============================================================================== **** Tartarus **** Message Posted By ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2004 Challenge Issued Tue Feb 17 Consonant Formal Challenge Wed Feb 18 Buster Rod G Challenge Accepted Thu Feb 19 Crash Man Re Challenge Thu Feb 19 Metal Man Challenged Thu Feb 19 Dynamo A New Challenger Approaches! Fri Feb 20 Vowel One More Challenge Fri Feb 20 Shadow Man Challenge Fri Feb 20 Guts Man Re: Guts Fri Feb 20 Seismic Earthworm Engraved Challange Sat Feb 21 Slash Man Yet another challenge. Wed Feb 25 Fantasia RE: Buster Rod G Sun Feb 29 Sword Man Re Buster Rod G Mon Mar 01 Metal Man Re: Re: Buster Rod G Mon Mar 01 Heat Man Re: Buster Rod G Tue Mar 02 Clown Man Maverick Hunter Training Thu Mar 04 Dynamo Waiting for Player Two... Wed Mar 17 Magnet Man Re: Magnet Man. Wed Mar 17 Binary Man Re:Magnet Man Wed Mar 17 Glaive Addendum Wed Mar 17 Magnet Man Video Game Challenge Wed Mar 17 Prismatic Spider Glaive Fri Mar 19 Guts Man Re:Glaive Fri Mar 19 Glaive Re: Glaive. Sat Mar 20 Fantasia Glaive Sat Mar 20 Dynamo Daryn Vs Liese! Round One! Sat Mar 20 Daryn New Blood Sun Mar 21 Alexandria Master Chef Fire challenges Roll! Tue Mar 23 Fire Man RE: Fire Man Tue Mar 23 Roll Graffitti Wed Mar 24 Gemini Man This Month's Bounty! Thu Apr 01 Dr. Light Dynamic Consulting Services Mon Apr 05 Dynamo Challenge Mon Apr 05 Knight Man The Wolf accepts Mon Apr 05 Blizzard Wolf Shady Advertisment Wed Apr 07 Dynamo Challenge Thu Apr 08 Crash Man Addendum Thu Apr 08 Magnet Man J0, dud35!1 Thu Apr 15 Binary Man A challenge! Thu Apr 29 Raffinato Donnaiolo Bounty Sat May 01 Punk The Fires of Hell... Sat May 15 Fantasia Burn worm! Sat May 15 Fire Man Sword Man... Sat May 15 Hiryu Callin' You Out. Fri Jun 11 Whistler Rose Dynamo Fri Jun 18 Hiryu Silent Strider Fri Jun 18 Dynamo A Little Note Sat Jun 19 Sage Harpuia Proclamations Sat Jun 19 Bass RE: A Little Note Mon Jun 21 Vile Challenge Sat Jul 10 Split Mushroom Challenges Thu Jul 15 Daryn Training Offer Fri Jul 23 Dynamo Red Alert. Sun Jul 25 Fantasia Bounty Sun Jul 25 Punk Challenge Sun Jul 25 Blitzkrieg There's Hope! Tue Aug 03 Diego Challenge MkII Wed Aug 18 Blitzkrieg Robot Master Challenge. Sat Aug 21 Hien Ninja Pit Fight! Fri Aug 27 Hien Another Tartarus Pit Fight. Fri Aug 27 Hien Arena Challenge Sun Aug 29 Durandal Public Notice... Mon Aug 30 Sigma Bounty Tue Sep 14 Number Man Notice Thu Sep 30 Javelin Whitetail Challenge! Sat Oct 16 William Fetcher Response... Sat Oct 16 Sigma Bounty Posting Fri Nov 05 Dr. Doppler Re: Doppler Fri Nov 05 Quick Man Bounty Posting Tue Nov 30 Psychogenesis Crazy idea Wed Dec 08 Gatts 2005 The Brimstone Halo Sat Jan 15 Ritz New Signage Sat Jan 15 Bass Bounty Not Doomed To Failure Thu Jan 27 Daryn Bounty Sun Jan 30 Ebony Fox Note on the boards Sun Apr 10 Durandal A Written Notice Mon May 02 Simian Monk A simple message Tue May 03 Sara Steele Written Note Fri May 20 Grisha Looking for work? Sun Jun 19 Jared Kintane Challenge!!! Sun Aug 07 Hard Man Challenge! Sat Aug 13 Hard Man Posted On Most Major Chat Boards Sun Aug 14 Number Man Challenge Wed Aug 17 Singularity Shrike Onionguy's gone too far! Thu Aug 25 Top Man Tired. Thu Aug 25 Agile Re: Challenge Tue Sep 06 Hard Man Re: Re: Challenge Sat Sep 10 Singularity Shrike Hard Man Thu Sep 22 Agile Bounty Sat Oct 08 Glyde Loath Public Challenge Mon Oct 10 Rick Wolfwood Personal Challenge Tue Oct 11 Agile Re: Personal Challenge Wed Oct 12 Spider In the Paper Wed Oct 12 Xianghua Xue Notice to Neo Arcadia Sun Oct 16 Overclock Challenge Tue Oct 25 Scarface Challenge: Accepted! Tue Oct 25 Kim Takushi Challenge Fri Oct 28 Hard Man Re: Challenge Fri Oct 28 Sugar Challenge: WDS Sun Nov 06 Linnea Blossom Re: Challenge: WDS Sun Nov 06 Kilalu Inada Notice Tue Nov 08 Fianait Tartarus Fight TV! Sat Nov 19 Tron Bonne Wanted! Sun Nov 27 Dr. Psyche BOUNTY Mon Nov 28 Vile Reaver Bounty Sat Dec 10 Dr. Psyche Ninja Duel Mon Dec 12 Shadow Man A Message. Wed Dec 14 Sara Steele Retracted! Thu Dec 15 Dr. Psyche Auction Sat Dec 17 Crystal Man Challenge to the Toad. Sun Dec 18 Chi /////////////////////////////////// Letter from the Mayor Fri Dec 23 Vile Mysterious Note Placed Mysteriousl Fri Dec 23 Dr. Light A Reply Fri Dec 23 Shadow Man Flounder Auction Sun Dec 25 Crystal Man 2006 Bounty Wed Jan 04 Dr. Psyche The Anti-Virus Sun Jan 08 Signas Cat Rental Services Tue Jan 17 Crystal Man /////////////////////////////////// TnAV: TERROR IN TARTARUS! Wed Apr 12 Tron Bonne The Bonnes Wed Apr 12 Vile /////////////////////////////////// Open Challenge Mon Jun 26 Hard Man ==============================================================================

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