Merf... This was the first MU* I'd visited, so there was a lot that I didn't know or realize... Like, talking in the Guest channel and regular talking in the OOC room weren't the same. How embarrassing. ~_~

A break in the conversation indicates that some time passed between those lines, and possibly missing conversation I thought wasn't interesting enough to keep here.

And yes, I always start my sessions with 'who'. :)

===========================                        ===========================
\    Mega Man Mush Who     \____              ____/ Wed Dec 31 20:37:14 2003 /
  \ Mega Poll: Welcome to the Insanity that is Mega Man Mush.              /
  |--Name (Alias)----------------Fac--Idl--Con-----------------------Where-|
  |~~Alpha <One>                  MH   1m   1h                      Poland |
  |  Barrage Raptor <Leena>       RF   7m   2h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Burn Dinorex <rex>           RF  55s   1h                  OOC Lounge |
  |~~Caustic Tiger <tigger>       M   21s   1h              Ural Mountains |
  |~~Chi <Cow>                    RF   5m   5h Troop Barracks - RHQ Austra |
  |~~Crescent Grizzly <CG>        RF   7m   2h Medical Complex - RHQ Austr |
  |  Dan <Sat>                    ?   15s   5h                           ? |
  |~~Daryn <Omar>                 C    2m   1h Eurasia - Empire Central Sq |
  |  Derek <Te>                   ?    8m   2h                  Quiet Room |
  |~~Distemper <Puppy>            M   23s   4m                        Iran |
  |~~Ebony Fox <Cleo>             C   23m   2h     United Nations Building |
  |~~Firewall Ferret <F2>         RF  25s   1h Intelligence Center - RHQ A |
  |~~Grenade Man <Gre>            RM   4m   2h                      Poland |
  |  Guest <g0>                   ?    6m  30m              Character Room |
  |  Guest2 <g2>                  ?    1m   1h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Guest4 <g4>                  ?    8m   7h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Guest5 <g5>                  ?    1s   9s              Character Room |
  |~~Infinity Mijinion <flea>     M    5m  45m                      Poland |
  |~~Iris <sis>                   RF   2m   1h Command Nexus - RHQ Austral |
  |  Lament <Reaper>              M   17m   5h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Magic Man <Excise>           RM   1m   2h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Morgaine <Morgy>             C    7m   1h                  OOC Lounge |
  |  Mudnet <MN>                  ?    1h  26d               MudNet's Home |
  |~~Napalm Man <nap>             RM  41s  40m                      Poland |
  |~~Pharaoh Man <Ra>             RM   7m   2h                 Green Devil |
  |  Polaris <Polar>              SD   5m   5h                 Casa de Luz |
  |  Quint <Cupcake>              RM   4m   1h                  OOC Lounge |
  |~~Raffinato <Raffy>            M    1m  48m                      Poland |
  |  Rajura Doji <Doji>           C    4m   2h                  OOC Lounge |
  |~~Revenant Cobra <Rev>         MH   8m  19m     Light Labs - Corridor 3 |
  |  Scorpio <Scorp>              SD  37m   2h               The Construct |
  |  Sean <Reg>                   ?    6m   4h              Loft of Angels |
  |~~Slash Man <SM>               RM   8m   3h Common Room - Skull Fortres |
  |  Spica <Spi>                  SD   7m   4h              Loft of Angels |
  |~~Violen <Bacon>               M    1m   2h                      Poland |
  |--Players On:  35--------- Total Ever:  619128 ---------Record On: 126--|
  / Mush Poll: Happy New Year!                                             \
 /==========================______          ______==========================\
/ Uptime: 14d 22h 27m 27s  /      \        /      \   3 Online Staff Members \
===========================        \______/        ===========================

OOC Lounge

You stand in the center of the OOC lounge a place for chat, caffeine, and the web. As you look around you see the large round room that has two levels the lower level where all the computers, coffee, and cappuchino machines are. The second level is covered with tables for talking and drinking coffee and the lower level is for all your online fun and MUSH madness while you wait on your character approval. All around you are large, flat-panel TV screens that display scenes from the IC world. On the upper deck there are five halls that lead to the various other OOC rooms, including the luxurious and trendy Cafe Wily!

Burn Dinorex [Combat] [RF]
Rajura Doji [C]
Guest2 [?]
Guest4 [Bruce2] [?]
Quint [Santa's Little Helper] [RM]
Lament [Zealot] [M]
Barrage Raptor [Heavy Armor] [RF]
Magic Man [Magician] [RM]
Morgaine [Concert] [C]
Irregular Overlords Voting Machine <IOV
Admin Review Machine <ARM>
Live News Booth
General Review Machine <GRM>

Guest2 NOS!! Heat Man! The ultimate Robot master is taken!
<Guests> Guest5 says, "^^;"
<Guests> Napalm Man says, "'Ello. How can we help you?"
Guest2 says, "The only Mega Man character to look like a lighter..beautiful.."
Burn Dinorex says, "Get Flame Man"
<Guests> Lament says, "BUBBLE MAN"
<Guests> Lament says, "...mis"
Lament says, "BUBBLE MAN"
<Guests> Mercury says, "Hello G5!"
Guest2 blinks. "Flame man sucked.. and Bubble Man was a loser..
Guest2 says, "And how do I use the guest channel?"
Barrage Raptor says, "Don't app RM in the first place! Yeah!"
Barrage Raptor >.>
Guest2 says, "I's a turban!"
Lament says, "+g"
Guest2 says, "A turban!"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Wooo..."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Wee!"
Burn Dinorex says, "Hey, flame is cool. Besides, we need mavericks the most"
Lament says, "Or Repliforce"
Burn Dinorex says, "I think there are a lot of good guys"
Guest2 says, "Well.. I might take a FC Maverick.. but I'm looking at an OC at the moment.."
Lament says, "Want some advice?"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Even if G2 doesn't, I wouldn't mind some.."
Guest2 says, "...Sure."
Lament says, "OC's are /hard/ to make well statwise. At least as a first character."
Quint nods. "FCs are a lot easier to deal with as your first character."
Guest2 nods. "You know, you are right.. I don't have a feel for the system.
Burn Dinorex says, "mmm....dark Necrobat..."
Lament says, "I should have done that. I don't play my first OC anymore though"
Lament says, "I should have apped him as my first character"
Burn Dinorex says, "Ah."
Rain Turtle has arrived.
Rain Turtle returns from ICness.
Lament says, "But don't mind me, I'm a little buzzed"
Rain Turtle says, "..."
Burn Dinorex says, "if I wasn't fourteen, I would be too."
Barrage Raptor pffts.
Rain Turtle says, "...................................................."
Guest2 acks! "The most horrible Maverick ever!"
Barrage Raptor only plays OCs.
Barrage Raptor has played all of one FC here.
Barrage Raptor won't say who, though.
Lament eyes Burny. "...YOUNGUN
Guest2 says, "Sorry.."
Rain Turtle runs screaming from the room in TERROR
Burn Dinorex says, "horrible as in nature, or just horrible?"
Quint was younger, once.
Guest2 says, "Just Horrible."
Quint was twelve or thirteen when he first came here.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I first found the site.. a month ago or so. :P"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Same here"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Who are ya?"
Quint says, "Considering how many years ago that was, I'm surprised I can remember it as clearly as I do."
<Guests> Guest3 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I go by Talec or Talec 18415 (ezboard) on most MBs and chats, Rain Turtle."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "And I! I'm..someone."
<Guests> Burn Dinorex :/
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I see. :P"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "*twitches* Oh.. I could bring a certain character over here.."
<Guests> Burn Dinorex says, "Eh?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "*wrings his hands* Everyone would fear the annoyance of the great Gun Bunny.."
<Guests> Rain Turtle sits on G2
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..What? Every army needs a sadistic, angry, repressed emotion-filled gun nut.."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "That would be Barrage Raptor"
<Guests> Burn Dinorex says, "There are a lot of those."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..Who is actually really short, annoying, and pathetic?"
<Guests> Guest3 also sits on G2.
<Guests> Guest3 says, "... Yeah, that's about right."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Yep, Barrage :p"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "...DARN IT!"
<Guests> Mercury laughs.
<Guests> Mercury says, "Doesn't mean we can't have another one. :)"
<Guests> Burn Dinorex says, "i guess."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I know that name....."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Yes it does"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "We don't need more Barrage Raptors!"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Oh come on.. bunnies are cute!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle spasms and foams, "BUNNIES"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Err..."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Okay.. I'll leave Gun Bunny for later."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "BUH BUH BUH BUH BUNNAYS"
<Guests> Chi says, "You mean COLATERAL RAPTOR"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "You know what we need?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle Shoots Chi and goes on blathering about Buuu BUNNAYS
<Guests> Guest3 says, "People who'll app human-compatible medics in the Hunters."
<Guests> Mercury says, "I used to play one. :) That was back when the Hunters had something like fifty billion medics."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "What about a Rancor?"
<Guests> Mercury says, "They're really short on those now, though."
<Guests> Guest3 says, "And now they have none."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Rancors?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "You know what?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle SPAMS
<Guests> Rain Turtle Spasms
<Guests> Guest2 says, "You know what?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle shoots Duo for the BUHNNAYS
<Guests> Daryn says, "Duo, what is the square root of -1?"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Because, uh, the faction makes me sad, I wish they had had more medics when I was Cain. ;.;"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "IT"S A BUHNNAY"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "i!"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Daryn: I think it's i."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "YOU KNOW WHAT?!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle Shoots the Buhnnay
<Guests> Daryn was asking Duo!
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "You know what Duo?"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Stop saying 'you know what?'"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Someone has to say it! SAY WHAT?!!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "You know what G3?"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "..."
<Guests> Guest3 says, "You know what?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Chicken Butt!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Yo Momma?"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "... But do you know why, is the question."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I amuse myself WAY too much."
<Guests> Rain Turtle KNOWS... Ummm... Pie?
<Guests> Guest3 says, "That's a bad sign, G2."

<Guests> Flash Man says, "'Hey, who ever said robots needed to be anatomically correct?' ~Jen Irwin in Ruins of the Fourth Wall, an online comic."
<Guests> Rain Turtle IS HIDING
<Guests> Rain Turtle can't heeeeaaaar yoouuuuu
<Guests> Flash Man says, "Yes you can. Don't lie."
<Guests> Rain Turtle squeaks.... Turtle's squeak, oh yes they do.
<Guests> Rain Turtle goes on a squeaking RAMPAGE
<Guests> Guest5 o_o
Burn Dinorex has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "You scared him away. >.o"
<Guests> Rain Turtle BAM! Kicks you up a notch
<Guests> Rain Turtle runs
Rain Turtle has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..Should I run away from the MUSH in a screaming fit?"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I don't know. ^^;"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..Chicken butt.. heh.."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Where would you run to?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Well.. um.."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..No idea."
<Guests> Flash Man says, "That's like asking 'Is grass green?' NO! (In other words, stay on the purple grass and don't run.)"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "...Sure?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "..You can't hava the Mango?"
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest says, "Purple Grass tends to be poisonous in most video games, I'd try to avoid it."
<Guests> Guest says, "You should ask Magnet Man."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "...It's been quite a while since I've played any DOS games...Well, except for Raptor."

<Guests> Guest5 says, "I should find out more about the original MM and X timelines... I could just play the games, but I suck at them. ;_`"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I can never beat the originals.."
<Guests> Quint says, "Our timeline is better. :)"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I agree. ^^' But the knowledge wouldn't hurt.."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Heh, hello again Turtle..."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Your timeline isn't much different though.."
<Guests> Rain Turtle gags Guest channel
<Guests> Guest2 says, "It's just a consolidation."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Any o' you guests go by the name o' Trance?"
<Guests> Pharaoh Man sings, ~oIn the yearrrr 2216...three robots keep hope alive!o~
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Well, when I worked in this one gay bar..."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Well, at the very least, the dates aren't X's any more. :)"
<Guests> Guest2 says, " company of Earthbound is out of date."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Copy..not company.."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Geez.. my mind is lost.."
<Guests> Rain Turtle has found it
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Gimme! It's squishy and pink."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Isn't brain matter usually grey, though? =o"
<Guests> Rain Turtle eats the brain

<Guests> Guest5 blinks
<Guests> Guest5 says, "That is still a really weird song..."
Announcement: Duo shouts, "By Peter Gabriel, you fricken kids with your music television... feh..."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "heheh..."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I like some of Peter Gabriel's songs.. Overall, though, I prefer Styx or Journey... Or Scorpions. Or some others. O_o;"
Announcement: Neptune shouts, "We apologize for the previous outburst. The writers have been sacked."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "A moose once bit my sister..."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "No, really.."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "^_^"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I can't remember the rest.."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I have it in my quote file: She was carving her initials on the moose with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law - an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian movies: "The Hot Hands of an Oslo Dentist", "Fillings of Passion", "The Huge Molars of Horst Nordfink"..."

<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Hello G4."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "BRAINWASH! *Keeeeerzap* the power went out"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "ello G5"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "sneaks up behind G4 and pounce huggles him"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "HA!"
<Guests> Guest4 X(
<Guests> Guest4 forgot the : again
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "You hugged yourself"
<Guests> Guest4 blinks
<Guests> Guest4 says, "heh"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I am tired"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Trance?"
<Guests> Guest4 sneaks up behind Rain and pounce huggles him
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Hello rain"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "TRANCE! How ya been!"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "er"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I'm not trance"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, ".... PERSON! How ya been!"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "good, but rather bored sense Spinnykins got a job"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Who is this?"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "this is spin's cousin type person"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Annnd why aren't you in Shield?"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "What?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "How come you're a guest and not Shield Shellfish?"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I'm not Shield Shellfish"
<Guests> Rain Turtle sits down, for he if confused
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I was applying for an OC"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "but got rejected"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "I'm confused :p"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "second app is in processing now"
<Guests> Guest says, "Awww.."
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Hokay"
<Guests> Rain Turtle is overrun by guests
<Guests> Guest sits on Rain's left shoulder.
<Guests> Guest4 thinks that Rain was under the impression that he was applying for the part of Shield Shellfish
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Are you the person who said Hello to saself yesterday?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle puts G4 on his right shoulder
<Guests> Guest points forward. "The world is ours to take!"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I guess that makes me the evil one >=D"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Bwah!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle tips over to the left
<Guests> Guest4 smiles and sits oh Rain's ear
<Guests> Guest4 says, "hey"
<Guests> Guest floats.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "you fell over"
<Guests> Rain Turtle self detonates, killing the channel
<Guests> Guest4 remembers when Heero did that on Gundam Wing
<Guests> Guest4 says, "hmmm, I guess everyone really want's to be a Heero ;D"
<Guests> Rain Turtle shoots G4 just for that
<Guests> Guest says, "Everyone self-destructs too much."
<Guests> King Dragon consumes the remains.
<Guests> Guest rides King Dragon.
<Guests> King Dragon says, "I've been killed 3 times. But I come back."
<Guests> Guest3 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Grenade Man says, "Well at least it's in my job description."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "hello G3!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "TOO MANY GUESTS!"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "yeah"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Hiyo!"
<Guests> Rain Turtle BLAM
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "Who are you?"
<Guests> Guest3 tests.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Pop quiz?"
<Guests> Guest3 tests again.
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Blah. Chantitles don't work for guests?"
<Guests> Rain Turtle runs

<Guests> Guest5 says, "Abernathy's example application is frighteningly long. ^^;"
<Guests> Ether Skunk says, "It's more an example of a very-very-good-app."
<Guests> Lament says, "Aye."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I wonder where the ether comes out.."
<Guests> Chi says, "I shoulda sent my Chi app in as a 'Barely acceptable' app"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Heheh..."
<Guests> Chi says, "It was barely 10k."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "...I'm screwed."
<Guests> Chi says, "Why?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "This is going to take me days.."
<Guests> Guest5 =o
<Guests> Guest4 says, "don't sweat it G2"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I didn't get in on my first app"
<Guests> Guest3 pats Guest2.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "so I'm gonna keep rewriting apps untill I get good enough to be accepted"
<Guests> Guest3 didn't either, come to think of it.. this is my second try. ^^;
<Guests> Guest4 says, "second try here too"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I also hear that lots of current players didn't get in on their first app"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I haven't even apped for anybody... I'm not sure my RPing skills work fast enough to join. (I usually take a long time to come up with a sentence I'm confident will be good...) <-- took about a minute to write"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "But I love the universe @_@"
<Guests> Guest3 does too. "My problem is though, I'm stuck in the whole game-history bit. ;)"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Well, I have my character in mind.. but I just need to robotize him and such."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "And I'm going to scoot and think about it."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Bye!"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Cya, good luck on your character. ^^"

Rain Turtle has arrived.
Rain Turtle returns from ICness.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Hello Turtle >D"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "I can simply stop hearing messages from the Guest channel, and allll my worries will be over"
<Guests> Guest5 laughs :)
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Surely we're not THAT bad? XD"
<Guests> Rain Turtle says, "You are"
<Guests> Prismatic Spider says, "Tsk."
<Guests> Guest4 pounce huggles Rain Turtle

<Guests> Guest4 says, "Champane is fun"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "espically when your 16"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Drunken MUSHing is a bad idea."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Heheh.."
<Guests> Guest5 XD
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Unless you're Shaun. His spelling and grammar improve."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "hahahaha"
<Guests> Guest5 does not drink. Hates the smell and taste of alchohol :)
<Guests> Guest5 is also underage, come to think of it...
<Guests> Guest2 says, "From what I understand, alcohol is an acquired taste."
<Guests> Guest6 says, "Here here G5!"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Yes, it's going to taste like %&@) the first few times."
<Guests> Guest3 doesn't like the taste either - pop out of idleness!
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Get used to ti."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "It, even."
<Guests> Guest6 pours G5 a glass of sparkling apple juice.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "to many guests"
<Guests> Guest6 says, "There are only five of us."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Thank you, G6. ^^"
<Guests> Guest5 drinks

<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest6 says, "And then there were six."
<Guests> Guest says, "Rar."
<Guests> Guest says, "Let's form the Guestinator and take over the MUSH."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Bwah! >D"
<Guests> Guest turns into a giant set of legs.
<Guests> Guest5 turns into an armed arm!
<Guests> Guest says, "I think we need more for this to work right."
<Guests> Guest6 edges away from the rest of you psycos.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Awww..."
<Guests> Guest assembles with the arm, forming the walking cannon of doom!
<Guests> Guest5 points fingers at people menacingly! >.o;
<Guests> Guest loses balance and falls, exploding.
<Guests> Guest6 says, "And so the MUSH was saved."
<Guests> Guest5 is stuck on the ground/floor @_@
<Guests> Guest says, "We really need to get a better version of the Guestinator. You know, one that works?"

<Guests> Quick Man says, "Why are all these guests here on the New Year?"
<Guests> Guest's character closes at 6 PM Today :P
<Guests> Quick Man says, "You should be out partying."
<Guests> Guest says, "That's in.. 18 hours. <_<"
<Guests> Guest says, "Party = Later"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "You must be in weird world."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Bwah. It's more fun to be in chat rooms. Especially if you hate alchohol like me :D"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "The new years was 40 minutes ago!"
<Guests> Guest says, "Yep."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I love alcohol, but I'm on medication cause I'm sick. So I get to sit at home by myself."
<Guests> Guest says, "Happy New Year Quick :P"
<Guests> Lament has already sobered up.
<Guests> Guest drinks not, for he hates alcohol/drug/smoking
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I had some champaign. But last year I had a whole BOTTLE of champaign. Among other things. Grr.. stupid illness."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I was hoping to hear some drunken karaoke from a certain member of an MB I visit, but he's in the land of no computers this night. u_u"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "It was a 3-dollar bottle of champaign. Class, right?"
<Guests> Guest5 pats Quick. Yeah, illnesses suck.
<Guests> Quick Man says, "But drinking or not, it's new years! You should still be at a party."
<Guests> Guest says, "We're odd, yes. We party during the day, not night."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I'm semi-lurking in three chat rooms, does that count as a party?"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "It's not like I'd be doing much more at a RL party XD"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "You need to work the crowd, and score with some biotches!"
<Guests> Guest is 15..
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Not that there are any biotches at any part I've ever gone to.."
<Guests> Guest5 doesn't care about such things yet XD
<Guests> Quick Man says, "15 is a good age. Depending on what state you're in, you could maybe drive."
<Guests> Guest says, "I can get my license at 14, drive at 16."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Why do you get your liscence at 14 if you can't drive for 2 more years?"
<Guests> Guest says, "I have no idea."
<Guests> Guest says, "We just can."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Impressively illogical-sounding. ^-^"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "We get our permits at 16. And drive at 16."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "If we pass the test."
<Guests> Guest will drive in exactly 19 days.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I still don't have my liscense... Even though I'm 17. ^^;"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Driving is cool. Except I don't have a car at school cause they charge up the wazoo for a parking permit, so I have to walk everywhere 8 months out of the year."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Hrm, fun."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Or take a bus."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "But busses are dumb."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I prefer to walk. For excercise!"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Buses^ XD"
<Guests> King Dragon says, "Another one rides the bus."
<Guests> King Dragon groove.
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I speak German. I'm used to multiple consonants."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Buss" is another word for kiss, you know. ^^"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "KD knows his Weird Al."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I'll probably love driving once I get over my over-cautiousness. ^^;"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I'm a cautious driver. That's why I'm the only person I know who has yet to be pulled over or get in an accident."
<Guests> Quick Man knocks on wood.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I'm overly-cautious to a fault, though... It sucks, because I can't even play Doom without getting edgy. O_o;"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Doom is old! I remember when that came out."
<Guests> Guest says, "Those who watch me play games keep saying I shouldn't drive."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "And we used to play it on our 486."
<Guests> Quick Man points to GTA3. "All you need to know about driving!" ;)
<Guests> Guest5 says, "So did I! XD"
<Guests> Quint says, "Those who watch me play racing games and Crazy Taxi keep saying I shouldn't even be IN a car."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Ahahaha, I suck at racing games... but I still love 'em! @_@"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "But you get to keep your pogo stick!"
<Guests> Quint, OOCly, does not have a pogo stick.
<Guests> Guest says, "Yeah, you can ride Sakugarne."
<Guests> Guest has one, har! He just never uses it.
<Guests> Guest says, "I just don't think I'm good enough to drill people using it."
<Guests> Guest says, "Yet."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "You'll get there. It takes practice."
<Guests> Quint says, "Can you at least jump forty feet at a hundred miles per hour?"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I think my grandma had one, but it threatened to fall apart if actually used..."
<Guests> Guest says, "I can actually go pretty damn fast using it, and I can jump about two feet high if I try real hard. But that's as far as I go with it."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Have a Duel with Quint."
<Guests> Quick Man puts on Duel of the Fates.
<Guests> Guest says, "He'd waste me. :P"
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Quint has higher AGI than me. That's saying something."
<Guests> Guest says, "Yep."
<Guests> Quint probably has lower endurance and courage than you, though.
<Guests> Quick Man says, "I dunno.. my endurance is pretty yucky."
<Guests> Quint has 53 and 64, respectively.
<Guests> Guest is too stupid to know when to stop fighting. 100 courage.
<Guests> Quick Man says, "53 and 63. ;)"
<Guests> Quint says, "Wow."
<Guests> King Dragon says, "Or you're just brave."
<Guests> Guest says, "Nah. Too stupid."
<Guests> King Dragon says, "I have nearly 100 myself. That's not too stupid to run. :)"
<Guests> Lament has 109 courage. :D
<Guests> Quint says, "I wonder. What are your dexterity, strength, and firepower like?"
<Guests> Lament is far too dumb to run
<Guests> King Dragon says, "You're a fanatic, Lament."
<Guests> King Dragon says, "If you got set on fire, you'd look down at yourself, then run pell-mell at the enemy."
<Guests> Lament says, "Aye."
<Guests> King Dragon says, "Because you're grab-aft crazy."
<Guests> Quick Man says, "Dex: 57, Firepower: 65. Strength: 53."
<Guests> Lament says, "I was seriously going to suicide bomb yesterday."
<Guests> Quint says, "Ouch."
<Guests> Guest has 1* dexterity! 2* strength and -1* firepower because of a lack of actual ranged weapons.

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