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Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
New York Disaster!                 Fri Apr 01    Global News Network
<This is.... GNN!>       
Earlier last evening, Dr. Albert Wily, the Patriarch tyrant of the Robot 
Masters, appeared in New York City demanding for the presense of one such Dr. 
Thomas Light. Apparently, he came shortly after and Dr. Wily went off on a 
tangent talking about his press conference just two nights before. Dr. Wily 
revealed his.. latest and greatest creation last evening. The terribly 
powerful Redips.        
<An Image of Redips appears, no statistical analysis, sadly>     
We apologize here at GNN for having no statistics, all energy scans that were 
attempted to be taken all failed dramatically, as the machines sheer amount of 
power just destroyed each and every single machine being used to monitor 
power. Apparently, he is powered by what Dr. Wily calls 'Supra Force Metal', 
an improvement on Dr. Gaudile's Force Metal. To show off his new creation, he 
had Redips fight his right hand man, Ballade. The battle was tough.. but in 
the end it seems Redips triumphed over Ballade..        
And he decimated the entire city block they fought on. Hundreds are dead, 
thousands are injured, and the body count is still being counted. Bass just 
may have a challenger.          
<OOC: Questions? Talk to Redips and/or Wily> 


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Carnage in Neo Tokyo...            Fri Apr 01    Global News Network

         Clean up crews are still working to fix a street and the foundation of 
a building in Neo Tokyo today after an incident last night that is reported to 
have involved Maverick Hunter Zero and possibly two Robot Masters as well as 
an unidentified person on scene, according to what few witnesses there were. 
It is believed, that due to evidence from both global radio transmission and 
these eyewitness accounts that the altercation came about between Zero and one 
of the Masters, resulting in the Maverick hunter causing extensive damage not 
only to him, but to the street as well, and the foundation of a building 
across the street, as well as a hovercar destroyed in the process. Several 
more Hunters were spotted arriving, but after the Robot Masters left the 
scene, Zero was reported to withdraw as well with his allies, as if under 


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Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Hokkaido Woes!                     Fri Apr 01    Global News Network

 <POX symbol!> 
 "Proving that POX gets the best news possible here I am to tell /you/ all 
about the latest and most amazing incident ever! Sure GNN got first dibs on 
the Nova x Colonel incident, but we? We have information on an assault that 
happened in Hokkaido! OH YEAH!" 
 "It turns out that some people showed up outside of a allegedly Robot Master 
owned Drone Facility. One of the people there was a beautiful lady who some 
locals say was a mermaid with legs and a bad temper. Yowch, goodness knows I'd 
like to get some of that!" 
 "Some Robot Masters showed up, a giant lighter and the infamous Flash Man, and 
they fought valiantly to save the drone facility...but they failed. Good 
effort though guys!" 
 <POX Symbol!> 
 <OOC: Mary Summers, Chris Mainards, Flash Man and Heat Man brawled and fought 
and the place went boom.>

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Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Cruiseliner Attacked!              Sat Apr 02    Global News Network
        "This is GNN with late-breaking news."

        Up on the display sits a generic anchorman, the name of which nobody 
cares to learn. He's sitting behind a normal desk, papers in his hands, 
looking slightly upset, but maintaining the general attitude a reporter should.
        He quietly speaks. "A civilian cruise ship as been attacked as it 
travelled between the waters of England and Germany. We go now to our 
on-the-spot reporter, T--" Static hits the airwaves just as the name is 
announced, but goes away right as the reporter is put on display.

        She appears to be a young human woman in a purple business dress, 
holding a microphone. She also appears to be standing on a generic port 
somewhere in the named area. Just as the anchorman before her, she talks in a 
calm tone. "Thank you," she starts. "I am here just outside the dock where, 
apparently, there is a bomb squad properly taking care of what is reportedly 
three separate sets of the plastic explosives commonly known as 'C4'. Reports 
say that a Maverick by the name of 'Launch Octopus' had swum out to the 
cruiseliner with plans to destroy it wholey by placing C4 in specific 
locations. However, thanks to the brave Maverick Hunter known as 'Bolt 
Kraken,' Launch Octopus' attempts to destroy the cruiseliner were put to an 
abrupt hault.
        "No one was injured, everyone having escaped on the life boards, but 
the structural damage to the ship's deck is immense. The ship itself is still 
in good condition."
        "Strangely enough, this cruise also contained the creators of both 
robots; one Dr. Tuan Tin, and one Dr. Richard Camden. When ask for words, they 
refused commentary.

        With that, the display goes back to the reporter. "Thank goodness for 
noble heroes like Bolt Kraken, eh?" He smiles, shuffling his papers. "And now, 

        (For information, comments, etc., contact either Bolt or Launch.)

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Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Interpol Response to Nightmare Sys Sat Apr 02    Global News Network
<At long last, after much public pressure and perhaps an enormous sense of 
irony, Interpol spokesperson Guardian Elk speaks out on the hotly-debated 
Nightmare System on April First. Transcripts such as the one you are are about 
to read become available by April Second.>

Good evening.

As the world well knows, several weeks ago Interpol scientist Professor Gate 
unveiled his so-called Nightmare System to the world in a battle with Sigma. 
There has been a great deal of discussion on the matter, and we at Interpol 
feel the public deserves to know what we have concluded. The Nightmare System, 
as it stands, has potentially disturbing applications; further development 
could see it develop into something truly monstrous. As such, all such 
development has been shut down. The system was in development long before 
Director Fairchild claimed the directorship, however she acknowledges 
responsibility for not interceding earlier; Dr. Fairchild has seen to it that 
Professor Gate will be punished appropriately.

Questions may be directed to the Public Relations division. Thank you all. 

<End Transcript.>

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Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
NA Border Nuke                     Sat Apr 02    Global News Network
"I'm Anarc- Anchorman Albatross, with a special report!"

"Today reports came in of a nuclear device having gone off near the border of 
Aztlan. A small nuclear explosion devastated the countryside, although it is 
uncertain at this time exactly whom is responsible. Among the destruction 
includes several border facilities of the Aztlan government. No deaths have 
been thus far reported in connection to the incident. Neither Neo Arcadia nor 
Repliforce were available for immediate comment."

(OOC: Questions? @mail or page Red or Cerveau)

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Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Texas Warns NA: Nuclear Age Over   Sat Apr 02    Global News Network

President Howard Vaughn of the Texas Republic made a rare appearance today at a 
press conference, one of the few he has made since being sworn in as President 
of Texas earlier this year. At the press conference, he strongly denounced 
Aztlan for its use of nuclear arms against Repliforce agents.

"The nuclear device detonated on the border of Aztlan was illegal, immoral and 
entirely inappropriate," says Vaughn. "Texas stands with all good and peaceful 
people of the world in demanding that Aztlan destroy its nuclear weapons to 
come into compliance with international treaties involving nuclear 

Vaughn went on to condemn Aztlan for alleged border violations witnessed by 
Texas citizens. "We will not be intimidated by Neo Arcadia's repeated attempts 
to illegally enter Texas, nor will we ignore their actions against our 
neighbors and friends, the United States of America. If we need to, Texas will 
take decisive action to ensure our security."

The President concluded his prepared remarks with a warning: "The Republic of 
Texas will not negotiate with terrorists or rogue states."

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo


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Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
Aztlan's Response                  Sat Apr 02    Global News Network
President Elpizo stands in front of a podium, holding some papers, "In lieu of 
this recent atrocity, the nation of Aztlan claims nothing on this unwarrented 
attack. We are not responsible for this disaster along our southern borders," 
The President's single eye keeps its gaze on the camera, "Again, the Nation of 
Aztlan had no part in this recent nuclear explosion, and we are currently 
investigating into the matter. However, according to our reports, there was a 
recent Repliforce incurison along our southern borders, and we do have reports 
of them setting up information servers surrounding our borders. According to 
witness reports, at this incursion is when the nuclear device was set off, 
thus destroying OUR facilities."        
Elpizo leans forward on the podium, and says very firmly, "I can state to you, 
that the Nation of Aztlan has never had possesion or will have any need of 
possesion of nuclear weapons. We deny your accusations, President Howard 
<OOC:> Questions? Page or @mail Elpizo. 


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Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Business: Hartmann Industries      Sat Apr 02    Global News Network
<Various News Sources>

"Hartmann Industries, a company that lost most of its fortune and structure 
during the conquering of Germany by the Coalition, and later was investigated 
for crimes in reploid construction, has reopened its doors in its San Angeles 
office for drone and android construction."

        "Vice President Erdestein made a public apology regarding Hartmann 
Industries past indescretions and stated that Hartmann Industries will be 
remaining out of the Reploid Construction business until the current 
President, Uwe Hartmann, returns and cleans up the infrastructure of the 

        "Uwe Hartmann's current whereabouts are unknown at this time and Vice 
President Erdestein will only confirm that he is on hiatus."

<various discussion>

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Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
Prison Riot                        Sun Apr 03    Global News Network

A simian figure appears on screen, holding a microphone. Behind him is a rather 
dusty desert setting, with the high walls of a prison also visible, a wisp of 
smoke rising from it.

"This is Onthespot Orangutan reporting from China, where just hours ago, a 
savage riot ripped through a maximum security Interpol prison."
Cut to aerial shot of rioting prisoners brandishing a variety of weapons, some 
buildings already ablaze. Onthespot's narration continues. "The riot begun 
when a convoy of vehicles disguised as local police entered the prison, 
killing several guards and setting explosives that disabled all of the cell 
locks within the facility."

Cut to shots of the Moonraker arriving and booming out "LAND NOW OR BE LANDED" 
to a helecopter with police markings and Gate and his drones incapacitating a 
horde of rioters. There's also dramatic (and shakey) footage of a hand-to-hand 
battle on a black SUV, with Chet and Grisha locked in combat. "Interpol were 
quick to react, though sources say that the riot itself was just a cover for 
the extraction of one particular prisoner - one that was successful. No-one 
from Interpol was available for comment at this time."

"In China, for GNN, I'm Onthespot Orangutan."


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Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Letters from the Audience          Sun Apr 03    Global News Network
<A segment of GNN's popular geopolitics debate show, GlobeTalk.>

"Dear Globetalk,
        As I look about the world, I see nothing but danger and injustice. Look 
at Europe, which has been devastated by the Mavericks, with almost no 
assistance offered from neighboring nations - simply one after the other. Look 
at Mexico, devastated by Maverick attacks while its neighbors watched, now 
crushed under the boot-heel of robot-hating fascists, who even now threaten 
Texas and the countries south of it, in Latin and South America. Look at 
Japan, which has had thousands of years of tradition seized by global 
terrorist Doctor Wily. Look at the United Nations, reduced to a shell of its 
former self by inaction, by fear, by division, by madness and secrecy...Look 
at the Repliforce and Interpol, reduced to contract agencies which rely upon 
permission from states who pay them.

        The forces of freedom, as they are, are scattered and hurting. There is 
a morass in this world, and there is woeful inaction - the nation-states who 
should be actively trying to protect their brethren sit idle, their United 
Nations broken and their money being paid to different organizations. There 
are great financial weaknesses and political holes in this lack of unity, many 
groups moving towards the same goal but unwilling to defend their brethren. 
Shall the United States lift a hand to protect Texas from Aztlan? Should the 
British have helped Europe in it's time of need, while the United Nations sat 

        Time has proven, again and again, that nations cannot simply put their 
faith in a group like the United Nations, without any personal investment. 
They cannot first give up their home forces, and then see the United Nations' 
forced disbanded. They cannot allow corruption to take place within the 
byzantine politics of the UN, who rely on direct elections from the people, 
ensuring that the platforms of individual nations and the UN will be shaped by 
different forces. Why disarm, when the entire world should be arming 
themselves to the teeth, to defend their freedom? What of Neo-Arcadia, who 
would see the Reploids, our fellow sentient beings, oppressed, or of the 
Mavericks, who would wipe out humanity? Does every people, every nation, every 
state, simply sit and wait, hoping that the Enemy will not choose them to 
attack next? Has the globe been reduced to children, who wait for a group like 
the Repliforce, who is stretched over the entire world, to come to their aid 
at their leisure? The Second United Nations Charter was noble, but this 
organization has fallen into ruin. It is time for a second chance...The people 
of Earth must learn that freedom is something to be cherished and defended, 
from people like Sigma or Wily or even Elpizo!


<Punditry ensues, mostly discussing past history and major invasions by the 
factions labeled 'Enemies'.>

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Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Robot Master Hi-Jinx               Sun Apr 03    Global News Network

"---And that's why Russians are required to wear shirts in public." 'THIS IS 
Insert pictures of a twisted metal wreck imbedded in the Pyramid, as well as 
Dust Man and his rope of many things sailing through the air moments before 
the crash.

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Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
New York takes another hit!        Mon Apr 04    Global News Network

        "Earlier this evening, the Mavericks made another assault on New York, 
this time attacking the city business district."

        *Image of Storm Eagle on the Maverick transport followed by a clip of 
Sylpheed shooting various projectiles at a panicked crowd below. Smash Balrog 
eating a car*

         "Authorities from Repliforce and members of International Police 
quelled the chaos. However, it was later discovered that this attack on the 
district was merely a distraction from their true intentions. Empire State 
University's technological college was terrorized by the infiltration of two 
Mavericks who are seen here entering the University vault containing the 
school's most prized cutting-edge technological research tools."

        *Black and white fuzzy security camera clip of Pan and Solstis entering 
the vault*

        "This is the second attack on New York within a week by Sigma's forces."


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Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Flower Power!                      Mon Apr 04    Global News Network
<Business News>

"That's right folks. Flower power is sweeping the world. A couple of weeks ago, 
the CEO of Rosered Technologies, Spike Rosered, released a product called the 
Lacrima Flower - a genetically engineered rose - which naturally produces an 
amber coloured nectar which can generate staggering amounts of clean, 
renewable energy. And guess what? Sales are through the /roof/!" The picture 
change to show the explosive worldwide spread of the product and the huge 
profits its bringing in, a global map shows that every country with a sizable 
robotic population have /hundreds/ of fields full of these almost magical 
plants growing.

        "These things are /everywhere/ folks and it looks like business is only 
about to get better for Rosered Technologies - they're about to release a 
/new/ product to supplement the growth of these plants. While Spike Rosered 
himself has remained tight lipped on the subject sources tell GNN that he's 
about to release a special fertilizer which makes these wonder flowers grow 
even /faster/ and produce even /more/ power!"

        "This is big news folks, for as long as this product has been released 
not one scientist in the world has publicly challenged Mr. Rosereds creations. 
Need we say more?"

OOC: Contact Spike Rosered or Dr. Doppler for details.

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Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
London: Seizures And Car Accident  Mon Apr 04    Global News Network
Dateline: London, Great Britain, April 4th 2218
        "This evening at the Catacombs, reports were coming in about numerous 
dancers suddenly having seizures. Moments later, an unidentified middle-aged 
man (he should be familiar to those who pay attention to wanted lists, it's 
Gus Midland) removed a cloak from who was positively identified as the Robot 
Master, Skull Man. He went on to attempt to take a female Reploid hostage 
before the man identified as Umbra Phantom." The newscaster, a generic female 
human brunette, pauses to let this sink in.
         "She was released, and later Skull Man fled the club before security 
could catch him. At the same time, a car was stolen from London resident 
Marcus Lome, in which a short chase was given between the yet unidentified man 
with blonde hair and a cybernetic eye (Hector Kausmann) and Skull Man. Skull 
Man later detonated explosives on the car, creating an accident that would 
slow down traffic on 76th Street for hours on end. Local police never found 
any of these four people on the scene."
        "The local police are offering a small reward for information on the 
current whereabouts of Skull Man, Umbra Phantom, and the two yet unnamed 
individuals. If you have any information, please call this toll free number. 
(Phone number here.)"
        "And now, in other news, scientists are reporting advances what they 
call 'anti-ninja' technology using frozen treats..."
        (Blah blah blah blah blah. @mail or page Gus Midland, Hector Kausmann, 
Umbra Phantom, or Skull Man for more information.)

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Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Artifacts Stolen!                  Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
A little blurb on the news, not given too terribly much thought because no one 
appriciates art like they should.

"...and in other news, the Brazilian Cultural Heritage Museum was burgled last 
night. Amoung the stolen objects were a set of a half dozen African Tribal 
Masks, valued at over a million zenny all togather. There have been no 
official arrests, however a calling card was left at the scene, pointing to 
the thief 'M'. More on this as it develops..."

<<OOC: Questions? Contact Marino>>

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Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Odd Times in Panama                Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
POX spinny.

        There is a generic reporterbot nearby the entrance to the Panama canal. 
After asking if the mic is on, he says, "Greetings folks, I am a generic 
reporterbot standing on the edge of the panama canal. About an hour ago, the 
local port officials received distress beacons from the two ships you see 
behind me. According to witnesses, they saw some turmoil on the surface of the 
water, but what was going on underneath they could not tell. Some claim they 
say a mechanized being run from one of the local hotels and dive into the 
water. After the crews had evacuated the ships, one of them began sinking 
while the other was being pulled out a bit. I would like to remind you that it 
is about 110 degrees today and that the water temperature is about 80 degrees. 
And yet, you can see how the ship that was being towed by some underwater 
force is in completely frozen watter that extends to either shore. and about 
ten feet on either side along the coast. Officials are still not certain what 
happened, but they are pleased that the ships did not lose any of their cargo. 
One ship contained electronics while the other one was an empty vessel. So far 
this is all that is known. This was POX news, proving once again our 
superiority to GNN."

The image fades.

<OOC: If you are curious about what happened, contact Bubble Man or Maiko>

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Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Hokkaido Bombed!                   Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
"This is Exaggeration Egret, reporting for the GNN at the site of a massive 
anti-matter explosion!" 
 The Camera shows a forest, seemingly intact, with the report in view. 
Suddenly, the Camera pans to the right, and reveals a scene of destruction. A 
crater roughly 100 Ft across is shown, crawling with fire fighter and rescue 
 "It seems that a group of Hunters, identified by the Robot Masters as Glaive, 
Cacophony Timberwolf and Blizzard Wolf, attacked the forest of Hokkaido 
earlier today! Robot Master defences valiantly tried to hold off this 
unprovoked attack, but the Hunters mercilessly cut through the defences, 
apparently intent on delivering an anti-matter bomb to the city. Thankfully, 
it seems that one of the Robot Masters was on the scene, and stalwartly 
defended the city against attack! The Robot Master, already identified as 
Skull Man, fought against these /exceptional/ odds with courage, but was 
unable to defend against the attack. Thankfully, it seems that he was able to 
stop the Hunters long enough for them to have to retreat, and the Bomb was 
stopped from being planted directly inside the city! There is no word yet of 
the death toll from this vicious, unprovoked attack, but Robot Masters are 
claiming that this attack has definitely cost innocent Japanese civilians 
their lives. Also, the fact that this National Treasure has been so horribly 
destroyed is more than enough to show the vicious nature of the Hunters!" 
 "This is Exaggeration Egret of GNN, and we'll have more on this story when it 

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Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
1st HK Bank Robbed!                Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
<GNN Reporting!>

"Police have concluded their investigation of a robbery of Hong Kong First 
National Bank, stating that it was most definitely the Bonnes. Teisel Bonne 
has been indited in absentia for the robbery of Hong Kong First National Bank, 
and Chinese authorities are now among the thousands worldwide searching for 
the Bonnes. Reports say that using one 'Drache' dropship, a crew of 
'Servbots', and the actions of Mr. Bonne and an unidentified cyborg <Picture 
of Baba Ranga getting bashed by Riot's flying shield), the Bonne Family 
Pirates were able to thwart Interpol and Hunter efforts, stealing an estimated 
fifty million zenny, one of the most shocking robberies in China's recent 
history. Stock in the Hong Kong National Bank has gone down three point seven 
points in response to the robbery, as insurance fees rise and present security 
practices have been called into question. Hong Kong Police Commissioner Max 
"Iron Ferret" Biu has vowed to find the Bonnes, making him among the hundreds 
of Police Commissioners to make similiar statements. In other news..."

<OOC: @Mail Teisel Bonne or Baba Ranga with inquiries.>

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Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
GNN Eurasia                        Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
        Talks into the proposed expansion of GNN into Eurasia have come to a 
conclusion. Captain Nova has agreed to allow GNN to locate a new broadcast 
facility on the station. Though there was much controversy over this move, 
Captain Nova reports that she "feels assured that, while GNN's views at times 
may seem one-sided, they always give the news as accurately as possible."

        In an effort to keep the views of Eurasia impartial, Captain Nova is 
purported to have requested that news anchors Lemon and Lime fill the slots 
for the Eurasia station so that each side of an issue will be thoroughly and 
fully explored.

        In similar news, Eurasia's economy continues along a steady upswing. 
Stocks are at a premium making any who were initial investors in the station 
quite wealthy indeed. Economists state that the jobs that GNN's expansion will 
produce seems to assure Eurasia a healthy and stable economy for many years to 

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Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
Robot Master War on Terror         Tue Apr 05    Global News Network
Evening News.

" In response to the consistant Hunter Attacks, as described by the Robot 
Master Defense Forces under rule of Emperor Wily in Japan, a 'War on Terror' 
initiative have been put forth as a possible means of dealing with the issue. "

" The plan would include color coded alerts for civilian safety, including 
Watermelon, Burnt Sienna, Mauve, Puce, and Rainbow. Other such measures, 
including random strip searches, the asking of foreign visitors to perform the 
'Hokey Pokey' and other means of detecting possible " blue underoo'd 
terrorists among us" have been put forth. All are still under review. "

" In sports..."

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Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Dive's Editorial II(1/2)           Wed Apr 06    Global News Network
        "Welcome to the Wily Hour!," a cheerful voice says as the Wily Hour 
banner pops into display on the telvision screen. "And now, the Robot Master 
with too many words and not enough time to say them, give it up for the 
Editorial Master. . . Dive Man!" Apparently, the announcer's had his coffee. 
He's almost like a Talk Show announcer or something. . .
        A moment after, Dive Man appears, wearing his normal blue armor.(Not 
that he can logically wear much else, considering his shape and size.) He 
smiles to the camera, sitting behind his desk in Naha City as he usually does. 
He clears his throat before talking in his 'Good' voice. "Greetings, citizens 
of Japan. Greetings, those watching from abroad." He nods to the camera, then 
grins rather spitefully. "And to you, fellow Robot Masters, a particularly 
warm greeting. . . You know who you are. . ."
        Dive chuckles for a moment, then sits back, smiling normally at the 
camera. "Now, at the risk of sounding utterly obsurd, in addition to the risk 
of finding myself in potential danger due to questioning those 'above' me, I 
must say, the new laws set down by our faction are truly the most asinine and 
idiotic of all the laws that have been unofficially 'enforced' by any of us 
within our power." He frowns, looking serious. "In my unprofessional opinion, 
there are boundaries to which we Robot Masters -- we in charge of Prefectures 
-- need to obide by in order to set a good example for, not only one another, 
but for Emperor Wily as well. The person in charge of these RIDICULOUS laws 
has, once again, far overstepped his boundaries.
                                                                (Continued. . .)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
Dive's Editorial II(2/2)           Wed Apr 06    Global News Network
        "As Chest once said himself," Dive Man continues to say, "'Emperor Wily 
has no power to govern these laws himself, nor do his Prefects'." The way he 
says this, it sounds like he looks up to Chest. "Why we continue to try and 
pass laws when we KNOW that they can only be enforced by US, PERSONALLY, 
without breaking any legal boundaries is far beyond my comprehension."

        Dive Man sits back in his chair, taking a deep breath, then expelling 
an equally deep sigh, his eyes closed. "Again, it is of my opinion that the 
person who created these laws, assume it was one of us Prefects, should 
quickly be dismantled and checked over for various bugs within their memory 
chips and, HEAVY emphasis on this next word, ARTIFICIAL Intelligence 
protocols. That having been said, I await your responces."

        The cheerful, male voice from before pops in as the Wily Hour logo 
appears again. "We'll be right back after this word from our sponsors! SUBMIT 
TO THEIR CORPORATE WHIMS. . ." Insert commercial break.

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Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Skull Monument attack?             Wed Apr 06    Global News Network

         In the late evening hours on Tuesday, a live GNN broadcast came 
online, showing the inside of Skull Monument. Maverick Hunters Protoman, Zero 
and Glaive were seen, apparently having teleported -right- into the middle of 
the Robot Master base, and in a mastter of seconds proceeded to tear viciously 
into the android known as Ring Man. When Ring Man fell, the chaos spread then 
as the fighting continued, eventually with one of the Hunters being rendered 
inactive, at which point they retreated, teleporting out of the base once 
 Roving reporter Zero appears on screen then, apparently cleaned up after the 
night's activities. "I'd like to announce to the world that this -exclusive- 
GNN footage of the battle is available on GNN's website, free-of-charge." He 
leans closer to the camera when he says that, smirking just slightly, before 
he suddenly adds a moment later. "Hey Ring Man! Ain't no place on this earth 
you can hide forever, just remember that!" 
         Zero's opinions and statements do not necessarily reflect the opinions 
of GNN and it's associates. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
The Claufman Diamond               Wed Apr 06    Global News Network
<GNN Spinny!>

"Last night, at the sky hotel 'Cloud Resort' above Britain, the South Wales 
Auction was attacked by a combined force of Robot Master and 'Bonne' Pirates, 
two pirates and a crew of Servbots attacking alongside Dynamo Man and Ballade. 
The two sides apparently fought each other over the Claufman Diamond - the 
largest blue diamond in the world, discovered in Africa in 2096 and cut with 
laser beams to perfection - as the Hunters, Repliforce, and Interpol responded 
to the attack. Authorities say the diamond ended up being taken, however, 
reputedly by the Robot Masters. No comment has been given this time by the 
South Wales Auction association, although losses from the auction are 
estimated in the hundreds of million of zenny."

<End Report.>

<OOC: @mail Dynamo Man, Baba Ranga, Ballade, or Sara Steele with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
SRTS Bust!                         Wed Apr 06    Global News Network
<GNN Desk - Japan!>

"Today, the Special Robotics Tactics Service (SRTS) assaulted a meeting of the 
fugitive Cheka 2.0 in a warehouse in Ice Man's Prefecture. The team, led by 
one Lt. Brown and staffed by five additional elite robotic officers, mounted a 
frontal assault on the Cheka, gaining access to the warehouse and 
incapacitating those inside with the help of Interpol Officer Riot, who was 
present to take the captured fugitives in custody. Ten Cheka were killed in 
the attack, and seventeen arrested. Interpol has yet to comment, although team 
leader Lt. Brown cited the operation as a 'total success', and added that, 'he 
will not quit until Japan is cleansed of crime'."

<OOC: @Mail Chet or Riot for details.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Amazon Explosion                   Thu Apr 07    Global News Network

 <Global News Network Spinny> 
        The lights came on within the broadcasting room and the figure of a 
seated Human could be seen, Mister Ken Won. In the corner was a small image of 
the crater that was caused by WilyAmazon exploding. "Hello everyone, this 
breaking news has just come in and the Global News Network is the first to be 
giving it out to all of you. It turns out that a base of some sort was located 
within the Amazon and belonged to the Robot Masters...or so our sources say. 
The Neo Arcadian forces descended upon it en masse and assaulted the Robot 
Masters who were guarding it." 

        "However, this damage itself was nothing compared to what happened 
moments after the Neo Arcadians retreated from the scene of the conflict, as 
the base exploded and a massive fireball flew up into the air while the 
surrounding jungle caught aflame. At the moment the various governments of 
South America are working feverishly to try and put out the fires so as to 
save the jungle itself from being devoured." 

        "No official statements have been made by either Neo Arcadia nor the 
Robot Masters on this incident." 

<GNN Spinny> 
 <OOC: Gus Midland, Chris Mainards, Xander Croix, Tengu Man, Wood Man, Daryn, 
and many more are capable of being pestered for details! It was fun!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Grave Defiled?                     Thu Apr 07    Global News Network
Small blurb in the local news. 

"...and in Beijing, the gravestone of a local politician, Dewei Xue was defiled 
late last night." Cut to a show of a headstone with a Cipher driven into the 
top. "A security guard claims that he saw a young woman draw an unusual sword 
across her palm then drive it into the Headstone with her bare hands. 
Investigators are skeptical of the story, but aren't ruling out the 
possibility. Dewei was killed three years ago by an assassin two months shy of 
an election for the Chinese Territories' seat on the then U.N. Senate. This 
just scant months after a previous attempt on his life took the life of his 
daughter Xianghua, whom he is buried next to. The investigation into the 
assassination is still pending. In other news..."

<<OOC: Questions? Contact Xianghua!>>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Stingray Search Team GO!           Thu Apr 07    Global News Network
Shown on various TV shows during the commercials.... 

 Soft mysterious music plays in the background, artifacts being displayed at 
they are mentioned. 
 "The Hope Diamond... African Tribal Masks... Hulk Hogan's Belt... Priceless 
artifacts that were stolen in recent history. No one has had the resources... 
The manpower... The DRIVE to go after this precious items and more.... UNTIL 
NOW!" The Camera cuts to.... Jet Stingray? Isn't he supposed to be working on 
that movie sequel of his? Who knows. 

 "Who will help him on his amazing adventures to find and retrieve stolen 
artifacts from just about anyone, anywhere? MAYBE YOU! That's right, Jet 
Stingray is currently looking for a group of people...." Cut to a person on a 
computer, clearly checking out illegal shipping lanes, followed by someone 
looking at a hair at a crime scene and lastly, a person fighting side by side 
with Jet against RANDOM EVIL. "Hackers to find the information on the web, 
detectives to find the clues on the ground... And people with style to help 
him get them back. Be paid top dollar for your skills and if the retrieval is 
successful, see the entire investigation on TV. For Fame! For Money.... And 
most importantly.... For Justice and the future." Cut to a little boy looking 
to the empty place where the Hope Diamond used to me. "If interested, call 
1-800-FIN-DERS to be part of the Stingray Search Squad! Call now!" 
 ((OOC: If interested in being part of the team... Or you are a person that 
stole an item in the past or present and wouldn't mind a group of adventurers 
looking for it, @mail Jet Stingray.))

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Maverick Recruiting Drive          Fri Apr 08    Global News Network

        "It has been said that in the days of late, recruitment by the 
Coalition for Reploid Freedom has been picking up. This is to say that 
individuals are dissapearing -- voluntarily or involuntarialy -- at an 
alarming rate from various social centers around the world. Some have left 
notes behind for friends and family; indicating that at the very least it is 
not completely involuntary. The question remains as to whom exactly is 
recruiting these people and where they are going. It is not just a matter of 
localized problems, for this is a global wave that has been striking almost 
every population center around the globe.
        Many ask themselves... where are these folk going? If the Mavericks are 
intending to train all of these people, somewhere, some new facility; some 
training camp of sorts MUST exist...
        But until an answer cna be found, this is all speculation.
        This is GNN."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp CRF Recruitment Down      Fri Apr 08    Global News Network

        <from various news sources>

        "While professing to be a company that allows the freedom of choice 
amongst its reploid creations, Maverick recruitment from HeraCorp is at an all 
time low. CEO Sewa has attributed this to the Coalition's new tactics in what 
appears to be kidnapping and threatening of various reploids into strongarming 
them into the organization. This has in fact put off many potential Coalition 
recruits within the company and those that have not thrown off the idea of 
human opression (whether it be happening or whether they want to turn things 
the other way around) are considering forming their own groups. Some are even 
searching for information on the Irregular Overlords."

        "'The value of choice is the strongest value of HeraCorp. It is not 
surprising that this value passes on to many of its children. It is therefore 
not surprising to see voluntary recruitment dropping from HeraCorp when the 
Coalition is getting more agressive in their recruitment drives.' Sewa has 
been quoted saying at a press conference. She also says that reploids who are 
uneasy about getting forcibly infected will be allowed to ask for guards under 
the company pay to ease their fears."

        <end news report, various discussion.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Updated Warrant List               Fri Apr 08    Global News Network
Crime on Eurasia seems to be blossoming as of late. Strangely enough, the 
expected sources seem to be the ones that are often the victims of such crime. 
A few days ago in Eurasia Jazz Light and Protoman were caught on video 
damaging and stealing a database from a Master-owned drone. Captain Nova has 
issued the following statement in regards to the situation.

"It's a distrubing trend that those who supposedly uphold law are often the 
ones disregarding the main rule of Eurasia: No combat. Just because we are 
hosting the Coalition's Tournament does not waive that law. We will not stand 
by and allow even Earth's heroes to get away with breaking the law. It is my 
duty to issue an arrest warrant for Jazz Light for battery and theft, and 
Protoman for assault. If either should be seen on the station we will take 
action to enforce those warrants."

"Additionally, Spark Man has been fined ten thousand zenny for attempting to 
instigate a fight in the first place."

OOC Note: These warrants are not UN enforced. They are only in effect on 
Eurasia. For any further questions, contact Nova by @mail.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Servers Infected?                  Fri Apr 08    Global News Network

 <A small little POX article> 
 Earlier today servers within the Pacific Rim System which are most often the 
location for online computer games became heavily infected with what could 
only be the Sigma Virus. Multiple people reported complaints about their 
computers ceasing to work due to infections that spread from the servers 
themselves. Information as to what happened points toward a small skeleton 
avatar having been the source of said infections, although he was stopped from 
doing an irrepairable amount of damage thanks to a Lamia-based Avatar that 
quite literally blew him to pieces. 
 <OOC: Solstis and Liz Braden. Ooo sexy.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Attack on Kahn Shipyards!          Sat Apr 09    Global News Network
<GNN Reporting>

"Earlier this evening, Kahn Enterprises Aerial Shipyards was raided by a gang 
of pirates positively identified as the Bonnes. Openly attacking the building 
with the aid of a battleship <photo of the Gesellschaft> a cyborg <photo of 
Baba Ranga in combat against Sonata>, and a Ride Armor <photo of the Bruno 
carrying airship building materials>. Although the Hunters (not Interpol!) 
responded to the theft and succeeded in driving off the Bonnes, the pirates 
managed to escape with an unknown quantity of airship materials and 
components, and inflicted a estimated fifty-thousand zenny worth of property 
damage. In a related story..."

<OOC: @mail Teisel or Baba Ranga for details>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
A Book!                            Sat Apr 09    Global News Network

 <GNN Article, Entertainment Section, Books> 

        A book titled 'Robots: The New Humans' has been released to the public 
via Publisher SmartyPants Inc., which is one of the main publishers of books 
authored by doctors around the world. Released in both a hardcover and 
softcover, as well as in multiple languages including binary, 'Robots: The New 
Humans' dives deep into the similarities between the Reploid mind and the 
Human mind. Created by one Doctor Steve Holtz, who has a doctorate in 
psychology and years of Public Relations experience, the book cites various 
information acquired by research groups that have uncovered startling and 
interesting facts about the Reploid Psychology. 

        On top of that, the book itself, which spans over eight hundred pages 
and is filled with a good helping of psychological technical words, doesn't 
merely stop at pointing out how the Human and Reploid minds are similar, it 
goes so far as to point out how Humans themselves have been evolving. Not only 
is there statements, and evidence, that prove that Humans have physically 
changed over the past two hundred years, wherein there are reports of the 
strongest men in the world being able to lift nearly a ton whereas they 
couldn't even lift half a ton two hundred years ago, as well as reports on how 
there are people who can run over sixty miles per hour when that used to be 
impossible before. This in turn caused Doctor Holtz, and some of his fellow 
colleagues, wondered if there had been a mental evolution as well. This was 
proven by how previously Humans could barely handle four to six years of 
homicide and active military combat situations before needing to be cycled out 
and, at times, counseled, while in current times there are people who are 
still mentally together after almost fifteen years of continual combat 

        Lastly there is a huge listing of the similarities, which are massively 
numerous and completely equal, between the Human and Reploid mind. The book 
points out how comparitive psychology has been in use for hundreds of years, 
and also how nothing else is even close to the complexity of both Robots and 
Humans. The book itself ends with Doctor Holtz stating that he feels that 
Humans and robots are completely psychologically equal, even if their minds 
differ on a physical level.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Honshu Maverick Invasion!          Sat Apr 09    Global News Network
        ". . .and so, the little boy was saved thanks to the quick actions of 
this teenager." The news reporter finishes this story and moves right on to 
the next.

        "In other news, the area of Honshu was invaded today by an 
unidentifiable craft. . .or possible person. The Oriental Defense Grid(ODG) 
was quick to open fire on the stranger, but was soon ordered to stand down. 
What was reported to be the Robot Master 'Star Man' soon chased after the 
intruder, driving them back from whence they came. But the battle was far from 
over, for on the ground were even more invaders to the Japanese soil!"
        "Unconfirmed reports state that two known Mavericks, Launch Octopus and 
Magna Centipede, were seen causing chaos in the city, perhaps drawn their by 
the mysterious, unidentified craft mentioned earlier. The Robot Masters; Skull 
Man, Heat Man, and Tengu Man, were able to defeat both the Mavericks, but not 
without taking substancial damage of their own." <Insert video of Magna 
Centipede terrorizing Skull Man, followed by Launch Octopus getting in a 
critical hit to Heat Man> "Skull Man was able to retreat, but Heat Man ended 
up being carried away on a stretcher by local Medic Joes. Tengu Man, too, 
suffered a goodly amount of damage --" <Picture of Tengu Man looks ragged and 
damaged, dented, bruised, battered, and missing part of his chest plate> 
"--but still, he managed to finish the last Maverick off with a quick move, 
thus ending the local threat. Though it somewhat pains me to say this. . .we 
should be thankful for the Robot Masters' intervention this day."

        "Why is this local pharmacy under fire?" <Image of pharmacy> "We'll 
tell you right after this break!" <Cue commercial>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
Barbecue Explosion                 Sat Apr 09    Global News Network
        "Today's Eurasia barbecue, hosted by Heat Man, was went off without a 
hitch, right up until the end." The newsbot says, in its news giving voice.

        "The details are sketchy, but it seems that a small explosive was set 
off under the grill. The propane tanks that fueled it exploded, taking out the 
surrounding barbecue area, as well as creating a ten foot diameter creator in 
the middle of the Eurasia Skydeck. Heat Man, Skull Man, and Flash Man were 
seen fleeing from the scene as the explosion happened. Most notable is that 
Skull Man seemed to be carrying what looked like a doll under his arm. Of 
lesser note is that Flash Man was yelling something about Emus. Also, there 
are reports of a robotic hippo dragging a large sack away from the site."

        (OOC: Questions? Ask Heat, Skull, Flash, or Ring.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
HUNTERS SAVE FREEDOM               Sun Apr 10    Global News Network
(VNN feed.)
        The original Constitution of the United States of America was recovered 
in Hokkaido, Japan, by the Maverick Hunters Alpha, Rock Light, and Liese 
        Details are sparse, but a battle with Robot Master forces has been 
reported. "They had a torture chamber in the house," Schreiner said, "and 
attempted to use it to deter us. It failed, of course."
        All three Maverick Hunters were reportedly injured, although all are 
expected to recover fully. The main lead came when the thief, whose name is 
not available at present, attempted to sell his story to a film studio who 
informed Schreiner.
        President Armstrong issued commendations to the three Hunters, as well 
as the honorary rank of Major in the United States armed forces, for their 
"service in the cause of the original ideals of liberty and freedom".
        Members of the opposition party protested the awarding of honors to 
international vigilantes, while Armstrong's own party expressed hope that the 
remaining missing artifacts would be returned soon.

(Minor punditry. Armstrong's approval rating increases slightly.)

(Feed ends.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
New York Harbor Rampage!           Sun Apr 10    Global News Network
<GNN Spinny!>

"Chaos! Confusion! Utter Pandemonium! Those are the only words we could use to 
describe the latest happenings in humble New York City! This is Overblown 
Ostrich, and there hasn't been anything that spells out 'End Of The World' 
like this in decades! Early this morning, a large machination registering in 
at over 18 feet was spotted carrying a supposed Samurai on it's back, headed 
/straight/ for the New York Harbor! Did I say 18 feet and one Samurai?! It was 
180 feet with an entire shogun army yipping and chanting away!" A picture of 
the Mother Unit appears in the corner, too blurry for anyone to clearly make 
out the figure on it, who is Fujita.

Bug eyed and way too interested in his own story, the Ostrich continues. 
"Luckily, an Interpoler and a Hunter," Pictures of Ash and Massimo. "Were 
there! Sadly, many warehouses were destroyed by the two intruders with no 
clear reason given, and a giant wall of flame from the mech decimated almost 
all of the dock! But they were both driven off in time. Now, then. 
describe yesterday's little league game......"

<GNN Spinny>

OOC: Questions, Comments? @mail or page Sera, Ash, Massimo or Fujita.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
Public Service Announcement        Mon Apr 11    Global News Network
*just a commercial that pops up during your favorite shows*

An image of an egg appears on a frying pan.

Voiceover: This is your brain.

Someone grabs ahold of the pan and smashes the egg into the counter, slamming 
the frying pan even after the egg is goo into several sturdy objects that 
shatter upon impact. Soon the frying pan is nothing but twisted useless metal.

Voiceover: "This is your brain while taunting Bass."

Voiceover: "Any questions?" 

*end commercial* 

(paid for by the Church of Bass: Because We Care)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Interpol Gains Support Executive   Tue Apr 12    Global News Network

< GNN Headline News >

As part of ongoing negotiations with charter nations, Interpol has adopted a 
"co-Director" to assist with the rapidly increasing workload of the fledgling 
agency. R, a former Repliforce officer, has been chosen by the international 
community to assist Interpol with its ongoing development.

"Chief" R is a veteran of Interpol, having served in a behind-the-scenes 
capacity since the organization's break with the former United Nations. 
Insiders claim he understands the problems of the agency "intimately" and has 
already begun to act to address outstanding issues.

< Punditry. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Hong Kong South China Sea Harbor   Tue Apr 12    Global News Network

        One of the stories on GNN is of a Robot Master attack on the South 
China Sea Harbor, located in Hong Kong. Two Robot Masters - Bubble Man and 
Dive Man - led an armada of drones against the harbor. There's images of the 
attack, but it's tough to tell what was going on. It's *pouring rain*, and 
looks like it was absolutely miserable to fight in. That splotchy dark patch 
/might/ be a ship in the harbor... or it might be a splotchy dark patch. 

        Regardless, the harbor itself suffered heavy damage. Traffic is being 
redirected until repairs can be made. Many ships in the harbor were either 
stolen or sunk. Thanks to quick evacuations, and aid by Interpol & Constable 
Whitetail, there were no civilian casualties. Relatively few local police and 
other military defenders were slain. There are also reports that Seismic 
Earthworm arrived near the end, but departed swiftly after the attack 
concluded. Although Xianghua Xue was present on the side of the defenders, the 
news doesn't mention her. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
Criminal Movement to Neo-Tokyo?    Tue Apr 12    Global News Network

        "Thousands dead, millions homeless... but first, news from Neo-Tokyo!" 

        Chest turns to face another camera. The thousands dead story shall 
never be spoken of again. "Crime rates in Japan have been taking a strange 
downward turn. While this would normally be a good thing, GNN has learned that 
known criminals, ranging from petty criminals to organized crime bosses seem 
to be heading towards Neo-Tokyo. GNN sources in the city have reported local 
business owners are getting worried for their safety. Although these criminals 
have taken no action as of yet, some believe it is only a matter of time 
before something big is planned. This very well might be the calm before the 
storm. Some businesses have even shut down out of fear and concern for any 
violence that might be upcoming." 

        Chest smirks. "But I'm sure that Interpol is on the case and is working 
diligently to crack this mystery." Chest pauses, deciding to say that again 
for Fairchild's benefit. "But I'm sure that Interpol is on the case and is 
working diligently to crack this mystery." Ah what the hell. Better make sure 
she gets it. "But I'm sure that Interpol is on the case and is working 
diligently to crack this mystery." There we go. 

        And on goes the news. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
The Fall of Okinawa(1/2)           Tue Apr 12    Global News Network
                                "This. . .is GNN."

        "Good morning." a generic news reporter -- a human man in a grey suit 
-- greets. "In a stunning turn of events, Wily-appointed Prefect for Okinawa 
Reigon, Dive Man, was bum rushed in his own office today by the angry citizens 
of Okinawa. . .and didn't resist in the least! Sources even tell us when his 
personal guard of Sniper Joe elite tried to defend him, he called them off, 
much to their confusion."
        The man puts to fingers to his earpiece, blinking. ". . .reports tell 
us Dive Man as something to say? . . .well, we go now live to Naha City 
Fortress -- formerly Naha City Hall -- to a State of the Prefecture address by 
Dive Man."

        The display switches to an image of a large crowd of angry citizen 
surrounding the front of Naha Fortress, some baring torches, other baring 
pitchforks, and still others waving around firearms! The camera then switches 
to what looks like a very damaged Dive Man standing in front of a podium. One 
of his ear-fins seems to be missing, one of his eyes has been punched out, the 
other eye has a diagonal scar that extends from the right of his facial area 
down to the left of his mouth area. Something that looks like a hoof-mark is 
in the dead center of his face, and finally, though harder to see, he appears 
to have a deep hole in the right side of his chest and cracked body armour 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
The Fall of Okinawa(2/2)           Tue Apr 12    Global News Network
        "Citizens of--," Dive Man starts. . .which causes booing. And lots of 
it. There's a brief silence before Dive Man flips a switch. Two speakers rise 
from the ground on either side of the City Hall.
        "Citizens of Naha City," he begins again, drowning out the booing. But 
only barely. "I'll be brief. I've comitted the worst thing a leader can do in 
betraying the trust of their citizens. As such, I am no longer wanted here, 
and therefore, will be going. The Fortress will be deconstructed and the Town 
Hall replaced, the guardments will be destroyed, and all safety measures and 
instances of Wily will be removed. . . Have a nice day."
        The crowd is silent for a moment. . .then they half-cheer, 
half-boo.(The booing half, of course, happy to see him go, but still very 
angry, apparently.) Some even go as far as to throw tomatoes, rocks, and 
otherwise at Dive Man as he leaves. But Dive Man doesn't seem to care, walking 
off in an unmistakable trudge. . .

        The camera goes back to the anchorman, who looks just as surprised as 
half the crowd there. ". . . Well! There you have it, folks! Likely due to 
last night's report of the attack on Hong Kong, Dive Man has stepped down as 
the Prefect of Okinawa. With the promise to return Okinawa to what it once 
was, no less! Let's just hope this evil machine can keep its word, shall we? 
In other news. . ." And the beat goes on.

                    Comments? Suggestions? Flames? Contact Dive Man.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
LouLexCin City Massacre            Tue Apr 12    Global News Network

" The sprawling Appalachian metropolis that is the combined 
Louisville-Lexington-Cincinnati City area was rocked yesterday by a sudden 
assault by the Robot Master assault weapon known simply as the 'Green Devil'. 
One of the more feared items within Dr. Wily's arsenal of terror, the 
monstrosity rampaged through downtown areas, killing nearly a dozen civilians, 
and wounding countless others. At least four, if not more, citizens are 
currently in critical care units through the city, while many reploid victims 
required entire rehauls of their bodies, the outer areas rendered useless by 
acid damage. "

" Public outcry has strangely turned towards the Hunters, however. The Devil 
was reported to have spelled out the name 'GLAIVE' in the bones of it's 
victims at Central Park.."

*A picture of bones arranged to spell 'GLAIVE' on concrete. All are human, from 
the looks of it*

" Speculation ranges from the Hunter's betrayal and possible defection, to 
having instigated the attack through verbal conversation with Robot Masters. 
However, anti-Allied Forces sentiment is rising. Active political figure, 
Mayor Achmed Mohammadan, had this to say...."

*Achmed Mohammadan, as he walks out of a building, mobbed by reporters with 

" The tragedy in LouLexCin City is horrible. A Hunter, one of the very people 
claiming to be fighting this war to protect us, instead has caused innocent 
people to be killed. Others maimed. This is irresponsibility of the highest 
regard, and exactly why I demand strict policing of activities by Repliforce, 
Hunters, INTERPOL, and other such rifraff here in Detroit. They're a menace in 
and of themselves. They aren't saving us, they're just getting us killed. " He 
then moves on to his car, and is driven away.

" Moving words. Now, on to our next story. A tap dancing kitten...."

(OOC: Punditry follows. Send questions to Pharaoh Man.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Arson in Anchorage                 Tue Apr 12    Global News Network
<Story inserted at the top of the hour in your nightly news>

"Fire broke out today along Central Main Street in Anchorage, Alaska today. The 
fires engulfed much of the block around Main Street and 2nd street. Most of 
the establishments were severely damaged in the explosions and fire as it ran 
unchecked until fire crews were able to subdue it hours after the fires 
erupted. It is beleived that this was a deliberate act of arson by a group of 
criminals. The local authorities claim the timely arrival of one Onslaught 
Badger and one Hailstorm Eagle assisted in quelling the flames, helping people 
to safety and driving off the criminals. Two suspects were arrested in 
relation to the fire. It is beleived that they played a rule in its outbreak 
if not its planning and execution. Local authorities have put out a statement 
saying that these particular individuals were working with an individual they 
referred to as Mister Big. The local authorities are not sure who this person 
is but an investigation is being put together to find out. Damage to this city 
block ranges in the millions of zenny. It is expected that the city of 
Anchorage will be closing down Main Street along this section of the city for 
the repairs that are sure to occur.

<Contact Rungo Naaza with questions or concerns>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Okinawa: Bubble In Charge          Wed Apr 13    Global News Network

        This is a press conference held in Okinawa by a certain Robot Master. 
Bubble Man waddles on up to the podium. He looks as out of place as a scuba 
diver in a room filled with journalists in suits. Bubble briefly adjusts the 

        "Alright, I'm now in charge of the Okinawa Region Prefecture," Bubble 
begins in his gurgling voice. "First up, I'd like to thank Pharaoh Man for 
helping protect the region since its downfall. Thanks, man. Moving along, 
unlike the last administration, any attempts to invade my headquarters will 
result in bad things happening. I'm not going to let a /coup/ take place. 
Anyhow, so long as you all stay out of my way, I think we'll get along just 
fine. My first order of business to up our defenses so we won't have to worry 
about Hunter terrorist activities." Bubble Man doesn't even bother trying to 
make that bit sound convincing, but he still has to say it. "That's all I have 
to say. Go back to doing whatever you do." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
Strange Announcement.              Thu Apr 14    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN.>

        "And, of course, the kittens got softer and softer. This new 'kitten 
softner' product will be available soon."

        The presenter holds up a kitten.

        "This is Jill Jenkins, reporting fo--"

        Suddenly, Jill is shoved out of the way by Star Man. There's a bit of 
confusion, before the camera settles on him again.

        "Hi there, dudes in dudeland! I just want you guys to know, Heat Dude 
for some totally un-awesome reason doesn't feel he gets mentioned enough, or 
something. I think he's just whining because we ran out of atomic lighter 
fuel. Haha."

        Star Man adjusts his imaginary tie.

        "Anyway, man, listen up. Heat Man, for the benefit of your ego or so 
you'll stop being so whiney you are cool! We appreciate you, or something. We 
don't think you suck because Skull tried to own you. Anyway! Thanks, this is 
Star Dude reporting for GNN! AWESOME!"

        Cue air guitar, fade out and one very confusion presenter back at the 

<That... Was GNN.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Outside SanAn                      Fri Apr 15    Global News Network

 <POX! Ewww it's Pox...filthy pox.> 
 "Ah, hello everyone and welcome to POX! We're the best organization ever and 
the filthy GNN can bugger off. In news today a strange meteorological 
formation occured over a small town just outside of the San Angeles Police 
Departments range of power." 
 Insert image of the clouds taken by satellites. It spells out Glaive. 
 "This was moments after Glaive decided to verbally abuse all of the Robot 
Masters, and then deny Cloud Man's request for a battle. The following carnage 
left many people dead, injured and houses damaged. A poodle(Insert ugly image 
of a poodle) is currently missing, presumed dead." 
 "We at POX weep for the poodle, and pray that it is merely missing." 
 "Current estimates put the damage in the low thousands, and the corpses are 
still being tallied. Thanks to the activities of Glaive and two other Hunters, 
Cloud Man's rampage was put to a stop." 
 "Thanks Glaive." 
 <OOC: Plant Man's attempt for a social went south, yet Obee and Rush took it 
with great stride. God bless these people.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Press Release           Fri Apr 15    Global News Network

        Repliforce has issued a short statement: Last night a Russian supply 
depot belonging to the New Russian Army <exact coordinates classified> came 
under attack by a trio of Maverick personnel. There were several casualties 
among those stationed there, as well as damage done to the facility itself. As 
per their orders, they withdrew and allowed a Repliforce patrol team to 
respond to the danger. The Mavericks were driven off. The bravery and 
professionalism of those manning the supply depot is to be commended, and 
those lost are to be honoured. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Recruitment                        Fri Apr 15    Global News Network

        As seen on various stations. We open up to a view of a strong but 
slender falcon Reploid rock climbing. But instead of climbing a cliff, it 
looks more like the steep vertical climb is made up of metal. Whatever it is, 
It looks like a very difficult climb, but she's going on nonetheless. 

        There's a strong female voiceover, and the scene suddenly shifts to an 
image of Burn Dinorex checking out his weaponry. "The skills of a lifetime..." 
Now switch to an image of Web Spider, hooked up to computers and clearly 
hacking. A different voice is heard, "...the best technology in the world..." 
Now an image of marines like Assault Kangaroo and Barrage Raptor. Another 
voice, "...defending the rights and freedoms of the innocent over the 
globe..." Now an image of Crescent Grizzly and Blaster Saurian in battle, 
"...On land..." Now a shot of Jet Stingray as he zips by the camera 
underwater, "...sea..." Switch to an image of three aerials - Spiral Pegasus, 
Plasma Harrier, and Hailstorm Eagle - soaring just above cloud cover in 
formation, "...and air." 

        Yet another voice says, "Training to make a difference..." We see 
several officers in what seems to be a very orderly classroom-style setting 
while an instructor points out battle plans on a screen. "...in every field 
imaginable. Whether it be special operations..." There's a shot of Red and 
Tornado Onion looking like they're on some secret mission, "...or technical 
services..." We have an image of Shining Firefly alongside the rebuilt African 
Solar Power Plant. "...leadership skills..." General himself, cutting loose 
with a barrage of firepower at something off screen. "...or support." Iris, 
hard at work at her comm station. 

        The voices keep changing to signify the variety of troopers out there. 
None are recognizable, though. "...patrolling the world over..." We have a 
series of images: What looks like an engineering Reploid checking out a 
building in Russia, several Red Alert members in Central America, and one of 
the massive invasion forces from the successful campaign in Africa. "...and 
keeping the peace." There's a shot of Colonel in his Santa gear from last 
December, helping out with the children. Somehow they found a few frames where 
he doesn't look too uncomfortable. "...the challenge..." Image of Bolero 
beating the tar out of someone, "...and the skills." Cut to Mainframe Octopus 
and Digital Ringhals, typing away on a modern-looking computer. 

        We finally cut back to our rock/metal climbing falcon. She has reached 
the top. As she stands up tall on the flat metal surface, one can now see 
officer's insignias on her shoulders. She looks very proud. "Respect-" 
"-Honour-" "-and Duty." The camera pans back, revealing the majestic Fortress 
V. It seems she climbed the vertical distance from bottom to top. A red and 
blue 'R' appears on the screen. "Today's Repliforce." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
SRTS Crackdown in Neo-Tokyo!       Fri Apr 15    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"The Special Robotic Tactics Service, the unit established by the Japanese 
government to deal with robotic enemies of the state, has been scrambled by 
the Japanese government after Neo-Tokyo was declared a national emergency, due 
to the rocketting crime rate. Massive busts have been reported already, and 
Japanese prisons are gearing up for a much larger contigent than usual - talks 
are underway already, to discuss rental of space in prisons in other 
countries. SRTS Captain Chet Brown has been placed in charge of the operation, 
an officer recently promoted due to his heroism and valor in the line of duty, 
particularly in cleaning up the remaining Cheka 2.0. Captain Brown had this to 
say: 'The issue in Neo-Tokyo, plain and simple, is the Yakuza. Although the 
SRTS wasn't made to deal with these scumbags, we realize there's a mounting 
problem in this country, and we're dealing with it as best we can. As for the 
creeps in Neo-Tokyo...They better look out. Because we're coming.' Will 
Captain Brown and his unit be able to really help things in Neo-Tokyo, or will 
it be another failed attempt at cleaning up this beleaguered nation? The 
Japanese government apparently thinks so, as it has placed another order of 
SWAT equipment with megacorp Mikage International..."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
New Landmark in Iga                Fri Apr 15    Global News Network
<This... is GNN>

"While news of organized crime's bizarre pilgramage to Neo Tokyo continues to 
plague the troubled nation of Japan, things elsewhere in the nation take a 
more positive turn. Earlier this evening, Osaka City Planner Yamabuchi Chouno 
revealed plans now finalized to construct a new landmark structure that will 
rank as the fourth tallest building in Japan. The new structure, named the 
'Llama Dome' for its dromedary focused petting zoo on the second floor, will 
serve primarily to alleviate some of the traffic to city hall. Both civil 
unions and citizen feedback on the civic administration will be handled at the 
Llmma Dome, along with an assortment of other vital administrativia.

 While many citizens view the planned new structure as a symbol of hope, the 
Department of City Planning has come under considerable fire due to the fact 
that the structure is being funded significantly by a donation from the 
Ministry of Defence, a non-sanctioned, Robot Master operated organization. 
Yamabuchi has said that the Ministry has had no voice at all in the 
structure's design or usage, however he declined to comment on whether or not 
the Ministry would actually use the landmark in any way. Additionally, some 
insiders suggest that because this is a moderately long post, many of you will 
not read it. Rumors have been circulating that Mikage International is also a 
large funder of the project, giving it greater credibility, but these rumors 
have not been confirmed by either the Department of City Planning or any 
representatives of Mikage International. The mayor has made a public statement 
that he'll investigate the involvement of the Ministry to be sure there is no 
foul play, but that he has high hopes for this new landmark regardless. The 
Mayor has even officially volunteered to be the first of what will surely by 
many bungee jumpers from atop the Llama Dome's observation ring. We go now to 
Tom in sports..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Viral Mayhem                       Sat Apr 16    Global News Network

 <Global News Network Logo.> 

        "Earlier today an incident occured which resulted in one of the worst 
viral outbreaks to ever occur in the Cyberspace. The first reports of viral 
activity started to come in at about 9:01PM Eastern Standard Time(Eastcoast, 
United States). At 9:04PM, a scant three minutes later, hundreds of people 
were flooding the various help lines due to what is being called the Vindictas 

        "The incident itself occured on the largest known server within the 
United States HUB, causing thousands more beyond the hundreds who called in 
for assistance to become infected. Using high-tech and secret means, the 
Global News Network acquired virtual footage of the battle that raged when 
unknown hackers arrived to try and stop this plague. President Armstrong is 
hoping they come forward and let the whole world know who they are, for they 
are truly the heroes of the day." 

        "The Vindictas Virus itself is still being dealt with, as people work 
around the clock to try and scour the server clean. The main problem is that 
even when it's seemingly destroyed, some hidden parts of it somehow manifest 
and regrow, causing a slow yet continual re-infection. The United States 
Cyberspace Division is requesting assistance in dealing with this." 

        "Aside from that, the Vindictas Virus itself is already having proven 
that it is a dangerous virus, due to the way that it has been reported to 
cause electronic devices hooked up to the infected computers to completely 
cease working. The infection rate seems a variable, although in most cases the 
spreading outward from the "dead" computer seems quite slow." 

        "According to further investigations it appears anyone with a Coalition 
For Reploid Freedom computer is /not/ suffering from any of these problems. It 
is expected that sales of CRF electronics is going to increase, as people 
desperately try to deal with what is becoming a vicious outbreak that may know 
no end if someone doesn't step forward to assist." 

<OOC: Alia, Gabriel, Magna and Solstis, with Riot and Alouette! Fun RP guys and 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo bombing!                 Sat Apr 16    Global News Network
"...And that is the secret to hair loss..." 

 Stone Johnson turns towards the camera again, shuffling some papers. "In Neo 
Tokyo today, it seems there was a mysterious explosion at the Harbor area, 
more on this is our on the scene reporter, Mike the TV. Mike, what can you 
tell us about the explosion?" 

 Mike appears, in the background looks to be the remains of a warehouse, almost 
nothing left. "Well, it seems that today a mysterious vandal managed to 
destroy a warehouse owned by <Insert corporation here>. Though at first glance 
it seemed to be a regular store house, it seemed there were some highly 
illegal substances here. Interpol has not made an official comment, but the 
rumor was this was actually a hide out used by the Yakuza." 

 "Many are dead, and eye witnesses also report the 'arsonist' seems to be the 
infamous Maverick Hunter Glaive. Also, over the harbor, a Giant winged...fairy 
looking thing came down, and attacked the Hunter. Efforts of the Hunter and a 
mysterious Gold Dragon bird thing seemed to have drove off the fairy...and 
peace was restored. 

 "Back to you Stone!" 

 "Well...time for...the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good: Kittens. Bad: Fire. 
Ugly: Kittens on fire...more after these messages!" 

 <Questions?: Ask Sera, Glaive, Ice man, or Gatts.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Interpol Assault on Neo-Tokyo!     Sun Apr 17    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN. Japan!>

"Interpol authorities raided the Nogaki Commercial District today, to recover 
what they termed as a 'person of interest' and possible kidnappee. An Interpol 
transport with Enforcers, plus two power armors, arrived at the scene, and 
were met by gunfire from streets that filled with what local authorities are 
terming Yakuza - unfortunately, the Neo-Tokyo Police Department was not on the 
scene, claiming that Interpol never notified them - several members of the 
Japanese Diet have also raised hell over the raid, which they claimed caused 
millions of zenny in property damage, although other members of the Diet have 
showed strong support for Interpol's tough actions against the Yakuza. 
Interpol casualties haven't been reported, although they reportedly used 
non-lethal force against the hordes of street-scum that attacked them. It was 
later learned that unknown individuals put a 100,00 Z bounty on the heads of 
all Interpol enforcers and agents in Neo-Tokyo, during the time of the raid. 
Interpol reportedly located and rescued the person, who identified herself 
over loudspeakers as 'Yuna Mwokozi', but any relations to Mikage International 
CEO Sera Mwokozi are unknown at this time. For their part, Mikage 
International has issued an official complaint with Interpol and the Japanese 
government, after one of their helicopters was downed by Interpol personnel, 
while it was en route to extract 'key VIPs' from the area of the near-riot.

The Special Robotics Tactics Service eventually arrived to clean up the scene, 
handily surrounding and routing the street thugs that had laid seige to the 
Interpol transport and the Enforcers it deployed. Dozens of arrests have been 
reported, and Japanese prisons are reported to be very crowded - to this 
extent, the Japanese government has negotiated a deal with the Congo, to 
transfer many of the prisoners to their new prison system for a substantial 
deal which will 'alleviate Japan's penitentiary overcrowding while helping a 
fledgeling nation', as a member of the Diet termed it. The prisons were built 
by Mikage International from former Master facilities purchased by the 
MegaCorp, although many of it's African members left the company after the 
scandal involving CFO Rajura Doji. In other news, the Osaka Giants have 
considered remaining themselves the 'Osaka Twins'..."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet, Shinji, Max, or Yuna. Mostly Chet, for the 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Yakuza Assassination Attempt       Mon Apr 18    Global News Network
<GNN Live Spinny>

Shocking news from Neo Tokyo overnight. The Japanese Minister of Defense Kenji 
Mifune was assassinated by the Yakuza in Neo Tokyo yesterday. The late 
Minister Mifune along with Assistant Minister Fujita Garou was praising the 
great the work of Interpol in trying to destroy the Yakuza. As Minister Garou 
was starting his own speech following the late Minister Mifune's the assassin 
struck. Please be warned that some viewers may find the following footage 

<Fujita Garou is at the podium only just starting his speech when his mic 
basses out and then a loud BAM can be heard and Kenji Mifune collapses, his 
face (which now has a bullet hole through it) was mercifully not captured on 
tape. A second bullet is fired striking the Assistant Minister in the chest 
who falls to his knees and is then covered by a human bodyshield made up of 
Japanese Police. The camera then pans to follow a spectacular fight scene 
between the assassin known as the Red Serpent and Skull Man, and then Javelin 
Whitetail joins in the chase before she and Skull end up beating up on each 

Skull Man was on loan from the National Army to provide security, but it was 
eventually the Japanese Police's elite Special Robot Tactics Squad, or SRTS 
for short, that eventually arrested the 'Red Serpent' who is also wanted for 
an assassination attempt on the Korean President among other things.

Amazingly even after taking a bullet to the chest, Assistant Minister Garou 
wouldn't take this lying down. Before the Red Serpent was arrested, Skull Man 
drove him to the ground and GNN's cameras captured this amazing footage:

<The Red Serpent lands on the ground in front of the camera and dramatically, 
Fujita rises from behind his human shield sidearm in hand and screams at the 
assassin Japanese which is subbed, "You'll pay for this you murderer!" and he 
shoots him in spectacularly badass fashion.>

Assistant Minister Garou was taken immediately to Namura General Hospital where 
doctors have said that flak jacket he wore saved his life, leaving him with 
only broken ribs. Sources from within the Diet say that once he's released 
from hospital that the Assistant Minister is most certainly going to be named 
the Acting Minister of Defense until the next election.

This is GNN.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Drug Bust Ambush                   Tue Apr 19    Global News Network
<Story on the nightly news>

New York City has hosted a variety of guests and VIPs over the centuries, but 
this evening it hosted what appeared to be a major drug operation. What 
appears to be local mob members and gang members from around the area had 
hosted a drug deal in New York's harbor area. A previously unknown and 
unoccupied warehouse and set of piers is the place where the deal had been 
brokered. According to sources within Law Enforcement and Interpol, word had 
leaked out regarding this particular operation. Units from Interpol were 
dispatched to deal and break up this drug deal. Upon approaching the scene, it 
unfolded and became something much more than your simple drug deal. In what 
can only be described as an ambush, local thugs and gangsters appeared from 
crates and boxes to attack their would be attackers in what seems to be a 
coordinated attack on law enforcement. Though Interpol with the help of some 
dutiful citizens were able to drive away the gangsters and Yakuza, damage to 
area is estimated at tens of thousands thanks to a large explosion along the 
piers. Some subdued gangsters were brought in for questioning. More on this 
story as it developes.

<OOC: Questions to Rungo>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Changes at Mikage Intl.?           Tue Apr 19    Global News Network
<The GNN Business Hour, with Flavian Fox.>

"Mikage International's stock fell two points today after the megacorp reported 
first quarter losses, a rarity for the MegaCorporation. More shareholders are 
staying on boat, however, as Mikage International is reportedly going through 
internal changes. They have promised results for their shareholders, many of 
whom have faithfully owned Mikage stock for decades. This has not stopped some 
from jumping ship, however, resulting in further complications for the biggest 
MegaCorporation in Japan."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet or Sera.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
Tragedy on Eurasia                 Wed Apr 20    Global News Network
"In a disturbing twist of events, two little girls are in the hospital tonight. 
The first is Emily Patterson, recent recipient of a cybernetic liver, while 
the second is friend-of-the-family Molly Haken."

"As of yet we're unsure of the circumstances though Eurasian security has 
informed us there will be an investigation into the matter. Doctors Light and 
Doppler were on-scene when paramedics arrived tending to the girls. Emily is 
under observation while Molly is listed as being in critical condition."

"In other news, the politcal group known as the Children of Eve were caught 
attempting to hold a recruitment drive on Eurasia without a permit, and were 
escorted off-station."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
Okinawa Coup Execution             Thu Apr 21    Global News Network

        *** Robot Master Press Release From Okinawa Region *** 

        As ordered by the Emperor's personal assistant, Enker, those involved 
with the coup in Okinawa several weeks ago have been rounded up and executed. 
The coup, which involved the forceful removal of Prefect Dive Man from office 
and the destruction of government property, including the Robot Master castle 
and statue of Dr. Wily, was entirely illegal. The trials and executions were 
open to the public, and held from 11:55pm April 21 to 11:59pm April 21. After 
the magistrate reached their verdict, they were fed to the Sharkticons. 

        Prefect Bubble Man had this to say: "I'm not entirely sure what the 
accused hoped to gain by removing Dive Man from office. If they really thought 
that pushing him outside and burning down a building would result in anything 
other than another Robot Master simply stepping up, taking his place, and 
beating the hell out of those that caused the trouble in the first place, then 
they were sorely mistaken. Furthermore, I should note that Dive Man was a hell 
of a lot nicer than I am when it comes to running a government. I'm shocked 
you guys wouldn't have been grateful with a Robot Master like that. But you 
made your choice, and now you'll have to deal with it." 

        OOC: The execution was very low-key, and was not advertised beforehand 
despite it being technically 'open to the public'. Almost as if they were 
worried about a massive strike force o' doom coming down from the heavens. 
Questions to Bubble. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
The Red Serpent Escapes!           Thu Apr 21    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN. Japan!>

"The Special Robotic Tactics Service has begun a nation-wide manhunt today for 
the assassin known as the 'Red Serpent', who was broken out of stasis 
mid-transit to a Japanese prison by unknown agents. The Red Serpent, 
responsible for the death of Japanese Minister of Defense Kenji Mifune, and 
the attempted assassinations of Assistant MinDef Fujita Garou and Korean 
President Sung Yun, is rumored to have Yakuza ties and has been active in the 
criminal underworld of Japan carrying out low-level hits. The SRTS reportedly 
suffered two casualties during the attack, although it is not known how many 
casualties were inflicted among the assaulting parties. In other news, 
Interpol has..."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Reruns: Interviewing Dr. Holtz     Fri Apr 22    Global News Network

        On one of GNN's subchannels there's reruns of the Dr. Holtz interview, 
in which his new book is briefly discussed before the conversation somehow 
drifts off to whether Hunters are above the law, and whether or not they're 
'good' or 'evil'. The interview is also on GNN's website, accessable at: 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
The Not So Dark Continent          Fri Apr 22    Global News Network
<GNN - Business News> 
 As Repliforce is at the very least undoubtedly aware, the African Economy has 
been booming, While the robotic liberation armies, have done their best to 
clear out the last vestiges of the Insane rule of Wily, it is of course simply 
fact that they lack the necessary skills and knpwledge to properly restimulate 
the economy, short of imposing some sort of non capitalist covernment, and 
that of course, was outlawed I'm sure. Ha Ha. But the United African 
Corporations, or UAC has stepped up, basically a group of upstart corporations 
who were marginally successful in areas of information technology, food 
production, entertainment, and other societal basic necessities, have formed a 
permanent corporate alliance. Interestingly enough Takawana Inc. and Supah 
Robotz Inc. have both signed on with the UAC recently, two companies which 
have been floundering since their departure fromt he Mikage International fold 
several months ago, not wanting to be associated in any way with the MegaCorp 
after the Chief Financial Officer of that corporation was placed on the Worlds 
most Wanted list for the murder and molestation of the corpse of InterPOL 
Officer Bluecoat T-Rex. 
 The UAC has returned first quarter profit reports which show them doubling 
their supposed net worth, in their first year of operation, and Africas 
economies have never been healthier, as what's good for business seems to be 
good for the people. Buying out deserted and cleaned out factories, hangars 
and other facilities left behind by Wily's regime and refitting them into 
massive greenhouses, and production facilities for utility reploids, it looks 
like this could be a great year for the Dark Continent to shed that centuries 
old and slightly racist moniker. 
 <Questions? Direct to Rajura Doji>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
Eurasian Cybernetic Scandal        Fri Apr 22    Global News Network
"Days ago came the sad report of two little girls injured, causes unknown. 
Investigation into the situation has turned up some disturbing events."

"Emily Patterson had a severe liver infection that caused failure of the organ, 
and a cybernetic replacement was surgically implanted to save her life. The 
doctor on duty, Dr. Demo, took the opportunity to replace her limbs with a 
variant of cybernetic enhancements that had been banned over fifteen years ago 
in the Neutrino Cyberdyne scandal. These pulse-dynamic cybernetics have the 
side effect of inducing severe cyberpsychosis in a disturbing 85 percent of 
the cases studied. Six-year-old Emily Patterson was not among the lucky few to 
survive the procedure mentally intact. The Pattersons are seeking a way to 
help their daughter cope mentally as well as physically by replacing the 
unwanted and unnecessary cybernetics with safer, standard models."

"Eurasia security attempted to arrest Dr. Demo, but he was armed and managed to 
flee the station. Left behind were his personal belongings--Including detailed 
records of prior children to have been recipients of his cybernetics.

Captain Nova reports, "It seems that Dr. Demo has been experimenting on 
children for the past fifteen years, fleeing from one country to another 
before he was found out. We are currently seeking to contact the other 
individuals in his records as part of our investigation. We hope that Interpol 
will aid us as the majority of these individuals reside on Earth which is of 
course outside of our jurisdiciton."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
Disney Universe! Happiness!        Sat Apr 23    Global News Network

        "...Sigma later clarified his comments, noting that while he 'would do 
anything for love, he won't do that'." 

        Chest turns towards another camera. An image of the famous Mouse Ears 
appears on the screen over his left shoulder. "In other news, after several 
months of renovations, the new section of Disney Universe is now fully open to 
the public. The theme park turned independent country is the world's largest 
corporation in terms of land owned, and is without a doubt the most profitable 
park on the planet. Exact numbers are unknown, however, as Disney guards its 
secrets very tightly. GNN, or any other news agency, is unable to provide 
footage as per Disney laws." Chest resists the urge to roll his eyes here. 
Disney assholes. 

        "Nevertheless, the park released a statement earlier today saying that 
'Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the gang are all waiting for you to join them in 
the happiest place on Earth'. The construction work, although again secretive, 
appear to have been geared towards making the new sections of the park more 
accessible to everyone." As in, it's actually on the grid now. "Disney 
Universe is the first and only of its kind, and has faced accusations in the 
past of being a manipulative corporation. No international or domestic charges 
have ever been filed against the park, however, and officials insist that 
there is nothing more than good, clean, wholesome fun within their borders. 
Whether the expanse will result in an increase of tourists to the theme park 
remains to be seen." 

        And on goes the news. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
Firebase Ito Sacked!               Sat Apr 23    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN. Japan!>

"Havoc broke loose today in the hills outside Neo-Tokyo, where the Special 
Robotic Service Basecamp, Firebase Ito, came under assault by Maverick troops. 
Mavericks reportedly attempted to make a covert entry before being foiled by 
base sensors, whereupon a squadron of Maverick helicopters arrived along with 
Sigma himself. The resulting air and ground battle left at least sixteen 
members of the SRTS permanently dead or deactivated, and up to sixty seriously 
wounded, as the SRTS was not prepared for dealing with an enemy assault. Robot 
Masters arrived and helped fend off the assailants, although the base was left 
nearly destroyed after Sigma's rampage. Among the dead is the commander of the 
SRTS, Colonel Harry Shinwada, who the Special Robotics Tactics Service reports 
was killed by Pharaoh Man for what one SRTS witness says was 'incompetence', 
although no SRTS members could find fault with his command, given the 
circumstances. SRTS Captain, and head of anti-Yakuza operations in Neo-Tokyo, 
Captain Chet Brown, was made available for a statement..."

Captain Brown stands head to toe in black armor, a helmet on his head with a 
gasmask concealing his face, and he's presently wearing ripped up body armor 
stained with mechfluid, his wounds blurred for the camera. Behind him is a 
concrete wall, the SRTS officer in the ruins of a former building. He speaks 
through the mask, his voice distorted and deepened. "The Maverick attack on 
Firebase Ito has only proved the organization's effectiveness - otherwise, we 
would have been ignored. We will rebuild, and spread out our numbers, basing 
ourselves out of the various police headquarters throughout Neo-Tokyo. 
Although the SRTS was previously a volunteer service, we are now adding a 
salary and a pension, given the dangers involved. However, we were not 
equipped to deal with an assault of this nature - they are a law enforcement 
organization, meant to offer support to military units. As for Pharaoh 
Man...Well...If I don't hear of the Masters punishing that utter rat bastard, 
then he will go on our Most Wanted List as Number #2, right below Japanese 
Public Enemy #1 Sigma. That's a promise. He had no authority to do what he did 
- there has never been any precedence for field executions, especially when a 
base commander was not acting incompetently. The SRTS and the military are 
seperate agencies. The SRTS is a branch of the democratically elected 
government, the Masters are a branch of the Emperor's military. I hope Pharaoh 
Man recieves the public justice he deserves, for the murder of a high-ranking 
law enforcement officer."

"Harsh words from the SRTS, to the Robot Masters. Will they respond?"

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
*SUPER* Robot Masters?             Sat Apr 23    Global News Network
<This... Is GNN.>

        The newsreader looks at the camera with an uneasy smile. "Are you sure 
I have to run this?" He asks, and what can be heard as faint mumbling and the 
cocking of a gun seems to answer his question.

        "Well! Today, two... 'Super' Robot Masters allegedly beat up local 
doctors of the London Medical Surgery, and stole their wallets -- and are 
being celebrated as heroes because of it."

        Cut to Star Man and Dust Man bursting through a wall, with screaming 
crowds. They pose dramatically, and fly away -- capes flowing in the wind. 
Star Man is, of course, helping Dust.

        "Why, you ask? Well... It would appear that the assaulted Doctors were 
actually at the head of a crime ring that involved stealing patients wallets 
whilst they were under anaesthetic." Once again, the news reader looks 

        "I, for one, 'welcome' these two heroic Robot Masters as..." He quints. 
"Heroes. Heroes who will act heroically, and save the world for great... 
Justice? Shade Man sucks, I am a loser dude?"

        Suddenly, the feed ends.

<That... Was GNN.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
NA Invades Central America         Sun Apr 24    Global News Network

        "...R's parrot had no comment in regards to the murder charges." 

        Chest turns towards a new camera, looking rather grim. Over his 
shoulder is a map of Central America for stupid people who don't know what it 
looks like. "And our top story, Neo-Arcadian forces have successfully invaded 
the northern section of Central America, taking miles and miles of land under 
their control. The exact location of the new border is unclear at this time, 
however it is obvious that what began as monthly border skirmishes have turned 
into completely open warfare." 

        There's now a close-up of the map. There's a red wavy line in the 
northern section of Central America, and a wavy blue line in the southern 
section. "Although it is impossible to tell thus far, GNN War Correspondants 
have judged these to be most likely the best representation of Neo-Arcadian 
and Repliforce held territory, however I'd like to stress to you that these 
are fluctuating constantly." 

        Back to Chest. "As far as our own sources can make out, Neo-Arcadian 
armies broke through the border patrol, where they were then met by a 
Repliforce retaliation force. Although casualties were high on both sides, it 
is clear that Repliforce was forced to pull back. Repliforce HQ recently 
issued a statement:" 

        'Repliforce is dedicated to the peace and stability of the region, and 
it should be clear without a doubt that the region cannot be considered stable 
while Aztlan remains. Thus, we are considering the invasion of Neo-Arcadia and 
the destruction of their government to be among our top priorities. We have 
past the time of a cold war with Aztlan, and their actions shall be responded 
to in kind.' 

        Back to the lovable GNNer. "The Neo-Arcadian government declined to 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Mystery Attack!                    Sun Apr 24    Global News Network

"Reports of an attack in Rio's Northern Downtown District have been made by 
local authorities about a Power Armor attacking a warehouse in Rio. The exact 
details are not known nor has an image been captured due to the speed of the 
Power Armor."

"Sources indicate that they saw Steel Massimo fleeing the area near that time, 
but whether it -was- Steel Massimo or merely a lookalike of some sort is 
uncertain at this time."

"Rio General Hospital also received a call near the time of these happenings 
about a single injured female with possible cybernetics. Medical teams arrived 
on site and managed to stabilize the woman before she was transported off by 

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
Texas Denounces Aztlan's Expansion Sun Apr 24    Global News Network

< GNN Regional News >

In light of reports of southern expansion by Neo Arcadia, the Texan government 
released a public statement denouncing Aztlan's actions.

"The illegal invasion of Central America by the Aztlan armies shows their true, 
aggressive nature," said the statement, read by the Texan press secretary 
during the Sunday press briefing. "Aztlan is not interested in creating peace, 
but only in gaining more power for themselves by oppressing both humans and 
Reploids. We condemn these actions and demand that Neo Arcadia pull back to 
their original borders, and pay reparations to the people they have harmed 
with their illegal aggression."

The Texas government had no official comment about continuing reports of 
weapons testing in Aztlan, though sources close to the Texas government said 
the strange lights and sounds witnessed by residents of southern Texas were of 
`grave concern'.

The United States government had no comment on either Aztlan's actions or the 
statements made by the Texan government.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
New Bar Opening!                   Sun Apr 24    Global News Network
Seoul, Korea:

        Billionaire Industrialist Glyde Loath has joined forces with noted 
shakespearian authority Andruw Nisse to bring to Seoul something that has not 
graced it's city blocks since the destruction of 'Reflections' in 2216 by a 
bomb. They are combining their intellectual genius, business bravodo and 
indupitable gayness to bring the hottest thing to Seoul for ages -- The 

        Scheduled to have a grand opening one month from today, this will be a 
gay and lesbian themed club -- however, it will be welcome to those of most 
forms of sexuality. Mr. Loath has stated that Mr. Nisse will be the official 
public owner and public relations contact for the venture, he will just be 
financing it and 'enjoying' it as he likes to say.

        Drafts for the structure of the building include classic arctitecture, 
some of the world's most rare alchohol and of course, brass poles. Mr. Loath 
says that the place will be 'respectable' and one of the cultural attractions 
of Seoul.

Stay tuned for more information!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Offensive in Germany... Mon Apr 25    Global News Network
<In war coverage...>

"The Repliforce reported a twenty yard push today in Sector 3X along the German 
border, claiming another foothold in the slow fight against the Mavericks. 
Repliforce officials cited an operation to cripple the Maverick supply chain 
as critical in the operation. A Repliforce special operations team lead a 
force recon mission against a depot behind enemy lines that was a key in the 
logistical chain supporting the Maverick frontline troops. The team disabled 
guards before planting a beacon that allowed a stealth bomber to precision 
strike the target into oblivion, before the assault began. The Maverick Empire 
has yet to comment."

<OOC: @mail Yosho if you're curious about this piece of errata. :)>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
Houston Narcotics Bust             Tue Apr 26    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"A rise in crime rates in Texas, especially around Houston and other urban 
areas, has been attributed to a figure known as 'El Jefe', running a gang 
identifying themselves as Los Dragones. Two Interpol agents conducted a bust 
today, capturing eight men linked to a narcotics deal went bad, the turned to 
murder. Two men are being held for murder, with six as accomplices and 
multiple charges of firing upon an Interpol agent with a deadly weapon and 
attempting to evade an agent of the law being filed."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet, Shigeru Katsunagi, or Lawrence Morsa.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
GNN News - From South Africa!      Tue Apr 26    Global News Network
For some reason, this news report is done in grainy, black and white (with a 
brown tint) film.

"GNN News - From Africa!" An announcer declares, "April twenty-sixth, 2218!"

"The restoration of South Africa has begun today thanks to the generosity of 
BaraCorp, HeraCorp, and Light Labs!", a grainy silent image of Dr. Light 
cutting a ribbon with what appears to be a Cuterang is shown. Several 
employees of all three companies are shown applauding including Sewa, "New 
Cape Town has been officially declared the center of the reconstruction effort 
and new homes and buildings are being built at an astronomical rate!", several 
still clips of a building in progress is shown until it is completed.

"BaraCorp Represenative SeaBastion Seaweed is leading the way with the 
reconstruction effort," an image is shown of a thin, almost spindly seaweed 
bioroid with puffy armor and leggings holding up a telescope on the bow of the 
ship and looking through it towards Cape Town! "Employment is on the high and 
poverty on the low! Everybody can help a neighbor get a new start to help 
their own new beginnings!"

"And new beginnings is the theme of New Capetown! CEO Sewa stated Before it 
could be argued that the world abandoned Africa, today we embark on a journey 
to change that!" An image of Sewa shaking hands with South Africans 
energetically is shown.

"And dont forget that lovable Doctor Light, friend to all children!" An image 
pops up of Dr. Light sitting in a big chair in the center of Capetown with a 
child on his lap is shown, "Securing the full support of the African Union, 
this operation is legitimate! He has stated his hopes that this process will 
be as successful for the rest of South Africa as it was for New Capetown. What 
a guy, that Doctor Light!"

"But be careful, folks! Neo Arcadians are on the loose!", an image of ADU units 
as well as various other security personal from Light Labs and the African 
Union are shown, "Not to worry, though! The African Union is here to help! 
Rumors of a skirmish between Hunter and Neo Arcadian forces the prior day has 
revealed that the good work wont be a walk in the park, but our boys and girls 
will fight on for Truth and Justice! Go get em!

"And now a message from our sponsors - Attacks from Savages? Drink Light Cola! 
Light Cola will keep you trim, unlike other soda brands, so you can defend 
against terror and villainy!"

<end broadcast>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Minor Economic Hit                 Thu Apr 28    Global News Network
GNN Financial News - Special African Reports, - "With the triumvirate of 
Baracorp, Ligh Labs, and Heracorp declaring New Cape Town as the center of the 
reconstruction effort for South Africa, The United African Corporation has 
pulled out of that country, and in fact destroyed all of the housing projects 
it had been constructing in the nation and took the raw materials to assist 
with the other African Nation development the company is building itself upon. 
This upstart corporate conglomerate being disenfranchised companies and new 
organizations all feel that the African Continent is in dire need of 
assistance, and what is good for the people has been good for business, 
they've also cessated all of the funding they'd been providing to the South 
African relief efforts as well, also choosing to take this support to the rest 
of the continent, and they've also laid off all of the South African 
population they'd hired on to help with the reconstruction effort, a program 
that was feeding families AND rebuilding the infrastructure of this wartorn 
nation. Spokesperson Hogiri Shinjo was quoted as saying, "Since these 
companies seem to think they'll be entirely responsible for the restoration of 
South Africa, and they saw no need to coordinate or even acknowledge our 
presence, we feel our efforts would be best spent elsewhere. Africa is a 
continent after all, and if Baracorp Heracorp and Light Labs will be 
concentrating on South Africa, they can provide jobs to the people we've laid 
off, and when they finish with Cape Town we assume they'll pick up where we 
left off. Basically we don't want to be doing all the work if other companies 
with better stock options are going to take all the credit."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
Crazed Mech Saves Copter           Thu Apr 28    Global News Network

        SAN ANGELES - Downtown very nearly became a disaster area as a Global 
News Network copter suffered a mechanical malfunction over the city. 
Self-described ace helicopter pilot and owner of the world-wide station Chest 
was aboard when the craft began producing smoke. "There were warning lights 
all over the place, and a really annoying siren that kept sounding. 
Nevertheless, I was able to keep the copter relatively steady as it began to 
drop from the sky." 
        A second passenger, known as Pineapple was nearly killed when he fell 
from the vehicle nearly one hundred stories above street level. With 
incredible luck, he landed in an open-bedded mattress truck and suffered 
minimal damages. "It was a million to one, easily," said Constable Cherny of 
the San Angeles Police Department. "But he managed to come out of there alive, 
and by grace of God he didn't suffer any long-term damage. It's a miracle, 
        The helicopter, minus one passenger, continued to spiral out of control 
when seemingly out of no-where the mech known only as Suploid burst into the 
sky, grappling with the vehicle and easing it down to a nearby rooftop. "It 
was incredible. That guy's the greatest!" said Ms. O'Keene, resident at the 
apartment building where the copter was forced down. 
        Shortly after saving the vehicle, the mech fled the scene before police 
could question him. "Yeah, I guess we owe him one... maybe he's not such a bad 
guy after all..." Chest said of the incident. Pineapple was unavailable for 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
Shocking Murders Escalate          Thu Apr 28    Global News Network
"...And in other news, the family in Philidelphia that was murdered seems to be 
a part of a larger circle of events. Two other families have been found 
slaughtered in their homes within the past week and detectives say the MO 
seems to match."

"Due to the graphic nature of the murders police are still peicing together 
whether everyone in the family was killed, or if any escaped. The bodies were 
mangled and shredded to the point of being unidentifiable. DNA testing is 
underway to confirm the total death count in each instance. Further news as we 
get it."

OOC: Contact Nova for details.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
Crime Soars in Texas               Fri Apr 29    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Texan authorities report rapidly rising crime rates, especially in car theft 
and drug abuse, that they blame on an organized crime element that has 
recently taken over the regular gang violence that infests the Texan lower 
class. A large Mexican gang known as 'Los Dragones', reportedly made up of 
immigrants from Aztlan and Texan native hispanics, has become especially 
active in Houston. Authorities have tried to stop their criminal operations, 
but I bust last night left ten members of Houston SWAT dead and dozens more 
injured, after a raid turned into an ambush. Sources say that the crime baron 
known only as 'El Jefe', Spanish for 'The Chief', has promised more violence, 
should the police attempt to interfere with his operations. Funerals will be 
held for the deceased officers Tuesday, and the Texas Rangers have been 
assigned to the case."

<OOC: Questions? @Mail Chet. The Los Dragones are getting a little big for 
their britches.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
The End Is Here!                   Sat Apr 30    Global News Network
Order and Chaos had its final concert without a hitch! Singing songs such as 
'The Money Song', and 'That's how the story ends' alongside a solo by Feste 
toward Glyde Loath of Loath Industries.

Hefty donations were made for a 'School for German orphans' though at the end 
of the show it had been revealed that the 'school' in question seems to be for 
the martial art known as 'Panzerkunst' according to Daryn's testimony. Whether 
this is indeed true will remain to be seen. 

While stated to be the 'final concert', Daryn admitted that there may be a slim 
possibility there may be another one in the far future. For now, however, the 
rest of the band have stated to be moving onto other projects, though they'll 
be staying in touch.

Megumi Oberobin will be working as an Investment Banker, stating that her 
experience with the Yakuza has urged her to move to the US and deal 'with an 
economy that isn't based around crime'.

Arin Silris has chosen to go back to College and earn his degree in robotics.

Feste was bought in an auction by a young teenage girl for one hundred thousand 

Aria Silris has chosen to study Art and Art History at the same university her 
creator Arin Silris is attending.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Harbor Terror!           Sat Apr 30    Global News Network

< The Pacific Rim buzzes with this gruesome story. >

Dozens are dead and hundreds are injured after a public spectacle turned into a 
killing field. The spectacle began when Rajura Doji, wanted criminal 
mastermind, publically challenged the authorities to capture him and forces 
loyal to him on the docks of Neo Tokyo. However, when INTERPOL did not arrive 
rapidly enough for Mr. Doji, he ordered his soldiers to attack the bystanders 
who had gathered to observe.

This action was answered by a sudden Maverick assault on the Yakuza forces, 
which added to the destruction and violence. Numerous fires were set, and 
incendiary weapons were used by the Mavericks to maximize collateral damage 
and harm to human life. Initial estimates of the property damage are in the 
millions of zenny.

The riot was dispersed by INTERPOL forces, who used tear gas and chaff grenades 
to scatter Yakuza and Maverick forces. All the involved Mavericks apparently 
escaped, as did many of the Yakuza. However, eyewitness accounts indicate that 
Doji sustained sniper fire during the melee, and may have been badly maimed. 
The current whereabouts and status of Doji are unknown.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Rajura Doji or Tactical Raccoon.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Public Service Announcement        Sat Apr 30    Global News Network
The scene opens up into a warmly lit room, a study. Books line the walls, a big 
plush armchair is in front of a roaring fire, and in that chair is Colonel, 
with a book in his hands. A second passes by before the second in command 
looks up, and he smiles slightly before he speaks. 

"Good day, citizens of earth. I'm here to speak to you today about a war. Not 
the Robot Wars we have been buried in for so long, or even the wars of 
history. No, I'm here to talk to you all about a war that affects everyone on 
this planet." He pauses dramaticly.

"The war on illiteracy."

There's another pause to let it sink in, and he continues. "Illiteracy affects 
us all, from the human children, to the working reploid. Reading is a skill 
that everyone needs, but sadly, many humans cannot, and quite a few reploids 
are unable to as well. Please, volunteer your time and teach an unfortunate to 
read. You'll be doing your part to make the world a better, brighter place. 
Give the gift of knowledge."

Colonel smiles again and returns to his book as the scene fades out with the a 
little four note jingle. Fine print at the bottom of the screen reads 'Paid 
for by Repliforce and the International Literacy Foundation'

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