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So, yeah. Just a little social scene that Wave and I did late one night. :)

Skull Monument - Squadron Level

This is a spacious and largely empty area, with metal walls and floor tinted in mild blue and purple, respectively. Spotted around every few meters there is a teleporter here, glowing with a blue aura that is always activated. These are not the teleporter types that lead to different cities around the world, but smaller personal teleporters that lead only to the seperate structures built for each squadron. Each teleporter is clearly labeled for easy access. For those with an international location in mind, there is a platform raised on stairs, above the center of the main floor, with the world-access teleportation chambers atop and visible. It's a straightforward walk from the lifts, or from any teleporter, to the common room to the south.

Wave Man [RM]

Raised Platform <RP>: Teleportation Area--Skull Monument
Zeta Teleporter <Z>: Skull Monument - Zeta Tower
Theta Teleporter <T>: Skull Monument - Theta Tower
Omicron Teleporter <OMI>: Skull Monument - Omicron Tower
Omega Teleporter <OME>: Skull Monument - Omega Tower
Gamma Teleporter <G>: Skull Monument - Gamma Tower
Eta Teleporter <ETA>: Skull Monument - Eta Tower
Epsilon Teleporter <EP>: Skull Monument - Epsilon Tower
Delta Teleporter <D>: Skull Monument - Delta Tower
Beta Teleporter <B>: Skull Monument - Beta Tower
Alpha Teleporter <A>: Skull Monument - Alpha Tower
South <S>: Skull Monument - Common Room
Grav Lift <GL>: Skull Monument - Grav Lifts

*squip-squip-squip* Dang those noisy android feet and their odd.. well.. noises. The sound is being emitted by none other than the neo-pirate of the seas, Wave Man. He's come fresh from the teleporter leading to the Epsilon Tower, and is now making his way to the center of this rather large, empty room. He bears a rather contemplative look in those rather large, expressive eyes of his, large glove-like hands setting at his hips. "Hrmh..", he merfs lowly to himself, eyes set to peer about slowly...

The only other one here is Gyro Man, who himself just returned from a brief lookaround of the new base. At the moment, he's leaning against one of the walls near the gravity lift, half-listening to the radio. Not doing much, really; just hanging out for a bit until he turns in for the night.

Wave Man continues scanning the area until he spots that very Robot Master. Why, it's fellow Epsilon Robot Master Gyro Man! Well, isn't that just perfect? He begins making his way from point A to point B, waving a large hand in attempts to gain his attention. "Ahoy!", he shouts, just to aid this. The greeting quite possibly echoes around, considering how unfurnished and lightly-tread this area is for now. "Haven't seen you in over a week!". A conversation starter, if nothing else. But hey, maybe Gyro Man can help him decide on something..

Gyro Man looks up as Wave calls to him. "Hello, Wave Man," he says, pleasantly enough. "It's been a while, yeah. What's up?" Gyro /is/ a bit curious.

Wave Man bobs one of his spherical shoulders. "Mostly nothing, I'm sad to say. Did you see the report I gave on my current duties? Still nothing!". With that last bit, he stomps a large boot in frustration. "I'm tempted to see if I can get it cleared to implement some mini-bomb fish drones to pepper the water floor for that salty wench. -Nothing- gets past me when in my turf". He pauses a moment and collects himself from his previously sinister tone of voice. "Aside from monitoring my screens, I came by here to have a look over our new facility. What about you?".

Gyro Man glances at the ceiling and hmms, recalling the mentioned report. Ah, right, the beef noodle security... "Hmm," he shrugs too. "I have no idea how she might have gotten away without being detected... I suppose she could be far away by now, or on the ocean floor, like you suspect. We probably won't know until if and when we see her again." He hehs, and adds, "Though, by then her current position would be obvious. But, whatever, right? ...And I was looking around as well. An interesting place, isn't it? Certainly keeps you on your toes."

"Which is what the other bases were lacking moreso in, if you ask me", adds Wave Man. "It seems almost too perfect a place to set up, and would be a sensible choice of station.. but I have this problem". He holds up both of his hands in a karate chope-esque manner. "While this base would be excellent to live in...". One hand moves down. "...I'm currently operating out of a water treatment plant and lab on the coast, which has a direct link with the monitors in the control room to all the drones under my command". The other hand lowers. "If I had to relocate, I would lose that.. because let's face it, we wouldn't be able to adequately fit a facility of that size in here".

"Mm. I see your problem.." Gyro thinks for a bit. "Could a new lab could be constructed on the Japanese coast? Or would it be too difficult to defend... perhaps if it were built into the coast, underground /and/ underwater, it could be harder to find, then.." It sounds like he's thinking out loud now, rambling on about the feasibility of a hidden underwater lab and its potential for being discovered by enemies. He stops suddenly, "Eh.. sorry. I don't suppose that helps?"

Wave Man lifts a hand to rub uselessly at the chin-section of his mouth-piece. "I don't know. The local idiots are bound to be on edge as it is. They might be looking for a reason to start an uproar, and Dr. Wily wouldn't very much appreciate that. Any signs of construction that might be associated with Dr. Wily would be highy scrutinized... On the other hand, it would be beneficial to relocate operations to be a bit closer, since we're more or less moving out of that country altogether". He lowers his hand at that point. "As it stands, the plant I work in goes through a method of hiding in plain sight. I'm not bothering to mask it, and to the casual observer, I'm not doing anything necessarily illegal. Not to mention it operates both just on the coast and with a level underwater as well". He pauses a moment to lift a hand, accenting on his offshoot of a comment: "Remind me later and I'll give you a tour of the facility". He's rather proud of it, after all.

Gyro Man peers at Wave. "Hm, yes, I forgot about that. And, ah, I see what you mean by hiding in plain sight. That would work, although as you said, any construction linked to the Doctor -- perhaps /any/ large construction projects in the near future -- would appear suspicious to the local population." He raises an eyebrow at Wave's offer. "All right," he says simply.

Wave Man nods sagely. "Any real construction at all, and the accusations could start flying, aye". He then lets the subject shift over. "You might actually like it there, or want to stay for a while. You like to tinker with mechanics and such, don't you?", he asks. "Maybe even some chemical compounds and the likes? You might enjoy dinking around in the lab area, if you want".

Gyro Man considers. "Yeah, it's a hobby of sorts. I think I'm up for a visit sometime." He pulls away from the wall, and smiles behind his facemask. Yes, it likely /would/ be interesting.

Wave Man bobs his head once. "Whenever you're feeling up to having a look around, just notify me. It's not like I've been doing anything these past couple weeks aside from staring at a slew of monitors anyway, so it would give me something to do". He has to wonder what sorts of things Gyro Man might construct out of the materials and compounds he has in that plant. Ecological warfare might be an interesting twist on things...

Gyro Man nods back. "All right, I will," he says. Indeed, what /could/ be made there? The possibilities are endless.. Within the limits of the supplies and mind, anyway. Mm, ecological warfare.

Wave Man straightens his posture and nods briefly. "Speaking of which, I need to get back there and check the backlogs. See if I might've missed anything while over here". He begins walking past Gyro Man to the grav lift. "See you later, Gyro Man. Just send me a radio confirmation on when you would like to come over". He then turns to enter into the lift.

Gyro Man nods to Wave Man. "Yup, see you later," he says and walks to the Epsilon tower's teleport pad. In a flash, he's gone.

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