A really neat discussion on Pi, gravity, and theorical physics. It starts about, of all things, screensavers. :)
Oh, and there's also a totally excellent line courtesy of Signas. It's worth reading just for that. =)

<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail peers at zetagrid.com. Am I interested?
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Anyone know a screensaver that does something useful?"
<Public> Aardvark Comet Drink! Quint says, "Define 'something useful'."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "This one works on an incredibly complex mathematical theory, but that's not really USEFUL. ;>"
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "One of those ones that figures out some problem when your computer's idle."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "They all work on complex mathematical theory, except the toasters one."
<Public> Glaive says, "You mean that one to figure out what the highest didget of Pi is?"
<Public> Glaive says, "*digit"
<Public> Feather Sports Coffee-Shop! Quint says, "The highest digit would be 9. I think you meant last."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail thought there were ones that did other things...
<Public> Glaive says, "There is not last didget. And its highest value is 3 IE, 3.14 is the most common value used."
<Public> Glaive says, "There is NO last digit. God...my spelling and english have left me."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Hmmmm...."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/04/07/BUGLL61GFQ1.DTL
<Public> Glaive says, "What I ment was the program used to find like the 39452th decimal value. Which is just...strange."
<Public> Dan says, "Pi is an infinitesmial, so technically strange would be finding that there was actually a pattern in it instead of infinitely long continuious non-pattern repeating numbers."
<Public> Dan is more an E person himself. Pi always sat odd in my stomach.
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail finds it strange that people want to KNOW.
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Then again, people probably find my career odd. So it all works out. =D"
<Public> Glaive says, "Hmm...I doubt there is a real pattern..."
<Public> Dan always liked Fluxions too.
<Public> Emerald Dragoness says, "Ewwwwww.....radians"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "There is a pattern. But knowledge of the pattern is most unhelpful."
<Public> Dan says, "Don't doubt. Infinitesimal's are only classified as such because they're outside our range of calculation."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail is more interested in making sounds by using pieces of metal and wood.
<Public> Glaive says, "Yes, but I do not see the point in finding it. 3.14 works just fine."
<Public> Dan says, "Because 3.14 is incorrect. It is only a partial answer. :D"
<Public> Glaive says, "Then again...Math aint a passion for me."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Maybe a bit more than 3.14."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "The pattern... is the function for how to calculate it. Triangle's perimeter/height. Square's perimeter/height. Pentagon's perimeter/height."
<Public> Dan says, "But being one of those pesky people who love Math and Quantum Mechanics, call me zanny. :D"
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "But if you find the value, what are you going to do with it?"
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Put it in textbooks or something? =>"
<Public> Randall says, "You -are- zany. But then, you're a coder mein fruend."
<Public> Glaive says, "Ah...yeah Physics is fun, I wish that there was more money in it that way I could be a Physicist."
<Public> Dan says, "Jav..."
<Public> Randall scruffs Dan.
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Hehehe, fruend."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail just wants to know.
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Math is important! Math is what makes the MUSH work. Or in some cases, not work."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "I'm not very big on math, myself, but I can see how some people just want to /know/. For the sake of knowing. And stuff."
<Public> Dan says, "Calculating it is like looking into the face of whatever force created the universe. Knowing that there is something that could create something so infinitely perfect in terms of it being standard for /all/ circles."
<Public> Dan says, "It'd help us understand /why/ it is 3.1415...ad infinitum."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Ahhhh."
<Public> Dan says, "If we one day find a pattern, that'd be something. Decades, centuries even of work, to find it. It'd be a stellar achievement in mathematics."
<Public> Glaive says, "Probly not. Anyway, why do you think something 'created' the universe? Its only the same because circles follow the same principles no matter the size or distance covers."
<Public> Dan says, "Because I do believe that. Belief and faith is enough for some, you know. :D"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Pi changes according to local gravity."
<Public> Dan says, "Ahha, Sy gets a cookie!"
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "...Really? That's neat."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Knowing why it's 3.1415... will tell us where the center of the universe is."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "...Cool!"
<Public> Glaive says, "Heh...I really want to take some more physics classes...oh well. Anyway, faith is good and all, but just do not let it consume and blind you to facts."
<Public> Dan looks forward to seeing the results of the new satellite Nasa launched to test Einstein's theory on Gravity finally. :D
<Public> Glaive says, "If it has a center, then does that mean it has a boundry?"
<Public> Mercury says, "Yes."
<Public> Mercury says, "And the boundary is expanding outward, as well."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "That reminds me."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "UNTIL IT CONTRACTS AND KILLS US ALL!"
<Public> Dan says, "Why is it the opinion of some people that 'faith' consumes and blinds people to the fact. Such short-sighted opinions irk me. :D"
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "If the universe is everything...and the universe is expanding...then where is it expanding into?"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Doesn't necessarily have a boundary. But it is expanding outward."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "GYA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
<Public> Glaive says, "So then if thats true, are their more then one universe? So is the Multiverse theory true?"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Well... outward may be a bit of a misnomer."
<Public> Dan says, "Faith could easily be faith in the Universe, faith in a God, faith in cheese for all people know. :D"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Defined as the ratio of a circle's perimeter to its diameter, pi changes according to local gravity, but as a ubiquitous constant which also shows up in a number of things having nothing to do with circles or even geometry, it has a set value."
<Public> Dan says, "Pi, m'friends, just rules."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "I believe in the greatness of cheese."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Mmm 1.5 pie."
<Public> Dan says, "Enker gets a cookie!"
<Public> Glaive says, "Faith in large amounts is always dangerous. At the same time...relying too much on logic and numbers is too."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Pi has taught me one very important thing."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "There's nothing wrong with relying on logic, unless you're wrong."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "Awesome. Is it a cheese flavored cookie?"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Don't use a drill on your head."
<Public> Dan would disagree with that point. Faith isn't dangerous. What people do with or based on faith is dangerous. But yer not on Debates channel and I don't feel like getting into that argument. :D
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "The Pi soundtrack is awesome."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail idles to get changed for her teaching lesson.
<Public> Dan says, "Logic is very unlogical."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "Logic says that if you drill a hole in the bottom of the boat, the water in it will drain downward. ;>"
<Public> Mercury says, "Physics says otherwise, however."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Logic says no such thing."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm believes all boats should be made of styrafoam. There's a hole! Nobody cares.
<Public> Glaive says, "Again..true. But its because those same people wish to believe in nothing but faith is why Faith is dangerous. And your right...this is for debates and I tend to not turn that channel on."
<Public> Dan says, "Faith and Logic never say anything. It is what people say based 'on' them that is what is said."
<Public> Glaive says, "Mhmm."
<Public> Dan says, "Personally, I just like to think about liking cheese."
<Public> Dan says, "Cheddar preferably."
<Public> Mercury mmm.
<Public> Dan says, "Sometimes Mozeralla."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Pepper Jack!"
<Public> Mercury is gonna have rice and cheese with sausage for dinner. ɛ
<Public> Dan envies.
<Public> Gyro Man had rice and steak for dinner. ^_^
<Public> Dan goes to dig around for some dinner actually. AFK.
<Public> Gyro Man actually had no breakfast or lunch, because she slept through to three pm. >_>
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Of course, we're still studying the universe's topology. It's expansion isn't nearly as simple as blowing up a balloon."
<Public> Glaive says, "Yes, its probly expanding in demensions we have no idea about."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Hey Dan? Do you remember how many dimensions we had counted and what they were?"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "You know what I hate? When they explain gravity as the curvature of spacetime using the analogy of objects on a rubber sheet."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "..."
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail says, "I like music. ._."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "You hate the explanation?"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Music with cheese?"
<Public> Dan says, "11 technically, last I read. Though String Theory was going to expand that to something like 19."
<Public> Gyro Man pats Jav. I like music too!
<Public> Dan says, "And no I don't recall all their names off the top of my head."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Yeah. It makes no sense! In the absence of gravity, which we can't include in our analogy because we're defining it, the objects would not distort the rubber sheet at all; and even if it were curved, objects would not roll down slopes."
<Public> Glaive says, "I know the first three are space, followed by time, and then energy...right?"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Onjects do roll down slopes, Shadow."
<Public> Gyro Man thought the remaining dimensions were unknown, since they were too small to interact with us?
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Not in the absence of gravity."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "The example isn't a definition of gravity, it's an example. You are allowed to use it in an example."
<Public> Dan says, "Its all about the Theoretical Physics. :D"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "What's it an example of, then? Rubber? =)"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "No, gravity curvature."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "What about my measurements?"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "But what difference does the curvature make in the absence of some metagravitational force to cause objects to roll down slopes?"
<Public> Dan says, "And remember kids, the Speed of Light is no longer the speed limit. Hail the Sub-Atomic Particle!"
<Public> Unlike YOU, Javelin Whitetail waves out. My roomie' talking to herself and it's irritating, I gotta get outta here.
<Public> Not an Animal, Foucalt says, "Yaaaaay!"
<Public> Knowledge is power, FOR REAL! Foucalt sets a new title
<Public> Dan says, "What is the highest and lowest speeds of Light?"
<Public> Knowledge is power, FOR REAL! Foucalt says, "C!"
<Public> Knowledge is power, FOR REAL! Foucalt takes the easy way out.
<Public> Gyro Man says, "186,000 miles per second?"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Height, Width, Length, Time... at least one dimension is devoted to the way gravity curves space, at least two are devoted to the universe's topology, three if Time ends up being cyclical as well. That's six or seven dimensions."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Sorry, seven or eight."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "The lowest speed is the constant N, defined as the distance which light moves through the medium of New York Traffic at normal gravity."
<Public> Dan says, "38 Miles per Hour."
<Public> Gyro Man hehs.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "They actually found a substance that can freeze light."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Less a substance, more a technique."
<Public> Dan says, "Not freeze, slow dramatically. A new state of matter."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Actually, according to my sources, Light moves at 10-20mph."
<Public> Glaive says, "Yeah..and light has mass..."
<Public> Glaive says, "Is it a plasma state?"
<Public> Raffinato Donnaiolo says, "Lot's of mass. Needs to get out more.."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "No, they can actually freeze it, Dan. As in, you can pick up a block, walk backwards with it, and let it go again."
<Public> Dan says, "No, its called the Einstein-Bose state. Plasma isn't new, its been one of the states for years."
<Public> Dan ahs and will have to look into that Sy.
<Public> Glaive says, "No no, I mean light itself."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "Interesting. o.o"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Light ... has mass?"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Of course Light has mass."
<Public> Seki says, "Shadow, shush."
<Public> Glaive says, "Yes. Why do you think it can be absorbed by a Black hole?"
<Public> Gravity Man isn't talking about Tom.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Apparently, it does. ;)"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Light carries both properties of particles and waves."
<Public> Dan says, "Electrons have mass too, but it's so infinitesimal (theres that damn word again) we can't calculate it."
<Public> Conduit smacks the people who are trying to confuse the rest of us by talking about Dr. Light. ;)
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Well maybe you should be!"
<Public> Dan says, "Light isn't absorbed because it has mass."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Maybe!"
<Public> Dan says, "Light is absorbed by Black Holes because its a wave energy particle."
<Public> Elec Man says, "Light absorbs donuts, for what it's worth."
<Public> Glaive says, "Ah.."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "Mmmm donuts."
<Public> Dan says, "Black Holes are theorized to absorb energy and matter equally from several gravitic forces beyond our current understanding."
<Public> Elec Man says, "In mass quantities."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Light is absorbed by black holes because a 'straight' line, after curvature by the black hole, goes down the funnel forever."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "Makes sense Sy"
<Public> Dan says, "Sy gets another cookie!"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Except it is possible for light to never fall into a black hole, however."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "Oh, yes, that makes sense to me... Since the line never comes back up, it never 'reappears'. What do you mean, Signas?"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "(And if nothing can escape a black hole, what explains the eventual evaporation of black holes?)"
<Public> Gravity Man knows all this already, Dan. "Being Gravity Man, I have intimate knowledge of all these things. I'm just not telling you, because one of Duo's conditions for giving me the character is that I don't divulge the secrets of gravity."
<Public> Dan says, "Its possible for anything to not fall into it depending on the speed and angle of approach."
<Public> Shadow Man is not at all impressed by Black Holes. If Michael Eildath can fall in one and come back out fine, how powerful could they be.
<Public> Dan says, "Now Signas, yer hitting the cutting edge of Theoretical Physics. :D"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "...I know. And its dang sharp too."
<Public> Glaive says, "You do not fall into a black whole unless you cross the event horrizan."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Well he did."
<Public> Guts Man says, "Whoever can fall in a pit of spikes and survive is helluva tough."
<Public> Elec Man says, "Horizon, Glaive. Horizon."
<Public> Dan says, "Guts get a cookie!"
<Public> Glaive says, "Er sorry."
<Public> Guts Man says, "Woohoo!"
<Public> Gravity Man has an Event Horizon attack.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Dan, They run laser light through some kind of ionized gas field, with magnets or something. Then drop the temperature and crystalize the gas. Where the gas interacted with the light, it becomes magnetically charged, and actually stops the photon from moving. Now with 0 inertia, is has no mass and no energy. You can take the frozen crystal out of the machine, take a taxi from Detroit to Duo's house, heat it up, and it will emit the light on the same frequency and direction relative to the crystal as the crystal breaks down."
<Public> Guts Man says, "It's all done with mirrors!"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "I mean, you have possible heat leakage from black holes, not to mention the fact that black holes are theorized to create virtual particles under many conditions."
<Public> Dan ahs, yes I had heard about the inert gas bit.
<Public> Gravity Man says, "But you MUST take the taxi from Detroit, and it must go to Duo's house."
<Public> Glaive says, "Then it explodes if you dont."
<Public> Dan says, "The ionized gas field and the Einstein-bose matter is the first step to light-based data storage and computer technology."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Thus completely destroying the second law of thermodynamics, if I recall correct."
<Public> Dan says, "And oh boy, when it happens, is it ever going to revolutionize /everything/ we do."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "How so?"
<Public> Dan says, "What one must remember, is that the 'Laws' in Physics are only for the first four dimensions. :D"
<Public> Gyro Man thought you couldn't know both the position and velocity of a particle? If the velocity is zero and it stops moving, wouldn't both be known? Or am I missing something? >_>
<Public> Dan says, "Black Holes, String Theory, etc, are all put together in their own field in areas like Special Relativity."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "You can't view it unless you hit it with something"
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "And when you hit it with something, you alter its velocity :D"
<Public> Jet Stingray dies from the Physics talk, as his small psychology major brain can't take all the hard science talk. :D
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "And you just have to bring Hobbes into this, don't you Hailstorm? ^^"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Light stops being a particle when you freeze it in the gas. You cannot measure it without fsking it up."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "Ah, all right."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "Hey, Gyro asked! :D"
<Public> Dan says, "You can't know the position and velocity of an /electron/, because by finding them out you change it. The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Better him than Susie Derkins, Signas."
<Public> Shadow Man wants to know how light-based computers will revolutionize everything we do!
<Public> Conduit says, "actually its not impossible from stuff to excape a blackhole, its just very difficult, but enough momentum will carry you away from anything. And infact they do believe that particles and small amounts of energy do occasionally get spit out of a blackhole, so theoreticly if the blackhole didn't suck anything in for long enough, it would litterally evaporate."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "They'll look cooler, Shadow."
<Public> Dan says, "Well the basic revolutionization would be speed. :D"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "And they'll talk to you in a sexy woman's voice."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle goes and pounces Jet to assail him with physics talk. "dB = (mu.0 / 4*pi) * (i ds x r / r^2!)"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "That's not a revolution, it's a quantitative improvement in a field already improving quantitatively all the time."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "But listen."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Sexy women!"
<Public> Dan says, "I'm sorry Conduit, if yer stuck below the Event Horizon, there is no escape. :D"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "That's plenty revolutionary, in a field that's constantly starved for sexy women."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Light doesn't interact with itself. This means no more circuit boards full of wires that avoid touching. An entire computer can be reduced to a point of blinding white light, each function of the computer having its own direction."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "And that field is Computer Science."
<Public> Dan says, "Being 'spit' out of it is something completely different. :D"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "That hurts my head so hard, Sy."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "I mean, it's awesome, but OW."
<Public> Shinier than Hailstorm Eagle says, "Hee."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Light doesn't interact with itself?"
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Light can't bend light."
<Public> Conduit says, "pfft, sufficient speed and power can overcome any gravitational force Dan. Now whether its possible to generate that much energy is another matter entirely. ;D"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "No, Conduit."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "I wonder what would happen if Gravity Man put two black holes on top of each other."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Once you are below the event horizon, there is no UP to aim your ship to. All directions are DOWN."
<Public> Dan says, "You can go argue that with the genious that is Stephen Hawkings then, Conduit. :D"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "It doesn't matter how fast you go that way."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "How could/can/does light hold information?"
<Public> Alpha says, "MC Hawk"
<Public> Tengu Man stares at Alpha.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Frequency, magnitute, polarization, direction."
<Public> Alpha says, "he's a stardroid!"
<Public> Tengu Man e_e
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Theoretically, Gyro, if you can freeze it, I assume you could imprint it somehow."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Under an event horizon, you can no longer travel upwards along the plane of space time, since traveling upwards will eventually curve back down into the singularity."
<Public> Gyro Man waves to Tengu. :D
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Or something. Heck, I'm just an English Major trying to keep up."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "I find this all fascinating."
<Public> Conduit says, "Pfft, Stephen Hawkings isn't so great, he's not even smart enough to build himself a robotic body to replace his own imfebled one!"
<Public> Elec Man opens his mouth and tells everyone the exact truth. All the answers are made clear.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "As you approach a black hole, the lensing effect starts to look like the Nigh approaching Earth. The stars bend gradually backwards in the sky to leave a spreading circle of darkness in front of you. Eventually this circle will cross the halfway point... (you're not screwed, YET...)"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "I don't think it's a very good idea to mock Stephen Hawkings."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas is a political science major, which requires intricate knowledge of super massive bodies and gravitation flux and structure in order to deal with calculations dealing with various politicians' egos.
<Public> Sarah Fairchild says, "...Signas. Cookie."
<Public> Conduit laughs!
<Public> Dan cackles at Signas, two cookies. :D
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas bows.
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Once you're 'halfway' there, you can look backwards and see the whole universe in one half of the sky, a little distorted but everything's there."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "UP is towards any of those stars. DOWN is towards any of the blackness."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Hey Sy."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "This also depends on the relative size of the black hole as well, mind you."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "That part actually doesn't matter."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Next time you're 'halfway' there, grab me one of those lenses? It sounds cheaper than getting a new prescription on my glasses, and a heckuva lot more effective."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Signas, the mass of the black hole affects what distance it happens at, but not the actual event."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Well, we're speaking of being able to escape still being, alive, and not your individual particles, right?"
<Public> Gyro Man is lost, Sy. ^^; Can't visualize and make sense of it...
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "If you're trying to escape alive, a bigger black hole lets you get closer to the event horizon."
<Public> Dan says, "If yer falling into a black hole, yer already dead before even approaching close to the Event horizon. Radiation, gravitic forces ripping you to bit. :D"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "Depends on the size, Dan."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Since the smaller the black hole is, the greater the overall gravitation sheer is. You'd have to approach a black hole of millions of solar masses to even survive entering the event horizon."
<Public> Dan says, "Not really Sy, since the radiation isn't /from/ the Black Hole necessarily, but what its pulling in from around it."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Else your legs are being subjected to a nice 200g's while your head is being subjected to 50g's, and you are rather abruptly torn in half."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "And/or melted."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "And/or disintegrated."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Theoretical astrophysics is fun and all, but I think this is a science with more potential application:"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "And/or screwed."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/Q/quantum-bogodynamics.html"
<Public> Alpha says, "well, I don't know about you, but I know tha slingshotting around the sun sends you back in time"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "You and your bogodynamics!"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Bogodynamics are imporant!"
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "As you approach the event horizon the stars will get more and squished together in your vision, until they're nearly a point. This is your last chance to escape. Fall any further and the universe bwips out of existance behind you. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Not as important as Boogiedynamics!"
<Public> Shadow Man says, "There's no such thing as Boogiedynamics."
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Inform yourself here: http://www.catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/Q/quantum-boogiedynamics.html"
<Public> Gravity Man says, "Dude, it's from the same site you went to."
<Public> Sarah Fairchild says, "Don't forget Bistromathics."
<Public> Shadow Man says, "Besides, this isn't Classic Bogodynamics, it's /Quantum/ Bogodynamics. Which is cooler."
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas says, "Also, there is a theory that you slow down and never truely enter the singularity or event horizon, due to the distorting effect that the black hole can have on time. This is, unfortunately, only something that applies to the outside observer, from what I recall."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "That only happens on the outside, Signas. To the observer, your image will slow down and become dimmer until it is undetectable. To you, you hit the event horizon and say OMGWHEE! ...I'm not sure if you can see objects that fell in before you."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "I think you'd be able to."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "But you can never see anything that fell in after you."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "...another popular theory is that the event horizon is a shell, and nothing ever penetrates below it."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "As you approach, you go squish molecule by molecule, subatomic particle by subatomic particle, reduced to an infinitesimally thin slime spread evenly around its surface."
<Public> Arago says, "o...kay."
<Public> Seismic Earthworm says, "...the voice that understood what the hell I wastalking about vanished. Dan? did you shut up and go dark? Or are you gone?"
<Public> Conduit understands what you're saying, he's just not paying attention.
<Public> Scorpio says, "I killed him and ate him."
<Public> Arago says, "You do that alot, Scorp."
<Public> Prismatic Spider says, "Did you gain his massive dark powers of the Code?"
<Public> Tengu Man nods. "Yeah, Scorp. You're starting to put on the weight there."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "He's going to devour us all!"

And the conversation just died from there. ^_^;

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