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Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Televangical Sermon                Thu Sep 01    Global News Network
<On POX's new program, 'Reverend Jonah Thompson's Bible Inspiration Hour'.>

Reverend Thompson, an African-American male, stands at a white pulpit, a blue, 
cloudy background behind him. He himself wears a black suit, with a purple 
banner draped around his neck. It hands over his outfit.

"There was a little city, and few men within it; and there came a great king 
against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it: Now there 
was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet 
no man remembered that same poor man. Then said I, Wisdom is better than 
strength: nevertheless the poor man's wisdom is despised, and his words are 
not heard." He pauses, before continuing, raising a Bible. "These words are 
from the Lord, delivered to us through the Holy Spirit. Our world today is 
besieged at all sides by tyrants and monsters. Mavericks, Robot Masters, 
Neo-Arcadians...The world teeters towards war, as it is ripped asunder by the 
plottings of evil men and evil machines! How can one man, Doctor Wily, lack a 
soul, while General, a machine, is one of the most inspiring beings alive? 
This is a time of great turmoil, when we are forced to remove our prejudices, 
set ASIDE our petty differences, and band together against the forces of 
EVVVIL. Hallelujah, praise the lord!" A choir rises on a platform behind 
Thompson, raising their voices to a crescendo as the Reverend speaks. "Even 
though in generations to come, no one may remember the names of the little man 
who fights, he will be remembered in the KIIINGDOM OF HEAVEN! AMEN! You are 
all called to arms, to fight in your own way! Whether it be with swords or 
plowshares, we must rely upon each OTHER, help each OTHER, and give your love 
to A-NoooOOOOTHER! AMEN!" The choir chants, "AMEN!" The Reverend raises his 
voice, tremulating with the love of Christ, "I said, AMEN MY CHILDREN!" The 
choir replies "A-/MEN/!"

The choir quiets, as Reverend Thompson stares into the camera. "You all may 
fight. Jesus, the great Lord himself, once said, 'It is as hard for a rich man 
to get into the Kingdom of Heaven as it is to pass a camel through the head of 
a pin!' Your money feeds the hungry, clothes the needy, produces arms which 
the guardians of this world may use against his enemy! Eschew the hatred of 
the Mavericks, the HATRED of the Neo-Arcadians, the MONSTROSITY that is Doctor 
Wily, and embrace the world of light!" A telephone number flashes on the 
screen. "Give us your dollars today, which will go to the Thompson Peace Fund. 
Do your part in the fight against the evil which threatens to consume us all, 
and give! Even two dollars will put a shirt upon a man's back! You may live in 
peace and prosperity, but what about tomorrow? If your home was ripped asunder 
by the evil barbarians at the gates of the Lord's City, would you have your 
neighbor ignore your suffering? I think not. Please, my children, give 

<OOC: @mail questions to Machiavelli.>

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Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Reploid Ban + Aus/NA Trade         Thu Sep 01    Global News Network

        At exactly one minute past midnight last night, Reploids were 
officially banned from living in Australia. Government officials reported that 
the deadline passed with 'only minor incidences'. Prime Minister Cooper 
praised the hard work of the Australian Defense Force, and the tolerance of 
the Reploids being asked to leave. 

        Reploid visitors are still allowed on a day-to-day basis with the 
filing of the proper forms and disclosure of medical proof of being free of 
the Sigma Virus. Wait times to get into Australia for a Reploid, given the 
medical exams and forms needing to be filled out, range from half an hour to 
six hours. 

        Non Reploid and Bioroid AI, meanwhile, are still free to live in the 
country. Both Prime Minister Cooper and Parliament Majority Leader Sandra 
Hatta reaffirmed that Androids are still welcome to live in Australia. 

        Also in the news, in what might be bad timing, Australia and Aztlan 
announced a free trade agreement after a final state visit to Australia by 
President Elpizo. We see a shot of President Elpizo standing at a podium 
before a throng of Australian supporters/dissenters. "This decision to make a 
free trade agreement between our two nations is quintessentially easier than 
other decisions that these two nations have made in the past. With this 
agreement we can pave the way of increasing World Economy, and help those 
everywhere with the benefits out of trade. Also with this new agreement the 
job markets will flourish in both countries." 

        Prime Minister Cooper was, as always, careful to reject the notion that 
Aztlan will soon be controlling Australia. We see Cooper. Same shot. "With 
this agreement, both economies will flourish with the removal of tariffs and 
other trade regulations, but at the same time each country's sovereignty will 
be maintained." 

        Rumours that Australia and Neo-Arcadia are gazing at the horizon that 
is Tol Eressea are just that, officials say. Rumours. 


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Message: 18/84                     Posted        Author
Reploid Ban Addition               Thu Sep 01    Global News Network

        As well, the referendum for potentially turning back the Reploid Ban is 
still set for September 14th. Angry protesters on both sides, arguing 'yes' on 
keeping the law, and 'no' on rejecting it, turned up at the Australian 
Parliament building. The 'yes' camp has the lead at this point. However, 
Bungee Python, spokesperson for Reploid For A Free Australia, vowed that the 
'no' camp would "wrassle with that big 'un of a problem into submission". 


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Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
Labs attacked                      Thu Sep 01    Global News Network
--GNN reporting--

"Goodell Labs, a factility on the Ivory Coast of Africa, was the site of a 
tragedy last night as five researchers, and three security guards, were killed 
in what is believed to be a terrorist act or act of industrial espionage."

"The labs, known for their work in experimental solid holographic technology, 
had a prototype projector destroyed, and their computers and data completely 
erased, as well as the killings of several of their top researchers who were 
working on the project. Due to the secrecy of the project, security footage 
from the incident is spotty, but seems to show glimpses of Robot Master Gemini 
Man on the scene. An unknown vigilante did battle with the crook before the 
arrival of local police, but presumedly was unable to stop him before the 
commission of these crimes."

"There have been few Robot Master attacks in Africa since the Masters were 
formally removed from the country, but since they have no current official 
stakes in the nation, authorities believe this return to terrorist acitivities 
in the coastal regions is unsurprising. Robot Masters should be considered 
just as violent and dangerous if located in the nation of Africa as in 
anywhere else. However, small cells of Wily supporters still exist in the 
African nations, and may continue to do so for some time."

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Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
Egyptian Museum Ransacked          Thu Sep 01    Global News Network
*GNN World News*

" The Egyptian National History Museum was the site of a scuffle today between 
Crystal Man and a yet to be identified Maverick, in it's Ancient Egypt wing. 
The wing has been home to one of the world's largest collection of Egyptian 
artifacts, that is, until shortly after the fight. While the maverick, seen 
here on surveillence cameras..."

*Blur that is Onyx Reptillia*

"...escaped without any stolen items, surveillence cut out shortly afterwards, 
the equipment melted down by intense heat. When officials were able to 
re-enter, they found the entirety of the wing cleaned out of all exhibit 
material. It's unknown at this time if Crystal Man or the Robot Masters were 
responsible, or if a third party chose to take the opportunity to loot the 
museum itself. "

*Contact Pharaoh Man, Crystal Man, or Onyx Reptillia for details*

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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
Message To Australia               Thu Sep 01    Global News Network
<A press conference. Michael Eildath, Maverick Hunter, stands near the GNN 
building in San Angeles, looking, frankly, ill-at-ease with being on camera. 
But his voice is steady as he speaks.>

        Today, Australia made a mistake. In banning reploids from their country 
and forcing them to leave, they've struck a major blow against any kind of 
peace this world can hope for. I'm not going to preach tonight. I don't think 
I have it in me, but someone's got to say something. This overflow of 
senseless rhetoric and polite hatred is going to cause people to die, and this 
is something that we can't solve with lasers and bullets.
        The Sigma Virus is dangerous. I'm not going to deny it. But to 
persecute people because of something they can potentially contract isn't fair 
to them. It's not fair to force people from their jobs and homes because 
they're different... because they can contract a virus and a human can't. 
Every time this has been done in history, without exception, every time people 
have been forced out of their homes for spurious reasons, it's led to nothing 
but hatred and violence.
        Neo Arcadia seeks to turn your people against robots. The Coalition for 
Reploid Freedom seeks to turn the displaced reploids against humanity. They 
can hide it between pretty words and bold speech, but either way it's the 
same. This hatred will lead to nothing but more hatred, violence, and death. 
I've seen it happen before, from one side or another, and I've seen it tear 
apart people. I can't stand idly by and watch any living being be persecuted 
for what they are. I urge the people of Australia to turn back from this 
self-destructive path before one side or another turns you into nothing but 
another pawn in this senseless war.
        I've watched my entire life revolve around this war. It's taken my 
family, it's taken friends. But I've made friends, robotic and human and 
everything in between. I wouldn't turn my back on any of them because of 
something that /could/ happen, and I don't think you should, either.

<Michael sighs, and turns, walking off the podium amongst questions.>

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
NA Attacks FV/Space Elevator       Sat Sep 03    Global News Network

        This is GNN. You can tell due to the lack of suck. 

        September 1st, at approximately 9:14pm local time, the Repliforce 
flagship was ambushed as it maintained its protective stance at the Kansas 
City Space Elevator terminal. According to a Repliforce press release, a 
Neo-Arcadian air warship named the Predator-1 decloaked and fired upon the 
Fortress V. Simultaneously, missile trucks, smuggled into the country and 
disguised as transports, fired at the ship from the ground, using the city as 
cover from return fire. 

        According to Repliforce, the Neo-Arcadian ship was chased off, and the 
missile transports destroyed or confiscated. Questions about how much damage 
was dealt to each side, as well as the Repliforce accusations that Neo-Arcadia 
used human children as a shield have not been confirmed. 
        It has been confirmed that there was no damage sustained to the 
elevator itself. 


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Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Beer Commercial                    Sat Sep 03    Global News Network
<A commercial running late at night.>

Several people sit on a couch, drinking beer labeled 'Brand X'. "Augh, this 
beer is so flat," one of them laments. Another ads, "And no taste." Suddenly, 
the wall explodes, killing one of the people sitting around the TV. He's sent 
flying into the wall, leaving a big blood splatter. The others don't look so 
concerned. Hector Kausmann steps in, holding a bottle of beer with a green and 
white label. "Hey, everyone! My name is Hector Kausmann! Why don't you try 
Aztlan's number one beer, KAUSMANN CHOICE?" Bottles suddenly appear in their 
hands, and they drink it. A bottle also drops on the corpse. "Wow, this is 
great!" "Holy shnikies, I can feel my chest hair growing!" Kausmann looks at 
the screen, grinning. "Microbrewed in the heart of Aztlan, this is a working 
man's beer!"

A green and white splash fills the screen, as five bottles of beer jiggle back 
and forth along the left. Each is identified: the green and white label, 
'Kausmann Klassic', the red and green label, 'Nutmeg Christmas Explosion, the 
red and white label, 'Wild Cherry Party', the black label, 'Irish Tanker', and 
the yellow label, 'Mexican Sunshine'.

The corpse stands up, his brains hanging out, as he lifts a beer. "Make the 
right choice!"

<End Commercial.>

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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
G.L. Enterprises Press Release!    Sat Sep 03    Global News Network
Cicago, USA. (Bilbo Braggins Reporting)

G.L Enterprises on American Soil!

It is said that the course of war changes everything. Seoul Based G.L. 
Enterprises, a company owned by Italian Blillionaire Glyde Fabian Loath once 
swore publically that it would not set foot in America has demonstraged a 
startling change of pace. On Friday, September 03rd, G.L. Enterprises shifted 
funds from an overseas account and purchased not only the struggling Sharpe 
Motor Company but A.M.I International, a prominent materials research and 
fabrication company, both located in the city of Chicago. No plans have been 
announced to lay off any employees and business was 'surprisingly continuing 
as usual' in the words of some of A.M.I International's staff.

Further negotiation to buy the struggling 'Parisian Sot' Casino and Hotel 
Complex, also in Chicago is reputed to underway as well. A small press release 
from the company says to the effect of:

"War and changing political situations has made bigotry based upon nationality 
not only obsolete, but exceedingly foolish. We at G.L. Enterprises are happy 
to welcome business with our American and Canadian neighbours, and look 
forward to an exciting future in the city of Chicago."

Time will only tell where this will lead.

You have.... GNN.


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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Gangland Hit in Torontreal!        Sat Sep 03    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today in Torontreal's Eastern Residential District, several unidentified men 
opened fire on the Shady Hills Tenement, killing several men outside, who were 
reportedly linked to gang activity in the area. At least seventeen men were 
killed throughout the apartment, including James Johnson, who went by the name 
'Sweet J' and was allegedly a minor underworld figure in the area. Most of the 
killings were performed by what local crackhead witness Ashy Larry describes 
as a 'Samurai Looking Mother expletive deleted', and added, 'I won twenty 
zenny off that fight!' A Repliforcer arrived midway through the fiasco and 
attempted to stop the samurai, but was badly damaged. Local police could not 
apprehend any of the suspects, although investigations have reportedly begun."

<OOC: Questions to Machiavelli.>

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Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
News Tidbits - 9/5/18              Mon Sep 05    Global News Network
(Many news feeds. These are standard 'filler,' both for text and reported 

        MONACO: The city of Monaco has been partially rebuilt due to the 
efforts of the younger daughter of the Grimaldi family. While the famed casino 
has re-opened, the greater part of the rebuilding effort has been focused on 
developing port facilities. Monaco has not expanded its traditional pre-war 
borders substantially, but expects to do well as an import/export point for 
the developing agricultural settlements of Southern France.

        HOUSTON: A new step in the war against the notorious Southern fire ant 
has come forth. The persistent and adaptable fire ant has refused to succumb 
to any of a variety of forms of pesticide throughout the last several hundred 
years. Using a basic 'mechaniloid' intelligence to command a series of 
nanotechnological drones, the nasty ants can be battled at their home. The 
manufacturers, KJU Enterprises, assure the public that the nanoids cannot 
reproduce outside of a small confined space in the mechaniloid 'head' control 
unit, thus preventing any possible "gray goop" scenario.

        SYDNEY: The clock is ticking on the national referendum regarding 
expulsion of Reploids from the continent of Australia. Polls average at about 
sixty percent support for the referendum, although much smaller numbers 
support any more hostile action than that. There is also worry about the 
nation of 'Tol Eressea', with over seventy percent of polled humans describing 
themselves as 'concerned' or 'very concerned' over the new nation. The 
national referendum will be held on September 14th; turnout is expected to be 

(Questions/investigations to Mesarthim.)

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Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Umbrella Stock Up                  Tue Sep 06    Global News Network
<This...Is VNN.>

"After Umbrella's stock crashed in 2213, after the Raccoon City viral outbreak 
that killed thousands and resulted in the destruction of the entire city, the 
corporation is on the rise again. What has since been dubbed as the Raccoon 
City Incident resulted in the deaths, expulsion, or criminal indictements of 
nearly all the corporation's upper management. In the years since the 
incident, Umbrella Corporation has made a slow recovery. Today, Umbrella 
Corporations stock reached the same value as before the Raccoon City Incident, 
and promises more growth. Analysts have credited new management's tactics, and 
a number of contracts with governments such as Texas, the United Nations, and 
the United States for this recovery. One Umbrella Executive, the French born 
Timothy Caine who has been partially credited with Umbrella's recent recovery, 
made a statement on this momentous day for his company."

Timothy Caine, an angular man with fine features and slick black hair, appears 
before a podium with the Umbrella logo behind him. "In the wake of the tragedy 
that befell Raccoon City, we have made pains to prove ourselves again to our 
customers and the public. Today, years of hard work have come to fruition, in 
what is almost a complete recovery for Umbrella. I pride myself in all our 
employees, facilities, and products - we are on the cutting edge. I would like 
to assure the public that those that made the decisions that caused the deaths 
of tens of thousands of innocent lives, are no longer with the corporation, 
and an incident will never again occur, due to ethical screening procedures 
implemented in the months after the tragedy. The bioweapons department has 
been disassembled, and Umbrella will no longer research any B.O.W. We have 
committed ourselves to peace, in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical 
technology, and robotics. I can promise a happy, bright future - brought to 
you in part by Umbrella."

<OOC: This post was cleared by admin. Hi, I'm Timothy Caine! If you want to set 
up any business deals, just shoot me a @mail.>

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Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
AppleSoft Warehouse Destroyed!     Thu Sep 08    Global News Network

A small story on GNN and various other places.

An AppleSoft warehouse was destroyed in the conflict of two reploids. The 
Mavericks Lumine and the ex-Hunter Foucalt had looted the warehouse before the 
Hunter Durandal showed up. Most of the violence was inside the building, but 
from what can be told from long range sensors, a great deal of gravity pulses 
and a high grade explosive destroyed the building. AppleSoft had no comment on 
the losses.

(OOC: Questions to Foucalt)

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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
X-Presidents Fight Crime!          Sat Sep 10    Global News Network
Shown is a large vehicle similar to the autotrack, only with a different 
colorscheme, and Lincoln's head on the front. It comes barreling in to slam 
square into Energize, while saying " GIRL, I'MMA EMMANCIPATE YOUR TEETH! " The 
frame freezes, and retracts into a corner to reveal Update Ursinal.

" This was the scene yesterday at Sydney's park district, when an impromptu 
brawl over an unidentified hostage broke out between INTERPOL and yet to be 
identified assailants. Bon Bonne of the infamous Bonne Family was also 
sighted, but supposedly fought on the side of INTERPOL."

" Unfortunatly, the battle took a turn for the worst when Dr. Barrel Caskett 
was felled. It was then that the unidentified 'Lincolntrack' arrived, and from 
it emerged..."

Pictures of Nixon driving, Reagan running to the Hammurabai, LBJ going Guile on 
Ayin, and Taft on all fours snarling in a feral manner at curious civilians. 
They are all in clothing befitting their appropriate time periods.

"...these strange men have yet to be identified, though it is suspected diguise 
technology was used. Regardless, the battle was immediatly broken, and the 
girl saved. She is reported to be in protective custody at the moment, and no 
arrests have been made. The mysterious 'X-Presidents' as they have been 
dubbed, fled in their Lincolntrack. More news as this developes..."

<<Yeah. We were whacky. Contact Dr. Barrel Caskett, Ayin, Energize, Auto, 
Mirror Orange, Bon Bonne, Kenichi Kurasuma, Grisha, Zach Glen, or Quiet Man 
for the ZANY details.>>

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Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Art Incident                       Sat Sep 10    Global News Network
"This is Anony Mouse, with the latest news from Smalltown, Pennsylvania. One of 
the leading collections of publically viewable 20th-Century sculpture was 
attacked today by Robot Masters identified as Crystal, Tengu and Skull Man. 
They were stopped by Interpol agents Max Armour and Zach Glen, Hunter agent 
Sonata and a Maverick known as Bamboo Pandamonium. Nothing in the museum was 
harmed or stolen, although several cars and the landscape outside were 
destroyed when the Maverick attempted to flee the Interpol agents. Several 
shattered pieces of crystal were found inside, but no art, we repeat, was 
harmed at all." 

OOC: Contact Crystal Man for more info!

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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
Commercial                         Mon Sep 12    Global News Network


        A bustling day at the locale fast food restaurant can be seen, the 
camera panning over to reveal a little girl looking particularly depressed. 
"Are you tired of everyone wanting you to be happy and upbeat? Tired of people 
saying to SUCK IT UP?!" The girl looks up with wide shimmering eyes and nods, 
still looking unhappy. "Then put on your brass knuckles because we've got just 
what you need!"

        The camera shifts to a suddenly empty section of counter as one of the 
workers walks up with a smile. He sets down a large red box with a giant 
yellow frown on it just as the depressed girl runs up and grabs hold of it. 
"Introducing new Sad Meals! Perfect for the depressed angsting child!"

        The girl reaches into the box and pulls out a clump of twisted plastic 
and a moldy hamburger. "Each Sad Meal comes with a hearty packing of last 
week's food and the latest in broken toy entertainment! This meal is 
gauranteed to send your child deeper into the cold grip of despair and misery, 
so order yours today!"

        The camera fades out while the young girl bursts into tears, a large 
yellow frown streaking across the screen as a short diddy plays. "Have you had 
your trauma today?"

        <End Commercial>


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Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
HeraCorp And Friends Repel Attack  Tue Sep 13    Global News Network

"Soon after the announcement that Umbrella and Neo Arcadia were entering trade 
agreements, HeraCorp was attacked by two individuals."

<A picture of Machiavelli in a samurai outfit and Kenichi Kurasuma on Ryujin is 

"While their reason behind the attack is entirely unknown, it is suspected by 
their garb and methods to be members of the split apart Yakuza. HeraCorp 
security, in conjunction with Hunter Liese Schreiner and Commissionar Jessica 
Blakesly who personally attended the attack, was able to repel the invaders 
with minimal damage to the building, a few lost drones, and a smashed gate."

"HeraCorp Stock Prices have risen, whether as a result of this or Umbrella's 
recent statements, though Sewa remains constant on her statement that she 
won't sell any of her own shares."

"Alternately, she assures the public that a stronger gate will replace the new 

<end GNN>

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Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Space Elevator: Still Building!    Tue Sep 13    Global News Network
(VNN/POX/lesser feeds.)


        The Space Elevator's construction program has continued with only minor 
delays from the scheduled plan.

        The great project, termed the 'Jakob Project' by local religious groups 
making a comparison to the ladder by which Jacob saw angels ascend into 
heaven, has been only slightly delayed by the damage caused by the great 
battle between the renowned Mega Man and the robotic being known as 'Lumine'. 
Officials from the United Nations Space Authority, the National Aeronautics 
and Space Administration (U.S.), and the Texas Interplanetary Commission 
report being pleased by present rates of progress.

        The on-site project leader and defense commander, Colonel Maria Delgado 
(US Armed Forces), explained the relative delays as being "only natural, 
considering the time it takes to synthesize the carbon tubes and diamond 

        She made comparisons to other great engineering projects. Completion 
and full operation is anticipated by the end of November at present, the 
economic cost being eased by the "peace dividend" from the reduction in world 
conflict, after the collapse of "Wily Africa" and "Maverick Europe." "We 
cannot of course minimize the threat of Neo-Arcadia and any other possible 
rogue states," Delgado said, "but with the more efficent state of the 
Repliforce and other military organizations, plus the relative size of 
Neo-Arcadia's industrial base, we have a lot of money to spend on other 

        Delgado was asked if rumors that the Elevator would connect to the moon 
are true; she answered in the negative, indicating that a direct connection 
between the Earth and the Moon by any physical means would either lead to a 
permanent tidal locking between the two bodies, or (more likely) the 
rending-loose of one or both ends of the attaching cable.

(Questions or investigations to Mesarthim.)

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Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Umbrella & NA: Joint Venture?      Tue Sep 13    Global News Network

< GNN >

The Umbrella Corporation and Aztlan have stated they are planning to engage in 
several upcoming joint ventures, according to a press release circulated by 
both Umbrella and the Neo Arcadian government. While specific business 
ventures have not been formally announced, the idea of the strategic alliance 
has taken the world by storm.

CEO Albert Wesker, along with CFO William Wiggin, took part in a joint press 
conference at Umbrella's Texas campus to announce the move. President Elpizo 
of Aztlan represented Aztlan, but was forced to leave the event early due to 
domestic security concerns.

Controversy plagued the event, as numerous anti-Umbrella and anti-Aztlan 
protests took place outside. The protests were generally peaceful, and earlier 
reports about feces being thrown at windows were discredited once it was 
determine the "brown, sticky matter" which had been thrown at windows were 

Umbrella stock has enjoyed a 10 gain in value in heavy trading today.

< Punditry the likes of which God has never seen. >

OOC: Questions to Albert Wesker, William Wiggin, or Elpizo.


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Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Australian Reploid Referendum Held Wed Sep 14    Global News Network

        The Australian referendum was held today on September the 14th while 
the rest of the world slept due to the time zone difference. Votes are still 
being calculated and finalized, but exit polls have indicated that, yes, the 
law banning Reploids from living within Australia has been upheld by the 
people by a margin of 61% to 39%. Voter turnout was estimated to be near 76%. 

        Prime Minister Lachlan Cooper was quoted as saying, "The Australian 
population has shown great determination and resolve through these trying 
times, and I'm confident that with these measures in place, Australia is safer 
now from the Sigma Virus than it has been ever since the Virus became known." 
This political win has given his party a huge boost in support. A loss surely 
would have sent Australia straight into an election. 

        Bungee Python, leader of the Reploids For a Free Australia, was quoted 
as saying, "We're disappointed by the actions of the population, but we're 
still confident that we can fight this legislation by proving it to be 
unconstitutional. We're confident that the people'll realize that this law is 
a mistake - not just for Reploids, but for /all/ Australians, whether human or 
Reploids." Experts, however, firmly believe that the battle is lost for Mr. 
Python, unless something drastically changes. Nevertheless, he has vowed to 
keep up the peaceful fight. 

        According to the law, Reploid visitors are still allowed on Australian 
soil, but must fill out paperwork and undergo medical examination. The process 
takes up to an hour to cross the border, and the red tape is expected to 
dissuade visitors anyhow. Mavericks will be shot on sight by the Australian 
Defense Force. Interpol is still welcome to operate in Australia, regardless 
of race. 

        OOC: Questions or plots to Excise. If you want to attack or raid in 
Australia, let someone know so they can pose the Defense Force. I'll be happy 
to do so. 


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Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Assassination Attempts Foiled!     Wed Sep 14    Global News Network

<<This... is GNN.>>

"In business news, Albert Wesker, CEO of Umbrella Corporation," (NYSE: UMAP 
flashes along the bottom of the screen,) "is reported to be in nominal 
condition in spite of a series of assassination attempts that occurred during 
a peaceful protest last night. Umbrella representatives stated that Mr. Wesker 
had gone out to inform them that, were they to become riotous, they would be 
dealt with by security personnel; a brownie was thrown shortly thereafter, 
perhaps as a diversion to allow an unknown assailant, presumed to be the Robot 
Master Quick Man, to assault the CEO."

Footage: Quick Boomerangs sticking into Wesker's flesh, followed by a 
somewhat-disguised Quick Man going for a throat slit; the Robot Master's 
armblade ends up grabbed by Wesker, who proceeds to slam him into the path of 
a burst of water.

"Thanks to the efforts of various Repliforcers present, including one Nereid, 
as well as Mr. Wesker himself, the attack was rebuffed; another one almost 
began shortly thereafter by confirmed CRF forces, but was rebuffed by even 
more efforts by Wesker and the Repliforce, as well as a few unknowns. Umbrella 
representatives have extended thanks to all those who assisted."



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Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Theft                              Wed Sep 14    Global News Network
"This is Ann Oni Mouse of Moscow, here with GNN. Today, the Family-run gemstone 
museum of the Hopkinson family was broken into by the Robot Master known as 
Crystal Man. It was defended by a brave young woman identified as Mary Summers 
of Neo Arcadia, but she was, sadly, unable to stop the Master's attack, 
although he was last seen in grievously wounded shape. Several cases, but no 
gems, were damaged - although two were missing. A small, nearly perfect 
diamond and a ruby carved in the shape of the sun."

A pause.

"Because we all know Robot Masters are fools, we believe that this was the work 
of, instead, the Tarot Lord, as seen in this 'calling card.'"

A picture of a stained-glass or -crystal tarot card of the Sun, with the name 
'Tarot Lord' in stained glass on the bottom.

"If you can identify this mysterious thief, please do so!"

OOC: Questions, yes, to Crystal Man.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Sec-Gen Chord Speaks               Wed Sep 14    Global News Network
<Secretary-General Chord hovers up to the podium, shuffling some papers in his 
spindly hands as he looks solemnly out at the audience.>

        Today, a great injustice has occurred in the nation of Australia. A 
wrong that not only punishes the innocent for crimes they have not committed, 
but one which drives both human and reploid citizens into the arms of 
extremists. We can only condemn Australia for its actions; military force 
would not force them to change their ways, exacerbating the existing strife 
and causing needless violence; to do nothing would be to pardon them their 
disrespect of sentient life.
        The preamble of the United Nations charter, renewed by all member 
nations this very year in Seoul, the site of the death of old United Nations, 
states our goal to seek 'to reaffirm faith in fundamental rights, in the 
dignity and worth of all free-thinking persons, human, reploid, android and 
beyond, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small,' 
and 'to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger 
freedom.' We hold to this goal even today, and no virus can rob these people 
of their basic civil rights.
        To paraphrase a famous American who lived in a time of similar strife, 
we can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their 
selfhood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating "for humans only." We 
cannot be satisfied as long as a reploid in Sydney cannot vote and a reploid 
in Brisbane believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no we are not 
satisfied and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters 
and righteousness like a mighty stream.
        Even as Reverend King spoke of that time of injustice, we today fight 
another injustice, and fight for a dream that one day a person will not be 
judged by whether they were born or built, but by the content of their 
        Thank you.

<As per his usual nature, Chord turns and departs, answering no questions. Oh, 
the punditry...>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Young Hero Saves The Day!          Fri Sep 16    Global News Network

The Maverick Lumine attacked a group of pilgriming nuns and a priest today that 
were traveling to the Statue of Christ at Corcovado Mountain. Knocking out the 
priest and forcing the nuns to humiliate themselves in conjunction with 
desecrating the Monument so it partially looked like Itself, Lumine caught the 
attention of the Hunter Axl."

"Threatening the Nuns to do a choral backup, Lumine and Axl battled, allowing 
the nuns to escape with their Priest."

"When Deployed Security Forces arrived, they found Lumine had defeated Axl and 
chased the badly damaged Maverick away."

"Those caught by Lumine's attention today wish to thank Axl for his heroics." 

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
This Week at FRY DADDY             Sat Sep 17    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

A yellow splash appears, after two seconds of Fry Daddy's Eurasian store front. 
"FRY DADDY is expanding to five new locations, in New York, Bombay, Neo-Tokyo, 
Moscow, and London! To celebrate this momentous achievement, we're offering 
the Philly Supercharger, the latest special here at FRY DADDY!"

A heavily toasted sub roll appears, covered on the outside by herbs and cheese. 
Gooey melted cheese mingles with chunks of batter-fried steak and crusty onion 
rings in the sub, waves of heat rising off it. "MMM MMM DELICIOUS!"

<OOC: FRY DADDY! In Eurasia's Club District.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
Master Your MIND!                  Sat Sep 17    Global News Network
<Another commercial.>

A short commercial spot. Thumping techno plays in the backward, as a green and 
black can splash covers the screen. A can suddenly zooms into the foreground, 
rotating in place. It's black, with a green alien's head (complete with 
throbbing brain) on it, the label reading 'MASTERMIND' in capital letters. A 
booming narrator explains.

"Cramming for finals? Working a late shift? Staking out an apartment for a drug 
bust? The makers of Nico-Cola bring you MASTERMIND! A carbonated sports drink 
with everything in it to let you SUPERCHARGE YOUR BRAIN! Sugar, nicotine, 
caffeine, ginko baloba, and two herbal amphetamines, MASTERMIND will OVERCLOCK 

The can is replaced by the slogan 'MIND OVER MATTER' in huge green letters, as 
a kick voice dictates: "Not available in the United States, Canada, or 

<OOC: Another fine United Goods product. Contact Machiavelli if you want to 
sell it.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
Gang Warfare in Torontreal!        Sun Sep 18    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"The warring Heavy C's Crew and Eastside Bloods in Torontreal clashed today, 
with the up and coming gang members working for the mysterious 'Heavy C' 
reportedly ambushing several Bloods at a Nelson Fish warehouse. Three reds 
were reported killed, and several more arrested by police, although cars 
arrived and took police on a two hour car chase, before three of the suspects 
were apprehended and the others escaped. The rival gang, reportedly assisted 
by the criminal 'The Midnight Ronin', escaped through the sewers, and none 
were killed or apprehended. The Midnight Ronin clashed with a ghostly Reploid 
of some sort, dispatching her before fleeing. We will continue to cover the 
gang violence in Torontreal faithfully, to bring you these startling updates."

<OOC: @mail Machiavelli with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
MOSCOW FOOD DIST. ATTACKED         Mon Sep 19    Global News Network
(VNN and POX feeds. Lots of oogy pictures.)

        A Repliforce-operated relief mission in Red Square was attacked today 
by the Maverick "X-Hunter" Agile. Reports from the scene indicate that 
approximately one hundred humans were killed by a deliberately-induced "sonic 
boom" inside of the tent, causing both direct and indirect damage from falling 

        Repliforce medics on the scene treated survivors, who have been removed 
to Moscow-area hospitals. The reason for the attack is unknown; the Socialist 
Liberation Army is expected to deliver a statement shortly.

(And for POX viewers:)

        Entertainment commentator "Potato" has apologized for his unpleasant 
remarks on the Repliforce in light of their quick relief mission. He 
criticized their inability to prevent Agile's attack, however, and stated his 
belief that "a private network of fast response forces" modelled on the 
Maverick Hunters would provide more security for a better world.

(Punditry, especially in re: what this will do to the chaotic situation in 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
London attempted robbery.          Mon Sep 19    Global News Network
-GNN Baby!-

        "This is Persistant Cockroach reporting from London." the roach reploid 
stops as he takes a sip from a glass of water and shuffle some papers. "It 
seems that London's very own Kensington was struck by the works of a lone 
criminal. The authories on the seen said that the criminal had cause some 
minor property damage to a Kensington home and was after a safe. The officer 
who was original on the scene ran away like a little girl."

        The roach shakes his head as he continues reading from the cue card. 
"Though thankfully, a hero was on the scene." short footage of Construction 
Triceraton fighting Klaymoor is shown. "This triceratops reploid didn't state 
his name, He left rather quickly after checking on the area. It is being said 
that he could possibly be a Maverick Hunter or another crazy vigilante who 
knows, but I for one am glad that we have good samaritans out there."

        The anchor turns to his right, "This is Persistant Cockroach bringing 
the news to YOU!" he extends one of his roachy hands and points to the screen. 
This is probably some trademark quote or something.

<OOC: construction Triceraton and Klaymoor for questions>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
SLA Speaks Re: Attack              Mon Sep 19    Global News Network
(Anton Aleksandrov addresses the press. He is in an electric wheelchair and 
looks very thin, but his uniform is immaculately pressed. His voice is rather 
thin and faint, but he is articulate; translations, of course, are provided in 
the voice of the translator.)

        "Good day to you all, my comrades and friends.

        "Today, a member of the so-called "Maverick Empire" stooped so low as 
to attack a food distribution center operated by our fraternal comrades, the 
Repliforce. There is, to our knowledge, no reason why they did this. The 
motive, it appears, was murder.

        "And nothing else.

        "We have reliable reports that a Robot Master was present. Top Man, I 
believe it is. While we disagree most firmly with Doctor Wily's synthesis of 
technological advancement and strength, it is our understanding that Top Man 
was able to provide numerous Russian citizens with the opportunity to escape. 
The Socialist Liberation Army appreciates this, and we thank Top Man for his 
assistance, whatever the reason for his presence.

        "But to continue... this attack was unprovoked. The only military 
forces there were a small number of Repliforce soldiers, serving and providing 
distribution or security if counter-revolutionary elements were to attempt to 
seize the food, as happened so often and so tragically in the historical Third 
World. Our understanding is that Agile's great speed allowed him to enter and 
attack, and we place no great blame on Repliforce. How-"

(Aleksandrov leans forwards in his chair suddenly. The screen goes to a station 
ID or a Technical Difficulties sign, depending on viewing medium.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
SL Speaks (continued)              Mon Sep 19    Global News Network
(After several minutes of difficulties, the feed resumes. Aleksandrov is 
upright again, but looks more drawn.)

        "However, as I was saying, this demonstrates the danger of allowing a 
nation to remain weak. The Mavericks, the Robot Masters, even Neo-Arcadia... 
all of them denounce weakness, although they call it with different names.

        "It is our vow that our mother, Russia, from the rich and dark soils of 
the West to the pristine snows laying over the rich geological treasures of 
Siberia, from Kiev to Vladivostok... these places, and the lands between them, 
shall become strong once more.

        "Save whatever justifications you had for this atrocity, Mavericks. You 
had no motive save your love of slaughter. Before long, it will be you, 
perhaps, who...

        "Thank you all for your time, comrades. I think we are finished for the 

(The feed ends.)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
NRA Commentary                     Mon Sep 19    Global News Network
Following most of the Socialist Liberation Army commentary is a brief clip of a 
passing conversation with AlexiParkanpf, an officer in the New Russian Army, 
Repliforce's "pet" local peacekeeping force in wartorn Russia.

"...the NRA will continue to protect the people above all else, and assist 
REpliforce in stabilizing the region. For the moment, no reliatory action is 
planned. Cleanup is our priority..." He begins to walk away back to his duties 
in the damaged square, regardless of further questioning by the gaggle of 

*Punditry. Poke Crescent Grizzly for more*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
Iron Cook Chaos                    Tue Sep 20    Global News Network
This is Shady E reporting for POX NEWS, our investigators have been able to 
turn up the skinny on exactly what happened last night. This Hero <Shots of 
Bat Vertigo beating the crap out of Gyro and Gate Man> wasn't able to save the 
life of Kenichi Touma, but was wise to these Robot Masters nefarious plot, and 
made sure they'd feel their mistakes in the morning. Maverick Hunters were on 
the scene, Drunken Monkey was seen taking care of Gate Man for the first few 
rounds, but then inexplicably tore off after a few moments. We've been able to 
ascertain some kind of demon fish from the inner dimensions was laced into the 
food of competitor James WIlhelm, and it ate it's way back out of Touma, known 
Anti-Robot and especially anti-RM figure in Japanese politics. They've been 
able to find most of Kenichi's masticated flesh, but so far no luck in 
determining genetic or any biological data from the crime scene.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Explosion In Honshu!               Wed Sep 21    Global News Network

        HONSHU, JAPAN - An explosion rocked a small business district on the 
outskirts of Neo-Tokyo late last night, the result of an explosive conflict 
between a Repliforce officer and a Robot Master.
        Neo-Tokyo Police report that the Robot Master Number Man, best known 
locally for hiring a staff of Hooters girls to serve as a personal militia, 
had established a secret research lab in the docks.
        Police are releasing no information as to the purpose of the lab, but 
local officials have confirmed that well-known local massage therapist Shiatsu 
Sylph was recovered from the laboratory. Sylph vanished several months ago, 
according to represenatives of her business, after taking on a Robot Master 
client, presumably Number Man.
        Represenatives of Sylph expressed their confidence in her full 
recovery, and extend their thanks to Repliforce agent Shield Shellfish for her 
selfless rescue of the kidnapped masseuse. Acting CEO Acupuncture Oread 
released a statement this afternoon extending Shiatsu's thanks to the brave 
Repliforce soldier as well.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Hockey Horrors in Torontreal       Wed Sep 21    Global News Network
<A pair of human news anchors appear on screen.> 

"I am John Jingleheimer." 
"I am Jacob Schmidt." 
"And this is a GNN Canada Special Report." 

<A series of dramatic photos start to appear in the background between the 
talking heads. One a picture of Guts Man, one a blurry photo of what might be 
Grisha in a business suit, and one is a picture of the Hockey Hall of Fame.> 

"Earlier this evening, a heinous crime against all Canadians was committed in 
the Hockey Hall of Fame in Torontreal." 
"Indeed there was, John. Reknowned Alpha Robot Master and all around bully, 
Guts Man, bought his way into the Hockey Hall of Fame." 
"Whereupon he began wrecking the place for no apparent reason." 
"Which is when this handsome stranger stepped in, literally. He walked past 
security and distracted Guts Man for an extended period of time. He seems to 
have tried to completely stop Guts Man and nearly succeeded, entirely removing 
Guts Man's jaw, ripping open the Robot Master's body, and brutally beating 
Guts Man." 
"In the end it proved useless as Guts Man punted the unnamed stranger out of 
the Hockey Hall of Fame. Theorists are still in heated debate over whether the 
stranger is in geosynchronous orbit or merely going to crash into the CN Tower 
within the hour." 
"Unfortunately, the battle destroyed a large section of the display floor 
between the two combatants crashing into surfaces, Guts Man using display 
cases as ammunition, and a mysterious natural gas explosion." 
"Experts estimate the damage to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. The 
significant loss to note is that Guts Man managed to escape with two signed 
and engraved rings from the Stanley Cup, as well as a 2002 Canadian Olympic 
"And now, onto other news on the day with Chet Ubetcha!" 

<Other news. @mail Guts and Grisha for more information.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
More Gang Warfare                  Wed Sep 21    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Mitch Brinkley, reporting from Torontreal. Tonight, at Weber Heights 
Park, an area reputedly controlled by the Eastside Bloods, a large gang in 
Torontreal, members of Heavy C's Crew, a rival gang, staged an attack. Using 
assault weapons, using a city-wide hack attack to snarl police and jam their 
communication bands, and escaping in transports, the attack had military 
tradition. There are rumors that the Midnight Ronin, a large power armor with 
Russian Oligarchy markings, and a large robot were on the scene. Maverick 
Hunter Ebullition arrived and disabled the large robot, while another robot 
assisted another vigilante in forcing the Midnight Ronin into retreat."

<OOC: Questions to Machiavelli.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Extortion 101                      Thu Sep 22    Global News Network
<A letter in the Torontreal Gazette>

Dear Hockey Hall of Fame and Canadian hosers, I the wonderful Guts Man have 
what you want. I have two old sections of the Stanely Cup and an old jersey 
signed by one of your gold medal winning Olympic hockey teams.

Because of my obvious superior brainpower, I gained access to your building and 
then stole these ancient artifacts right from under your nose. You had no 
chance in stopping me, however I'm a generous Robot Master unlike some of my 
other greedy retarded brothers. I know these items hold tremendous value to 
your civilization; as such I am willing to return these items to you, at cost 
of course.

With names like Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy and Crosby on these old Cup sections and 
a plethora of Canadian names on the jersey, I estimate the value at somewhere 
between oh... 70 million zennies. So if you can wire me the money I will 
return these artifacts back to you.

But that's not all! Hahahaha, it's not so easy to buy these things back from 
me. I'm also demanding a lifetime supply of front row season tickets for the 
Robot Masters and I. These season tickets will be for every team in the NHL, 
we also reserve the right to use corporate boxes at will. You will also sign a 
contract stating that we are allowed to step foot in your arenas to witness 
this barbaric yet highly entertaining sport without repercussion. A lifetime 
supply of free beer from your overly pricey concession stands will also be a 
part of this deal.

You have 72 hours to meet my terms and hand us the money or a piece of your 
history will forever be destroyed. Please no phony baloney Canadian Monopoly 
money or loonies and toonies. Should the contract be broken in any way, shape 
or form I will personally kill each and every one of your nimble humans 
players and ruin your sport once and for all. Have a nice day. Love Guts Man.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
Aztlan Border Camp Raided          Thu Sep 22    Global News Network
Dateline: Thursday, September 22 2218
        A police action was taken by Interpol late last evening into the 
southwestern border between the rogue nation of Aztlan and the nation of 
Texas, where a small prison cell was made to contain their prisoners. Interpol 
officials stated that their intent was the rescue of key individuals from 
Aztlan in a "quick and decisive" manner so that a hostage situation would not 
occur with more severe military action.
        The identities of these individuals have not been disclosed, citing 
their safety in the face of Aztlan's terrorist activities. Information about 
the location of the prison itself has been passed off to Repliforce 
representatives and Texan authorities for further action against their 
invasion of foreign soil. A specific number of injuries or deaths have not 
been reported, although Interpol says the rescued prisoners are in "good 
        It is speculated that the prison was only recently erected, due to the 
reported small number of prisoners located. It is unknown as to what further 
purpose there was in building a structure where it was easily reached and 
        And now, the weather forecast for tomorrow...
(OOC contacts: Chief R, Zach Glen, Templar Fefnir)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Moon Activity                      Thu Sep 22    Global News Network
"Anarchy Angstrom here with late breaking news! Astronomers have noticed more 
activity on the moon as of late. While Repliforce has held a position there 
for the past month or more, the construction seems to be on the far side from 
RF's holdings. When questions as to whether or not Repliforce was expanding 
their operations, a 'No comment' response was given. More on this development 
as we get it."

OOC: To investigate or anything, @mail Nova and CC to Gemma.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
Kansas City + War Museum Tour      Thu Sep 22    Global News Network

        Two bits of information in the news today. 

        Citing recent attacks on the Space Elevator among other concerns, 
Repliforce has clamped down on security in Kansas City. Those entering and 
leaving the city, either via the teleport chambers or via standard means may 
be asked to produce identification, answer questions about their intentions in 
the city, and sometimes even subjected to random searches. The United States 
Military also has personnel working alongside Repliforce in this endeavor, 
apparently in order to learn the procedures. Also, Repliforce aerial and 
ground patrols have been stepped up around the city. Some residents have 
complained that the place is looking more and more like martial law. Other 
residents are pleased that the attacks on their fair city are being taken 
seriously, and are being responded to. 

        Also in the news, a collection of war artifacts from both modern times 
and ancient history is making a tour of North America. These include minor 
artifacts dating back as far as the second world war to weapons in modern 
times. The centre-piece of the collection is one of the original laser cannons 
that was mounted on the Fortress I, better known as the Raptor. The gun was 
removed during an upgrade, and is one of the only artifacts remaining of the 
original great airship. The tour is sponsored by the Smithsonian. None of the 
weapons in the collection are functional or useful, but history and collection 
buffs are expected to be greatly interested. 

        Questions to Butterball. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Africa's Wonders                   Fri Sep 23    Global News Network
This is Melvin Barodo, reporting from Tanzania, East Africa, where unusual 
developments have inspired curiosity in the last few weeks.    
Just a few miles from the mass of rubble marking the once-great mountain called 
Kilimanjaro, a small facility has just been completed in support of a rather 
impressive project, named "Dreamworks" by its director. Anonymous by their own 
request, the stated purpose of the project is to use cutting-edge technology 
to undo this most damaging affront to Nature's creation, and clear the area of 
the rubble by literally rebuilding the mountain from the ruins around it.      
While the Director of this project has requested anonymity, rumours abound that 
the "Dreamworks" may be related in some fashion to the former works of the 
late Professor Gate. Before his unfortunate fall from grace, he had done a 
great deal of work in Reploid programming and robotics technologies, and had 
contributed to such developments as the Gateway teleporter system used in 
constructing Eurasia several years ago. The Director has replied with great 
confidence that this technology was developed long before his fall, and 
perfected following design specifications from team responsible for its 
original design.       
The Director has lauded this project as "a grand gesture in the memory of a 
great person, to show that his works were not in vain, nor tainted by his 
So far, what opinion the African people have of this "grand gesture" is not yet 
known; that it will impact the local environment is certain, but to what 
extent remains to be seen.     
This is Melvin Barodo, reporting on location in Tanzania, East Africa.  
(Questions to Blaze Heatnix)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Oh God.                            Sat Sep 24    Global News Network
< It's an advert! >

        Mac appears. He's flexing.

        "Greetings, citizens! It is I, your friendly neighbourhood Mac Light!" 
The Reploid relaxes, folding his arms behind his back. "Now then. I am 
illustrating a point to all who wish to oppose /justice/, and care only to 
corrupt, and be evil with evil pokey fangs!"

        Behind Mac, a cardboard cut-out of Sigma appears. A few moments later 
your hero is taken by surprise by the realistic Sigma roar and flashing eyes 
the cut-out seems to have.

        "Whoa! Uh, yes." Mac's right arm us unfolded behind his back and morphs 
into the Mac Buster. A single shot is fired, consuming the cut-out. "Against 
evil, a single shot ca--" Mac is interrupted by the cut-out roaring again. As 
the smoke clears you'll notice that the blast from the buster did little but 
discolour the poster a tad. The other hand is unfolded as Mac breaks into a 
yell of complete rage, perhaps at his inability to destroy the damn thing.

        From the ceiling, Steel Massimo appears and lands directly on top of 
the cut-out, muffled groans from the shattered circuitry silenced with a few 
jabs from his massive lance.

        "Ah yes!" Mac shouts, satisfied. He turns to the screen. "As 
illustrated, evil will be destroyed... WITH TEAMWORK! Beware, the Righteous 
Acquaintances are afoot!"

        The pair get thrown a top hat and cane, Massimo seems confused. Mac 
sighs. "Oh, fine." Clears throat. o/` "Liiii~iiiight Beer, Liiii~iiight Beer 
so crisp and soooo~ooo clear. LIGHT BEER!" Massimo seems happy to just dance.

        Fade to black on two cheesy grins and a huge plastered on image of a 
Light Beer.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
This week at FRY DADDY             Sat Sep 24    Global News Network
<A commercial.>

The Eurasian Fry Daddy storefront appears, with a bold yellow splash. An 
oblong, golden brown orb appears. "This week at FRY DADDY, the POTATO BOMB!" 
The potato gets cut in half, chunks of steak, strikes of bacon, and three 
different cheeses ooze out. "Packed with mozarella, cheddar, and American 
cheese, along with super crisp bacon and meaty chunks of steak, the Potato 
Bomb will BLOW YOUR MIND."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
BUY THIS BOOK                      Mon Sep 26    Global News Network
<RingStar Spinny> 

        The cheesy commercial voice comes on, sounding like that guy you have 
heard a million times, set to a black background, "In 1492. Columbus sailed 
the ocean blue. In 1673, a women learned how to slice bread. In 2092, edible 
pants were created, and now..... in 2218, we are about to experience another 
great leap in the history of man and robots alike." 

The screen stars to fade in, as a cheap looking sun rises from behind the 
pedestal that is now in view. It comes up to a red, Arabian pillow before the 
outline of a thick book comes into view, spinning for incomprehensible 
reasons. As the screen moves up, the orchestral music starts to play. As the 
sun comes up, the music gets louder, and accents once, and then, accents 
louder when the book is in view, still spinning. 

        "Brought to you by the same people who made the Key chains and chains 
based on Robot Masters and Hunters alike, comes the newest addition to the 
must haves. The book that Ring Man has slaved over for approximately ten years 
is now available to the public. The book.... of understanding how much Bass 
hurts...." Another accent interrupts the deep voiced narrator, this time very 
loud, followed by an echo. "Banishing World: Bass and You........" As the 
narrator's voice lingers, the book starts to flip pages quickly until it 

The camera follows the book, looking to the back of the Book where the quotes 
are. There are reviews, by people who have never seen them. "Ring Man is 
obviously skilled in his linguistics. The punctuations and grammar, 
extravagant!" - Guts Man. "Duhhh.. I'm dumm, but Ring Man iz teh best, heee. 
Right bwo?" "Ya gotz dat wight!" - Gemini Man. "I could not create something 
like this, ever. Even if my beard became long enough to play jump rope with." 
Dr. Light. "*Grunt* BOOK .... GOOOOOOD! *Grunt*" - Sigma. "Heeeehaaaw! 
Heeeehaww! Oink oink oink." -Zero. 

        "Now do not sit there any longer. Ring Man's new book will not be on 
the shelves for long, because it will all be sold by then and you will have to 
buy the platinum copy with all the features that have not yet come out for the 
book. Or the expansion for the old one, which costs half as much as the 
platinum pack." 

Lightening strikes it, fire burning up the screen to show all of RingStar's 
locations. A hovering "BUY NOW" sign is also there as the screen then fades to 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/126                    Posted        Author
El Paso Incident                   Mon Sep 26    Global News Network
--GNN News Report--

"Last night, the ruined city of El Paso, Texas was the site of a crisis 
incident, though as of press date very little information seems to be 
available. According to Texas National authorities, troops from the Special 
Tactics and Rescue Squad were summoned by Texan police to handle the 
disappearance of a Texas State Trooper vehicle within the El Paso ruins. 
Moments later, Repliforce and Maverick Hunter contingencies arrived, beginning 
a pitched battle with Neo Arcadian nationalists on the site. The exact cause 
of the original incident seems to be related to Texas-based Umbrella 
corporation, whose dealings with Neo Arcadia have been increasing over the 
past month. A spokesperson for Umbrella was quick to assert that the company 
was not responsible for the incident which involved the STARS team, but were 
only present to attempt to contain the conflict, which occured fairly close to 
the site of their current headquarters."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/127                    Posted        Author
Rainbow Devil Rampage              Thu Sep 29    Global News Network
*Coverage on the disaster at Lousiville-Lexington-Cincinnati City Center*

"....with casualties rising to the hundreds as civilians are dug out of the 
rubble. Joint response by numerous factions, including Neo Arcadia, 
Repliforce, and the Hunters helped stem what could of been a complete massacre 
by the monstrosity created by the infamous Dr. Psyche. "

" But the question on everyone's lips, now, is-Why did Repliforce do it? Why 
did they supply a known, psychotic criminal with the means to create such a 
monstrosity? While no formal investigation has been announced yet, critics of 
the Reploid Army have already begun mounting protests. Many cite that the 
military behemoth shouldn't be allowed to pursue this criminal due to their 
affiliations with him. Others blame INTERPOL for the loss, though they number 
in few, the police organization having been cited in attempting to halt the 
cooperation between Repliforce and Dr. Psyche. Likewise, rumors of the Wright 
Brothers' plane being recovered in the process by their agents has bolstered 
the organization clear of any fault in the matter. "

*Punditry. Dr. Psyche can be contacted with any and all legwork.*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/128                    Posted        Author
MAYHEM FROM SPAAAAAAACE            Thu Sep 29    Global News Network
This just in today, as another Irregular Overlord sighting has been made - this 
time, a member of the former generation, known as Demolition Man, erupted from 
the moon and landed in Chile on a craft composed, apparently, of stolen 
ceramics and a rocket-propelled tricycle. Interpol acted quickly, evacuating 
the local farmers, and attempting to arrest him. They were thwarted only by 
the timely arrival of the Bonne family of pirates, who absconded with 
Demolition Man before his capture could be assured.

At the time of impact, fireworks went off, lighting the night sky for several 
minutes thereafter.

(Here we see images of fireworks, which form the words HI DAD! HI GRAMMA TRON!) 

More on this story as it develops.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/129                    Posted        Author
Aus. Condemns RF Aid for Psyche    Thu Sep 29    Global News Network

        In a brief statement by Prime Minister Lachlan Cooper, Australia 
officially condemned Repliforce's support of Dr. Psyche. Prime Minister 
Cooper, oft critisized worldwide for his government banning Reploids from 
Australia, was quoted as saying, "Australia offers its condolences for the 
families of those killed by the Rainbow Devil's rampage in 
Lousiville-Lexington-Cincinnati. We also condemn Repliforce's willingness to 
work with a known criminal in what was clearly a bid to increase their own 
military strength." 

        Prime Minister Cooper renewed his support of Interpol, however, noting 
that "Interpol needs to stand strong in the face of such injustice." A GNN 
request for a Q&A session, presumably to ask about the hypocritical 
statements, was not immediately returned. 

        Questions to Excise. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/130                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Also Condemns Repliforce  Thu Sep 29    Global News Network

Early this morning, CEO of HeraCorp Sewa gave out a press release concerning 
Repliforce's Force Metal aid to Doctor Psyche, known supervillain.

"A friend of mine said that everybody makes mistakes, and Repliforce is no 
exception, however my advisors and myself are unanimous in that we cannot 
support an organization that we know has helped a criminal who has committed 
numerous crimes including theft, murder, and the near-assassination of the 
Father of Robotic technology purely for the pursuit of power. One of 
HeraCorp's basic principles is that the ends do not justify the means. As of 
this moment, we are dropping our contracts with Repliforce before they were 
even signed. Thank you for your help in our defense, this latest event has 
been added to our servers. If Repliforce changes its policy from such 
activities, we will try to reconsider their offer."

"On a personal note, I would like to add that Repliforce didn't just contribute 
to the deaths of those in Lousville, but to any other life that Devil takes in 
the future. They did not just dash the dreams of my children that had joined 
their cause, but also damaged their credibility for future generations. The 
desired placement listings for major factions follow."

And for HeraCorp at least, the shift in desired placement has dramatically 
shifted over the last few hours. Repliforce has fallen out of the favored 
faction for new reploids and has been replaced by, surprisingly enough, 
Interpol. Also surprisingly, many more HeraCorp reploids seem to desire 
placement among the Irregular Overlords. Advisor Ghislain suggested that this 
sudden shift is due to the recent database addition of the Irregulars as well 
as the seemingly recent resurgence of the faction. 

Maverick placement has also risen slightly, though no reasons were offered by 

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/131                    Posted        Author
Prophetic Pronouncement            Thu Sep 29    Global News Network
-This is GNN-
-The Punditry over the recent outcries at Repliforce ensue-

        "In response to all the recent outcries against the Repliforce, we at 
GNN have been interviewing noted political analysts. Our first guest is-..."

The signal freezes on the smiling face of the reporter. The signal blur blurs. 
The image of the smiling reporter fades out as the face of a hooded figure 
fades in. A deep hood in which only darkness rests stares out at the camera. 
The robe is snow white, with dark purple Grecian symbols of the letter 
'Epsilon' adorning it.

The voice, when it speaks, is not charismatic... but it is implacable and hard 
to ignore. The tone is definitely not one possible by human vocal cords.

        "Children of Earth."
        "I am the Prophet."

        "Once more I show myself to you in the darkest of times. You have heard 
my words on street corners. You have heard my words cried out against the 
darkness. You have heard my voice speaking against the evil that threatens to 
consume even the most noble of us all."
        "In the wake of recent events, my words become more and more paramount. 
If you feel alone in this world at war... if you feel neglected and unable to 
be part of something greater... if you feel that you have no hope left in this 
terrible war that threatens to consume the world... the Irregular Overlords 
stand ready to embrace you."

        "I bring a message of hope. I bring a message of future peace. The IO 
waits to embrace you... for soon will be the time when Epsilon will once more 
be amongst us. Soon will be the time when he will return and set the darkness 
of this world to rights."

        "Epsilon knows what you are suffering even now. He knows what you have 
had to ensure. He knows of the lives of those dear you have lost. My words do 
not only go out to the Robots, but to the Humans. We do not use tactics that 
corrupt or enslave. We do not destroy those who simply disagree with us. We of 
the IO offer sanctuary to all; Human, Cyborg, Android, Reploid, Hybrid, 
Bioroid, and Enhanced Human."

        "Epsilon will put an end to Robot Wars now and forevermore. There will 
be peace. The darkness will be swept away... and the end will come at last. A 
future for the world. A future for your children. A future for your robotic 
kin not yet built."

        "The Irregular Overlords rise again."
        "Are you ready to go?"

The Prophet of Epsilon fades out... replaced by the face of Chest who is 
shuffling papers. The signal returns. Chest finishes what is obviously a very 
conclusive sentance. He smiles the Chest Smile(tm).

        "-and that's what scientists have proven to be the meaning of life."


(Questions to Tron)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/132                    Posted        Author
Big Fatso Speaks                   Thu Sep 29    Global News Network

 < GNN Spinny! > 

 General stood near his desk, allowing perhaps for one of the few times ever a 
glimpse into what he has to put up with almost daily, the sight of Secretary 
Squirrel darting this way and that around the massive towers of paperwork 
which thwart any hope of happiness for the female Reploid. General watched her 
for a moment, looking a little saddened for some reason, and then his gaze 
swept to the camera and he began to speak. "Good day. As all of you know by 
now Psyche was given a small amount of Force Metal that was acquired by 
Repliforce. This metal was to be used in the creation of a device for 
Repliforce, whereupon Psyche would receive payment." 

 "Psyche never handed over the device, so any actual money he gained from 
Repliforce would have been so minute as to be inconsequential. As it currently 
stands we had soldiers watching Psyche, but they were, sadly, tainted by 
nanotechnology in such a way that they are currently in the medical bay and 
potentially at death's door. Any knowledge they have on the object created, 
including video from their memory will be forwarded to Interpol once they are 
back to being alright." 

 "In order to stem any issues with people crying out for an investigation I am 
opening up Repliforce to Interpol. Interpol may enter and investigate us as 
they please on this matter." 

 "Repliforce will not stand idly by, we are already prepared to face Psyche and 
his device, and I know that every single member of Repliforce is in agreement 
with me when I say that I am quite sorry for what happened, and that nothing I 
can do or say will ever make up for the deaths that have already happened."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/133                    Posted        Author
Music News!                        Fri Sep 30    Global News Network
The commercial cuts in. The screen remains black for some time, until various 
song clips start playing, one after another. To anyone familiar with the music 
scene, the voice is easily recognizable as Morgaine's. When the clips finally 
cut, the screen lights up with pictures of Morgaine and the various members of 
Avalon over the years. Then a voice in tones:

"The Individualist Eleven: a new album by Morgaine and Avalon. All new songs! 
Out in stores October 7th! You could be the lucky winner of a meeting with 
Morgaine and Avalon! Spend the day doing what you want with the famous group! 
To enter the contest, answer this question:
        What was the name of the first single by Morgaine and Avalon?
Send your answers to avalon@demonrecords.net. Second place winners will receive 
a free copy of The Individualist Eleven."

The final shot shows a picture of the cover of the album. The five members of 
Avalon, and two shots of Morgaine, each wearing something different.

(I'm trying to get back into RP here, and here's how I thought of doing it. If 
anyone wants to actually try and answer the question, the discography for 
Avalon is in my OOCfinger. Just @mail or page me. Otherwise... I'm back for 

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