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Biography?!                        Fri Dec 02    Global News Network
< This... Is An Advert! >

        Mac appears, reclining in a leather chair and reading a book entitled 
'Marvelous Me - The Mac Story'.
        "Oh, hello there viewers. I was simply enjoying the latest book from 
'The Mac Story' Collection, Marvelous Me." Standing, Mac places the book on a 
careful stand and takes his pipe. Good thing he's wearing that handsome 
smoking jacket!
        He takes a puff.
        "Indeed, gentle viewer. It's a biography that goes through my entire 
life. From my birth," Image of Mac emerging from a pod, with Rock, Dr. Light, 
Auto and Blues bowing. "To my continual triumphs over evil," Images of loads 
of stills of Mac's in confrontations with evil. Of course, they are artists 
impressions of Mac winning.
        "Buy now, and get 'Mac's Triumphs - The Training Montage' holoCD for 
        Clenching the pipe in his teeth, Mac one handedly waves after grasping 
the book once again.
        "Happy buying. Brought to you by the Mac Appreciation Society, also 
working Towards Everything Rocking Sexily!"

< That... Was An Advert! >

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Master Mayhem in Mining Manse!     Sun Dec 04    Global News Network
"... and the stocks of cough syrup manufacturers keep rising steadily although 
no one can figure out exactly why."

"This just in: Robot Masters attack Giga City! In an entirely expected and 
obvious move, Dr. Wily has drilled into two locations in Giga City, engaging 
Repliforce, Hunters, and STARS units in battle! Early reports indicate that 
some sort of monstrous Wilymachine that combines the powers and attributes of 
all the "Delta Squad" robot masters was involved! Casualties among both forces 
are reported as being severe, and I wouldn't drink the water for a couple of 
days. Cleanup crews are arriving to deal with the bodies, vomit, and 

"When questioned about the incident during Jury Selection, Sewage Shark's 
attorney had no comment regarding the consumption of one of the baliffs..."

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GIGA CITY CEASEFIRE                Sun Dec 04    Global News Network

< GNN Sunday Morning News shows. >

A cease-fire accord was announced between several unauthorized Giga City unions 
and the major corporations of the city. The accord, which was finalized early 
Sunday morning, comes in the shadow of what is being called Bloody Saturday: a 
massive Robot Master strike against Giga City.

Cease-fire negotiations began late Friday as the damage to the city continued 
to mount. The use of the city as a battleground by various warring factions 
was the main impetus toward bringing peace to the city. As the Robot Masters 
did vast amounts of damage to the Gimialla mines and brought new waves of 
casualties into an already overtaxed medical system, the need to bring an end 
to the conflict became desperate.

Comments issued by both miner groups and the corporations indicate that 
long-term peace negotiations are currently under development. Repliforce's 
involvement in these negotiations has been requested by all sides.

< Punditry. >


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News out of Torontreal             Mon Dec 05    Global News Network
"Though the battles in Giga City got the most attention from major news outlets 
over the bloody fighting this weekend, a report out of Canada describes a 
Maverick assault on a local shopping mall. Christmas shoppers, heading home 
this past Friday night, encountered a roving Maverick assailant which has been 
yet unidentified. The Maverick, according to reports, seemed to focus his 
attention on injuring or maiming human beings rather than murdering them. As a 
result of the attack, none were killed, but there were twenty-five seperate 
accounts of severe or near-critical injury via a heated, bladed weapon."

"STARS and local police responded to the attack to decrease casuality, though 
the Maverick was not apprehended."

"GNN News Canada."

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Message: 18/98                     Posted        Author
Repliforce Lockdown                Mon Dec 05    Global News Network
*GNN Nightly News*

"...and in Giga City news, Repliforce has begun imposing heavier street 
patrols, as well as a 7 PM curfew for all civilians. Mining companies are 
asked to give their workers proper identification, as only workers shall be 
allowed to move through the area, along specific, guarded routes, after 
curfew. The curfew lifts at 6 AM each morning."

"Now, for sports..."

OOC: There is a Curfew in effect for all Repliforce controlled areas of the 
city (which is basicly anywhere the IOs, Mavericks, and Neo Arcadians aren't 
holding). This doesn't mean you can't be out after dark, etc., just roleplay 
appropriatly, and expect serious gumby harassment if you can't produce papers. 
Contact Crescent Grizzly for more info.)

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Message: 18/99                     Posted        Author
Khan Faces Legal Battles!          Mon Dec 05    Global News Network
<This...is GNN!>

"Khan Industries has been charged with numerous lawsuits today by organizations 
such as Reploid International, Amnesty International, The American Reploid 
Rights Foundation, and individuals such as Amelia Rogers."

A flash picture of Amelia, an American woman in her fourties, 'When I worked 
for Khan Industries, we weren't allowed a Union and we didn't get paid 
overtime. They made it pretty clear they could replace anybody who stepped out 
of line, I'm just glad I got a job with HeraCorp. If it weren't for them, I'd 
have never figured out what legal rights I had as a worker.'"

"Amelia Rogers and others like her have stepped up and filed lawsuits as well."

"Whether Khan Industries is doomed or not is undetermined, but the situation 
doesn't look too good for Khan Industries. Recent allegations that Khan 
Industries secretly has ties to the vastly weakened Yakuza have encouraged 
several Judges to reverse their take on Khan Industries."

"Share-holder confidence is at a record low, and HeraCorp, among other smaller 
businesses, are taking advantage by eating up shares." 

"Ghislain, Spokesperson for Heracorp, had this to say."

Ghislain, catboi extraordinary appears, "Khan Industries has long been a black 
sore for big business. Khan Industries is a relic of a time when reploid 
rights were a right granted only to the warrior caste. It did not need to hide 
its nigh-blatant discrimination of reploids. We have the growing acceptance of 
reploid rights and the growing desire to fight for them to thank for this."

"Other businesses including HeraCorp have expressed concerns that whether or 
not Khan Industries falls hard, that worse offenses are being committed in 
Canada that are being treated with kid gloves." 

<end GNN>

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Mysterious Donations...            Mon Dec 05    Global News Network
"...this just in..."

"There is apparently out there with an understanding of good will. Anonymous 
donations of 50,000 Zenny were made to the following charities: The American 
Sigma Virus Association, the People for a Free Germany, and the Giga City 
Relief Fund. No comments have been made by any of these groups at this time.

In other news, Gareth would like to apologize for spearing that camera man for 
their disparaging comments about Berkana."

(OOC: Curious? Contact Zach Glen.)

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Australian Business                Mon Dec 05    Global News Network

 <> In Business News... <> 

        A small company has begun to open up in the middle of Sydney. Called 
"Richards Cybernetics", it is nothing short of currently a factory and storage 
area, relying on external delivery systems due to a lack of capital to handle 
that as of the moment. The main focus appears to be on simple mass production 
of minor cybernetic parts which help to make up the whole of a cybernetic 

        The owner of the business, Dan Richards, had the following to say: 
"Cybernetics are important, no matter how much some people would prefer it 
otherwise. We might be scared of using mechanical parts...but we also /need/ 
those parts to make up for accidents and issues, they give us not only a way 
to get beyond being handicapped but to increase our capabilities to untold 

        Dan Richards is openly known to be a citizen of Australia, and that he 
has cybernetics due to an accident in his youth.

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Kansas City-Assault!               Mon Dec 05    Global News Network

         "This is Gnn! Earlier today Kansas City was under the assault by a 
Bonne member, Bon Bonne, who was after something unknown. In the end, it was 
determined that he went after the missiles that were stored nearby, why he 
would have wanted something like that is unknown at this time. At the scene to 
stop him from getting them all was the CKF, which topped him long enough 
without causing massive damage to anything by distracting him!"

         "While that was occurring, the missiles were mostly able to be 
extracted, leaving only a few of them due to the transportation. While no 
hunters or Repliforcers were able to respond, some argue that it was actually 
more efficient than fighting, the area around the project taking no battle 
damage except from the initial shots between the Bonne and the soldiers."

         "And now, more coverage on Bloody Saturday, and our hearts go out to 
the victims...."

         << OOC: Questions to Bon Bonne! :D >>

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Repliforce Pulls Ahead             Mon Dec 05    Global News Network
<Small GNN Blurb>

"As if in reaction to Bloody Saturday, Repliforce has regained its top bidding 
in popularity amongst HeraCorp newly created reploids. Among those willing to 
be interviewed, typical reasons range from 'Repliforce is doing what it can.' 
'Sure they screw up now and then, but they've got it where it counts' to 'Well 
they pay good money, don't they?'" 

"CEO Sewa explained that she didn't feel these opinions changing from the 
drastic downswing earlier wasn't just because of Bloody Saturday, but because 
of General's firm stance for reploid rights in Giga City."

<end GNN>

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Message: 18/104                    Posted        Author
Static Feed                        Tue Dec 06    Global News Network


"As if a reaction to Bloody Saturday, Repliforce has regained its top bidding 
in popularity amongst HeraCorp newly created--."

<Vile, spliced with static and rippling GNN streams. But the voice is as clear 
as the pulsing red optic>

"After a decade of making good on my promises, I would have expected, by now, 
to be taken seriously. I told the world I would humiliate Iris. I did. I told 
the world I would grind General beneath Goliath's boot. I did. I told the 
world Storm Owl was mentally challenged. He is. And now, I tell the world 

"If the Neo Arcadian government does not hand over to me Sage Harpuia, 
otherwise known as Nicholas Cossack, by this friday I will begin executing ten 
Neo Arcadian's for every 24 hours he remains under their umbrella of 
protection. And if more than 30 Neo Arcadians are killed and Sage Harpuia is 
still not in my custody? I will begin motivating the rest of you pathetic 
people who sit in your comfortable chairs content that for once in your lives 
you are safe because I am consumed with hate for the Neo Arcadian people. I 
will begin killing 10 random civilians from around the globe with 
indiscriminate malice. Ask yourself who is more important? One insane bigot 
still crying over the inconsequential material death of his family or the 100 
or more widows I will create just like him."


"--reploids. Among those willing to be interviewed, typical reasons..."


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Message: 18/105                    Posted        Author
Repliforce Funeral                 Tue Dec 06    Global News Network

        There's a short blurb on GNN and in various papers about the funeral 
held for those killed in Giga City during the weeklong siege. The shots are 
from the outside of the Fortress V. There are clips of rows of Repliforce 
soldiers, flag draped coffins, and several speakers. There's also a clip of 
Canadian Prime Minister Appleman at the podium. The various news reports 
indicate that the official toll was seventy-eight. 
        Questions to Excise. 


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Message: 18/106                    Posted        Author
More Funeral Footage               Tue Dec 06    Global News Network

From the funeral for the fallen of Repliforce, there's a clip of Colonel 
himself speaking. He's in his whites, and his voice is solemn, as befits such 
an occasion.

"Nothing on this earth lasts forever, not even the work we do. Not even the 
victories we secure. This does not meen that the deeds that these fallen have 
done were in vain. They have given their most precious gift to the ideals of 
courage, honor and freedom; Their lives. While they may be gone, they will not 
be forgotten, for deep in our hearts they will live on. They, like all the 
heroes that have fallen before them, have gone to the home of the brave. Their 
names will live on in glory in the history of the Repliforce. So it is that I 
salute them as heroes and as fellow soldiers. I bid you all godspeed."

The Colonel snaps a textbook salute, and a squad of seven reploids fire off 
into space three times, a twenty-one gun salute.


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Message: 18/107                    Posted        Author
GNN Ticker Scroll                  Thu Dec 08    Global News Network

<The GNN news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the channels usual news 
broadcasts with the up to the second headlines.

Kansas City Assault!... Repliforce Pulls Ahead in Giga City... Colonel 
eulogizes at Giga City funeral for fallen on Bloody Sunday... Khan Faces Legal 
Battles... YOU HAVE TWENTY FOUR HOURS SAGE HARPUIA... SciTech stock on the 
rise... Reploid Chainsaw Attacks Increase...>


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Message: 18/108                    Posted        Author
GNN Ticker Scroll: Part 2          Thu Dec 08    Global News Network

-GNN Ticker Scroll-

Gangland Violence on Canadian Soil! ... More Legal Trouble for Khan Enterprizes 
... The Bonnes Still At Large ... Neo Arcadian Relief Work Continues ... 
Pupils Shouldn't Challenge Their Teachers Before They Are Ready ... Strange 
Ticker Scroll Messages Reported ... What Do You Mean There Was Just Another 
One? ... DOH! ... Are You Ready, Vava? Are you? ... GNN To Increase Internet 
Security ASAP ...


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Message: 18/109                    Posted        Author
CRASH LANDING IN CUBA              Fri Dec 09    Global News Network

< Screaming news >

A spacecraft believed to be operated by the Irregular paramilitary organization 
returned to Earth via an unknown `space warp' mechanism. The ship, a "flying 
saucer", crashed down on the western edge of the former nation of Cuba. 
Military organizations ranging from Neo Arcadia to the United States Marine 
Core acted quickly to secure the vessel.

Spotty reports indicate that the ship was filled with previously unknown 
robotic lifeforms called `Reavers', which attacked all present 
indiscriminately when the ship was boarded. All known Reavers were destroyed 
by collective military action.

The United States government has gained custody of the vessel and are moving it 
to a secure location.

Additionally, action by the anomalous viral program Duo.EXE was a precursor to 
the ship's arrival. Cryptic warnings from the virus were accompanied by 
hijacking of multiple telescopes which showed the vessel leaving Mars under 

The possibility of a Martian counteroffensive has not been ruled out by the 
United States government. The Pentagon is examining the situation, and had no 
comment as of press time.

< Punditry. >
OOC: Leo time.


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Message: 18/110                    Posted        Author
Re: Last Night.                    Fri Dec 09    Global News Network
< GNN. Overlord Time. >

Scott appears. He looks /pissed/.

"Give me back my omnidroid. NOW."

< That... Was GNN. >

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Crackpot Group Comments            Fri Dec 09    Global News Network
<<Something in the 'Oddly Enough' or 'Entertainment' sections of various news 

        'Steel Devil' Film Studios of Hong Kong, serving as the so-called 
Headquarters of Exile of Schreinerland, issued a notice about the current 
state of affairs in the Western Hemisphere. 'Schreinerland' is a "mock 
government" granted legal standing and immunity to prosecution by United 
Nation law under the subclauses for parody and satire in the UN Right to Free 
Speech Act of 2182. The statement is as follows:

        Attention inhabitants of Schreinerland: Your freedom is on the march! 
Our thanks to the reasonably acceptable behavior of the authorized political 
subordinate units known as 'Canada', 'The United States of America', and 'The 
Republic of Texas'! Your enlightened behavior is on the path to wisdom.
        Once again, the illegitimate 'Neo-Arcadia' regime in the nation of 
Aztlan is declared null and void. Go away! Nobody likes you.
        The incursion of the Martians upon Schreinerland air space was dealt 
with valiantly by various parties. Our gratitude! Even the illegitimate 
Neo-Arcadia government demonstrated acceptable courage under attack by alien 
        This unprovoked invasion attempt by Martian forces will not be 
tolerated! In the spirit of generosity and the brotherly combination of all 
intelligent life, we politely request an apology and the beginning of 
reparations by Friday, December 16th, 2218. If this is not forthcoming, we 
will be forced by the heavy hand of natural law and the theory of true freedom 
to declare a state of war as existing between Earth and Mars.
        You cannot hope to win this war, people of Mars! Our microbes are 
ferocious and we have much experience, very freshly squeezed, in the art and 
science of war. Send word to us, and let us share our knowledge with each 
other at the table of brotherhood rather than on the field of war.
        It is written.

(Inquiries and/or IC hate mail to Liese Schreiner.)

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Message: 18/112                    Posted        Author
Advertisements                     Sat Dec 10    Global News Network
+bb COME ONE, COME ALL! See the world's finest amateur wrestling circuit. 
Audience participation is encouraged!* The RMWF!

This is followed by pictures of Hard Man and other Masters wrestling with 
voiceovers describing the grand combats.

While normally the Robot Masters are terrorists, they have graciously promised 
to leave the city of London and the country of England alone in return for 
being allowed to host their wrestling /here/, at the Perla Corona! Owner 
Christopher Thomas Allmann has agreed to cover any damages to the country that 
the Masters inflict, and has warned them that he has no tolerance for them 
breaking the rules.

*Audience participants are required to sign waivers. Other restrictions may 

OOC: Ask Crystal or Hard Man

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Message: 18/113                    Posted        Author
Commercials                        Sat Dec 10    Global News Network

"....And that was just 'That's my Cossack', the new hit T.V. show! And now, 
here's a word from our sponsors!" 

        The screen changed to a dark black tint before slowly becoming a solid 
block of red, the name 'RINGSTAR' appearing emblazoned in the middle with the 
blindingly shiny gold letters that were used for the signal. Slowly this 
screen also fades, and comes back focused on Ring Man, clad in a golden 
business suit with a crimson undershirt. The camera holds as the master stands 
in front of a business desk with a window view overseeing the city of 

        "Good day every one! If you haven't already heard of me, my name is 
Ring Man, business man and owner of the family stores aptly named RingStar." 
The master greets the crowd, a wave of his hand and a glint in his eye as he 
slowly makes his way towards the right, his feet slowly moving across the red 
carpet, the RingStar logo being in the shot as he walks off of it, the camera 
giving chase. 

        "Today, I have a great sale for everyone who is interested! Watches, 
jewelry, cars, planes, jets, boats, and now... presenting a new line of 
RingStar products..." The master gets the glint in his eye again, a twisted 
grin coming to his face as he makes his way over to a tripod stand with 
similar schematics to what a painter used to hold his paintings, a red cloth 
draped over said mystery, a single rope seemingly active as a pulley system, 
one frayed end near Ring Man, the other connected to the cloth. The master 
slows his speech as he grabs for the frayed rope, actively pulling it as he 
does, the red cloth releasing its grip on the picture as it disappears off of 
the camera's view, the product revealed. 

        A world map appears, each continent numbered, some being broken into 
even more continents than there really are. Uber Germany and other locations 
are also located on the map. "...World Continents! That's right, Aliens! You 
too can own a part of the world I am Grand Presidential Pubah of. In fact... 
if you act now, I'll even throw Eurasia into the package! Of course, you can 
buy the entire world for a low, low price of 15.3 billion zenny. Included in 
this package is total enslavement of human and reploid kind alike! Now aliens, 
I know you can't give it to me all at once, and that's okay! None of us have 
money on us all the time, so that is why I am also offering 2 billion zenny in 
RingCredit which would double in a year if not paid back! What a deal! I can 
hardly even help myself, but I'm already ruler of Earth! So its all yours for 
the low, low price! Please think about it, as we at RingStar believe you get 
what you pay for, and you definitely deserve this deal!" The camera slowly 
fades off, the small text appearing on the bottom of the screen to state the 
offer is valid for as long as they are invading, and that the deal does not 
include ruling over any Robot Master or Dr. Wily or Constance Wily. The screen 
fades to the regularly scheduled programming. 

        "...And now, back to "That's my Cossack!"" 

(OOC: Everything goes to Ring Man, especially if you want to S'plody his 

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Message: 18/114                    Posted        Author
In Light of Rumors, Disney Present Sun Dec 11    Global News Network
"...and that concludes our three part study: "Pop Rocks and Canned Soda-Urban 
Legend or Ever-present Danger?" Up next in the news is a statement by the 
Disney Corporation on the free ticket rumor that seems to have been 
circulating around the internet.

In a press conference held today, Jay Dalton, Disney's PR head, made the 
following statement concerning the unscrupulous rumor of Disney's distribution 
of tickets to its theme park to create a film production based upon the Robot 
Wars-<feed begins>"I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that no such plan to 
milk this terrible war for profit exists. In light of this, however, we have 
decided to open a contest of sorts through which individuals may compose a 
reason why they believe a movie about their life would be appropriate, and 
enter it into a drawing for a set of free tickets. Of course, we will not 
discriminate against what some might consider "less than desirable" 
applicants, but it is assured that proper measures will be taken to maintain 
park security at all times. Details about the contest will be posted at 
www.robotwarsmovie.com shortly."</feed ends>

You heard it folks! Better get those entries in quick, eh? And now, on to our 
story next story: "Skull Man: Robot Embodiment of Death Or Misunderstood Child 
of Wily Reaching Out for Affection?"...
<OOC: Page or @mail Jay Dalton if interested.>

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Message: 18/115                    Posted        Author
Lumine Repelled By Aussies!        Mon Dec 12    Global News Network

< GNN Australia >

The Maverick Lumine was repelled by Australian defense forces today after a 
seemingly unprovoked attack on civilian targets. The incident was later 
attributed to comments made on the "global broadband" chatter frequency, 
commonly known as being the verbal abuse frequency of choice for terrorists.

Several blocks of Sydney were quarantined as a result of the short but decisive 
melee. Repair crews are working on restoring city services in the affected 
areas. Property damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of 
zenny. There were no casualties.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo or Lumine.


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Message: 18/116                    Posted        Author
Hacker Attack in Sydney!           Mon Dec 12    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Today, notorious web hacker RedSerpent.EXE attacked a Sydney mega-bank's 
online server, disrupting business and damaging the server. Proteus.EXE, a 
white hat hacker, arrived and defeated the black hat, ensuring only minor 
damage to Sydney National Trust's server. RedSerpent.EXE has been involved in 
several attacks on Repliforce and Interpol servers, as well as a suspected 
protection racket in Indonesia, in which online bandits extorted millions of 
zenny from Indonesian and Malaysian banks and corporations, under threat of 
net attack."

<OOC: Questions to Machiavelli.>

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Message: 18/117                    Posted        Author
Russia Approaches Democracy        Mon Dec 12    Global News Network

Considerable progress has been made in Russia by United Nations negotiators and 
third party non-government organizations (NGOs) in returning Russia to a 
democratic form of government. Street fighting has become a rarity rather than 
a daily fact of life, and normal business has begun to resume in the 
beleagured Asian state.

A representative government consisting of elements supported by both the 
Socialist Liberation Army and the New Russian Army is being created via 
negotiations. Elections for a new Duma are expected to be held in January, 
"God willing," according to a source close to the negotiations. Elements of 
the Russian oligarchy have also been brought into the negotiations, but 
according to observers have kept a cautious posture.

There is strong public support for the restoration of representative 
government, which has increased proportionately with the decline of violent 
conflict in the urban centers. Also diverting attention away from the violent 
conflict is the reappearance of Nicholas Kraska-Cossack in public life. 
Kraska-Cossack, also known as "Sage Harpuia" of Aztlan, has earned the favor 
of the public for his actions against Vile. Simultaneously, public opinion 
remains firmly against any alliances or agreements with Aztlan itself, citing 
concerns over providing Mavericks with an incentive to do more harm to Russia.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo or Sage Harpuia.


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Message: 18/118                    Posted        Author
Jail Break in Hokkiado             Tue Dec 13    Global News Network

        <This is GNN in the Moring.>

        Last night, an orchastrated Yakuza Jail Break happend in Hokkiado. 4 
VTOLs carrying mercenaries attacked a small jail in the country side. Not much 
information was given about the details of the attack, though STARS Member 
Riot was on site, as well as an unexpected surprise. Eurasian Security Forces. 
Led by Feild Commander Shinji Kawada, a small squad of ESF members defended 
the Prison until STARS members were able to arrive. Rumor says that the Yakuza 
known as Chet, was the one who led this prison break, but was soundly beaten 
back by Field Commander Kawada in a duel. *pictures show the Mercinaries 
attacking the prison with a woman who seems to have a cybernetic bow for an 
arm and a squad of sharpshooters firing stun shoots at the the mercinaries. 
Riot arriving, and firing on the VTOLs after a VTOL fires a rocket at the 
prison. A large Minotaur repliod picking up prisoners with one hand, and 
dragging them back into the prison. Kawada fighting a samurai looking robot, 
and slamming Demon's Blade into the robot. Finally, the 4 VTOLs taking off, 
and trying to run before STARS rounds them up, only for a ESF shuttle to come 
flying in, launching two magnetic grapplers onto two of the VTOLs.*

        Due to the damage to the prison, Eurasia has offered to hold onto the 
prisoners while sending workers down to the Prison to help expedate the 
reconstruction of the prison. The offer is to only hold the prisoners until 
the reconstruction is complete. At this time, there has been no offical 
comments made by any who were involved or from their respective leaders. The 
Japanese government has not made an offical comment about the standing of 
Field Commander Kawada, and previous criminal records and last nights Incident.
        <That was GNN in the Morning.>

(OOC: Questions? See Shinji Kawada, Riot, or Machiavelli)

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Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
News from Spaaaaace!               Tue Dec 13    Global News Network
        Today Eurasia announced the opening of it's moon colony, Solude. The 
colony was implimented due to the risk of Eurasia station becoming overcrowded 
with the large influx of immigrants they have faced in the past year. 
Spearheaded by Field Commander Shinji Kawada, and backed by Captain Nova, the 
lunar colony has been completed within a few short months.

        "It went smoothly thanks to the cooperation between Eurasia Security 
Force and construction engineers focusing on the building process. Our thanks 
go out to everyone involved," Field Commander Kawada has stated. Incentives 
have been offered to incite visitors and settlers alike in this new colony 
although resources at this early point remain limited. Kawada also warns that, 
"Although Solude is now open to the public, security will remain tight. 
Mid-way through construction our scanners indicated the possibility of a 
mineral deposit beneath the site. We are unable at this time to determine 
whether or not it is Force Metal."

        The reason such important information isn't known is due to the fact 
that the drills Eurasia had bought to begin exploration of this deposit were 
stolen by Robot Masters Ring Man and Toad Man. Theft of the drills were kept 
quiet, as were their replacements, so that there would not be another 
attempted theft. "The drills are now in Solude, and we've begun initial 
drilling efforts," the Field Commander reports.

        In further news from Eurasia itself, it appears that the station has 
taken an aggressive interest in Mars. Several long-range satelites have been 
repositioned to aim at the distant planet within hours after the initial 
Reaver invasion.

        "Neutrality does not mean we are unwilling or unable to defend 
ourselves," Captain Nova is quoted as saying. "The easiest way to ensure our 
defense is to remain alert and aware of all possible threats. While our focus 
has moved to include Mars, I would like to ensure citizens and visitors of 
Eurasia alike that we are still monitoring all possibilities to ensure the 
safety of our people."

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Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
The Wrath of Khan Industries!      Tue Dec 13    Global News Network

"The Beginning of the End for Khan Industries? That seems to be what Judge 
Palmer is hoping for. Quoting from various charters on reploid and android 
rights, Palmer stated that Khan Industries was 'last place' in the fields of 
worker rights and ethical standardization and its safeguards against 
corruption 'woefully inadequate'."

"With the Khan Empire crumbling, other corporations have smelt blood and moved 
in for the kill. HeraCorp, renowned for its practices, has taken a heft share 
of the meat."

A shot of Sewa appears, she looks tired and busy, 'While there may be some 
administrative changes due to the growing size of HeraCorp, I don't expect the 
company's foundation to alter. We're still about freedom of choice and basic 
rights for all living beings.'

"Sewa made no comment on rumors that she lawnmowed the Hunter lawn last week 
and questions about whether she was planning to go to Disney Universe were met 
with an enigmatic 'Oh God If I had the time....'"

<end GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
Just a phone-call away             Tue Dec 13    Global News Network
<Soft, soothing music plays, as a woman walks in a grassy field. But her 
expression seems troubled and restless. The woman reaches into her purse and 
takes out a radio and holds down the transmit button, sighs, and then puts it 
back and continues walking>

"Do you suffer from compulsive urges to broadcast random tidbits of your life 
over broadband radio frequencies? You should know that you're not alone. This 
condition effects millions of people worldwide. But now, there's hope."

"Call 1-800-748-8870 for your free information packet to learn what you can do 
about compulsive transmitting. Our licensed health professional can help you 
work through the stresses and emotion problems at the root of your behavior. 
This service is completely confidential, and has already helped thousands of 
people get back to a normal, healthy life. With counseling, compulsive 
transmission /can/ be cured completely. Call 1-800-748-8870 for your free 
information packet today. Help is just a phone-call away."

<Brought to you by the Casablanca Institute for Mental Health>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Odd News                           Tue Dec 13    Global News Network
Louie Lemming stands atop a desk slowly walking towards the edge while holding 
a microphone. "Now for your odd news of the day! An icecream factory located 
in Seoul reported a break in over a week ago but no trespassers were found! It 
was assumed to have been a false alarm and work went on as normal. It was only 
when, late last night, they went to one of their storage deep freezers to 
prepare a large shipment that they found why the alarms had goen off as all 
the icecream was gone. How did the culprit manage to get away with so much 
icecream unnoticed? They didn't! It seems the unknown theif ate their way 
through over three tons of icecream leaving behind empty pints and dozens of 
plastic spoons! And this is your Odd News for the night, I'm Louie Lemming and 
I see the edge of the desk so I have to jump now. Must jump. So jumping. 
Must... BONZAI!"

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Space Elevator Notes               Wed Dec 14    Global News Network
Various news feeds and minor subscriber lists report that the Space Elevator 
will be 'open for business' beginning January 1st of 2219. It is expected that 
large scale commercial and passenger traffic will not begin until roughly a 
month afterwards, however.

There are no festivities planned. Near-certainty of terrorist attack is cited 
as the primary reason.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Donation to ADF                    Thu Dec 15    Global News Network

 In the Australian side of things some information has come out relating to a 
donation from the owner of Richards Cybernetics, Dan Richards. 

 In a showing of amazing generosity he demonstrated the true representation of 
the Christmas time, that moment of the year when giving to others is 
considered the norm. 100,000 zenny has reportedly been sent to the Australian 
Defense Force, followed by a smaller 10,000 zenny to the Sydney Police 

 When approached by reporters wishing for statements(And how he can afford this 
when his business is barely making any money) Richards had no comment.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/125                    Posted        Author
Murder at Ring Apartments          Thu Dec 15    Global News Network

"...and RingStar's stock has just rose another point today..." 

        "With more breaking news, a man was found dead today inside of his 5th 
story apartment located at Ring Apartments..." A camera view of the apartment 
shows the door number, being 527 "The window was found open, looking to be the 
most promising way that the attacker entered, there being sign of the 
apartment being broken into. The man, named Chang Chun, was found murdered in 
his apartment, found slumped up against the wall next to his refrigerator, a 
weapon which looked to be like a giant shuriken stuck into the chest of the 
man. There was no signs of a struggle in the house hold, but many people 
reported hearing a faint scream like gurgle coming from the apartment. 

        The man, Chung, was an employee of RingStar, apparently holding the job 
for a good period of time. The other workers wondered why anyone would want to 
kill a guy as homely and nice as he was. Ring Man was reported stating that 
this was a terrible loss, and security will be increased at Ring Apartments 
over a period of time that has not yet been specified. There will be a wake 
for Chung's family in two days at the Yoshun Shrine in Neo-Tokyo." 

        "...In other news, shirts at RingStar have just doubled in price..." 

(OOC: Contact Ring Man or Shadow Man if there are any questions)

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/119                    Posted        Author
March Against Madness              Sat Dec 17    Global News Network
Appearing on random networks is a tape for all that choose to air it. It has 
Jet Stingray on it, who stands in the wake of a battlefield that looks much 
like the Battle of Baja California, which only took place a night ago. Jet 
still has some of the wounds from it, his frame burned and battered in many 
 "For those that don't know, I am Jet Stingray. Tonight, I speak to you all, 
not for Repliforce, but for myself. This is to Human and Reploid alike, from 
the Hunters to Robot Masters. Many of you know the threat of Neo Arcadia, of 
their irrational hate and fear of Reploids. However, tonight, I was 
re-reminded of their callous, hate, and dishonor in one simple practice. 
Skinners, people who take of dead or wounded and instead of returning them to 
the proper factions for identification them and to give them burials, 'skin' 
reploids and wear them. Like animals, like sick symbols of pride. Elpzio not 
only encourages these acts of inhumanity, but also encourages the acts of 
inhuman experimentation, again, proven tonight." 
 Jet pauses to show both footage of the thirty foot Biomonster and the post 
battle 'skinning'. Taking a deep breath he goes on. "This must stop. These 
actions are a slap in the face of the Rules of War. Times might be dire, but 
morals, honor... Respect for the fallen, these should not be forgotten. Even 
Robot Masters are more tasteful, and THAT'S saying something." 
 "That is why I am offering an idea. A concept. To give Neo Arcadia until the 
first of March. If they have NOT submitted a written agreement to the U.N., 
stating that they promise to not only discontinue their inhuman research AND 
their actions toward the dead... The world declares a simple all out war on 
Neo Arcadia. Humans, prove that the Neos don't speak for you. Reploids, prove 
that we are a race to be respected. Hackers and warrior alike will be asked to 
unite in one continuous assault from that day forward until they change their 
tune. I will be collecting funds for those that wish to Donate to this 'March 
Against Madness' campaign, in order to hire mercenaries and repay those that 
need resources in order to have Neo Acardia agree to the Rules of War, or be 
destroyed forever. If you have questions... You know how to find me. That is 
 End of message.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/120                    Posted        Author
Fortuna SOLD!                      Sat Dec 17    Global News Network
<GNN: The most fructally diverse network on stereovision.>

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Frederick Dulles, American casino magnate, announced today 
through his organization that he has sold the Fortuna casino, hotel and resort 
on the Las Vegas strip. The Fortuna, a popular casino built in 2210, has been 
purchased in a multi-millon dollar deal by representatives of the Rome 
Corporation, a European entertainment conglomerate. The new owner, Pierre 
Grumman, has declared that he will be placing his own staff in charge of the 
Fortuna, and in a public press conference at the Fortuna itself, said that he 
will improve "already stellar" standards at the Fortuna, transforming it into 
"the best source of gambling, entertainment and hospitality the world over." 
Rumors that the Rome Corporation intends to acquire the famous Bellagio casino 
have been denied by spokespeople. No further statements have been issued by 
former owner Dulles at this time, although some analysts are puzzled by his 
decision to sell what is by all means a cashcow.

<OOC: @mail Feste or Machiavelli with questions.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/121                    Posted        Author
ZOO RAMPAGE                        Sun Dec 18    Global News Network
Text only, put up on the www.GNN.com website, Pineapple's prefered method of 
 -Saturday Dec. 17, 2218 
 Last night, two Mavericks attacked a West Virginia Zoo, killing at least two 
humans and one GNN reporter. 
 <<Not only an image link given, but video coverage of Wave Puma attacking 
people, pausing at when he is about to kill the two humans. Gigabolt Man-O-War 
is doing... Something in the background.>> 
 Suploid soon arrived at the scene, and engaged in a short but brutal fight 
with both Mavericks in question, defeating one and seriously injuring another 
before he himself was defeated. He was soon saved by someone in power armor, 
though due to poor footage, the person's identity is currently unknown. 
 <<Footage of Suploid throwing a mechaduck that was attack him at Wave, 
punching the Maverick before he shoots, and melts entirely Suploid's right 
arm. Suploid replies by spinning around and making a twister, pelting Wave 
with tons of stuff around the area. Suploid then attacks Gigabolt by stomping 
him into the ground, but is soon shocked by the lightning he gives off and 
falls over in a smoking pile. The camera appears to be hit by the electricity, 
but still gives a very snowy clip of the Power Armor known as Revolver fending 
off the Maverick long enough to pull Suploid out.>> 
 Currently, the damage to the zoo is unknown as well as the ultimate goal, 
though the abduction and infection of mecha-animals and the killing of humans 
is likely the reason. Also, this reporter notices with perfect unbias that 
Wave Puma smells like poo. 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/122                    Posted        Author
Cairo Brawl                        Sun Dec 18    Global News Network
<This is GNN!>

"Authorities today reported a brawl in the Cairo streets this morning. Two 
Robot Masters responded to radio taunting by a strange, ape-like creature. 
Damage to Cairo was small, except for a single building and a single road. 
Authorities came to investigate, but the brawl had apparently ended and the 
gorilla and his accomplice fled the scene."

<That...was GNN!>

OOC: Ask Monolith, Vincent Aigner, Skull Man or Flash Man for details.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/123                    Posted        Author
Ice Cream Robbery                  Sun Dec 18    Global News Network
A few days ago, sources say a Robot Master invaded a local ice cream factory, 
and made off with one of their ice cream trucks despite intervention from 
S.T.A.R.S. Analysts are stuck over the meaning of this attack.

<Yeah, I know this is late and not up to par. Contact Ice Man on the off chance 
you want info.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 18/124                    Posted        Author
Mavericks Attack American Internet Mon Dec 19    Global News Network

A cyberspace assault was led by Sigma today against large segments of the North 
American Internet. The objective of the Mavericks appeared to be to damage 
government and military-use systems by mass infection tactics. SciTech 
operatives were dispatched into cyberspace to address the problem, and are 
credited with preventing the damage from becoming much worse.

After intense battling, a confrontation between Sigma and Crash Override, known 
criminal associate of the Yakuza, seemed to end the disturbance with Sigma 
logging off in defeat. However, witnesses claimed that Crash Override was 
badly damaged in the confrontation and may have been terminally infected with 
the virus.

Government sources speaking on condition of anonyminity said that the Sigma 
Virus infection to the publically accessible systems was severe, and it will 
take most of the week to repair. The cost of the terrorist adventure is 
believed to be considerable, and is believed to be conservative as it does not 
take into account the overtime that will need to be paid to the server 
technicians to resolve the problem during the holiday period.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Questions to Leo, Sigma


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