 
apartment, and it didn't seem like much of one to me. Yes, there were property 
damages, but nearly all of it was caused by the combat between outsiders, not 
by the Japenese citizens. We're not stupid people, we wouldn't try to destroy 
our own city. This was just an excuse for these four military groups to have a 
go at one another."
        "Japan is not the weak nation it is portrayed as. We are a 
technological superpower, and we can handle our own problems. We didn't need 
the Maverick Hunters, we don't need the Robot Masters, and we don't need 
Interpol either."
        "Where were the Robot Masters who are supposedly defending this nation? 
I'm glad Interpol handled it, because we sure can't count on Dr. Wily."
        "Enker and Punk had this under control. No, they didn't shoot at our 
citizens like Interpol did, but if you watch the news closely you can see 
Enker handling the Neo Arcadians who actually caused the problem. For God's 
sakes, we know you so-called heroes don't like the Robot Masters, but don't 
make it worse."
        "Masters, Hunters, Interpol... everyone's avoiding the real issue, 
which is the Neo Arcadians who started it in the first place. Japan has the 
third highest robot population by percentage in the entire world. The Neo 
Arcadian bigots aren't welcome here. All four of those ruthless criminals who 
think they can use the Japanese as pawns should be on the Ten Most Wanted."

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Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Coalition Challenge Opening...     Mon Mar 07    Global News Network

         The image shifts to one of General Double Memorial Arena. The opening 
cheers of the crowd inside can be heard even at this aerial view, as it shifts 
down to 'ground' level, showing an image of...yes, Zero, in his red armor, 
currently holding a microphone and giving one last primp to his hair before he 
smirks at the camera and starts speaking. 
         "This is Zero reporting for GNN News! Not moments ago, Emperor Sigma 
made the opening announcements for the beginning of the Coalition Challenge, 
an event that has been shrouded in it's own cloud of controversy and 
uncertainty, but despite any misgivings, would appear to be well on the road 
to becoming an extremely popular event, nearly to rival that of the annual 
Battle and Chase games! Many expected that Sigma's address to the public would 
be typically long as is his reputation for such displays, so it was with some 
suprise that the crowd discovered that he kept it brief. Highlights of the 
short speech do include Sigma's reassurance that while the battles held in 
these arenas are not holographic, they are not intended to be to the death, 
instead held by rules of 'honor' and 'sportsmanship'." 
 There is a pause as Zero's smirk twitches. "Also, Sigma was quoted as saying 
that those who are worried about viral infection by the Sigma Virus will be 
provided with decontamination stations operated by Eurasian and San Angelan 
authorities." Zero ALMOST looks like he has a comment on that. But he dosen't 
do it. Such things are for Chest afterall. 
 "The Emperor fielded several questions afterwards, but again, it was brief, 
and it would appear that the audience was ready to get right down to the 'meat 
and potatoes' of the matter, as was put forward by Sigma himself. As I am 
standing here now, one of the scheduled events is beginning to get underway 
behind me, so I'll give it over to Cherry for Sports! I'd remind that GNN 
-will- keep an ongoing tab of the results of each match for viewers to keep 
updated on on our website. Take it away Cherry!" 
 The camera switches scenes then, away from Zero to the GNN Sports logo. 


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Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
NRG!!!                             Mon Mar 07    Global News Network
A zoomed out shot of a giant mountain. It starts to center in rapidly on a 
single man halfway up, wearing nothing more than a back-pack, helmet, T-Shirt 
and slacks. He wipes some sweat from his brow and says, "Woo! Climbing Mount 
Everest is harder than I thought! I'm thirsty!"

A jet blasts over head, and who should jump out, but VILE! Except it appears to 
be a pudgy man in a green and yellow jump-suit covered in red X's and a Vile 
helmet. His voice is clear, and obviously not brooding or Russian. "Looks like 
you need some N.R.G.!!!" He hurls down a green bottle with yellow wrapping and 
one large red X, shouting, "Try new X-TREEEEEME Baconade! The X-TREEEEEEME NRG 
drink for X-TREEEEEME people! And it's the official NRG drink of the Coalition 
Competition! X-TREEEEEEEME!"

The young man catches the bottle and pops it open, glugging down the contents 
quickly before dropping it and clutching at his throat. "OH GOD IT BURNS! It's 
just white hot bacon grease!"

Still falling, Vile calls down, "Nonsense! It just tingles as the Baconicity 
replenishes electrolytic enzymes, and other X-TREEEEEEEME stuff!" A flock of 
ducks ram into him repeatedly before the camera quickly cuts back to the 

The man is bent over, panting heavily. The mountain begins to rumble and his 
eyes widen. "Oh hell no."

A giant leg of ham with the Kool-Aid Man's face bursts out of Mt. Everest and 
BIFFS the man in the face, screaming, "OH HELL YEAAAAAAH!"

Cue the zoom out of the mountain, reading: X-Treme Baconade, the official NRG 
drink of the Coalition Competition. It's X-Treme.

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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Prefectures Gearing for Invasion?  Wed Mar 09    Global News Network

        "...and in conclusion, rumours that GNN is desperate for new sources of 
revenue are completely false." Chest then reaches for a can on his desk and 
lifts it, label facing outward. There's a close-up as he takes a long drink 
from it. Starring in sheer awe at the can, Chest says with complete and utter 
wonder and amazement, "A smooth refreshing taste that goes down easy /and/ has 
less calories than the next leading brand? It *must* be a Light Beer." 

        Chest sets the can back down on his desk, label still outward, and 
shuffles his notes around. "And our top story this hour: Robot Masters have 
stepped up their fortifying efforts in Japan. The country was split up into 
ten prefectures by the currently serving Emperor Albert Wily. Each of the ten 
has had control given to specific Robot Masters." There's an image of one such 
prefecture known as the Okinawa region. The image of a large generic fortress 
with standard turrets, missile launchers, and other such weaponry. There's a 
fountain out front of the castle, and a statue Wily dressed in ancient 
Japanese monarch attire looking down upon the plebs. "Military analysts are 
suggesting that the Robot Masters are preparing for an invasion." 

        "As well, nearly all of the ten prefectures have erected statues and 
other tributes to Dr. Wily and their Force Commander Bass." There's a series 
of shots here, including some generic statues and a 50 foot high holographic 
display of Bass beating the crap out of Megaman over and over again. "Other 
such craziness has included Star Man creating idiotic laws, such as altering 
the Japanese national anthem to 'Wily Child'." Le sigh. 

        "When asked about this build-up, Dr. Wily stated no specific reason for 
the build-up of troops and defences." There's a quick clip of Wily. "Given the 
state of the world today, as well as the volatile and unpredictable natures of 
madmen such as Elpizo and Sigma? I'm always expecting an invasion." 

        "GNN reporters have been speaking with Interpol agents, who claim there 
is no plans to invade Japan in the near future. Some officers expressed 
frustration at being unable to legally remove the castles and fortresses that 
have begun springing up in many prefectures." There's a shot of a random 
Interpol gumby in uniform. He looks tired. "Well, we definitely wish we could 
do more, but as it is we have to be content with battling the Masters when 
they overstep their bounds, such as that 'Cheka' nonsense. Other than that, 
though, our hands are tied. No law against building stupid castles all over 
the place." He shrugs. 

        Back to Chest in the studio. "There's been no comment as of yet from 
the Hunters or Repliforce. Personally-" Yeah, he has to give his opinion, 
"-it's clear to me that the Japanese government needs to stop with this 
half-and-half idiocy and decide: Interpol or the Masters. Their weak-minded 
feeble attempts to gently poke at Wily's rule isn't doing enough to help. If 
they want the Masters gone, they should ban him outright and call in every bit 
of help they can get." 

        And on goes the news. 


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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Hokkaido Rumors!                   Thu Mar 10    Global News Network
"...was quoted as stating "You can't fight city hall, Sonny.". The parents of 
8th grader Stevey Billingsworth intend to try, anyway."

"In International news today, more rumors are emerging from Hokkaido Island in 
Japan. Reports indicate that a fight broke out between a costumed vigilante 
and a ninja on a rooftop near Oppenheimer Securities last night. Simon von 
Oppenheimer III was unavailable for comment, but a press report issued later 
states that he "intends to get to the bottom of this and find all parties 
involved". Curiously, when investigators arrived at the scene of the fight no 
blood had been spilled, and it looks like someone had cleaned up and hidden 
the evidence first. Neither party has been identified. More news as it 

"In other news, parents are concerned that Fini brand "TornadoInACan" may be a 
choking hazard for young children..."

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Attempt on Life of Korean Presiden Sat Mar 12    Global News Network
<GNN News Desk, Seoul.>

"This is Bust Bunny reporting for GNN, on a shocking attack in Korea on the 
life of President Sung Yun! The President was at a rally decrying the presence 
of the so-called 'Japanese Yakuza', accusing them of links with the Korean Mob 
and other organized crime groups throughout the world. His stunning speech was 
punctuated by an assassination attempt by 'The Red Serpent', a warrior 
mercenary recently defeated by Doctor Sarah Fairchild in the 'Coalition 
Challenge'. His affiliation is unknown, although Yakuza-affiliation is 
suspected. After killing what is estimated as nine security agents, he fired 
on the President from a window, but was stopped by the Hunter Dream Team 
member 'Blizzard Wolf'. Blizzard Wolf, who was running security for the 
President as a favor to the Korean government, subdued the criminal, but was 
unable to capture him as the Korean Mob launched an attack on the rally soon 
after, killing several and wounding dozens. A strong message has been sent 
from the criminal underworld, although the President still plans to push his 
legislation into Parliament. The proposed legislation has means for dealing 
with corporate criminal syndicates, which many political and criminal justice 
analysts believe are the biggest threat to law and order in civil society."

<Next up, the results of the recent Korean Eating Tournament!>

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Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Japan: Trial of Wily               Sat Mar 12    Global News Network
--GNN Reporting--

"After a tense hearing held yesterday by a Special Committee of the Japanese 
Diet, it has been decided that Doctor Albert Wily is to remain the Emperor of 
Japan. The Emperor was tried for legitimacy, with agents from Interpol in 
attendance, but it was the finding of the committe that valid legal 
justification against his legitamacy was not provided. The committee found 
Wily's claim to rule to be legitimate, and he will remain in Japan."

"Mariko Kishi, who presided over the Special Committee, had only this 
statement: 'Many are, actually, a bit disappointed, but, there was no evidence 
given at the time of trial that the late emperor did not, indeed, will for the 
current emperor to be on the throne. As such, we, as the governing body, will 
make our rulings as normal, but... we will honor him.'"

"The position of Emperor is one that comes with no formal power in the nation 
of Japan, but that hasn't stopped Wily's creations from illegally taking over 
parts of the nation, as GNN has continually been reporting. There will be 
additional updates as the situation develops. GNN reporting from Neo-Tokyo."

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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Explosion in Japan                 Sun Mar 13    Global News Network
<This... is GNN.>

"At midnight tonight, ther was an explosion at the Fujiwa apartments, located 
in southern Mutero City."

<Video footage: A camera on a tripod is placed on one edge of the roof. Near 
the camera is a duffle bag. On one corner of the roof is a black sphere, and 
another sphere seems to be floating to the duffel bag on its own. Suddenly, a 
powerful blast explodes the roof upwards from beneath, causing Magna Centipede 
to decloak as he is caught in the blast. The particularly sharp may also catch 
a glimpse of Quantum Kitsune nearby, but her stealth systems quickly 

"The 'Iga Prefecture' ministry of defence has claimed responsability for the 
explosion, citing it as part of their comprehensive anti-intruder network. The 
ministry has also paid for the damages to the apartment complex. There were no 
civilian injuries. The Japanese Police are launching a private investigation 
to verify the ministry's claim. Elsewhere in Japan..."

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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Jet Set Couriers                   Sun Mar 13    Global News Network
<In various newspapers, an innocuous ad appears...>

"Need something delivered fast and discreetly?
Don't trust cargo teleporters?
Cash an issue?

Then call upon Jet Set Couriers! Get your goods there at supersonic speeds, 
courtesy of the fine deliverypeople of Jet Set! We deliver anything and 
everything, even to the most extreme of locations! If you need a delivery done 
quickly, just call Jet Set Couriers! *insert Jet Man's personal frequency*

And if you need employment, Jet Set is always hiring! Flying experience is a 
must, as well as courage to the point of insanity!` Name your wages! Live the 


`Those suffering from actual insanity need not apply. 
<OOC: For all Jet Set info, mail or Page Jet Man proper, o' course.>

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Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
RF mobilizing against NA?          Mon Mar 14    Global News Network

        A little news snippet among many others. Reporters from various 
organizations have caught up to and cornered Storm Owl somewhere in the Bishop 
Memorial Arena. Given that he rarely speaks to the media unless he has to, 
combined with his habit of being on the Fortress V for extended periods of 
time, and the fact that there's little other news going on beyond the 
Coalition Challenge, the journalists have jumped on the opportunity. 

        There's half a dozen microphones shoved in Storm Owl's face, but he 
continues to wear his mildly condescending stern expression. "How long is 
Repliforce planning on staying within Russia?" "Is Repliforce or Interpol 
currently investigating this Coalition Challenge to ensure there's no hidden 
motive?" "What exactly happened outside of Jakarta several weeks ago, 
Commander? Surely you can tell us -something- by now." "With Red-Alert being 
determined to have the Maverick Virus, will Repliforce be cutting them loose?" 
"What, if anything, is Repliforce planning to do about Neo-Arcadia?" 

        Storm Owl raises his hand slightly to stop the barrage of questions, 
and then speaks in his calm, droning tone, "Our work in Russia continues, and 
we have no current plans to pull out. We shall not leave until the country is 
stable and able to defend itself. Our eventual goal is for the nation to hold 
a free election. Our /immediate/ goal is the security of the nation from both 
external and internal threats." President Bush- I mean, Storm Owl turns to the 
next reporter. "Any investigation involving this Coalition Challenge is 
classified, but I assure you we are not blind to the possibilities of this 
being some sort of trick or diversion." Storm faces the next. "Classified, for 
the moment. We shall be releasing information to the public about this at some 
point in the near future, however." Next! "Repliforce has full confidence in 
Commander Red and his squadron. We will not be taking any action against them 
due to this revelation, as we have determined they are completely safe, and 
unaffected by the virus." 

        Storm Owl finally reaches the Neo-Arcadia question, glaring at the 
reporter. "Repliforce takes the threat of the Neo-Arcadians very seriously. 
Know that we consider any genocidal beliefs to be a danger to the stability of 
this planet. Repliforce will have an announcement regarding Neo-Arcadia in due 
course." Storm starts pushing his way through the reporters. "But for now, I 
have other duties to attend to." Some stations analyze every single statement, 
in particular that last, to see what they might entail. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
BUSINESS NEWS: THREE MEGACORPS UNI Tue Mar 15    Global News Network
<from your favorite news station, GNN, GNN, or GNN!>

        "Latest in Business News, a sort of Triumvirate deal was formed between 
BaraCorp, HeraCorp, and Light Labs. The hope of this deal is to use bioroid 
technology to restore the various scarred lands from the long war. Africa has 
been chosen as a test site for this work and the opening stages of the effort 
are already underway."

        "The basic gist of the deal is that BaraCorp will lease the right to 
HeraCorp to build bioroids using their latest construction methods to build 
'environmental aid' bioroids. These bioroids will then be employed by Light 
Labs in their restoration work around the globe."

        "This kind of cooperation between three megacorps is not a 
revolutionary idea, but for such a charity work it is indeed unique to see 
people who are normally competitors working together for the common goal of 
the betterment of the world." 

<various opinions and thoughts on the future.>

OOC: Ask Sewa, Mesa, or Light for details!

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Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
War Machine Recovered!             Tue Mar 15    Global News Network

Heard about through NON-GNN Sources, barely mentioned in small print.

"As of Early This Morning, the Multi-Million Dollar Variable-Configuration Ride 
Armour known as the Glyder has been seized by private security forces from the 
Japenese Gang known as the 'Blue Sunfish' and returned to its rightful owner."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Boot Wily's Ass Out Tue Mar 15    Global News Network

        It's another of Chest's editorials, as fortold by the Javelin Whitetail 
composed music. New, however, is the quick blurb that notes that Chest's 
opinions, amazingly enough, do not speak for all of GNN. It's *his* opinion, 
and thus why it's called an editorial. Lemme repeat that for any idiots out 
there: CHEST's OPINION. NOT GNN'S. Regardless, Chest is at his desk with his 
notes, his glass of unlabelled Rock Orange soda, and a cigar in his hand. He's 
hunched over slightly, indicating that he isn't in a terribly good mood. But 
then, Chest isn't known for running editorials when he's happy. 

        "Three days ago the Special Committee of the Japanese Diet declared 
that Albert Wily is the legal Emperor of Japan, as the evidence against the 
Robot Masters wasn't enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Dr. Wily's 
rise was illegal." Chest shrugs slightly. "I can't really blame the decision, 
per se. Heck, /I/ wasn't even convinced that the succession was illegitimate. 
However I want to submit that, in the end, that shouldn't matter." 

        "Let us say, for the sake of argument, the previous Emperor /did/ 
choose and want Wily to succeed him. Japanese law and tradition states that 
his wish should be carried out. Well, it's clear to me that this is a 
tradition that needs to end, right here, and right now." Chest presses his 
finger against the desk with each "right". "That I even need to /speak/ about 
the evil that Wily has done to this world is a terrible thing... the tens of 
thousands of innocent lives that have been taken ever since he launched his 
original assault on San Angeles all those years ago. The Japanese government 
needs to recognize this evil, and boot Wily out on his ear, legitimate Emperor 
or no. Laws can be changed, and laws are /meant/ to be changed when they no 
longer fit the society they were meant for." Chest gestures with his cigar, 
saying in a slightly louder and angrier tone, "If allowing one of the two 
biggest murderers that this planet has ever known to be your /ruler/ is not 
enough to change those laws and traditions, then I *pity* the weak-minded 
government that came to that decision, and I *pity* the people who have to put 
up with said government." 



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Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
C's Editorial: Wily's Ass 2        Tue Mar 15    Global News Network

        Chest pauses here to take a puff from his cigar, figuring that'll calm 
him down a bit. It doesn't. "Ahh, but 'wait', some of you will say. 'The 
Emperor doesn't have any actual power. It's all ceremonial'." Chest snorts and 
shakes his head. "That is, of course, a whole lot of bulls<bleep!>. Look at 
the facts: Wily's split up the country into ten prefectures, giving out 
control of each to his murdering band of Robot Masters." Chest raises a 
finger. "Wily's children have henceforth begun erecting statues and creating 
their own set of idiotic laws, including altering the national anthem and 
forcing certain greetings upon people. Inane, but freedom-curbing 

        Chest leans back in his chair. "The Japanese government has thus far 
been willing to put up with all this nonsense and continues to harbour one of 
the world's greatest criminals." Chest sighs, "If only there was someone who 
was asking (heck, /begging/) to be able to help out." Chest reaches for his 
glass of soda but stops half way, suddenly feigning a great revelation. "Oh, 
but wait! That's exactly what Interpol has been trying to do. But no, their 
hands (and the hands of Repliforce, I suppose) have been tied all in the name 
of an age-old law that's being abused, and tradition that should never be 
tolerated like this." 

        "So, my message to the Japanese government is to grow a backbone, 
because gentling poking and prodding at Wily in a futile attempt to make him 
leave isn't going to work." Chest clenches his fist, "You have to /resist/ 
evil, or else you're a part of the problem. And if the government won't do it, 
then I would hope that come election time, the current government finds itself 
no longer in power." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
P.M. Kaga Replies                  Tue Mar 15    Global News Network
(GNN feed. Prime Minister Kaga, looking pissed-off and imperious. His speech is 
in rather old-fashioned Japanese; accurate subtitling is provided, thanks to 
the future. By his tone, he is agitated.)
        "We do not stand for this nonsense!
        "We placed our faith in the institutions of Interpol in order to try 
and prevent a pretext for a slaughter; the decision was doubtless affected by 
the personal presence of the Robot Masters, in a blatant show of intimidation 
        "The only thing that has kept us from rising as one united nation to 
slay them is the knowledge that they would burn us, slaughter us, and enslave 
us, and that the world would tolerate this slaughter, as they tolerated the 
conquest of Europe. As a nation, we renounced war in the past. And now, we are 
condemned for not making war upon an enemy who would gladly see us all dead!
        "This, as well as the festering cancer of a criminal conspiracy that we 
have tolerated for far too long, has been why our nation has been conquered. 
Blame yourselves as well! You are the ones who are willing to tolerate 
murderous maniacs dominating vast regions! The laws that the Robot Masters 
have inflicted do not come from the Japanese government; they are enforced by 
the threat of murder, not by any legal process.
        "And you can, I am sure, know what the results of an election held 
under the fist of Albert Wily would result in."

(He turns and storms off, away from the podium.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Hokkaido News                      Wed Mar 16    Global News Network
<Japanese News>

The normal news goes on, explaining the new laws set in by the rulers Junk Man 
and Dust Man.
        "New recycling laws, recycling incentives, and business deals have 
created many new jobs, income, as well as steel, paper, and other recyclables, 
and while new drones are being made for Junk Man's army, there are steel deals 
for businesses who recycling. And people have been pushed to recycle as well." 
Insert pictures of metools with garbage bin attached being generally cute with 
small children. "This new income.. uh.." The reporter begins to sweat. "Has 
been used to create a wondrous new monument that all of us in Japan love and 
adore." Liar. He begins to show pictures of a river that runs through 
Hokkaido, starting at the junk-made base and ending in a Robot Master bar. At 
the base, wondrous waterfalls of tequila pour out, spraying the area and 
occasionally shooting upward in bright gouts of flames. "It has been noted 
that people hired to work at the base have been seen as constantly drunk for 
the spray of the waterfalls." 

"And.. uh.. now for the mandatory bikini weather mudwrestling."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
BUSINESS NEWS: WONDER FUEL!        Wed Mar 16    Global News Network
<GNN Spinny>

        "And now to introduce you to the latest craze to have come from the 
Science Expo - the release of the Lacrima plant from Rosered technologies. 
This plant has had the biotechnology world in a frenzy ever since the head of 
Rosered Technologies, Spike Rosered, released news of the amazing properties 
of this amazing creation."

        "How it works is that people all over the world purchase batches of 
these tiny seeds and plant them, within a matter of weeks these things grow to 
full maturity, and from these 'Lacrima Flowers' you can harvest nectar that 
when properly processed is turned into cheap renewable fuel that's totally 

        "And that's not all, when applied to a Reploid Power core it can 
increase power output by 10 percent and all round efficiency by 15 percent! 
Rosered technologies are also planning on releasing a special fertilizer while 
optional actually helps the plants to grow even /faster/. This is big news 

        "And if that's not enough, Rosered Technologies is so confident that 
their product is the best there is that they are /challenging/ their 
competitors to accept sample packs of the product and to test it out for 

        "Welcome to the future of fuel."

<Various opinions on how well the product will do on the open market>

OOC: Ask Spike Rosered or Dr. Doppler for details.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Mavericks in Boise                 Wed Mar 16    Global News Network
<On the GNN Newswire...>

"A single Reploid, suspected to be a Maverick, entered Olsen Wheats' primary 
processing plant on the outskirts of Boise, Idaho, and killed two humans, 
before the plant could be evacuated. The suspected Maverick held off police 
until Hunter 'Shield' arrived and entered the factory, cutting off one of the 
Reploid's limbs before he could flee in a hovercar stolen from the parking 
garage. Police are still searching for leads. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
GNN expansion                      Thu Mar 17    Global News Network

        Lemon and Lime appear on the screen and say, "Good evening folks." 
Lemon then says, "I am Lemon." Lime then concludes, "And I am Lime."
        Lemon then says, "We are here today to offer a statement from GNN." He 
then starts to read from a paper, "We, at GNN, wished to make it known that we 
are in fact considering opening a new broadcasting studio in Eurasia, pending 
their acceptance of our request."
        Lime then smiles and says, "There you have it. GNN has its eyse on 
little Eurasia. We will now return to you your scheduled programming."

<OOC: In case you are wondering what the heck this means, contact L&L, Chest, 
or Nova. If you have lots of time and like spam, here is the log of the 


 Keep in mind this log is OOC INFO! No one, except Chest, Nova and L&L would 
IC'ly know about it. Unless they IC'ly tell you, you don't know. It will just 
give you an idea of why this post was made (towards the bottom if you want to 
skip the spam).>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Strange Goings On At Ham Lake!     Thu Mar 17    Global News Network
*This...is GNN.* 

 "Ohemgee Dubyateeff here, folks, with shocking news! Ham Lake, which is both a 
peaceful city and a peaceful lake, has become seventy percent less peaceful! 
Recently, the city gained publicity as the site of several Light Labs test 
flights over the past few weeks, but before that Ham Lake was only known for 
its biotech firm, allegedly a subsidiary under the control of the US 
government, seated on an island in the middle of the lake. I say was because, 
well, reports from all over the world of the complex flying up into space were 
mentioned." The camera pans over to Ham Lake, where the island now has a 
large, perfectly smooth hole in it. "Light Labs has made no comment about the 
suspicious timing of the event, or of rumors that a machine shaped like the 
Rush Sub was scene speeding away from the scene. More news as this shocking 
story develops." 

*This...was GNN*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Southeast Asia                     Fri Mar 18    Global News Network

 <Spinny for POX> 
 "Never fear, for POX is here people and this is Leotard Lion speaking with you 
live as we are here at the scene of a wonderful weather station! The place 
where a battle is raging at this very mom-...wait, sorry, where a battle did 
occur, which we have no pictures of whatsoever, although we did hear about a 
giant Orange and some powerful person battling it out with Robot Masters!" 
 "Why they wanted a weather station of all things is beyond our guess, but we 
here at POX will keep you posted on this very important information!" 
 <OOC: Cloud, Magic, Orange and Ares for info>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Dive Man's HUGE Rebuttal(1/3)      Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
        . . . "And that's why I prefer the classic taste of this brand over 
that one!" The commercial ends on a positive note, people laughing, product 
placement solidified. Fade out. What was to come next, however, no one could 
have guessed.

        The logo for GNN shows, then an audio clip of a pre-recorded voice 
playing as text appears. "Wily Hour presents. . . A special rebuttal." Next on 
the screen appears to be Wily's deep-sea robot, Dive Man! He's sitting in a 
large, comfortable-looking chair, fingers laced between each other, hands 
resting on a desk. Apparently, he's in an office somewhere; likely Naha City, 
for those familiar with the former town hall there.
        Dive Man begins to speak. "Greetin's citiz'ns o' th' -- er. . ." Dive 
clears his throat. "Greetings, citizens of the world," he starts again, 
speaking in an extremely clear tone of voice. He still has a light trace of 
'sailor-talk' to his voice, but nowhere near as much as normal. "It has come 
to my attention that certain people are not satisfied with the way things are 
currently being run in certain areas of Japan." He looks a bit more sternly at 
the camera. "In other words, people are beginning to question the judgement of 
the former Emperor of Japan, as well as the judgement of his successor, 
Emperor A. W. Wily." He narrows his eyes. "I find this lack of faith 
disturbing. . .but not entirely unjustified." He grins. "Let it be known, 
however, that a great deal of what has been going on in the various 
Prefectures is NOT actually part of Emperor Wily's plans for Japan."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Dive Man's HUGE Rebuttal(2/3)      Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
        "This may lead you to wonder just what Emperor Wily may has told us to 
do, then. Yes?" As he says 'yes,' he raises a hand in gesture. "Well, speaking 
exclusively for myself and my Prefecture of Okinawa, Japan, I shall tell you 
precicely what Emperor Wily's plan was in dividing up Japan as he did."

        Dive Man's going to spill the beans?! What's up with THAT?! The speech 
continues, Dive Man making more hand gestures as he speaks. "Emperor Wily has 
instructed us, his Prefects, to create bases of operation in our Prefectures 
for various tasks. The key ideal is that we keep our defenses HIGH and try NOT 
to terrorize our citizens." A screen to his side blinks into existance, 
showing Star Man's Prefecture. Dive takes a pointer stick and taps the screen. 
"As you may see here, this is Star Man's Prefecture. Star Man, being the 
self-proclaimed 'Robot God of Rock' that he is has made several UNSANCTIONED 
and UNAUTHORIZED laws for this prefecture. 'What do I mean by this?,' you may 
ask? Simple." He narrows his eyes again. "Star Man is acting COMPLETELY of his 
own accord. He is NOT being back by the Japanese government, Emperor Wily, or 
even the local law enforcers there in his Prefecture. The laws he has passed, 
changed, or otherwise, HE and HE alone is in charge of keeping enforced. He 
may have Joe sentries, Metools, Bat Bombs, Bladers, or otherwise running about 
the city, enforcing these laws, but as I said. He is in no way, shape, or form 
officially backed by ANY sort of legitimate organization outside of his 
personal armies of robots."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Dive Man's HUGE Rebuttal(3/3)      Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
        Even after all that, Dive Man continues to speak, tapping the screen 
again. "This. . ." -- the screen switches to Hard Man's Prefecture -- "is Hard 
Man's Prefecture, currently known as 'Wrestlevania,' thanks to an UNAUTHORIZED 
law passed by Hard Man. Now, don't get me wrong. Hard Man brought an entire 
channel dedicated to wrestling to this Prefecture. That's perfectly fine. But 
expecting people to call the place 'Wrestlevania'? . . .no."
        Dive smirks to the camera, arms crossing. "Other honourable mentions on 
this list of 'Stupid Master Tricks' include. . ." He pulls out a print-out, 
reading from it. The screen behind him shows according pictures. "'Happy 
Hour'. 'Shirtless Friday'. 'Bass' Birthday'. Excessive amounts of Wily Statues 
within Prefectures. Proposals for a 'River of Beer'. A giant, holographic 
movie of Bass beating Mega Man. . ." He grins to the camera again. "Need I say 

        Dive puts the list down, sighing and rubbing his forehead. "My point is 
this." He then slams his fist down on the desk. "EMPEROR WILY. . .is NOT to 
BLAME for more than 93 of these mistakes! Emperor Wily is simply asking us to 
bulk up our defenses. These issues are things you will have to simply take up 
with the Prefects themselves." He hmphs. "And in all fairness, I AM listening 
to the citizens of Naha and Okinawa. My doors are always open. I encourage 
your active partitication in our government affairs, citizens of Okinawa!" He 
smiles. "Afterall. I just want to help you feel safe. Not drive you away."

        The transmission fades to the WTI logo and the calm voice is heard once 
more. "Opinions expressed in this editorial are exclusively those of the 
speaker and no one else's. Thank you for your time. We now return you to your 
regularly scheduled programming."

(Page/Mail Dive Man for more information. This was entirely HIS idea.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Cyronics Facility Attacked         Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
--GNN special report!--

"Earlier tonight, Maverick Hunters and Interpol arrived on-scene to combat a 
Maverick assault on the Medical Cryonics Institute in Detroit, Michigan. The 
Mavericks were apparently raiding for medical supplies for reploid repair. In 
addition, two large cryonic freezers were removed from the facility's main 
storage unit, and secured by the Mavericks before they escaped the facility."

"Robert Halperin, a 45-year-old member of the security staff, was on-scene, and 
attempted to hold off the Mavericks until help arrived. He suffered only minor 
injuries thanks to quick Maverick Hunter interference, and was able to 
describe the Mavericks for authorities."

"The Medical Cryonics Institute served partially as a storage facility for 
cryonic experiments: the frozen brains and bodies of human beings who were 
preserved in ice after suffering fatal wounds or diseases. During the golden 
age of cryogenic freezing, thousands of patients around the world were frozen 
into suspended animation, in many cases, choosing to have only their brains 
preserved until cures could be found for their illnesses. The practice fell 
out of favor around the year 2100, though surviving cryogenic freezing 
facilities have still been dedicated to preserving these bodies in key 
locations in the United States. According to preliminary reports, some of the 
brains in cold storage in the facility are dated as old as the year 1970, when 
cryonics research first became popular. To this date, not a single cryonically 
frozen brain has been successfully revived. Now, it seems some of these 
patients are lost, both to science, and to the family members who were paying 
for their continued preservation."

"GNN, reporting."

(Questions? Overclock.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Prefecture Update.                 Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
<Political Broadcast from Star Man's Prefecture, which he has forgotten the 
name of.>

        Star Man appears on screen, dressed in lavish white and cream robes. In 
his hand, he holds a long golden staff.

        "Greetings, sports fans! Today I, Generalisimo Star Man, am throwing 
THIS out: Enemies of the state."

        The Robot Masters spins, indicating to a little whiteboard next to him.

        "Number one, Dive Dude. If he stands on my island, or comes within one 
mile of it by sea I will open a can of whoopass on him. He's a political 
enemy- totally!"

        "Number two, Shade Dude. He thinks he's so cool, and so badass with his 
little sound manipulations but he is NOTHING compared to the Rock God, man! 
All my people agree," There's a cheer in the background. "Awesome. Simmilarly, 
he'll be pwned if he gets to close."

        "Third... Congrats, Glaive Dude, you've been moved up in rank! We the 
people of my... Uh... Whatever my prefecture is called totally declare War on 
you. Or something."


        From behind him, there are shouts of outrage and gnashing of teeth. 
Star Man looks at the screen.

        "And, er, that's the end of that." He runs off. "I'll show YOU 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Iga: The Minister is Watching      Sat Mar 19    Global News Network
<This.... is GNN>

"Today, we bring you another installment of our fair and balanced look into 
Emperor Wily's despotic dictatorship of Japan, 'Dr Wily: Guilty Until Proven 

"While everyone is familiar by now with Star Man's and Hard Man's perverse 
oppresion of their prefectures, particularly horror stories of the woefully 
anachronistic Cheka, other prefectures suffer in relative silence. Just look 
at Iga, ruled by Shogun Gemini Man.

"Although Gemini Man has made no laws in Iga, instead devoting his time to 
building his evil castle and standing evil army on the castle grounds, strange 
things have still been happening. Small incidents like the apartment bombing a 
few days ago, although no deaths or injuries have been caused, are nonetheless 
the single worst thing ever to happen to everyone who lives here. Drones are 
seen to pop up everwhere, particularly the cyclopian 'petakay', who walk on 
building walls and overhands and watch over the every move of the citizens 
with their evil eyes, and equally unnerving kero. These drones watch over 
homes and business, taking away fundamental rights of privacy and freedom. 
Their numbers are few but they seem to have a way to show up at just the wrong 
time. The local police have been flooded with tips and evidence from the 
Ministr for incidents ranging from petty theft and vandalism to multimillion 
dollar embezzlements and other white collar crimes. Since the Ministry was 
formed arrests within Iga have nearly doubled, and crime rates have dropped by 
the same percent. Iga's Ministry of Defence, under the rule of Shadow Man, has 
taken credit for this oppresive surveillance. And everyone knows that the 
Ministry records every act or word uttered in dissent of Dr. Wily's rule in 
Iga, and are merely waiting for the right time to act on it. Although the 
flavors of oppression vary, nowhere in Japan is safe from this evil menace."

"Any opinions in the above piece are those of this reporter, the newswriters, 
the editors, and the management, and may not reflect the views of GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Tis POX!                           Sat Mar 19    Global News Network

 <POX Spinny!> 
 "Hello hello and a good hug to all of you out there who missed us! I'm 
Deranged Donkey for the awesome news organization called POX, and today we're 
going to talk about a UFO sighting that occured in the Great Plains south or 
southwest or something like that of where that cryogenics thing happened." 
 "In the dead of night did it happen, some sort of vehicle crashed into the 
'Guns N Bunkers' there, and people then started to loot it. Some people say a 
person belonging to Interpol arrived and single handedly defeated both, but 
others say some sort of freakish weird thing surrounded by a bunch of bugs 
helped out." 
 "But the spookiest thing of all was how there was something in the sky(Insert 
blurry photos/footage here of the Tonatiuh's silhouette). According to the 
people present it swooped down and stole a motorcycle! Our specialists here at 
POX are all saying one thing about this. IT EATS THEM! So if you have a 
motorcycle and you live near this place make sure you lock it up indoors!" 
 <OOC: Remi Dumont, Cerveau, Chris Mainards, Shining Firefly and Shrapnel know 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
UN Records Sacked!                 Sun Mar 20    Global News Network
<GNN - Seoul Reporting!>

"A lone gunman sacked the United Nations Global Records Center today, 
infiltrating the building as a janitor and killing five security operatives 
and wounding two more. Multiple computers were destroyed in the ensuing battle 
between the android and Interpol, although no security footage data was 
recovered, and is believed to be stolen or erased. It is unknown why he broke 
into the machines, but the United Nations is promising a full investigation in 
the days pending, as to exactly what was stolen and why. The gunman escaped 
the building, causing chaos in the ensuing high speed chase, and ultimately 
escaped the scene of the crime after shooting an Interpol operative in the 
face. Numerous internet flamewars have started as to the identities of the 
lone android, and the United Nations has reported an increased amount of 
attempted nethacks into UN servers and databases.

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
RF Announcements: NA & Russia 1    Mon Mar 21    Global News Network

        This is a Repliforce press conference on the Global News Network. GNN: 
Like POX, but without all the suck. 

        Storm Owl, grim faced as ever, is at a desk in front of an audience of 
reporters. There's a bunch of microphones sticking up from the desk. Storm Owl 
doesn't look terribly happy to be here. This is General's turf (App General 
and save me!). "Thank you all for attending," The bird of prey begins in his 
droning monotone. "As promised, we have an announcement regarding Repliforce 

        Storm Owl pauses to sip from a glass of water. Storm Owl takes a deep 
breath, "As of two days ago, Repliforce troops began setting up a blockade 
around the southern border of Neo-Arcadia. Under the command of Red Alert 
Commander Red, their objective is to ensure that the border is secure, and 
that Neo-Arcadia is contained. All traffic leaving and entering Neo-Arcadia 
via that border will be monitored to ensure it there are no military 
applications to it. Both land and sea will be patrolled. Note that these 
facilities are neither armed nor armoured. We will not allow Neo-Arcadia to 
expand outside its borders freely. Should they come at us in force, then we 
shall respond in kind. Until then, surely they will understand and agree with 
our need to see that the border is secure." Ha ha ha. Right. 

        Storm takes a sip of water. "Finally, Repliforce will be taking a 
greater role in the reconstruction of Russia. Several days ago Lieutenant 
Onion of Red Alert and myself defended against a Robot Master attack on a 
Russian supply depot. It was a startling first hand look at the current state 
of the Russian armed forces." Storm doesn't elaborate. "We shall therefore be 
soon presenting a plan to help get Russia's army back on its feet. We shall 
begin attempting to reorganize them into a fighting force capable of bringing 
security to Russia. The effort will be a long and difficult one, but it is 
clear that it is needed if this country is ever to recover. Repliforce will be 
naming an officer to head up that program shortly." 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
RF Announcements: NA & Russia 2    Mon Mar 21    Global News Network

        Storm Owl now opens up the floor to questions. 

        The first reporter stands up. "We have it on good account that 
Neo-Arcadia has already found and destroyed one of these bunkers you speak of. 
Any comment?" Storm Owl nods, "Confirmed. One of our soldiers was injured, but 
he shall recover. One must understand that this is to prevent Neo-Arcadians 
from leaving their borders as they please in order to annex territory. Should 
they continue to expand, then military action will be taken against within 
Neo-Arcadia." This is where being a Hunter is nice. You don't have to announce 
many of your plans to the world. You get a whim, you blow something up. Done 

        The questions continue. "The Russian government has collapsed, sir. Who 
will you be trying to contact to organize what's left of the Russian army? 
Nobody's really in charge, it seems." Storm Owl replies swiftly, "The army is 
scattered and disorganized. While I leave the specifics up to whichever 
officer is selected for the task of rebuilding their armed forces, I would 
imagine putting out a general call and having the leaders of each remnant 
contact us should be satisfactory. Note that we are not forcing anyone into 
anything. I personally have witnessed the courage still present in the Russian 
army, and there is a solid foundation in its soldiers." For someone who 
doesn't think so highly of such things, whatever it was must have impressed 
him to some degree. 

        "What exactly did you mean by 'military action in Neo-Arcadia? An 
invasion?'" "Classified." Storm replies curtly. Another question pipes up, 
"We're still waiting for word on your Indonesia investigation, is there any 
ch-" "Pending." Storm Owl interrupts. 

        Storm Owl finally says, "Thank you for your time. Should there be any 
further questions, I can be contacted on the Fortress V." If any other 
reporter wants to talk to him, then by gum it can be a PC. 

        OOC: Questions about the blockade around NA to me, Elpizo, or Red. The 
'bunkers' are just crappy shacks for our patrol boys to rest in. Feel free to 
battle over them, but it's not much of a significant strategic victory to 
destroy/save one or two. Questions about our Russian plans, just me so far, 
but we haven't really done anything yet. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Osaka Race Heats Up!               Tue Mar 22    Global News Network
<A GNN look at East-Asian Politics!>

"Today...Amateur politician 'Yosho Roshi', a retired martial arts instructor 
from Japan, ran a gambit of speeches today related the mayoral election next 
week. Yosho Roshi has built a platform of beating up Yakuza, Cheka 2.0, and 
other controversial elements in Japan. His street-justice platform has 
recieved a somewhat mixed review, although his plans for getting the Master 
influence out of Osaka and building a citizen's defense force to fight the 
Yakuza alongside police, was well recieved by some, as were his plans to 
return surveillence to municipal jurisdiction, remove military monitoring of 
the city, and investigate the prefecture's nearby castle to see if it's being 
used as a public facility - thereby meaning it fell under the influence of 
city hall. Yosho Roshi is racing against an incumbent who has been accused of 
being bullied by the Masters and Yakuza by Roshi, although his opponent's 
campaign has so-far declined comment."

<The GNN headlines move on to 'Today in the Japanese Diet'.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Focus on Osaka                     Tue Mar 22    Global News Network
Since announcing his canidacy for mayor of Osaka, Yosho Roshi has become a 
factor in regional politics overnight, with current opinion polls showing a 
singificant minority favoring him over incumbatn Akimoto Kaito. In response to 
the street campaigning of the charismatic Roshi, Mayor Akimoto issued the 
following reply at an impromptu press conferenece.

"What do I think of Mr. Roshi's campaign? Well, frankly I don't think he has a 
campaign. This is clearly just a political stunt being pulled by Mr. Roshi to 
mock Japan for our tolerance of the Robot Master presence. As for his mayoral 
platform, that appears to be nonexistant. He has promised to oust the Cheka 
2.0, which do not exist in Osaka to begin with, or anywhere else in the 
so-called 'Iga Prefecture'. What exactly is it that Mr. Roshi and his band of 
merceneries and terrorists hope to offer us that we aren't recieving from the 
terrorists who're here already? The "Ministry of Defence" has just offered to 
open talks about integrating their "security surveillance" with Osaka's civic 
police force. Through these negotiations I hope to cut down the level of 
intrusion while maintaining the anti-crime benefits. "

"Or would the citizens of our great city prefer that our drone problem be 
handled simply by throwing yet more firepower at it, under the leadership of a 
man with no political experience who fights (and loses to!) the Robot Masters 
on global television for nothing more than personal glory and to fill the 
Mavericks' coffers? Should Osaka become the next Cairo, a battleground for an 
ancient bloodfeud between violent clans of genetic freaks? I think not. As for 
the accusations of Yakuza influence, these are always the first and easiest 
mode of attack in negative campaigns, and I believe Mr. Roshi has no serious 
support for such a claim. I'm confident that the voters in Osaka will make the 
right choice come the election in June."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Disturbance in Arcadia!            Wed Mar 23    Global News Network
<Of course, the Arcadians don't get some quirky reploid or machine to tell the 
news for them, but rather a professional anchorman, sitting at his desk with a 
blinding white smile.>

"San Lopez here, where not too long ago there was a domestic disturbance in our 
very own home! Late at night, a man reported to be 'mostly machine' by our 
teleporter scanners roamed down the sidewalk. It wasn't very long before a 
security squad showed up, and quickly blocked off the roads as well as 
evacuating the citizens. And prompt as always, our Guardian Sage Harpuia 
arrived to help. The man was apparently unarmed, but wearing military-grade 
armor! Luckily, one of our own camera drones was there to catch this footage." 
The in grey armor is seen tossing a grey trench-coat to Sage's feet before the 
footage reverts back to San. "Afterwards, our guardian and the man talked for 
a few minutes, our drone's microphone unable to pick up the conversation. 
However, it seems our Guardian's temper quickly flared."

The footage switches to the man seemingly calm as Sage steps back and fires a 
bullet into his armor, to no avail. "And in minutes, our guardian was in his 
armor and fighting this foreign menace, for reasons still unclear, though one 
of the guards claims it was because he was called a bigot." A few highlights 
of the battle, mainly Sage punching the man in the face and stabbing him 
straight through the right arm, followed by the man shooting Sage in the back 
with a shotgun and blasting him in the throat with a high-powered rifle, where 
the Guardian collapses to the floor. "Afterwards, half a dozen of our own 
brave guards attempted to stop the man, buuut the results were not quite 
savory..." The footage cuts to the armored man kicking one guard in the face, 
throwing an unconscious guard into another by the head, shooting out both 
kneecaps on two other guards before stomping up to blowing on the last guard 
and causing him to fall unconscious.

"Afterwards, the citizens piled back onto the streets after the medical crew 
had cleaned up, chatting in disbelief about what they had all seen. Finally, 
we have reports that the man claimed to be unaffiliated with anyone, and that 
he had come into Arcadia looking for a Burrito. Strange how things escalate, 
isn't it? Now in our next story, Taco Bell is releasing a new..."

OOC: Questions or Comments? Feel free to @mail Ashton Noir or Sage Harpuia.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Robot Master Meddling              Wed Mar 23    Global News Network
"...and in international news, the Robot Masters caused a major upset today at 
the Aztlan/Texas border, when they began indiscriminatly attacking both sides, 
soldier and civilian. Casualties are still being totalled, but hundreds are 
wounded, and already the death count is piling up from the confusion. On site 
correspondents identified Pharaoh Man leading the Robot Masters, along with 
Ring Man, Clown Man, Crash Man, and Flash Man. "

Paper Shuffling.

" Neo Arcadia wasn't the only one to respond to the threat, either. 
Repliforce's Red Alert, with Commander Red himself, arrived along with the 
Hunter Alpha and her forces to intervene on behalf of the civilians caught in 
the conflict. Texas and Neo Arcadia have yet to comment on the sudden aid by 
what was previously thought to be their largest military rivals at present. "


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
POX: TOTALLY RAD RESEARCH CENTERS  Fri Mar 25    Global News Network

<POX Spinny>     
A man sitting at a desk, with some papers in his hands. "Hey there! This is 
Mike Peeper bringing you the insight of one of the most insightful research 
centers known throughout the world. Today, we will be looking at a relatively 
young nation, with a SUPERB research center. You have known them for giving 
the small guy a chance at fighting reploids! They're lead by a long-haired 
bishounen man, with a scary blue eye! Yep! You guessed it, today, we will be 
looking at one of Aztlan's more famous research centers!"       
The scene fades to a facility in Columbia. "We are here at the Adams research 
facility, here in Columbia. This facility was established about a year ago, to 
assist the locale Columbians with various genetic diseases. It has been known 
to help thousands today, and we have the chance to take a look inside! Come on 
let us go!" Mike turns around and darts inside of the research facility. A 
receptionist greets him, and Mike grins widely, "Hi! We're here with POX, and 
we are here to take a look at your facility!"   
The receptionist, a woman that looks to be in her mid-twenties widens her eyes 
in alarm, and she coughs, "Oh, yes! Of course.. come on. Let me give you a 
tour.." She turns around and gives the crew a tour of the place. Many 
scientists are working on who knows what. It takes roughly a half-an-hour, and 
the tour is over.       
"Well, that is it, POX fans. Visit us next time, when we visit Light Labs!"      
<OOC: Questions? Talk to Elpizo> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Neo-Arcadia Attacks Reploid Facili Sat Mar 26    Global News Network
<This is... GNN>         
Earlier last evening, there were reports of Neo-Arcadian movements straight 
from the capital. Within a short few minutes, the Neo-Arcadian drop ship the 
Itzlacoliuhque, attacked a reploid production facility. Many Neo-Arcadian 
soldiers descended upon the doomed facility, and completely destroyed it. 
There were only a few survivors, but they are not expected to live much 
longer. There was Hunter response to this seemingly random act of destruction, 
and President Elpizo himself was there fighting along side of the Neo-Arcadian 
In lieu of this attack, we contacted the Neo-Arcadian President to get a 
comment. He had this to say:    
'The reploids have been living a lax life for far too long. Know this. None of 
them are innocent. They are ran by a virus, and their threat must be 
neutralized. If the continued well-being of humanity is to be maintained, they 
must be pushed down and held down. There is no other option.'   
The death toll is still being counted at the factory.    
<OOC: Questions? Page or @mail Elpizo> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
Russian Conflict Heats Up          Sat Mar 26    Global News Network

Hostilities in Russia are heating up with the return of spring to the region. 
The civil war slowed to a tense standoff during the difficult winter months, 
which made open combat prohibitive. However, as the spring arrives, so do the 
familiar sounds of warfare throughout the major cities of Russia.

The Socialist Liberation Army has made the most inroads during the winter 
slowdown, having found a cache of advanced military hardware before the full 
onset of the hard season. The SLA has gained large swaths of territory 
throughout Moscow and several other key urban centers with almost no 
resistance. In the process of taking the northern part of Moscow, the 
terrorist group "Yaga's Children" has apparently been removed from the 
political landscape; no communication has been seen on their Internet site 
since the New Year.

The SLA's progress has been slowed by repeated Maverick insurgency throughout 
Russia. Large strikes, such as the Novorossiysk attack repelled by GNN cub 
reporter Zero, have damaged the infrastructure of Russia and made basic 
services a challenge for cities to maintain. A great amount of uncertainty 
remains about the future of the collapsed republic, which is made even more 
acute by the looming threat of the Sigma Virus.

Further, there are rumors in the Russian underground of a new army backed by 
Repliforce being constructed; whether this army would have sufficient support 
or force to stand against the SLA is a mystery, as are the goals of such a 
force. However, desertion rates among other paramilitary forces is said to be 
increasing, perhaps out of frustration with continued Maverick strikes.

< Punditry >

OOC: General update on Russia. Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Shikoku Prefecture Announcement    Sat Mar 26    Global News Network
A portly man stands at a podium. There are occasional cameras going off, and a 
few microphones hanging down. Just your typical press release. He clears his 
throat before he begins.

"For the time being, Star Man is no longer the...Praetor of the Shikoku 
Prefecture." He waits for the audience to react before he continues. "This may 
or may not be permenant." More reacting. Mostly positive. "In his place, Ice 
Man has taken over." The audience stops reacting. "However, the new...Praetor 
of the Prefecture gave me this list of comments that he wishes to make known 
before he assumes the position." He unrolls a sheet of paper. 

"First off, he would like to say that he himself would have been here, had he 
not lost..." He winces. "most of his /face/ in action today."

He takes a moment before continuing. "Second, he has been asked to inform the 
citizenry at large that Star Man will be punished. For what, he does not say. 
He has also mentioned that the Robot Masters will also be fielding suggestions 
on /how/ he should be punished." He pauses, waiting for the audience to react 
again. When they do not, he continues. "The new praetor also declares 'open 
season' on any and all rock star statues found in the province. Whether or not 
they come down, it is of no concern with him. However," He mutters. 
"unsuprisingly, any statues of any Robot Master or affiliated parties are to 
stay up." He continues in a normal tone. "The Praetor has also declared that 
all new laws made by Star Man that are not backed by the Diet are null and 
void. This also means, and I quote, 'yes, Glaive can come back into the 
Prefecture, now'."

After a lengthy pause, punctuated by the representative having a sip of water, 
he finishes. "And finally, Praetor Ice Man declares that there will be a 
complete reorganization of the defenses around the Province, and that the 
Cheka are now disbanded and that Interpol is free to do what they wish with 
them, in hopes that the defenses can be focused on Japan's true enemies. He 
hopes order can be restored as quickly as possible, and that the people do not 
look negativly at Emperor Wily or the Japanese Diet for Star Man's actions." 
The man bows. "Thank you, and good day." He leaves the stage, and the 
recording shuts off. 

(OOC: Questions and etc to Ice Man.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Reruns: Interviewing Elpizo        Tue Mar 29    Global News Network

        On one of GNN's subchannels there's reruns of the interview with 
Neo-Arcadian President Elpizo, including call-ins from notable folks such as 
Colonel and Dr. Light. Naturally the rather tense scene afterwards between 
roving reporter Zero and Elpizo was not on the air, but still makes for worthy 



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Debate on Demolition               Wed Mar 30    Global News Network
The GNN spinny appears on the screen as the typically news music plays, and 
soon Lemon and Lime appear on the screen. They say simultaneously, "Welcome, 
and thank you for tuning in to this special debate editorial."
        Lime then starts off the report, "Earlier today, sources in Neo-Tokyo 
said that a gravitational maniuplation device built in the new Viper building 
was used to demolish a condemned building on the other side of town without 
any colateral damage. That is correct, the device, which remained in the new 
Viper building demolished another building across town. What is more is that 
this appears to have been sanctioned by the government. What do you think 
about this Lemon?"
        The camera then focuses on Lemon who replies, "Well, I think this is an 
excellent step forward in the name of progress. I am not going to be ignorant 
about the fact that this seems like a close parallel to the invention of 
dynamite and the fact that Dr. Sirius Viper is not the most humanitarian of 
scientists, but I am still going to say that this invention has potential in 
the demolition industry. Think about it. In the average year, the demolition 
industry loses millions of dollars through either having to pay for collateral 
damage caused by getting the job done quickly or having to pay large amounts 
of wages for the amount of time it takes to dismantle something without 
damaging the surrounding buildings. This thing has some serious potential."
        Lime then shakes her head, "Serious potential for massive destruction. 
As of yet, we do not know what the range of effectiveness or the destructive 
power of this thing is. This means it could reach beyond Neo-Tokyo and strike 
other cities. The potential for this setting off yet ANOTHER arms race is too 
great. Then the fact that this was sanctioned by the Japanese government. What 
is the Japanese government? The ROBOT MASTERS. Since when did they seriously 
support things that couldn't be used to take over the world later on or make 
things go boom and become pretty colors? The invention of dynamite? This is so 
much worse than that. This can theoretically strike where ever and the victims 
wouldn't be able to detect it before hand or be able to trace where it came 
from. I am sorry, but this is just too dangerous." 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Debate on Demolition pt. 2         Wed Mar 30    Global News Network
        Lemon chuckles and says, "As your favorite writer once said, dear 
sister, 'Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so,' or something to 
that effect. You see, you can view it as an evil weapon in the making or you 
can view it as it is intended. A demolition tool. Of course there is always 
the potential of accidents occuring, but as long as the use is limited to 
constructive demolition (that's right, you heard me), there should be nothing 
to fear. I understand how you and other people can get worried, but there is 
always risk in progress. If no risks were ever taken, we would have gotten no 
where. We would be stuck in the stone ages, terrified of lighting and the hot 
red dancing eater that is known as fire. We need risk for progress. I would 
also like to point out that most of what you are saying is basic assumption. 
While it is assumption that most of the world agrees on, that does not make it 
right. Most of the world used to agree that animals sponatenously generate 
where ever their food is prevalent. This was proven to be ridiculously false, 
and the same could happen with your statements. My examination of this 
situation is based completely on what we KNOW, not what we would LIKE TO BE. 
Please note the significant difference."
        Lime then sighs and is about to say something when a producer runs onto 
the stage and says, "Well, folks, thanks for tuning in to this special debate 
editorial. Unfortunately we are out of time and so this editorial is now over. 
We return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Good night."
The screen fades black as the closing music plays.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Attempted Robbery!                 Wed Mar 30    Global News Network
<This just in!>

"Yesterday, the Maverick Hunter 'Mirror Orange' stopped an unidentified cyborg 
with a rocket-pack from robbing a Hong Kong National Bank armored hovercar. 
One guard was injured, and fifty-thousand dollars worth of damage was done to 
a nearby building, but nearly all the money was recovered, thanks to the 
heroic efforts of Mirror Orange. The man escaped, and there are no leads 
concerning his identity."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Baba Ranga.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Japanese Defense Announcement      Wed Mar 30    Global News Network
Fujita Garou, one of Japan's rising stars in the political scene stands at a 
podium holding a press conference. A few cameras flash and the press await 

"Hello everyone and welcome. The Ministry of Defense is pleased to announce the 
latest development in the defense of our great nation. The Robotic Crimes 
unit, which as you know investigates crimes that are unfortunately committed 
by some of our Android and Reploid citizens, has received new funding and 
state-of-the-art equipment for dealing with robotic enemies of the state. We 
are proud to announce the creation of the elite Special Robotic Tactics 

Fujita pauses to let the photographers snap away and the reporters scribble 
notes down furiously. This guy is a real pro. "The SRTS is open to anyone of 
exceptional talents willing to volunteer, except those affiliated to the 
Repliforce, the Mavericks, Interpol and the Hunters. They will be an elite 
team of specialists equipped to handle the most violent of crimes, including 
rampages, committed by Robot-kind."

"And the SRTS's first assignment is to demolish the Rock statues, with the 
blessing of Praetor Ice Man of the Shikoku Prefecture, and to assist Interpol 
in arresting the Cheka. Thank you."

OOC: Any questions? Send me an @mail. And just so you know Civ's are welcome to 
volunteer for the group.

Note: This is the Japanese Governments way of indirectly going up against the 
RM's and saying that Star Man committed a crime. Yes, this is a rather 
roundabout way of doing it...deal with it :P

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