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========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Posting Policy for this Board      Sat Feb 07    Neptune

This board serves as a way to find out common IC knowledge about the state of 
world politics and affairs. What factions control what territories, what their 
are policies concerning trade, crime, and what have you. For now, this board 
is open to posting by anyone, but it is for serious IC knowledge only. This is 
not taking the place of IC News, but is for major changes in territories and 
international relations. Any irrelevant posts will be removed and abuse of 
this will cause it to be post-locked to Facheads and Admin. It is recommended 
that you get approval from your fachead or the staff before posting IC 
information here.


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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The Church of Amun-Wily            Sat Feb 07    Pharaoh Man
The Church of Amun-Wily is a recognized Religion in WilyAfrica. It works on 
the basis that Wily is the savior of the people from the Robot Wars, bringing 
harmony, peace, and economic stability to those who submit to his rule and 
protection. Headed by Pharaoh Man, it's founder, the Church has a reasonable 
following for what would globally be a minority religion. Doctrine is a mock 
up of Wily's past since his creation of Android life, mixed with musings on 
the philosophy of 'Wilyism'. It makes no claim to be connected to the Cult of 
Bass, though it doesn't claim to be opposed to it either. 

 For the most part, it is just the zealous worship of Pharaoh Man at work. But 
note that it does not ask anything harmful, evil, or otherwise of it's 
followers. Just that they allow Wily to care for them.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Happy Szechuan                     Thu Feb 12    Scott Wily
There is a big nice little Korean Barbeque place in Rio, in the Southern Beach 
area called HAPPY SZECHUAN. It's Epsilon's favoritest restaurant EVER. It 
serves awesome tea. And great meat dishes. It also feature loud classical 
music (featuring such bands as BLondie and the Village People) bright neon 
lights, and cage dancing ... women. Trust your waiter, don't touch the girls, 
and don't eat the Steak Bukakke (It's on special every night). And bring a gay 

 It's IO territory, sort of like Ruby's and stuff, it's a cool hang out and 
stuff, and it's OUR hang out. Just letting people know it's there.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Empire (1)                Fri Feb 20    Dr. Doppler
The Coalition for Reploid Freedom (aka The Mavericks)

The CRF consists of approxamately 300,000 reploids, including both soldiers 
and non-combatant support staff. This force is bolstered by an estimated 
19,000 full-conversion cyborgs and 1,000,000 series I - IV combat drones.

Its publicly known holdings, known collectively as the Empire of the 
Coalition (or colloquially as the Maverick Empire), currently spans of most of 
western and central Europe:

Germany - This is the heart of the Empire, under the complete and total 
control of the Coalition. It is a major end-product manufacturing hub, with a 
large number of factories dedicated to supporting the war effort. There is 
also some agricultural production, mostly for use within the Empire though 
excess is exported.

The mega-city of Berlin has been transformed into a virtual fortress, its 
bounderies protected by a defensive wall. Several regiments of Coalition 
soldiers are stationed here, as are the central administrative offices. 
However, it is not a fully military installation; there is also a significant 
non-Maverick reploid/android civilian population living within the city. The 
human population is non-existant, as no human is permitted within the city 
without special dispensation from Emperor Sigma, Dr. Doppler, or Double.

 < //)\ >

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Empire (2)                Fri Feb 20    Dr. Doppler
Italy - This area (with the exception of Vatican City, Sardinia, and Sicily) 
is also under the strict control of the Coalition. It is another major 
manufacturing area, mostly focused upon creating the parts needed (steel, 
refined copper, plastics, chemicals, textiles, etc.) for the maufacturing 
plants elsewhere in the Empire.

A special treaty has been drawn up between the Empire and Vatican City, making 
the Vatican an autonomous zone for the Pope and leaders of the Roman Catholic 
Church. Those on Official Church Business are granted an escort into and out 
of Coalition-held territory, though travel via the Vatican's teleport hub is 
greatly preferred.

The island of Sicily has not been captured by the Mavericks. It is most likely 
under the shadow influence of the Yakuza.

France - One of the original countries siezed by the Coalition, the area had 
been held under an iron fist. Since the continued expansion of the Empire, 
Maverick presence had been waning until the Robot Masters decimated their 
forces in Spain. Since then, the military has been fortifying its positions 
along the Pyrenees mountain range and the Bay of Biscay. Some minor 
manufacturing takes place here, but most of the country remains nominally 
agricultural. Most of the fields have laid fallow since their capture, though 
some crops are being grown for domestic use and export.

The city of Paris was liberated from Maverick influence by a daring attack by 
the Maverick Hunters and local resistance groups. Its current situation is not 
unlike Berlin during the Cold War - an island of Allied democracy in a sea of 
dictatorship. Unbeknownst by the UN and its allies, the city is run by a 
puppet government that ultimately answers to the Mavericks.

The island of Corsica, like Sicily and Sardinia, is not under the control of 
the Mavericks at this time.

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========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Empire (3)                Fri Feb 20    Dr. Doppler
Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands - These countries were hit the 
hardest by the opening moves of the Empire's expansion. The city of Brussels 
was obliterated by the Enigma Cannon, and most of the other cities are in 
ruin. This area is nominally in the hands of Repliforce but is still hotly 

Spain and Portugal - This area was under the control of the Coalition, but the 
attacks by the Robot Masters have severely weakened their ability to defend 
their holdings. The countries are likely to be recaptured if sufficient 
military effort is made by Repliforce or the Robot Masters.

East Central Europe (Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, 
Hungary) - These countries were conquered during one of the Coalition 
territorial expansions, and remain firmly in its grasp. Many of the Empire's 
smelting plants are to be found in this area. It also offers some of the best 
crystal production facilities (for lasers, weapons sights, optical lenses and 
the like) in the Empire.

The Baltic States (Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, et al) - As history will tell, no 
one ever fully controls the Baltics. On paper, these countries were conquered 
by Empire. In practice, the countryside is controlled by various resistance 
groups, including Skinners.

Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finlnd) - These countries are under nominal 
control of the Coalition. Much of the patrolling of the rural areas have been 
left in the hands of series III and IV semi-autonomous drones. The only 
developments made under Coalition control is expansion of its transportation 
manufacturing plants.

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========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Empire (4)                Fri Feb 20    Dr. Doppler
Secret Holdings:

South Africa - Though publicly a UN-controlled country, like Paris it is ruled 
by a puppet government controlled by the Coalition. The President of the 
interm goverment, Pascal, is a Maverick patsy that answers to Maverick 
Command. The Coalition has worked diligently to maintain the facade, and thus 
have been very careful to hide any activity (including business transactions) 
taking place within the country's borders.

Lunar Base - This was a Maverick Holding, now controlled byt the Irregular 

Basilisk Station - This is essentially a massive communications array located 
at LaGrange Point 2. Usually disguised as an amalgamation of space debris, it 
serves as the hub for the Coalition's spy satellite network. Through this 
network, the station is also capable of jamming satellite transmissions 
anywhere around Earth (as demonstated by Doppler's return and during the 
destruction of RFHQ-London). It also contains a mirror of the Maverick 
Mainframe, and can function as a command station should Berlin be compromised. 
However, in order to keep the station more easily concealable, it is not very 
large at all. Maybe 100 reploids could be aboard at one time without straining 
the stations' systems.

Alliances: Outside the previously mentioned treaties, none. No legitimate 
government likes making treaties with us.

Agreements: There is an unwritten agreement between GNN and the Mavericks. In 
exchange for not killing any GNN reporters, the Mavericks receive 1 hour of 
free broadcast time per week. Though GNN mortality rates have dropped, the 
Mavericks have yet to collect on this broadcast time. See also, the agreement 
with the Vatican.

Financial Assets: Since the formation of the Empire, the Mavericks have been 
able to produce the weapons and equipment needed to fuel their war effort. The 
surplus that is not stockpiled is sold on foreign black markets. The only 
products specifically marketed for export are books, musical recordings, and 
other artistic works.

The Mavericks share a portion of the profits earned by Tartarus Pay-Per-View 
and by the Sheol Pit box office.

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========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Maverick Empire (5)                Fri Feb 20    Dr. Doppler
Tactical Assets:

The Wall - A massive barrier wall built to protect the Empire's original 
western front, extending from the west coast of Italy to the North Sea. 
Combine the Great Wall of China with the original Berlin wall, update it to 
the 23rd century, and you have the right idea.

Maverick Transport [Dinosaur Tank] - The massive tank from Wheel Gator's stage 
in MMX2
Maverick Shuttle [Manta Ray] - A stealth-capable cargo space shuttle.
Maverick Airship [Osprey] - This is Storm Eagle's airship from his stage in 
Maverick Aerospace Pod [Nighthawk] - A tiny spacecraft. Sits 3 if you're 
Maverick Air Skimmer [Swordfish> - A high-speed airfoil, designed for 
small-scale troop deployment.
Ride Armor [Kraken] M - The Squid Ride Armor. Japanese schoolgirls need not 
Ride Armor [Manticore] M - The sonic-heavy Ride Armor. Earplugs recommended
Maverick Hoverbike [Tachyon] & Maverick Hoverbike [Muon] M - Two hovercycles 
for use in rapid single-person deployment.

 < //)\ >

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Lost Cities                        Thu Feb 26    Dr. Doppler
Cities that no longer exist:

Vancouver, BC - Squashed by Starhaven
El Paso, TX - Stardroid pendant energy destroyed it.
Pittsburgh, PA - Crushed by Meteor
Jonestown, Brazil - Destroyed by the giant Bass Asteroid.

 < //)\ >

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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The Repliforce (1)                 Thu Mar 04    General
The Repliforce. The military arm of the United Nations.

 The Repliforce itself consists, loosely 11 million combat-capable troops, and 
8.5 million on general support troops. The reason for this is that the 
Repliforce is supposed to be capable of responding to a variety of situations. 
As a whole, the Repliforce also acts as a Military Police in addition to being 
the global army that they are. After all, wounded must be tended to after 
combat situations, and Repliforce often deals with that first.

It's true holdings aren't so much a set of territories, as they are, they 
simply protect (or attempt to) the large bulk of the world. Particular places, 
as of late, are hotspots for Repliforce influence:

Egypt and the city of Cairo - Cairo is currently held by Repliforce forces in 
the area, it serves as a foothold into Wily-controlled Africa by the 
Repliforce. There is an RM Listening Post (Object, been there a while) as well 
as a Repliforce Outpost directly in the same area. Whether or not the RF will 
be able to completely expunge the influence of Wily is yet to be seen, though 
it would appear likely.

The Balkan Peninsula - In the past, circumstances led to the inability of 
Repliforce being able to devote any kind of forces to freeing this area, 
which is comprised duly of the humans and cyborgs in the area, who are 
fighting with the Maverick Empire in resistance. The Repliforce, however, is 
currently moving in to assist and support the Balkan Rebels directly, to not 
only make amends for past failures, but to help ensure the freedom of the 
Balkan people, and make a spearhead into the Empire from that position.

--The Big Guy

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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The Repliforce (2)                 Thu Mar 04    General
London - Very much hotly guarded at times, there is a very well-equipped 
Outpost, 'Damn Stubborn' in the direct vicintiy of London to facilitate rapid 
response times, due to the isolation Great Britain suffers being on the 
Maverick Empire doorstep. (Which, I would like to remind people of that it IS 
still there, when they walk through London like it's a sandbox..) There are 
plans to change the isolation of London in the near future, as well.

Mexico City - Repliforce does /not/ go here under any circumstances at all. 
Security issues there are handled by MexCity's own security.

San Angeles, Neo- Tokyo, Disney Universe, Eurasia - Repliforcers occasionally 
visit these neutral zones for whatever reason, but do not respond in any sort 
of combat capacity unless asked by their respective Ambassadors that attend 
UN sessions. Secret Deals?

None that immediately warrant the attention of the board at this time. The
Repliforce, however, is not immune to forging secret deals if the benefits 
are good enough to warrant the sort of activity there.

--The Big Guy

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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The Repliforce (3)                 Thu Mar 04    General
Resolution Point - The main GHQ for the Repliforce forces, situated in Ayer's 
Rock of Austrailia, it features a multitude of different assets, from top of 
the line research and medical bays, to tactical command centers. It also 
features anti-Orbital defenses, and blinking in is NOT recommended by anyone. 
The defenses also included a multitude of landline communications to prevent 
total command and control degradation, after the Basilisk was revealed.

Tactical Assets: A number of Repliforce outposts, listening posts, garrisons 
scattered across the globe. The larger ones have point to base teleportation 
tubes (non-coded) in case of emergency.

Repliforce Air Platform [Fortress III] - The big daddy itself. The armament on 
this ship is enormous, from laser batteries to high-velocity rail cannons, to 
the occasional ballistic armanent. It is about a mile long, and a third mile 
wide (at or about). It's basic, temporary crew consists of at least 300 troops 
for the overall maintenence and control of this ship. It is also Storm Owl's 
baby, but can be used for general transport of a large amount of troops. It's 
Primary Weapon: Alpha Strike, where all the weapons fire at once. Also 

Ride Armor [Raiden] - Ride Armor from Magma Dragoon's stage, heavy melee unit, 
favorite of a certain scientist.
Ride Armor [Eagle] - Aerial Ride Armor, designed for hit and run ranged 

Variable Ride Armor [Kingfisher] - Multi-vector assault Ride Armor, land and 
Hovertank [Stalwart] - Less potent than the Ride Armors, but overall cheaper 
to use. Has the general firepower of a platoon.
Repliforce VTOL [Razor] - Harrier-design jet. Seats 2.

Repliforce Hoverbike [Alpha], [Beta], Attack Hoverbike [Gamma] - Hoverbikes 
designed for single-person rapid deployment. Gamma is far more manueverable, 
and contains remote radio systems for field command.
 Repliforce Space Shuttle [Comet] - Serves the purpose of recovery and/or 
assaults in space enviroments. Rare use, but still available.
Repliforce Transports [Thresher], [Mako] - Heavy assault transports for the 
deployment of troops up to and including ride armors. Hammerhead design, 
replaced the COW transports.
Repliforce Dropship [Falconis] - Rapid-deployment Dropship, fastest type of 
dropship in RF use.
Repliforce Submersible Hovercraft [Barracuda] - Submarine capable of operation 
on the surface of the water. Standard transport styled after a Barracuda.

Remember, if you're ever curious, or see something that's a mistake, @mail me!

--The Big Guy

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Tidal Dam                          Thu Mar 11    Gemma
All of my old massive posts about the Tidal Dam and its general deal are gone 

Sorry about that. I was really complete once, but the boards were nuked.

This isn't a major deal, but try to get a hold of me to pose the defenses for 
you, if you are assaulting the Dam, Tangier, or Casablanca. Those places have 
specific defenses in play (especially the Dam/Tangier). The Dam object used 
to explain this better, but it doesn't anymore...I'll correct it shortly to 
make things more clear for people who want to RP in that area.

And, yes, sending out a general GNN is fine but I still appriciate a headsup, 
sometimes I am not always reading this screen unless directly addressed. 

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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WilyWorld (1)                      Wed Mar 17    Gravity Man
WilyWorld is a giant theme park built in the African Savannah. Conceptualized 
and run by Gravity Man, it brings in a fairly impressive amount of legitimate 
revenue, some of which goes back into the park for improvements and 
operational expenses, but much of the money goes toward Wily's expenditures, 
whether to buy more jello or to fund the latest wacky invention. The park is a 
declared neutral zone, on par with San Angeles and Eurasia. Members of any and 
all faction are invited and welcomed into the park with no threat of violence. 
The Masters may be a political organization with an agenda, but they're not 
/complete/ idiots all the time. WilyWorld is first and foremost a business, 
and attacking one's customers is not a good business practice. The park has 
thousands of visitors every single day, from African citizens to Japanese 
Fieldtrips to American Thrill-seekers. Humans, cyborgs, androids, reploids; 
the whole spectrum of patrons is represented in WilyWorld's attendance logs, 
with the proper accommodations for all.

The park boasts its fair share of roller coasters and rides, but that's not 
all. There's a children's area, a water park, a truly massive arcade, a midway 
full of carnival games, restaurants ranging from hot-dog-on-a-stick carts to 
five-star restaurants, and more. The gift shops are the nucleus of the famous 
Robot Master Plushie trade -- think Beanie Babies, only with Gemini Man. There 
is plenty of Wily-related propaganda, of course, but that's to be expected. 
The vacationing Repliforcers roll their eyes while they eat their cotton 
candy, and others praise Wily's name for bringing them such a wonderful place 
to play. It's all relative, and nothing too overbearing.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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WilyWorld (2)                      Wed Mar 17    Gravity Man
And now for some OOC stuff. WilyWorld is for people to have fun in. It's 
designed for amusing, entertaining social interaction, and I've tried to 
create an environment that people can enjoy themselves in that isn't limited 
to sitting in Ruby's or Eurasia. Not that there's anything wrong with that, 
but some people like a change of pace, and this is one such option. Yes, I 
realize it's in Master Territory. But it is just as neutral as San Angeles and 
Eurasia. No one will be attacked there, it is perfectly safe to just go and 
ride a few coasters with your IC buddies as a way to take a load off. But it's 
not being used, and that makes me sad. I'd like to see more people utilizing 
the park, relaxing on the grid without having to worry about ambushes. Because 
there are no ambushes. None. I know that your characters might have an 
objection to 'funding Wily's war campaign' or whatever, but I ask a little 
indulgence from you, the players. If you want to have fun, please consider 
doing so in WilyWorld. Even if you have to fudge things a little OOCly. After 
all, this is a MUSH about robots in underoos saving the world: The goal was 
never hyper-realism.

Finally, it bears mentioning that WilyWorld is not a military target. If you 
want to blow something up in Africa, there are already squillions of places to 
blow up without trying to assault an amusement park. In conclusion: WilyWorld 
= Fun, and it would make me very happy to see it accomplish its goal: Slighty 
wacky inter-faction RP.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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A Map                              Tue May 04    Gemma
Here is a map of Africa and the southern part of Europe. You may want to 
reference this.


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Neo Arcadia                        Thu Jun 17    Elpizo
Neo Arcadia is a city-state formerly known as Mexico City, firmly planted on 
top of an old lake in the middle of Mexico. The overall quality of life in the 
city itself is somewhere under the world mean for a city its size, but the 
quality of life is steadily improving as the city's infrastructure is brough 
up to modern standards and the environment in and around the city is cleaned. 
The city is not allied with the UN and recognises none of the treaties and 
laws that the United Nations has put in place, up to and including the Reploid 
Rights Act which gave Reploids legal status as world citizens.

The city itself uses bio-scanners to screen masses teleporting into the city's 
transporter grid and simliar devices at checkpoints around the city, as well 
as armed guards, to restrict access to the city by anyone with organic parts 
below a certain threshold. The public explanation for this, which is rather 
reasonable considering the city's history, is to keep Maverick and Robot 
Master agents out of the city. The city was, until the current regime took 
power, notorious for rioting and civil unrest on par with the Chinese Civil 
War... minus the nuclear weapons and simliar heavy military hardware.

The city is defended by the Neo Arcadian Home Guard, also known as the 
Pantheon: a combat force divided into 4 teams based around the characteristics 
and talents of the original Four Guardians. 95% of the Pantheon is comprised 
of humans who have been genetically modified with an unknown process to make 
them combat equivalent to the average combat Reploid and carry a variety of 
equipment developed by Dr. Ciel and Dr. Cerveau specifically designed to deal 
with mechanised threats.

Neo Arcadia is ruled by the City Council, headed by the various members of the 
original political parties and mobs that fought for control of the city during 
the riots, at least in theory. The Head of the Council, and Neo Arcadian 
President, is Elpizo. Elpizo in practice has the support of the council, 
mainly because he invariably shows results for his work, fills the city 
coffers and has a force of personality that makes lesser, and some not so 
lesser, men buckle. Few dare to move against him in the wake of the 
assassination attempt at the activation of the weather control system and many 
fear that it would take one of his own Guardians to truly injure him.

Elpizo is, to the world, a charismatic and empassioned public speaker, some 
circles have gone so far as calling him the Evangelist of Tribe of Man. He 
espouses the need for humanity to stand up for itself and not blindly follow 
along with the 'norm,' a message that has put him in direct opposition with 
the United Nations. Some have tried to pin a connection to various 
anti-Reploid uprisings, but nothing has stuck. In public his message has 
always remained humanist first, invoking the image of surviving in spite of 
impossible odds and reawakening the true power of human passion.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Africa: Territories Held by RF     Wed Aug 25    General

Egypt: The first victory of RF forces in Africa, this victory started the 
battle for Africa proper. It is now heavily defended, as most of the RM 
influence has been weeded out, as well as the Government-in-Exile returning to 
Cairo proper. 

Lake Hope / Aswan Dam Region: Formerly the christened Lake Wily region, after 
an intense series of fighting led also by the then Octavius-mode General at 
the time, this region was won, and many of the Border Fortresses were captured 
as well as the Dam itself, which suffered minor damage thanks to Grenade 
attempting to blow the dam. The Sphere Outpost in the area is also destroyed. 

Ivory Coast: With the first demonstration of the Fortress Five's capabilities, 
it started with the smiting of the Alpha Sphere Outpost, and the entire area 
is now in the control of both Repliforce and African Alliance members.

                               ____\  __  \___
                               \   / / /  /  /
                                \ /  ŻŻ  \  /
                                 /  /ŻŻ\  \__
                                /__/    \___/
                                    \  /

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Africa: Contested Zones            Wed Aug 25    General

Savannah: Numerous battles have been fought in this area, and while the RF is 
attempting to assert control, there is still resistance in the area, thanks to 
WilyWorld partly, and a Sphere Outpost in the area. This area has been the 
target of joined Maverick Hunter and Neo-Arcadia assaults as well. 

There have been fights in other regions, but generally, these are the ones off 
the top of my head.

                               ____\  __  \___
                               \   / / /  /  /
                                \ /  ŻŻ  \  /
                                 /  /ŻŻ\  \__
                                /__/    \___/
                                    \  /

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Blown-Up Spheres:                  Wed Aug 25    General
@mail me if this list is incomplete-- 

Alpha (F5). Theta (GrenadeSplodey). Zeta(?) (Neo-Arcadia result)

                               ____\  __  \___
                               \   / / /  /  /
                                \ /  ŻŻ  \  /
                                 /  /ŻŻ\  \__
                                /__/    \___/
                                    \  /

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Hunter 'Land'                      Mon Sep 06    Rock

Since these are viable assets, they need to be posted, mmyes. Also, there is 
almost nothing on this board and we all want reminders, so:

Small 'Outposts' (for lack of a better word):
(1) Weather Station <Oo Guma> - Honshu
(2) Weather Station <Karasu> - Taiwan
(3) Weather Station <Yagi> - Kamchatka
(4) Weather Station <Mizugame> - Siam
(5) Weather Station <Ko Guma> - Polynesia
(6) Weather Station <Fuuchuo> - Alaska

Bases: Elysium, FiSH


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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GNN Assets                         Wed Sep 08    Chest

        The Global News Network is a massive company and the biggest 
communications agency in the world. The media empire includes its all-news 
television station, radio, and newspapers. GNN Central is in San Angeles, 
protected by the San Ang super-police. It has other offices in most major 
cities that would allow it. 

        Chest has a deal with Wily and Sigma to ensure the protection of his 
reporters. Essentially, it boils down to the bad guys getting an hour a week 
of primetime air on the biggest network on the globe to do with as they see 
fit + footage of their battles for bragging rights when they win. In return, 
they don't kill reporters (so none of this cliched +gnn messages where the 
poor journalist dies at the end :-)) or hack into our systems. Alas, GNN does 
not have any deals with Neo Arcadia as of yet. Due to Reporto's efforts, some 
GNN reporters also get Repliforce escorts just to be safe. 

        As far as virtual defense goes to avoid pirating signals and whatnot, 
Serges was contracted out to provide an ongoing anti-hacking service for GNN 
about a year ago. That partnership is still in effect. 

        We also have a helicopter, but nobody knows how to drive it except for 
Plum. This is why we need you to apply for Plum. Finally, our assets include 
the uncanny ability to be anywhere something is happening before you are in 
order to tell you all about it. 


========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
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Loath Assets..                     Wed Sep 29    Glyde Loath

        I've been getting a lot of questions lately as to what exactly the 
Loaths control to give them the kind of wealth that they do.
        And so, we have it listed here. I don't expect people to use this IC 
information OOC'ly.

        G.L. Enterprises (G.L. Enterprises is the name of a parent company that 
controls literally hundreds of smaller ones across the globe, centered in the 
Far East however. Most of this is actually legitimate, although there is some 
odd stuff that goes on. If you can think of a kind of industry, G.L. probably 
controls or has a controlling interest in at least one example of it. From 
Reploid Construction to Research and Development. One of the notable examples 
of the latter is a company called GeneTech, through which Glyde has all of his 
genetically engineered plants and foliage made. It's still growing as well. In 
many cases as well, G.L owns land.)
        Glyde's Geneforge Flower Store:
        This is an outlet for what Genetech creates, extremely high priced and 
something that only the wealthiest can afford.
        GlydeFlight Industries:
        This is an arms selling company that is quietly known across the globe 
and a large portion of Glyde's actual revenue. G.F. weapons are not branded 
and are of decent quality and are typically to be found wherever there is 
conflict going on. Russia is currently loaded with them. Those who are 
supposed to know where his arms actually come from do. :D

All in all, you have a rather large sum of money going through one man's hands 
here and a lot of infulence going on.

Lex controls a pair of companies, L.X. Enterprises and Loath Enterprises. They 
fill a similar niche to G.L's, only are slightly delpleted of their choice 
things from the 'family rivalry' that has recently gone on. Lex tends to 
operate in the shadier areas that Glyde does -- whilst 90% of what Glyde does 
is actually legit, Lex is more amoral and more of a risk taker. Drugs, booze, 
other assorted nastiness on top of legitimate businesses fall under the scope 
of both of these mega-corporations. Furthermore, Lex has been assigned to look 
after New York and America -- and the american mafia falls under his control 
-- which means that he will have his fingers in North American business and 
crime as well, primarialy.

In a nutshell, when Glyde divided their stuff he took the choice stuff in Asia, 
and sent Lex mostly to America and the like -- although he does still have SOME 
asian holdings.

That is all.

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But hears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/7                      Posted        Author
Seoul                              Wed Oct 20    Ebony Fox
Villainous Entities-If the UN does not like you, do not go running around 
Seoul, especially UN Plaza, and not expect INTERPOL to take action. I mean, 
c'mon. That's like a Maverick Hunter hanging out in MavBerlin for social 
roleplay. It's kind of...not gonna happen.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/3                      Posted        Author
The Yakuza                         Fri Nov 12    Dalet

 Just a little reminder to all of you, the Yakuza ARE alive and kicking. Yes, 
we don't have many people, and yes that means we don't usually demonstrate a 
powerful force of death on the MUSH, but we ARE here. 
 If you're in the mood to assault anyplace that the Yakuza own, make sure you 
talk with Rajura Doji or Glyde Loath...and if you're going to be raising heck 
in Neo Tokyo remember: It's the Yakuza's Home. 
 Thanks and monkey! ^_^

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/4                      Posted        Author
Neo Arcadia                        Wed Nov 24    Elpizo
Here are some things you should note about ALL Aztlan cities:    
Each and every male (and female if they wish) over the age of twenty is a 
trained member of the army. They have experience in handling small munitions, 
and some of them specialize in large weaponry. Not that all the cities are 
military strong holds, mind you, but most cities in the country hold some sort 
of weapons storage unit. Either in a warehouse or something similar. You 
CANNOT discover the location of any of these strongholds, unless you come 
through me or one of the Guardians. Not trying to limit RP here, just trying 
to make sure that people do not just raid random cities to gain ammo. That is 
bad ju-ju. You should talk to me, or any of the Guardians, if you wish to plan 
something like that.    
Next line of business: All Citizens in Aztlan have some sort of radio available 
to him. This is called the Civil Defence Network. If any NA city is attacked, 
citizens can send word out of an attack, and forces can be called there within 
a few moments. You can learn of this of your own volition, as long as you 
properly Roleplay it out, of course.    
Last, but not least, Neo Arcadia, like any good country, has outposts stations 
in various places. The most active and basically considered HQ, is the NAHQ in 
Neo Arcadia. We can come up with outposts throughout the nation and can be 
used for RP. Before I forget, since we are a country, we are essentially like 
the repliforce when it comes to gumbies. We have a virtually unlimited source 
of them. To kill 'em all will take several nuclear bombardments in Mexico. 
Suffice to say, you can not do it easily.       
Hope this helps!

                                                                ~ Elpizo

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/5                      Posted        Author
Africa's Power Situation           Sat Nov 27    Shining Firefly
For the past week a group of Repliforce scientists and engineers have been 
working on rebuilding a power station for the Mirror Desert and repairing the 
damaged solar panels. As of tonight, Africa has some electricity some of the 
time. Not all of the solar panels are operational (about 55%) so there is not 
enough energy to power everything all the time. Lights will dim every now and 
again as either a cloud passes by or more energy is required elsewhere. Also, 
there currently is not any means of storing the excess electricity during the 
day (not to mention there is no excess electricity right now), so that means 
once the sun goes down, the power goes off. This next week will involve the 
installation of generators which will store the extra electricity as more of 
the solar panels are repaired and release the electricity at night. At the 
current rate of progress, Africa should have a steady supply of energy 24-7 
about this time next week, and the rest of the solar panels should be 
completed a few days after that. These dates are of course provided that no 
one decides to come along and mess things up, which is an option open for RP. 
However, if you do anything please @mail me about it if I am not online so 
that I can adjust my IC timeschedule to fit in whatever repairs will have to 
be done. 
Shining Firefly

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/5                      Posted        Author
Addendum                           Sat Nov 27    Shining Firefly
I would also like to note that there is a group of 50 armed Repliforce soldiers 
gaurding this reconstruction project at all times. While gumbies are typically 
viewed as weak, I would appreciate it if you gave these ones a little more 
credit and don't just ignore them. Thanks again. 

The old Repliforce guy.

========================== Territories and Politics ==========================
Message: 23/6                      Posted        Author
The Maverick Empire                Fri Dec 03    Dr. Doppler
The Maverick Empire has suffered a major contraction of territory since the 
campaign on multiple fronts by Repliforce and the Hunters during the 
spring/summer of 2217. 

The Coalition for Reploid Freedom's control extends to about the traditional 
border of Germany, with nominal control over what was Austria, the Czech 
Republic, and Liechtenstein.

Poland is a no-man's-land, left in ruins by Epsilon's forces and the Repliforce 
campaign that followed. France is in a similar condition, as is Italy and the 
other countries that once comprised the outer reaches of the Empire. 

Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland) is in relatively good condition in spite 
of the Mavericks' scorched earth policy - possibly because the rugged 
conditions made it that much more difficult to burn.

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