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Taiwan Terror                      Thu Jun 01    GNN
"And now, a full report of yesterdays assault on Taiwan by the robot 

         "Reports states that the industrialist capital was taken off guard as 
the reavers emerged from the sea, coming out and marching on the land towards 
the large industries that make Taiwan what it is. The military force, by 
itself, was unable to stop the reavers from advancing, and it was up to those 
who had arrived to help out."

         "On scene was Jet Stingray and a squad of his most elite, them dealing 
with the reavers while he went after Flora Man. Sword Man was also there, and 
took out a mobile production facility of what were reported to be a self 
destructing variety. Reports also indicate that there was a battle between 
Pugilation Man and Cryogenic Man early on. The large robot gentleman, however 
lost and went down."

         "Jet Stingray withdrew but not before Flora Man took heavy damage, in 
which he was finished off by a member of Repliforce, Desert Dolphin. Sword Man 
finished with Cryogenic Man once the reavers were taken care of. Damage done 
by the mammoth like reavers there was rather focused onto a single industry, 
the building under heavy damage but still standing. A brace was put about it 
to make sure it, while being repair, finds itself giving way."

         "One can only wonder how long these assaults will continue until they 
are stopped. Today marks the last day of the week that, one week ago, the 
being Ra Moon gave us a week to survive as well!"

         "Taiwan is otherwise fine, military still on high alert, or what is 
left of it, for any future assaults into their territory from China."

         "And this, was the news!" </Next news!>

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World On Knife's Edge              Thu Jun 01    GNN

< Everywhere. >

With Ra Moon's deadline passing with Thursday's dawn, much of the world 
prepares for what it feels will be yet another last stand against the 
darkness. This will be the third threat of "significant danger" to the 
existence of all life on Earth in the last ten years, according to the UN 
Ministry of Cataclysmic Events.

Religions that believe we are presently living in the End Times have brought 
together their flocks into houses of worship to pray either for the events to 
occur as have been ordained, or for a savior or saviors to appear to prevent 

Other faiths have taken a more proactive approach. Five thousand Juggalos have, 
over the past week, massed outside of Detroit, armed with what appears to be 
high-end military equipment. Early Wednesday morning, they began to advance 
from their position to the west, apparently heading to the Tower of Light in 
anticipation of a final confrontation. Their exact position is unknown.

Martial law has been declared by most governments around the world to maintain 
order and prevent civil disturbances from making the matter worse. The whole 
of the world appears to have stopped to prepare in their own way for what they 
believe is the end of days.

We have had our one more chance; now the world must contend with the final 
strike of the eclipse.

< No punditry. Most news stations are blindly running feeds of the Tower area 
with automated cameras. Most everyone has gone home. Many channels are simply 
off-air. >


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Post-Ra Moon Ad                    Fri Jun 02    GNN
The commercial plays around the world SECONDS after Ra Moon is announced 
 The screen starts off black. A soft female voice begins to play. "If you are 
listening to these words? Then Ra Moon has just been defeated. The world is 
safe. Thanks to the efforts of many, the Earth is able to continue to thrive 
as it has for millions of years. To celebrate one of the most epic struggles 
in history, come to one of the few places on Earth totally untouched by war." 
 Now something fades into view... Atlantis? Unlike it once was, now the stores 
are busying with life and the stylish Palace of Waters seems to have people 
coming in and out of it. "Welcome to Atlantis. While discovered years ago, 
only now has one had the vision to turn it into an underwater paradise." 
 Jet Stingray appears on the camera, walking down the Entrance Hall. "Hello, 
people of the world. I'm Jet Stingray... And this is my gift to the world. 
Atlantis, one of the coolest places in the world. From the elegant Palace of 
Waters where the best can rest to the peace and calm of Neptune's Park to the 
best food under the sea, Atlantis is the place for you. And in celebration of 
saving the world, the entrance fee for those entering will be waved for the 
first hundred thousand people. So, come see the magic, feel the love, enjoy 
the dream, come to Atlantis." 
 The logo for Atlantis appears, along with small print saying something about 
Repliforce, Hunters, and Irregulars are eligible for special deals along with 
contact information.

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Eclipse's Denouement               Fri Jun 02    GNN

Plum appears on GNN, looking prim and proper. "Good morning, planet Earth. This 
is GNN."

"On Thursday night, the collective military might of the entire world met Ra 
Moon and his Reavers in battle. Because they were victorious, we are here 
today. Humans and robots put aside their differences and found common cause in 
survival. Our victory was narrow, and was uncertain until the very end. 
However, we overcame it, together, with courage and heart."

"The concert was held to draw Ra Moon and his Robot Gentlemen in. The enemy 
struck with all the might it had, executing a multi-tiered assault. One group 
struck at the bunker where the performances were being held, one group 
attacked the stage where the music was being played from, and the largest 
group attempted to destroy everything in sight."

"Maverick Hunters, Repliforce soldiers, Robot Masters, Irregulars, Neo 
Arcadians and Mavericks fought alongside each other to defeat the Robot 
Gentlemen and the Legion. Though their ideologies often radically differed, 
their desire to survive outweighed their differences on this night. They 
fought bravely, though death was never far from them."

"The Omnidroids were destroyed, and the Robot Gentlemen were slain, save two. 
Pugilation Man, who had betrayed Ra Moon to protect Roll, fought alongside the 
defenders of the Earth against his former comrades. Just recently, Flora Man 
has been recovered by medical teams and remains in critical condition. 
Attempts to break any remaining Wilycode on Flora Man are not expected to 
begin until Doctor Light has had an opportunity to rest, and given an 
opportunity to examine Flora Man for residual Ra Moon energy."

"As for Ra Moon, Mega Man engaged him in single combat, supported by many 
people. Manifesting a new armor mode, Mega Man did battle with his 
mecha-animal companions at his side. They destroyed Ra Moon's body and fought 
him back to a trap mechanism created by Dr. Light called the Gilgul Device. 
This machine bound Ra Moon's energy into it, allowing it to be sent into space 
to parts unknown."

"The darkness has passed. Life has succeeded in the face of absolute 
destruction. Thank you, Mega Man, for saving us once more."

< Punditry returns. >

OOC: Leo


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A Strange Commercial               Fri Jun 02    GNN
<<A scene in a Hong Kong playground, where the League of >:( once stole a bunch 
of playground equipment. S.T.A.R.S. officers, as well as Chief R, are present 
erecting a new set in its place of the former. He's kneeling down next to a 
young girl holding a ball. There is a conspicuous lack of parrot.>>
Chief R: Hi. I'm "Chief" R, Director of S.T.A.R.S.. I'm here today to talk to 
you about something that may have crossed your mind over the last few months. 
Something tha--
<<In the background, you can see the set they're putting up collapse. Someone 
<<Chief R is speaking with an officer.>>
Chief R: How's it looking now?
40-Something Male Officer: Just dandy, chief. Chris is about done with the red 
and green sections.
Chief R: Wait a minute. Isn't he...
<<They pause. The officer heads off-screen.>>
40-Something Male Officer: Oh, ****, Redfield, wait.
<<A couple of officers are looking over a screw in a display that Chest would 
have been proud to put on normal air time for free. They all look over a 
washer and scratch their heads.>>
40-Something Male Officer: I think it got bent.
Younger Male Officer: No, it seems fine. These aren't cheap parts.
Offscreen Female Voice: Did you guys need help screwing in a lightbulb?
<<A female S.T.A.R.S. officer, whom looks rather young, is speaking with a 
Female Officer: He's going to bite my head off if I ask this, but, uh, can you 
even read these instructions? I mean the one in your language. (It's one of 
those manuals with an odd English translation.)
Local Man: No, I cannot.
<<Chief R stands before what seems to be the complete playground sets.>>
Chief R: Looks like a job well done.
Female Officer: Took how many tries? Jeez.
<<Chief R looks at the camera and points over to it with his thumb.>>
Chief R: I think it's almost symbolic.
<<Just when he cracks a smile, it collapses shortly after a bird perches on top 
of one of the swing-sets in a domino-like display. The bird flew away 
unharmed, for the record.>>
LIFE -- It never goes as you planned. Live it as you get it.
Voiceover Of A Young Male Officer: Maybe we should just build them a football 
field. That's soccer, right?

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WANTED: PROTOMAN                   Fri Jun 02    GNN

        The United Nations, along with many other nations in the world, has 
released an arrest warrant for Blues "Protoman" Light for crimes against 
humanity and Reploidkind. The major points in the rap sheet are: 

- 2 counts of 2nd degree murder: Detective John Boone & Mr. Zane Sandoval. 

- 3 counts of treason: Japan, San Angeles, and the United States of America. 

- 1 count of destruction of wildlife: BC cabin. 

- 1 count of destruction of property causing death: Tartarus. The UN is unsure 
of how to charge here given Tartarus' status, so for now is only including the 
27 killed that held citizenship in other, lawful countries. 

- 1 count of destruction of military assets and personnel: Fortress V. Death of 
19 Repliforce soldiers. Lieutenant Shockwave Turtle, Corporal Lance Cougar, 
Sergeant Bulldozer Moose, Special Agent Sneak Possum, Private Sneak 
Salamander, Private Flint Timber, Private Sea Cucumber, Private Valiant Hawk, 
Private Artillery Anteater, Private Whirlwind Tasmanian Devil, Private War 
Wallaby, Private Quick Gazelle, Private Gauss Caribou, Private Hyper Hippo, 
Private Lasso Zebra, Private Midnight, Private Fog Sheep, Private Utility 
Raccoon, & Private All Terrain Orangutan. 

- 1 count of destruction of property: Minnesota. Tower of Light. There has been 
talk about charging Protoman with the 2nd degree murder of Mirror Orange, who 
died during the Tower of Light raid that Protoman led. But given Mirror's Blue 
Mirage status at the time and the complexity of the Mirror/Mirage situation, 
it probably will not be added. 

- Charges concerning the attack on Able City are likely to follow a planned 
meeting with the Able City leadership. 

- Prosecutors will also have to wade through the legal mud that is Protoman's 
previous crimes from when he was Break Man, as well as crimes committed before 
joining Ra Moon. There's the fact that previous attempts to convict him 
failed, combined with the fact that like it or not, most governments tolerated 
Protoman and did little to bring him to justice. More charges may follow 
depending on how they decide to proceed. 

        OOC: Questions to Excise. 


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Oceanic Shenanigans                Sat Jun 03    GNN
*GNN Nightly News*

     "This evening, the Oceanic Research Foundation announced an expedition to 
be launched to an area underneath the Central Atlantic ocean to investigate 
strange sensor readings close the the ocean floor. No comment has been made as 
of yet to the cause of the disturbance, but they hope to have details soon. 
The party shall depart tommorow morning."

"In other news...."

OOC: There's no one to contact for details. Because there are none. Yet. (Cue 
Ominous Music)

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Ragnarock And Roll DVDs For Sale!  Sat Jun 03    GNN
        In stores across the world, disc sets bearing the flaming 'Ragnarock 
And Roll' logo appear. The discs bear the entire recording of the concert, as 
well as various camera footage of the fight, including the appearance of 
Patriarch, Rock blasting Ra Moon in his ODESSA Hyper Armor, Valkyrie 
bombarding the Reaver hordes, Epsilon fricking obliterating Patriarch, the 
battle for the Bunker, Light's speech and the activation of the Gilgul Engine, 
and much more. The DVD also contains pre-and-post battle commentary, design 
sketches for the Arena (but nothing of the actual Ragnarock System. Sorry!), 
and an addition of a music video of Prismatic Spider and other RF members 
doing a rendition of Mega Men (By DJ Otzi, since there was no chance to 
perform it during the concert). 

        It's clearly posted on the case and in all advertisements that all 
proceeds of these sales are entirely going towards charities and initatives 
dedicated to rebuilding the damage caused by Ra Moon, as well as other 
Robot-War related damage. 

(OOC: Contact Prismatic Spider for details.)

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Tent City Attacked                 Sat Jun 03    GNN

        "Earlier today, in the Midwest, the 'Tent City' which Rock Light had 
first assembled was recently attacked by the Robot Masters, let by none of 
than Enker himself. It started when Enker made a routine visit to Tent City, 
but instead, declared it was an attack. The Robot Master drones left in the 
area turned against the forces there, and began to run amok. Other Robot 
Masters attended, including Ice Man, Star Man, Wave Man, Tomahawk Man, and Cut 
Man. As well, there was one accomplice that was not a Robot Master on scene. 
Reports say that he used cards as weapons." The reporter takes a breath. 

        "It is currently unknown for why the attack was necessary, as Enker 
made no mention of the goal while Robot Masters begin to kick over, rip open, 
and destroy tents seemingly looking for something among the Tent City. The 
resistance which finally pushed the Robot Masters were the Maverick Hunters 
themselves Axl, Magma Dragoon, Dr. Cossack, Steel Massimo, and Heal Bluebird, 
aided by Eugene Chaud of SciTech. 

        Most of the Robot Masters made a quick get-a-way, retreating from Tent 
City after one of the many Robot Masters on scene had found what they were 
looking for, leaving them to retreat from the surrounding area. The majority 
of the drones were destroyed by Dr. Cossack, using the Winnebago Of Justice as 
a battering ram, running over and crushing drones as he went. This is also on 
record of what defeated Robot Master Elite Enker. 

        This reporter still asks the question, why did they do this /so close/ 
to the defeat of The Destroyer?" 

<That... Was GNN>

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Raiding the Bank.                  Mon Jun 05    GNN
 <This... is GNN>

        "Yesterday a force of two Robot Masters attacked and robbed one of 
Manhattan's major banks. The Robot Masters in question have both been 
identified as Wave Man and Dust Man. Repliforce was quick to answer the call 
for help by sending Red from Red Alert to stop the robbery. A battle started 
but was interrupted almost immediately by some newly arrived. We got witnesses 
who identified these other people to be Spark Mandrill of the Mavericks and 
Francine McDonald from Neo Arcadia. The battle quickly got out of hand as the 
bank soon after these peoples arrival almost collapsed as the front wall was 
crushed by an unknown source. Knowledge of what happened after that is scarce 
but we got people saying they saw Wave Man and Dust Man drive of in a van 
which was probably filled with the banks money."
        "The death count is at the moment 18 dead and 20 more seriously 
injured. Property damage is over several million dollars as not only the bank 
was outmost destroyed but also as the streets had been drenched in gallons of 
water before the actual robbery. Money stolen from the bank can also be 
counted to millions. The exact number have yet to be released."

(OOC info, contact anybody mentioned in the post)

<That... was GNN>

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Battle At Disney Universe!         Tue Jun 06    GNN

< GNN >

The Robot Master Bass sought out Mega Man for battle during a parade this 
evening at Disney Universe. Bass was assisted by a rogue Mickey-class ride 
armor, who engaged the Maverick Hunters Axl and Steel Massimo. A large section 
of Main Street has been closed off as a result of the fight. No casualties 
were reported, though property damage was extensive. At least one building was 
completely demolished, and a gas line was ruptured, causing thermal damage 
throughout the block.

The Mickey-class ride armor was defeated by the combined effort of Axl and 
Steel Massimo. However, Mega Man was felled in battle by Bass, who retreated 
under fire out of the park.

Disney Universe officials have no leads as to the pilot of the rogue armor, but 
believes the Robot Master Shadow Man may have been involved.

Affected park guests have been granted 3-day passes to the park for their 

OOC: Rock


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Message: 16/42                     Posted        Author
Mavs Attack Aussie Shipyard        Tue Jun 06    GNN

< GNN >

A Maverick attack force struck the naval yards at Hobart on the island of 
Tasmania today, dealing a strong blow to the Australian Defense Force's (ADF) 
navy. The attack, led by Sigma, focused on causing physical damage to the 
shipyards by attacking fuel stores and ships in drydock.

Many sailors and construction workers were caught unaware during the opening 
salvos. Casualty counts are expected to be in the hundreds, with thousands 
injured. Some of the casualties showed signs of being intentionally maimed, an 
increasingly common practice among Mavericks to encourage cybernetic 

The damage to the ADF's naval capacity is said to be 'severe', though a 
spokesperson for the ADF would not clarify further. The country has been 
placed on high alert based on intelligence that joint action by the Robot 
Masters and Mavericks may focus on Australia in the near future.

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/43                     Posted        Author
Transitional Riots In Mexico       Tue Jun 06    GNN
(Hottest report of the evening!)
A statement was made earlier today by now former President Elpizo this evening, 
in the company of numerous visitors and officials from the United States, 
Australia, and the United Nations. Queries and issues raised about the loss of 
his military hold in the capitol had been answered: he officially relinquished 
power to a new government said to be in approval of all three outside parties 
present. A candidate for the new office of President, Marco Macho, had cited 
seeking to help reconcile the issues raised between Aztlan and the rest of the 
world as his primary goal.
To the surprise of some, additionally, he cited that this was all part of an 
"unconditional surrender" by Elpizo. The former President and his forces 
quickly escaped in the ensuing riot incited by his present forces. Gunfire 
soon rang out, and the governmental representatives and candidates were 
quickly rushed to safety.
Among the United States and United Nations soldiers gathered to apprehend 
former president Elpizo upon relinquishing his dwindling political power 
following the fall of the military base stationed in the city, there have been 
reports of almost seventy injuries, with only two being recorded as "serious" 
due to electrical shock. Some peacekeeping equipment failed as result of 
exposure to "heavy vibrations" but otherwise no deaths have been reported. 
There has been no word on casualties from the remainders of the "Neo Arcadia" 
army under Elpizo.
None of the would-be representatives of the new Mexican government, including 
the frontrunner of the upcoming elections, Marco Macho, were available for 
comment due to security reasons. The rioting that has broken out in the 
Business District of the capitol city is reportedly being contained and, 
quoting an anonymous speaker for the United States army, "peace will be 
restored in an expeditious manner. We were prepared for this scenario for 
months on end."
Reportedly, the name of the nation will be turning back to Mexico, with their 
old national flag being reinstated. The capitol, Mexico City, first renamed 
"Neo Arcadia" with Elpizo's ride to power, is reportedly going to be 
rechristened "Aztlan" in memorial for the positive things the two-year regime 
of Neo Arcadia had brought it. Further announcements are said to be 
forthcoming on the future of the nation in light of tonight's events.
(Punditry and maybe a little bit of Bill Rourke and/or Lemon vs. Lime reruns. 
OOC Contacts: Io, Elpizo)

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Message: 16/44                     Posted        Author
Mexico Meets Macho                 Tue Jun 06    GNN

< This is... GNN! > 
Aztlan, Mexico -- Earlier today, a large exhibit held by now, Former-President 
Elpizo, ushered in a new era in Mexican History. The terrorist regime, Neo 
Arcadia, abdicated its power to a new democratically elected Republic in 
Mexico today. Elpizo introduced the Mexican Canidate for Presidency, Marco 
Macho and in turn the new Republic attempted to apprehend one of the World's 
Most Wanted. U.S., Austrailian, and U.N. representatives were present at this 
In the ensuing riot, no one was killed, but several people were injured in the 
terrorists flight. 
If you have any information on Elpizo, please contact your local Repliforce 
OOC: Elpizo or Fefnir 


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Message: 16/45                     Posted        Author
Ohio: Burning Rubber               Wed Jun 07    GNN
"A Robot Master assault occured today on a Goodyear-owned industrial tire plant 
in Akron, Ohio. The Robot Masters arrived suddenly and seemed to be after the 
tires themselves, though they also weren't above burning parts of the tireyard 
to cause a diversion."

Footage shows Fire Man facing off with the Zikomo Power Armor, with a backdrop 
of blazing tires, as the announcer continues... "Robot Masters Fire Man and 
Gemini Man were sighted, though dispatched without civilian injury due to the 
quick combined efforts of Repliforce-STARS. The fires were put out during and 
after their retreat by concerned citizens on behalf of SciTech, and later by 
local authorities who worked on controlling the fumes from the blaze."

Footage of Skadi causing a localized snowstorm. "Some tires were apparently 
stolen in the chaos, though at least one of the Masters was reported 
destroyed. A damage estimate on behalf of Goodyear has yet to be reported."

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Message: 16/46                     Posted        Author
ISLINGTON HORROR                   Thu Jun 08    GNN

< GNN Europe >
< Screaming headlines, accompanied by a full splash picture: Thomas Houseman, 
in his armor, impaled through the chest by a metal rod on a torn up street. 
James Houseman V, kneeling before him, head lowered, hands covering his face. 
All around them, destruction, horror, fire, the ruins of the Noiz Machine. >

Hundreds are injured and several police officers are dead this evening in the 
aftermath of a Maverick attack in the London suburb of Islington. The attack, 
targeting the government safehouse that James Houseman V was being held in, 
took place late Wednesday night.

The attack was apparently led once again by Sigma himself. The strike saw the 
deployment of the large sonic mechanaloid used during the final battle against 
Ra Moon, as well as several notorious Maverick operatives.

At the peak of the battle, Thomas Houseman arrived to assist allied forces in 
battling the Mavericks. However, Thomas was deceived by holographic subterfuge 
and was killed by Sigma in a gory display. Shortly afterward, the Mavericks 
fled the scene in the face of reinforcements.

James Houseman V was not injured in the attack. His current whereabouts are 
classified for his own protection.

< Punditry. And how. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/47                     Posted        Author
Protoman 'Not An Imminent Threat'  Thu Jun 08    GNN

< GNN -- Story gets partially drowned out by the Houseman killing >

In a speech in the Rose Garden early this morning, President Seers spoke to the 
public about the alleged arch-traitor Protoman.

"This office has received evidence that Protoman was being forced against his 
will to serve Ra Moon," Seers said. "Ra Moon exploited vulnerabilities in 
Protoman's existing code to bend him to his will, and then compelled him to 
act against American interests. Despite this overwhelming power, Protoman 
worked to resist Ra Moon's control and was a critical part of the defeat of Ra 
Moon at Tora Bora."

Seers claimed that Doctor Light had 'compelling evidence' of this tampering and 
had presented it to him and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Agreement was reached 
that concluded based on the steps Doctor Light had already taken that Protoman 
no longer posed an imminent threat to the safety of the United States of 

"I encourage other leaders around the world to recognize the bravery and 
personal sacrifice of Protoman during this last incident," Seers said. "I have 
signed a pardon for Protoman to finally completely expunge his criminal 
record, so that he may finally freely enjoy the privileges that come with 
being an American citizen."

Other world leaders have reacted in a lukewarm way to Seers' statements. A 
spokesperson for the United Nations stated that any judgment on the Protoman 
matter would be withheld until Doctor Light presented his evidence to them.

Internally, Seers' statements have touched off a firestorm of controversy in 
the Congress. Marvin Thackery (D-AL) has been among the loudest detractors of 
the "amnesty for a mad-dog killer", claiming that "once again, the Maverick 
Hunters are able to kill, steal and rampage at will, and the United States 
does nothing to stop it ... the [Seers] adminstration has done nothing to 
check the excesses of this extra-legal insurgent group."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


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Message: 16/48                     Posted        Author
Thomas Houseman Mourned            Thu Jun 08    GNN

Informal memorial services were held this morning for Thomas Houseman across 
London. The services, primarily led by Roundheads, took the form of 
unauthorized parades through the streets of men bearing the red-and-blue flag 
of Oliver Cromwell alongside the Union Jack. Non-Roundhead citizens from all 
walks of life also took part in the parades, some as spectators, many as 
active participants.

"Thomas was a good boy," said a Briton in his early 40s who asked not to be 
identified. "He was fighting the good fight against the crooks and the 
Mavericks and all of them. Somebody had to stand up and fight. Maybe now we'll 
get some action from Downing Street on it."

No arrests were made during the parades, though several groups of loiterers 
were dispersed by police when they seemed poised to commit disturbances.

A candlelight vigil will be held on Friday at St. Mary's in Islington for 
Thomas Houseman and the police officers killed during Sigma's Wednesday attack.

Thomas Houseman will be interred in an undisclosed location at an undisclosed 
time, much like his father, to prevent disturbances. In lieu of flowers, 
donations may be made in Thomas Houseman's name to the United Kingdom's 
Maverick War Widows and Orphans Fund.

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/49                     Posted        Author
Chaos in Brazil                    Thu Jun 08    GNN

"The Replitech Reploid factory in Eastern Brazil is now a burning ruin today, 
as the first strike of the now-committed terrorist group Neo Arcadia reduced 
it to a horrible wreck. Vicious 'Commander' Elpizo was seen outside battling 
welcome support in the form of the Irregulars Compass Man and pirate princess 
Tron Bonne, deploying from their aerial vehicles, as they forced the commander 
into a retreat covered by a large ape. 

However, a Neo Arcadian group penetrated the production line and engaged 
dangerous Maverick Boomer Kuwanger <<footage here of Francine McDonald 
fighting Boomer>> and set explosives, tearing through the facility. No 
survivors have been reported thus far. It seems to be the beginning of the 
campaign of destruction and terror against robotic life-forms that the new Neo 
Arcadian army will wreak."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/50                     Posted        Author
Sydney Historical District Attack  Fri Jun 09    GNN

< GNN >

Hundreds are dead and thousands are injured after a sudden Robot Master attack 
in Sydney's historical district on Thursday night. The attack, led by Dr. Wily 
himself from the "Quint Blimp", was focused on causing collateral damage and 
injuring civilians.

The centerpiece of the attack was an abortive bombing of the Sydney Opera 
House. Repliforce and Maverick Hunter units assisted the Australian Defense 
Forces (ADF) in fighting back the Robot Masters. Many of them were brought 
offline, though all were expected to escape via drone retrieval or through 
energy ring transmission.

Most troubling about the attack was that several Robot Masters appeared to have 
augmented capabilities. The Robot Masters Cut Man and Tomahawk Man underwent 
transformations to show them in new, dangerous modes. These transformations 
are expected to have been powered by Force Metal.

The historical district has been shut down by the military while it is secured. 
Traffic has been re-routed around the area. Normal business is not expected to 
resume in the historical district until next week. The opera house suffered 
explosive damage to its interior, but has been judged structurally sound. 
Repairs are set to begin immediately.

Doctor Wily remains at large.

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/51                     Posted        Author
World Opinion Mixed On Protoman    Fri Jun 09    GNN

< Bundled with the Australia story. >

General opinion of the Protoman situation across the world is mixed. Above the 
Rio Grande, Americans and Canadians are generally cool toward Protoman. 65% 
believe that some kind of mind control was involved in Protoman's betrayal of 
the allies, with the majority of those favoring the mind control claim being 
humans. Throughout Mexico and South America, only a third of those polled 
believe the mind control hypothesis.

Britons, having a strong affiliation with Repliforce, tended to believe that 
Protoman acted alone in working for the Destroyer: 59% did not believe the 
mind control hypothesis. Throughout the rest of Europe, knowledge of the 
betrayal was more limited, and reliable poll results were not available.

Africans generally believed Protoman was being mind controlled, citing the Wily 
experience as their primary reason. 82% agreed with the statement "Any robot 
can be reprogrammed to do anything." This sentiment was shared generally 
through the Middle East.

Russians were almost evenly split on the matter; the margin of error in the 
poll indicate they generally could go either way based on further 
investigation. Indians were indifferent to the situation, answering "Don't 
Know" in the greatest numbers (35%). This contrasts with the Pacific Rim 
where, especially in Japan, public opinion is very sympathetic to Protoman. 
74% of Japanese citizens believe that Protoman was being controlled by an 
outside force.

Australians generally did not believe Protoman was being controlled: 70% did 
not believe the mind control hypothesis, and over half of those polled favored 
that Protoman should be decommissioned as a precautionary measure in any event.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/52                     Posted        Author
This Sunday!                       Fri Jun 09    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"This is Bill Rourke, coming to you with a very special Rourke Zone. Protoman 
betrayed the world. He joined with the Destroyer, took up arms against his 
world, and killed two innocent human police officers in the line of duty. The 
US State Department has assured us that the Maverick Hunters have agreed to 
follow the law in this avenue. To comment on the treachery of Protoman is none 
other than Maverick Hunter Special 0 Class Zero, Maverick Hunter high command. 
What exactly do the Hunters plan to /do/ with Protoman? Will he be turned over 
to authorities? Will he be destroyed? Or will the Maverick Hunters keep this 
criminal alive? Tune in this Sunday, at 3 PM EST, to find out. The world is 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/53                     Posted        Author
New Jet Movie!                     Fri Jun 09    GNN
<The following starts being shown on the Internet and movie previews alike.> 
 The screen is black with nothing on it. Quietly, the announcer speaks. 
"Critics have been saying for years that Jet's roles have had him tight cast, 
his facial expressions lacking and his mannerism to lifeless. This July, he'll 
take those comments to heart and show you a new face." 
 Suddenly with a twenty-something man is shown from the waist up against a 
white backdrop. He's got a decent build and the face and hair style similar to 
that of Mark McGrath. The man looks down, then back up to the camera before 
offering with Jet's voice, "So, this is what having ACTUAL balls feels like." 
 The announcer speaks again. "From the director of 'Three Reploids and a Baby' 
and 'There's something about MA-23', a movie about a Stingray..." Shot of Jet 
walking down the sidewalk as a reploid. "...A girl...." Cue random human 
Hollywood starlet walking down the sidewalk in the opposite direction as Jet. 
Jet watches her as she goes by and continues to watch her until he walks into 
a lamp post and falls over. "...And what some people are willing to do to get 
the Girl of Their Dreams." 
 Switch to 'reploid' Jet being strapped to a table with an odd helmet which has 
wires connected to 'human' Jet in classic Mad Science style. A guy that looks 
different from Dr. Wily JUST enough to avoid a lawsuit flips a switch causing 
lots of special effects to go down as well as going into a series of clips. 
First is one of 'Human' Jet talking with a human friend about rules of the 
bathroom, the second one is about 'Human' Jet making mistakes about being a 
reploid to the love interest and making wacky/lame excuses to cover up for it 
and finally human Jet trying to fight a Maverick reploid with resulting in him 
getting beatdown in the classic comedic style as the announcer says "Relearn 
why love hurts in..." Cue title of 'To Err is Human'. "To Err is Human." 
 Cue to Human Jet farting and sniffing the air, looking confused as all get out 
while the starlet just gives him a glare. As the announcer finishes with 
"...July 2219."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/54                     Posted        Author
Gimialla Mines - Giga City: Attack Sat Jun 10    GNN

        "The Robot Masters were up to their old tricks once again yesterday, as 
the Whale Sub surfaced in Giga City, not too far from the Gimialla Mines. Many 
drones such as mets and joes flooded into the area of the mine shortly after, 
followed by Wood Man, Slash Man, Hard Man, as well as Enker. There were 
reports of Shadow Man as well, but those who reported him would like to remain 

        The Robot Masters were after a single thing, Force Metal, the mets 
mining with their pick axes, as well as the joes stopping the course of the 
mechanaloids which are used to mine the many different shafts in the Gimialla 
mine. However, shortly after the appearance of the Robot Masters, help had 
arrived in numerous accounts in the form of Irregulars, Repliforcers, and even 
Hunters. Ferham and Epsilon were spotted in the air, along with Storm Owl and 
Singularity Shrike, including Prismatic Spider and Masked Lion as well. 
Epsilon seemed to stay to the air when the rest hurried inwards down the mine 
shafts in an attempt to stop the Robot Masters from retrieving the precious 

        In a heated battle, many of the drones were deactivated, littering the 
mine shaft, as well as a good amount of Robot Masters which committed the 
attack. Many of the mechanaloids and guards remained unharmed, but the amount 
of Force Metal they had gotten away with is uncertain for the moment. However, 
no matter the amount nothing good may come of it." 

<This... Was GNN>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/55                     Posted        Author
Scrap Iron City Attack!            Sat Jun 10    GNN
"...and so we move on to a minor attack today, on the Kansas City district 
called Scrap Iron City. A large ape-man attacked, destroying cars and causing 
property damage, when the Repliforce soldier called Red came to stop him. The 
ensuing battle was high in collateral damage, but there were, thankfully, no 
deaths. The monster was left buried under a pile of rubble."
"However! When rescue and police agents arrived on the scene, with volunteer 
Umbrella employees ready with first aid for any wounded, they discovered, 
after helping secure all bystanders, that the rubble covered nothing! Umbrella 
denied all connection."

OOC: Ask Red or Monolith.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/56                     Posted        Author
Aussie Airport Attacked            Sun Jun 11    GNN

< GNN >

A Maverick attack on an airport near Flindlers Ranges, Australia on Saturday 
killed ten ADF power armor soldiers and caused six others to be captured. The 
attack focused on destroying airport property and aircraft, and is said to 
have done millions of zenny in damage to the facilities.

Maverick Hunter Signas, accompanied by the Gunslinger ride armor, assisted ADF 
forces in driving back the attack. The helpful response of the Maverick 
Hunters, combined with an effective ground evacuation plan, is credited with 
preventing any civilian casualties.

The six soldiers who were captured are being treated as dead by the ADF. Their 
names are not being released publically for reasons of national security.

"These brave men and women are no doubt being tortured and experimented on by 
Maverick scientists," according to a statement released by the ADF. "We assure 
the Mavericks that we have never had a policy of taking prisoners, and we will 
continue to exterminate you with the utmost vigor."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/57                     Posted        Author
NA Rally Falls Flat In London      Sun Jun 11    GNN

< GNN >

A Neo Arcadian rally in eastern London on Sunday afternoon was widely believed 
to have been "ineffective", according to observers. The rally, featuring a 
haphazard pyrotechnic display followed by a short statement by terrorist 
leader Elpizo, was unauthorized and caused traffic disruption in the area for 
several hours afterward while the rubble from the display was dealt with.

Elpizo invoked the memory of deceased local folk hero Thomas Houseman in his 
statements. "[He was] a an who sought to make his life better. One who did not 
support the onslaught of the oppressive machine ... Thomas Houseman died 
trying to defend your country from a reploid [Sigma]! A reploid that can 
infect every single reploid to do its bidding! How can you trust something so 

Londoners were "unimpressed" with the presentation. A Roundhead named 'Jack' 
found the presentation "insulting. Just bloody insulting. Elpizo and his 
***hole boys have been skulking around, picking up our fringe elements ever 
since Thomas hit the ground. If I hear one more motherf***ing word about 
'human unity' out of those brownshirt boys of his, I'll go upside their heads. 
Fascists, the lot of them. Thomas spent his life fighting that element. Now 
look at what we get. Pissing all over his name."

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/58                     Posted        Author
Masters Attack Railroad!           Mon Jun 12    GNN

< GNN >

The Robot Masters struck the Japanese maglev system Sunday evening, causing 
disruption to commuter traffic across the country. Officials believe that the 
disruption will be addressed by Tuesday's rush hour commute, but thousands of 
Japanese citizens will need to find alternative travel options on Monday.

The Robot Masters were opposed by a mixed force of Irregulars and Hunters, who 
dispatched the Robot Masters while taking significant damage.

About twenty pieces of rail were taken during the raid. Their intended use is 

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/59                     Posted        Author
I Want Candy                       Mon Jun 12    GNN
"Our top story today... 

A candy emporium on Manhattan Island was the site of serious fighting, as an 
unknown Neo Arcadian agent was seen tampering with various products. However, 
before anyone could stop him, criminal priate Bon Bonne, egged on by Guts Man, 
arrived to fight the Arcadian. In a battle of strange candy-shaped explosives 
against the mechanical fist of Bon, the pirate emerged triumphant. Following 
this, Scitech XO Eugene Chaud made an appearence and forced both to leave, the 
Arcadian having since fled. The shop was severely wrecked but no lives were 

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/60                     Posted        Author
Confusing Rally!                   Mon Jun 12    GNN
<Able City News>

"A Rally by Maverick General Storm Eagle threatened to turn violent when Robot 
Masters Wood Man, Magnet Man, and Slash Man tried to frame an attack on the 
Coalition from Repliforce midspeech. Despite tensions and attempts to the 
contrary, no fighting erupted between Coalition and Repliforce forces but the 
Robot Masters were in for a beating as both Coalition and Repliforce gatherers 
chased off the Robot Masters as the trick was revealed." 

"'It's nice to see the two groups working together for our protection instead 
of against each other,' One anonymous source offered."

"'Maaan! The Robot Masters have totally sweet spray paint style, dig?' 
Spraypaint Artist Fo'Rizzle added." 

"The City Council remarked they were pleased of both organization's handling of 
the situation and encourage more work along this venue." 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/61                     Posted        Author
Consolidated Arms Attacked!        Tue Jun 13    GNN
<This...Is GNN.>

"There was terror in Russia today, as a large group of Mavericks attacked an 
arms warehouse near Moscow. Tens of thousands of zenny in weapons and 
ammunition were taken! Repliforcers Ring Redwing and Singularity Shrike, as 
well as STARS officer Dash, arrived at the scene, to stop them. The Maverick 
who was apparently in charge was disabled, and taken away by his subordinates 
after they dropped a prisoner from their transport, forcing the Repliforce to 
save him. In other news..."

<OOC: Questions to Attila.>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/62                     Posted        Author
Expedition Lost?                   Wed Jun 14    GNN
*GNN Nightly News*

"....and in other reports, the Expedition launched last week to investigate 
disturbances on the Atlantic Ocean Floor has officially been announced 
'missing' due to two days of radio silence, as well as the failure of GPS 
tracking devices in their submersible craft. Assorted private organizations 
have been contacted in efforts to launch a rescue, though representatives have 
declined to specify."

"And in totally unrelated news, Starbee Tuna has announced it's new Soylent 
line of canned fish...."

OOC: Find out what happened to the expedition this Thursday, see the Scene 
Announcement Boards.

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/63                     Posted        Author
Submarine Stolen                   Wed Jun 14    GNN

        "Today, from a base in the Northeast of the United States, a Submarine 
was stolen, being known as a regular submarine, one that is fully functional. 
It was said that the guards were able to knock out the ability of it to 
submerge, but unable to stop the engine. People are still skeptical from the 
initial report. However, the job done was linked to Yakuza. 

        Yesterday, they had tried to do the exact same heist, but was foiled, 
so they had tried it again. Two of the known Yakuza members were on scene, as 
well as an Irregular named Chronoton Duck. However, even with the aid in 
trying to throw the Yakuza off the submarine, the Irregular did not succeed, 
retreating before being felled. 

        The Submarine for now had disappeared from radar, and any reports on 
where it may be would be very helpful. However, if the Yakuza had truly taken 
it, this reporter thinks that it may be harder to find now. The base which the 
submarine was stolen from has stepped up guard duty, many taking double 
shifts, and longer hours." 

<This... Was GNN> 

<OOC: Contact Kim Takushi if there are any question>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/64                     Posted        Author
Expedition Found                   Fri Jun 16    GNN

<This is... GNN!>

        "The expedition that was announced to have been missing, along with a 
Coast Guard Rescue Unit, has been located by Repliforce and the Maverick 
Hunters. Their official statement follows."

        Prismatic Spider is seen, dried up and cleaned, fresh from the scene. 
"The disturbences were apparently being caused by a secret laboratory owned by 
the infamous criminal Doctor Psyche. With the assistance of the Maverick 
Hunters, we located the missing people. Unfortunately, none of them were able 
to be recovered, Doctor Psyche's defensive systems having apparently caused 
the casualties. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of those 
lost. We confronted the Doctor, who was thought to have perished during the 
invasion of Ra Moon, as well as several criminal elements that he was 
associated with that were likely attracted to the distress beacon. We were, 
however, unable to apprehend him, as the complex began to collapse upon his 
apparent revival. We would like to remind you that Doctor Psyche is an 
extremely dangerous individual. If you see him, please do not try to apprehend 
him yourself, and inform your nearest local Repliforce unit. Thank you."

        The newsman reappears. "So there you have it! And now for the 

<This was... GNN!>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/65                     Posted        Author
News Briefs                        Tue Jun 20    GNN


President Dion Seers' approval rating has slid since the end of the alien 
crisis, now hovering between 60 and 62 percent. During the month of May, Seers 
enjoyed a nearly 85 percent approval rating, but has since taken political 
damage from his controversial pardon of Blues "Protoman" Light. Political 
opponents have used the cozy relationship the administration has developed 
with the Maverick Hunters to make claims of corruption. A slowing economy and 
continuing troubles overseas have also softened Seers' approval numbers. With 
mid-term elections approaching in November, political observers have commented 
that the opposition may take control of Congress.


Prime Minister Lauchlan Cooper spoke on Monday about the increased presence of 
hostile forces in and around Australia. "We will not be cowed into 
submission," said Cooper, "and we will not submit to terrorists or thugs. We 
have been struck by cowards, but we stand strong against them. Each time, we 
drive them back, and the time will come when we extinguish them for good." 
Cooper also awarded the six soldiers believed to have been captured by the 
Mavericks posthumous awards for valor and gallantry in defending the Flinders 
Ranges airport.


Speculation in the commodity markets have driven up the costs of numerous types 
of industrial materials by a margin of nearly 33% since the beginning of June. 
Products such as titanium and various organic plastics have been the most 
impacted by the price hikes. These materials are commonly used in robotic 
construction, and are being speculated upward by investors concerned about 
terrorist attacks against them. The WTO is investigating potential illegal 
price gouging by numerous firms.


Increased Maverick activity in the United Kingdom and in Australia has created 
a shortfall in security personnel. The unlikely beneficiaries of this 
international turmoil, according to labor experts, are mercenaries. While some 
are self-employed, many of these individuals have started formal businesses to 
take advantage of health care and retirement packages. Lobbyists for the 
mercenary industry are pushing for a formal recognition of the "adventurer" 
career in secondary school career counseling tests.

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/66                     Posted        Author
The Rain Institute                 Thu Jun 22    GNN
Minor news reports show that a new non-profit organization has sprung up, 
mainly in the good ol' US of A, named the Rain Institute. It's been 
disseminating information on Umbrella, and what little is known publically 
about them - focusing very much on the negative. Pictures of biomonsters are 
included from the Hunter raid on Umbrella to retrieve Doctor Cossack all those 
months ago. Its motto is 'Because the Umbrella is full of holes.'

Clever, yeah.

OOC: Investigate? Help? Do whatever? ASk Auto!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/67                     Posted        Author
RMs Attack Sydney, Are Defeated    Fri Jun 23    GNN

< GNN >

Tens are dead and hundreds have been wounded today in a Robot Master attack in 
Sydney. The Robot Masters attacked Sydney's business district, causing 
considerable collateral damage and injury. ADF forces were joined by Maverick 
Hunters and Repliforce units that acted bravely to drive off the attackers. At 
least one ride armor was deployed to restore order, believed to be the 
"Eagle". The Robot Masters Color Man, Centaur Man and Tomahawk Man were 

This attack joins many others over the past weeks in Australia, perpetrated by 
both Robot Masters and Mavericks. An alliance between the terrorist groups has 
apparently been reached in order to cause severe damage to the continental 

The ADF issued a short statement about the attack, reiterating its commitment 
to defeating the enemies of democracy by any means necessary.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/68                     Posted        Author
RM Attack Not A Novelty            Sat Jun 24    GNN

< GNN >

Hundreds of thousands of zenny in property damage was caused today by a Robot 
Master attack in Seattle. The attack focused on the Archie McPhee 
Superwarehouse and appeared to be a conventional supply raid. Numerous Robot 
Masters and Wily drone support were involved. Pharaoh Man, the recently 
augmented Sword Man, Magnet Man, Fire Man and Gate Man were allegedly present.

The attack was deflected by the Irregular team of Clock Man and Oil Man, as 
well as the Maverick Hunter Alpha, Red of Red Alert, and local Greymalkin 
Arsenal PMC support. There was no civilian loss of life, and despite intense 
battling, collateral damage was contained to a relatively small area.

McPhee's expects to reopen by midweek.

< Punditry. >

OOC: Leo


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/39                     Posted        Author
Your Local Superhero League        Sun Jun 25    GNN
<Righteous Acquiantance Logo on an American Flag.>

Steel Massimo's voice comes over. "The United States, a wonderful democratic 
country at the height of society!" Massimo appears over the flag, pointing his 
finger at the screen. "And this is your time to bring something to that 
society!" There a mighty flex and then a montage of Mac, Massimo, Prismatic, 
Shield, and Suploid fighting crime, not Mavericks, just general Yakuza and 
crime. It ends back on Massimo, still flexing. "Using donations from generous 
benefactors, the Righteous Acquiantances will be setting up crime watch 
programs in cities with lots of people and crime!" He shows a chart of the 
United States and points to dots over New York and San Angeles and Chicago.

"With a small background check, anyone can be a local hero! A hero doesn't have 
to fight crime with their fists, they can do their part in the community, look 
out for suspicious activity, report crimes, or even just host the local school 
carpool!" Montage of happy humans and reploids doing their part and having 
huge smiles on their face. "Each center will be led by a Senior Righteous 
Acquiantance!" Show Massimo driving a school bus.

"But the kids can help too! Each center will host a local Junior Righteous 
Acquaintance youth group for after school activity, weekend activity, and 
crime prevention classes! Each Junior Righteous Acquaintance group will be led 
by other Junior Righteous Acquaintance members! You too can aspire to be a 
Massimo Scout!" Montage of kids of all races, cyborgnetics, and hair styles 
playing basketball, bowling, and doing their homework.

"Remember, Reploids and humans alike are welcome and we encourage local 
Acquiantances to get involved with their government! America is a country for 
the people, by the people, and only you can help that!" He points at the 
screen and flexes again. "THE POWER IS YOURS!"

<OOC: Comments, questions, you think this post is stupid? See Massimo>

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/40                     Posted        Author
Daring Rescue At Sea               Mon Jun 26    GNN

        "...the survey also concluded that nine out of ten scientists think 
Force Metal is for retards." 

        "In other news, four people are dead as a Oceana Resarch Corporation 
submarine was attacked by Mavericks deep under the surface of the Atlantic. 
The exact motive for the attack is unknown at this time, however the distress 
call was responded to by STARS agent Max Armour, Repliforce soldier Tornado 
Drake, and a member of the Irregulars, Oil Man. Details of the undersea battle 
is sketchy, however there was one survivor from the research submarine. Dr. 
Jason Anderson was brought into Repliforce custody for medical treatment and 
is reported to be in good shape." 

        OOC: Vile. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/41                     Posted        Author
Pirate Raid at Fred's Club!        Wed Jun 28    GNN
This is GNN!

"Good evening, I'm Anchor Ape. In our top story, an attack by the Bonne family 
pirates on a Pennsylvania Fred's Club was apparently foiled by vigilantes 
yesterday evening. Nervous Gnu is on the scene to provide an eyewitness 

*shoot to Nervous Gnu standing in front of a warehouse-type store with the 
words 'Fred's Club' emblazoned across, a massive hole in the wall, and 
approximately a mile of police tape strung about* "Thanks, Anchor! The Bonne 
pirates arrived and began looting the place! Mostly it seemed like they were 
stocking up on snack foods and frozen goods. Not long after, however, the 
sound of shooting came from inside and a Bonne machine left outside seemingly 
started itself and launched itself into the building! *inset photo of Teisel's 
Blitzkrieg going through the wall* This reporter tried to observe the fight 
going on inside, but...it's kinda hard from a half-mile away. Er, anyway, not 
long after the green machine came right back out, followed by one of the 
Righteous Acquaitances! *inset of Grisha looking like he a run-in with an 
apple press* Bon Bonne came a moment later *inset of Bon with a bloody fist 
and two one-ton bags of coffee*, and the Bonnes escaped in their flying 
machines. Finally, an unidentified individual emerged *inset of Solo* but left 
before this reporter could ask for an interview! Instead, here are some 
eyewitness accounts from...er, eyewitnesses!"

"It was awful! That big man was yelling and waving around a pistol and those 
little yellow men were taking everything!"
"Explosions everywhere, man! Laser guns! Ninja swordfighting! Totally awesome!"
"Grah, I had JUST set up that display for twenty-gallon jugs of cranberry 
juice! Some people are SO inconsiderate!"
"Hey...do you think they'd sell me this can of peas at a discount? It got 

"Yes, well, there you have it. Miraculously, no bystanders were seriously 
injured, although the inside of the store was totally demolished. Back to you, 

*back to the studio* "Thank you, Nervous. Next up, a panel on analysts will 
debate the likelihood of creating a doomsday device from potato chips, frozen 
pizzas, and an ungodly amount of coffee grounds as well as how yesterday's 
incident will affect Teisel Bonne's standing on the list of Evil's Most 
Eligible Bachelors. Until then..."

This is GNN!

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/42                     Posted        Author
Belated Rumors!                    Wed Jun 28    GNN
"...was quoted as saying, 
was unavailable for comment. And Fat."

 "In other news, rumors pouring out of the Rocky Mountains indicate that the 
mad Dr. Wily, international terrorist and deluded maniac... may have lost his 
will for good. Conflicting reports state that he was defeated and spared in 
shame in an epic cane duel, that his mind had been shattered by the sheer 
force of justice, or that his mustache has been cut off."

"The First Church of Bass was quick to issue a statement indicating these 
rumors to be nothing more than heresy, and they promised inquisitions. The 
Robot Masters themselves have had no official comment, but reports indicate 
Dr. Wily to be "angry" and "unhappy". Some even claim he's sounding 
"despondent" and "depressed" to the point of "tears" ".""

"The incident apparently took place at the behest of Dr. Light, the norse god 
Odin, and for all intensive purposes is shrouded in mystery. Detailed reports 
did come to light... but they were confusing and dismissed by exports. Storm 
Owl was unavailable for comment."

"In other news..."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/43                     Posted        Author
FV in Friendly Skies Once Again    Wed Jun 28    GNN

        In other news, Repliforce held a press conference to announce the 
repairs of the Fortress V, which was damaged and nearly destroyed in Giga City 
by Ra Moon and his evil forces. A Repliforce spokesmech said that with it once 
again in the skies, Repliforce's ability to deploy troops and create a 
fortified defense in any location is greatly enhanced. The spokesmech added 
that the first priority is to help with the relief and rebuilding of China, 
which suffered greatly at the hands of Ra Moon. 

        OOC: Owl. 


================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/44                     Posted        Author
Robot Masters Attack Again         Thu Jun 29    GNN
A reporter is reading from a paper at her desk. "...Thus breaking the world 
record for the largest cookie ever baked.."

The reporter shuffles papers and clears her throat. "In other news, a Robot 
Master raid was repelled by Repliforce personel in northern California late 
last night. Gate Man, Gyro Man, Gravity Man, Enker and what is best described 
as a color-shifting Giant Met crashed a shuttle into a Repliforce storage 
warehouse and began looting the place. Repliforce personel Hi-Max, Shield 
Shellfish, and Munitions Ifrit responded to this event. While our news crews 
could not get too close due to Maveric Hunter barricades, they did catch sight 
of Gravity Man and Gyro Man retreating from the scene into what we assume is 
their transport shuttle which was still inside the warehouse. The Giant Met 
was defeated by Hi-Max, and our news crew has reported seeing Shield Shellfish 
defeating Enker. ... A spokesman for Repliforce was unavailable at the time, 
although it is only assumed that the Robot Masters may have had an ulterior 
motive for their attack."

More paper shuffling, and the reporter mumbles something about the Robot 
Masters being old hat. "Lets move on to sports with Athletics Tiger.."


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