WilyWorld - Magnet Arcade

As you cross the threshold, your senses are assaulted by the sheer /loudness/ of this place: thousands of arcade games and twice as many people cover the first floor--Magnet Man's Arcade is an intensely popular place, judging from the bustle. Every kind of arcade game imaginable is represented here, from fighting games to arcade beat-'em-ups to shooters to classics, and almost all of them have some kind of patronage; there are even lines for some of the newer and more popular games. Furthermore, the boxes are grouped generally by genre, for quick location, and to persuade fans of one genre to sample several games in that category.

Several signs around the acre-wide building read, in bright letters, "All Games Only 1 Zenny With Annual Elite Gamer Pass!" and a banner hanging on the far wall advertises "Cutting-Edge VR Games Upstairs!"

Arago [Normal] [C]
Video Game <VG>

Midway <MW>
: WilyWorld - Ring Man's Midway
Skull Castle <SC>: WilyWorld - Skull Castle

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Shall we go for random chars? X)"
[OOC] Arago says, "Sure. How do you do that? :p"

Video Game> The game has been reset by Arago.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "vjoin random *nodnod*"

Video Game> Arago joins the game as Player 1. Bubble Crab is randomly selected as his fighter.

[OOC] Arago says, "O.o BUBBLE CRAAAAAP!"
[OOC] Gyro Man saved and formatted a copy of vhelp a long time ago --XD!

Video Game> Gyro Man joins the game as Player 2. Tunnel Rhino is randomly selected as his fighter.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Tunnel Rhino? o_o"
[OOC] Arago says, "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit."
[OOC] Gyro Man dies
[OOC] Arago actually temped Tunnel Rhino once :p He was fun.

Video Game Info> Tunnel Rhino's attacks: Drill Punch, Drill Ram, Fierce Kick, Fierce Punch, Kick, Punch, Pyschadelic Ram, Rhino Horn, Shoulder Drills, Strong Kick, Strong Punch, Tornado Fang

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Drill Punch? Hehehe. *visions of Pokémon*"
[OOC] Arago says, "Hee hee, I can attack you with crabs."
[OOC] Arago will give you crabs!
[OOC] Gyro Man =O "Oh no! Not the crabs!"
[OOC] Arago gives you crabs.
[OOC] Gyro Man boils and serves them up.
[OOC] Arago says, "You can't do that with these kind of crabs. wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean know what I mean say no more say no more."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Hee. :D"

Arago is sleeping on the couch in front of the massive TV, stretched out after a long day of avoiding bitchy Arcadians.

Gyro Man is not sleeping. Nor avoiding bitchy Arcadians. (Intentionally, anyway.) He is, in fact, wandering through WilyWorld in a not-very-random fashion, finally ending up in the gaming area. It would be a worthwhile wander, if someone was there... And lo! There is! Gyro blinks at the human. A sleeping opponent isn't much of an opponent...

Arago sleeps soundly though, and with his dark sunglasses, it becomes harder to clarify whether he is sleeping or merely resting.

[Radio: (E) Global] Music suddenly starts blaring over the radio.. sounds like a live performance. It's.. Metallica.
[Radio: (E) Global] Overclock transmits, "Well. Maybe that'll keep me awake to finish this up. Thanks."
[Radio: (E) Global] Dr. Wily sings!? Is he GIVING this concert? "I can't remember anything....Can't tell if this is true or dreaaaam..."
[Radio: (E) Global] Quick Man rocks out on the drums!
[Radio: (E) Global] Ice Man thrums with the bass. And yes, the bass. Without caps.
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...It still amazes me how someone so insane managed to take over Africa.."
[Radio: (E) Global] Valor transmits, "Insane, perhaps. But intelligent, insane and commanding an army of kill machines? Two different things completely."
[Radio: (E) Global] Quick Man DRUM SOLO! Drowning out talk of calling his dad insane.
[Radio: (E) Global] Glaive transmits, "...I see. This is true.."
[Radio: (E) Global] Overclock transmits, "Man."
[Radio: (E) Global] Overclock transmits, "I hate it when a good garage band is ruined by a lousy vocalist."

Gyro Man walks over to Arago, and pauses. Gyro watches Arago for a few seconds -- does he look familiar? -- and then says, "Hey. If you're awake, then let's game. If not.. then wake up." Tactful, isn't he?

Arago's left arm flicks out, a small grappling hook firing out from his sleeve and grabbing a controller. Sitting up instantly, he's already in perfect gaming position as the controller lands in his hands. "You're on."

Gyro Man jerks backward a little, surprised by the sudden move. But then he smiles behind his facemask and says, "All righty." Reaching for a controller of his own, he sits, jackknifing one leg and stretching out the other.

Arago spares no time sending his crappy random character after Gyro's, simply trying to punch it.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Punch attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

Gyro Man gets caught a bit off-guard by the quick start, but still directs his character out of danger in time, and immediately follows the dodge up with a strong kick.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Strong Kick attack misses Bubble Crab.

Arago deftly taps the jump button and the shoulder buttons, bringing Bubble Crab crashing down on Tunnel Rhino with a kick.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Strong Kick attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

The digital Tunnel Rhino counters by retreating backward, narrowly missing getting hit.. But is now in a fine position to attack at close range! Gyro taps the foreward and a couple key attack buttons, and the Rhino swings his drill-fist toward Bubble Crab.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Drill Punch attack misses Bubble Crab.

[OOC] Gyro Man falls over. X)

Arago attempts the same tactic as before, successfully dodging, but only using a fraction of the power in his kick.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Kick attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

[OOC] Arago says, "WHIFF CENTRAL!"
[OOC] Gyro Man XD

Gyro Man hits jump this time, both to evade and to try a new attack method... Attempting to get at just the right attack angle, he goes for a dive kick.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Kick attack misses Bubble Crab.

Arago sighs, "Screw it." And simply taps a few buttons and tilts the control stick at Tunnel, making Bubble Crab do, well, SOMETHING.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Crabwalk Kick attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

As Rhino's kick hits a good deal of air but very little foe, Gyro glances at Arago and hehs. "It's too early to get worked up now," he says mildly, tapping a few more buttons, directing his character for a Shoulder Drill.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Shoulder Drills attack misses Bubble Crab.

[OOC] Gyro Man LOLs. xD;

Arago chuckles as the crab shoots little spurts of water at the rhino, "Says who?"

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Bubble Splash attack strikes Tunnel Rhino.

[OOC] Arago says, "Woo hoo!"
[OOC] Gyro Man falls over! XD

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Ice Man transmits, " Um...are the steaks going to be okay?"

Gyro Man would sweatdrop, were this an anime. First blood is drawn; Tunnel Rhino is struck by.. little spurts of water. "Well, at least now something's /hit/," he says, getting more into the game. As soon as his character recovers, he goes for something a little different than what he's tried so far..

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Pyschadelic Ram attack misses Bubble Crab.

With 1337 ninja skillz, Arago dodges, and with even more 1337 ninja skillz, Arago attacks... With crabs.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Bubble Crabs attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

[Radio: (A) Master Chat] Cut Man transmits, "What steak?"

[OOC] Gyro Man mwahs! xD
[OOC] Arago says, "This is gonna take forever :p"
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Yes. XD"
[OOC] Arago says, "And I gotta go soon... Let's try and finish this up."
[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Aww..."

Gyro Man regains his own 1337 dodging skills, deftly avoiding the crabs, and moving right into Bubble Crab's face. "Come on, get hit already!" he says half in jest and half seriously, as he pulls off another tech.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Tornado Fang attack strikes Bubble Crab.

[OOC] Gyro Man cheers. XD

Arago twitches slightly, and instantaneously presses all the buttons at once. Resulting in the Crab running up to Tunnel and!!!... poking him with a glowing fist.

Video Game> Bubble Crab's Energy Claw attack misses Tunnel Rhino.

Gyro Man grins at his opponent, and makes Rhino jump up and over the Crab, landing behind him. Good position to try another attack! ..Tunnel Rhino pokes Bubble Crab with his non-energy nose-horn.

Video Game> Tunnel Rhino's Rhino Horn attack strikes Bubble Crab.

[OOC] Gyro Man says, "Yay old Spotlight reference. xD"
[OOC] Arago hugs Gyro, "Sorry I've got to go, Gyro."
[OOC] Gyro Man hugback. "Aww.. Well, see ya. This was a lot of fun :D"

Arago suddenly drops his controller to his side as he listens intently to something on his radio... "Damnit..." Getting up, he gives Gyro Man a small card, hitting the reset button on the game system. "My apologies, Gyro Man, we shall rematch whenever you please. Here are my Radio Coordinates, call me when you wish to play once more." With that, he strides off.

Gyro Man blinks. "All right, then," he says. "I'll remember to take you up on that."

Arago has disconnected.

Gyro Man drops his controller as well. Well, that was a fun distraction... Anything to avoid getting shipped off to Iberia to lay out the mass destruction, right?

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