When the Masters move, they do it with STYLE. :)

Gyro Man's Loft <GML>

Gyro's quarters are modest-sized and have their share of clutter. A long desk not unlike a lab workbench runs the entire length of the right-hand wall. In the back corner of the room, the desk's metal frame is conjoined with the frame of a loft bed. There's a reading lamp clamped to the bedframe, and a couple of higher-intensity arm lamps bolted to the desk. It's hard to tell just how the lamps are attatched because almost every inch of the desk's surface is obscured with clutter. There are sketchbooks, markers, stacks of reference guides on various topics, trays of electronic and mechanical components, open tackle-boxes full of tools and art supplies, and a half-completed scale model of an ancient military helicopter painted in Gyro's colors.
The left hand wall is host to Gyro's sports equipment. In contrast to the desk, everything here seems to be in its proper place, though the sheer quantity of it still lends to the impression of clutter. There's a snowboard that looks to be cut for freestyling, as well as a pair of soft boots. There's a surfboard, a folded sailboard, a skydiving parachute, a wetsuit, some good skiing gear, all either leaning against the wall or held up on pegs.
The floor is relatively clear (probably because Gyro doesn't seem to own too many clothes). There's a couch and an easy-chair, both built large enough to accomodate some of the bigger Masters.

Gyro Man clicks radio on. Let's see what's on tonight, eh?

[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "Hey. Is Doc listening?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Eh?"
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Gemini Man transmits, "We are go, sir."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "What is going on?"
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Dr. Wily transmits, "Excellent. The Quint Blimp and Dreadskull are inbound from Africa with the new components. Number Man, are you listening?"
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Gemini Man transmits, "We're sending you a message on an encrypted protocol, Doctor, finalizing the information."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Number Man transmits, "I'm here."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Dr. Wily transmits, "Begin charging."

. o O (Hm? What's going on? Someone answer Pharaoh's question already...)

[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Number Man transmits, "Yes, Doctor."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Gemini Man transmits, "EUuhSeVdW^VubUnXO0301ubNTt^bTiaecdmS^dTKaZ03STuOZniVUniWZT#mGTu25nlO^cubNTte_abRecdmcT01mZW^a06nMSec02
W^ZuWZuaZoQ01mGna02dn03cT02^SbnjVGcteQh$05sSd03vcugUd4m700DmYWdc03SuPKnVZ03nedKatWd|uEKngSQSo-08!# 09EXXiYKht"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Alpha Squadron. Report."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Ice Man transmits, "Here, Doctor."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Elec Man transmits, "Ready."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Number Man cackles! "MARIACHI! Throw open the switches on the sonic oscillator, and increase the reactor power THREE MORE TRIANGLES!" "Si, papa!"

Gyro Man thinks. . o O(There /has/ been a lot of activity lately... I guess I'll just have to wait and see.) He looks around, and hmms.

[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Dr. Wily transmits, "Acknowledged. Beginning final preperations now."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Are you en-route?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "Us?"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Elec Man transmits, "Affirmative."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Ice Man transmits, "Yes, Doctor."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Gemini Man transmits, "We've been HERE all week."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Cut Man transmits, "Yes!"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "All Robot Masters. Fan out around the following area in Neo Tokyo. Shadow Man and Gemini Man will be commanding this operation on the ground. Enker and the Elites, will be accompanying me, as I'm sure we'll have some company. I know none of you will let me down tonight."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Pharaoh Man transmits, "On my way."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Metal Man transmits, "Complying"
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily sends a burst of coordinates.
[Radio: (B) Secure] Top Man transmits, "Bwa? Yessir."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Number Man transmits, "Doctor, the power regulators are primed, and we're charged up."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Dr. Wily transmits, "Excellent."
[Radio: (H) Top-Secret] Number Man transmits, "By your command."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Shhh! Sword Man transmits, "At your command, M'lord."


<O-Master> Sassy Enker says, "This is gonna piss /everyone/ off."
<O-Master> Fear Cragnet/Magnash Man! Crash Man says, "Oooh hell yes it will."
<O-Master> \/ Shadow Man says, "It totally is."
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "It's our job, Enker. :D"

Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo

This is the economic heart of Neo Tokyo and a great deal of the world. It is within these few square kilometers that corporate empires rise and fall, deals determining the fate of the world's commerical enterprises are made, and where the greatest commercial structure ever created dwarfs everything around it, the Stratoscraper. This immense building is so tall that aerospace technology had to be applied to maintain the building's atmosphere near the top, while the foundation below bores deep into the planet's crust. Around the base of this building are the smaller, though by no means small themselves, skyscrapers that house the headquarters of countless corporations and globe-spanning enterprises.The city has reached so far into the sky here that special public transports race up and down between suspended platforms that connect many of the buildings. Floating food vendor booths drift to and from specialized airlocks on the side of the buildings, and the lights from various holographic ad signs reflect from the mirrored windows.

Shark Man [Armour] [RM]
Shadow Man [Portrait] [RM]
Pharaoh Man [Platoon-Commander] [RM]
Ballade [Normal] [RM]
Cut Man [Armour] [RM]
Ice Man [Unhooded] [RM]
Elec Man [Normal] [RM]
Gemini Man [Business] [RM]

New Construction
Scratched Lamp Post
Karasawa Tower
Light Labs [MH]

South <S>
: Harbor District - Neo Tokyo
West <W>: Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo

Top Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Top Man has arrived.
Sword Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Sword Man has arrived.
Crash Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Crash Man has arrived.
Metal Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Metal Man has arrived.
Flash Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Flash Man has arrived.

<Public> Gemini Man says, "Should I newscam it?"
<Public> Vile nods.
<Public> Knowledge is power, FOR REAL! Foucalt thinks you should. :D
<Public> Gemma says, "Let's get a camera so people don't have to clog the room."
<Public> Want me for a sunbeam? Dr. Kirima Inuksuk says, "All the RMs are gonna be scary enough."
<Live News> Gemma
<Live News>
A female Stardroid.


Gemma has an arm cannon on her left arm in green and violet. Unless in combat, she hides it as shown.

<Live News> Contents:
<Live News> Skull Monument
<Live News> Sea Pendant
<Live News> Thunder Pendant
<Live News> Abyss Pendant
<Live News> Gemma took you.
<Public> Tron Bonne says, "...The Inside of Gemma!"
<Public> Short Wither Brain! Crash Man says, "Gemma, I see your inside."
<Public> Cut Man says, "Kinky."
<Public> Metal Man says, "SEXY!"
<Public> Pharaoh Man says, "Lookit all the pendants."
<Public> Short Wither Brain! Crash Man says, "That's one really sexy StarDroid, though."
<Public> Assault Kangaroo says, "...Did she just take the channel?"
<Public> Gemma says, "The camera is ON"

<O-Master> Metal Man cues the unoffical RM rampage theme

Mercury's Camera has arrived.

>Obviously, since I was there, I swiftly gagged Live News.

[OOC] Metal Man says, "HI MA!"

<Public> Gemma gives birth to the camera.
<Public> Scary Devil Girl Alouette was takene by a one-eyed Gemma!
<Public> Lord of the Dance: Ballade dies from news spam.
<Public> 103! BLOCKHEADS WIN!! Sword Man says, "Gemma's a mommy!"

Dr. Wily arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Dr. Wily has arrived.

[OOC] Cut Man says, "DOC!"
[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "I'm not here ICly. Not yet,"
[OOC] Cut Man nodsnods.

New Construction

There is a lot of new construction going on around the area where Light Labs used to stand: mainly, the digging of what looks like an enormous foundation.

A sign here says: Future Site of the Light Labs Monument and Museum.

<Public> Tron Bonne says, "...That... ...is a LOT of Robot Masters."
<Public> 110 Days To Go! Javelin Whitetail peers at xwho. Whoah.

------------------------------------- ? --------------------------------------
------------------------------------- C --------------------------------------
Alouette           Berkana *          Cerveau *          Daryn *            
Dr. Kirima Inuksuk Ebony Fox *        Gareth *           Glyde Loath        
Higure Higsby *    Javelin Whitetail *Kalinka *          Milan              
Noble Griffon      Quiet Man *        Randy Schwarts *   Sarah Fairchild *  
Tron Bonne *       Umbra Phantom *    Valor               
------------------------------------- M --------------------------------------
Amp *              Byte *             Data Raccoon       Firestorm Phoenix  
Lunar Vixen        Mimos *            One *              Overclock *        
Sigma              Vile                
------------------------------------- MH -------------------------------------
Alloy *            Durandal *         Foucalt *          Glaive *           
Jazz *             Magma Dragoon *    Michael Eildath *  Roll *             
Seki               Signas *           Sonata *           Zephyr Gryphon *    
------------------------------------- RF -------------------------------------
Anthem             Assault Kangaroo * Barrage Raptor *   Conduit            
Crescent Grizzly * General            Jet Stingray *     Nitro Lizard       
Plasma Harrier *    
------------------------------------- RM -------------------------------------
Ballade *          Crash Man *        Cut Man *          Dr. Wily *         
Elec Man *         Enker *            Flash Man *        Gemini Man *       
Gyro Man *         Ice Man *          Metal Man *        Number Man *       
Pharaoh Man *      Shadow Man *       Shark Man *        Skull Man          
Sword Man *        Top Man *          Turbo Man *         
------------------------------------- SD -------------------------------------
Arcturus           Gemma              Mercury            Scorpio            
-------------------------- Mon May 03 20:04:18 2004 --------------------------

<Public> Tron Bonne says, "And I mean... A LOT!"
<Public> Zephyr Gryphon says, "... I don't like this. >.>"

Enker arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Enker has arrived.

<Public> 110 Days To Go! Javelin Whitetail says, "19 RM's and 18 IC. Wow."
<Public> Vile sobs. The Masters are too awesome.

<O-Master> \/ Shadow Man says, "I don't think we'll be needing any Devils."
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "Ragged we come"
<O-Master> Metal Man says, "Ragged we kill..."
<O-Master> Fear Cragnet/Magnash Man! Crash Man says, "Devils? Why bother, we have me. MAGNET! COME HERE!"
<O-Master> Top Man says, "oh lord, not the gestalt XD"
<O-Master> Fear Magnash/Cragnet Man! Magnet Man says, "I'm trying to find my way there! I'm still lying in a heap in NY!!"
<O-Master> Fear Cragnet/Magnash Man! Crash Man says, "We'll be head security. :P"

[OOC] Metal Man says, "Stunticons! MERGE INTO MENASAUR!"

Magnet Man arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Magnet Man has arrived.
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Magnet!"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Yeah baby!"
[OOC] Metal Man needs a Gestalt
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "You need to bow before us, that's what you need!"
[OOC] Shark Man gestalts with Metal Man.
[OOC] Metal Man says, "Metal Shark!"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Nope! Sorry!"
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Only /we/ may gestalt."
[OOC] Crash Man takes out the Duct Tape.
[OOC] Flash Man says, "Mark Man!"

Cameras flash, pointed at a makeshift podium set in front of a construction site. The Donachi Business District is visible on all the cameras at home, and visible from the streets. This is no international conference--the notice was much too short--but GNN is here in force, as are reporters from all of Neo Tokyo.
As a well-dressed Japanese man ascneds to the podium, questions, mostly in Japanese, float up from the audience. They are silenced, in Japanese, by a man standing just in front of the podium--likely a translator. Eventually, the crowd dies to a dull roar.

[OOC] Crash Man says, "Okay, one second. Magnet, call a side."
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "No, I wanna flip! You always flip!"
[OOC] Crash Man says, "Okay, okay. I call Tails. :P"
Magnet Man flips a coin in the air and it comes down tails.
[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Ok, I'll pose for us."

[OOC] Magnet Man says, "Someone pose entering so the rest of us can swarm in like Zerg! Kekekekeke"
[OOC] Shadow Man baps. No swarming until the speech is over.

Standing a bit behind the collection of important Japanese men is a less important one in a white suit, wearing dark glasses with an earpiece connected by a cord to a radio hidden under his neat suit. Grave and uncharismatic appearing, he is most likely a bodyguard for the presenter.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," comes the voice from the podium. It is in clear, unaccented English.
It is repeated, just a second after, in equally clear Japanese, by the man in the front.
Behind this speech... is the foundation, and only that, of what will probably be a large building. From the shape of it, the basement is, in and of itself, dug very deep. Nothing quite looks finished even in this foundation area, but that's to be expected.
"We know it takes a lot, in this day and age...to really do something creative," says the speaker on the stage. There are nods from the audience.
"We talked it over. And, you know. Since you just HAPPENED to know where it was SITTING, PROTOMAN...yes, you, we're talking to you..."
"...we knew, we would, eventually have to pick up shop." The man sighs exaggeratedly, and leans forward over the podium, casually. "So we figured... well. We'd done the Tibet thing. We'd DONE, by Wily, the underwater sealab thing. We did Antarctica, Siberia...and it was nothin' but cold. We did the jungle, the desert...and you JUST blew them UP."
The man chuckles. "And so we thought. What would really. Really. Reallllllly PISS THE HUNTERS OFF?"

Durandal arrives from the Harbor District - Neo Tokyo.
Durandal has arrived.
Jazz arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Jazz has arrived.
Fusion arrives from the Fujiwa Art District - Neo Tokyo.
Fusion has arrived.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne murmurs a bit sleepily. "...What the heck is going on on the News tonight?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Haven't been paying attention. There's enough of it bad lately."
[Radio: (E) Global] Fusion transmits, "...something about this speech seems amiss, to say the very least."
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Lemme flip it on."

Pharaoh Man suddenly appears. And he's not alone. Multiple squads of drones march out of the alleyways, as he blinks systematicly into position near the platform and its speaker. A wry grin is upon his face.

[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "...I see what you mean."
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Not another massacre..."
[Radio: (E) Global] Fusion transmits, "Oooh SNAP! Robot Masters!"

Music. Far away. Soft. Yet growing louder. As the man at the podium asks his question, the answer becomes suddenly, glaringly obvious. The music rises to a crescendo, clearly recognizable as 'Ride of the Valkyries'. The drone of massive jet engines and the humming of propellers makes a numbing counterbeat to the frantic classical music. From the Neo Tokyo skyline emerge two shapes that the people of the city had wished never to see. The Dreadskull. And the Quint Blimp. Once more, the two most powerful ships of the Robot Master fleet descend upon Neo Tokyo, upon what was the site of Light Labs. But this time, they bring something other than destruction.

Slung beneath the two vessels, massive sections of metal, bristling with weaponry and shaped like....pieces of massive pedestal and towers. Riding atop the massive constructs, the Alpha Masters, carrying out the secret mission assigned to them only days before. The Robot Masters have come for their new home.

[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "A horrid misuse of music."
[Radio: (E) Global] Jet Stingray transmits, "...You have /got/ to be kidding. That is so overdone."

And standing in a corner somewhere close by, wearuing his usual conspicuous disguise, is FLLAS MAN! But you don't know that. No, of course not. Unless, of course, you do.

<O-Master> The Funk Soul Dr. Wily checks the list of Masters. "Fllas Man?"
<Public> Short Wither Brain! Crash Man says, "Flash, that was the worse typo ever."
<O-Master> Sassy Enker says, "Flash Man, I'm assuming"
<O-Master> Flash Man says, "Telnet. Next question??"
<Public> Short Wither Brain! Crash Man says, "And you did it on TV, too."

With a *CRASH* the head of Master Security is here! How can you tell? Badges and shirts, folks, badges and shirts. Magnash Man appears, leaping into the vicinity and landing directly next to a car, leaving a dent in the pavement and sending the car's alarm system into a horrible rage. The pair stand tall, proudly showing off their shirts. Well, it's practically one shirt, as the garment /was/ two shirts, which are now sewn together. Through the collar can be seen the duct tape holding the two masters together. On the shirts, in big white letters, is the word SECURITY!, and on each chest is a badge/nametag with a picture of the respective master and the name Magnash/Cragnet Man. (It actually reads Magnash/Cragnet Man, with the slash) Crash Man looks at the crowd and points his arm cannon, and both voices yell, "Please step AWAY from the presenter! All that step within six feet of the stage will be shot!" Magnet quickly whispers something into his ear. "Wait! All who step within six feet of the stage shall be dressed up like Sailor Scouts, and forced to dance a jig in front of national news!" Magnet whispers again. "Dance while being shot!" He whispers to Magnet "Is that good?" and Magnet nods vigorously.

Bass has arrived.
[OOC] Cut Man says, "Fish!"
[OOC] Fusion is half-tempted to, conviniently being in Tokyo as she is, push her way to the front and end up dressed as a Sailor Scout.

Running down the sidewalk comes a strange figure, at least in Japan: A blonde haired, heavily tanned femme in the upper realms of the 5'-6' range. That's not all, she's clad in a yellow string bikini covered up only slightly by a red windbreaker.
...what? She was going to go to the beach! Tetsuo's just sidetracked her!
Anyway. Jazz skids to a halt abruptly, goggling at the huge crafts overhead with an open mouth and wide eyes.
"Oh, no, this isn't how a ceremony is supposed to go at all..."

Elec Man stands atop the structure, on one of the highest points. His face appears solemn at first, arms crossed around his chestplate. But then, ho! A twinkle of the eye, and a wide grin spreads across his face. He lifts his hands, electricity swirling around his arms theatrically before he brings his palms together with a loud crack of thunder.

A lot of flash, pomp, and circumstance seems to follow such an insidious plan. Along with the...disturbing announcements of 'Magnash Man'. Sword, of course, is hardly one for flair, and when the plot is revealed, he simply pulls himself out from his chosen hiding place, pivoting around the corner of an Alley and making a slow march toward the stage, a few Blade Joes appearing from similar alleys and falling in rank behind him until he finally comes up to where the other RMs are.

More robot masters show up this time it is the blade slinger whom all want to turn to paste. That is correct the ever loveable Metal Man! He's leading a group go Gear Clowns and Sniper Joes in formation much Akin to Ra's. What are they up to this day?! Only time shall tell.

Turbo Man launches himself deftly upon the given signal, a roar erupting from his engine as his tires screech a loud complaining noise upon the asphalt, jetting his way through the streets with unmatched speed. Hydraulic cylinders unleash a burst of air, sending him through the air. And so there he stands again, without expression and cold, yet flaring with decisiveness and controlled rage, Turbo Man surveying the scene up close.

The white-suited bodyguard does not seem to have a problem with any of this, simply speaking into his radio in unheard murmers.

Cut Man standing behind the Alpha CO Elec Man at his right, the little red and white androind standing tall and proud, his hands placed on his hips. He bought out his Golden Cutters for the occasion, the yellow blades gleaming in the sun as they slowly clip open and closed. The Alpha have a huge grin on his face. And his eyes are determined. This is gonna be Awesome. Not awesome. /A/wesome. Now, hopefully, he wont fall off...

Top Man is soon out as well, looking up at the sky as the two fearsome vessels aproach, and then over as the Gestalt enters. He grins, skating to join Pharaoh and the others near the platform, a very large, very orange, tiger striped robotic feline following him. It sits beside the Gamma, tail twitching as its master's eyes dart around gleefully. It's time. It's time.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne murmurs softly. "...My god."
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "You have to admit, no one else was using it."

Durandal slows to a walking stop next to Jazz. "No....this isn't good. What are they building?!?" His hand relexively drops down to his submech gun at his belt, but he makes the effort to keep it undrawn. "Jazz...we've gotta get outta sight, c'mon." He nods to the nearby allyway.

Also running down a sidewalk is a much more familiar face in Japan, that of the famous (among Japan's teenagers, anyway) radio personalty, DJ Fusion! Blue hair flaring out behind her as she runs towards where the speech is being given, she slows down as she approaches the odd Reploid out in the... bikini? "What the hell is going on here? Dammit, why do they always go after Tokyo?" the Repliforce dispatcher says, more to herself than to Jazz (who she's not actually paying attention to at the moment). Yelling at the towards the Robot Masters, the Repligirl says, "This isn't some cheesy anime, pick on another city!"

Ice Man is standing behind Elec Man at his left, but unlike Cut Man, his look is more vacant, as if in deep thought, but ever so often his eyes scan what they can of Tokyo, looking for anything amiss.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Prepare to engage the Gateway System on my mark."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Enker transmits, "Preparations are complete."

As the Robot Masters swarm the stage, the man giving the speech cries out, in a sarcastic mockery: "Oh, god, help me, we're being attacked!"
And then he laughs. And his translator laughs...and they both laugh in a synchronized cackle. Then, they dissolve.... and reform again, with two flashes of blue. ...It's Gemini Man.

Then what is the DEAL with the memorial?
The lead Gemini leans over and grabs the microphone, and then, he happily declares, as cameras roll. "LADIES and GENTLEMEN.... the Lab that SHOULD have stood here the ENTIRE time. YOU can call this, Wily Labs, but WE call our memorial:"

"Skull Monument."

[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "My finger is on the damn button."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Engage."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "Aye, Cap'n, Ah'm givin' 'er all Ah've got!@"

Gyro Man walks into the area nonchalantly. He isn't in the air, yet; no need to present a target to any dissidents who'd like to take a potshot. He looks around the area carefully, smiles behind his facemask, and picks out a place to stand.

[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Revenge, hmm."

Metal Man grins as the announcement made.

Gemini Man takes New Construction.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flash Man transmits, "I do not mean to sound ignorant, but please tell me that this has a... large amount of security precautions.look"
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Elec Man transmits, "Durrr, Flash."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "No (*$"/."

<O-Master> Flash Man says, "GAH! I didn't say look."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Flash Man transmits, "=I understand. It's just that I must admit to being a bit nervous about publicizing this."

Nodding twice to Durandal, finally recognizing the danger here, Jazz takes swift action that doesn't quite fit in with her ditzy reputation. Grabbing Fusion, the Light-bot yoinks the radio personality into a nearby alleyway, albeit a different one than Durandal's. It was closer!
"Hey, wait, don't I know you from somewhere? Ohmigod! You're Fusion, aren't you? I listen to your show all the time!"
At the same time, she's pulling out various pieces of a sailor costume from her windbreaker pocket.
How lucky.

As the Masters swarm the area below, the Dreadskull and Quint Blimp perform a delicate ballet, dropping the two massive pieces of cargo into place with a thunderous roar. Immediately, both ships pull up sharply, powering out of the area as cables detach from their underbellies. The purpose of their cargo is now apparent: A massive pedestal does indeed stand on the former spot of Light Labs. And then Gemini makes his proclomation. As he does so, a strange whine fills the area and a bright burst of light that seems to last almost forever. All over the globe, delicate scienticfic equipment goes haywire as one of the most massive energy expenditures in recorded history takes place. The amount of energy needed to teleport and entire base from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the middle of Neo Tokyo.

As the light clears, a mad cackle rolls over the area, magnified by some trick of technology. The source? Dr. Albert Wily, standing high atop the SKull Monument, cape flapping in the wind. Flanking him are the leaders of his army, Bass and Enker along with Ballade. His voice booms over the area. "SKULL MONUMENT. The pinnacle of Robot Master architecture. A TESTAMENT to our MIGHT. Our POWER." He raises a fist high into the air. "ROBOT MASTERS! We have claimed what has always been ours by right. Welcome to Skull Monument. WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME!"

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnash Man transmits, "Let them come! The new place can fend off anybody, anytime."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits a Protoss voice. "Teleport successful."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Dr. Wily transmits, "Well done NUmber Man. Well done indeed."

[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Wily transmits, "MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Maverick Hunters! Look upon the power of the Masters. Unlike Light Labs, SKull Monument will NEVER fall."
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail has unexpectedly disconnected, call error #-1 ELECTRICAL MALFUNCTION 0.0023243D.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man sizzles a bit.
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "That was sketchy. I'm here too, though."
[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "I forgot that I can't teleport with the Gateway. I had to arrange a point-to-point-to-point teleport through the other base's systems to plop me into the server room without my brain frying."

[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive the sound of taking in breath could be heard, then silence as a following click was transmited. "*CLICK*"
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Cossack is strangely calm. "Oh, it von't, huh. Ve'll see. Ve'll see."

[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "Settling into Omicron Tower, bringing the computers back online."

[Radio: (E) Global] Seismic Earthworm chuckles darkly for a few moments, then smirks and falls silent.

Fusion "Eep!"s as she's pulled into an ally by Jazz. Eyeing the bikini-glad gaijin, the radio personality rubs her arm where she was yoinked, and says, "Yeah, that's me... what's it to you? And, uh, what's with the outfit?" Her gaze shifts from the bikini/windbreaker combo to the Sailor Scout bits. "...both of them. You know, never mind, I've got to do *something* about this... but I can't as an agent of Repliforce. Hmm, maybe I can get away with it as an angered citizen of Neo Tokyo..."

[Radio: (B) Secure] Magnash Man transmits, "What do we do with the crowd, Dad?"

Enker smirked as he stood beside Wily, his armor gleaming in the light. Wily was doing perfectly well speaking, so the Elite didn't need to add anything. The shiny one merely folded his arms across his chest and gazed upon the assembled crowd with unrepressed condesencion. He was superior to the gullable fools gathered here to see a monument to Light. They /did/ get a Monument, a monument to the greatness of Wily.

Top Man lets out cheers at the announcement and their Father's words. He grins widely, cracking his knuckles and shifting weight from one foot to the other. The giant Tama beside him hunches down, its own sort of wicked grin forming.

Arago arrives from the Harbor District - Neo Tokyo.
Arago has arrived.
[OOC] Arago is here to take you all on!

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Gemini Man transmits, "How's the inside look?"

Durandal rolls into the ally and takes cover behind a box as Masters begin swarming the area, daring to peer up over the handily placed crates. "His submech IS in his hands now, as he starts to watch the twisted mockery of a ceremony with earnst now, hoping Jazz is gonna stay down. It'd be best not to be noticed right now. KaCHAK goes a fresh clip, just in case.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne's signal crackles with the static from the teleportation, but then she clears her throat once the signal is restored. "Congradulations, Dr. Wily. That was the smoothest takeover I have ever seen." Tron sighs, "...Hm. That sucks, though. I'm going to miss getting food at Tetsuo's."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Wily transmits, "Thank you, Ms. Bonne. And you're welcome to come get food at Tetsuo's."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "After all, we don't own Neo Tokyo. Amun-Wily just purchased some real estate in it."
[Radio: (E) Global] Jet Stingray transmits, "It will just be EVIL food."

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "At least, we don't yet..."

[Radio: (E) Global] Jet Stingray transmits, "...Purchased?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Jazz speaks carefully, "Can I get food too?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Does this look like a hostile takeover?"

Bass stands on Wily's other side, arms folded, head lowered. His poncho billows around him in the strong high-altitude winds, the only thing visible within the hood the dull glow of his red eyes.

He's waiting for something. Something that will not come. And he is angered by it.

<O-Master> Pharaoh Man says, "Bass expected Rock to come running, didn't he?"
Blues arrives from the Harbor District - Neo Tokyo.
Blues has arrived.
<O-Master> Carbon Copy Man Gemini Man says, "Yup. And he won't."
<O-Master> Fear Magnash/Cragnet Man! Magnet Man says, "Blues is kinda like Rock, only with a shield, and a cooler helmet."
<O-Master> Sassy Enker will get a Protoman helmet if he gets a Motorcycle.

[Radio: (E) Global] Gemini Man transmits, "Hostile takeover?"
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "I was being sarcastic, brothers."
[Radio: (E) Global] Gemini Man transmits, "We'll have you know, we bought this plot from the city. Legally. With your T-shirt money."
[Radio: (E) Global] Magnash Man transmits, "We're not being hostile. We're just...standing."

The Gestalted Masters make their landing for the stage, both of them giving a salute towards the Doctor, the Father of all, Doctor Wily! Given, their prior concern right now is the crowd control, but this will not prevent them from commenting on the handiwork of the Doctor. Of course, such a thing would cause the crowd to go wild, to express disgust. But who is foolish enough to stay here with so many Robot Masters present? The Gestalt (as if..) remains on the scene for the moment, though. Both (Crash Man, the legs, Magnet, on Crash's back) seem to admire the Skull Monument, if not at least wish they had a spotlight to point it at Enker. They do not seem to have anything to say.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Replicas of said T-Shirts shall be sold in the Skull Gift Shop, next door."
[Radio: (E) Global] Durandal transmits, "Gemini, have I told you how much I hate you today?"

Jazz pauses, looking at herself, then waving dismissively, "Oh, I was going to go to the boardwalk."
Wait, if she was going to /the/ boardwalk, which was in the U.S., how did she end up... gyah!
The Light-bot disappears in the pink light of a blink system before questions can be posed, reappearing soon thereafter as... Sailor Jazz! Man, that's one elaborate costume. And with the doctors she knows, one can only guess how authentic the thing is.
"Aha! Here we go. Now, what were you saying?"

[Radio: (E) Global] Fusion transmits, "The freakin' *army* of drones you guys brought into the city limits certainly seems more than a little off."
[Radio: (E) Global] Gemini Man transmits, "They live in our house."

Ballade watches the proceedings from his spot flanking Wily as starkly impassionate as ever. He however bows his head to Wily in respect, and waits on for the inevitable pot shots.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Our lease allows pets, thank you."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man pets his Stardroid Rabbit. Mmmmyes.
[Radio: (E) Global] Fusion transmits, "Those aren't pets, they're machines of war!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man transmits, "Standing about doing nothing."
[Radio: (E) Global] Top Man transmits, "Be nice to my kitten... She won't bite! She's just sitting there."

Gemini Man sits down on the ground now, still chuckling. The other Gemini Man looks around to the guys. "You can...all go in now. It's pretty impenetrable, we figure. May be some rusty spots."

[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Mr Tom is a gentle, loving being. As are his 10 Thousand brothers, sisters, and genderless siblings."
[Radio: (E) Global] Cerveau transmits, "By all that is good and holy. The man who invented global real-time voice communication should be shot. *click*"
[Radio: (E) Global] Magnash Man transmits, "Machines of war are still pets. Look at Top, he's a machine of war, but he's also our pet."

Ice Man gives another scan across the crowd, then looks toward a hatch on the top of the Tower. He walks over to it, looks back again, stands on top of it, and opens the hatch, dropping down like a stage drop.

Sword Man merely stares up as the Monument is Gatewayed through, looking up to his creator and Father in yet another moment of glory. His drones, however, remain alert, looking out for any sort of possible disturbances on his order.

[Radio: (E) Global] Jet Stingray transmits, "...Weapons laws, people. Having illegal weapons is still having illegal weapons no matter who has it."

<O-Master> Top Man says, "I AM NO.. ..yes, yes, I guess I am."

[Radio: (E) Global] Metal Man transmits, "I think we already did like 8 years ago..."

As the Skull Monument is teleported into completion, Cut Man is still standing of what would seem to be one of the numberous towers that occupy the new base. More specificaly: The Alpha Tower. He looks down at Alpha, still having his huge grin on his face. "Lead the way, Icy!" And he follows the cute lil' eskimo inside trought the hatch! A new home! A whole tower for THEM! Awesome!

[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "We have a license for our death rays."
[Radio: (E) Global] Sword Man transmits, "...you still have that rabbit, Sir Pharaoh? Surprising."
[Radio: (E) Global] Pharaoh Man transmits, "He's a rather loyal creature."

Potshots? There won't be any potshots. Wily looks to Bass, Enker and Ballade. "Well....it certainly has a nice view. Shall we go take the tour? I here the master bath is simply to die for....." The Doctor giggles madly, then blinks. "Now how to get down......oh.....thats right. Right this way...." In short order, Wily has disappeared inside, heading to the command center to get the rest of the base online.

Arago goes home.
Arago has left.

[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Some laws ought to be changed. I, for one, like to have a weapon or six on me nowadays..."
[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "Lemme say this, Doc: This is beyond awesome."
[Radio: (E) Global] Javelin Whitetail transmits, "Some of us aren't protected."

Gemini Man projects a holographic image of Gemini Man.
Gemini Man has arrived.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Magnash Man transmits, "Do we get to swarm inside it now?

Fusion stares blankly at Jazz. "...you're a freak. I hope you don't plan on going out there dressed like that. What do you think this is, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon? Just 'cause we're in Tokyo, doesn't mean that your anime dreams become reality." A pause, as she barks into her radio, "Those armed Joes certainly don't look like pets!"

[Radio: (E) Global] Fusion transmits, "Those armed Joes certainly don't look like pets!"
[Radio: (E) Global] Jet Stingray transmits, "Death rays aren't legal, morons."

Turbo Man produces the closest he can muster to a chuckle as he watches the crowd disperse in fear, leaving the splendor of the Monument. He tilts his head slightly, and draws away from the scene, towards the testament to the doctor's greatness. As smooth as anyone could have ever wished for it to be. The light step of the android carries him away.

Elec Man turns toward the hatch as well, taking a few decisive steps before he's standing before it... but then he stops. Elec slowly turns once more to face the crowd, one hand held high. A ball of electric power dances on his fingertips. "Now and forever! Wily Monument!" He tosses the ball up, and catches it. Electricity blasts around as he closes his fist.
One last step back, and he's gone, pulling the hatch closed with him.

Turbo Man has left.
Turbo Man makes his way into Skull Monument.

The ponchoed Force Commander doesn't raise his head. He folds his arms, the poncho continuing to billow around him like a cape. It makes him look almost twice as large as a result.

"He's late," Bass says, to no one in particular.

Elec Man has left.
Elec Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Cut Man has left.
Cut Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Ice Man has left.
Ice Man makes his way into Skull Monument.

Gyro Man wows as the base is dramatically moved. He smiles, confident that this will work out well indeed, and walks to the entrance, pretty much ignoring the people in the crowd.

[OOC] Dr. Wily says, "Poor Bass"

Flash Man walks away from the corner, and toward the area bthat presentation 1:walks toward the new monument, smirking. This time, thhough, he's not in his disguise. After all, everybody was looking at the base, so he had toime to rip off his good and coat. He just walks iinto the monument, not trying to attract atention.

[OOC] Jazz will be proxy for Rock.

Mariachi is no longer listening.
Mariachi goes home.

Magnash Man makes another great leap toward the new fortress. They land with a thump outside the doors, and then Magnet pulls against the tape, ripping the two masters apart. "Sorry, Crash, but we gotta check out our own separate towers. Crash grins in agreement. Enker nodded once, moving to follow Wily inside. He didn't even give the crowd a contemptous look. He saved that for Bass, smirking ever so slightly at the Force Commander's ire. If he was lucky, Bass was too caught up in his fury to notice the Elite's look. If he was unlucky...well...He'd probably pay for it later.

Dr. Wily has left.
Dr. Wily makes his way into Skull Monument.

Top Man quickly follows his siblings, the giant cat standing and following as well. The grin never leaves Topper's face.

Magnet Man has left.
Crash Man has left.
Magnet Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Crash Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Top Man has left.
Top Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Flash Man has left.
Flash Man makes his way into Skull Monument.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Pharaoh Man transmits, "Jet Stingray, explain to me how Light Labs and all it held within it was 'legal', then."

Pharaoh Man has left.
Pharaoh Man makes his way into Skull Monument.

Durandal slinks a little further out, risking a little more detectablity in favor of being able to see a heck of a lot more. "This is bad." He casts a glance over to the other ally and whistles twice to grab Jazz's attention. He thumbs back in the other direction.

Ballade eyes Bass and shakes his head turning to follow Wily, he merely gives a shrug of finality addressing Bass offhandedly, "...We have built... he will come..." and with that he descends.

[Radio: (E) Global] Pirate Princess Tron Bonne transmits, "Hate to say it... but if the Tokyo Government actualy SOLD it to him, legally.... Well. Seems Neo Tokyo has a new Doctor in residence. From the corruption of the Japanese politic, and the influx of money from 'Skull Monument'... ...seems Dr. Albert Wily might have himself a home that is going to welcome him." Tron sniffs. "...Hate to say it. Brilliant.""

[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "DAMN WOMEN!"

Now, Jazz's nose twitches, but not with anger. With confusion!
"Anime... whatnow?"
"Oh, this old thing! Well, it's my sneaking costume!" Leaning in close, she stagewhispers, "Everyone ignores me when I'm wearing this."
Or maybe this is only back at Hunter HQ. Hmm.

[Radio: (B) Secure] Number Man transmits, "THERE'S A SLUMBER PARTY ROOM IN MY TOWER!"

Shadow Man has left.
Shadow Man makes his way into Skull Monument.
Gemini Man has left.
Gemini Man makes his way into Skull Monument.

You enter the base.
Skull Monument - Security Foyer

The first room in the base is a general security checkpoint for people who intend to go inside. Robot Masters, and Wily, of course, can pass through with no problem. Other visitors are scanned by Joes and automated equipment. If they are allies, they are usually greeted and escorted further by residents or guards. If they are not on file as allies, that is what the death lasers are for. Other than the security cameras and the drones that wander this foyer, there are probably security measures in play that you cannot see at all. Heavy blast doors in the back are the entrance to the main base from here.

Shadow Man [Portrait] [RM]

Out <O>: Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo
Blast Doors <BD>: Skull Monument - Main Hall
Gyro Man enters the base.

>To see what everyone thought ICly and OOCly of the base (and a whole lot of amusing spam afterwards), see HERE. :D

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