Short conversation.

<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "Mmm.. Glaive is going to take on Sigma by himself."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Is Sigma officially alive again?"
<O-Master> Tengu Man says, "Very nice, Guts.-- /really?/"
<O-Master> Tengu Man says, "Yeah."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "When did that happen?"
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man says, "That ought to be interesting. -_o"
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "Today Guts."
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "He is now a giant virus."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "I see."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Well played Mavericks..."
<O-Master> Tengu Man says, "And by virus we mean tentacle beast."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "They basically won because of Tentasigma."
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "Yes. Sigma had tentacle sex with everyone."
<O-Master> Teenage Mutant Ninja Shadow Man says, "Glaive should win."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Is there a post of this happening somewhere?"
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "The battle isn't over, Guts."
<O-Master> Tengu Man is tempted to finally pose in with my alt and physically drag him away.
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Ah."
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "It's lasted... 4 hours now?"
<O-Master> Puppet Pal Daryn says, "Glaive has more experience with tentacles than Sigma!"
<O-Master> Guts Man thought it was over with the way you guys were talking about it.
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "Well, they're running out of live people."
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "Night all."
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "You know."
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "I'm going to bed."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "And since Sigma used a drain attack that did 120-odd damage to someone, uh, he wins."
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "We should go in there. And pwn."
<O-Master> Puppet Pal Daryn says, "no, it's only 90"
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man says, "'night Dust!"
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "Did I mention it was an area."
<O-Master> Puppet Pal Daryn says, "probably homing too"
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "No, it did 12* to Sigma."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "er, Signas"
<O-Master> Puppet Pal Daryn says, "he got hit twice though!"
<O-Master> Baal: Enker says, "It did 81 to me"
<O-Master> Puppet Pal Daryn says, "then again, it's a high level and Sigma has a high agi and dex, so it has high randomization too (plus size)"
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "Dude. What kind of twinky monster is that? :D"
<O-Master> Teenage Mutant Ninja Shadow Man says, "Still. Drain area, tons of damage. He's unkillable."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "Dear freaking Lord!"
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "No, he can be killed."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "It's simple."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "/Stuns/."
<O-Master> Guts Man says, "And then eat his head off!"
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man says, "Twinky like a Stardroid. o.o;"
<O-Master> Not a sandwich, Gyro Man says, "Hey, they should sic Valor on him. :)"
<O-Master> Ringringringringring Dust Man says, "He two-shotted Axl."
<O-Master> Mai Atsuki says, "Jav helped there."
<O-Master> Cut Man says, "And dude. The Hunters outnumber us."

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