Started with a conversation on how an M3 game might be made... and it eventually turned into a discussion on AI, and who would know more about a Reploid's mind, the man who created the race, or the man who discovered AI in the first place.

<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "and by the way, its Doppler not Light who would know more about reploids. Considering Doppler invented the reploid race. ;)"
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light invented AI, though.
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "Look at the name. And Berky and Gareth's song."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "so? Thats like a group of people talking about a break through in console tech and someone piping up and saying, 'I invented the Atari'. :)"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "Doppler invented reploid tech, you're just like the bratty rich kid who always has the newest coolest toys before anyone else. ;)"
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "Whatever."
<Public> El Scorcho says, "Dr. Light is as a demigod!"
<Public> Daryn says, "I would say Doppler knows more about reploids."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "and if you couldn't tell, I'm the bratty little kid who snuck around with a pin popping the other kid's balloons. ;)"
<Public> Daryn says, "Light knows more about hybrid/android/bustertech."
<Public> Leo says, "If we're making bad analogies..."
<Public> Leo says, "Light made the first AIBO."
<Public> Leo says, "Doppler made a mod chip."
<Public> Leo says, "Less opaquely: Light made the PC, Doppler developed clones."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "reploids are far beyond a simple 'mod chip'. So you fail. ;)"
<Public> Leo says, "You forget one thing, Firestorm."
<Public> El Scorcho says, "Zounds! They changed gamefaqs!"
<Public> Leo killed, ate and skinned your facstaffer.
<Public> Leo says, "Therefore, HE CANNOT SAVE YOU FROM ME"
<Public> Leo says, "fu fu fu fu"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "pfft."
<Public> Berkana says, "In that order?"
<Public> Milan says, "Perhaps, Leo."
<Public> Brave Brave Brave Sir Gareth says, "...don't you usually skin them /before/ you eat them?"
<Public> Milan says, "But what good is a fachead skin..."
<Public> Milan says, "If you are unable... to use a needle?"
<Public> Durandal says, "Makes good shoeleather."
<Public> Milan reduces Leo's skill at Sewing to -Yes.
<Public> He of the Hat, Signas tips his hat, and heads off for the evening. G'night, all.
<Public> Leo likes his cannibalistic habits with the extra crispy skin, but some parts are not good for eating,.
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "I think a more apped analogy is. Light invented the transitor, Doppler invented the microchip."
<Public> Leo says, "No. Reploids are less complex and difficult to produce than androids."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "no."
<Public> Leo says, "I think you misunderstand me. I'm staff."
<Public> Leo says, "Reploids are less complex and difficult to produce than androids."
<Public> Leo says, "I will now take questions from the audience."
<Public> Milan raises his hand.
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "Can I ahve a pony?"
<Public> Durandal says, "Can I have a pony?"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "Reploids are less difficult to produce yes, they are however far more complex than an android."
<Public> Milan says, "Are reploids harder to produce than androids?"
<Public> Durandal says, "Light. My head. OUT."
<Public> Leo sets up a pony timeshare for Light and Durandal. "Reploids are easier to make than androids, which is why they are so prevalent."
<Public> Leo says, "Reploids are less complex and difficult to produce than androids in general, since they follow a standardized format and can be easily and efficiently produced in factories."
<Public> Brave Brave Brave Sir Gareth says, "Androids have to be personally coded. Reploids have a preset system. It's like...hand-coding your own operating system, versus using Windows. Or something along those lines."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "they are easier to produce because they don't have to be programmed. Androids can't be mass produced because each one requires a unique program built from the ground up."
<Public> Leo says, "All AIs need to be programmed. Androids are all hand-made. Reploids follow a standardized format, which is why the Maverick Virus is such a problem."
<Public> Brave Brave Brave Sir Gareth says, "I'm not even sure who I'm arguing for or against, so I'll shut up now. ^^;"
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker randomly notes.
<Public> Cut Man is also totaly immune to viruses!
<Public> Cut Man says, "No viruses would want to infect ME."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker says, "I demand that when Red comes onto the grid, his VA should be Tommy Chong in homage to the movie 'National Lampoon's Senior Trip' where he played Red, the hippie Bus Driver."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "Reploids program themselves. Their programming grows and changes as they develop. Which is why a reploid personality can not be stored like an androids can, they are infinitely more complex because they develop like a human would."
<Public> Berkana infects Cut Man.
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Programming growing on its own and programming oneself is totaly different."
<Public> Gemma nods to Firestorm. Yes, that is true.
<Public> Gemma says, "I don't think you and Leo are having the same conversation."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "So, Reploids think differently than androids?"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "yes and no."
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Not necessarily."
<Public> Gyro Man says, "Or rather, have a different base for it?"
<Public> Gemma says, "An android can have its entire personality pre-coded. That does NOT mean that he cannot think and grow as he accepts new data. But he is more static in this way."
<Public> Cut Man thinks most Robot Masters are of Reploid-complexity in AI, minus the Wily-Code.
<Public> Gyro Man says, "Ahh.. how are they sent back to the computer in E-ringing?"
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "RMs are pretty much fully sentient, they just have their own customized set of ten commandments depending on which one they are."
<Public> General says, "Reploids are like people, from birth."
<Public> General says, "They can be programmed with knowledge."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "with the top three being the main bits of wily code, that pertains to them protecting him and following his orders."
<Public> Leo says, "All true AI is fundamentally identical. The differences come from the circumstances of their programming and the restrictions put on them or not."
<Public> General says, "But they have to develop their own stability as they 'age', which is quicker than most humans, is still aging."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "then like the other commandments are like, silly things"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "they are both sentient, so they think mostly the same. But like Gemma said, they are more static. An android can still learn and adapt, but say if an android was programmed to act like a ten year old. It could be 30 and would still more or less act in that nature."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "like Thou Shalt Sing Karaoke"
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker needs no Wilycode, as he'd follow /anyway/!
<Public> El Scorcho says, "Heyo, Duo."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "or Thou Shalt Drinketh Beer"
<Public> Byte says, "Listen To The Duo. =D"
<Public> Byte says, "His Word Is Law."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "Nah."
<Public> Shiniest of All, Enker's commandments are, mostly 'Thou Shalt Shine'
<Public> Cut Man is a good example on the learn and adapt.
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "My word is my bond, dawg."
<Public> Mimos nods. Which is why you end up with screwed-up people like me, when people try to wedge the two together. :D Hey, shiny!
<Public> Cut Man became a Martial Artist powerhouse on his own.
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "So, what's the arguement here? Who's smarter: Light or Doppler? What's more "real": A Reploid or an Android? I feel like we're stuck in a tangent."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "I think the arguement starter with who made the bigger breakthrough in AI tech, you or Doppler."
<Public> Gyro Man idles to play Legends. Carry on with your cool AI discussion. :D
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "Well."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "Dr. Light and Dr. Wily both did the first bits of reploid research."
<Public> Daryn says, "The question was 'Who knows reploids better?' not 'who is smarter?'"
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "X and Zero were both of their first attempts. Doppler simply refined it."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "And made it efficient."
<Public> El Scorcho thinks Dr. Wily is the smart one. :)
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "I thought X was based off Doppler's research, not the other way around."
<Public> Daryn is the smartest character on the mush.
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "IT's like, Wily and Light hit a rock and sticks and made fire."
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "Doppler made a Bic."
<Public> Daryn says, "what is a Bic?"
<Public> El Scorcho says, "A pen!"
<Public> Mr. Tadakichi Duo says, "common disposable lighter brand, they make pens too"
<Public> Daryn says, "how does that relate to fire?"
<Public> Daryn says, "oh."
<Public> Leo says, "Wily is very creative. He's done a lot of groundbreaking work beyond AI (timestoppers, solid holos, etc etc)."
<Public> Leo says, "Light is the AI master. Undisputed. Complete."
<Public> Cut Man says, "And soon, Reality-ripping cutters!"
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "I make em brains."
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Light is YOUR GOD."
<Public> El Scorcho once did an art project called The Bic Erasable From Hell.
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "ah well, it really doesn't matter because Light still holds the ultimate trump card. He made the Buster. :>"
<Public> Daryn says, "but again, does that mean Doppler knows more about reploids or Light/Wily? Or is it the same? (It's harder to make a lighter than to hit sticks and rocks together)"
<Public> Leo says, "This is why Wily is seen as being more profilic while Light hasn't appeared to be up to a whole lot."
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Wily made it too."
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Point?"
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Heck, Scott made one."
<Public> El Scorcho says, "Light does stuff on occassion."
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Like Toasters."
<Public> El Scorcho says, "That lazy bum."
<Public> Knowledge is power, FOR REAL! Foucalt says, "He offered to put a toaster or a coffee maker in my arm!"
<Public> Leo says, "Doppler knows the most about Reploids, having been the original developer. However, Reploid research only exists because of Light."
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "no, Wily stole buster tech from Light and Scott stole it from Wily."
<Public> Stealing Hosbital Jello, Dr. Light says, "It could be argued that Light isn't capable/willing to expand with the crazy gadgets. I try to keep a balance-mostly because I /like/ gadgets, but I don't want to overshadow Wily's greatest strength."
<Public> Oracle Ocelot says, "Creating lunatic devices? :)"
<Public> Firestorm Phoenix says, "Well Light, you could create -sane- devices. Sure those aren't quite as much fun, but it could still scratch your creative itch. ;)"

Then Gemma posted about Wood Man and Plant Man closing, and everyone started talking about that instead. :P So that's all there is for this.

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