Gyro has decided he could use some shelves in his room. For organization, and stuff, yes? ;) To do this, he needs... tools. And supplies. Useful things. So it's off to the legendary shopping centers of San Angeles.

San Angeles - Western Mall District

The usual onslaught of noise pollution assaults you as you enter this district. The same multi level highways decorate the area, with buildings towering above the ground. Yawn. However, there are structures here not found in other places of the city, namely the GigaMalls. These massive cube-like structures are -titanic- in size and contain thousands of stores and restaurants and even woodland parks within. A self contained technological ecosystem in itself. The GigaMalls here are known for having anything and everything you could ever want bad enough to spend the kind of money they charge for it here.

Arago [Normal] [C]
Gale Sorcerer [Civilian] [C]
Flash Man [Disguised/cloaked] [RM]

East <E>: San Angeles - Business District
Northeast <NE>: San Angeles - Northern Residential
South <S>: San Angeles - Western Residential
West <W>: San Angeles - Wharf District
North <N>: Teleportation Area--San Angeles

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "yo"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Oh, hello. =o"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Hi."
[OOC] Arago says, "Meow?"
[OOC] Arago says, "Are you making babies?"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer baps Arago
[OOC] Arago says, "Ow -_-"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "I haven't even dressed up like a girl for this scene"

Flash Man is in the same book store as Gale, but doesn't pay attention to that fact, partially because he doesn't currently realize and/or care about it. What he does care about, though, is the books he's buying. So far, he has at least five, from "How-To" books on building clocks to "Theories of Time and Space". And his stack of books is getting higher. He's carrying them stacked on top of each other, and is about to bring them to the check-out area when he trips and falls, sending the books tumbling.

[OOC] Flash Man won't ask.
[OOC] Arago says, "Well the way I see it, Gale's the butch, and Flash is the bitch :D"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer falls over :D
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "so, are you joining us in the book store?"
[OOC] Flash Man backs away.
[OOC] Arago says, "Gyro's looking for a hardware shop."
[OOC] Arago says, "But I could join you guys, sure :)"
[OOC] Arago drags Gyro into the store.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "I seek shelving supplies. :D"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer nods sagely
[OOC] Gyro Man acks!

The books Gale is buying are pretty different. Some of them are detective novels, some other are books about holographic hardware and software, biographies, more detective stuff... He's already bought about ten, and is carrying them inside a small bag. His attention is, however, interrumpted by Flash Man's tripping. Some people gather around the accidentated individual to see wether he requieres help, but Gale doesn't. He hasn't got enough free time to waste it on possible minor injuries.

On one of the large book shelves that doesn't reach the ceiling, Arago is sleeping atop it. He's dreaming about dancing puppies and Ice cream. Also dreaming about Interpol and Robot Masters making a breed of hyper killer super babies. But all goes awry when Flash Man trips, a few of his books hitting the shelf hard and causing Arago to roll over. Still sleeping as he rolls off, he plummets STRAIGHT for Gale Sorcerer.

Flash Man gets up, brushing himself off, and pulling his hood further down to make sure nobody sees his face. He picks up all of is books, not noticing the man who rolls off of the bookshelf, and heads for the registers again, this time pushing anyone out of the way who gets even remotely close to him.

The long haired boy hasn't even got time to see the falling Arago, before the inevitable occurs. Gale is slammed into the ground by the Yakuza's weight, standing there for some moments. When he finally gets to realize what has just happened, his brows lower in an annoyed way. "...what in blazes..." He mutters while he checks his right hand. Fortunately, his bag is still there. Finally, he tries to get up again, moving his left hand to hold to some place he could use. When the hand finally reaches the touch of something solid, it holds to it, not realizing however that it's Flash Man's leg what he's holding.

Arago continues sleeping, and giggles a bit when he thinks of one of the babies reaching up and punching Wily in the crotch.

[OOC] Arago says, "look arago"


Flash Man shakes his leg when he is grabbed onto. He was walking out of the store, plastic bag in hand, when /somebody/ grabbed his leg. He glares down at whoever it is, and sees that they seem to have somebody sleeping on top of them. This sort of throws him off mental balance. "Er... Uh... Could you please let go of my leg?" He'd usually be a lot more vicious, but apparently this person has other problems. He

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "..."

...has other problems. He is still shaking his leg, though he doesn't really notice it.

[OOC] Arago says, "Doesn't Flash recognize Arago?"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "That was just the ending of my pose, since I accidentally hit enter. And yeah... You're right. Ooh, I know! I'll use the excuse that he was so surprised that he didn't notice who it was! Yeah, that works."
[OOC] Arago is glad Flash ain't the butch.
[OOC] Flash Man says, "...O_o..."
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer sends Arago to Berlin in a cardboard box
[OOC] Arago gives everyone in Berlin a big hug.

Gale blinks as his support turns out to be the leg of the same person who just tripped some moments ago. "Oh, I'm sorry..." He says checking and analyzing the situation he's in again. He eyes scared the guys lying on him. "...but I'm afraid this man would try to harass me. Could you please push him off me?" He says, trying not to look towards the sleeping person dressed like a clown. "And, um, won't you happent to know by any chance the phone number of this city's asylum?"

[OOC] Arago isn't really dressed like a clown -_-
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "well, that's what your desc says :P"
[OOC] Arago says, "Nuh uh!"

Flash Man tilts his head slightly, trying to take it all in. This /really/ isn't usual for Flash, and at the moment he's pretty confused. "Well, um... I don't know the number of the asylum, but I'm sure there's one in a... phone book..." His leg is still shaking, though it's more like a disturbed twitch right now, as if he subconsciously doesn't know if he should continue shaking his leg or not. He mutters to himself, though extremely quietly. "He looks... familiar, but... no, he's not that stupid... Maybe he has a disease?" Then, shaking his head, he gets down and tries to roll Arago off the top of Gale.

Arago's left leg starts kicking downwards like a cat's, as he lets out a low, "Meow!"

"The phone book..." Gale sighs in relief upon hearing those words. "Yes, there must be one around here somewhere." Saved by the laws of coincidence once again, it seems. As Flash Man tries to push the body off him, he tries to sneak away from under it some way or another. "...di-disease?" The long haired boy's eyes open widely, and a second later he's already up on the ground, nervously dusting off dirt from his clothes. "Geez! That was close!"

Flash Man shrugs. "Well, I don't know if he has a disease, but he looks a lot like somebody I know, who I last saw in a hospital. Of course, he could just be some maniac who looks like that by coincidence." He's getting over the whole 'Holy cow! That's weird!' shock, and is getting closer to what he's usually like, but he doesn't seem as sarcastic as usual, yet.

[OOC] Flash Man has to go. >_< I'll pose out, 'kay?

Arago rolls over and blinks awake underneath his glasses. Stretching out with a yawn, he mutters, "Where am I?"

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "aw"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "okay, Flash"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Sorry, dinner."
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer nods

Flash Man walks out of the store, shaking his head again, he doesn't notice Arago waking up. He begins to look for a phone book as he leaves.

Flash Man has disconnected.

Gale eyes Flash Man for a moment, somewhat depressed. "Well, that fact probably doesn't make it less disturbing." While the people are still gathered around the body, watching the scene curiously, the boy also begins to search for a phone book through the shelves. ("Oh, no, he's waking up. I must hurry.")- he thinks.

Arago sits up and yawns, stretching his limbs. Looking around he mutters, "It's a book store... How did I end up in a freaking BOOK STORE?!?!"

Finally! The salvation in shape of a phone book is opened by Gale's hands while he tries to locate the phone number of San Angeles' Mental Asylum. He takes a second to peep nervously towards the consciousness-recovering Arago, while the crowd still watch the Yakuza curiously. Some people even take photos. "Don't worry, don't worry." He says. "They'll come here in a moment and will take you home so you can rest some more."

Arago turns to the voice. "Rest... Yay!" He lunges forwards at Gale and... HUGS HIM!

Gyro Man is seeking out the hardware store. What for? Well, in the interests of organization, Gyro is going to build some shelves in his room... And this will require such useful things as screws, brackets, shelves, and patience enough to /find/ the place that sells them. As he wanders, he passes by a certain bookstore..

His artificial skin can't get to that level, but if it could you can bet that Gale's face would be as pale as a paper right now. The long haired boy feels his whole body shaking, before he finally reacts and, grabbing a nearby old man's arm, he draws him close to him, moves Arago's arms a bit, and with a quick movement he escapes the creepy situation he was trapped in, having put the old man (who doesn't seem to be much happier) on his place. He then marks the asylum's phone number in his communicator.

Arago hugs the old man without knowing Gale has escaped his grasp...

Gale holds a short, yet useful conversation with the San Angeles Mental Asylum's reception. He's taken the precautions to hide amongst the crowd surrounding the Old-Man-Hugging-Amano. Definitely, if he's deemed sane by the medics, he will probably be charged with Assault on the Elderly charges. Anyway, he needs to wait now. The ambulance will arrive sooner or later.

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "eep, I meant Arago, not Amano :D"
[OOC] Arago says, "It happens ;)"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer nods sagely

Gyro Man glances at the bookstore, and suddenly remembers that he doesn't exactly know how to put up shelves. Since trying to constructing things without knowing how to do it rarely ends well, he enters the store.
And what does he see? A crowd, possibly surrounding something. Curiosity awakens, but first Gyro plans to find a useful book...

Arago keeps on huggin', oblivious to the phone call.

Not much time later, an ambulance stops close to the book store. Two men dressed in white suits get out from the vehicle and quietly make their way into the store. It doesn't take them much time to find the crowd. "Excuse us. Excuse us." They say while they open a path into the inner side of the circle pushing the audience.

"Hmm, it must be this one. What do you think, Jim?"

"Right! Hey, dude? Here, hello."

Arago opens his eyes and blinks at the old man in his arms. Suddenly, he leaps backwards, almost tumbling over, "GAAAAH!" and right into the arms of one of the white-coats. Looking back and up, he blinks at the face of the one called Jim. "Ummm, hello there. What can I do for ya?"

"Hmmm, what do you think, Jim? Alcohol?"

"Dunno. Hiya, mister." Jim opens his hand in front of him, while the old man finally retreats back to the safety of the crowd. "How many fingers do I have on my hand?"

Arago scratches his head with his right hand, "Well now that's a plum damn stupid ass question, wouldn't you say? Technically, you have only four fingers, your thumb not counting for some reason, I think 'cause it's opposable. But if you're like me..." Arago raises his left hand, which is missing the index finger, two band-aids all that are covering the stump, "You might have 3 or less. Why do you ask?"

The two men stare at each other for a moment.

"Well, one discarded."
"Hm, lemme see... How did you do that to your fingers, Mister?"

Arago chuckles, "Here's a hint, never prank Gemini Man and be a Yakuza at the same time. He'll make you do that stupid "Cut your own finger off" thing, and make you do it with a damn butter knife."

Flash Man has connected.
[OOC] Flash Man waves.
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "wb, Flash"
[OOC] Arago tackles.
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Is the scene still going on? And would I be interrupting anything by joining again?"

Gyro Man blinks as the white-coats rush up and make a path through crowd; seemingly the focus is a person? Gyro huhs and continues pushing past the observers, toward a computer.

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "it is. And feel free to joing again"
[OOC] Arago says, "Yeah, join a gang, like Gale said!"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "'Kay, thanks. What exactly's goingon?"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "the ambulance has arrived to check on Arago"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Ah, okay."
[OOC] Gyro Man is looking for a book that tells how to install shelves correctly. xP
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Ah, okay."
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "you must help us to send him to the asylum XD"

Flash Man comes back into the book store, muttering about how he forgot a book because of that stupid person on the ground, and searches the shelves for it, oblivious to the chaos going on around him.

There is a dead silence for a moment. People around the three men start then mumbling amongst themselves. The two men in the white suit do the same.

"Hmm, what do you think, Jim? Could he be telling the truth?"
"You kidding? Do you think that Yakuza's go around saying they are Robot Master fighting criminals?"
"How should I know?"
"Use your damn head, geez!"

Arago slowly raises his left hand towards the nose of Jim, and begins prodding his nostrils with stump he has for an index finger, making a sound similar to Jim Carrey in "Ace Ventura: Nature Calls". "Weeeeeee-ooooooo! Ba WEEEEEEEEE-ooooooooo!"

Flash Man looks over as Arago is sticking his finger into somebody else's nose. Then, he turns away. Everything in his head is screaming at him: "IGNORE! IGNORE, YOU IDIOT!" He just lets out one sentence. "Yes, it must be a disease."

[OOC] Arago says, "Kind of, but it's more like the STUMP of a finger :p Gemini made me cut it off with a butter knife;."
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer sings. "Time to se-da-te Arago o/"
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Oh, yes."
[OOC] Arago says, "o/~ Time to shotgun Gale o/~"
[OOC] Arago says, "I'm not kidding, you can even ask Gemini Man!"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "how crazy :D"
[OOC] Arago pulled a prank on him two days ago.
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Oh, I believe you. Though, I must've caught Arago in one of his extremely sane moments that one time before. Is he always like this, or just since the whole hospital thing?"
[OOC] Arago says, "Ever since the hospital thing. He went mentally insane."
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Ah, okay."
[OOC] Arago says, "part of it was the food."
[OOC] Flash Man says, "...which makes sense."
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "that Whistler! look at what he did!"
[OOC] Arago says, "I didn't think you cared, Gale."
[OOC] Arago hugs.
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Yeah, but in one of his poses, Whistler mentioned that the damage was completely repairable."
[OOC] Arago snapped, and that's that. I'll become sane in a week or two, basically whenever Amano wants to RP with me.
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "well, it probably should be"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer nods

Reaching the computer without incident, Gyro brings up the search function to quickly find what he's looking for. As he searches, he listens to the general noise in the room, finding it a bit amusing despite not fully knowing what was going on.

[OOC] Flash Man says, "Ah, okay. Well, it must be... interesting... to play an insane character."
[OOC] Arago says, "It's fun, that's for sure :D"
[OOC] Arago says, "look what I made while I was insane."

"Gross! I sometimes really hate this stuff!"
"Yeah, I know, Jim."

The two men nods at each other.
"Hm, you look thirsty. Would you like to have a beer?"

Arago drops Floyd.

[OOC] Arago says, "FEAR THE FLOYD!"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "Big Little Floyd!"

This is not something you see every day, unless you're Floyd or Arago.

Before you, errr, under you stands a small, 2 foot reploid that looks exactly like the stereotypical Chinese person. He is short, his eyes are always in and upwards squint, he wears a small white long sleeve lace up shirt, black pants, a silky smooth short black haircut, and he constantly puts his hands together and bows, spouting out odd phrases and words as if his English was programmed by a drunkard.

During the time Neo Arcadia was rising, one of the reploids dropped down by some cloaked ship was a happy go lucky Moose. He was horribly slaughtered, and yet his prime data chip was still intact, and saved by Arago while he was still insane. Taking the chip to a custom reploid shop, the reploid was rebuilt into this little chinese person, affectionately named Floyd. His form was inspired by the ancient Monty Python song, "I like Chinese." He travels around either by waddling like a stereotypical chinese man, or clinging to Arago's back.

Just don't step on him!

Arago nods, "I'm pretty damn thirsty. Where to, boys?"

Flash Man is trying to ignore, but his head constantly turns to watch Arago, partially out of curiosity, and partially out of fear. "What the heck happened to him?" He asks nobody in particular. Grabbing the book he wanted, "Managing Your Time Efficiently and Quickly" (Which sports one of the most uncreative titles of the year.), he pretends to look for more books as he watches the insane man who was sleeping on the shelf earlier.

"Oh, I think Jim's got a can. Right, Jim?"
"Right. Lemme see..."

Jim takes a normal beer can from a small white bag and offers it to Arago. Apparently it's a totally normally can of beer, but what the label doesn't mention is the sedative substances that have been mixed with the original contents of the can.

Arago turns his head away from the foul substance, "Oh god no, I hate that stuff." Arago says this without thinking that this might label him as even /more/ insane by the white-coats, but he doesn't care, he really hates beer.

There's another moment of silence in the room before the crowd begins to mutter again. Gale, who is still hiding safely amongst the curious people, thinks he'll stay there for some more time until they've dragged off that lunatic.

"Hmm, what did he just say, Jim?"
"Hadn't you just told us that you wanted a beer, Mister? Or do you want some other thing?"

Arago sighs, "I said I was thirsty... Who the **** are you guys, anyways?"
"Well, we're medics, you see."
"We were noticed you... you had passed out here. Yes."
"Right. So we are, um, making sure you are okay. You could be in state of shock or something, y'know?"
"Right. Drinking something will be good for your body. What do you want to drink? Water? Juice? Milk?"

Arago stands up right and turns around, facing the two men. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out a small jug with japanese writing down it's front. If you could read Japanese, you would notice that the signs read "Arago's Homemade Sake: WARNING, not for consumption by the weak of heart or stomach."

The audience just watches Arago take out the jug with their eyes wide open.

[OOC] Arago says, "What? Everyone there can read Japanese? :p"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "well, not everyone. The rest should be simply shocked :D"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "It's still a suspicious jug, understandable writing or no. :D"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer nods

Arago also draws a little tiny shot-glass type of japanese cup and pours it. He offers the cup to one of the two white-coats, "You boys want some?"
The two men look at each other and then they shake their head.
"No, thanks. We're on duty right now, you know."
"Yeah. No drinks for us until we're done."

They would ask what that liquid is, but what's the point in doing so if they can't get to drop the drugs into it?

Arago mutters and chugs the little glass himself. He instantly corks the bottle and shoves it back in his coat, because he knows what'll happen next. He smiles dryly and falls srtraight forwards, as if he was just shot in the back.

Gyro Man looks through the list of books the search turned up and mentally assembles a short list of ones to compare. As he turns to look for said books, the room falls silent momentarily, catching Gyro's attention. He looks towards the medics and the mad man they were talking to, and looks bemused when the man pulls out a jug of something and offers some to the medics.

Gyro Man also blinks when Arago falls over. "Strong stuff," he says, and walks into the aisle with the books he needed.
Everyone watches silently the effects that Arago's drink, whatever it was, has caused on him. When they finally come to the conclussion that the man is probably going to lie there on the ground, they begin to talk amongst themselves, now in a normal tone of voice. The two men in white suits sigh in relief.

"I like this boy. We don't get to see everyday someone who saves us the trouble of doing our work by doing it himself."
"Right, Jim. Why cannot all the other insane guys be a little like him?"
"Maybe we can ask him later what that thing was. We wouldn't need to use these expensive drugs anymore."

Saying this, they begin to lift Arago's body to carry it to the ambulance.

Arago is loaded onto the ambulance without struggle...

[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "yay"
[OOC] Arago says, "Sorry I have no more cookies."
[OOC] Arago hugs Gale and Gyro.
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "it's okay :)"
[OOC] Gyro Man hug.
Arago gives you 10 Zennies.
Long distance to Arago: Gyro Man o/ XD "Whee cash"
From afar, Arago (Hat) giggles.
You paged Arago with 'The page ate one of the arms. o.o'
Long distance to Arago: Gyro Man now has but one arm! ;-;
You hand Arago a cookie!
Arago (Hat) pages: Wha? O.o
You hand Gale Sorcerer a cookie!
From afar, Arago (Hat) \o/
Zoom! After a colourful SFX display, Gale Sorcerer snaps his fingers and in front of you, a holo-cookie appears!! ...Um, you don't like holo-cookies? Oh, well, take this magic cookie instead. You've earned it!
You paged Arago with 'Yes. =o'
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "well, I'm heading out now"
Iris arrives from the Teleportation Area--San Angeles.
Iris has arrived.
[OOC] Arago glomps.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "See ya, Gale. ^^"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer says, "hi Iris. I was about to leave :D"
[OOC] Iris says, "G'night Gale! 8)"
[OOC] Arago says, "I'm about to go see Kill Bill 2 :D"
[OOC] Gale Sorcerer waves. "Night, everyone"
[OOC] Arago noogies Gale.
Gale Sorcerer has disconnected.
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Ooh, have fun. :)"
[OOC] Arago says, "I wilL!"
Arago has disconnected.
[OOC] Iris says, "Whee. 8)"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Indeed. ^_^"
[OOC] Iris dances around.
[OOC] Gyro Man is about to buy some books on shelf-building, and then going to go find a hardware store to get some shelves. X)
[OOC] Iris oohs fun!
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Isn't it, though? XD"

After watching Arago leave the building, Gyro goes to the checkout counter of the bookstore, and purchases his books. An uneventful affair, compared to the past couple hours, and once it's done he exits the store, bag in hand, set to find the hardware store!

>I still haven't written up a conclusion to that. ^^; I hope to do it...someday.

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