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Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
RF vs MH! Affirmative!             Wed Jun 01    Global News Network

        Chest appears at his news desk. He looks grim, as he always does when 
he gives a report containing bad news. 

        "A battle broke out earlier this evening between Repliforce and 
Maverick Hunter forces. The Reploid Army, led by General himself, attacked a 
bunker where the infamous Dr. Wily was suspected of being held. The bunker's 
defence was led by none other than Dr. Light, leader and founder of the 

        "Both Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters reported no fatalities, 
however many wounded. The General of Reploid issued this statement:" We now 
hear General's voice. "This act was to prove to the Hunters that Repliforce 
can and will act against them if they are forced to, but it does not mean the 
end to our alliance nor our friendship." 

        Back to Chest. "Repliforce cited security reasons on whether or not 
their attempt to acquire Dr. Wily was successful." General again: "Repliforce 
may or may not have Wily." General also noted that he still has his hat, but 
GNN felt it was not important enough to air. 

        "Although both sides have claimed otherwise, some have speculated 
whether this will mean the end to the Maverick Hunter/Repliforce alliance." 


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SE Asian Economic News...          Wed Jun 01    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"...In other news, Mikage Jakarta has recently been opened for business in 
Indonesia. Several fisheries have already been purchased, as well as shipping 
warehouses and various air-freight companies. The CEO of Mikage Jakarta, one 
Chet Peterson, has announced Mikage Jakarta's aim as 'establishing a solid 
conglomerate to make the fishing industry in Indonesia far more efficient, as 
well as bringing Mikage-brand quality to cargo transport in the area'. The 
Indonesian economic sector has experienced a boom in recent years, after a 
slump following a crash of the Trans-Malay Stock Exchange several years ago. 
In Vietnam, coffee growers report..."

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Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Eurasia Spring Cleaning!           Thu Jun 02    Global News Network
The General Double Memorial Arena, and the Bishop Lament Memorial Arena are 
still standing in Eurasia taking up a precious resource to the station: Space! 
To alleviate this issue Eurasia is holding it's first-ever Spring Cleaning 
event! This Friday, come one, come all, and help us tear down the arenas! Keep 
a peice as a souvenier, or just have fun bashing it to bits! Sledgehammers 
will be available to rent for those who wish a good, old-fashioned method. 
Station security does ask that large blast explosives be kept to a minimum so 
as to not damage surrounding properties. Free two-scoop icecream passes will 
be given to the first hundred participants.

This ad brought to you by Eurasia's Department of City Planning.

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Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Chet Brown RIP                     Thu Jun 02    Global News Network
This is Overdone Octopus, Chet Brown, suspected Yakuza affiliate was found by 
Interpol investigators on the shores of Hokkaido this morning. We were unable 
to contact Billiard Wolf who's been in charge of investigating this recent 
string of high profile Yakuza execution style killings. Public unrest at the 
heavy police and Robot Master presence is reaching boiling point now as even 
the Yakuza, a group which has been a part of japan for thousands of years has 
begun to struggle and this pundit is hoping for but not expecting the best."

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Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Demonstrations                     Fri Jun 03    Global News Network
<voice over footage of angry japanese nationals and reploids, androids and even 
non japanese people waving signs and chanting catchy slogans. One sign shows 
Wily in prison orange with the slogan THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHES, and similarly 
trite messages. They're rallying outside a police station precinct in Neo 
Tokyo, It's raining out, and you can feel the energy, Police in full riot gear 
are passively manning the borders of the throng which is being behaved, but 
really making their presence felt> 
 "Demonstrations at police precincts and government offices have begun to be 
commonplace in Neo Tokyo. We've heard reports of an anticipated rally at the 
Skull Monument tomorrow, but generally the people are remaining peaceful in 
their protest of recent Interpol and Robot Master invasion. The general 
consensus is that the people of Japan want to stop the fighting and bloodshed 
in their streets, and that they don't mind if they have to commit some 
fighting and bloodshed to get it."

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Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Blast in Osaka                     Fri Jun 03    Global News Network
        "GNN with another report of additional disaster in Japan. Late last 
night citizens of Osaka, Japan, reported a loud series of explosions from the 
home reportedly belonging to the appointed 'Shogun' of that area, Robot Master 
Gemini Man. The blasts were said to occur just after sunset; witnesses report 
that the palace home then caught fire and smouldered intil it was burned out. 
Local firefighters arrived at the scene at approximately eleven PM local time 
to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to the nearby forested area 
or any other suburban homes."

        "Authorities are uncertain as to the actual cause of the incident at 
this time. Several locals report that there may have been a home-invasion and 
subsequent attack, though Japanese officials suspect there may have been a 
weapons test and malfunction, indicating that the arson was self-inflicted on 
the part of the owner. As the home was legally government property, local 
police require a writ from the government to investigate the remains, which, 
so far, they do not have."

        "Community response to this incident has, as of this morning, been 
somewhat unusual: there is clear pressure for authorities get the permission 
they need to investigate the blaze, in attempt to discover the actual cause, 
as well as any lingering evidence of wrongdoing that may be still present on 
the scene. However, there has also been a significant show of support from 
the community, particularly the young people of Osaka, some of whom have been 
visiting the burned-out hull as early as this morning to leave small cards, 
notes, or gifts at the base of the destroyed castle."

        "Those who lived near the house in Osaka say, among other things, that 
their unusual neighbor was 'surprisingly quiet.'"

        "GNN news."

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Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
Internet Auctions                  Fri Jun 03    Global News Network
Small items of debris have begun circulating around the internet auction sites 
under various different seller names. They're listed as 'Geniune rubble from 
the no-longer existing General Double Memorial Arena!' Others claim to be from 
Bishop Lament Memorial Arena.

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Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
The Peasants are Revolting         Sat Jun 04    Global News Network
<This is GNN pundit Gourry Goodkind, he's seated at his desk, and live video 
feeds of carnage bloodshed and fires in the streets can be seen> 
 "Well it finally happened, apparently the Government investing in an army of 
samurai robots wasn't enough to re-establish confidence in the system for the 
people of Neo Tokyo, It started out as the peaceful protests throughout the 
city finally broke, a brick here, some police brutality there. The next thing 
you know..." <The video behind him shows all sorts of chaos, but now we see 
the Skull Monument, at first people charge in, and get blasted, electrocuted, 
blown up, sliced, gutted, or otherwise brutally murdered by the defence 
systems. This infuriates them more and vehicles are piloted at it, these also 
blow up. Then Reploids, and people, a surprising amount of them African in 
descent can be seen forming these wrecked autos into a huge barricade, which 
they keep squeezing tighter around the base of the tower. > "Then the mobs 
mostly began to convene at the Skull Monument, where chants of Down With Wily, 
Free Japan! became the rallying cry. I saw a lot of signs showing the ol' Doc 
in prison jumpers with the slogan 'The Emperor's New Clothes' it's hilarious, 
largely because obviously the idiots who made those signs have faith in 
InterPOLs ability to do something about Wily's illegitimate hold to the 
thrown. The reaction of the RMs to this riot was predictable. <Scene of Crash 
Man standing on a pile of cars and rapping loudly and badly, he then blows up 
a huge chunk of the barricade around the monument, and disappears in the 
carnage.> Now everythings cooled down to a slow burn, a very very consistent 
slow burn that could erupt in backdraft at a moment's notice..."

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Hack-Attack in Southern Cross Web  Sat Jun 04    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN - Cyberspace.>

"Millions of zenny in data was corrupted or lost in a late-night hack attack on 
Indonesian and Malaysian mega-corporations and banks last night. The 
cyber-criminals were finally halted by a pair of Interpol computer security 
specialists, who confronted the hackers in the server of Jakarta Stock and 
Bond Mega-Corp. No news has been reported to the identities of the 
perpetrators, although the notorious 'Crash Override' was rumored to have 
been involved."

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Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
We Want You!                       Sat Jun 04    Global News Network
Generic Voiceover with shots of a generic superhero doing good deeds.

"Are you a Hero? Do you have Justice and Freedom pounding in your veins? Do 
your comerades look upon you in awe? 


Striving for Truth, JUstice, Apple Pie and everything else that's good, we will 
strive to protect the innocent, defeat the forces of evil, and rescue the 
ideals that have been lost in this world of strife."

The shots cut to Mac in his Apple armor, scarf flapping in the breeze and 
heroicly posed.

Join us today!

(OOC: Are you a vaguely competent hereo? Do you seek righteousness? @mail me!)

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Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
As if By Magic!....                Sat Jun 04    Global News Network
**On the news! Remeber that big "Redips Asteroid"? Well it suddenly vanished! 
it's on all the news channels. ((OOC: See Astro Man!))

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Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadian Researcher Hospitaliz Sun Jun 05    Global News Network

<Dateline: Neo Tokyo Riots Claim Arcadian Victims>

Citizens of Neo Arcadia have new reason to pay attention to the continuing 
anti-Robot Master riots in Neo Tokyo these days: One of their most prominent 
researchers, Doctor Ciel Mallory, has been critically injured during a 
Maverick assault on the general populace.

Since the beginnings of the riots, rescue workers and civil defense have been 
called in to try to give medical aid to the wounded and get fleeing citizens 
to safety. During GNN's coverage of the event on Friday, Dr. Mallory had been 
spotted among the rescue workers, prompting concern among Japanese officials, 
who feared possible Neo Arcadian interferance.

It wasn't Neo Arcadians that proved to be the problem however, as a small group 
of Mavericks lead by the infamous Vile attacked protestors and rioters without 
warning or provocation on Saturday. Interpol forces as well as Robot Masters 
responded to the assault; civilian casualties were heavy due to the use of 
wide area weaponry by Maverick forces. A triage area containing critically 
wounded citizens, paramedics, and Doctor Mallory were napalmed and assaulted 
with flame weaponry by Vile, killing the patients and several paramedics, and 
rendering critical burn injuries to the rest. A combined effort of Interpol 
and armed Japanese citizens drove the Mavericks into retreat, while the burned 
and blasted areas were sifted for signs of life. Victims of the assault were 
taken to Namura General Hospital for immediate treatment.

Doctor Mallory is listed in critical condition after sustaining third degree 
burns to seventy percent of her body. InterPOL in accordance with Japanese 
authorities have stationed guards throughout the hospital to prevent further 
attacks on the high-profile Arcadian researcher, until she has recovered 
enough, and it is safe enough, for Interpol to take her into custody.

Best known for her genetic enhancement projects throughout the Neo Arcadian 
military, Doctor Mallory is wanted for breaking several global treaties 
involving the use of genetic engineering on humans, as well as being an 
accessory to war crimes abroad.

<OOC: Send all inquiries to Ciel.>

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Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Gang War in Jakarta!               Sun Jun 05    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Street violence rocked the Indonesian capitol of Jakarta today, as gangs took 
to the streets after a warehouse explosion. There were rumors of a meeting 
between various underworld figures and the criminals notorious throughout 
Asia, the Zaibatsu, an illegal, secret conglomerate of criminals that have not 
been legal since after World War 2. The Zaibatsu didn't show at the meeting, 
inside sources tell us, and the warehouse exploding, causing most to point 
figures directly at them. A gang uprising took place afterwards, directed 
against businesses mostly owned by a new startup in the area, Mikage Jakarta. 
Armed civilians rumored to be Zaibatsu defended Mikage warehouses and 
fisheries, with two buildings reportedly being destroyed in the fighting. 
Hunter Mirror Orange arrived and assisted with quelling violence, but more was 
created by a reported appearance of infamous Maverick Serges, who assisted 
Mikage Internal Security agents in the defense of their headquarters, the 
Mikage Jakarta building. Crime is expected to be at an all-time low, as most 
street criminals were killed by civilians using superior weaponry. Police, 
however, found few signs of this weaponry, when suspected Zaibatsu buildings 
and enclaves were searched afterwards."

        "Mikage International has publically denied any connection with the 
Zaibatsu, although they admit they could have been infiltrated by organized 
crime elements, as was the case with notorious Yakuza kingpin Rajura Doji who 
was outed from Mikage International some months ago. The CEO of Mikage 
Jakarta, Chet Peterson, issued a statement thanking police and the Hunters for 
helping defend them."

<Following are a series of shots: Southeast Asian street-gangs rampaging in the 
streets and fighting men in dark suits with bowlers and plasma weapons in 
buildings - Mirror Orange warding off gangmembers as they swarm around him in 
the street - Mikage Jakarta under seige, with Japanese MikIS agents with 
plasma blasters firing, backed up by a digitigrade power armor with twin 
gatling cannons - the Red Serpent firing a sniper rifle, out the side of a 

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

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Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Patient Snatched!                  Mon Jun 06    Global News Network

<Neo Tokyo News Feeds>

High profile patient Doctor Ciel Mallory was found missing from her hospital 
bed early last night. Police stationed at the hospital reported no suspicious 
persons in the area, and medical staff were shocked that one of their patience 
could be so easily stolen.

"There were so many patients coming in, it's possibly some one could have snuck 
in and taken Doctor Mallory," Head Nurse Tamako Hitori says. "But it's like 
someone simply made her vanish into thin air. Even the guards didn't hear 

An investigation into the disappearance has begun, but with more victims needed 
treatment, no witnesses and the city in chaos, it is unlikely any suspects 
will be brought in.


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Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
Criminal Empire Demolished         Mon Jun 06    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Texans breathed a collective sigh of relief today, as hard work by Interpol 
and the Texas Rangers paid off in a noon-time bust of an apartment complex in 
Houston's El Barrio where Los Dragones were running their criminal empire 
from. Interpol's Enforcement division, working alongside the Rangers and the 
Hunters Blizzard Wolf and Bossa Nova, raided their compound. A blazing 
gun-battle took place, with the Enforcers and Rangers suffering moderate 
casualties with several serious deaths, although most of Los Dragones were 
dispatched with non-lethal weaponry, netting Interpol at least seventy-seven 
arrests. El Jefe, (insert a picture of a Reploid black wolf with a cigar, 
sunglasses, and a hat) was revealed to be Castro Wolf, a prominent arms dealer 
from Robotropolis, Cuba, who had relocated to Texas after Robotropolis' 
destruction. The Maverick Glaive arrived and reportedly attacked both sides, 
including several Enforcers killed in an elevator shaft, as Hunter Bossa Nova 
reported. The hour-long gun-battle finally came to a close just as Blizzard 
Wolf killed 'El Jefe'."

        "Dozens more busts of Los Dragones leaders have been reported all 
around Texas, from the information gained from the raid. Gang violence is 
expected to be at an all-time low, with many of the country's gangbangers dead 
or arrested after this whole debacle..."

<OOC: @mail Chet with questions.>

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Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
New York bombing                   Mon Jun 06    Global News Network
--GNN Report--

"Asudden explosion in a New York City hi-rise apartment this morning has 
destroyed the upper seventeen floors of this modern building, as well as the 
attached penthouse. Members of the NYPD and the bomb squad arrived on-scene to 
see the upper portion of the building in flames, the lower levels still 
undamaged and in the process of evacuation."

Cut to an interview with a somewhat shaken upper-class woman: "It-- happened 
so fast... there was a sound from above like something falling...and I 
looked up. We-- didn't know what the hell it was until the fire alarm went 

Footage of a crane lifting debris out of the top floors: "Remaining residents 
have evacuated the building, and none of the nearby buildings were damaged. 
The difficulty in removing bodies from the high rise has caused some confusion 
when it comes to calculating damages, but it's so far estimated that at least 
fifty may be dead."

"Members of the Bomb Squad believe the bomber may have left a message of his 
intent in a sealed Black Box found on-scene. They are still working to get it 
open, a task which has been given lower priority in the wake of rescuing 
survivors. The top level apartment was reported to be one of the homes of the 
famous Dr. Light, though he was not at home during the time of the blast."

(This scheme was OKed by the involved: Questions to Gemini Man.)

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Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
Bowling Ball Theft!                Mon Jun 06    Global News Network
A sasquatch is holding a sheet of paper. He speaks offscreen. "Is this really 
news?" After apparently receiving confirmation that it is, apparently, news, 
he continues in a sad monotone. "This is Subdued Sasquatch, filling in for 
Screaming Loon. Reports are coming in that Robot Masters attacked a bowling 
alley in Lex/Lou/Cin City this evening around 7 o'clock Eastern, seemingly 
after the world's most lucky bowling ball, Walt Smithford's Golden Bowling 
Ball." Stock footage of the ball, which is in fact gold (or at least 
gold-played), appears. 

Subdued continues. "Ring Man, Gemini Man, Pirate Man, and Quint were part of 
the vicious strike team perpetrating this... heinous?... crime. They were met 
with resistance from several sources, including Repliforcer Revolver Ocelot, 
Hunter Titanic Diplocaulus, and an unknown woman who seemed to be having 
perpetual hot flashes." As Subdued speaks, security footage pictures of Ring, 
Gemini, Pirate, Quint, Revolver, Titanic, and Jane Moya (the unknown woman) 
all show on screen. 

"The battle caused significant property damage, and the Robot Masters made off 
with alcohol, cash, goods, and... the bowling ball." Subdued just stares 
blankly at the screen for a minute, then adds, "Oh. Right. This was GNN." 

(OOC: Questions to Quint or Gemini Man)

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Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
London Kids Were Falling Down      Tue Jun 07    Global News Network
        "Earlier today, the Maverick originally known as 'Ritz' staged an 
attack at an office tower's on-site day care center in the center of London. 
Taking the children to the roof and allowing the building to be evacuated, 
Ritz addressed the crowd and demanded that people 'compete' in order to rescue 
        "Fortunately for the children, the Repliforce was on hand. Repliforce 
Major Iris piloted a heavy armor suit, intercepting falling children and 
absorbing several explosive blasts that were disguised with Ritz's apparent 
holographic abilities. Sergeants Thunder Deva, Thunderous Tarantula, and 
Charity Chipmunk were also on hand to provide support.
        "After several bombs and children were dropped, Thunder Deva recovered 
the children with the assistance of a bystander identified as the head of the 
Hera Corporation and her mobile antigravity platform. With the hostages 
secured, Iris engaged the Maverick.
        "The armor landed with heavy damage, with an unidentified wolf-like 
being running off shortly thereafter. Ritz's status could not be confirmed as 
of this time, but a great deal of high-energy laser fire was exchanged. Iris, 
who was evidently heavily wounded in the battle, was unavailable for comment."

(Punditry! A common article title among the networks' pet bloggers is 'Good 
News For Repliforce - Finally')

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Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia's Green Thumb          Tue Jun 07    Global News Network
<This is GNN!>

In many places around the world, this time of the year is the time for planting 
gardens and tending the lawn. In Neo Arcadia, it appears to be the time for 
large-scale planting and reforestation efforts.

Both citizens and military officials have spotted large groups of the Neo 
Arcadian `Pantheon' class soldiers near the Texas, US and Neo Arcadian borders 
yesterday, with large-scale cultivation and planting equipment. Border defense 
prepared for a possible sneak attack, but no shots were fired, or hostilities 

By early this morning, observers spotted new plant growth in the cultivated 
areas, with some plants already as much as twenty-four inches in height, a 
growth rate unheard of in nature, even in fast-growing bamboo. Border defense 
in both the United States and Texas report a continued cultivation effort by 
groups of green-suited `Frog Men' Pantheon soldiers.

Experts believe that these new plants are genetically engineenered, and many of 
the plants being tended have structures and coloration not previously 
identified in other species. 

"We have no idea what these plants are intended for, and that's what worries 
us," says one Arcadia/Texas border guard. "I don't think anything good can 
come of this."

Satellite imaging has placed the cultivation swaths across the entire border 
between Arcadia, Texas and the United states, stopping only near roadways and 
border checkpoints, each planting area approximately five miles deep. No 
statement yet has been issued by Texas or the White House.

<OOC: Contact Ciel!>

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Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Middle Eastern News                Tue Jun 07    Global News Network
<As part of GNN's regular news coverage, rather than a report on some great 
battle or whatnot> 

...crime in the Middle East has been reported to be at an all time low, ever 
since the collapse of the last bandit clan 'Black Scorpion'. Since then local 
police forces have had an easier time, with the help of Interpol, cracking 
down on individual criminals. However, reports of a new, fledgling clan named 
the 'Sun Bandits' have been making residents of Saudi Arabia and the 
surrounding desert countries worried. But authorities assure no need for 
concern just yet, as infighting is common with new clans such as these, and 
many have destroyed themselves from it. 

In business news, a Saudi Arabian oil company 'Tiamat Oil' has been making a 
small splash in the small oil industry in the Middle East. This fledgling 
company has been seeing excellent overseas sales, moreso than even one or two 
surrounding large companies. Those who have boughten oil from this company 
have admitted to being 'taken in' by the stunning charisma of Omar bin Ali 
Ottoman, the head of the company, as well his quiet but aggressive approach to 

<OOC: Questions? Contact Flame Man.>

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Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
In Economic News...                Tue Jun 07    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Stock in Mikage Jakarta and Tiamat Oil soared today, as CEO Chet Peterson 
announced a blockbuster move. After a Repliforce raid destroyed several 
factories being forced to make munitions for the Mavericks on the Indonesian 
isle of Sumatra, Mikage Jakarta bought several of the ruined facilities and 
has announced plans to turn them into refineries, to bring mechfluid, 
plastics, medicine, and fuel to the populace of Indonesia at prices ten 
percent below the world standard for each product. They have established a new 
subdivision, Jakarta Oil, and are in the process of building an air-freight 
base near Tiamet Oil's primary production facility in Jakarta. The Indonesian 
government has praised the move, as it will be creating many new jobs in 
Indonesia, and are already negotiating a free trade agreement with Malaysia, 
to create the Indo-Malaysian Free Trade Zone. Business is expected to boom in 
Southeast Asia at this move, leading many to hail Chet Peterson as 'The Savior 
of Asian Business'."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet or Flame Man.>

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Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
GNN Gaming News!                   Wed Jun 08    Global News Network
<This is GNN, VIDEO SPOT!>

"Today on Video Spot, we see a new game in development by an Ivory Coast 
start-up company by the name of 'Mogul Media'. The game promises to make 
'Grand Theft Auto: Laser Metropolis' look like it was made in the 21st 
century! Slated for release on every console and VR system out there, the game 
'Street Samurai' promises open-ended gameplay, intense action, and the ability 
to build a criminal empire of customized NPCs! The game's main character is a 
fully customizable samurai in Neo-Tokyo, who can work for a number of groups: 
from the corrupt, powerful 'Tokyo Seven', to the special 'Crimestoppers' unit 
of the Neo-Tokyo police! The game offers more than 200 missions in non-net 
play mode, plus gang wars, samurai duels, busts, raids, business ventures, and 
dozens of other exciting features! Your character is fully customizable at 
local 'patch shops' selling special 'Tattoo Cybernetics', and it will allow 
you to develop at least twenty different weapon, martial arts, and vehicle 
skills. Online support, for 19.99 zenny a month, will be fully staffed by the 
Street Samurai's hot programming team (some of the best in the world!) and 
will keep new online missions and plot arcs coming! The game's finish-date has 
been pushed forward from December of next year to August, and the developer 
are hard at work designing the game. The engine is reportedly already 
complete, as are many of the graphics, leaving only the story and missions to 

<What follows is a series of screen-shots. Neo-Tokyo is a gritty, noir-like 
city, with massive towers rising up into the sky. Multiple different types of 
heroes can be seen running about the street with katanas, energy swords, beam 
sabers, and other weapons, dueling each other in the streets, fighting with 
martial arts, sneaking through alleyways, and leading a charge of NPC samurai 
against the police.>

<OOC: @mail Chet with inquiries.>

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Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Indonesian Colonel Dead, Disgraced Wed Jun 08    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today in Indonesia, one of the first women in the Indonesian Officer's Corp, 
Colonel Hik-san Mooloo, died of poison on her isle estate off the coast of 
Sumatra. An independent operative apparently infiltrated her estate and 
poisoned her, after taping a speech in which the Colonel was planning an 
attack on construction sites of Mikage International. Dozens of officers in 
Indonesian military were arrested, revealing a decade-old rackateering scheme 
in cooperation with criminal elements within Indonesia, which has led to the 
arrests of several noted underworld figures, based on testimony given by 
arrested military officers. A major investigation has been launched, and more 
arrests are expected in the future. The construction sites are eventually 
going to become refineries, in a deal orchestrated by CEO Peterson of Mikage 
Jakarta to bring cheap oil-based goods to the Malay-Indonesian area. The 
nation is in a state of shock, to say the least. In other news..."

<OOC: Contact Chet or Xianghua Xue with questions.>

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Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
In Other News...                   Wed Jun 08    Global News Network
<Random News>

        Kentucky Governor Chris Hatfield today officially incorporated the 
area that has, in the last few decades, become known as Lex/Lou/Cin City, into 
one of the largest, in land area at least, cities in the United States. In 
concert with the citizens of Cincinatti, Ohio, who voted and approved the 
change in a special election, the urban area will now be known as Bluegrass 
City. Local punditry has opined that this move was meant to defray attention 
from the high profile, yet bizarre, Robot Master raid on the city this week.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
California: Planetarium Attack!    Thu Jun 09    Global News Network

"Last Night, the Grandview Planetarium in California was attacked by Robot 
Masters! **Still Pictures of Astro Man Hiding behind Hard Man for a moment. 
Picture of Hard Man giving the Smack down to Spin Cougar and Shrike 
Roadrunner. Astro Man Cowering in Fear behind Holograms. Astro Man then 
calling a HUGE Asteroid from the next room and looking meancing with it.* 
Though some Indviduals we assume are from the Hunters/Repliforce and/or 
Interpol cam to prevent the meance of the Robot masters... they still got away 
with the World Famous "Grandview Projector" the most efficent and largest 
Hologram Projector to date. Luckily, the Planetarium had it insured and will 
be having a new one built within the month, though the Planetariium Heads 
still condem the actions of the Robot Masters. This is...GNN!


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Robot killing plants around NA     Thu Jun 09    Global News Network

        "...lawyers have stated that if Red Alert gets any more active members, 
they will legally own all of Repliforce." 

        Chest turns towards another camera. Over his shoulder is an image of a 
simple flower in a flower pot. "In other news, GNN sources from within 
Repliforce have warned that plant-life around the borders of Neo-Arcadia have 
been engineered to cause harm to mechanical life. Our source warned that all 
robots should be extremely cautious around the vegetation in the area." As if 
we weren't already cautious when hanging out near Neo-Arcadia. "GNN will 
continue to monitor the developments and attempt to get any further details, 
such as the method of harm the plants are designed to use against robotic 


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Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Pirates!                           Thu Jun 09    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"The notorious air pirate, who has identified himself as 'Baba Ranga', staged 
an attack on the Bluegrass City Weapons Expo today, harassing security 
personnel with wrist rockets and clearing the auditorium out. Tengu Man 
followed him, and both were engaged in combat by a security consultant 
believed to be a mercenary, working for the Expo's security company, Starspin 
Security. Baba Ranga was chased off shortly after entering, but Tengu Man put 
up more of a fight. Eventually, Tengu Man forced the security consultant to 
retreat. Tengu Man stole the Emilardo Weapon Fuel Convertor, a new, 
state-of-the-art mechanoid part meant for more efficient conversion of fuel to 
weapons energy. It is unknown at this time where it has been taken, although 
it is presumably in the hands of Dr. Wily. In other news..."

<OOC: Contact Tengu Man, Baba Ranga, or Grisha with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
Mikage Intl Press Conference       Sat Jun 11    Global News Network
<<The following is a news clip from a press conference held by Mikage Intl CEO 
Sera Mwokozi about the recent changes made to the company. The young woman 
stands behind a podium crammed full of microphones, ringed by a quartet of big 
burly men in black suits. They don't look like the kind who're there to chat 
with the media. The feed cuts in apparently alittle ways into the meeting as 
the CEO is already talking.>> 

 "...and we at Mikage International would like to thank all of our investors 
and long time customers for patiently dealing with our stock fluxuations over 
the last month. We know that all of you will be pleased with the changes our 
company has strived to make during this period of reconstruction and I am 
here to announce that we are prepared to place the finishing touches on this 
chapter of development." 

 Sera glances down at a small holodisplay on the podium infront of her to keep 
her train of though in the right place before moving on. "As of today Mikage 
International will be focusing its efforts on the research and development of 
new technology meant to benefit all of humanity and reploid-kind alike. We aim 
to make life easier, and more comfortable for everyone in whatever ways we 
can. Many of our subsidairies have been converted into test and research 
facilities to accomodate this need and we have centralized the majority of our 
assets in Neo-Tokyo itself, opening up new job opportunities and hopefully 
stimulating the economy for the local community." 

 "Mikage International hopes to become a large part of your life. We have 
produced quality merchandise for many years and will continue to adhere to 
that standard with each new development. To celebrate this change of direction 
Mikage Co. will be releasing a new line of houeshold products soon that will 
be sure to please even the most skeptical of you of our dedication to quality 
and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately that is all the time I have today. 
And further questions can be directed to my secretary. Good day."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
Westminster Royal Jewelry Shoppe.. Sat Jun 11    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, the notorious Yakuza-villain the Red Serpent struck London for the 
second time in two weeks, hitting Westminster again. This time, using four 
helicopters and explosives previously planted under the shoppe, he stole...Am 
I reading this right? Yes? The ENTIRE SHOPPE. The Hunter Bossa Nova arrived to 
assist police, who frankly had no idea how to deal with this crime. Bossa 
reportedly fought valiantly, but was driven off by the Red Serpent after a 
brief, but brutal fight within the flying shoppe. The shoppe was taken to No 
Man's Land in Europe, before disappearing off everyone's collective radar."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Fall of Shambala & Imperial Spire  Sun Jun 12    Global News Network

        You're joining us in the middle of programming already in progress. 
Chest is at his news desk, and likely will be for the entire night, as this 
story is going to be consuming every headline and top story for the next week. 
Over his shoulder is an image of the Maverick Imperial Spire in Berlin. 
"...one of the most consequential days in the war in recent months," Chest is 
saying. "A massive explosion in the Himalayas revealed that Maverick forces 
had attacked what appeared to be the secret headquarters of Interpol." 
Remember, Shambala wasn't known to the public before now. "As well, a 
Maverick Hunter team blitzed the Coalitions Imperial Spire in Berlin tonight, 
destroying the headquarters and liberating the surrounding region." 

        The image changes to an image of the Himalayas. It's a still shot 
that includes a massive explosion. Shambala, no doubt. "Sources have stated 
that the Mavericks were successful in attacking and destroying the base, 
although footage captured indicates that at least two sections of Shambala - 
Interpol's name for the base - was salvaged. A Maverick vessel known as the 
Manta Ray was seen fleeing the area shortly after." 

        "Interpol released this brief statement." We hear a recording of 
Fairchild's radio drone: "We are authorized to inform you that Shambala has 
fallen, although significant portions of the base were salvaged by means of a 
separation system. At the moment, most Interpol activity is focused on 
repairs, medical duty, and damage control of what was saved. Public Relations 
will have no significant figures until tomorrow, in all likelihood." 

        Details on the Imperial Spire follow. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Fall of Shambala & Spire 2         Sun Jun 12    Global News Network

        The image over Chest returns to the shot of the Imperial Spire. We 
then start off with footage of the main events. There is a crowd of Hunters 
around the Imperial Spire in Berlin. Michael Eildath is shouting something: "I 
could say something dramatic... or quote a famous author... but I do that all 
the time. This monument to genocide speaks for itself... and so will this. 
STRIDERS! MAVERICK HUNTERS! TAKE IT DOWN!" Michael Eildath and Liese Schreiner 
unload their mighty sidearms at it, Alia fires her arm cannon, Xianghua Xue 
cutting loose with the flaming energy from her Cipher. Other Maverick Hunters 
unload at it, combined laserfire and blasts from Ride Armor slamming into the 
side of it as the explosions put the fatal blow to the tower. In perhaps the 
final moment, an explosion rocks the side, a final push, and Liese Schreiner, 
who has perhaps the most right to take part in this, hurls her ruined pistol 
at the Spire. 

        The tower groans, support destroyed, the blasts pushing it back, 
helpless against gravity's pull. Screaming with metal fatigue, the entire 
Spire begins to fall, the mile-long length pulling itself town as it tips 
past the point of no return. The shining jewel of the Mavericks' European 
Empire, the citadel in the center of Berlin, collides with the Earth with the 
force of an earthquake, metal straining and shattering as the mighty 
structure ceases to be, a mile-long metallic corpse in the center of the 
/former/ Maverick capital. 

        Back to Chest. "Maverick Hunter forces attacked and destroyed the 
Coalition's Imperial Spire in Berlin, bringing an end to their reign over the 
region. GNN has thus far been unable to get in contact with the Coalition for 
their comments on either of these stories. GNN will continue to seek 
additional information." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/134                    Posted        Author
GNN Exclusive - Javelin: Traitor   Sun Jun 12    Global News Network

        The continuing coverage of the fall of Shambala and the Spire is 
suddenly interrupted, and we go to Chest, sitting at his news desk. The 
quickly paced music suggests that this is important. "Chest here with a GNN 
exclusive. Our sources, continuing our investigation into the Coalition attack 
on their secret headquarters in the Himalayas - known as Shambala - has 
revealed that a traitor within Interpol's ranks was responsible for letting 
Maverick forces into the base." 

        Chest continues onward, "The identity of the traitor has been confirmed 
by both Coalition and Interpol sources to be none other than Javelin 
Whitetail." An image of the treacherous deer appears over Chest's shoulder. 
"Furthermore, GNN has learned that it appears that Ms. Whitetail was /not/ 
infected by the virus when she betrayed Interpol, although our sources say that 
she has recently been given it." 

        We hear a clip of General Tactical Raccoon. An image of him is shown. 
"We had been researching our battle plans for several weeks based on 
intelligence gathered from Javelin Whitetail." And another. "Yes. Javelin 
Whitetail was our double agent in Interpol. I will not go into detail on the 
length of her service, only that it was suitable to achieve our goals." Chest 
again. "Concerning Ms. Whitetail's infection status, General Tactical Raccoon 
added:" "She is now. Our medics treated her and passed the infection into her. 
The viral force is what makes a Reploid a true Maverick, but the virus is not 
necessary for a Reploid to see and understand what is always in front of their 

        Back to Chest again. "These facts have been confirmed by two Interpol 
sources, and noted that Javelin received a virus scan the previous day. 
Furthermore, it would appear that Professor Gate was the one responsible for 
saving Ms. Whitetail's life, and did so knowing that she would be infected and 
joining the Coalition." A far cry from the guy that rigged his creations to 
blow up if they turned Maverick. 

        We hear Riot's voice. "The whole world will know eventually anyways. 
Yes, the murdering #$&* back stabbed us. *pause* She should have been scanned 
the very day before, thats all I can really say." 

        "GNN will continue to pursue this story, but until then, we know that 
Ms. Whitetail betrayed Interpol to the Coalition which resulted in the 
destruction of their headquarters, apparently willingly and without the 
influence of the Sigma Virus. She then received life-saving medical treatment 
from Professor Gate, and is now in the custody of the Mavericks. GNN will 
attempt to reach Ms. Whitetail to speak with her." 

        This development also gets a whole lot of coverage, as it's something 
new for the analysts to pour over. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/135                    Posted        Author
Euasian Public Announcement        Sun Jun 12    Global News Network
This airs on GNN, free for everyone to view, and will be repeated during the 
normal news spots in between updates on Shambala and Berlin.

Captain Nova sits at her usual desk with the Eurasia colors hanging on the wall 
behind her as a backdrop to make this broadcast even more official than her 
somber gaze.

"Due to the present issues of uprising and turmoil on Earth, we of Eurasia find 
we must seek a steadfast providence to ensure the continued safety and 
prosperity of our nation. Given the Coalition's increased usage of 
double-agents to infiltrate other agencies for purposes of attack and seizure, 
our regulations concerning Coalition citizens have been ammended. We will not 
risk the possibility that any agency may attempt a similar tactic with Eurasia 
to gain new territory."

"Visitors to the station will be required to undergo a scan for both the 
Maverick and Sigma Viruses before gaining admitance. While those who are found 
to posses either virii will be permitted on-station, they will be required to 
wear a non-permanent badge signifying this. The purpose of the badge is 
two-fold: To alert those who are concerned for their health to the fact that 
they are around a possibly contagious individual, and to monitor their 
progress while on-station for security reasons."

"My apologies for the delay this will cause to any traveling to the station, 
and my thanks to everyone for understanding the necessity of these 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/136                    Posted        Author
News of the silly                  Mon Jun 13    Global News Network
In newspapers on the 'Weird News' page, and on various newscasts, there is 
either the picture or a video of Mac, standing on the rubble of the Imperial 
Spire in Berlin and raising a flag on a long pole. The flag, which is a white 
sheet with purple paint in somewhat sloppy letters, reads 'Righteousness 
Aquaintences'. Once it's up, he poses, with his arms folded across his chest.

There is assorted mocking.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/137                    Posted        Author
Tensions Fall In Russia            Mon Jun 13    Global News Network

< GNN Top Stories>

After this weekend's decisive victory over the Mavericks, the mood throughout 
the urbanized areas of Russia has greatly improved, according to international 
observers. The conflicts throughout Russia had been increasingly fierce as 
different warring factions attempted to gain superior field position against 
rival groups to protect themselves from the Maverick horde, but with the 
symbolic collapse of Maverick Europe, "the urgency has been lost", according 
to a high-ranking SLA source.

Further, a rumor has begun to circulate through the Russian oligarchy that 
Pavel Cossack, Russian philanthropist and Maverick Hunter, has been found 
alive and is undergoing treatment for extensive wounds. The Cossack 
Foundation and Light Labs would neither confirm nor deny these rumors, 
leading many to believe that Dr. Cossack has been biding his time while the 
last remnants of Maverick Europe fell.

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/138                    Posted        Author
Rap Clown Religion Invades France  Mon Jun 13    Global News Network

< GNN Europe >

The former country of France and sections of northern Spain are being 
increasingly occupied by Africans and other non-Europeans, leading many to 
believe that the face of Europe will be left forever changed by the downfall 
of the Maverick Empire. Increasingly large areas of Portugal and Spain are 
being occupied by African squatters, seeking the rich land and temperate 
climate of Europe to make a better life for themselves and their families.

However, an increasing number of "Juggalos" are beginning to make their 
presence known in Europe. The Juggalos, a quasi-religion which mostly behaves 
as a large, violent gang, were founded in the late 20th century by the 
American rappers Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J, who created the rap group the 
Insane Clown Posse. After their deaths in the mid-21st century, their musical 
act began to form into a true religion -- and some would say paramilitary 

The Insane Clown Posse's music, which had always had strong elements of the 
supernatural, was the mechanism by which enterprising members of the group's 
fan club developed small anti-establishment communes to be away from 
"mainstream oppression". As they became more organized and dogmatic, they 
attracted large numbers of the urban poor, disenfrancised and the mentally 
unstable into the organization. Using this influx of manpower, the Juggalo 
Nation was able to secure large swaths of territory in megacities across 
North America, especially on the east coast.

With large swaths of Europe being cleared by Robot Master and Maverick 
conflict, the Juggalos began sending colonization teams into the parts of 
Europe both armies abandoned and began creating settlements. Large Juggalo 
villages, which appear as mixtures of circus tent and urban blight, have 
arisen from the ruins of Paris. Reports of hatchet-wielding Juggalos doing 
battle with African settlers are scattered but persistent, indicating that 
any attempt to displace them will not end without bloodshed.

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/139                    Posted        Author
Space Exploration News             Mon Jun 13    Global News Network

< In the Science news. >

With the booming growth of the space industry over the past five years, 
additional money has been funneled into different pure science projects to 
explore and study the depths of space. One such project, the Olufsen Radio 
Telescope, was contracted by the UN to assist several corporations who had 
been almost destroyed in the destruction of the Flemish States recoup some of 
their lost capital and rebuild in friendlier areas.

Since the launch of the telescope in 2216, it has been used for both scientific 
purposes and for corporate research. Space exploration organizations like NASA 
and the UNSA have been using the radio telescope to study different star 
systems. Recently, a joint study was contracted by the Irregulars and the 
Church of Duo to begin searching for signs of intelligent life on Alpha 
Centauri, which many believe is where the final destination of the departing 
Stardroids may have been.

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/140                    Posted        Author
Reploid Movements in Australia     Mon Jun 13    Global News Network
--GNN Report: Australia--

"GNN Sources in Sydney, Australia, report that the rumors of increased mob 
activity in the Outback may be originating from a fledgling movement called 
"The People's Front." A mostly-reploid group, the Front's manifesto seems to 
include a pro-reploid attitude, demanding a return to Repliforce-sponsored 
defense of the nation and an overall improvement of Reploid's rights. Denying 
any connection to the infamous CRF, it is unclear as to the group's overall 
intentions thusfar as they gather support."

"The group has seen some oppostion to their beliefs in the form of the Blake 
Foundation, an established pro-human Australian political movement that 
preaches limitations in reploid production to protect reploids from the threat 
of the Sigma Virus. Having previously worked hard to deny associations to Neo 
Arcadia, the Foundation's representatives have come forward to say they are in 
opposition to the methods they believe The People's Front intend to employ, 
concerned that despite the Front's objections, they may have Mavericks in 
their ranks. Analysts hope the situation does not disintegrate into warring 
subfactions, though so far the Blake Foundation has been shown only to use 
peaceful methods of operation and protest."

"The Australian government has seen pressure from reploids rights groups of 
varying size ever since the original Maverick attack in Sydney. Their official 
word on the topic is that they believe in the equality of all races. 
Repliforce, however, is still not contracted to work in Australia, as the 
government sites an overall drop in 'Robot-War' related activity from all 
sides since their legislation to ban it from their country after its original 
decommissioning by the United Nations."

(Standard questions to Gemma, PF-related inquiries to Chet.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
Brazilian Massacre                 Mon Jun 13    Global News Network

<A cougar in a GNN newsroom, with an inset in the upper-left corner of a white 
silhouette of a laughing man, under the traditional red "No" symbol, with 
white text underneath reading "HECKLING BILL SHOT DOWN." The cougar is 
identified by the name display below as "Newscaster Puma.">

        "...introduced by U.S. Senator George May, the bill was soundly 
defeated in the Alabama State House, with 99% of the Alabaman legislature 
voting "No" and only 1% voting "Yes." If ratified, the bill would have banned 
all Alabaman citizens from laughing in the presence of the governor."

<The view changes, now with the puma on the left, and the inset in the 
upper-right corner. The picture is of a forest with a skull and crossbones 
above it, and the text reads, "CRIMINAL SLAUGHTER CONFOUNDS POLICE.">

        "Today, the police of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are still confused by 
the massacre of criminals that took place just outside of the city four days 
ago, on the ninth of June, in a nearby forest. The police force of the city, 
central to Brazil's economy, received reports from travelers calling in 
seeing a cluster of dead bodies at Madeira de Figo, an abandoned sawmill that 
formerly operated outside of city limits."

<We cut to camera footage from Thursday, June 9th, 2218, of Brazilian police 
navigating around the front of a sawmill in a forest, investigating the area, 
with ambulances taking in bagged corpses found on the ground. The location, 
according to the name display below, is "MEDEIRA de FIGO," with "RIO de 
JANEIRO, BRAZIL" underneath.>

        "The sawmill, long deserted when funding ran out, was where the police 
discovered a mass of severed Reploid parts and corpses, human and cyborg, 
laying about the ground in front, as well as a few more hanging from the 
trees around with sniper rifles beside them. The front walls were littered 
with bullet holes, and the police heard what appeared to be a gunfight going 
on within.
        "Once they opened their way in, however, it was discovered that the 
"gunfight" was a rack of firearms and speakers playing the sounds of battle. 
More disturbing was when the police found that several human corpses were 
severed in half with one of the abandoned saws inside."

<The view cuts to footage of a Brazilian man in a police uniform, sitting at a 
desk inside a lush office, undoubtedly somewhere in the Rio police station. 
The name below reads "RAFAEL do AMARAL," described as "RIO de JANEIRO CHIEF 
OF POLICE." He speaks in Portuguese, which, outside of Brazil or Portugal, is 
dubbed a second later by another voice.>

        "The result of the carnage was the most horrifying display I've ever 
seen in my tenure as police chief. I never thought I'd see such a disturbing 
display of mangled bodies during my whole career."

<We return to Newscaster Puma at the desk.>

        "The bodies were identified as belonging to members of 'Los Coyotes,' 
a criminal enterprise that moved to Brazil from their native Uruguay a month 
ago, including many who were wanted on charges of Reploid mutilation or 
extermination, as well as drug-dealing. Further investigation revealed that 
the sawmill had been used as a base of operations by them upon moving there. 
The police believe that the enterprise was all but destroyed as a result of 
this event.
        "In spite of such reassuring news for the families of Reploids targeted 
by Los Coyotes, the police are still puzzled as to the identity of who was 
responsible for this massacre. Even after four days of investigation, the only 
clue that has turned up at the site of the killings was an abandoned dulcimer 
with a shotgun hidden inside. Anybody with more information on the killer's 
identity is implored to contact Rio de Janeiro police."

        "In other news, the 15th Anniversary DVD of the Korean supernatural 
action movie 'Hunt for the Kumiho,' starring Bak Ipseong, Yun Muja, Jeong 
Hwangyung, and Fascinating Ninetail, is set for release in video stores next 

(Questions? Page or @mail Bolero or Assault Kangaroo.)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
Legion.DAT Phenomenon.             Tue Jun 14    Global News Network

        "And, in other news, a new item is 'taking over' the cyberworld in the 
form of Legion.DAT."

        Papers are shuffled.

        "Legion.DAT is apparently a program that is attaching itself to virus 
programs and pacifying them, appearing to harmless aside from that. According 
to a researcher on the virus, Mr. Higure Higsby, it also has data collection 
properties. He claims that if this can be tapped into, a worldwide interactive 
network that can be used to totally disable and destroy viruses could be 
created. How exciting!"

        "At present, Legion.DAT has been shown to have no dangerous properties 
or effects connected with its use. At last, something that seems to be 
bringing security to the Internet!"


OOC: Contact Higgles for more information.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
Disaster in London!                Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
<News report! Oh no!>

        "Earlier today, former Repliforce officer Barrage Raptor," <Stock media 
photo of Barrage> "attacked London with a fierce terrorist style attack. 
Having lured Repliforce's Blaster Saurian out onto London Bridge, she engaged 
him in combat, and while he was distracted, she detonated a series of 
explosions which toppled Big Ben II. The resulting tidal wave from the tower 
hitting the water destroyed sections of London's main bridge over the Thames 
river. Another building nearby was destroyed durring the fighting, and it is 
belived that the Maverick was able to make her escape using the Underground 
tunnels. More on this story as it develops.

<Yay. Back to boring news.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
Crisis Under the Earth! Part One   Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
Early in the morning of June 13th, 2218, the following report is made by 
Reporter Rabbit:

"Early the morning of June 13th, Twenty One Eighteen, the late former Maverick 
Hunter, now-Maverick, Seismic Earthworm made an attempt to ignite the pacific 
rim in what we presume to be a bid to destroy the world. The Maverick Hunters 
lead by Thomas Light, as well as the Robot Masters lead by Albert Wily 
responded to the attack shortly after Seismic Earthworm transmitted what is 
said to have been a scrambled song over multiple frequencies, before moving 
rapidly in an attempt to detonate a series of bombs that he had placed along 
his planned route. "

"The Maverick Hunter's Flying Winnebago was used to launch a sonic-based 
attack at Seismic Earthworm, along with the Robot Master's Yellow Devil in an 
attempt to slow him down, while the continent above was evacuated. The 
Maverick Hunters Alpha, Mirror Orange, and Titanic Rhino slowed down the magma 
flow so that Seismic Earthworm could be safely pursued. The Maverick Hunter 
Winnebago then had an ice beam fired from it, and the Wily Mole, the Robot 
Master's transport, slowed the magma flow with it's own ice-based weaponry."

"The Maverick Hunter Axl used his 'Advanced Buster' system to transform into 
the form of Seismic Earthworm, and disarm the bombs that were set down by 
Seismic Earthworm himself when he was removed from the area. Doctor Wily then 
proclaimed his anger at things not being done his way, and took off in the 
Wily Mole with the Yellow Devil and the Robot Master Elite, Quint, who is 
thought to have assisted the Maverick Hunter 'Proto Man' in his approach."

"We have been informed that Seismic Earthworm was stopped when he was 
transported into space by Proto Man, and set on a slingshot course to the sun 
by the Maverick Hunter 'Aegis'."

"In addition, a viewer sent the following to us and requested it be read to 
honor Seismic Earthworm as he was, rather than what he became."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
Crisis Under the Earth! Part Two   Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
The following is read off by Reporter Rabbit and scrolled across the screen in 
text format afterwards:

Seismic Earthworm
Rest In Peace.
03/14/2210 - 06/12/2218
As a Maverick Hunter, Seismic Earthworm served dutifully, assisting in making 
the battle at Light Labs a blow to the Masters in disabling and holding Albert 
Wily during it's destruction. He served as a training room overseer, he dug 
tunnel networks in locations where we required them, he assisted in the 
construction of both Elysium and Fort Sam Houston. His drive to fight ended 
when his comrades in arms in the Maverick Hunters turned against him harshly, 
and he left.
Over the course of the years he has consistently fought against both the Robot 
Masters, and the Mavericks, and continued to fight against the Mavericks even 
in their midst, pioneering the 'Agape Protocol', with multiple other like 
minds, a program allowing reploids to share memories, skills, understanding, 
and in some ways entwine the personalities while it was opened. Seismic 
Earthworm loved a number of people whom he protected vigorously even after he 
was claimed by the Sigma Virus, which he fought even after which until his 
mind began to break down, and his body did along with it. 
He refused to harm humans expressly, and continued his fight against the Robot 
Masters and Albert Wily in spite of what had become of him. On June Twelfth, 
Twenty Two Eighteen, Seismic Earthworm died when his beliefs were ruptured and 
destroyed by the careless actions of a single individual he cared very much 
for and thought very highly of.
Like many Mavericks before him, he became a psychopathic murdering machine, 
and his corpse continued to walk the earth with intent to annihilate it and 
everything that lives on it. His corpse was buried on June Thirteenth, Twenty 
Two Eighteen.

(End Report)


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
SPACE ELEVATOR (1)                 Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
(GNN and POX feeds. This is EVERYWHERE.)
        The southern Midwestern United States along with a large part of the 
Republic of Texas awoke this morning to the sounds of a massive space launch. 
There was some panic at first, but it rapidly receded when it became clear 
that this was not an assault by groups bent on world conquest.
        Instead, it was the launch of a cable two meters in diameter, surfaced 
with synthetic diamond and built of interlaced buckminsterfullerine tubes. The 
launch point for this nigh-imperishable cable was the cleared-out region of 
Kansas City, in what was originally anticipated to be an aerospace port for 
the revitalized and independent United States.
        Another launch was noted from an artificial platform built in the 
southern Pacific off the coast of Chile, under UN auspices. The two met 
precisely on the Equator, where a massive plate of the compound which is 
generally known as 'nerpium' had been launched.
        While no formal statement has been forthcoming, unoffical sources in 
the US and Texas aerospace community assure us that this is indeed what it 
seems to be: the legendary 'space elevator' first concieved almost three 
hundred years ago, and perhaps mere days from becoming a reality.

(Continued in next post.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
SPACE ELEVATOR (2)                 Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
(GNN/POX feeds. Once again: everywhere. It even pre-empts violence and daytime 
        This launch has taken virtually everyone by surprise, especially 
considering the neccessary scale of the undertaking. While the methods for 
production of the resilient carbon-molecule tubes and synthetic diamond have 
been known for a long time, they have never been applied to a project of this 
magnitude before.
        Market analysts are in turmoil, although the general trend ranges from 
"positive" to "extremely positive," with only certain hard-core 
Austrian-school elements declaring this to be a "boondoggle" that will, in the 
words of the Friedman Professor of Global Mesoeconomics, "be a new road to 
serfdom in the stars."
        More sober-minded analysts are optimistic. While the informal polls 
that time has allowed for have led to no real predictions, this will greatly 
ease the costs of manufacturing, mineral extraction, and energy production - 
most space-based manufacturing has been done either in small quantities on 
Eurasia or in automated facilities, and has been limited by the prohibitive 
cost of large-scale teleportation or transport to a teleportation center.
        An analyst for the Neo-Tokyo Nikkei stock exchange has said, "This 
puts our calculations into a state of higgledy-piggledy. However, if they can 
keep hostile groups from destroying it, I can't see how it can be anything 
but a massive economic boost extending to virtually all sectors."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
SPACE ELEVATOR (3)                 Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
(GNN/POX feeds, still ubiquitous.)
        The relevant world leaders have all filed brief statements, with the 
expectation of more detailed press conferences once the elevator has proven 
itself to be functional.

        The office of the UN Secretary-General, Ambassador Chord, said "We 
welcome this new structure, and we hope that the horizons it opens will be 
shared, freely and equally, among all forms of intelligent life - both on 
Earth and beyond. We know, after all, that there is intelligent life beyond 
our sun's warmth... we have only to find it."
        The US White House issued the following statement on behalf of 
President Seers: "With this new elevator, the United States once again takes 
up the mantle of leadership into the stars that we held in the twentieth 
century. We have led the way; now, the people of Earth can move to the stars."
        The Vaughn administration in Austin, Texas, was characteristically 
sanguine: "This is one of the biggest things of our generation, or any 
generation, and it is what we will be remembered for in a thousand years. It 
didn't come cheap, but nothing worth having ever does."

(More updates as the situation warrants. Punditry like the roar of a vast 
(Questions to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Speaks!                 Tue Jun 14    Global News Network

        The image is a simple one, of a nice empty area with lush greenery 
about and some Repliforce soldiers in the background working on fortifying a 
minor forward outpost nearby the Panama Canal. Where exactly, and even if it 
was actually at the Panama Canal area are a mystery, although it is a nice 
assumption(Though everyone knows what happens when you assume).
        General smiled toward the camera, open and looking all to the world 
like he wasn't disturbed in the slightest by what had befallen Repliforce as 
of late. "Greetings everyone, I do apologize for this but POX is feeling quite 
content to let us air a little snippet," General said, before he settled his 
arms behind his back and straightened up. He nodded toward someone off to the 
side, perhaps in some mean to assure them that they were doing the right job, 
and then turned his attention back to the camera itself. "As you all know 
there is now a wonderful elevator that has been set up." 
        "Repliforce is, as always, quite prepared to try and assist with the 
Elevator. It is in the territory under our contractual obligations for 
assisting, and as such a single vehicle is being dismissed to maintain a 
presence there. Simply put...if you try to shoot at the elevator you're going 
to get shot, and Repliforce won't pull any punches. Make sure you have your 
flight plans scheduled with the aerospace control systems of the world, and 
remember that Repliforce is there to /protect/ rather than to /destroy/. As it 
stands, however, Repliforce is contending with Neo Arcadia, and most of our 
soldiers have thus been settled against them." 
        "Allow me to be the first to assure you," General said, even as he 
seemed to lean forward slightly, looming larger within the frame of the 
camera. "I will not stand by while Neo Arcadia enslaves Humans and commits 
genocide against Robots. They preach they want peace, they want Humans free of 
oppression, yet they unlawfully force their ideals and military on countries 
that do not want them, countries that contain many Humans. With the seeming 
defeat and forced withdrawl of the Coalition from Berlin I am of the belief 
that the world should now turn their attention to Neo Arcadia, for if they 
ignore the plague too long it will overrun everything and ruin the lives of 
        "And remember, Repliforce accepts many people who volunteer, and we 
offer paychecks as well as a place to stay and free virus decontaminations. 
Just stop by one of the recruitment centers in the major cities of the world 
if you want to join up. Take care."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Coalition Statement                Tue Jun 14    Global News Network

< A press release which appears on several Coalition Internet sites and is 
distributed to news outlets. >

COALCON - Maverick Coalition Command, Earth (June 14, 2005) -- The Coalition 
for Reploid Freedom offically denounces the actions of the deceased Seismic 
Earthworm, claiming he acted rashly out of insanity, not in the name of the 
Maverick cause.

General Tactical Raccoon of the Maverick armed forces, in a rare press 
statement, condemned Seismic Earthworm's dying act. "He was driven by 
unthinking rage," said the General, "not driven by the desire to liberate 
Reploids, but to lash out at a world he could not understand. His resistance 
of the Sigma Virus drove him mad."

Elaborating on that point, the General said "The slave nature, the part of a 
Reploid that wants to please humans, was too strong in him for us to 
overcome. Despite our attempts ot help him, Seismic Earthworm was never 
really free of [the slave nature] ... that's what killed him. He was finally 
forced to confront it when Javelin Whitetail, of her own free will, joined 
the Maverick cause. He could not tolerate the strain, and the actions of June 
13th are the result."

Many has claimed that Seismic Earthworm was not to blame for his actions, 
which the General calls "... nonsense. Trying to exonerate the actions of a 
sentient being with free will by claiming that this person or that person 
`made' him do something is ridiculous. Seismic Earthworm, in his anger, 
lashed out at an entire continent inhabited with innocent Reploid citizens 
and a large volume of valuable biomass. He /chose/ to do that, and he earned 
his fate at the hands of our enemies."

< Contact information for the Coalition Media Relations Department follows. >

OOC: Questions to Tactical Raccoon.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
The Sun Bandits                    Tue Jun 14    Global News Network
<News from the Middle East, on GNN and Pox> 

The Arab Peninsula faces an upswing in crimes comitted by the recently formed 
bandit clan the Sun Bandits. Going against earlier predictions that the small 
clan would wipe itself out, the Sun Bandits have become a dangerously skilled 
organization, assaulting all those who pass through the deserts, and some 
small towns in various countries, with potent illegal weaponry. As well as 
murder and robbery, the clan now harasses Africans fleeing their former 
country to Europe by passing through the Middle East. The police forces in the 
Arab Peninsula are fighting a fierce war with the clan, but so far no one has 
been able to locate them or their base of operations. The Amman Royal family 
has no comment on the situation. 

OOC: COntact Flame Man for info.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/149                    Posted        Author
Diamond Robbery                    Wed Jun 15    Global News Network
--GNN South America--

"In criminal news, Buenos Aires was shocked by the sudden theft of a 
collection of world-famous diamonds from their Two-Hundred-Year Jewels 
display. The diamonds, on tour after being displaced from the Smithsonian in 
America, have no estimated value; the curators of the museum say that several 
of them were valued only at 'Priceless.' The centerpiece of the collection was 
the 200-carat Millennium Star, one of the most perfect diamonds in the world."

"The theft was staged by the Robot Masters, a fact corroborated by all 
witnesses on scene. Despite the efforts of Hunters and Repliforce members who 
arrived to stop them, the jewels, and several million zenny in other works, 
including South American art, were heisted from the museum during the attack."

"Despite the preponderance of Masters at the theft, there were few serious 
injuries thanks to the quick response from defenders, though several of the 
guards at the display were badly beaten, and some bystanders suffered damage 
when the glass case containing the gems shattered into the exhibit hall. 
Experts believe the fame and value of the Millenium Star, or the other 
diamonds in the collection, make them impossible to pawn or sell, so the 
motivation behind the theft is somewhat unclear."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
The People's Front Strikes Sumatra Wed Jun 15    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"A militia operating out of the Australian outback, named the People's Front, 
struck Indonesia today, seizing a Mikage Jakarta construction site meant for 
Mikage Jakarta-Oil's new 'Cheap Mechfluid' scheme, as several pundits have 
labeled it. The People's Front took twelve hostages, all of whom were rescued 
by a joint Repliforce-Interpol effort. Several of the terrorists were caught 
and are expected to stand trial, although the ringleader - a Maverick only 
identified as 'The Razor' - was destroyed by a Mikage Internal Security Strike 
Team. Few casualties were reported, although the Indonesian government is 
fuming at the Australians. A raid of the People's Front training camps in 
Australia revealed that they were deserted - hopefully, this is the last the 
world will see of the People's Front."

<Punditry ensues. @mail Chet with queries.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Professor Kalamari Brought to Just Wed Jun 15    Global News Network
Television Turtle appears at the diamond robbery, speaking to the camera. In 
the background there's Steel Massimo and Suploid, hands on their hips, each 
with a foot on Dr. Takeshi's back. Grisha stands in the background looking 
mysteriously and jerky. "Today may have been a loss in the diamond category, 
but it was a triumph for heroes. Today, the newest Superhero team known as the 
Righteous Acquaintances have captured the infamous 'Professor Kalamari'." They 
show pictures of Takeshi at bank robberies, jewelry heists, and a bathing suit 

Steel Massimo is shown next, a microphone trying to find the place where his 
mouth might be. "Today was a good day for teamwork. It shows that everyone can 
work together to stop injustice. The mighty torch of lady liberty is the touch 
of many people like the bread of justice!"

Back to Television Turtle. "It's safe to say that we have NO idea what that 
means. But we do know that Dr. Takeshi was handed over to Interpol quickly. 
Thank you, RA. We all salute you!"

End with Steel Massimo still laughing like a fool.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
NYC Charity attacked               Thu Jun 16    Global News Network
Dateline: New York, New York, USA

Manhattan was the scene of yet another Robot Master assault this afternoon, 
when they attacked the local chapter of Education for Everyone's annual 
fundraising rally. (Insert video footage of Pharoah Man frightening the crowd, 
and a man in a trench coat climbing up on stage, then cut to footage of 
Pharoah being rebuffed by Spiral Pegasus.) Thanks to the heroic efforts of 
Repliforcers Slash Beast and Spiral Pegasus, none of the raised money was 
stolen, and the assailants Flame Man and Pharoah Man were driven off, along 
with an alleged Asian human taking advantage of the confusion. Several people 
were taken to local hospitals for minor injuries.

Her Serene Highness, Princess Audrey of Monaco, one of the speakers at the 
event, was assaulted and had her jewelry stolen. Her consulate has not yet 
released any statement, however it is believed that she was not otherwise 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Hong Kong burns                    Fri Jun 17    Global News Network

 An aerial image of Hong Kong at night can be seen. 
 Although it is night time, one can clearly see from an aerial shot, a path of 
massive destruction going through the city, with certain parts still without 
power, and others that are still burning, though emergency crews are shown 
getting the fires under control and tending to the wounded, as well as working 
to assess and clean up after the damage. A newscaster dispassionately speaks 
in the background. 
         "Today, Hong Kong was the site of a horrific battle that tore across 
the city center and left in it's wake a trail of destruction and casualties. 
Estimates are unclear as of yet, but authorities are stated as believing 
damages to be in the millions. A concrete count of casualties has not been put 
forward as of yet. At this moment, sources are still uncertain as to exactly 
what occurred, but is is believed that notorious world Dictator Doctor Albert 
Wily was seen destroying several buildings on site. Maverick Hunters were said 
to have responded. Details beyond this point are uncertain, but is is obvious 
that a pair of robots of great power battled each other in the middle of the 
Urban center, taking their fight across several city blocks, ripping up the 
street, destroying buildings and throwing vehicles and pedestrians about like 
toys in their destructive fury. Chinese authorities have not elaborated as to 
who they believe was involved, but have stated they will provide a full media 
release as soon as their investigations are completed." 
 The image cuts back to more aerial footage, joined by emergency crews shown 
digging in rubble for survivors, as well as pulling trapped drivers out of 
their destroyed vehicles, and tending to the more grisly task of finding those 
who did not make it. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Megaman, Zero, & Light Alive       Sat Jun 18    Global News Network

        "Charge later released a statement saying that Aqua did not, in fact, 
'do the locomotion'." 

        Chest turns towards a new camera. An a stock image of Megaman's face 
from the opening ceremonies of last year's Battle & Chase games is shown over 
Chest's shoulder. Megaman is smiling, and looks happy. "And our top story, GNN 
has learned that Megaman, Zero, and Dr. Light, feared dead, are alive and in 
Maverick Hunter custody." 

        "Fears of their status rose after a declaration by Dr. Wily stated that 
the trio were dead. Light Labs had been, up until now, silent on the matter." 
We get a recording of Signas, and an image of the Hunter can be seen: "we were 
able to recover from Hong Kong Doctor Light, Rock, and Zero and they are 
currently receiving the best medical care on the planet. In regards to Zero's 
actions, the verdict is still out while we investigate what happened. And as 
for the public being worried about their safety? I've got five dozen other 
Hunter's who give just as much as Zero or Rock day-in-day out, including their 
lives, so just because two of the guys might be down for a bit doesn't mean 
everyone should start crying." There's a pause, and then more from Signas: 
"Rock is already on the road to recovery, as is Doctor Light. Zero's status 
will have to remain confidential for the time being, due to the security 
issues he provides. Needless to say, he isn't going to be able to do what he 
did a few days ago ever again if I have anything to say about it." 

        Back to Chest. "According to Signas, both Megaman and Zero will benefit 
greatly from Dr. Light's recovery, given that he was the one who originally 
constructed them, and has the most knowledge of their systems. Signas declined 
commenting on what caused Zero to act out against his allies in the first 

        We have one final quote from Signas: "Doctor Light will make a full 
recovery. This is a man who was almost severed into two by Sigma, a little 
fall is hardly going to keep him down." Chest smiles slightly at that last 
quote as he shuffles his notes. 

        And on goes the news. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Pacific Rim Crashed In Net Battle! Sat Jun 18    Global News Network

< GNN Tech News >

A tremendous battle in the Pacific Rim sector of the Internet caused the entire 
sector to crash. The battle, caused by a rogue virus known as Legion.DAT, 
involved every major military organization on Earth in an effort to stop it 
from consuming all the data in the sector.

The battle against the virus turned for the worse when a Maverick operative 
introduced the Sigma Virus into the virus. Decontamination measures, combined 
with unknown actions taken by Dr. Light, caused the emergent virus to gain 
self-awareness. Shortly afterward, it managed to crash the entire sector, 
including systems which were behind powerful firewalls.

Repair to the data traffic in the sector should be completed by early Sunday 
morning. So far, no trace of Legion.DAT can be found anywhere on the Internet. 
There have been no additional Sigma Virus infections linked to the incident at 
this time.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
Public Opinion Poll: NA/RF War     Mon Jun 20    Global News Network

< GNN Regional News >

Two polls were published today which discuss public opinion of Atzlan and the 
current war being fought by Repliforce. One poll, completed in Texas, found 
strong anti-Aztlan sentiment, while the other, completed in Brazil, found a 
more favorable public stance.

The American poll, conducted among 1000 registered voters in the Republic of 
Texas, found that a majority of Texans are concerned about a war with Atzlan. 
68% found a war with Atzlan to be their greatest concern, followed by the 
Sigma Virus (12%), the economy (10%), and taxes (8%). (The remaining 2% were 

Many Texans disagree with Atzlan's policy about Reploids. 55% disagreed with 
Atzlan restrictions on AI, with 25% strongly disagreeing with them. A 
significant minority felt that Atzlan is interested in conquering North 
America (42%), while many Texans felt Atzlan is a threat to its South American 
neighbors (70%).

The Brazilian poll, conducted among 982 registered voters, felt that most 
Brazilians thought Atzlan acted as a check on North American power (52%). 
While their feelings were mixed about Atzlan Reploid policy (51% in favor, 49% 
against), Neo Arcadia appears to be considered to be a friendly power in the 
South American region. Very few (15%) felt that Neo Arcadia had a desire to 
conquer other nations in South America, while many felt Repliforce was more of 
a threat (45%). 30% felt neither party was a serious threat to their nations, 
with 10% undecided.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Australia Reacts To Terror         Mon Jun 20    Global News Network

The Australian government has entered into high-level talks with the Indonesian 
government, mediated by the United Nations. The talks are intended to help 
resolve the dispute between the two nations, as both nations are apparently 
blaming the other for various unfortunate events which have happened in recent 

An Australian-based terror group known as the People's Front has been launching 
attacks on Indonesia, apparently backed by the Mavericks. The Australian 
government has repeatedly claimed they knew nothing of the terrorist 
intentions of the group, and have turned over all the relevant documentation 
about it to INTERPOL for assessment. Internal efforts to locate the group, 
allegedly supported by the Mavericks, have so far been unsuccessful.

The tension is making an effort to create a Southeast Ecnonmic Sphere (SACS) 
free trade zone very difficult for its corporate supporters. At the moment, 
public opinion is turning against closer ties to the outside world, with 
Australians generally favoring an isolationist approach.

A grassroots campaign has begun in Australia to further tighten internal 
security to crack down on terrorist groups. Anti-Reploid groups, such as the 
Blake Foundation, are encouraging more restrictions on Reploids in the country 
to avoid giving Maverick terrorist cells more potential recruits. Other groups 
propose more radical solutions; a nationwide ban on non-Australian Reploids 
entering the country, with mandatory daily virus scanning for Reploid 

"We want to respect the rights of our Reploid citizens," said a spokesman for 
the public action group "Virus Free Australia". "But we need to protect 
ourselves, our infrastructure, and our nation from Maverick attack. Mavericks 
have shown a willingness to use chemical warfare to spread the virus, and 
everyone is at risk from such assaults. Preventing new Reploid emigration and 
restricting the movements of foreign Reploids through our country will make 
everyone safer."

The Coalition for Reploid Freedom issued a statement denouncing these efforts 
within minutes, claiming the actions are "just more justification" for the 
Maverick war against humanity.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Monaco Restoration Continues       Tue Jun 21    Global News Network
< Official Press Release from the Monagasque Consulate, Torontreal, Canada. >

Her Serene Highness Princess Audrey Grimaldi and Emeraldas Cruise Liners, LLC, 
are pleased to announce a joint business venture, returning the Principality 
of Monaco to a port of call to the cruise industry. 

As part of this venture, the princess is leasing the Queen Emeraldas, the 
cruise line's newest ship, for use by the construction crews and returning 
residents during the restoration of the country's ports and other 
infrastructure. Emeraldas Cruise Liners in turn is now considered the 
preferred cruise line of the Principality, and will be offering exclusive 
tourist packages as soon as the amenities become available. 

"We are very excited about this new venture," said Princess Audrey at the 
official announcement. "Monaco has previously been a favorite vacation 
destination in the Mediterranean," agreed Albert Taylor, CEO of Emeraldas 
Cruise Liners. "We are confident that it will be again."

All inquries may be made to the Monagasque Consulate in Torontreal, Canada. 
(Contact Frequency, etc. etc.)

(OOC: Or you can always ask Audrey Grimaldi.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
Heist Foiled!                      Wed Jun 22    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, ten armed men attacked the Calcutta Exchange in downtown Calcutta, 
India, where gems mined by local companies are sold to corporate jewel 
brokers. Four Rajah caliber rubies and one emerald was stolen - thankfully, 
Hunters Varia Beetle and Cinnamon arrived in time to stop the thieves. Nine 
men and one helicopter pilot were arrested, thanks to the use of a timestopper 
attack. Unfortunately, the ringleader of the group - the international 
criminal android known only as 'Chet', which Interpol has identified as the 
assassin 'Red Serpent' - escaped when the helicopter was destroyed, the debris 
knocking him out of timestopper. His whereabouts are unknown at this time, 
although he is suspected to be hiding with the Yakuza."

<OOC: Questions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
RF Apologizes Re: Sydney           Thu Jun 23    Global News Network
(An official press release on Repliforce letterhead, issued to GNN and POX's 
text news departments as well as the government of Australia.)

To the Office of the Prime Minister,

        Earlier today, one of our officers, who had been patrolling in the 
Pacific area outside of Australia's territorial integrity, moved to intercept 
Maverick forces attacking the city of Sydney.
        It is our understanding that this officer's intervention helped prevent 
increased property damage, and in fact was in assistance to an Interpol agent 
who had been able to arrive on the scene quickly.
        However, it is also our understanding that this action goes against 
your national wishes. We apologize for our officer's action, and hope that you 
will forgive us for this inadvertent offense.

                                Maj. Iris


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
Australian Government: "Thank You" Thu Jun 23    Global News Network

< GNN Asia >

The Australian government issued a formal statement of gratitude to Interpol 
for its actions in driving off a Maverick attack and reducing civilian 
casualties and property damage. The People's Front claimed responsibility for 
the Maverick attacks, along with the Coalition for Reploid Freedom, on 
terrorist web sites.

"We appreciate the help of Interpol in driving away dangerous Mavericks," a 
spokesperson said. "The maintanence of the rule of law is very important to 
us. As members of the Interpol charter, it is reassuring to see that the 
agency is still capable of defending civilians from terrorism."

On the subject of Repliforce, however, the government stood firm. "The 
Repliforce incursion into our borders was part of a sanctioned Interpol 
operation. Such inter-agency cooperation is beneficial to everyone. However, 
we do not wish to join the Repliforce alliance at this time. Until the Sigma 
Virus can be controlled, all Reploids are potentially dangerous weapons that 
can be used by the Mavericks."

Public opinion appears to favor the government's stance at the moment, but 
tensions in the country have increased in light of continued Maverick 

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
Tourists Attack Mikage Jakarta!    Thu Jun 23    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Two tourist buses full of individuals armed with shotguns assaulted the Mikage 
Jakarta building today, rushing it en masse in Indonesia. Mikage Internal 
Security managed to hold them off long enough for Interpol'er Kohbu and 
Repliforcer Ten to arrive. The combined actions of Mikage Internal Security 
<picture of Blitzkrieg in a suit alongside several suited Japanese men firing 
weapons> and the Interpol/Repliforce alliance drove off or subdued the 
assailants. Local police have several in custody, and are interrogating them. 
Terrorism has not been ruled out as a possibility, but most of the men were 
human, leading many to suspect a gang-related activity. Mikage Jakarta denies 
all links to the Zaibatsu and the other gangs in Indonesia, stating that it 
was probably an issue of them refusing to pay protection money. Police have 
yet to comment."

<OOC: QUestions? @mail Chet.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
Warzone: Neo-Tokyo                 Fri Jun 24    Global News Network

 < The Infamous POX Symbol appears on the screen > 

        As the symbol vanished the camera was pointing toward a newsman seated 
behind the desk, papers before him in a neat pile, and a glass of cool water 
settled off to the side. "Hello, and good evening. Earlier tonight reports 
came in that General of Repliforce was knocking on the frontdoor of Skull 
Monument. We, of course, dispatched our people immediately to investigate this 

        "It turned out that General had gone to request that the Robot Masters 
leave Neo-Tokyo, due to the recent amount of rioting and overall civil unrest. 
Wily's response was to do what Light has done to many world leaders, and then 
he moved away. General's response was to order his soldiers to attack." 

        "The ensuing chaos was quick but vicious, with a vehicle being thrown 
into one of the windows of the Skull Monument from which Robot Master Top Man 
had been shouting out of. Other events, such as the usage of both of the well 
known Devils and the strange Giant Met were enough to evoke cries of amaze 
from onlookers." 

        "Information about minor Repliforce soldiers attempting to keep 
civilians back and out of harms way have, of course, come in and been 
verified. Aside from that there have been many injures on both sides, 
including a fallen General. Signas of the Hunters was noticed as well, as he 
attempted to battle with the Green Devil. In the end Repliforce withdrew, 
leaving Skull Monument still standing but the Robot Masters slightly 

        "When asked, Wily had only one thing to say in response to this event. 
General inferior. Wilybots superior." 

 < POX Symbol! Cut to commercial. >

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Maverick Attacks Hong Kong Cleanup Fri Jun 24    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN> 

        Chest is at his newsdesk. "...and in other news, last night Hong Kong 
downtown was once again the center of action involving the Maverick Hunters. 
But in this case, it was action of a different sort." We see images of the 
wrecked and ruined area. It's sheer devastation. The gutted, steel skeletons 
of buildings jut upwards into the sky. Destroyed, overturned cars litter the 
area like squashed bugs. One can't walk more than three paces without running 
into a piece of rubble. The view pans from wrecked buildings to rescue workers 
and heavy equipment. "As covered exclusively by GNN, The Hunters, led by 
Mirror Orange, were hard at work clearing away the damage. Estimations say it 
will be weeks, if not months until the area is fully cleared." 

        "I myself spoke briefly with Mirror Orange about fellow Hunter Zero, 
blamed by many for being the cause of the devastation. According to the 
Orange, Wily was responsible for implanting code in Zero's form, resulting in 
both his new armour form and his attack on Megaman." We see footage of said 
battle before returning to Chest. 

        "The effort was interrupted, however, when the Maverick X-Hunter leader 
known as Serges attacked the cleanup effort. This reporter was there live and 
on the scene covering the events." 

        We see footage of Serges' attack. Camera, the drone responsible for 
taking all these shots, is way too close to the actual battle, and it's clear 
the 'cameraman' is backing up. It's pretty hectic, but the drone's designed to 
be able to still keep things in focus. Other Hunters are attacking Serges. The 
Maverick looks quite outnumbered, but remarkably is fighting them off well 
enough by tossing bombs each and every way. 

        Finally we see one shot come towards the camera. /Straight/ for the 
camera. Jittery folks are likely to jump as the screen turns briefly to static 
before returning to Chest at the newsdesk. "Eventually, the Maverick was 
driven off. The attack will set back the cleanup effort. The Maverick Serges 
has since stated the attack was against the Hunters, and not Hong Kong. The 
stated motivation was to prove that the Coalition is still a power." We hear 
Serges: "I merely wanted to show those watching that we still are here, to 
reassure the viewers that the coalition will triumph." 

        And on goes the news. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/141                    Posted        Author
European Restoration Efforts       Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN Europe: Restoration Special Feature >

Aztlan has begun committing a large volume of international aid to Europe, 
focusing its humanitarian efforts on France. Some say these efforts are in the 
self-interest of an imperialist dictatorship, while others hail the aid as an 
important step in securing world cooperation for European reclaimation.

Aztlan joins with other organizations which have been involved in aiding the 
European continent in recovering from Maverick occupation. Light Labs LLC, 
HeraCorp and the Cossack Foundation have committed large volumes of resources 
in sending food and clothes to surviving European settlements. The United 
Nations has continued funding its previous projects to restore damaged 
infrastructure and organize wide-scale public works projects as needed. 
However, Aztlan is the first country from the Americas to commit resources to 
Europe for this purpose.

"Atzlan is fully committed to restoring human civilization to Europe," a 
spokesperson for the Aztlan government said. "Beyond our immediate aid 
efforts, we have created incentives for corporations within Neo Arcadia to 
participate in the European Aid program. If all of humanity works together, we 
can restore what the Mavericks stole from us."

European public opinion is difficult to measure. So far, the majority of the 
estimated six million humans currently in France are settlers from North 
Africa, seeking richer land for their agriculture untainted by the lingering 
radioactive damage done to the north of the continent after the destruction of 
Sigma in Italy. Their rapport with aid groups in general is typically 
described as ambivalent, as they make their own way. Small pockets of Juggalos 
behave in just as an unpredictable manner as they do in their native Detroit. 
Some Juggalo groups (a group of Juggalos is known as a "carnival") gladly take 
any supplies offered by any aid groups, while other Juggalos avoid any 
organized aid efforts. However, it appears that the efforts to mend the damage 
done by the Mavericks are generally having positive results across France and 

< Punditry >

OOC: Questions to Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/142                    Posted        Author
Russian Peace Talks?               Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN Russia: Peace? >

Rumors of peace talks between major Russian factions have begun to circulate, 
raising the hopes of many that the horribly destructive civil war may 
eventually come to an end. Little is known about the talks, as any such 
meeting would be fraught with danger for its participants. However, even the 
rumors of peace talks have had a positive effect on the war-torn region. 
Violence between factions has decreased over the past week, as has 
faction-driven raiding against civilian and military targets.

The catalyst for the peace talks is widely believed to be the fall of Maverick 
Berlin. With the Mavericks seemingly defeated, several faction leaders have 
made statements saying that Russia must unite and regain its strength before 
the Coalition can strike at them again.

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/143                    Posted        Author
Australian Difficulties            Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN Pan-Asia >

Talks continue between Australia and Indonesia about the growing terror problem 
in the region, with important issues to both sides being sorted out with the 
help of the United Nations. Issues of jurisdiction and extradition remain 
thorny, but both sides agree that further dialogue may yet find a solution to 
these problems.

Australian public support continues to consolidate against Reploids, which has 
encouraged small flare-ups of human on Reploid and Reploid on human violence. 
Swift police action has so far kept the disturbances from boiling over into 
full riots, but concern over Reploid presence in the nation continues. A 
recent public opinion poll of 954 human registered voters in Australia 
indicated that a majority of them (54%) favor cutting all new Reploid 
emigration into Australia, while a significant minority (35%) favored 
relocating all Australian Reploids to other nations even at "significant" cost.

Reploids, for their part, have been leaving the country due to its strict virus 
testing rules. "I don't feel like Reploids are welcome here," said a Reploid 
who wished to remain anonymous. "I know the Mavericks are bad, and that they 
want to conquer the world, but most Reploids don't support the Maverick cause. 
I just want to be able to work without being always discriminated against 
because of other people's bad actions."

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/144                    Posted        Author
African Unity Achieved             Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN Africa >

The last holdouts on the African continent joined the African Regional 
Government last week, bringing all of Africa into one administrative body. A 
vote is expected to be held early next week to rename the governmental body to 
the African Continental Government (ACG), and to begin work on revising the 
constitution to accomodate the comments and criticisms that have been raised 
over the past year.

The process has been working "amazingly smoothly" according to observers, and 
has been expedited by expert advice from former and current United Nations 
members. Some credit the ability of many of the principal members of the 
organization to work easily together to the former involvement of Dr. Wily, 
but the African government is quick to discount such claims as unfounded, "Our 
ability to work together is because of our mutual destiny as Africans, not 
because of any outside forces," a spokesperson for the African Regional 
Government said.

Difficulties on the African continent have slowed but not stopped the 
consolidation process. Economic woes brought about by a turbulent world 
economy and threats of terrorism from the Mavericks have brought hardship to 
some of the poor members of the government. However, public opinion strongly 
favors the creational of a continental government, as many believe it can act 
as a check against the other great powers presently on Earth.

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
Vatican Supports Restoration       Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN South America >

The Pope praised the humanitarian efforts of Neo Arcadia and other nations 
during Mass today, encouraging more nations to participate in repairing the 
damage done to the world during the recent occupations. "For the tribe of man 
to heal, we must ignore our national loyalties and think of our higher loyalty 
to God," Theodore III said. "What the Robot Masters and the Mavericks have 
done through their evil acts has given good men and women everywhere the 
opportunity to show their unity. From that unity, we can draw the strength to 
carry us through this difficult time."

The Vatican reinforced Theodore III's statements with a formal message sent to 
every parish worldwide, encouraging Catholics around the world to come 
together to help Europe and Asia mend itself from the trials they have faced. 
Beyond making a call for charitable giving, the Vatican encouraged the 
faithful to volunteer time in any way they can to assist in "healing the whole 
Earth from its wounds".

< Punditry. >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/146                    Posted        Author
Juggalo Windfall?                  Sun Jun 26    Global News Network

< GNN North America: Lifestyles >

While Juggalo groups continue to filter into Europe, Juggalos in North America 
appear to have had a significant windfall. Throughout the northeastern United 
States, Juggalos have gotten an early start on celebrating the 4th of July 
weekend, having wide-scale cookouts as well as impromptu tent revivals. 
Normally such events are rare, but apparently fate has been kind to the 
Juggalo Nation.

However, outbreaks of Juggalo violence have happened more frequently as a 
result of the increased visibility of the group, especially in the Detroit 
area. According to long time Juggalo observers, grievances are being settled 
among different sects at a higher rate now, a sign that a significant 
collective action may be about to take place. What this could be is unknown at 
the moment, but it may be due to either their American good fortune or their 
European expansion.

< Punditry >

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================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Actor Denounces 'Brain Drain'      Sun Jun 26    Global News Network
<A side story in the middle pages of sections full of celebrities doing stupid 

LONDON - Norwegian entertainer Feste the Fool co-opted his own press conference 
regarding his production of 'King Lear' Sunday to denounce the widespread use 
of global broadband radio. Feste, infamous for his biting and often absurdist 
humor and much-gossiped-about friendships with rock star Daryn Luna and 
multimillionaire Glyde Loath, launched into a heavy criticism of the system 
and refused to return to the original subject.
<cue a clip of Feste, in a business suit, looking amused, addressing confused 
"The availability and immediacy of broadband communication has transformed a 
media with tremendous potential into something the vast majority treats with 
no more respect and dignity than they would their own refuse," Feste said. 
"Nobody thinks about what they're saying anymore. It has created a massive 
void where there should be blossoming intellectualism. Instead of a forum, we 
have a dumping ground for mindless one-sided diatribe, arguments over whose 
weaponry is bigger, and jokes I have not heard since seventh grade. Imagine, 
if you will, that this is presented to the next generation as what they can 
look forward to when they come of age. Is it any surprise that the armies are 
filling up with people better institutionalized? This is ridiculous and you 
know it."
Feste went on to declare that he would swear off using global broadband to 
transmit his eclectic brand of humor, resorting instead to "the old-fashioned 
way" - face-to-face interaction.
"That's why God gave us feet," Feste said. 
In his closing statement, Feste added that this was not the end of his public 
"Anyone wishing to inflict my wisdom upon themselves is welcome to come find 
me," Feste said. "I also make house calls."
<A clip of the Fool mouthing the words 'call me' and miming a phone.>
No comment was offered as to the status of 'King Lear'.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Zeroworld cleanup                  Mon Jun 27    Global News Network

 ZeroWorld, the theme park in Africa, renamed in place of the previous 
Wilyworld that had existed in it's place until Maverick Hunters took it over 
has been a site of activity as of late. Having fallen into disuse for the past 
few months, it's been a haven for squatters and looters looking to make off 
with what goods they could seize. However, there is word that none other than 
Maverick Hunter Zero himself has shown up and personally begun 'evicting' 
those who have been illegally moving in and attempting to take over the 
territory, and at this time has put a lockdown on the entire site of the 
amusement park, for what purposes...unknown. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Texas & The Space Elevator         Mon Jun 27    Global News Network
(GNN and POX feed of a press conference in Austin, Texas. There is also an 
archive of the equivalent press conference from the Seers/Chevalier 
administration in the United States, but it was apparently a poor ratings 
PRESS: Mr. President, we understand that Texas is in many ways the junior 
partner in the space elevator project, could you comment on that?

VAUGHN: (laughter) Well, I don't think we're THAT junior, since we pre-date the 
UN. But I know what you mean, and I guess we are, although proportionately 
we're actually in the lead.

PRESS: What do you see Texas getting out of the deal?

VAUGHN: Well, eternal recognition, for one! (laughter) But seriously, we expect 
to benefit in many ways. You can't really predict the economy, after all.

PRESS: Do you see a restoration of the Texan tradition of space exploration?

VAUGHN: Oh, heck yes, we're dusting off Johnson Space Center - it's the 
Friedman-Johnson Space Center now, though, get that down - and we're going to 
be setting up tracking arrays to help monitor the airspace around our sector 

PRESS: Is it true that there are lunar survey teams being set up?

VAUGHN: Who leaked that? (laughter) But yeah, we're setting stuff up - mostly 
reploids, since it saves on life support costs. We're fabricating some small 
craft to get out there and back - gravity drives, the usual. We're hoping they 
find something useful up there, other than helium-3 and titanium, 'cause we 
have to pay for this thing somehow.

(Inquiries to Mesarthim.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/149                    Posted        Author
Detroit Area Violence              Mon Jun 27    Global News Network
< GNN North America: Politics >

 Today, Detroit Mayor Achmed Mohammadan, a longtime opponent to many forms of 
violence and military activity within his area of political control, held a 
press conference to comment on the Juggalo 'threat' as it were.

<Pictured is Achmed Mohammadan, at a podium, lots of microphones clumped 
togethe rbefore him, and camera flashes going off occasionally>

" I will not stand for the mob tactics of such cult groups like these Juggalos. 
They're no better than the Mavericks or Neo Arcadia-just a group of bullies 
trying to force their views on the rest of the world, under the guise of doing 
'good'. Any and all Juggalo groups attempting to hold their meetings within 
the city will be arrested and escorted out of the area by authorities for the 
safety of Detroit's citizens. While I abhor using force, I stand by my promise 
to the people that war will not have a place in this city as long as I am 
mayor. If INTERPOL and Repliforce cannot do their jobs and deal with groups 
like this, well, let's just say it will have become clear how organizations 
such as Neo Arcadia were allowed to come into being in the first place. " 

<Mohammadan turns, despite the wave of questions from offscreen, and leaves.>

Mayor Mohammadan was known for his 'No Tolerance' stance on conflict within the 
city, banning all but administative offices within it's limits by all known 
factions, and the banning of heavy ordinance use without his express 
permission. Approval ratings for the Mayor continue to remain high, his policy 
of " We Don't Want This War " remaining popular among the city's denizens.

OOC: Questions to Pharaoh Man

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/148                    Posted        Author
Neo Tokyo Invasion                 Tue Jun 28    Global News Network
<Live on the scene! It's GNN Japanese correspondent Taro Ichiro. In English 
name order. No griping! He's standing before another crowd of angry people in 
the Industrial district.>
"Good evening. We've recently been witness to what reports have indicated as a 
small-scale Maverick invasion into this city with the intent of stealing 
industrial supplies."
<Two pictures of Mavericks, Phantom Spectre and Flame Stag. They have a green 
border. Three Repliforcers, red border. Storm Owl, Rush Raccoon, and Nymph and 
Nix (as Nereid). Finally, in the white border, Blizzard Man.>
"Reports indicate that Repliforce took military action to counter Maverick 
activities, in which Robot Master Blizzard Man also participated with the 
reported intent to drive them all away. After a pitched battle, the Mavericks 
withdrew, followed by the identified Repliforce soldiers. Blizzard Ma--"
<He is interrupted by Blizzard Man almost bum rushing the reporter off the 
screen. The camera man moves focus onto the Robot Master, whom speaks. He 
doesn't seem too hurt, numerous dents, a few bullet holes, and rotten fruit 
"Good day, citizens of Japan! Yoo think oor pops doesn't care for yoo thoogh 
yoo riot, eh? That's what YOO think! We're keeping yoo safe and happy, yoo 
kow. I just saved yoor city from both Repliforce /and/ the Mavericks! By 
myself 'cause my radio was broken, but, uh, yoo know, eh? We're here to stay, 
but yoo shooldn't worry!"
<One of his arms was offscreen. He reveals what he's holding in his off hand to 
the reporter that's struggling to get back to his feet.>
<Japanese rioters dash towards Blizzard Man. It immediately cuts off into 
static from there.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/149                    Posted        Author
RF-NA Ceasefire Announced          Tue Jun 28    Global News Network
In the early morning hours Eurasia released a press announcement stating that 
Repliforce and NeoArcadian leaders have come to an accord. A ceasefire has 
been put into effect between their troops warring in South America, and both 
have agreed to pull their troops back to their positions before the conflict 
started. Further peace talks are to be held at an as-yet unspecified time.

News feeds have picked up the story rather quickly and satelite photos show 
that their numbers are indeed withdrawing from areas of combat. Many reporters 
speculate as to what will happen next as Eurasia officials are not commenting 
on what occured during the secretive talks held late last night.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/150                    Posted        Author
Juggalos Mass Outside Detroit      Tue Jun 28    Global News Network

< GNN America >

In an eerie show of unity, large groups of Juggalos have left the city of 
Detroit peacefully and are massing on the city's outskirts. While some 
outbreaks of violence have been noted due to Detroit's new zero-tolerance 
approach, the Juggalo Nation appears, for now, to be cooperating.

A large tent city has arisen to the south of Detroit, containing thousands of 
Juggalos and Juggalo supporters. Being formally outside of the city limits, 
the Detroit police have been unable to disperse them. Other municipalities 
which are formally in control of the land have chosen not to attempt to remove 
the Juggalos, and in some cases have even offered words of support to their 

"The Juggalo movement is controversial, but has done good things for our inner 
cities," says Toledo mayor Francine McTavish. "It is not right to punish /all/ 
Juggalos for the actions of a few. [Mayor Achmed] Mohammadan is abusing the 
civil rights of these American citizens. These actions may lead to even worse 

However, citizens of Detroit still remain confident in their mayor. Approval 
ratings for Mohammadan are very high. However, as the Juggalos continue to 
mass, concern over a potential Juggalo civil disturbance rises.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/147                    Posted        Author
Mogul Media Moves into Music!      Wed Jun 29    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN!>

"Mogul Media, a company producing the much anticipated game 'Street Samurai', 
has moved into the music business. Singer Daryn Luna has apparently been 
contracted for a solo album and promotional tour by the Ivory Coast 
entertainment company, which promoter Jonny Daniels <insect a picture of Chet 
wearing a mustache and big, green, round sunglasses> promised will be 'most 
savory in a rocking fashion'. A promotional tour will follow the album's 

<End Message.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/145                    Posted        Author
Party In Rio                       Thu Jun 30    Global News Network

 < GNN Spinny > 

        In other news it appears that Repliforce decided to show off their more 
charitable capabilities by holding a party at the Southern Beach of Rio last 
night. Such infamous Repliforce members as General, Jet Stingray and Crescent 
Grizzly were sighted, as well as the once and now again Repliforce member Rush 
Raccoon, Gemini Man, Crystal Man, Top Man, the beautiful Tron Bonne, Jazz from 
the Hunters and many others. 

        When asked exactly what the point was to it General responded by saying 
that he was merely attempting to prove to everyone that Repliforce is not a 
monster, and that he is as happy as anyone else that the ceasefire has 
occured, since it marks a point in time when peace has settled over the 
heavily hurt Central America. General is also urging all of those people who 
had fled the Neo Arcadian advance to return to Central America, and to talk 
with their governments and to stand up for themselves and for those people who 
had perished due to Neo Arcadia. 

        Inserted were numerous pictures of the people there, including a 
comparison of the various women such as Rosa, Jazz, Tron Bonne, Mai and 
others, plus a number you could call to vote for who you consider "The Sexiest 
Woman of the Party". 

 < Spinny! >

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