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Staten Island Scuffle              Tue Nov 01    Global News Network
An anchorman dressed up as a turnip delivers the night's top news, "And now 
picking up where my colleague Sombrero Bumblebee left off, Staten Island saw 
its share of trespassers late this Halloween Eve. Initial reports told of 
rowdy teenagers throwing toilet paper at the Statue of Liberty before our news 
crew confirmed that the perpetrator was indeed the notorious Robot Master Guts 
Man throwing huge rolls of industrial paper at Lady Liberty.

"After news broke of this incident more individuals showed up on the island 
including a giant ant, a couple members of Repliforce, the Hunter known as 
Zero and a large robotic gorilla. At one point it looked as if Staten Island 
had become Monster Island thanks in part to having three gigantic beings on it.

"The only known casualties are those of Guts Man and Zero, but with no bodies 
retrieved we can only speculate whether they were fatal casualties or not. My 
gut instinct tells me no. All other parties involved were seen leaving the 
area in a functional state after the forces of good triumphed over the forces 
of evil.

"Staten Island will be closed for up to 3 weeks and Lady Liberty who had a 
chunk torn out of her by the large ant is expected to make a full recovery in 
time for Thanksgiving. We'll be back with more of tonight's top news after 
this commercial break."

The commercial following the news report is a trailer for the latest Godzilla 

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United Goods Press Dispatch        Tue Nov 01    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"United Goods, an African corporation that deals primarily in food, 
entertainment, and other soft consumer goods, has shocked the world by moving 
into the colonization business in Europe. Earlier today, United Goods Reploid 
CEO Malachi Constant, had a press conference at his headquarters in the Ivory 

Malachi Constant, a lion-esque man in a blue suit with a mane, beard, and 
mustache of flowing blond hair, speaks in front of a small podium. "Today, 
United Goods has moved people and supplies to the Lorraine region of France, 
at the site of what our survey team believes to be untapped iron ore. To this 
extent, we have created a subdivision, Plato Inc., and christened our small 
colony and mineral extraction site 'Plato'. Plato's population is 1,302, made 
of of mining personnel, geological teams, administrative teams, and a security 
contigent. We our confident that our security, as well as the Repliforce 
protection of this area, will keep our assets safe from harm in this 
potentially volatile region."

The feed returns to the GNN anchor. "When asked where United Goods was getting 
a security force, the CEO explained that a number of military specialists had 
been recruited as advisors, and the pool of troopers was being drawn primarily 
from former UN or national military personnel. In other news..."

<OOC: Contant Machiavelli if you want to mess with or investigate Plato.>

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Carthage Consortium                Tue Nov 01    Global News Network
Another report among the many of businesses capitalizing on Repliforce's recent 
        "Today, the Carthage Consortium, a coalition of businesses including 
formerly Oslo-based conglomerate Hansa, Dansk Shipping, and independent 
investors, announced its formation for the purpose of reconstruction in the 
ravaged Scandinavia region.
        "We are glad for Repliforce's decision to veto its previous decision," 
Hansa executive Konrad Nisse said in this latest press conference. "Now the 
millions of dollars that would have gone into its pocket can be spent on 
things of true value, like houses and roads." 
        Along with the Consortium's other officers, London lawyer Eskil 
Sorensen and Dansk financial officer Kirstine Engel, Nisse is one of thousands 
of native Scandinavian businesspeople who have managed to continue their work 
in exile but longs to return home. In this spirit, the Carthage Consortium has 
already begun to assemble resources and contractors, and is currently 
appealing to expat communities on Eurasia and elsewhere to 'start the move 
back home and to normality at long last'. The Carthage Consortium has also 
issued a statement detailing their expectation that Repliforce and Interpol 
will continue to extend their services while the nations of Scandinavia are 
being restored to their sovereignty.
<OOC: Questions to Feste.>

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European Deal                      Tue Nov 01    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Plato Inc., the colonizing subdivision of United Goods, has announced a deal 
with Cray Trading Company, which owns and operates the city of New Haven. New 
Haven has been designated as a trans-shipment point for iron ore extracted 
from the hills of Lorraine by Plato Inc., and many United Goods products and 
businesses have moved into New Haven. Two Fry Daddy locations have been opened 
in the city, and there are reports of products such as Nico-Cola joining 
others on the shelves. Interestingly, a mutual defense deal has also been 
signed, pooling the security forces of both organizations together in case one 
is attacked. No further comments have been issued at this time by United Goods 
CEO Malachi Constant, or New Haven's Governor Theodore Cray."

<OOC: Questions to Machiavelli or Pirate Man.>

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Message: 18/80                     Posted        Author
Halloween Aftermath                Wed Nov 02    Global News Network

Violence and mayhem plagued many parts of the globe during 31 October, with 
some of the violence stretching into the following Tuesday. Civil unrest was 
reported in New York City and Sydney, and a curfew was enforced in Rio to 
prevent violent outbreaks between militant anti-Reploid paramilitaries and the 
Irregular cells known to operate in the area.

Giga City was the scene of several violent incidents, including an extensive 
Maverick attack which was repelled by a coalition force of Repliforce and 
Irregular Overlords. Most visibly alarming was a confrontation in New York 
City between Guts Man and several massive Reploids. The damaged form of the 
Statue of Liberty has become a rallying point for the American Democratic 
Party, who have been critical of the Seers administration's handling of the 
Aztlan war.

Much of the immediate civil unrest was quelled as Repliforce backed off its 
plan to sell land in Europe. However, the public relations damage from the 
incident is extensive, and many Repliforce observers believe that a critical 
loss of trust has occurred between the Reploid army and those it has sworn to 

Additional large anti-Repliforce protests have been planned for the coming 
weekend by activists in Sydney, which is expected to further sour human public 
opinion in Australia against Reploids.

San Angeles, on the border between two warring nations, was eerily quiet over 
Halloween night, and remains in a tense but civil state as the human community 
begins to recover from Repliforce's Halloween shock.

< OOC: Leo >


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The Thompson Hour                  Wed Nov 02    Global News Network
<On one of GNN's religious channels, an hour is devoted each week to the 
Reverand Jonah Thompson.>

Reverand Thompson, an African male wearing a black outfit and holding a Bible, 
stands on stage. "Good EVENING, my brothers and sisters in Christ! The world 
is a tumultuous place these days...Chaos around every corner! The Devil using 
mortals to do his work! Now, we all profess our faith and our lives to the 
teachings of Jesus Christ...You may think you are pure, but are you? When you 
see a Reploid, do you see a fellow sentient being, or do you see a Maverick? 
Just a machine? Something that is not alive? Now, God has created man, and in 
the womb, he places the spark of intelligence inside each baby...The soul. Do 
Reploids have souls? They can think, feel, suffer, believe, just as man! And 
just like humanity, they are created...Perhaps humanity does not place the 
divine spark in the Reploid when he builds it, but my brothers and sisters, I 
certainly believe that GOD does! God created humanity, and humanity begets 
humanity! How is the birth of a child, who will grow up to think and feel, 
different from the birth of a Reploid, who will grow up to think and feel? The 
Neo-Arcadians believe that ALL robotic life is a threat, but let me tell you 
this, brothers and sisters. HATRED is the only threat. HATRED is the tool of 
Satan. And the Neo-Arcadians and the Mavericks alike thrive on HATRED, 
brothers and sisters! So guard your heart closely against hate, as we join 
hands with our robotic brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us all give thanks, 
for each breath of every day! PRAISE THE LORD!" The audience joins in with 
cries of 'praise the Lord'. At the bottom, the show's telephone number is 
shown, incase anyone wants to donate to the Thompson Fund for Victims of the 
Robot Wars charity.

<OOC: Big donors, contact Machiavelli.>

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Message: 18/82                     Posted        Author
Old-Fashioned Ad                   Wed Nov 02    Global News Network
(Largely static art. No animated images, no links embedded in the file except 
for two at the end. There are not even sounds or wallpaper friendly versions, 
although such could be made. The ad is distributed through major networks, 
online magazines, and news feeds.)

(A woman with short black hair, sunglasses, and a ridiculously colored pants 
suit with red as the dominant color sits in a lawn chair, next to a tent. The 
shot is long enough to show the wreckage of what was probably, once, a modest 
one-family house; the tent is in what might have been the living room.)

(There is a television/computer hookup and a small portable stereo, as well as 
a ice bucket with a bottle of some form of champagne. The woman is looking 
upwards towards the camera, with a faintly quizzical expression.)

(Underneath the photograph, black text on a white background: "COME ON BACK" in 
fifteen different European languages.)

(One of the links is to a central page of various small 'government-in-exile' 
groups founded by minor survivors of national governments. The other is a link 
to a camping-supply retailer in Minnesota. Prices are reasonable.)

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Message: 18/83                     Posted        Author
Interupted Broadcast               Wed Nov 02    Global News Network
Star Trek XXI is interupted suddenly, in the middle of Kirk macking on the 
latest hot alien chick. The feed cuts to a dark room, with a barerly visible 
man smoking a cigarette on a stool in the middle of the room.

        "Greetinks, vorld. I am Doctor Gravity. I have come before you tonight 
to send a message out to my children. Vhey are... I vill not use the names 
that the corrupt U.N. gave zhem. I vill use zhere REAL names." Dr. Gravity 
pauses a moment. "Grizzly Slash. Duff McWhalen. Izzy Glow. Axel the Red. Squid 
Addler. The Skiver. Mattrex. Dark Dizzy. Zhese are the real names of the 
reploids known as Crescent Grizzly, Tidal Whale, Shining Firefly, Spike 
Rosered, Spiral Pegasus, Burn Dinorex, and Dark Necrobat. If zhe eight of you 
are listening, zhen know zat your fazzer loffes you. Even you, Grizzly Slash, 
despite zhe fact zat zhe U.N. has conditioned you to deny my loff. I vill be 
vaiting for you return."

The feed returns back to the movie, just in time for you to miss the hot alien 
boobs. Sucks to be you.

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Message: 18/84                     Posted        Author
Bar Fire In Neo-Tokyo              Wed Nov 02    Global News Network

        "Today, during the red-ribboning of the newest RingStarBar, what was 
supposed to be a nice, festive occasion has turned into a disaster. A group of 
renegades and many small drones that resembled arms and mops had waylaid the 
bar and tried to take as many different kind of liquor from the bar as 
possible before the security team of Ring Man, the owner of RingStar, had 
jumped into action by taking on the preons and vast amount of drones that had 
assaulted the bar. Two other assailants had aided the drones, as well as what 
looked like Vile, but wasn't, as he seemed to just walk around instead of 
blowing anything apart. The fire started in the building a little after what 
looked to be a giant bottle of booze, Liquor Man, pushed the robot master into 
the building, a flame erupting from the side of the building not too long 
after that." 

        "Another robot master, Skull Man, was on the scene fighting what looked 
to be Boss H, sources say. The pirate had apparently threw what was supposed 
to be a giant barrel of explosives into the bar before the bare went in 
flames, the situation turning critical as buildings next to it were in peril 
of setting on fire as well. When the fire fighters had arrived the Wilysaucer 
was seen leaving the area with a thick black smoke trailing it. The fire 
fighters had put the fire out but not before the entire building had burnt so 
terribly that there were of successfully restoring it. Thankfully, no one was 
killed in this blaze." 

"Now on to sports....." 

< OOC:Ring Man>

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Message: 18/85                     Posted        Author
Mavs in San An                     Wed Nov 02    Global News Network

"The Coalition of Reploid Freedom didn't so much have a recruiting drive as it 
had a celebration -of- the Coalition right here in San Angeles. While the 
typical pamphlets and protests were tossed about, the Coalition were 

"Representative Song Beast of the Reploid Boyz said, "People think the 
Mavericks can't have fun anymore, so they won't want anything to do with us. 
They just see our infamous 'Humans Suck' policy and spout off all sorts of 
historic babble instead of getting to -know- the Coalition. I think that's BS. 
We can still have fun as a Maverick, we still know how to party. I say to 
people pointing fingers at us saying we're 'Racist' and shout back, 'So 
what!?'. Maybe that means I'm not perfect, but I don't need to be to enjoy 

Dancing and candy and party hats prevailed, but whether the Coalition is truly 
spreading in another direction is uncertain, but some reploids seem intrigued 
by this new methodology."

Various reploids appear on screen to actually give comments.
"'Yeah, sure, they're psyched up nutjobs, but at least they aren't -boring-.'"
"'I always thought that the Mavericks were boring evangelists, but hey...they 
like Rock and Roll too! And even Reggae!'"
"'This is ridiculous, they're just enjoying themselves, how are people treating 
this as some sort of new revolution in Maverick trends?'"

<various more punditry, or however it's spelled>

OOC: Lumine for questions

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Message: 18/86                     Posted        Author
'Thief M' in Interpol Custody      Thu Nov 03    Global News Network
So quick that it barely merits a headline at the bottom of GNN's 24/7/365 
newscast is this note:

The infamous 'Thief M,' revealed to be a Reploid by the name of Marino, was 
turned over into Interpol custody today by Magma Dragoon of the Hunters. 
Commissioner Jessica Blakesly headed up the Interpol end of the turnover.

And now, sports...

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Message: 18/87                     Posted        Author
"The War, Humanity, It's Children, Thu Nov 03    Global News Network
 Book entitled: "The War, Humanity, Its Children, and The Ties That Binds"
By author: Tabitha Williams

Just in time for the up-rise within the ever-unstable relations between the 
humans and mechanoid races.

Listed among several of the bestseller lists, the book portrays a unique 
perspective on the war regarding the various factions...as well as the 
civilian population at large. While some famous names and places are mentioned 
throughout, the book's contents maintains a generalized focus and in-depth 
analysis regarding the struggle among the various races and so forth.

The book makes clear it's decidingly anti-Robot Master and anti-Maverick...but 
not anti-Andorids, Reploids, or other forms of mechanical life. And even goes 
so far as to hold humanity to its responsibilities within the war. Like it 
not, those in humanity who desire to do so do not have, nor hold, the right to 
extinguish innocent robotic life as it wills. 


Depending on one's take....

In some portions of the book, one may even almost get the idea there's an 
insider's perspective involved. But from where and by who...the author doesn't 

(OOC: Contact Twila Peterson for more info.)

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Message: 18/88                     Posted        Author
Hunters Stop Crime in Canada!      Thu Nov 03    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"When Canada left the Interpol charter, it was left open to the criminal 
element. One particularly nasty gang, 'HC-90', arose in Torontreal, engaging 
in violent warfare with rival factions and flooding the streets with the 
Japanese designer drug 'Zen'. Today, at the corner of 5th and LaFont in the 
Quebecquois quarter of Torontreal, Hunters Alia and Mirror Orange arrived and 
attacked the druglord 'Heavy C', head of HC-90, at his apparent base of 
operations. The Hunters fought their way through the violent street element, 
armed with high-tech weaponry, with Mirror Orange fighting this robot who 
apparently had a vendetta with the Hunters <grainy picture of Blitzkrieg 
fleeing the battle>, while Alia penetrated their compound. She reportedly 
fought kingpin Heavy C, who turned out to be a Reploid, and has possibly 
killed him after shooting his head off and causing him to plunge ten stories 
to the street below. The unnamed robot escaped with Heavy C. Police arrived 
and apprehended forty individuals in the building with weapons and drug 
charges. Some of these arrests have reportedly led to raids across Torontreal, 
with one cache of weaponry and two major caches of Zen found. In the wake of 
this attack, many gangmembers have reportedly lost faith in their leader, and 
several fractures are rumored within Torontreal's gangland. There are no 
theories at this time as how Heavy C was getting his weaponry and drugs, 
although ties to the shadowy Japanese Mafia are suspected. In other news..."

<OOC: Contact Machiavelli with questions.>

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Message: 18/89                     Posted        Author
Tabith Williams is a filthy, Neo-A Thu Nov 03    Global News Network

Book entitled: "Tabith Williams is a filthy, Neo-Arcadian supporter who wishes 
that Dr. Wily would wed her." 
By author: Hullahoop Man

This book coming right out after Tabitha's for no apparent reason, serious, 
both of these books out at the same time have /nothing/ to do with that one is 
about the other. 

Listed a dozen and more times on RingStar's special book lists at number one, 
this books expels the belief that Tabitha Williams has any real and dignified 
thoughts about today's world other than hating on robot masters because she is 
hot for Dr. Wily. We are also given insight into how her toaster caught the 
Sigma virus and burned her toast, so she wrote has a bad tone about them as 
well. It's in depth in exposing the creepy similarities between her and 
El-dummy-pizo, including a hatred of all robot masters, and why their 
undergarments are in a knot. 

The book clearly displays how Tabitha is unfit to write about anything except 
how dumb she really is, and how Dr. Wily would no way stoop as low to marry 
such a loser. Instead, the book draws conclusions that she should practice 
monogamy with Sigma and Elpizo, marrying them both at the same time. 

In MANY portions of the book are there pictures of General of Repliforce. The 
pictures have been modified so heavily that General looks inside out, and on 
his back is a small note that reads, 'Toad's Wang'. There are many references 
to 'Toad's Wang', as this one sentence arriving at the conclusion that, and I 
quote, "If Toad's Wang was any bigger, Tabitha Williams would have been 
crushed under the might of it while she was writing her book." Repliforce is 
also noted as being 'Repliwang' through the entire book. His sources are clear 
as Toad Man's wang is ever present. 

< OOC: Question? Comments? Utter hatred of my existence? All goes to Ring Man! >

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Message: 18/90                     Posted        Author
Refinery Attack                    Fri Nov 04    Global News Network

 "And in other news, last night in East Africa, at a metalworking refinery 
Robot Masters attacked, apparently with the intention of stealing materials 
for unknown purposes." 
 Flash to image of Ring Man, Astro Man, Toad Man and Gyro Man piling off of a 
Short bus. 
 "Maverick Hunters arrived on the scene shortly after, acting on suspicions 
brought about by one of the Robot Master's apparently driving very 
erratically. Worldwide authorities have put out an APB for Ring Man's driver's 
license to be revoked. The Maverick Hunters and Robot Masters engaged each 
 Images of Titanic Rhino punching Gyro Man, then others of him fighting Astro 
Man, with the Master floating around him like some obscene King Kong scene 
gone wrong. One image shows Astro Man throwing steel bars at the huge Hunter 
as well in a reverse of Donkey Kong. 
 "...and in the end, the Hunters were victorious." 
 An image of Astro Man retreating, and Zero erupting out of the ground with an 
insane-rage look on his face, making like he's about to cut Ring Man in half. 
Another image shows the pieces of said Robot Master laying on the ground. 
 "Cleanup and recovery efforts were well underway, spearheaded by members of an 
Emergency Extraction Medical and Rescue Team (E.E.M.R.T.) who saw to any 
wounded and ensured the damage did not spread further than it needed to. 
 Cut to various images of different personnel with these uniforms, and even of 
one Twila Peterson wearing the same such uniform in one image. So much for 
remaining incognito. 
 "When asked for commentary, Maverick Hunter Zero was quoted as saying, 'They 
weren't getting their dirty mitts on Earl.' The question only now 
remains...where will the Masters strike next? Now returning you to your 
regularly scheduled programming." 


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Message: 18/91                     Posted        Author
Vigilante in Vegas                 Fri Nov 04    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Authorities in Las Vegas were shocked today when a power armor without 
markings opened fire on several cars today, killing five people and wounding 
several more. The power armor then beat a cyborg nearly to death with a street 
sign, taking heavy damage in the process, before fleeing from the police. 
Police found several pounds of Zen in the destroyed car, but Las Vegas' chief 
of police still says they do not condone vigilante violence. LVPD was not able 
to identify the armor, but GNN investigative reporters indicate the same armor 
was used by Laura 'Thrash' MacKenzie, a Constable in Interpol's Power Armor 
Corps. Interpol or the United States government have not issued a statement at 
this time - the US government recently made waves by leaving the Interpol 
charter, along with Canada."

<OOC: Questions to Thrash or Energize.>

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Message: 18/92                     Posted        Author
Coming this Christmas...           Fri Nov 04    Global News Network
<A movie trailer in the theaters, and distributed throughout the internet.>

A white logo of a television with the words 'Mogul Media' appears, before the 
screen shifts to a man sitting in a dusty bar. He's wearing an old black 
duster, with a black cowboy hat and a pair of sunglasses. His face is 
striking, with black grizzle about it, and his right hand is made of metal. 
White letter-print appears across the bottom: 'Aztlan, 2218. Fifty miles 
outside of Neo-Arcadia'. Pantheon troopers suddenly burst in through the roof, 
landing around the man and leveling arm-cannons at him. He looks up from his 
drink with a disinterested gaze, setting it down on the table. A Pantheon 
smacks him from behind, and the screen goes black.

"Cliff Flint," a deep, rolling voice says, before the man from the bar's face 
appears. The camera shifts to a view from behind, of him standing in a white 
jumpsuit with his ankles and wrists cuffed together. He glares in the 
direction of a high, arc-shaped set of seats, with a man resembling Elpizo 
sitting at the highest position in the center. The others all vaguely resemble 
Doctor Ciel Mallory and Neo-Arcadia's guardians. 'Elpizo' continues, "You were 
one of the best during the revolution. Took out thirty Mavericks after your 
team got killed. Then, after the creation of the Neo-Arcadian state, you 
disappeared." Cliff Flint snarls a bit, as the camera looks at his face. His 
eyes narrow. "I stopped working for you when you started killing innocent 
robots. I don't work for you anymore." 'Elpizo' narrows his eyes, saying, "I'm 
afraid you do. We've implanted a special sonic emittor at the base of brain 
stem. In forty eight hours, it will emit a sonic pulse that will liquefy your 
brain. If you try to remove it, it will also do this. If you complete the 
mission, we will deactivate it." Cliff Flint growls, his eyes narrowing again. 
'Elpizo' says, "Rescue my daughter from Sigma."

Suddenly, the viewer is transported to Maverick Berlin. Cliff Flint wearing his 
duster and cowboy hat rocket down a street on the back of a hover car, 
Maverick drones behind him firing lasers. Then, Cliff Flint with a gatling 
cannon, sprawing it back and forth at approaching Mavericks. Then, Cliff Flint 
underwater, bubbles flowing from the side of his mouth as he wrestles with a 
Maverick. Sigma then appears, holding someone resembling Alouette with his 
arm. He smiles.

A giant robot is shown lumbering down the street, emitting a laser that 
produces a dot on Cliff Flint's forehead as the camera shifts to it. "I'm 
gonna need a bigger gun."

A black background appears, and one by one words woosh into place:


Coming December 2218.

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Message: 18/93                     Posted        Author
Actor Kidnapped!                   Fri Nov 04    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Machmillian, an actor Reploid built several months ago by Mogul Media, is 
starring in their new film 'Escape From Berlin', as Sigma. Strangely enough, 
he has recently gone missing from his penthouse apartment in Manhattan. Police 
are investigating, and report that a trace of the Sigma Virus has been found 
in the apartment. They believe that Mavericks perhaps kidnapped Mr. 
Machmillian, who many film industry insiders predict will have a promising 
career in show business. The CEO of the company that owns Mogul Media, United 
Goods, a Reploid named Malachi Constant, had this to say: 'I am shocked and 
appalled at the audacity of the Mavericks. Liberty and freedom of expression 
are things cherished by the entire world. To have Machmillian abducted by 
Mavericks for simply playing a part in a film is an abomination.' If you have 
any information on this disappearance, call 1-800-YOU-NARC and leave an 
anonymous tip. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions to Fianait or Machiavelli.>

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Message: 18/94                     Posted        Author
Take the High Road                 Fri Nov 04    Global News Network

        <News blip OF CHAOS>

        "Earlier today, Governor Theodore Cray of New Haven announced the 
citysate's intention to construct an interstate highway between France and 
Germany. The planned layout of the road will travel from New Haven to Berlin, 
coming within close proximity to the mining operation being conducted by 
Plato, Inc. Along with this construction, Governor Cray has stated intentions 
to lend assistance to returning German natives and aid in their efforts to 
rebuild their country."

        <End CHAOS>

        (OOC: Questions to Pirate Man.)


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Message: 18/95                     Posted        Author
GNN: The ThugBots Strike Again!    Sun Nov 06    Global News Network

        "This is GNN."
        "Over the last week since Halloween, reports of a specific type of 
graffiti vandalism have increased."

        "Occuring in cities across the globe, sans Neo Arcadian and Neutral 
Territory, small yellow and blue Robots have been reported fleeing scenes of 
vandalism via glow in the dark spray paint. Obvious work of the minions of the 
Bonne Family, the Servbots, calling themselves the 'Thugbots'. Examples of 
their scrawl are as follows." Images appear on screen.

'Big Papa Guts Is Your Hook Up!'
'BONNES 4 LIFE!' Included: Spray Painted art of Tron in a Bikini.

        "Newer messages on the walls include." More images.

'The Prophet Died For You!'
'Lumine <3 Aqua Man!'
(After November 2) 'EPSILON IS COMING!' 'O RLY?' 'YA RLY.'
'Scott Wily Is Da MASTA O' DISASTA!'
'Ferham's Got Da Funk!'
'iLuz Lives!'
'Sigma Eats Live Kittens!'
A bad rendition of Lumine being beaten down by a dozen 'Thugbots'
'Sugar And Cinnamon. Which One Is The Hotter One?'
'We Love Botos' Singing! Don't You?'
'Giga Man > Bass.'
'Ph33r T3h CUTE Onez.'
...And more!

        "Local authorities are doing what they can to try and prevent further 
vandalism. If you see any suspicious little yellow and blue robots, please 
contact your local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to apprehend. The 
Thugbots are considered to be Armed and Hyperactive."

(Questions to Tron)

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Message: 18/96                     Posted        Author
Righteous What?                    Mon Nov 07    Global News Network
<This Is GNN.>

        Mac appears on screen, though he's different. Not wearing his helmet, 
he's instead slicked his usually blue hair back. In fact, he's pretty suave 
today. White dress shirt, red tie, black slacks and a black blazer. Sat before 
a fire in a big red leather chair, he appears to be engrossed in an upside 
down book.
        Mac looks up, and smiles. "Oh, hello. You caught me in the middle of my 
book." He winks. "A lot of you may be wondering 'what' the Righteous 
Acquaintances actually do, and I'd like to clear things up." The book is 
slammed shut, and Mac slumps back. "You see, the Righteous Acquaintances - or 
'RA' as the cool crowd calls them - are what we call a 'Vigilante Group', 
committed to righting wrongs and triumphing over evil. We contain Steel 
Massimo, Suploid, Steel Massimo, Auto, myself and in earlier times Bat 
Vertigo." With a sigh, he continues. "If you have any troubles, and the 
Maverick Hunters slash Repliforce cannot help PLEASE, feel free to contact us. 
We're also available for pizza parties and weddings as an advanced 
barbershop-esque band.." 

</That Was GNN.>

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Message: 18/97                     Posted        Author
New Network Security Firm          Sat Nov 12    Global News Network
A network security company has been making waves in the business world. The 
name "SciTech" is quickly becoming known through announcements by the United 
States, the African Continental Government, redeveloping European countries, 
and the United Nations to support the new network security firm. According to 
official statements by the involved gorvernments, it is reported that they 
have authorized the firm to address network security issues. Headed up by a 
former high executive of the Japanese networking company IPC Inc. (which 
collapsed shortly after the gigantic Yakuza bust in Japan months prior), 
Shuseki Ijuin made a rare public appearance to make an announcement.
"The mission statement of SciTech is simple. Society keeps moving forward. 
Instead of working with society, you have people of all walks of life who stop 
at nothing to push it back the other way. The purpose of SciTech is to help 
you keep moving that life forward in the face of today's difficulties. We 
provide user-friendly and powerful security for your most important work, or 
your favorite leisurely activities against those who'd thrive on disrupting 
this. No roundabout, no talking over your head. Just peace of mind on the job, 
a thing we all value. This is our mission statement."
The company is already looking at a strong head start on Wall Street, but time 
will tell if it will live up to both the expectations and the CEO's own words. 
There have been rave reviews for their first few products, and the company is 
already reported to be in line to receive recognition for what is quoted as 
"Outstanding Customer Support," with a number of professionals on standby at 
all times to assist with their customers' security needs with "excellent 
response time" and "performance that goes above and beyond the call."
There are many recruitment notices posted throughout newspapers and online news 
feeds alike, with plenty of contact information. There is one stern warning: 
"We perform background checks. We aren't stupid."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
KITTENS                            Sun Nov 13    Global News Network

        "...and that's what 'Kuwanger' /actually/ means. And now our top story 
for tonight: kittens!" 

        No, seriously. It really /is/ kittens. A shot of kittens crawling 
around over a smashed wall and a bunch of crushed cages while several vets 
work to herd them back together is shown in the upper right corner of the 
screen. "The Brooklyn Happy Paws Animal Shelter was assaulted last night, by 
none other than the Robot Master known as 'Knight Man'. The owner and clerk of 
the shelter were both rendered unconscious as Knight Man went on a 
kitty-squishing spree. Fortunately, the destruction was stopped before too 
much damage could be done, by a joint effort between Neo-Arcadia and members 
of Repliforce!" 

        Cursory screenshot of Templar Fefnir beating the everloving crap out of 
Knight Man. Also Shield Shellfish, wearing a cheap plastic half-mask held on 
with elastic (RA disguise!) and +covering some kittens. 

        "Both the receptionist and veterinarian suffered only light wounds, and 
the majority of animals in the shelter were recovered. Our heartfelt thanks go 
out to these two heroes." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Pirates Attack Currency Shipment!  Sun Nov 13    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Last night, a shipment of money from the UN Central Bank in Seoul, bound for 
the United States, was attacked by four ships of Sri Lankan air pirates. 
Several were captured, but despite the arrival of STARS, the pirates made away 
with several hundreds of millions of zenny! The Bonne pirates were also 
present, and fled along with the Sri Lankans. The shipment was heavily 
guarded, but the air pirates were also reportedly using heavy weapons, and 
managed to match the guards aboard the ship."

<OOC: Questions to Machiavelli.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/100                    Posted        Author
Where there is smoke there's corru Sun Nov 13    Global News Network

        "...Yesterday... a large plume of smoke caught the attention from the 
authorities due to its odd shape and size. A women called in about a fire, 
another said it was aliens." Fade to a picture of the smoke, the mug of Ride 
Boar blowing a kiss towards nothing in particular. "Authorities were quickly 
dispatched to deal with the problem, only to find out that the smoke was 
caused by the demolition of a building at the Eastern Seaboard. Upon further 
investigation, gang members were found to have been wearing hats with rings on 
them, ring wrist bands, and ring leg bands. Ride Boar was on the scene, given 
the many different marks, and the large plume of smoke that imitated his face. 
Ring Man was apparently there as well, as a few rings were found in different 
circumstances, being plastered here and there, some sticking into other 
buildings. The warehouse district had been slowly falling to the gang calling 
themselves the 'Ring Dingers', and have been scattered for the time being." 

        "The gang had shut off communication with the shops they warehouses 
belonged too, apparently starving them of their goods. A gang that refused to 
be bribed, and holding the warehouses at the territory. Before this, many 
shops had been seeing record losses as of late, and are very happy at the 
apparent event of the men being brought to justice." 

        "In other news, how to cook chicken so that it looks like your favorite 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/101                    Posted        Author
Terror in Hong Kong!               Sun Nov 13    Global News Network

This is.... GNN! 
Earlier today, starting around twelve noon, eastern standard time, four radio 
explosions, similar to the ones about six or seven months ago, occured in the 
Kowloon District of Hong Kong. Two reploids, Obvious Octoroc and Wave Cow, and 
two humans, Dr. Mike Connor and Angela Vicema, were injured in these terrorist 
attacks. Both Dr. Connor and Miss Vicema are both in critical condition at 
Hong Kong General. 
<A Videofeed of Obvious Octoroc, an Octopus-esque reploid> 
"I was just walking down the street, when this.. well," He rubs the hole on the 
side of his head, "Voice came on my radio, insulting me. After that, my radio 
just went POP!" He claps his hands as an example. 
<The camera switches to Wave Cow, frequency and wave specialist> 
"MoooI was actually hoooooeping this would happen to mmmmoooeee, because I 
wanted to study this phenomoooenomooo. Thankfully, I was able to mmmmooo help 
Dr. Caskett at least discover a way to catch this.. terrorist! Mooo!" 
Dr. Barrell Caskett of INTERPOL and Heal Bluebird of the Hunters were there to 
assist that evening. Neither of them are available to comment at this time. 
<OOC: Contact Techno for more info!> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/102                    Posted        Author
Hunters take down Figarillo Piso!  Sun Nov 13    Global News Network

        <This... is GNN!>

        "A press release from authorities in Indonesia indicates that notorious 
arms dealer and warlord Figarillo Piso was killed today during a raid on his 
island compound by the Maverick Hunter Magma Dragoon."
        "Piso's ties to criminal organizations included major players such as 
the Yakuza, the Triads, several national mafias, and scores of smaller 
organized crime groups. Though intelligence dossiers indicate that he was one 
of the top dealers of military wares in the world, Piso was able to evade 
capture due to the fact that the only organizations able to adequately deal 
with him were engaged with larger threats."
        "The raid occured earlier this day, and Interpol efforts to catalogue 
both prisoners and recovered illegal materials are ongoing, though current 
estimates place this as one of Interpol's more successful busts this month, 
with millions of dollars of weaponry and hundreds of Piso's mercenaries and 
personal staff facing criminal charges. Piso himself and scores of his army 
were killed in the initial assault by Magma Dragoon."
        Cut to a shot of Magma Dragoon exiting an Interpol transport as police 
unload prisoners behind him. When the reporter asks him for a comment, the 
wounded Hunter jabs a finger towards the camera and half-growls, half-replies, 
"Let this be a message to all who break the law: there will be no mercy for 

        <That... was GNN!>


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/103                    Posted        Author
Renegade Virus Warns Of Doom       Tue Nov 15    Global News Network

< GNN >

The anomalous program known as Duo.EXE hijacked HeadlineOnDemand (NASDAQ: HOD) 
for a brief period this evening and warned of a potential catastrophe 
involving Force Metal-created nuclear weapons.

A "major disturbance" is likely in Giga City within the next three weeks 
according to the virus. This incident may result in "random factors" using the 
Force Metal to create a bomb which could do damage a hundred times greater 
than the fusion nuclear devices used in World War III.

Duo.EXE also gave a cryptic warning about "deterrent systems" which may be in 
place to damage Reploids, though did not elaborate on the incident. Shortly 
after mentioning these deterrent systems, the virus warned of a "tactical 
strike" against the facility in North Dakota which hosts HeadlineOnDemand, 
then left the system. Shortly afterward, the site went offline.

The US Government is investigating earlier claims made by local media in North 
Dakota that the cause of the destruction was a railroad accident. The 
Department of Defense declined comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

< Punditry. >


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: The RF Sieve 1      Wed Nov 16    Global News Network

        Editorial disclaimer. Chest. Newsdesk. Cigar. Glass of Rock Orange. 
Also on his desk are several Robot Wars Action Figures <tm>. We see General, 
Colonel, Vile, and Dr. Wily. Beside them is a small model revolving door. 
Hint: That's bad. 

        "For those that didn't catch the 6 o'clock news, I'll give you the 
quick summary: There's been another grab for Force Metal. This time it was 
Vile and several Maverick cronies. Now, I ask you: Did they succeed in coming 
away with the much prized metal?" Chest chuckles in a good natured manner, but 
then suddenly snaps angrily, "Rhetorical question. Of /course/ they came away 
with Force Metal. The Maverick raid seems to have been a succeed." 

        Chest leans forward on his newsdesk. "Now normally I hate to complain 
about the outcome of battles. Normally I prefer to keep my own brand of 
bitching and moaning to the intellectual mistakes that the various people out 
there make. I have absolutely no doubt, after all, that every single person 
involved in one of those bloody battles..." Chest gets a look of distaste on 
his face, "...is trying their darndest to win, and I have no doubt in the 
bravery of the participants. HOWEVER - and you knew there was going to be an 
'however' - we have a problem in Giga City." 

        "We have Force Metal being discovered. This fantastic, dangerous metal 
is sparking a new arms race. Those who have it either become really powerful 
or go nucking futs." Or both. "Thus, it cannot fall into the hands of our 
enemies. The Mavericks, the Masters, and the Neo-Arcadians must not be allowed 
this frightening weapon. Thankfully, we currently have the sole source of the 
metal under control, in Canada. It is protected by the heart of the 
Repliforce. Thousands of troops! Tens of thousands of weapons! Outposts and 
facilities! They even have their... doom ship or whatever there..." Chest 
waves his hand dismissively on that point. "The point is, the Repliforce is at 
its strongest in Giga City."

        To be continued... 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
C's Editorial: The RF Sieve 2      Wed Nov 16    Global News Network

        Chest then turns grim. "But the bad guys keep getting their hands on it 
anyway. Giga City keeps getting hit by regular sized forces or infiltrators, 
and Force Metal suddenly vanishes, going into the coffers of very, very 
dangerous individuals." 

        "Lemme give you a demonstration." Chest takes the General and Colonel 
action figures and puts them next to the revolving door. "This is Giga City." 
He explains. Chest then takes the Vile action figure and the Dr. Wily action 
figure and moves it to the door. He doesn't touch the General and Colonel 
action figure. "See what's happening?" Chest then pushes the Vile and Dr. Wily 
action figures through the revolving door that is Giga City. "See? See? That's 
-bad-." Chest explains. 

        "Now I'm no military expert, but there's got to be a better way to 
defend Giga City. I'm hoping that the Canadian government is realizing this 
also. We can't be having bad guys come in and swiping the stuff. It's too damn 
dangerous. Either Repliforce needs to crack down and get a guard on every 
corner. I hope Prime Minister Appleman is giving serious consideration to the 
Emergencies Act, which would give the authorities sweeping powers to ensure 
that Giga City is as safe." 

        "Add the fact that security at Giga City is clearly a joke with the 
growing unrest amongst workers and we have a powder keg. And unless things 
change in that city, that powder keg's going to go off in everyone's faces." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
Gemini's Threat Transcript         Thu Nov 17    Global News Network
A transcript of Gemini's threat has been posted on the internet at



================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
A Friendly Reminder                Sat Nov 19    Global News Network
A video sent to many major newsgroups. Other channels are just hacked and 
otherwise forced to show it.

Pharaoh Man sits in a rather nice plush chair. He wears a red velvet robe, and 
is attended on either side by hulking, mummified drones with nasty looking 
spears. The narrowed optics and the slightly curled upper lip show his current 

"INTERPOL has taken something rightfully belonging to Amun-Wily. Something very 
dear to Him, and to his children. They know just what I speak of. And they 
apparently are not aware of what they have brought upon themselves. So I shall 
inform you, the world, of just what is to happen. "

A singular reploid is dragged in. It's a civilian model, unarmed, and totally 
scared sh*tless. Pharaoh Man stands over the cowering being. " For every hour 
our property is not returned, you can expect the Robot Masters to insure the 
death of 20 civilians of any and all races to occur as a targeted 
extermination within the next week. Starting...." The time index of the 
recording reaches midnight, and the beggining of November 19th. A Pharaoh Shot 
is summoned forth, and shoved into the poor hostage's head. With a tortured 
scream, he incinerates into a pile of ash within a matter of seconds. 
"....now. "

Pharaoh Man sits back down with a disturbing calm, and passive look on his 
face. "The Will of Amun-Wily shall not be denied, Chief R....Dr. Fairchild. 
The sooner you return what is ours, the quicker your deaths shall be."

*The transmission cuts*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
The Spam, It Lives!                Sun Nov 20    Global News Network

 The camera flickered on for those who would watch, their eyes perhaps glued to 
the scene of General standing in a small garden-esque locale. He smiled toward 
the camera, and then took a few steps toward the nearby bench and seated 
himself, taking up most of the bunch with his massive size. "Good day, 
everyone," General said in a calm and gentle voice, still smiling and looking 
at the camera. 

 "As most of you know, there was a severe rioting Friday night in Giga City. 
The rioting originated from the Giga City Force Metal mines. Currently it is 
believed that the Irregular Overlords and the Mavericks were behind the 
rioting, although the main bulk of the fault seems to lie with the Overlords. 
Thus, the actions of the Overlords, causing mass chaos and confusion, has led 
to pain and problems for the civilians of Giga City." 

 "Upon knowledge of an event occuring Repliforce responded, as did some members 
of Interpol and the Hunter organization. Repliforce first attempted to talk 
with the Miners, yet sadly, with the urging of some within the crowd of 
rioting Miners, they did not listen to reason and instead continued to 
generate chaos and disaster. That was when the allowance for non-lethals was 

 "I shall be honest with you all. I found it horrible that we had to attack the 
miners, and I still wish that reason and logic had been capable of swaying 
them from their course of action. Yet, in the end, the chaos incited by the 
Overlords could not be easily defeated, and so Repliforce had to resort to the 
most basic of tactics." 

 "This was also when the Prime Minister of Canada opted to speak out, and so at 
the behest of the Canadian Government martial law was declared. This martial 
law will not last, for as soon as everything has calmed down it will no longer 
be needed. Therefore, Repliforce is asking for people to be calm and patient 
during this series of events. Further outbursts will only cause further issues 
for everyone." 

 "Repliforce will be investigating something, however. Numerous miners who have 
chosen to speak with us have shared knowledge, knowledge which denotes a 
potential inhuman series of actions by the company that was running the mines. 
This...wanton lack of caring for another living being is revolting, and 
perhaps also one of the reasons that the Overlords could so easily cause a 
riot. Therefore, any rumors about the miners having been enslaved and whipped 
are being investigated, and if truth is found to be behind these statements 
then numerous people will find themselves under arrest." 

 "I am quite certain that soon Colonel or myself will be contacting the 
Canadian government about finding someone new to handle the mining of the 
Force Metal, and we will personally keep a close eye on the conditions of the 
mining. Force Metal may be a valuable mineral but that does not mean we can 
ignore the rights of anyone, the rights which they have earned and deserve to 
have, the rights which guard them from the hideous monsters of the business 

 "In closing, I would like to once more ask for peace to settle over Giga City. 
As soon as it's calm for a week or two the martial law will no longer need to 
be in place, and I also promise that we will be investigating the rumors about 
the miner conditions prior to the riot. If anyone has any sort of evidence 
which supports those rumors then please, come forward and share your 
information with us all. I would also like to apologize for the chaos caused 
by the Overlord and Maverick instigation."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
RMs Attack Hardware Store          Sun Nov 20    Global News Network
"...And everyone was relieved that the kitty was saved." 
"In other news, the Robot Masters have once again struck, this time though, the 
target was a hardware store. Reports indicate that the three Robot Masters 
that attacked, later identified as Turbo Man, Centaur man, and Gyro Man, were 
repelled though by the work of the Hunters Mega Man and Mirror Orange, both of 
whom were in the area at the right time. There were no civilian casualties and 
the only thing that was taken were a bunch of paints that Mirror Orange had 
been carrying out of the store."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Business Revolution: SciTech.      Tue Nov 22    Global News Network
<< GNN. >>

GNN World News reports today that today apparently heralds a new age of digital 
and physical datasecurity through the unveiling of 'SciTech'.

On this matter Eugene Chaud, XO and Head of Security for the company, had this 
to say: "SciTech represents the demands of the people. It is a company that 
can offer absolute protection to all data that our clients entrust to us, and 
we are very pleased that so many have chosen to make business with us. SciTech 
would also like to point out that it is presently offering very reasonable 
jobs for qualified individuals, and that all interested parties should consult 
the SciTech website. We have subsidiary units working in the most cutting edge 
stratas of modern technology, and are making new money and time saving 
revolutions in most spheres of business almost daily. SciTech believes we 
represent a new age in technological production and data security, and look 
forward to setting off on this journey with the hapiness and support of its 
clients and shareholders."

In business news, SciTech has recently been rated the 'Top Upcoming Business', 
a title it has shown itself to deserve through a thus far consistently 
climbing production rate as well as its employment of many top scientists 
previously beloning to others.

Company CEO could not be contacted to comment on any matters regarding the 
business and has instead deferred all questions and interviews to his Head of 
Security Eugene Chaud for the forseeable future.

OOC: Contact Chaud. Also, app SciTech + Shuseki, a man whose name I did not 
spell wrongly.

<< GNN. >>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/111                    Posted        Author
On the lighter side.               Thu Nov 24    Global News Network

It's Anchor Ankylosaur! "In a show of good faith, the Colonel of the Repliforce 
joined charity workers in Chicago to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the less 
fortunate." Cutaway to a short video clip of Colonel in a chef's hat, being 
the master of the turkey carving. "In a statement to GNN, Colonel said that, 
'It is the responsibility for all those who have, who are fortunate to help 
those who are not. I am happy to help those in need and set an example for all 
charitable people on the planet.' It's always nice to see those in positions 
of power helping out. In other news, there's a reported cranberry shortage..."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Plague of Rudeness                 Fri Nov 25    Global News Network

        A short bulletin appears on the news network. You can see images of a 
car only somewhat larger than a go-cart driving around. The images change 
quickly, showing many different areas of the globe. 

        A voiceover begins:

        "Reports are coming in from everywhere during the last hour that a car 
has been seen driving around at very high speeds. Not only is it breaking 
every speed limit several times over, it also has a hand sticking out of it. 
And that hand is flipping everybody off. Also, it seems to be pumping out 
"Highway to the Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins very loudly. Our top experts 
here at GNN have determine that this car is most likely Turbo Man, of the 
Robot Masters. His rampage of rudeness has hit everywhere that can be reached 
by driving and isn't heavily secure."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
FOWL Play                          Fri Nov 25    Global News Network
*GNN Nightly News*

"Late this Thanksgiving evening, FOWL, the Federation On Winged Libert, an 
avian reploid group seeking laws to protect them from 'Thanksgiving 
Pranksters' and other such attempts to consume their flesh, was attacked at 
their rally in Central Park at New York City by Pharaoh Man and a cadre of 
Robot Masters."

Joes, Heli-Metools, Toad & Ring Man on a Tricycle pushing a shopping cart.

" Repliforce arrived swiftly, under command of Red and Storm Owl, along with a 
Hunter Agent, Crane Diplodocus. They quickly began evacuating civilians. 
Unfortunatly, as the battle reached a head, Toad Man unleashed an artificual 
Acid Rain. The park's central area was devastated, and many of the remaining 
protestors succumbed to severe chemical burns. The Robot Masters where driven 
away shortly after. Being dubbed the 'Thanksgiving Massacre', FOWL Activists 
have rallied around the event as proof of the necessity for laws protecting 
their 'kind'. "

"Now, for the weather..."

*Contact Any of the Above Listed For More Info*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
KABOOMS                            Fri Nov 25    Global News Network

        <KITTENS! ...I mean, un, GNN!> 

        "The city of Seoul was rocked today when a minor explosion struck the 
eastern residential district. Investigation of the area -- formerly the 
Reploid Research Facility, owned by Gate -- was halted when the area was 
assaulted by Mavericks." 

        Obligatory kickass photos and video clips here, such as Earthrock 
Trilobite raising gigantic crystal walls to crush Shield Shellfish; Gigabolt 
Man-O-War being his annoying self and plaguing Riot with little jellyfish 
drones, and Fuse Raptor in a firefight with an ambiguous weasel-shape on a 
rooftop. And of course the labs themselves, an utter wreck. 

        "Officials do not expect any further attacks at this time, but advise 
residents in the eastern district to report any suspicious activities and 
report for routine Sigma Virus scans. Shield Shellfish, current owner of the 
compound, was unavailable for comment. " 

        <GNN! ...I mean, KITTENS!> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Santa Colonel Rides Again          Fri Nov 25    Global News Network

        "However Berkana insisted she didn't know what happened to Tidal Whale, 
or how his body ended up in the ditch." 

        Chest, apparently back from his Yosho's Head Exploded vacation, turns 
to face a new camera. He's at his news desk. Behind him is an image of 
Colonel, wearing his Santa hat and a forced smile. "Earlier tonight, 
Repliforce held their second annual 'Santa Colonel' event, this time in Giga 
City. Repliforce officials said they felt Giga City 'could best use the good 

        We see various images and footage of Storm Elf leading a troop of 
Repli-kids around, Helper Elf (who is totally not Sonata), Steel Massimo the 
red nosed reindeer hiding under a table with his head on fire, Rush the 
robo-reindeer carrying Heal Bluebird, Fianait (with added red nose, antlers, 
and nothing else), Iris the brunette elf, Cortana Elf, and Riot all in various 
amounts of Christmas gear. We see Heal Bluebird sans legs, Bon Bonne, Gigabolt 
Man-O-War, and Vanishing Gungaroo sitting on Santa Colonel's lap. 

        Chest narrates, "GNN spi- er, journalists were on hand, covering the 
event. The second annual Santa Colonel went on without a hitch despite the 
presence of two known Mavericks, with the sole exception of a near disaster 
involving the cookie table and what is being described as a failed attempt to 
demonstrate the proper method to stop, drop, and roll." 

        And on goes the news. 

        For additional coverage of the event, GNN's website has the footage for 
download off their website: http://www.geocities.com/dmiasek/M3/m3_88 

        Questions to Butterball. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Widescale Destruction in Anchorage Sat Nov 26    Global News Network
"Reports are coming in of almost a full district of Anchorage being wracked by 
fire and explosions as the Robot Masters attacked this evening for a new theft 
of unusual objects. Robot Masters Hard Man and Bass attacked as well as a 
third Master identified as 'Thunder Man'. Bass duelled against Mega Man, and 
during the fight an explosion was sent into a gas main, causing gas fires and 
ruptures all over the local area, felling a building. A water tower was also 
destroyed during the mayhem. Drone corpses litter the area and the elastic 
factory was ransacked. What IS Wily planning?!"

OOC: Questions to Thunder Man, Hard Man, Bass, Rock, Shield or Massimo.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Mathman Saves the Day?             Sat Nov 26    Global News Network
The earlier report about an Irregular holding a highschool hostage has been 
updated. "It seems that while the Irregular was keeping students captive and 
forcing them to take an illogical 500 question math test, a Maverick attacked 
the school. Several students were injured by an explosion though the majority 
escape safely thanks to their once-captor turning into their savior." Breif 
images of Sniper Weasel and Mission Mathman fighting on the school roof are 
shown. "They two engaged in combat until the Pac-Man-like android rolled down 
the street taking out several fire hydrants and street lamps to escape. The 
Maverick retreated afterwards. No one else was injured. One has to wonder were 
the authorities were during this debacle."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
GNN: Grisly News in Russia!        Sat Nov 26    Global News Network
-This is GNN-

        "Our next story tonight is the grisly event that just occurred in 
        "Tipped off by the ANN to a live news feed out of Moscow, we at GNN 
relayed the transmission. We were disturbed, as was most of the world, by what 
happened next."

Pictures begin to flash across the screen as the newscaster speaks.

        "A confrontation between Vile and Sage Harpuia, who apparently lead 
Vile, now confirmed to have been the 'White Ghost' responsible for so many 
killings in Russia of late, into a trap in a small warehouse in the production 
district of Moscow. The confrontation lead to a startling revelation. Sage 
Harpuia, General of Neo Arcadia, is confirmed to be the cousin of Dr. Pavel 
Cossack, Nicholas Ilyanov Kraska-Cossack. A former Commander of the Russian 
Military over a decade ago, he went AWOL after the tragic death of his wife 
and son at the hands of Mavericks during the initial attacks. During a 
psychotic episode, Nicholas destroyed several Reploid Officers under his 
command and fled. From Harpuia's words, they held him back from dying with his 
wife and son in the fire that killed them. From that time he vanished from the 
knowledge of the world."

        "From the words of Sage Harpuia, first he hid with Dr. Pavel Cossack, 
and grieved with him. Dr. Pavel Cossack had only recently lost his own wife to 
natural causes, left alone to raise his daughter, Kalinka."

        "From Harpuia's words we can judge that he discovered that it was Vile 
who started the fire who killed his family. Harpuia said he abandoned his 
cousin and joined the Skinners under the alias 'The Russian Eagle', and from 
there he was recruited into the cause of Neo Arcadia by President Elpizo."

        "The signal was shut off on Harpuia, having impaled Vile to the wall, 
bringing a Skinner Chainsaw to bear. He also said he would be taking Vile to 
Dr. Pavel Cossack outside of the Tower of Light. We have not yet received any 
information of the status of Vile, Sage Harpuia, or have heard anything from 
the Tower of Light."

        "The Neo Arcadian Government has issued No Comment to these events, and 
we have yet to hear from representatives of the Mavericks or the Maverick 
Hunters. The Russian Goverment has also issued not comments as yet."

        "We'll keep you updated as more word on this disturbing and grisly 
confrontation comes to us."


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
GNN: Conclusion of a Tragedy       Sun Nov 27    Global News Network
-This is GNN-

        "To follow up with tonight's earlier story of the confrontation of Vile 
and Sage Harpuia, now revealed to be the rogue Russian Military Commander 
Nicholas Ilyanov Kraska-Cossack, we bring you now the conclusion of the events 
begun earlier."
        "Our sources in the Midwest report to us that Sage Harpuia kept his 
promise of bringing Vile to Pavel Cossack. After some time had elapsed, Sage 
brought the brutalized body of Vile to the Tower of Light. Vile was reportedly 
missing both his arms and one of his legs, and covered in what one witnesses 
called 'wounds of torture'. Sage Harpuia was, reportedly, covered in Vile's 
mech fluid. Whatever occurred after the feed from Moscow ended was not pretty."

        "Pavel Cossack reportedly met his cousin outside on the lawn of the 
Tower of Light, carrying a large gun. Taking aim at the fallen Vile, both Dr. 
Cossack and Nicholas Cossack were surprised by the arrival of Lumine onto the 
scene. The Gatebot shot the Guardian General through the leg with a high 
powered sniper rifle, then blinked to the fallen Vile to rescue him. With a 
distraction provided by another Gatebot, one of the more recent 'straight to 
Maverick' children of the Rogue Roboticist, Lumine was able to fly off with 
Vile's body in tow."

        "The exact condition of Vile, and if he will live or not, is unknown."

        "The word from the street is one of confusion on the subject. A pity 
for what the Cossack Cousins endured is fresh on everyone's mind, as well as 
recriminations for the actions of General Nicholas and Doctor Pavel in the 
past. The scene of the toy soldier, at present, the top On Demand feed from 
GNN's resources."

        "Word from the Russian Government and the reactions of its people over 
what, in the words of one journalist, have been two of the 'Heroes of Russia' 
as well as one of Russia's 'Greatest Nightmares', is varied. Everything from 
sympathy to hatred to renewed loyalties to simple confusion have been reported 
by Witnesses on the street."

        "A rally held by the Yaga's Children Faction is scheduled for tomorrow 
evening, where they will be giving a moment of silence for the wife and son of 
General Cossack, as well as all those Russian Citizens who have been murdered 
by Vile, and those like him, in the past."

-Oh the Punditry...-


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
A Small News Item                  Sun Nov 27    Global News Network
A small news item in England, that is. Everywhere else just gets small, 
discreet ads. The Bones Detective Agency has opened, based out of 221B Baker 
Street, London. The news in London goes into slight detail about Maxwell 
Bones, the proprietor, doctor of criminal science, and his history of world 
travel, short Interpol work and current employ in S.T.A.R.S., while the ads 
just mention that appointments are 'by arrangement only' and cases will be 
taken each on their own merits. 

OOC: Talk to Maxwell Bones, obviously.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
The Mines of Giga City             Sun Nov 27    Global News Network

 A Repliforce statement has been released to the public, via the GNN system. 

 Following the rioting, the Martial Law and currently the lack of overt rioting 
that has occured for an extended period of time it is under the belief of the 
head of Repliforce that the miners of the Giga City mines should be alloted 
time off. This is going to not be enforced but /heavily requested/ of the 
people in charge of the mines to the point that if this isn't done...well, I 
think it would be best if Repliforce looked extensively into the mine 
conditions and the overall business connections of the company handling the 
 ~ Octavius "General" Doppler

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
HeraCorp Press Release             Sun Nov 27    Global News Network
Another Press Release is, well, released by HeraCorp! Unlike previous 
statements, Sewa didn't have a personal representative, but rather just sent 
out a text document relating various plots and plans of HeraCorp. Rumors of a 
new tagline being: 'We Won't Turn You Into Zombies' are, however, unconfirmed.

Several notices do, however, include the following information.

*HeraCorp is finally allowing newly created reploids to see Duo.EXE's proof on 
how to keep the war 'going with acceptable costs'. The reasoning for this not 
being released to young reploids earlier was due to concern over recent 
seemingly security issues regarding information getting to them. No problems 
were found with the document.

* HeraCorp also condemns Giga City's treatment of the miners and reveals that 
HeraCorp will not engage in trade with Giga City until appropriate measures 
are taken. 

*HeraCorp also reveals a new humanitarian project to reduce the costs and 
effectiveness of force metal shielding to allow them to be more publicly 
capable. How this is being done is not explained. Force Metal Bomb Shelters 
have been noted as 'Works in progress'.

*HeraCorp finally includes profit statements regarding their work with the 
Jakob Ladder project. The reports indicate a rather sexy profit return.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Rocket Town Raided!                Mon Nov 28    Global News Network
"Last night, Rocket Town, Cairo was attacked by the Irregular Overlords and the 
forces of the Bonne family... in a small collection of Draches and a highly 
upgraded drache identified as 'The Hook', flagship of notorious Irregular 
'Boss H', a gang of Irregulars assaulted the high-quality parts store 
'Satellite Depot' including Chronoton Duck and the infamous pirate Bon Bonne. 
Repliforce responded strongly, with support by Crescent Grizzly, Jet Stingray, 
Cortana and later Singularity Shrike. Things seemed to be going well for 
Repliforce until the Irregulars' second wind arrived in the form of Pirate 
Princess Tron Bonne, allowing the individual Irregulars to make off with 
high-quality radio parts. It can be counted as a victory for the forces of 
good, as who knows how much more the Irregular Overlords would have plundered 
without the support of the brave Repliforce?"

OOC: Questions to Boss H or Crescent Grizzly.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Minor Business News                Mon Nov 28    Global News Network
<A minor article in several news publications reads as follows>
        "The 115-story skyscraper in New York City known as Trent Towers, which 
has been up for sale by it's previous owner the failing millionaire Tiberius 
Trent for several months, was purchased wholsesale recently by an anonymous 
company. Refusing to identify themselves, the new owners have shut the 
building off to public access completely, aside from construction crews, while 
they perform what they call 'extensive renovations' to the interior. They will 
not say what they are transforming the building into, but say only "We think 
everyone will be surprised when they see what we make of it!"
<End article>

OOC: Questions to Quick Man or Gemini Man.


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Terror in Giga City!               Mon Nov 28    Global News Network

<This is... GNN> 
Giga City, Canada -- Earlier this evening, in Giga City, terror broke out 
during a curfew hour. The Neo Arcadian attack vehicle, commonly referred to as 
the Killdozer, burst from the underground and began to attack the Floating 
Rock Mining Company, a company based out of India. The company suffered 
massive losses, as its sole mining vehicle, the Rad-Eater 5000 was destroyed 
in the initial attacks. 
At this current time, both the company and its holdings have been declared 
bankrupt and up for company purchase. Due to the fact that the company's bank 
accounts were cleared, mysteriously, and the main mining facility was 
destroyed. Many reploid casulties have been accounted for, and we are still 
discovering more, currently. 
Repliforce and Irregular Overlord responded alike to this Neo Arcadian 
terrorist attack, although the defending force managed to chase back some of 
the Neo Arcadians, the rouge nation was able to accomplish its apparent, 
grisly goal. 
<OOC -- Questions to Elpizo> 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Langrano Ruins Captured!           Wed Nov 30    Global News Network
In a startling development, Coalition and Neo Arcadian forces broke into the 
Langrano ruins and duked it out for some time. Vile was seen assaulting the 
Neo Arcadian Leader when other Coalition forces, including Lumine, Gigabolt 
Man-O-War, Earthrock Trilobite, and an unconfirmed sniper. 

Coalition forces then proceeded to, as one interviewed miner put it, 'kick aft 
and take names'. Holding off the Neo Arcadians despite inferior numbers, they 
managed to survive--and wreck much damage--until Vile had chased away Elpizo 
and vaporized one of their soldiers, rumored to be Kilalu Inada."

"After Vile withdrew, the Gate brothers shot down any Neo Arcadians attempting 
to escape when two Interpol soldiers, one unconfirmed, the other named Chill 
Snowcat, arrived and were taken down in short order."

"Lumine dumped their bodies in the Main Concourse, with a note explaining that 
he dismantled them 'for spitting on his mercy'."

"Coalition forces soon arrived to help solididfy their hold on the Langrano 
ruins but hopefully not for long!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Miner Rights                       Wed Nov 30    Global News Network

 A news release issued by Repliforce during the beginnings of the evening hour 
on the East Coast dealt with the rights of miners in Giga City, specifically, 
as well as an attached bit of information relating to the rights of all 

 The total depth of the document, put forth by Repliforce, was so thick as to 
be quite idiotically overdone. It dealt in specifics, pointing out all of the 
various types of punishments and situations which would be considered 
"Inhuman" and therefore not allowable for a Reploid, Android, Human or other 
sentient being to have to be put through. 

 Included within it was being whipped to increase work productivity or generate 
punishment, as well as not allowing people free time daily so that they can 
relax and leave a worksite, so as to either go to their home or other such 

 The entire document itself is mostly a rough draft, though it is adorned with 
General and Colonel's signature, and it is anticipated that the remaining 
Chain of Command will be following suit as soon as they add their own two 
cents to the entire document. 

 As it stands, it's basically reinforcing pre-existing laws, as well as 
pointing those laws out. General also attached a note that stated that anyone 
they were contracted by who were found to be in violation of those laws would 
find their contract null and void until such time as the violations ceased.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
Giga City Financial News           Wed Nov 30    Global News Network

< Coverage of the battles in Giga City is nearly non-stop. This news item 
nearly gets buried as a result. >

The Aztlan government is in formal negotiations with both the Gimialla Mining 
Company of Brazil (NYSE: GIMI) and the Melda Ore Company formerly of Belgium, 
now incorporated in the German Enterprise Zone (NYSE: MEOR). Both companies 
are key members of the Vancouver Force Metal Consortium. A long-term purchase 
contract was acquired by Neo Arcadia, and there is talk of additional 
involvement by the companies in internal Aztlan projects.

The move by Aztlan to involve itself more directly in Force Metal mining seems 
counterintuitive, but observers note that the industrial uses of Force Metal 
is where most of the research and development has so far taken place. "New 
power sources for industrial equipment, such as the Gateway Transporter, is 
where the money will be made with Force Metal, not military development," said 
Marvin von Oort, senior fellow at the World Trade Organization. "Aztlan is 
making an intelligent move by working to integrate itself into the world 
economy instead of maintaining an isolationist stand."

Most international observers were not as enthusiastic about Aztlan's overtures. 
Concerns about a "Force Metal gap" or other strategic control of what may be a 
powerful agent for weapons of mass destruction were heard in the General 
Assembly of the United Nations shortly after the news. Further, formal 
complaints with the World Trade Organization (WTO) have been levied by the 
Floating Rock Mining Company, who claims Aztlan has engaged in industrial 
espionage specifically targeted at it during the recent unrest. The WTO had 
no comment on the complaints.

< Light punditry, with a chance of showers. High 12 C. Questions to Leo. >


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