Some of this was so funny I couldn't resist separating and uploading it. ^_^

As with most/all my OOC logs, a break (i.e., <br>) in the conversation means that time passed.

<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G0.
<Guests> Guest waves.
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Hi G0 ^_^"
<Guests> Guest5 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Welcome G5. ^^"
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G5.
<Guests> Guest5 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest2 blinks
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Drive-by guesting, I suppose.."
<Guests> Guest says, "The fiend!"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "I suppose."
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest5 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G5
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Yar."
<Guests> Wraith Panther says, "Yar back to you."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Yar! Not arr! It's sorta similar in the fact that it's sort of growling noise but Yar is my lazy way of saying hi or acknowledging things while arr is more of a pirate's way of trying to be imposing and manly. Since I'm a girl I figured I needed my own special version. Soooo, about that weather?"
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "It's cold outside."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "full of death, with a chance of pain."
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Really? Too bad it's nice out here."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Well, as long as the cold stays outside, I think it's quite nice here. ;)"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Behold the power of indoor heating and thermal wall reinforcement."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "The lawn is getting mowed outside. I'm hiding in my room, with the door shut. Hoping nobody lets the nasty, nasty cut grass pollen/dust/airbourne sap into my personal space."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "There are no heat runs where the computer is, though. And while this room is the only one in the house with insulation, it's not very effective. XD"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "I find my computer and my tv give off quite enough heat in their own right."
<Guests> Guest2 never fears the cold. Her current boxen has a 450 W power supply.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "If push comes to shove I can set things on fire."
<Guests> Guest4 hehs.

<Guests> Guest4 walks in the ceiling o.o
<Guests> Guest5 says, "That would be interesting to see. I've seen people walking on a ceiling before but never in it."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "The creepy part is that my character actually can, more or less XD"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Well, on it at any rate ;)"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "It's all good."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Indeed. How goes?"
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "I have heard of it, 'tis no-clipping mode. ;}"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "Aha. Just killing time while the waiting game continues."
<Guests> Guest4 spider climbs on Gyro Man o.o
<Guests> Guest4 grins. "Good luck."
<Guests> Gyro Man eyes G4
<Guests> Guest says, "Who'd you app for?"
<Guests> Guest5 says, "An OC"
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Aye, good luck G5. ^_^"
<Guests> Guest4 eyes back.
<Guests> Guest5 maces the lot of you.
<Guests> Guest5 says, "No staring."
<Guests> Guest4 flails!
<Guests> Guest3 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G3
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest5 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G0
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G0
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Welcome G4. ^^"
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G4.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Hey all. Has Scorpio been on?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Some time today.. not sure when."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Waiting for an e-mail about closing..."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Scorpio will let you know when he's got it looked over. Bugging him about it won't help."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Oh, I know."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "If you've heard nothing. He hasn't gotten around to it yet. He does actually read all the apps he gets."
<Guests> Guest2 grins.
<Guests> Arcturus says, "Characters are not handed out at 6:00 EST when the character closes."
<Guests> Arcturus says, "They are handed out some time thereafter."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "That too."
<Guests> Arcturus says, "It can be a minute, it can be a few days."
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I know, I was just seeing if he was on to know if I had any competition."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Yeah, I got my password two days after closing. You have to be patient. =)"
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Mainly because I only know of one place you can find round tuits, and I'm not sure my Aunt Addie is still alive anymore. And staff generally only does something when they get one. ^~"
<Guests> Guest2 misses with her joke. Ah well.
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G4
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2waves to G0
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Welcome, G0. ^^"
<Guests> Fey says, "Welcome. Welcome! WELCOME to the third level of Hell. May I take your soul and show you to a seat?"
<Guests> iLuz says, "We call the Third level M-3 because it's..the third level."
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Fey says, "Whoopsie, we lost another customer..."
<Guests> Guest2 shrugs.
(New BB message (16/37) posted to 'IC News' by Global News Network: New Charity Fund)
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Okay. That's just scary."
<Guests> Fey says, "Oh?"
<Guests> Daryn says, "what is? :D"
<Guests> Guest2 points at 16/37
<Guests> Guest2 says, "It takes a LOT of work to disturb me."

================================== IC News ===================================
Message: 16/37                     Posted        Author
New Charity Fund                   Sat Mar 13    Global News Network
On your local radio news station, an image of an orphanage (and shelter) pops 
onto the screen! The Holy Father, Guts Man, is present! To those who know the 
area well, this is a large Orphanage in Neo Tokyo! Guts Man speaks.

 "Hello, I'm Guts Man, Pope for the Church of Bass. Today I'm here at this 
orphanage for a good cause. You see many of these children here have never 
lived in a real home." He walks nears some of the children, "As Pope, I find 
it saddening that these kids may never live with a family. Some of these kids 
may live here until they're 18 and then be thrown out like a common bum. But I 
want to make a difference! I want to change things! That's why I am starting a 
charity fund! You see little Yoshi and little Sakura may never find parents, 
then on their 18th birthday they will be thrown out into the real world 
without any money. That's why my fund will make sure that any children 18 or 
over get a sizeable amount of money to help them out Also the donations we 
receive will go to help rebuild this run down orphanage! To make it bigger and 
better! Because let's face it folks, with today's rash of violence many 
children will be orphaned and it's no different here in Neo Tokyo. But with 
your help we can make a difference! So please donate to the Church of Bass 
Charity Orphanage Fund. Every penny will make its way to this orphanage to 
better the life of these orphans as well as the lives of other orphans around 
the world. So please donate today!"

A typical little girl walks up, hugging a little teddy bear that is slightly 
torn in one leg. She says, "The people here says Bass sent my mommy and daddy 
to heaven. If people donates will I get to sees them?"

         Guts Man crouches down on one knee looking to the cute little girl, 
"The people here are right, Bass sent mommy and daddy to heaven because he 
needed them in heaven to do good. Bass doesn't like breaking up families or 
sending people to heaven, but when its their time to go, Bass has no choice 
but to do so. As for you seeing mommy and daddy again, that depends on how 
much money people donate. Eventually you will see them my dear, but the more 
money is sent in, the quicker that you will be able to see them once you are 
in heaven!"

         The little girl sniffs a bit and walks up to Guts Man and hugs his 
knee, sticking her thumbin her mouth, and wiggling a bit "Thank youse, Mister 
Bass.", she says.

         Guts Man puts a big hand around the girl to comfort her. "Everything 
is going to be ok sweetie." 

         Suddenly, a voice that very well may be Daryn's pipes in as the 
tablaeu of Guts Man comforting a little girl freezes: "For every donation 
sent, a child will have the chance to see the Holy Artifact, The Poncho of 
Bass, on its tour, but every donation betters the lives of these children in 
other way, such as clothing, food, and better shelter. The Pope cares, do 

*a series of contact information for both Daryn and the Holy Father are 
presented, as long as the following phrase: "Or you can call 1-800-Bass-Kid."

<Guests> Fey says, "Welcome to M3."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Welcome back is more like it. It's been a while since I've been truly befuddled though"
<Guests> Fey says, "Ah? Former player?"
<Guests> Guest2 nods. "Used to play Roll."
<Guests> Fey says, "...All Purpose Cultural Android MOMO MOMO?"
<Guests> Shadow Man says, "Heya Roll. How goes?"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "different Roll."
<Guests> Guest2 was the most recent Roll.
<Guests> Fey says, "Darn. Ahwell. How's it goin'?"
<Guests> Guest2 is doin okay. "Just hanging out.. waiting for nature to take its course, as it were."
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Fey says, "Welcome."
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Fey says, "..And goodbye."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Indeed.."
<Guests> Guest2 shrugs.
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest2 realises that she has been logged in here for 11 hours. "holy elizabeth mother of ghu..." O.@;;
<Guests> Top Man hugs a guest?
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Hahah! M3 will CONSUME you. :D"
<Guests> Wraith Panther pats G2.
<Guests> Guest2 hehs.
<Guests> Guest2 lost track of time.. at least she managed to remember to eat today. "Haven't done that in a while.."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "The first two days I was here as Gyro, I logged 20 1/2 hours total. :)"
<Guests> Vile says, "It's only sad if you don't understand M3. >_>"
<Guests> Vile says, "ONE OF US ONE OF US."
<Guests> Guest2 never said it was sad. "I've been a player here before."
<Guests> Fey says, "ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. >.>_"
<Guests> Vile never said it was sad either. That's the beauty part. ^^
<Guests> Guest2 ponders logging into VL. "Meh.. Not feeling very inspired on Reiko tonight.. and I need to go ahead and resign Naoya..." ~.~;
<Guests> Guest2 says, "Don't wanna go play FF11 either."
<Guests> Fey says, "So do what I do and play the Staring At Walls game."
<Guests> Guest2 supposes she could pack up more of the crud in her room.. but she isn't moving for another 3 months.
<Guests> Top Man says, "i love that game!"
<Guests> Guest2 says, "And I already spent half the day putting things in boxes and throwing out bruend out computer parts."
<Guests> Guest2 says, "burned out.."
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Bruend, Couend. Indicates they're damaged, either way! </random>"
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G0
<Guests> Guest waves.
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Welcome G0. ^_^"
<Guests> Betelgeuse says, "Howdy guests!"
<Guests> Guest2 ooohs! "LOG!" *tackle!*
<Guests> Guest says, "Thats, like, the third time I've been G0. I must be...the one true guest! Come to lead my people to greedom!"
<Guests> Guest says, "Because the letter f is oppressive!"
<Guests> Cut Man burst in from a wall! "YATTA!"
<Guests> Betelgeuse is tackled. "Hi G2!"
<Guests> Guest2 grins. "Let me try to recall who you'd probably best remember me as.. Hrm. It's been a while since we had any scenes at all together, I think..."
<Guests> Guest2 flailflails. "And I'm having an attack of the blondes.. I try to think and nothin' happens.."
<Guests> Betelgeuse says, "Try a few chars at random, then."
<Guests> Guest2 was Sonata at a Hunter beach party.. Hmm.. and a rather humorless Blizzard Wolf at an incident at the Tower of London..
<Guests> Guest2 says, "But more recently .. Hrm."
<Guests> Rock peers at G2.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to Rock and grins.
<Guests> Rock says, "Man, I remember both your renditions. X)"
<Guests> Guest2 is just a lil ol Gearhead.
<Guests> Guest2 also is the most recent Roll. And has reapped her.
<Guests> Betelgeuse says, "Incident at the tower of london? Was that the one where Wood Man and Guts Man were in drag a la Monty Python?"
<Guests> Rock haha. I figured. :D
<Guests> Guest2 nodnods. "And Wolfie was playing the straight man in the gag."
<Guests> Betelgeuse cackles. Now I remember!
<Guests> Guest2 bows.
<Guests> Guest2 says, "It'sh hard for Wolf. Blishard Wolf. To play the shtraight man. But shometimesk the circumstanshesh require."
<Guests> Betelgeuse hmmms. To look at old app or not?
<Guests> Guest says, "Hrm..."
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "Just wanna know if you receive my application with Flame Mammoth some days ago"
<Guests> Cut Man says, "...?"
<Guests> Guest4 says, "I send an application some days ago, but I haven't heard anything since then"
<Guests> Guest4 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest4 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest5 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G5
<Guests> Guest4 does likewise
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest3 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 waves to G0 and G3
<Guests> Guest3 curses, as he lost his spot as Guest Prime!
<Guests> Guest4 says, "guestimus prime?"
<Guests> Guest has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Ooh. An opening!"
<Guests> Guest3 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Gyro Man XD
<Guests> Dust Man blinks.
<Guests> Dust Man facepalms.
<Guests> Guest says, "YES! I am again, King of the Guestions!"
<Guests> Gyro Man LAUGHS
<Guests> Durandal says, "Odd guests we've got tonight..."
<Guests> Guest4 remebers the old holiday traditions
<Guests> Guest3 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest2 shrugs a little.
<Guests> Guest says, "Come, fellow Guests. I lead you to GLORY and FREEDOM!"
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Freedom or Greedom?"
<Guests> Guest3 doubts it.
<Guests> Guest3 has yet to meet a guest that could convincingly lead fellow guests to the OOC Lounge, much less to Glory and/or Freedom.
<Guests> Guest6 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest says, "Greedom. The letter F is evil."
<Guests> Guest6 has disconnected.
<Guests> Dust Man says, "Kinky."
<Guests> Guest2 just blinks.
<Guests> Guest6 has connected to the MUSH.
<Guests> Guest says, "More comrades to be led to Greedom!"
<Guests> Scorpio needs to write up more details on Dynamo's release.
<Guests> Scorpio says, "Mis"
<Guests> Betelgeuse says, "..."
<Guests> Betelgeuse points and laughs.
<Guests> Gyro Man says, "Dynamo needs greedom too?"
<Guests> Guest3 says, "Dynamo needs some testosterone."
<Guests> Alpha stabs G3.
<Guests> Guest2 snickers.
<Guests> Guest4 hides behind another guest
<Guests> Guest3, being a guest, is immune to pain or lasting harm.
<Guests> Guest4 says, "ohh a chalange"
<Guests> Guest5 has disconnected.
<Guests> Guest4 hums the theme to blazing saddles

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