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London & Neo-Tokyo : Safe          Sun Jan 01    Global News Network

        GNN sources have indicated that London and Neo-Tokyo are most likely 
safe from being attacked with the Force Metal weapon. The source is from the 
GNN/Robot Master Don't-Kill-Me-Please agreement that they have. There's a note 
that GNN has no way to verify the Robot Masters' claim of these two cities 
being safe. The report also heavily refers to Gemini Man as the bringer of 
this news, as he is "one of the chief Robot Masters in charge of this 
operation, including planning and implementation". GNN hopes to be able to 
provide you, the viewing public, with additional information, before the 
weapon, if it exists, is detonated. 
        Questions to Chest. 


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New Year Chaos                     Sun Jan 01    Global News Network
"New Years celebrations at Times Square were interrupted last night by a 
malfunction that caused the famous 'ball' to freeze at the number 'two.' This 
stunt was a precursor to a Robot Master threat that the well-publicized 'Force 
Metal Bomb' was going to go off at the stroke of midnight in the crowd in the 
Square. Robot Master Dust Man claimed to be holding the bomb, but this was, in 
fact, found later to be a hoax, after local police and other authorities 
rushed to meet his milk-shake-demanding claims."

"The scene was one of panic, as partygoers who took the threat seriously 
stampeded one another in attempt to escape not only the bomb, but Maverick 
forces as well: both Vile, and Sigma were captured on film as present in the 
riot and using the thick packed-humanity to potentially make statements of 
their own. There were several critical injuries due to the stampeding, though 
Repliforce's General was part of crowd control. The exact total of damage has 
not yet been tallied."

"This hoax has lead some pundits to believe that perhaps there never was a 
Force Metal explosive in the first place, though that has NOT stopped the 
authorities and bomb squads of most major Western cities from trying to seek 
out this potential threat. This has also not stopped people from clogging 
teleporters in the largest cities in an attempt to make emergency evacuations 
to England or Japan, two areas with major cities that are believed NOT to be 
targets. The teleportation grids in London and Neo-Tokyo in particular are 
reported as heavily congested today."

"From all of us in GNN London, a happy new year."

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San An Force Metal Bomb Coverage   Mon Jan 02    Global News Network

< All news outlets, 24/7 coverage. >

"--massive Force Metal explosion in San Angeles, detonated at the Tournament of 
Roses float display area. Catastrophic damage has been done to the city --"

"-- a three kilometer diameter spherical area has been annihilated, leaving 
only a cloud of black ashes towering over the city. UC San Angeles no longer 

"-- The preceding electromagnetic pulse has darkened the city, plunging the 
West Coast into chaos. Tens of thousands of Reploids were retired instantly or 
rendered comatose --"

"...uncontrolled fires burn through the surrounding districts for miles, with 
key infrastructure offline. Teleporters are offline, and the hospitals are 
overtaxed. Aid efforts from around the world have entered to attempt to gain 
control of the situation. Neo Arcadia is present with their Umbrella 
Corporation partners, as well as Light Labs. These sworn enemies working 
together shows the magnitude of the situation. With more, we go to--"

"Mayor Friendly and most of his staff were in the stadium at the time of the 
explosion and are believed dead. The order of succession in the government is 
no longer clear, and a breakdown in the chain of command has occurred. The San 
Angeles Police have taken matters into their own hands, dividing the city by 
precincts to attempt to restore order. Rioting and looting are widespread 
throughout the city. Peacekeepers from the United States and Texas may be 
deployed to restore order. A full Neo Arcadian invasion appears imminent if 
the situation is not addressed --"

"With millions believed to be dead, and hundreds of thousands of others injured 
and homeless, it seems almost as if hope has been destroyed. Yet, as the world 
pulls together to address the tragedy, hope remains. Humanity will pull 
together to get past this, despite their beliefs or politics, and San Angeles 
will rebuild."

"We have to rebuild."

< Punditry. >


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GNN: IO and Bonne Relief           Mon Jan 02    Global News Network

        It seems several citizens of San Angeles are putting in a helping hand 
in the relief effort.

        Native Citizens of San Angeles, The Bonne Family, are known the world 
over as infamous super criminals, yet the late Mayor Friendly accepted their 
presence in the city. The Bonne Family, having recently taken up with the 
force known as the Irregular Overlords, have offered their helping hand to San 
Angeles' victims and the struggling law and governmental agencies of San 

        The Gesellschaft, the massive ship originally a luxury air yacht owned 
by the still known Lord Bonne of the now defunct Bonne Enterprizes, is now 
hovering over the ruined areas of San Angeles. Servbots, and other Drones are 
at work beside the Bonnes, including a large number of men and women wearing 
cloth facemasks and wearing the Bonne Insignia.

        With them have come a surprising number of Irregular Overlord 
Volunteers; Android, Reploid, and Bioroid all. Every last one of them is under 
the direction of the wrongly presumed-dead Tron Bonne as they struggle to save 
lives tonight.

        Reports from the Governmental front continue to be sketchy, but those 
Law Enforcement Agencies on duty have been reported to accept the Bonnes 
wholeheartedly. The Bonnes are known to have donated large sums of money and 
equipment to the San Angeles Police Force in the past.

        Tron Bonne is reported to be trying to help the situation, trying to 
help encourage some order in the city. Many in the government section question 
her right to be here, but she gave us a quote.
        '"As a native of San Angeles, it is my right just as it was the right 
of Edgar Friendly to take charge during the first Robot Master attack nearly 
nineteen years ago. They destroyed my school and killed many of my friends and 
teachers. They attacked San Angeles even more brutally then they did all those 
years ago. I'm not going to stand for it, and no one under my command is 
either. If you don't like it, you can go to hell."

        For further information on this tragedy...


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Profits Dip                        Mon Jan 02    Global News Network
<Small GNN announcement>

"HeraCorp's profits have taken a modest dip recently due to sudden large 
expenditures. CEO Sewa has kept quiet as to what these costs are, and assure 
that these dips are not related to the San Angeles disaster. HeraCorp 
officials have apologized for the small amount of relief provided from them to 
San Angeles, citing the support they are giving to Europe and South Africa as 
drawing their charity funds."

<end GNN>

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Phat Lewtz                         Mon Jan 02    Global News Network
<<Another note in the endless coverage of the San An Mayhem>>

"With chaos in full control of San Angeles and tens of hundreds of Reploids 
dead in their homes, looting is at an all time high, especially from the many 
criminal elements of the Yakuza. Led by the infamous igor of Dr. Takeshi 
Shinchiro- Energize, seen here mugging for the camera, criminals from the 
League of >:( seem to be organising or at least trying to collect the best 
things from the patches of looters in the Residential, Historical and Business 
districts. Although electronics are worthless to them, these criminals will 
take anything that's not nailed down, and some have even targeted banks and 
other areas with disabled security. San Angeles police are clashing bitterly 
with them, but with all the chaos in the city it seems they may be spread too 
thinly to keep the crazed vultures in check."

(Questions to Energize.)

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Message: 16/7                      Posted        Author
Rioting Update                     Mon Jan 02    Global News Network
<<GNN Continued Coverage>>

"Following the announcement of an attack on the San Angeles Mega Museum, Pirate 
Princess Tron Bonne announced her intent to aid in stopping the rioters. Bonne 
Airship concussion cannons disabled rioters attacking the museum and across 
the Residential district, but GNN sources report the Yakuza cyborg 'Energize' 
boarded her ship using a stolen jetpack and defeated her Ride Armour. Energize 
was forced to withdraw when attacked by the Servbots, but the damage to Ms. 
Bonne and her vehicle means that other looting throughout the city is still 
carrying on."

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Message: 16/8                      Posted        Author
Bonnes Protect Museum From Rioters Mon Jan 02    Global News Network

        The Bonnes foiled an attempt by rioters to loot the Mega Museum of San 
Angeles today. Using concussion bombs, the Gesellschaft dispersed the rioting 
crowds, rendering a majority of them unconscious and causing others to flee. 
Drache patrols are doing their best to do the same with other rioting groups 
in the Residential District, but even the Bonnes have been stretched thin by 
this disaster.

        The San Angeles police have taken some of the unconscious rioters into 
custody, cautioning many of them and dropping them off in their homes and 
deporting outside looters to the best of their ability with the Teleportation 
System in San Angeles inactive.

        The rioting and looting continues as San Angeles suffers from this 
terrible atrocity...


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Message: 16/9                      Posted        Author
Cargo Ship Raided!                 Mon Jan 02    Global News Network

        "Just moments ago, the SS Dreadskull, under the command of Pirate Man, 
made a sudden attack on a large relief ship bound for China with much needed 
supplies. Hunter Signas was soon on scene to defend the vessel from the 
assault and, after a pitched battle, managed to defeat the Robot Master and 
destroy dozens of Wily drones while also rescuing several crew members from 
drowning. However, before the valliant Hunter was able to dispatch Pirate Man, 
the Dreadskull and its crew managed to steal all of the ship's cargo as well 
as cause substantial structural damage to the vessel itself. The total loss 
and damage of property is estimated in the millions."

        (OOC: Questions to Pirate Man or Signas.)


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Solemn Message.                    Mon Jan 02    Global News Network
< GNN. >

        Eugene Chaud appears, dressed in all black.
        "SciTech wishes, first, to offer its deepest and most sincere 
condolences to the families of the most recent tragedy in San Angeles. Though 
there are no words that can justify what happened, or make excuses for what 
stands as an unforgivable incident that should never be repeated we would just 
like to say a few words outlining what the company seeks to do in support of 
those already working for the people affected by this disaster."
        Curling his nose, Chaud adjusts his tie. It is unclear whether he is 
uneasy about speaking or the way he is dressed.
        "As it stands I Eugene Chaud, XO and Head of Security at SciTech, under 
the combined authority of the Senior Partners, Director Shuseki Ijuin and 
myself plege as much financial, medical and manpower that is reasonably 
managable in order to maintain our current rate of production and advancement. 
The first stage of this has come in the form of the reassignment of some of 
SciTech security wing to the effort to curb the rioting taking part in the 
city, which I myself will join at the conclusion of this meeting. We will 
continue to support the families and businesses helping with the aftermath of 
the disaster until proper stability and order is returned to San Angeles."
        Slowly, Eugene Chaud bows his head.
        "All of SciTech's collective prayers and support go with the families."
        He looks up.
        "Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you."

< /GNN. >

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Message: 16/11                     Posted        Author
San Angeles Developments           Mon Jan 02    Global News Network

More information becomes available about the state of San Angeles:

Millions are dead or dying. The body count for human beings is expected to be 
somewhere in the 10-15 million range, with most estimates believing it will 
top out somewhere around 10 million. Anywhere between 30,000 and 50,000 
Reploids have been killed or rendered inoperative. An exact total is difficult 
to acquire because looters have been dragging away Reploid corpses to sell for 

The good news is that there appears to be no radiation hazard. Background 
radiation levels have returned to normal, and there appears to be no risk of 
fallout for the Western Seaboard or the Pacific. Force Metal appears to be 
among the cleanest nuclear bomb types.

Edgar Friendly is dead. He was trampled to death by a crowd which overpowered 
his bodyguards. The military reign of Friendly is at an end, and there is no 
clear line of succession. The SAPD has, in his absence, decided to assume 
control of San Angeles, though their communications are scattered. The threat 
of SAPD military juntas being established around precincts is a serious 

The SAPD has assisted in the humanitarian aid efforts. For the moment, they 
appear to be accommodating all the outside help. When the city starts to get 
back onto its feet, though, it may be a different story.


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Message: 16/12                     Posted        Author
DU Makes Statement                 Mon Jan 02    Global News Network
The following is a recording sent to several news networks earlier today to 
explain Disney Universe's response to the tragedy that occurred in San Angeles.

Jay Dalton appears in solemn garb and standing behind a podium. "Disney 
Universe would like to extend its condolences to all the victims of the 
terrible atrocity committed in San Angeles and their families. As expected, 
the Corporation will be donating several million dollars towards the relief 

Also, in response to this tyranny, all Robot Master have lost eligibility for 
any special offers, including the recent competition for free admittance to 
the park. Likewise Robot Master guests at Disney Universe will be carefully 
watched and dealt with forcefully if they are found to be creating any sort of 

Once again, Disney Universe offers its condolences to those affected by this 
awful tragedy. Thank you and good day.

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Message: 16/13                     Posted        Author
FV moves to San Ang                Tue Jan 03    Global News Network

        The Fortress V is now in San Angeles, rendering medical assistance. It 
is located on the exact opposite side as the Neo-Arcadian tents following a 
brief battle with Neo-Arcadian forces. 


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Message: 16/14                     Posted        Author
Jet Movie Update                   Tue Jan 03    Global News Network
Likely reported on by a GNN reporter in the entertainment side of things... And 
likely in the Eurasia Branch. 
 "...And in other news, it seems like the Jet Stingray Movie, which seemed to 
slip off the radar has finally been given a release date. With little warning, 
January 20 is the date that the second Jet Stingray movie will be released. 
When asked about the reasons for the delays and the much later than 
anticipated release, Sterns replied that it was due to decisions from 'up top' 
and that the danger of on Mars provided the market pull needed to make the 
movie the success they want it to be. This confirms some rumors that the movie 
was going to be nixed due to reasons still unknown to the GNN." 
 "For those that don't remember the proposed plot of 'Of Stingrays and 
Stardroids 2: Stingray in Space', it is supposedly about a team that is sent 
into space to check out well, Stardroid stuff. Big DUH there. In any case, now 
time for Peach with the weather..." 
 <OOC: Questions both IC and OOC on the Movie, be sure to @mail or page them my 
way. - Jet Stingray>

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San Angeles Disturbance.           Tue Jan 03    Global News Network
< GNN. >

        There was a disturbance of a 'large, baseball cap wearing monkey' 
causing trouble in San Angeles residential, tossing things at other things and 
the like, though it was put down by Eugene Chaud's Security and Defense Power 
Armor the Muramasa.
        Both combatants were damaged, the large monkey apparently running away.
        More on this as it develops.

< /GNN. >

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Message: 16/16                     Posted        Author
Alia Tortured                      Tue Jan 03    Global News Network


In the early evening hours last night, GNN received word from verified CRF 
sources that the Coalition was preparing to make their first public statement 
since the tragedy in San Angeles. As per typical Coalition announcements, the 
location was undisclosed and delivered only to our Reploid reporting team in 
the field. As GNN went live to the announcement, something quite less ordinary 
was witnessed. We apologize to our viewers who had to witness the horrible 
actions of the Maverick, Vile.

<A quick video clip of Vile in some sort of abandoned factory is shown. He 
looms over the Hunter, Alia, who is strapped to some sort of angled operating 
table. There is a magnificently glowing shard of Force Metal in Vile's hand.>

GNN believes that Vile's objective was to punish Alia and the Maverick Hunter's 
for their failure to apprehend Doctor Albert Wily shortly after the Force 
Metal bomb exploded, when the Doctor surfaced in the Siberian tundra with his 
WilyDrome. Further, the Maverick appeared aggitated at the continued 
escalation of the Robot Wars, ranting about the spiraling increase in conflict 
around the world, and claimed that Force Metal was the final catalyst. GNN 
reminds reviewers that the humanitarian efforts of the Maverick Hunter's and 
other groups across the globe in San Angeles have been responsible for saving 
an untold number of lives, but the Maverick blamed Alia -- and through her all 
those who rushed to San Angeles to help moments after the bomb exploded rather 
than try and kill Doctor Wily in Siberia -- for being misguided. In a 
figurative effort, Vile then utilized the very element that has caused so much 
distress, Force Metal, to try and poison Alia so that she could not make a 
similar, misguided, mistake as 'helping others rather than killing the cause 
of the anguish'. 

<Quick clip of Vile ramming his hand into Alia's chest and ripping out the 
jewel in her center. The Force Metal was then rammed into the wound.>

GNN, operating under the guidance of Doctor Thomas Light, believes the 
electromagnetic properties of Force Metal radiation, as witnessed in the 
catastrophic Force Metal Bomb 48 hours ago, were responsible for disrupting 
the feed. What we /have/ been able to confirm about the events that followed 
is that, somehow reacting to the radiation within her body, Alia was able to 
tear herself free from her restraints and escape from her confiner. Vile is 
still at large and extremely dangerous, and GNN has been unable to receive 
word on the location of status of Alia Cain or what effect the Force Metal may 
have had on her body. Scientists eagerly anticipate news from this front, as a 
sustained exposure to Force Metal within a Reploid Neural Net has long been 
hypothesized to cause extreme insanity...

International hero, Suploid, was able to track the location Vile's feed was 
originating from, and his quick actions saved the entirity of the GNN 
reporting team who had been wounded during the broadcast by the Maverick. We 
thank him and both parties, Camera Tortoise and Chatterbox Flamingo, are in 
critical condition at Red Cross facilities on the city outskirts.



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Message: 16/17                     Posted        Author
Hello World!                       Tue Jan 03    Global News Network
<It's a commercial, in fact the only commercial during this break. Bat Vertigo 
is sipping on an orange soda in a bottle, through a straw. He's seated behind 
a giant oak desk with his rough hewn but gleamingly polished (you can see 
yourself on them through the vid!) feet up on it.> 
 "Hello citizens and noble contenders in these so called robot wars, misguided 
though you all may be. Welcome to 2006. Which brings us to a unique business 
proposition, I am looking for up to 9 people who will be paid 50000Z each for 
living 2 weeks in a posh mansion with me, all luxury provided and televised on 
POX. I want to see everyone represented, but bring your quirks, grudges and 
charismatic self to TV fame and moderate fortune, and a paid vacation. 
Everyone will be welcome and violence is frowned upon so try to have an open 
mind please. There's no strings and there's no sinister plot. This is Bat 
Vertigo, asking you to volunteer to have a good time, make some money and make 
me even more." He lofts a vig wink at the camera and then makes American Sign 
language for I <3 U but the Heart is doubley impressive as a pink heart 
appears above his head and dissipates smokily. 
 <Entry information follows, @mail your video entry to Bat Vertigo, good timez. 
lollersk8tez. this is for real, so ADHERE and @MAIL ME.> 

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Message: 16/18                     Posted        Author
Update                             Tue Jan 03    Global News Network
We interrupt Chest in the MIDDLE of some boring editorial about why Sigma is a 
bad man, to bring you this REPORT on the status of Bat Vertigo's upcoming 
program Vertigo Party House, the first slot has been filled, and when all 9 
slots are filled they will be revealed on an upcoming 45 minute long special.

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Message: 16/19                     Posted        Author
Another Interruption               Tue Jan 03    Global News Network
Correction, We agree Sigma is a bad bad baldy man. But now 3 slots are filled, 
only 6 left.

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Message: 16/20                     Posted        Author
Street Battle                      Tue Jan 03    Global News Network

        "Earlier this evening, famed Hunter Signas responded to police reports 
from Bluegrass City of a large armored vehicle making its way across town 
towards the warehouse district. Significant damage was done to surrounding 
structures as the Hunter valliantly battled a large, red android and was, 
unfortunately, forced to retreat. It is unclear how much property was stolen 
at this time due to the damage but authorities suspect that some amount was 
taken by the thieves."

        (OOC: Questions to Blitzkrieg or Signas.)


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Message: 16/21                     Posted        Author
Duo.EXE Has Spoken                 Wed Jan 04    Global News Network
<> Australian News Sources <> 

 Earlier today an anonymous amount of information was acquired by the various 
news organizations of Australia. The information was actually given, freely, 
and secretively. It details the statement made by Duo.EXE relating to 
Australia in a most recent showing of the anomaly in cyberspace. 

 -- Duo.EXE stated the following: YOU SHOULD BE ADVISED THAT THE DAMAGE THE 

 Attached to that bit of information was the various data on known and 
suspected Yakuza movements in the Australian area, though the specific 
locations of each one is of course unknown due to the secretive and potent 
capabilities of that criminal organization. 

 <> At the bottom of the broadcast is a bunch of debate <>

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Message: 16/22                     Posted        Author
Australian Businessman Angered     Wed Jan 04    Global News Network

                       >><< Australian News Sources >><<                        

        Following the information being released to the public as toward what 
has recently occured a singular Australian businessman has spoken out, 
aggressive in his stance and obviously enraged by what has become known. The 
following is a video of Dan Richards as he gave a speech(OOC: Long and 

        The image flickers on, and it shows Dan Richards, in a most business 
style outfit unlike what he normally prefers, hands in his pockets and a 
spotlight on him. "Hi there, I'm Dan Richards. I run Richards Cybernetics, and 
I do not make a million dollars an hour like some of the economical 
powerhouses do. However, I am an Australian, and I can say that when I speak I 
feel I speak for all Australians out there." 

        "This recent...information. This knowledge we have acquired which 
relates to our potential fate as a country is maddening! We have on our side 
one of the greatest defensive forces possible, the Australian Defense Forces. 
We have a government which we thought cared about the people and wished to 
protect us, as their actions to stem the Maverick plague has demonstrated." 

        "Yet it is not the place of a government to further it's own goals, a 
government is there to guard and protect the /people/, those who are needed in 
order to even allow a society to exist. We all know we are important, we all 
pay taxes which in turn support every single action our representatives take. 
Yet look at what our government has done to stem this obvious Yakuza threat, 
this threat which has been about for /months/. They have said nothing. They 
have deployed as little of the ADF as they can." 

        "I have supported the ADF, I have sent them and other police 
organizations of Australia donation money. I feel that without them we'd be 
lost much like San Angeles has become, something which appearantly our 
government is going to let us live out. This potential social upheavel is not 
a good thing, this is a bad thing since the Yakuza themselves are trying to 
empower their own organization. They want to warp us into their little 
plaything and use us to support their criminal activities! Society can not 
survive on crime alone, for crime itself is /against/ society by it's very 

        "We must, all Australians, stand up and speak now. I plan to run for 
any government position that I can get my hands on, something hopefully high 
enough and powerful enough to /save the people/ from the Yakuza, since our 
current leaders are so steadfast against it. I also plan to ban Androids from 
entering Australia, because as you all know Australia has suffered minimal 
Reploid attacks due to the ADF and the recent laws, the Mavericks have lost 
their capability to generate mass terror. So why Androids, you say? Are they 
bad? Perhaps, but I am not here to say anyone is bad, I am here to say the 
Robot Masters, /Gemini Man/ is an Android, and we all know the horrors that 
Gemini Man has wrought! We all know that Mavericks can be Androids, and they 
actually do have Androids! We all know even the Irregular Overlords contain 
Androids, dangerous and powerful ones that attack places at random for mere 
glee and self-interest! And most importantly...the Yakuza are known to use 
Androids as weapons."
 <> Vote for Richards! <>

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Message: 16/23                     Posted        Author
Umbrella Statement On San An       Wed Jan 04    Global News Network

< A press release which receives news coverage. >

The Umbrella Corporation completely rejects the accusations made by 
humanitarian groups that its search-and-rescue efforts have intentionally left 
Reploids behind. CFO William Wiggin, who has been personally overseeing the 
Umbrella operations in San Angeles, has been ensuring that any Reploids the 
Umbrella volunteers encounter are flagged for pickup by groups capable of 
assisting them.

"Our resources are focused on human beings and cyborgs," Mr. Wiggin said. "We 
do not have the facilities to do repairs on Reploids. However, many other aid 
groups do, and we have been informing them of any Reploids we encounter who 
need help."

The Umbrella Corporation has made its communications traffic in the San Angeles 
area publically available, as well as traffic logs indicating where Reploids 
have been flagged for pickup. Other aid groups in the area have corroborated 
Mr. Wiggin's accounts.

The Umbrella Corporation has been offering its satellite imaging technology 
freely to all aid groups in the area to assist in coordination of relief 
efforts. The Umbrella Corporation has presently contributed over 5 million 
zenny to the San Angeles humanitarian effort, and has donated medical 
supplies, rations and fresh water to the Red Cross and Red Crescent to assist 
them in assisting the wounded.

At the beginning of the 23rd century, the Umbrella Corporation has regained its 
position as the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of 
ten homes contain its products. The Umbrella Corporation is among the world's 
leading suppliers of computer technology, medical products and health care.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Contact William Wiggin for more information.


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Message: 16/24                     Posted        Author
Nefarious Crime                    Wed Jan 04    Global News Network

Recently returned scourge of the airwaves 'Crazy Yoshi' announced a heinous 
crime earlier this evening, declaring that he had stolen all pop culture from 
2010 to 2210, and that he would only release it for appropriate licensing 
fees. Although no one knows how such a thing could have been accomplished, 
analysts admit that there does indeed seem to be no pop culture from this 
period left to be found, presumably because it has been stolen. A GNN opinion 
poll found most people to be indifferent towards the theft. As STARS Sergeant 
Riot put it, "Well who cares about anything after 2010?"


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Message: 16/25                     Posted        Author
The Bat Vertigo Show               Thu Jan 05    Global News Network
Bat Vertigo, overwhelmed by support for his show has increased the payout to 
100000Z for all contestants including those allready slotted, and advises ONLY 

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Message: 16/26                     Posted        Author
Masters Strike Again!              Thu Jan 05    Global News Network

        "Just moments ago, the Robot Master warship, Dreadskull, under the 
command of Pirate Man and Wave Man attacked another relief ship, this time 
bearing supplies for various settlements on the European continent. Doctor 
Light, piloting the Cyclops ride armor, and Catastrophe were soon on hand to 
stop the senseless attack. After a heated battle that resulted in several 
civilian deaths as well as crippling damage to the freighter, both Doctor 
Light and Catastrophe were defeated. The Masters managed to secure a sizeable 
portion of the freighter's cargo before withdrawing from the area.

        Afterwards, Doctor Light expressed his sympathy for the families of 
those lost and asked that the world remember today's senseless violence on 
rescue workers when Doctor Wily again tries to convince people of his good 

        (OOC: Questions to any of the individuals mentioned.)


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Message: 16/27                     Posted        Author
San Angeles Antics                 Fri Jan 06    Global News Network

"Thank you for joining us today, as we have latest coverage of events from San 
Angeles. The Robot Masters which had returned to the Historical District of 
San Angeles, which were later exposed to be Enker, Laser Man, and Shadow Man, 
had moved throughout the many different tents, heading towards the crater. A 
cry went up from the common people towards the Robot Masters with hatred from 
both reploids and humans, each throwing rocks towards Enker as he passed by. 

        In the wake, many hero's surfaced to answer the call which went out to 
push away the small force. Those who answered were later to be identified as 
Bon Bonne, Alia, and two Neo-Arcadians which pushed a building upon one of the 
robot masters. Hans Shutlz and Kilalu seem to be their identity's. In the end, 
both sides fought and collided in battle, only leaving Bon Bonne to push away 
Shadow Man and Laser Man with little help, as well as Alia fighting valiantly 
before Enker. In the end the Robot Master forces were pushed away, as one of 
the victims overheard the masters speaking about the 'procurement of gold' and 
to 'see what destruction they had caused'. Other kept saying they had come to 
finish what they had started. 

        Once again, join us later for more important happening of the world...."

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Message: 16/28                     Posted        Author
Guns For Food                      Fri Jan 06    Global News Network

 Repliforce, in response to certain unusual activities in San Angeles, has 
offered up a new deal. 

 Anyone in San Angeles who reports to one of the Repliforce aid shelters may 
turn in their weaponry, whether it be actual firearms or something as simple 
as bodyarmor. Those who turn it in will be able to in turn receive food(Often 
in surplus of the actual value of the items being traded), clothing, water and 
other useful items.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/29                     Posted        Author
Aid to San An                      Fri Jan 06    Global News Network
*News Spinny* 

         In other news the Average Joe salvage comapany has publicly begun to 
fund aid for the people of San An. Most notable in its donations are food, 
water, blankets and medicin, as well as aiding in evacuation of those who are 
badly injured. The CEO of the company Job had this to say on the matter. 

 "It's one of the most horrid things I ever seen in my life, I don't care what 
you are, human, reploid or whatever. It's just the right thing to help out 
people in need." There is no further comment as Job goes back to helping to 
unload some supplies from a transport. 

 "And there you have it, in other news an San An Police officer single handled 
put down an gang...." 

 *News Spinny*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/30                     Posted        Author
Chest Kidnapped by Mavericks       Sun Jan 08    Global News Network

        GNN owner and manager Chest, as well as Camera, have been kidnapped 
from GNN Eurasia by the Maverick known as Lumine. Their whereabouts are 
currently unknown. Under GNN law, Lime is CEO on even number days and Lemon is 
CEO on odd number days. Beyond this, GNN has yet to issue a formal statement. 

        Questions to Chest, Shinji, or Lumine. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/31                     Posted        Author
Mavericks Banned                   Sun Jan 08    Global News Network
Shortly after the incidents on Eurasia an official press release was put out by 
Captain Nova. For once it isn't video but rather a written statement that has 
been offered up to various news networks.

Eurasia's security has been breached. A serious crime has been commited in our 
domain. In light of the fact that these acts were perpetuated by a high 
ranking Coalition officer, we have no choice but to take it as an act of war.

Effective immediately, all Coalition members or those who register positive for 
the Virus are banned from Eurasia. Any who attempt to board the station will 
be considered hostile and dealt with. Any currently on the station have two 
hours to remove themselves willingly, or be escorted out. This ban will remain 
in effect until further notice.

Captain Nova

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/32                     Posted        Author
HeraCorp In Deep Space             Sun Jan 08    Global News Network

"HeraCorp has released news of a successful deep space mining operation with 
absolutely no hitches. This would make HeraCorp the first company to make 
commercial use of Deep Space in such a manner, and it is suspected that 
HeraCorp's recent large expenses are a result of this."

"When asked about how many ships were built or if there was just one, CEO Sewa 
wouldn't give a comment, but she did respond to ship purchasing requests that 
the US Government would get first dibs because they allowed her to perform the 
research, and that she would not sell the ships privately without their OK due 
to issues regarding national security." 

<end GNN>
OOC: Questions to Storm Owl, Job, or Sewa.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/33                     Posted        Author
R.E.B.I.R.T.H. Incorporated        Sun Jan 08    Global News Network
*GNN World News*

" Today, an announcement was made of the creation of the fReconstruction, 
Engineering, Building and Industry Resource TecHnology Incorporated, or 
'REBIRTH Inc.' company in San Angeles. A group of private investors merging 
their individual resources, REBIRTH has announced that it seeks to rebuild the 
crater and surrounding areas through public and private donations, as well as 
work towards converting a majority of the actual crater area into a memorial 
to the fallen. While no particular 'head' was named, we recieved this 
commentary from Relations Rabbit, REBIRTH's Spokesman...."

*Picture of said Reploid behind a podium, with the REBIRTH insignia, a dawning 
sun with the capital name REBIRTH before it behind him*

" An excellent question, sir. REBIRTH's founders wish to remain 
anonymous-partly for their own safety against Dr. Wily's forces, and to make 
clear that this is not about credit or prestige. San Angeles is one of, if not 
the greatest city in Earth's history. This tragic blow to it cannot go 
unhealed, or unforgotten. These fine ladies and gentlement wish to see to it 
that it is restored, and that the event recieves the reverence it deserves. 
They do, however, operate as a council, by which decisions are carried by 
majority vote, to insure fairness. Our contact information will be available 
at www.rebirth.org, as well as information for those wishing to make a 
donation to our cause, or read our mission statement in detail. We hope to 
begin talks with San Angeles City Government and those to whom the property 
currently belongs to soon, in order to begin purchasing the rights to these 
properties. While we hope many will agree to sell, we are more than willing to 
offer our services as charity-simple generosity to insure that reconstruction 
is begun as soon as possible, so the city may heal."

*Cut back to news desk*

"And there you have it. In other news, pictures of Colonel in women's clothes 
have been circulating the internet..."

*Contact Dr. Psyche for more info on REBIRTH Inc.*

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/34                     Posted        Author
Masters Attack Hagar Power Plant!  Mon Jan 09    Global News Network
<This...Is GNN.>

"Earlier this week, a large Master strike force attacked the Hagar Power Plant 
in Norway, which supplies much of the surrounding country with vital power. 
The Masters Freeze Man, Heat Man and King, along with a large Devil, attacked, 
and were responded to by Guardian Mobius, Mega Man, Max Armour, and an unknown 
civilian. The Masters managed to cripple Hagar power plant, leaving much of 
Norway without electricity, before they were driven off - however, the 
defenders managed to avert a meltdown. Power is expected to be off all week, 
until repairs can be made. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions to Freeze Man.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/35                     Posted        Author
STARS Bust                         Mon Jan 09    Global News Network
A buxom reporter appears on the screen and says,

        "Good evening and this is GNN. I am Natalie Jenson and the top story of 
tonights news takes us to the underground Neo-Goth club, "The Catacombs" in 
A picture of the club appears in the upper right corner of the screen as 
Natalie continues, "Last night, a squad of S.T.A.R.S. agents entered the club 
with a warrant and uncovered a back room where dealing of the new illicit drug 
AMP was taking place. Nine dealers were arrested and 50 kilos of the substance 
was confiscated. Among the dealers arrested was Howler Wolf, a reploid that 
played a role in the dealing of the drug and organizing gambling on fights 
that took place behind the club.
        "The owners of the club admitted to being aware of what was going on 
but claimed it was good for business. They have also been arrested under the 
charges of facilitating illegal operations, but it is yet unclear whether they 
will be prosecuted or not.
        "A S.T.A.R.S. official that was at the scene stated that they had 
received a tip from a very reliable source that would not be name for security 
reasons. The official then went on to say that while this is a good step in 
the right direction in the war against AMP, they still have a long way to go 
since the mastermind behind it is still out there. And that concludes 
tonight's top story and thank you for joining us. Until next time, keep 
watching GNN."

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